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Are you Englishmen, or only Goths and Vandals? This is the Patent Office, the depository of the ingenuity and invention of the American nation, in which the whole civilized world is interested. Would you destroy it? If so, fire away! and let the charge pass through my body! William Thornton
The Defense of Fort McHenry Francis Scott Key
Americans should be treated as a naughty spaniel. If it snaps at you, hit it across the face. Alexander Cochran
Our laws to be wholesome need not be enacted in a palace. Eligius Fromentin
Here is our one great chance to form one great Indian nation and cast our lot with the British. Tecumseh
Blue-light Federalists Anonymous
The Existing War—the Child of Prostitution. May no American Acknowledge it Legitimate. Anonymous
You will … by no means excite the black population to rise against their masters. Henry Bathurst
Where are your armies; your navy? Have you money? No, sir! Rely on it, there will be, there can be, no war … Harmanus Bleecker
Any man who lends his money to the government at the present time will forfeit all claim to common honesty and common courtesy among all true friends to the country. Boston Gazette
It is far from my inclination to join in a war of extermination, but you must be aware that the numerous body of Indians who have attached themselves [to the English forces] will be beyond my control the moment the contest commences. Isaac Brock
Estranged from the powerful protection of the United Kingdom, you must be re-annexed to the dominion of France from which the provinces of Canada were wrested by the arms of Great Britain, at a vast expense of blood and treasure, for no other motive than to relieve her ungrateful children from the oppression of a cruel neighbor. Isaac Brock
They are men; and have equal rights with all other men and to defend themselves and their property when invaded. Isaac Brock
Why can't you and I let the world run itself its own way? George Cabot
The sacred spell of the invincibility of the British navy was broken George Canning
No [British] administration could remain in power that should consent to renounce the right of impressment or to suspend the practice … Robert Stewart Castlereagh
Navies have been and always will be engines of power, employed in projects of ambition and war. Langdon Cheves
The military strength and resources of the State must be reserved for its own defense and protection exclusively … Martin Chittendon
The conquest of Canada is in your power. Henry Clay
No man in the nation wants peace more than I; but I prefer the troubled ocean of war, demanded by the honor and independence of the country, with all its calamities and desolation, to the tranquil and putrescent pool of ignominious peace. Henry Clay
The only difficulty I had in declaring war arose from the incompetency of the men to whom the principle management of it was to be given. William H. Crawford
The government was unable to avert or to control the course of events. Alexander James Dallas
The Treasury was suffering under every kind of embarrassment. The demands upon it were great in amount, while the means for satisfying them were comparatively small, precarious in collection and difficult in their application. Alexander James Dallas
What good is to be expected from creating division when engaged in war …? Samuel Dexter
This House has heard discord and rebellion encouraged and avowed from more than one quarter. William P. Duvall
We pledge to you the sacrifice of our lives and property in support of whatever measures the dignity and liberties of the free sovereign and independent State may seem to your wisdom to demand. Massachusetts Essex
Congress must not meet without a victory to announce to them. William Eustis
You dare not—at least I hope you dare not—attempt a conscription to fill the ranks of your regular army. Robert Henry Goldsborough
This is the first step on the odious ground of conscription—a plan sir, which never will and never ought to be submitted to by this country while it retains one idea of civil freedom. Christopher Gore
Great as is the popularity of the President [Madison], it is barely able to resist the torrent of public opinion against the Secretary of War, who, so far as I can judge, is universally considered by the people of this country as incompetent ... John Graham
Where is the money? Felix Grundy
It is only while the public mind is held in suspense—It is only while there is doubt as to what will be the result of deliberations—it is only while we linger in this hall that any manifestations of uneasiness will show themselves. Whenever war is declared, the people will put forth their rights. Felix Grundy
No white man found fighting by the side of an Indian will be taken prisoner; instant death will be his lot. William Hull
You will be emancipated from tyranny and oppression … William Hull
By the Eternal, they shall not sleep on our soil. Andrew Jackson
The blood of our murdered heroes must be revenged.! Andrew Jackson
The base, the perfidious Britons have attempted to invade your country …. Can we place any confidence in the honor of men courted an alliance with pirates …? Andrew Jackson
