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Everyone is always in favour of general economy and particular expenditure. Anthony Eden
Congress, the press, and the bureaucracy too often focus on how much money or effort is spent, rather than whether the money or effort actually achieves the announced goal. Donald Rumsfeld
I care not who forms the government of a country, so long as I control the purse strings. Nathaniel Mayer Victor Rothschild
That power which had both the purse and the sword, had the government of the whole country, and might extend its powers to any and to every object. Melancton Smith
He who has his thumb on the purse has the power. Otto Von Bismarck-Schoenhausen
The most important discoveries will provide answers to questions that we do not yet know how to ask and will concern objects we have not yet imagined. John N. Bahcall
To send a man to Mars we have a generously funded, well-integrated project; but to detect a smuggled nuclear bomb on its way to a U.S. city we allocate a puny fraction of those funds and scatter it among a multitude of disjointed studies that feed congressional pork. Fred Charles Ikle
The Pig Book Citizens Against Government Waste
It is the duty of those serving the people in public place to closely limit public expenditures to the actual needs of the Government economically administered. Grover Cleveland
In the U.S. Senate a quorum consists of the chairman of the Committee on Finance and a messenger from the White House. Ambrose Bierce
I haven’t seen so much pork since I gave out ribbons at the Iowa State Fair. Ronald Reagan
Those of you who are in public life have a right to be here at this celebration today only if you are prepared to do your part in building up the Navy of the present. Theodore Roosevelt
The Pentagon has a long tradition of dialing up the threat to get more dollars at budget time. John Pike
The art of government consists in taking as much money as possible from one party of the citizens to give to the other. Voltaire
Nothing can be created out of nothing. Titus Lucretius Carus
If you think that my job is to rob the Federal Treasury on your behalf, you have voted for the wrong man John Boehner
A good paymaster is lord of another man's purse. Anonymous
Never vote for a tax bill or against an appropriation bill. Anonymous
My biggest objection to raising taxes is that it feeds the government addiction to spending money. Richard K. Armey
Remember that every dollar spent by the federal government is spent in somebody's district. Richard K. Armey
The President should have full opportunity ... of opposing whatever appropriations seemed to him objectionable without imperiling the success of others. Chester A. Arthur
Espionage and sabotage need money. Vincent Astor
There's more pork barrel than strategic need to the Galaxy. Howard Atherton
We can't go on appropriating more and more money to state universities without knowing that we're getting an excellent product back out of them. Donald Avenson
We want no new types of public appropriations for sectarian purposes Paul Blanshard
You can always use more money. Paul Bremer
Is there ever enough money to do what you want to do? Nora Mead Brownell
The best legislator is the one who votes for all appropriations and against all taxes. Walter P. Brownlow
You may think my business is to make appropriations, but it is not. It is to prevent their being made. Clarence A. Cannon
Not one cent for scenery! Joseph Cannon
Not one cent for scenery. Joseph Cannon
Congress may spend money in aid of the "general welfare. Benjamin N. Cardozo
We can't continue to spend where there isn't any money. Lawton M. Chiles Jr.
I'm sick of voting blank checks. James B. Clark
The appropriation of public money always is perfectly lovely until someone is asked to pay the bill. Calvin Coolidge
The British Government Montagu Corry
The longer people are in Congress, the bigger spenders they become. Edward H. Crane
It is difficult even now for the President to avoid giving his approbation to any law appropriating money for a road or canal. William H. Crawford
The military always asks for more [appropriations] than it gets. William J. Crowe Jr.
