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Remember the rights of the savage, as we call him. Remember that the happiness of his humble home, remember that the sanctity of life in the hill villages of Afghanistan, among the winter snows, is as inviolable in the eye of Almighty God, as can be your own. William E. Gladstone
I had enabled the development of a corrupt system right under my very eyes.. Sarah Chayes
The Government of Afghanistan could best be understood, not as a government at all, but as a vertically integrated criminal organization whose care activity was not in fact exercising the functions of a state, but of rather extracting resources for personal gain. Sarah Chayes
We will continue our jihad until the creation of an Islamic System. The enemy with their talk of peace is trying by this propaganda to weaken the Jihad. Akhtar Mohammad Mansour
We told members of the board of broadcast governors that we didn't think it was appropriate for the Voice of America to be broadcasting the voice of the Taliban into Afghanistan and we didn't think it was consistent with their charter... Its charter says that they should explain US government policy and present responsible discussion about it. We don't consider Mullah Omar to be responsible discussion. Richard A. Boucher
I happen to believe that any legitimate news organization in the world would do that interview. And if the United States is going to be a proponent of a free press, it has to walk the walk. Norman Pattiz
I want to make sure we're [CNN] not used as a propaganda platform. We're entering a period in which there's a lot more reporting and video from Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. You want to make sure people understand that when they see civilian suffering there, it's in the context of a terrorist attack that caused enormous suffering in the United States. Walter Isaacson
World War III was the Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union. Like the Cold War, this "world war" against militant Islam is, in fact, global;... will involve a mixture of violent and nonviolent efforts;... will require mobilization of skill, expertise and resources, if not of vast numbers of soldiers;... may go on for a long time; and... has ideological roots. Afghanistan is just one front in World War IV. Eliot A. Cohen
Since I took office, Afghans have been waiting for Pakistan to show their tangible commitment to peace. But attacks in the past two months and now in Kabul have shown us that it is still the same as the past .... The sanctuaries of the suicide attackers [Taliban] are still in Pakistan. Ashraf Ghani
We cannot judge Christianity by the Ku Klux Klan and we cannot judge Islam by the Taliban. Clovis Maksoud
It’s hard to convince people you are bombing that you’re doing it for their own good. Molly Ivins
Sword of Islam Anonymous
The bulk of Sharia is nothing more than the legal opinions of classical jurists. That is why whenever the Sharia is imposed—out of context from the time when it was formulated and out of step with ours—Muslim societies acquire a medieval feel. We see that in Saudi Arabia, Iran, the Sudan, and Afghanistan under the Taliban. Ziauddun Sardar
You don’t have enough evidence to convict them in a court of law. On the other hand, they can kill you….It’s inherently a very difficult problem. At the end of the day the United States must be true to its own values. Lee H. Hamilton
These tribal border areas between Pakistan and Afghanistan have never been tamed as it were. Khurshid Kasuri
All Muslims support us. Our Jihad continues with their support and their money. You know that the Jihad requires much money, yet the Muslims are helping us, and we have high hopes from the charitable people, so that Jihad and grace will reach all Muslims. Mulla Dadallah
Of course there is a tie between Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. These are strong ties, because the Taliban gave up Afghanistan for the sake of Al-Qaeda. There are still Al-Qaeda youth here, in Afghanistan. The Taliban is willing to accompany Al-Qaeda to any country in order to wage Jihad there. they want to establish Allah's law everywhere. Our religion is one, and we will remain together. Mulla Dadallah
Everybody in Afghanistan ought to know we’re coming in and hells coming with us. Robert McFarlane
The Taliban cut the heads of all the soldiers who were killed. Sher Mohammed Aghunzada
We will invite him again because the religion of Islam is one of tolerance. We will ask him if he has changed his mind. If so we will forgive him Ansarullah Mawlazezadah
President Karzai does not have any idea of what is going on in his country. Pervez Musharraf