I have felt so much for you that I cannot withhold the expression of my sympathies …. All you can do is to order,—that execution must depend on others Thomas Jefferson
If anything could revolt our citizens against the war, it would be the extravagance with which they are about to be taxed …. Thomas Jefferson
Some apprehend danger from the defection of Massachusetts. It is a disagreeable circumstance, but not a dangerous one. If they become neutral, we are sufficient for one enemy [the British] without them, and in fact we get no aid from them now. Thomas Jefferson
The acquisition of Canada this year … will be a mere matter of marching and will give us experience for the attack on Halifax the next, and the final expulsion of England from the American continent. Thomas Jefferson
The treachery of [General William] Hull, like that of [Benedict] Arnold, cannot be a matter of blame for our government. Thomas Jefferson
It is nonsense to talk of regulars [enlisted army troops.] They are not to be had among a people so easy and happy at home as ours. We might as well rely on calling down an army of angels from heaven. Thomas Jefferson
We must now oppose the further encroachments of Great Britain by war, or formally annul the Declaration of Independence. Richard M. Johnson
We talk a great deal about war and do nothing. Nathaniel Macon
Embargo is not war. James Madison
Proofs multiply daily of the difficulty of obtaining regulars, and of the fluctuating resources of the militia. High bounties and short enlistments, however objectionable, will alone fill the ranks, and then too in moderate number. James Madison
They [the English] have not, it is true, taken into their own hands the hatchet and the knife, devoted to indiscriminate massacre, but they have let loose the savages armed with these cruel instruments; have allured them into their service, and carried them to battle by their sides, eager to glut their savage thirst with the blood of the vanquished and to finish the work of torture and death on maimed and defenseless captives. James Madison
Supplies of the most essential kinds find their way not only to British ports and British armies at a distance, but the armies in our neighborhood with which our own are contending derive from our ports and outlets a subsistence attainable if at all from other sources. James Madison
The war has proved that our free government, like other free governments, though slow in its early movements, acquires in its progress a force proportioned to its freedom. James Madison
The Governor of Louisiana, informed that many individuals implicated in the offences heretofore committed against the United States at Barrataria, express a willingness at the present crisis to enroll themselves and march against the enemy. He does hereby invite them to join the standard of the United States and is authorized to say, should their conduct in the field meet the approbation of the Major General, that that officer will unite with the governor in a request to the president of the United States, to extend to each and every individual, so marching and acting, a free and full pardon. William Charles Cole Claiborne
All who wish peace ought to unite in the means which may facilitate its attainment. John Marshall
This system of military conscription … is not only inconsistent with the provisions and spirit of the Constitution, but also with all the principles of civil liberty. Jeremiah Mason
If your sons must be torn from you by conscription, consign them to the care of God; but let there be no volunteers except for defensive war. Massachusetts House of Representatives
The States must and will take care of themselves; and they will preserve the resources of the States for the defense of the States. Morris S. Miller
Commonwealth has a right to the service of its citizens. James Monroe
Congress have a right by the Constitution to raise regular armies, and no restraint is imposed on the exercise of it …. It would be absurd to suppose that Congress could not carry this power into effect otherwise than be accepting the voluntary service of individuals. James Monroe
Although she [America] might have had pressing provocations, yet she ought to have looked to this country as the guardian power to which she was indebted not only for her comforts, not only for her rank in the scale of civilization but for her very existence. Robert Banks Jenkinson Liverpool
England shall not be driven from the proud pre-eminence which the blood and treasure of her sons have attained for her among nations, by a piece of striped bunting [the American flag] flying at the mastheads of a few fir-built frigates, manned by a handful of bastards and outlaws. London Evening Star
If a simple King of England, by his corrupt servants, chastised New England with whips, the [Madison] administration chastened her with scorpions. Cyrus King
All those who may be disposed to emigrate from the United States will with their families be received on board his Majesty’s ships or vessels of war or at the military ports that may be established upon or near the coast of the U. S. where they will have their choice of either entering his Majesty’s sea or land forces, or of being sent as Free Settlers to the British possessions in North America or the West Indies where they will meet all due encouragement Alexander. Cochrane; William Balhetchet