You spend a billion here and a billion there. Sooner of later it adds up to real money. Everett Dirksen
This county [Fairfax County, Virginia] is the wealthiest county in America in terms of average income, but the school system is not getting the money .... Many of our politicians give lip service to education as a priority, but when it comes to the money, it’s not there. Daniel Domenech
Of myself I must say this: I never was any greedy, scraping grasper, nor a strait fast-holding Prince, nor yet a waster. My heart was never set on any worldly goods. What you bestow on me, I will not hoard it up, but receive it to bestow on you again. Elizabeth I
Levying money for or to the use of the Crown by pretence of prerogative, without grant of Parliament, … is illegal England
Congress must not meet without a victory to announce to them. William Eustis
In the murder of Mexicans upon their own soil, or in robbing them of their country, I can take no part either now or hereafter. The guilt of these crimes must rest on others. I will not participate in them. Joshua Reed Giddings
We are too easy a target in an election year when you have all those knights on white horses defending people from pornography. Roy M. Goodman
While we have appropriated money year after year to expand the agencies the agencies, departments, and the White House staff, we have neglected to staff ourselves adequately to meet our oversight responsibilities. Mike Gravel
Cut it in half, and then look at it. If it's still moving, cut it in half again. Martin L. Gross
If I find out where every dollar goes, and how it is used, I shall understand the apparatus thoroughly. James A. Garfield
We must bite the bullet and provide the resources to make programs come alive. Arthur S. Flemming
Without money no alliance can be executed. David Hume
Cutting off the flow of capital is like cutting off the flow of oxygen. Virtue alone will not produce oxygen. Jesse Jackson
A Conservative on the House Education and Labor Committee is one who spends conservatively. A Liberal on the House Education and Labor Committee is one who spends liberally. A Conservative on the House Armed Services Committee is one who spends liberally. A Liberal on the House Armed Services Committee is one who spends conservatively. Andrew Jacobs Jr.
I never knew an instance of the English parliament's undertaking to relieve the poor, by a distribution of bread in time of scarcity.... I think, that according to the principles of their government, they would only vote a sum of money, and address the King to employ it for the best. Thomas Jefferson
I don't care what kind of speeches you make as long as you don't vote against the appropriations. Lyndon B. Johnson
Would you rather have us be a second rate nation or should we spend a little money? Lyndon B. Johnson
The House of Representatives cannot only refuse, but they alone can propose the supplies requisite for the support of the government. They, in a word, hold the purse: that powerful instrument by which we behold in the in the history of the British constitution an infant and humble representation of the people, gradually enlarging the sphere of its activity and importance, and finally reducing, as far as it seems to have wished, all the overgrown prerogatives of the other branches of the government. James Madison
One way or another ... the CIA is making a lot of extra money the citizen's aren't supplying, and that money gives the agency an undesirable, possibly dangerous independence of Congressional control. John D. Marks
No branch of government should ever be able to combine the power of the sword with the power of the purse. George Mason
I must have money to get ready for war. I am doing everything possible to prevent war but it must come, and we are not prepared. William McKinley
I wish our wallet could match our warmth. Barbara Mikulski
What is truly frightening is that, despite our knowledge, we continue to subsidize activities without regard to their environmental—and economic—impact. George Miller
I can’t come up here each year to the legislature and beg for money. Fiorello H. La Guardia
You only decide once how to dedicate the surplus. Jacob Lew
You can’t reform education without spending some money. Joseph I. Lieberman
How can you save the rain forests, the planet's wildlife, without funds? Keng Yaik Lim
I am decidedly opposed to the people's money being used to pay the fiddler ... He that dances should always pay the fiddler. Abraham Lincoln
Confederate money had not yet made its appearance and gold was already being hoarded. I had already lost quite a sum in exchanging one State's money for another, as even the paper money issued in one county did not pass at par in the next (if accepted at all), but everybody was jubilant over the fact that the Confederate Congress had appropriated fifteen millions of dollars to carry the war on to a successful termination. James Morris Morgan
Them’s that got the gold makes the rules. Clarence Dickinson Long
Fascist movements adopt local symbols and words. They turn these, often, to meanings that are the exact opposite from their origin. Chris Hedges
There are hundreds and hundreds . . . . We've had the policy of protecting members and not exposing them, but we've taken a lot of abuse. There are members on the bandwagon of anti-spending, but they come and get their share. James Dyer
Authorizers do a big dog and pony show, but when it comes to the top line, we have open warfare about what the top line will be … James Dyer
One generation plants the trees. Another gets the shade. Chinese Proverb
It is not the horse that draws the cart, but the oats. Russian Proverb
