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The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it. Henry David Thoreau
Idealism is fine, but as it approaches reality, the costs become prohibitive. William F. Buckley Jr.
Congress, the press, and the bureaucracy too often focus on how much money or effort is spent, rather than whether the money or effort actually achieves the announced goal. Donald Rumsfeld
If you think education is expensive, try ignorance. Jeff Rich
... when you have a draft you're more likely to go to war than if you have to pay for a volunteer army. A draft lowers the cost for the wealthy because the people who are important don't have their children going off and they're also not paying as much in taxes. James C. Miller III
Development is a lot cheaper than soldiers. Robert M. Gates
It is amazing and pathetic how much patent medicines these people buy. There seem to be thousands of brands for sale, and whites and blacks try to buy all of them. This must be a great expense considering the low salaries paid. There is, accordingly, more sickness and misery here than anywhere else in the country.... Dangerous drugs are swallowed like chickens down corn George Samuel Schuyler
Higher education has never been economically self-supporting; it has hardly ever been fully organized from public funds; everywhere it has remained parasitic on the private munificence of wealthy persons. The peril is too obvious to need further enforcement: it is the hand of the prospective, the potential donor that fetters intellectual freedom in our colleges, and will do so more and more so long as the duty of organizing public higher education for a nation out of public funds fails of recognition.. John A. Hobson
You can't give Russia the right to interfere with the internal affairs of counties in its area.... You have to drive up the cost to Russia for aggression. Wesley Clark
Americans know that war must be paid for and it is they who must pay for it. Woodrow Wilson
The sustaining populace, on whose behalf wars are prosecuted, must be sufficiently convinced that its cause is just, that its wars are winnable and that the costs are not disproportionate. Josiah Bunting
All right, I can see the broken eggs. Now where's this omelet of yours? Victor Serge; Victor Lvovich Khibalchich
We disarm ourselves by making weapons so expensive. George C. Wilson
The way you change foreign policy is by raising the domestic political cost of the policy. John Brady Kiesling
Imperialism is too expensive an option for the United States---whether it is beneficent imperialism … or selfish imperialism…. Any small group of insurgents can make our efforts too expensive. John Brady Kiesling
Cooperation requires a certain degree of trust between states. The threshold of trust required for cooperation depends on a set of variables including a state's relative power and costs of conflict…. conflict between trustworthy states is possible, when we see conflict it is a sign that one or both of the states are likely to be untrustworthy. Andrew H. Kydd
The righteous pays for the sinner. Portuguese Proverb
An Englishman will burn his bed to catch a flea. Turkish Proverb
Our guns are not called upon to hurl huge projectiles each one of which costs as much as the construction of a happy home. Thomas Reid
There is no escape from the cost of public needs. Jodi Allen
It almost seems an institutional phenomenon that [military weapons] projects start with gross underestimates by both Government and the contractor. James Ambrose
The most expensive peace is far less costly than the cheapest war. Bill Clinton
In fighting the drug war, we are repeating all the mistakes of Vietnam, but on U.S. soil this time, with all U.S. casualties. The costs of winning far outweigh any possible benefits. Craig Collins
There's no such thing as a free launch. Richard A. Gephardt
My attitude toward the war [WWI] was that it must be won at all costs. William Z. Foster
Our National Church and general religious institutions cost us, upon accredited computation, about twenty million pounds annually. Worship thus being expensive, I appeal to your heads and your pockets whether we are not too poor to have a God. If poor men cost the State as much, they would be put like officers on half pay; and while our distress lasts, I think it would be wise to do the same thing with the deity. George Jacob Holyoake
Conservation is not without a cost. James A. McClure
Everyone realizes that we have to clean up the environment, but no one likes the cost. Carlos Moorhead
Jury service is a duty as well as a privilege of citizenship; it is a duty that cannot be shirked on a plea of inconvenience or decreased earning power. Frank Murphy
'Tis true that governments cannot be supported without great charge, and it is fit every one who enjoys a share of protection should pay out of his estate his proportion of the maintenance of it. John Locke
Most Americans are like me and drink relatively little, yet we all pay for alcohol-related crashes. C. Everett Koop