Shall this harbor of Yankee democracy be burned? George Cockburn
Uncle Sam Anonymous
I have come to protect the city. I will drive the British into the sea or perish in the effort. Andrew Jackson
I am a stray sheep wishing to come back into the fold. Jean Laffite
The War of 1812 has given new direction to wealth and industry in the United States, and manufacturers grew up as if by magic. Hezekiah Niles
It has often been stated in print, that when Mrs. Madison escaped from the White House, she cut out from the frame the large portrait of Washington (now in one of the parlors there), and carried it off. This is totally false. She had no time for doing it. It would have required a ladder to get it down. All she carried off was the silver in her reticule, as the British were thought to be but a few squares off, and were expected every moment. John Suse (a Frenchman, then door-keeper, and still living) and Magraw, the President's gardener, took it down and sent it off on a wagon, with some large silver urns and such other valuables as could be hastily got hold of. When the British did arrive, they ate up the very dinner, and drank the wines, &c., that I had prepared for the President's party. Paul Jennings
In August, 1814, the enemy had got so near, there could be no doubt of their intentions. Great alarm existed, and some feeble preparations for defense were made. Comodore Barney's flotilla was stripped of men, who were placed in battery, at Bladensburg, where they fought splendidly. A large part of his men were tall, strapping negroes, mixed with white sailors and marines. Mr. Madison reviewed them just before the fight, and asked Com. Barney if his "negroes would not run on the approach of the British?" "No sir," said Barney, "they don't know how to run; they will die by their guns first." They fought till a large part of them were killed or wounded; and Barney himself wounded and taken prisoner. One or two of these negroes are still living here. Paul Jennings
I was only helping your country enforce the Embargo Act. Napoleon Bonaparte
I have always been an advocate of fighting when assailed. Dolley Madison
I owe to Britain a debt of retaliatory vengeance. Andrew Jackson
I am constrained to advert to the refusal of the governors of Maine and Connecticut to furnish the required detachments of militia toward the defense of the maritime frontier…. It is obvious that if the authority of the United States to call into service and command the militia for the public defense can be thus frustrated, even in a state of declared war and of course under apprehensions of invasion preceding war, they are not one nation. James Madison
Following the War of 1812, the young United States had no further need for Indian allies against the British, and as a result the fortunes of the Indians declined rapidly. By 1848, twelve new states had been carved out of the Indian's lands, two major and minor Indian wars had been fought, and group after group of Indians had been herded westward, on forced marches, across the Mississippi River. Peter Farb
Don’t give up the ship! Fight her till she sinks. James Lawrence
Free Trade and Sailors’ Rights James Lawrence
Vindicate the injured honor of our navy and revive the drooping spirits of the nation. Paul Hamilton
Not only have government bills been dishonored and the interest on the public debt remains unpaid, but … so completely empty is the Treasury and destitute of credit, that funds cannot be obtained to defray the ordinary expenses of the different departments. Alexander C. Hanson
I assert that the Federalists in the Northern States have done more injury to their country by their violent opposition measures than a French alliance could.… Federalists are cowards, a base set—traitors to their country and ought to be hanged like traitors Samuel Morse
They [the Americans] feel strongly the disgrace of having had their capital taken by a handful of men and blame very generally a government which went to war without the means or ability to carry it out. Robert Ross
Sir, I here enter my solemn protest against a low and calculating avarice entering this hall of legislation. It is only fit for shops and counting houses. John C. Calhoun
The events of the War of 1812 have not been forgotten in England for they have never been known there. William Kingsford
We might certainly land in different parts of the their [the American] coast, and destroy some of their towns, or put them under contribution; but in the present state of the public mind in America it would be in vain to expect any permanent good effect from operations of this nature. Robert Banks Jenkinson Liverpool
I do not believe it would have been possible to have continued [wartime taxes] for the purpose of carrying on the American war … The question there is whether, under all these circumstances, it was not better to conclude the peace at the present moment, before the impatience of the country on the subject had been manifested at public meetings, or by motions in Parliament. Robert Banks Jenkinson Liverpool