Nothing is harder in politics than to do something now that costs money and will not benefit us until several years from now. Barack Obama
I will veto again and again until spending is brought under control. Ronald Reagan
Our hope is that an omnibus bill is put together so we can work through our friends on the leadership staff to insert the language at the very end of the process, instead of working through the normal appropriations process—which involves too many people and could jeopardize our legislative fix. Jack Abramoff
The whole process is corrupt. I vote against everything. Ronald E. Paul
If you undertake to divide all these appropriations and have many committees where there should be but one, you will enter upon a path of extravagance that you cannot foresee … until we find the Treasury of the country bankrupt. Samuel Jackson Randall
Politicians have a natural inclination to spend in general, even as they disagree fiercely about what, specifically, to spend on. John Steele Gordon
I do not think that you can spend yourself rich. George M. Humphrey
Spending programs always and immediately create powerful political pressures to maintain and expand them generated by those who are the direct beneficiaries. John Steele Gordon
Budgets are moral documents. When you put your budget on the table, we see what you really are. Tavis Smiley
Washington has to stop spending money we don’t have for projects we don’t want. Rick Perry
We have a new set of Congressmen who have really come to burn the House down. Luis Gutierrez
Shall we be defenseless America, a weak and harmless nation, or shall we be defensive America, the fear and dread of all nations? Felix Edward Hebert
We should not, cannot, and will not balance the budget on the backs of our veterans. Barack Obama
Economy is demanded in every branch of the government at all times, but especially in periods like the present, of depression in business and distress among the people. The severest economy must be observed in all public expenditures, and extravagance stopped wherever it is found, and prevented wherever in the future it may be developed. If the revenues are to remain as now, the only relief that can come must be from decreased expenditures. But the present must not become the permanent condition of the government. William McKinley
There has never been a military commander in history who didn’t want more men for a longer time … David Petraeus
I think that we should have a very serious discussion about defunding the United nations… Why should we be paying for the UN? Rick Perry
The objections to the purchase are generally its extent, the cost of the purchase, the nature of selection, embracing too many works in foreign languages, some of too philosophical a character, and some otherwise objectionable. Of the first description, exception was taken to Voltaire’s works, &, co., and of the other to Callender’s Prospect Before Us House of Representatives
[I am not for] spending the public money in the encouragement of the Fine Arts. Whether it is to be painting or sculpture, or both; if painting, what sort of painting, what are to be the subjects chosen, and who are to be the artists employed? All these questions furnish ample food for discussion, difference, and dispute. William Lamb
Money is always to be found when men are to be sent to the frontiers to be destroyed: when the object is to preserve them, it is no longer so. Voltaire; Francois-Marie
I know why elected officials want to spend money. It’s great. I can get a vote from you if I give you some money. OK but that doesn’t help your children. It just helps you. Michael Bloomberg
Next to the effectual establishment of the Union, the best possible precaution against danger from standing armies is a limitation of the term for which revenue may be appropriated to their support. James Madison
The function of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, as I understand it, is to resist all demands for expenditure made by his colleagues and, when he can no longer resist, to limit the concession to the barest point of acceptance. Philip Snowden Ickornshaw
It is unjust that the whole of society should contribute towards an expense of which the benefit is confined to a part of the society. Adam Smith
A tax can never be favorable to the public welfare, except by the good use that is made of its proceeds. Jean-Baptiste Say
[Public Health] means the saving and lengthening of lives of thousands of citizens, the extension of the vigorous working period well into old age, and the prevention of inefficiency, misery, and suffering. These advances can be made by organized social effort. Public health is purchasable. Hermann M. Biggs
When you’re spending 24 billion dollars in pork barrel transportation projects how can you go to the American people and talk about tax increases. John McCain
The judicial branch of the government is the least dangerous because … it has no influence over either the sword or the purse. Alexander Hamilton
It is extremely difficult to rescind entitlements to which people think they are legally entitled. Taxes can easily go up and down. There isn’t the same political pressure. Alan Greenspan
Social spending is going up at a tremendous rate. The irony is that it went up even faster during the “prudent” years of Republican administration more so than it did under the “spendthrift” Democratic administrations…. Alan Greenspan
Government spending is not wasteful. The question is, “Is it necessary?” Ben Nelson
In Washington, the funds available to the several other agencies for their overseas operations exceed those available to the State Department; the White House has not always given the State Department the necessary support. Richard Holbrooke