If we just charged everyone one percent of the value of contracts they execute, that is all the money we would need for operating our government. Dave Hollist
War is not popular politically because there is always a cost—a cost in people and a cost in money. Ronald E. Paul
The deficit had become a symbol of our inability to control and manage the cost of government. Robert E. Rubin
Our land is the dearer of our sacrifices. The blood of our martyrs sanctifies and enriches it. Their spirit passes into thousands of hearts. How costly is the progress of the race. It is only by the giving of life that we can have life. E. J. Young
The dictates of economics, that "dismal science," limit the benefits of medical science C. Everett Koop
Because freedom is so precious, its cost is so high. Jimmy Smits
Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz are saying, “We can’t tell you how long it will take, or what it will cost, that’s unknowable.” Why did Congress accept that? Anonymous
Are we disposed to be of the number of those, who having eyes, see not, and having ears, hear not, the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation? For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it might cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it Patrick Henry
Once you follow a path of nonviolence and social justice, it won't take you long before you come into conflict with the culture, with the society. You can't know what is at stake or how much it is going to cost you until you get in the game. Martin Sheen
We were lied into both wars in every aspect - the reasons for going in, the prospects, the length, the scale and the probable costs in lives and dollars Daniel Ellsberg
The U.S. public is more likely to sour on a conflict when it sees the military losing blood, not treasure. So to keep up our staying power, our skill in hunting and killing our foes has to be matched by our care in concealing and protecting our troops. Three particularly obvious requirements are body armor, mine-resistant vehicles, and telescopic and night sights for every weapon. But these things are expensive for a military that has historically been enamored of big-ticket items such as fighter planes, ships and missiles. Wesley Clark
There are some who incline to favor a “minimum wage,” but who “kick at” a “maximum price.” Such surely forget that the capitalist could here just as easily as in the case of a rise in wages compelled by a workmen’s combination, or by any other cause, take his old profits out at the other end by raising the price of the manufactured article. E. Belfort Bax
There is no way of keeping profits up but by keeping wages down. David Ricardo
Only in Washington do you hear a budget increase described as a cut. Lynne Cheney
Fighting a war can cost more in blood and money than any other undertaking in which nations engage. Fred Charles Ikle
The cost of war is hard to count. Christopher Matthews
If American lives must end, and American treasure be spilled, in countries we barely know, that is the price that change has demanded of conviction and of our enduring covenant. Lyndon B. Johnson
Democracies are prone to war, and war consumes them. William H. Seward
In our town meetings, and in our school district meetings, wealthy and substantial men oppose the grant of $15 to a school library, and of $30 for both library and apparatus; while at West Point they spend $50 in a single lesson at target firing, and the government keeps a hundred horses, and grooms and blacksmiths to take care of them, as an indispensable part of the apparatus of the academy. The pupils of our Normal schools, who are preparing to become teachers, must maintain themselves; the cadets at the academy receive $28 a month, during their entire term, as a compensation for being educated at the public expense. Horace Mann
Armchair generals assume that nations decide on their foreign policy objectives and then subordinate everything else to achieving them. Life is more complicated. Threats, opportunities and risks are always uncertain, but the economic costs of maximum preparedness are definite. Richard K. Betts
There is a yawning discrepancy of what Americans expect and for what they are willing to pay. Andrew J. Bacevich
Not everything that counts can be counted. Standard Chartered Bank
To get control of the deficit we have to do something about the cost of health care. That is the part of the government budget that is toltally out of control. There is NO WAY to control the budget unless we can bend the growing health care cost down. Nothing should be off the table, but no one has submitted a budget whtch tries to control health care cost. Pete Domenici
Too many of our senior citizens are being forced to choose between neglecting their illnesses or being impoverished by them. Ted Kennedy
Anyone who has had even a mild illness knows that the cost of drugs is alarmingly high, and year by year becomes more of a burden, especially to the lower-income families. Modern drugs, like other advances in medicine and surgery, have meant that many more people are alive and well today than would have been a decade ago. Certainly, we must be prepared to pay whatever is necessary for the production and advancement of these life-saving drugs and techniques. I was shocked, however, by the revelations … that price-fixing and monopolistic practices have raised the cost of drugs far above what is reasonable or necessary. Eleanor Roosevelt
An industrialist's answer [to inflation] is to charge more for his product to the public, never to cut his own profits. Labor's answer is even more natural. Since the worker would have to change his entire mode of life, labor asks for higher wages to cover the higher expenses. Eleanor Roosevelt
The costs of not doing these things dwarf the costs of doing them. The problem is that people don’t think about ‘Oh you saved my life’ and they don’t say thank you for that—and they don’t want to spend any money for the possibility of saving their life unless they are actually facing something. What government should be about is leading from the front and explaining … that people don’t want to spend any money, but … it costs more money to not do it... New York City’s average life expectancy is three years longer than any place else in America. Michael Bloomberg
Nothing of value is free. Jack Valenti
Money was the crux. Raising money to pay the cost of war was to cause more damage to 14th century society than the physical destruction of war itself. Barbara Tuchman
It does not matter how frequently something succeeds if failure is too costly to bear. Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Aside from the wisdom of going to war as Bush wants, I am troubled by who pays for his capricious adventure into world domination. The administration admits to a cost of around $200 billion! Now, wealthy individuals won't pay. They've got big tax cuts already. Corporations won't pay. They'll cook the books and move overseas and then send their contributions to the Republicans. Rich kids won't pay. Their daddies will get them deferments as Big George did for George W. Well then, who will pay? School kids will pay. There'll be no money to keep them from being left behind -- way behind. Seniors will pay. They'll pay big time as the Republicans privatize Social Security and rob the Trust Fund to pay for the capricious war. Medicare will be curtailed and drugs will be more unaffordable. And there won't be any money for a drug benefit because Bush will spend it all on the war. Working folks will pay through loss of job security and bargaining rights. Our grandchildren will pay through the degradation of our air and water quality. And the entire nation will pay as Bush continues to destroy civil rights, women's rights and religious freedom in a rush to phony patriotism and to courting the messianic Pharisees of the religious right. Pete Stark
If there is a regulation that says you have to do something—whether it be putting in seat belts, catalytic converters, clean air for coal plants, clean water—the first tack that the lawyers use, among others things, and that companies use, is [to claim] that it's going to drive the electricity bill up, drive the cost of cars up, drive everything up. It repeatedly has been demonstrated that once the engineers start thinking about it, it's [the cost is] actually far less than the original estimates. We should remember that when we hear this again, because you will hear it again. Steven Chu
The costs of failure are infinitely greater than the price of victory. John McCain
The urban middle classes found the bicycle so appealing because it was the first transportation mode that was both private and within their economic grasp. The price of new bicycles ranged from $100 to $150 in 1893 and averaged $80 in 1897. Used bicycles were also available at cheaper prices Gary Allan Tobin
The war is going to end because we're gonna have such a political and financial havoc here with the devaluation of our dollar, because we just can't keep affording it. This is usually how empires end, by spending too much money maintaining their empire. We're in 130 countries, we have 700 bases around the world, and it's going to come to an end. I want it to come to an end more gracefully and peacefully, follow the constitution, and follow a more sensible foreign policy. Ronald E. Paul
You can’t trust cost-benefit analyses… agencies have a history of fudging their studies to make proposed projects to look better, understating the costs and overstating the benefits. Marc Reisner
There have been over the past 100 years consistent and disastrous failures by the Corps [of Engineers] in public works areas … resulting in enormous and unnecessary costs to ecology and the taxpayer. Arthur E. Morgan
I can’t afford a lobbyist. I am the 99 percent Anonymous
We look at education as an investment. They [the conservative Republicans] see it as an expense. Arne Duncan
There are two things that are very expensive in international relations: promises when they succeed and threats when they fail Thomas Schelling
There should be no military action authorized by the United States that does not include income and corporate tax surcharges … sufficient to cover all the operating costs of the war and to create a trust fund to supply lifetime support for those who serve and sacrifice in the war. James Edward Wright