Throwing money after security turns out to be a classic example of the law of diminishing marginal utility. Richard Rhodes
The Pentagon says that they are too big to be audited. That’s an insult. They spend $700 billion a year. They need to be audited. Rand Paul
Clean water is not an expenditure of Federal funds; clean water is an investment in the future of our country. Bill Shuster
The taxes derived from distilled and malt liquors and from tobacco, as reported by the United States Commissioner, in 1912 amounted to $290,250,000. This was considerably more than the entire congressional appropriations for the army and navy; and in sixteen months these taxes pour into the treasury more than the estimated cost of the Panama Canal. George Sherwood Dickerman
Congress members put their ideology ahead of your prosperity. Ali Velshi
When Congress opens the government’s purse, the benefits flow to special interests rather than the public interest. Kishore Mahbubani
A government may only govern so long as the people, through their representatives, vote it the money to carry on. Judy LaMarsh
… the state, the government, the laws must not in any way concern themselves with schooling or education. Public funds must not be used for such purposes. The rearing and instruction of youth must be left entirely to parents and to private associations and institutions…. Continued adherence to a policy of compulsory education is utterly incompatible with efforts to establish lasting peace. Ludwig von Mises
This is a people-centric system. Planes are guided and controlled by people. We will not compromise on safety. Ray LaHood
The sequester is stupidity on stilts. David Brooks
I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it. John Kerry
The real question is “What can we do to improve the earnings of lower- and middle-income Americans?” That’s about increased education and skills training, and that may require higher government spending. Glenn Hubbard
We will just have to tell the House that they will have to accept our judgment and we cannot answer a great many questions that might be asked Carl Vinson
Washington is stuck in an endless cycle of disaster response. The U. S. Government spends billions of dollars on disasters after they happen, but it pinches pennies when it comes to preparing for them. And both Federal and State policies create incentives for people to hold and rebuild in increasingly risky costal areas. Kate Sheppard
The power of the purse is the only real power of government. Robert Byrd
Why can we find emergency funds for every other country? Why can't we find emergency funds for our own country? Robert Byrd
Congress is not an ATM Robert Byrd
Congress is not an ATM Robert Byrd
There's no lobby for more spending on Black people in the cities. Jack Germond
The easiest things to do in Congress are to cut taxes and raise spending. Thomas S. Foley
I would do anything, and I will continue to do anything, to stop the train wreck that is Obamacare. Susan Rice
We’ve got to have some certainty here. Chuck Hagel
I can attest to the very real potential for unnecessary pain, suffering, and death when the work of public-health officials is curtailed. David Satcher
The President will meet with Republicans at any time, but he will not pay the Republicans ransom to get them to do their job. Jay Carney
In the Israeli system, if the Knesset cannot reach agreement on a budget by the end of the year, one-twelfth of the previous year’s budget is automatically appropriated each month for 6 months. If at the end of 6 months, there is still no agreement, we automatically call new elections. We have never had to call an election. Benjamin Netanyahu
Sometimes Republicans want to cut the social welfare programs and yet they ask for billions and billions more for the Defense Department. I don’t take that approach. Ronald E. Paul
The United States is spending $6 billion a year and deserves to get a lot more than it is getting. Richard Nixon
Money can’t solve every problem, but it can solve quite a few. Andrea Louise Cambell
Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid account for half the Federal spending. Mitt Romney
The cry of “loss of confidence” is largely a smokescreen let loose by certain conservatives who are traditionally opposed to almost any Government expenditure, who object to an increase in taxes, and are too shortsighted to know that the present level of unemployment constitutes the most dangerous threat to their own interests … Harry Dexter White
The wealthy have a responsibility to invest in addressing inequality. This is especially true when constraints on others are so great. Bill Gates
Nation building cannot be done on the cheap. James Dobbins
The CIA would come in and paint the most scary picture possible …. We were going to be second rate; the Soviets were going to be number one. They had charts on the wall, they had figures, and their conclusion was that in 10 years, the United States would be behind the Soviet Union in military capability, in economic growth. It was a scary presentation. The facts were 180 degrees wrong. These were the best people we had, the CIA’s so-called experts. Gerald R. Ford
We could conquer cancer if we really wanted to. Arlen Specter
Continuous paring of appropriations has reduced the Army virtually to the status of that of a third-rate power George C. Marshall
As quickly as you start spending Federal money in large amounts, it looks like free money. Dwight D. Eisenhower
I don’t want any Senator coming in here and seeing me in a luxurious setting when I am asking for millions of dollars to help the unemployed. Harry Hopkins