We just don’t have enough money to be trying to create nations. Rand Paul
Nothing is so unproductive as the law. It is expensive whether you win or lose . . . Gilbert Parker
Our best chance of success is a policy of sustained reprisal against North Vietnam. We believe the risks of such a policy are real but acceptable. Measured against the cost of defeat, this program seems cheap. McGeorge Bundy
It must be a poor business man who cannot pay expenses under such labor conditions; and our statement for the fiscal year, ending June 30, 1917, showed a net profit of $156,000. This after paying ALL the expenses of the institution, making proper allowances for depreciation of buildings and machinery, paying wages to all inmates, providing them with food, clothing, schooling, shelter, medical service, entertainment, and religion, and also after paying the salaries of all officers employed. t must be a poor business man who cannot pay expenses under such labor conditions; and our statement for the fiscal year, ending June 30, 1917, showed a net profit of $156,000. This after paying ALL the expenses of the institution, making proper allowances for depreciation of buildings and machinery, paying wages to all inmates, providing them with food, clothing, schooling, shelter, medical service, entertainment, and religion, and also after paying the salaries of all officers employed. Brice P. Disque
Everything new endangers something old. A new machine replaces human hands; a new source of power threatens old businesses; a new trade route wipes out the supremacy of old ports and brings prosperity to new ones. This is the price that must be paid for progress and it is worth it. Hyman Rickover
If men got pregnant, there would be safe, reliable methods of birth control. They'd be inexpensive, too. Anna Quindlen
Even if we could produce enough food globally to feed everyone satisfactorily, the continued steady rise in the cost of inputs will mean increasing numbers will not be able to afford the food we produce. This is a key point that is often missed. Jeremy Grantham
One half of the world outprices the other half. Jeremy Grantham
I had, in my legal practice, often encountered really shocking examples of the devastating impact of the costs of long-term medical care on meager incomes. And, just before I was elected, I had my own personal experience in paying very considerable bills for my mother's terminal illness. Judy LaMarsh
Democracies are prone to war, and war consumes them. William H. Seward
It is not sufficient that the state of affairs which we seek to promote should be better than the state of affairs which preceded it; it must be sufficiently better to make up for the evils of the transition. John Maynard Keynes
By a wide margin, the biggest threat to our nation’s balance sheet is the skyrocketing cost of health care. It’s not even close. Barack Obama
Compromise today is too often applauded simply for itself. The cost of compromise to principles and real lives doesn't seem to matter. Elizabeth Edwards
The only law Washington can be counted on to respect: It is the law of dispersed costs but concentrated benefits George Will
To make mankind just and happy and creative and harmonious forever—what would be too high a price to pay for that? To make such an omelette, there is surely no limit to the number of eggs that should be broken—that was the faith of Lenin, of Trotsky, of Mao… of Pol Pot…. You declare that a given policy will make you happier, or freer or give you room to breathe: but I know you are mistaken. I know what you need, what all men need; and if there is resistance based on ignorance or malevolence, then it must be broken and hundreds of thousands may have to perish to make millions happy for all time. Isaiah Berlin
This convention could terminate the existence and the preservation of the fairest fabric of government that was ever erected … We ought not to act in hot haste, but coolly deliberate in view of the grave consequences. Atlantic Monthly; Jubal
Modern day Americans seem loathe to do the right thing unless it is also the smart thing – even “compassionate release” has to be touted for its cost-saving virtues. Diane McWhorter
… the financial cost of a [military] strike isn’t a reason to acquiesce in mass murder in Syria. Nicholas Kristof
The cost of a university education is risen faster than the rate of inflation for decades. Robert J. Gordon
The United States is spending $6 billion a year and deserves to get a lot more than it is getting. Richard Nixon
The issue is not whether there are serious moral and practical costs to employing torture—of course there are for torture is evil. That is precisely why the choice of whether employ it to avert a greater evil is a tragic one. Jerome Slater
Unless Iran’s leadership believes that the costs of building a nuclear weapon will be greater than the benefit those weapons will provide, the Islamic Republic will become a nuclear-armed state. Graham Tillett Allison Jr.
As the result of two successful campaigns, of the employment of an enormous force, and of the expenditure of large sums of money, all that has yet been accomplished has been the disintegration of the [Afghan] State … and a condition of anarchy throughout the rest of the country. Spencer Cavendish
The downsides of fossil fuels, notably their geopolitical and environmental risks, are not fully reflected in their market prices. Jeffrey Bell
Among the many reasons why it’s a bad idea to try and contain a nuclear Iran is that containment entails two things most Americans don’t like: long term effort and high cost Bret Stephens
Reducing future risks requires paying some immediate costs. Richard K. Betts
From birth, Pakistan was saddled with a huge army it could not pay for and plenty of monsters to destroy. Husain Haqqani
America needs Pakistan more than Pakistan needs America…. Pakistan is the pivot of the world, the frontier upon which the future of the world revolves Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Secrecy now beclouds everything about the Central Intelligence Agency—its cost, its efficiency, its success, its failures. Mike Mansfield
If You Think Education Is Expensive, Wait Until You See How Much Ignorance Costs in the 21st Century. Barack Obama
The playing field for renewable sources of energy—such as wind, solar, and geothermal energy—must be leveled with tax incentives that reduce the production costs for renewable energy technologies. Tom Daschle
Nation building cannot be done on the cheap. James Dobbins
Be skeptical of concepts that divorce war from its political nature, particularly those that promise fast, cheap victory through technology. Herbert Raymond McMaster
In the right to vote … Justice should never be too expensive. Justice should never be too slow. Justice should never depend on an army of lawyers sweeping in to help, and that is the situation we have now. We are dependent on the ability to find help whenever we can. Justin Levitt
The strike and the boycott, they have cost us much. What they have not paid us in wages, better working conditions, and new contracts, they have paid us in self-respect and human dignity Cesar Chavez
Sir, I here enter my solemn protest against a low and calculating avarice entering this hall of legislation. It is only fit for shops and counting houses. John C. Calhoun
The product of mental labor — science — always stands far below its value, because the labor-time necessary to reproduce it has no relation at all to the labor-time required for its original production. Karl Marx
One of the reasons that I chose firing squad as opposed to any other form of execution is because it’s one of the cheapest for the state. Bruce Burns
We are putting so much money into retirement benefits that there is little money left for other state services Elaine Nekritz
A teacher works a lot harder than I do and her work is far more important, but she will never make the money that I do. Charles Barkley
To impose justice, stability, and cooperation on oppressed or ungoverned nations is usually a tall order. It is hardly ever done cheaply, especially against nationalist resistance Richard K. Betts
Hawks usually care about benefits; doves most about costs. Neither benefits or costs however are easily estimated in advance. Richard K. Betts
I do not feel that, in these important years, girls should be chosen for college purely on the basis of whether they can afford to pay for this opportunity. They should be there because of the potential value which they will bring to the Nation. If they have this added training, the Nation should be willing to put something toward their development. Eleanor Roosevelt
Any of these defense initiatives, looked at 10 years later, you end up asking, “Was it worth it?” Look at Vietnam. Look at Iraq 10 years later. Bin Laden, The War on Terror? We spent a trillion dollars over 10 years to put a 50 cent round in this guy’s head. Everybody thinks that’s a huge success. I don’t know. Charles A. Duelfer
Public welfare … must be directed increasingly toward prevention and rehabilitation—on reducing not only the long range costs in budgetary terms but the long range costs in human terms as well. John F. Kennedy
Victory was never in doubt. Only the cost was. Graves B. Erskine
Our proclivity for incarceration costs American taxpayers about $80 billion a year. And that doesn’t count the vast indirect costs visited upon the incarcerated, their families and communities. Davi D. Cole
Why would we build a thousand mile pipeline taking almost a million barrels of oil from the most carbon intensive fuel source on the planet when wind energy is a whole lot cheaper and a whole lot cleaner. Michael Brune
In the 2007-2008 academic year, the average student working on a bachelor’s degree from a for-profit college found herself in deeper debt ($32,700) than her counterpart attending a private [non-profit] college ($17,700).] Suzanne Mettler
Anything free is worth what you pay for it Robert A. Heinlein
Atomic weapons with what we know today can be cheap… The cost will not break the bank of anyone who wants them…. J. Robert Oppenheimer
Free competition is worth more to society than it costs. Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.
High-Speed Internet is not only slower in New York City and San Francisco than in Seoul; it also costs five times as much. Marvin Ammori
The real fear of South Koreans … is that the financial price would ruin them. Reuniting Korea would likely cost more than reunifying Germany did… Sue Mi Terri
I do not believe it would have been possible to have continued [wartime taxes] for the purpose of carrying on the American war … The question there is whether, under all these circumstances, it was not better to conclude the peace at the present moment, before the impatience of the country on the subject had been manifested at public meetings, or by motions in Parliament. Robert Banks Jenkinson Liverpool
Let's ask ourselves: Does America really need 70 percent of the world's lawyers? Is it healthy for our economy to have 18 million new lawsuits coursing through the system annually? Is it right that people with disputes come up against staggering expense and delay?. J. Danforth Quayle
After World War II, the U. S. Government made massive investments in the nascent field of computer science, both in research and in industry. In the 1950s it bought almost 50 percent of all semiconductors that were produced, thus driving down their costs until the private sector could afford to buy them. Fareed Zakaria
There is a cost to every decision, and whether or not you impose a public health order has costs to industry and the public. Margaret Chan
Monopolies—the worst of all taxes. William Smyth
The military budget of the United States is becoming much like that of other government agencies—it is increasingly being devoted to pensions and health care. Fareed Zakaria
The man who might have written on this card once controlled Europe—three short years ago when you were born. Today he is dead, his memory despised, his country in ruins. He had a thirst for power, a low opinion of man as an individual, and a fear of intellectual honesty. He was a force for evil in the world. His passing, his defeat—a boon to mankind. But thousands died that it might be so. The price for ridding society of bad is always high. Love, Daddy Richard Helms
What millions died – that Caesar might be great! Thomas Campbell
They call it managed care but it really is only managed costs. Harold S. Koplewicz
What I have learned is that freedom is not free. Alan Gross
The cost of deploying one U. S. soldier is the equivalent to the cost of deploying 70 Afghan soldiers. Ashraf Ghani
The Pentagon has expended stupendous sums. Yet when it comes to promised results—–disorder curbed, democracy promoted, human rights advanced, terrorism suppressed—–the United States has precious little to show. Andrew J. Bacevich
We can turn your bottles back into oil. We can burn it to make energy. Our we can put it in a landfill. There’s a green spectrum. And a cost spectrum. The most green is the most expensive. David P. Steiner
We need to plus-up the budget of the State Department, increase the amount of aid we give, and help the world through this difficult moment. That is the price of leadership. John Kerry
There is a cost to ignorance and the hate. Michael Dyson
There is nothing more costly than nuclear power. Junichiro Koizumi
Large-scale corruption persists, with Afghanistan third from the bottom in international rankings, ahead of only Somalia and North Korea. Adjusted for inflation, American spending to reconstruct Afghanistan now exceeds the total expended to rebuild all of Western Europe under the Marshall Plan; yet to have any hope of surviving, the Afghan government will for the foreseeable future remain almost completely dependent on outside support. Andrew J. Bacevich
Early consolidation of hospitals was for efficiency to reduce costs. However in local market's consolidations have become monopolies and have increased costs. Elizabeth Rosenthal
Venture capitalists are pouring billions of dollars into commercial surveillance satellites, unmanned aerial vehicles, social media analytics, biometric technologies, and cyberdefenses to meet surging market demand. Heavy competition is driving down the cost of and improving the information available to individuals, businesses, and governments. Sean P. Larkin
When federal marshals in Boston arrested Anthony Burns in 1854, a vigilance committee gathered at Faneuil Hall and declared that “resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.” Heavily armed with axes and pistols, they marched to the courthouse, where, in the ensuing battle, a federal officer was killed. In response, President Franklin Pierce, a Northern Democrat, mobilized the U.S. Army and Navy to transport Burns back to Virginia, at a cost of $ 100,000 (roughly equivalent to $ 4 million in 2012). As soldiers escorted the fugitive down the streets of Boston, church bells tolled in somber protest, and homeowners and shopkeepers turned their American flags upside down in a show of defiance. Joshua M. Zeitz
Posterity: you will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it. John Quincy Adams