A decision that the Geneva conventions do not apply to the conflict in Afghanistan in which our armed forces are engaged deprives our troops there of any claim to the protection of the conventions in the event they are captured William Taft IV
We told the Taliban in no uncertain terms that if this happened, it’s their ass. No difference between the Taliban and al Qaeda now. They both go down. Richard L. Armitage
The scales dropped from his eyes only after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Carter felt betrayed by Brezhnev, but Brezhnev never betrayed him; Carter was just too naïve and too stubborn to listen Richard Lehman
Majority rule is not the norm for solving issues or problems. United States Army
Unfortunates learn from their own mistakes, and the lucky ones learn from other's mistakes. Afghanistan Proverb
The world will not find rest by just saying "peace. Afghanistan Proverb
To achieve something in Afghanistan is difficult; to maintain it is much more difficult. Sayed Gailani
We have much participation of women in Afghanistan politics. Yet 86 percent of the women are illiterate. I and the women who come before you are not typical of women in our country. Fawzia Koofi
There is danger in this action. But there is greater danger in inaction. Tony Blair
That’s where those crazies shoot statues. George W. Bush
History teaches, perhaps, very few clear lessons. But surely one such lesson learned by the world at great cost is that aggression, unopposed, becomes a contagious disease. Jimmy Carter
Carter took a poke at the Soviet bear and knocked out the American farmer. Bob Dole
A Taliban collapse could be rapid, with the enemy shrinking to a small number of hard-core Mullah Omar supporters in the early days or weeks of a military campaign. Central Intelligence Agency
The decision on the Buddhas was made according to Islamic rules. It was not done to insult any particular religion, but once an Islamic order is made, it cannot be changed. Quadratullah Jamal
The statues are no big issue. They are only objects made of mud or stone. Quadratullah Jamal
Mr. President, we need to be strong and firm, but that doesn't mean you have to commit political suicide. Walter F. Mondale
It is not Americans right to impose their values upon us. Abdul Hakeem Mujahid
The masses, the public, is too strict. Abdul Hakeem Mujahid
There is no possibility of change in Islamic principles, which have not changed in the last 1,400 years. Amir Kahn Mutaqi
We had no intention of disrespecting anyone. It was a totally internal decision based on Islamic principles. Statues and other items that represent living things are forbidden and they will be destroyed. Wakil Ahmad Muttawakil
Head for jihad and have your guns ready. Mohammed Omar
Why did we leave Afghanistan? It’s because there is no oil in Afghanistan. Rob Reiner
The biggest enemy of the United States is not some terrorist hiding in a cave in Afghanistan or Pakistan but our own fiscal irresponsibility David Walker
The more fundamentalists they get us in Afghanistan the better it is for us because they will kill more communists. William J. Casey
I am sorry to tell you, Afghanistan is still chained in the fetters of the fundamentalist warlords. How can we talk about democracy when our legislative, judicial, and executive bodies are infected with the viruses of fundamentalism? Malali Joya
For as long as whole region of the world simmer in resentment and tyranny, violence will gather...and cross the most defended borders... It is the policy of the United States to seek and support the growth of democratic movements and institutions in every nation and culture, with the ultimate goal of ending tyranny in our world. George W. Bush
We have not yet, as a nation, made a generation-long commitment to this terrorist threat. Michele Flournoy
If the innocent people who died in the attack on Afghanistan, and those who have been dying from lack of food and medical care in Iraq, are considered collaterals, are not the 3,000 who died in New York and the 200 in Bali also just collaterals, whose deaths are necessary for the operations to succeed? Mohamad Mahathir
If the United States were attacked by rockets from one of our neighboring countries, we would be a lot tougher on them than Israel has been on the Palestinians. When we were attacked, we sent an army abroad and took over Afghanistan from the Taliban. Newt Gingrich
I don’t talk to the Taliban. Guy Laroche
Acts of individuals are individual. As such they should be tried and punished. Hamid Karzai
It takes more than a trained army … it takes an institutionalized army. Hamid Karzai
Too much we have lived in our history. We must live in the future. Hamid Karzai
We have a lot of poverty and a great deal of money coming into the country. This is a recipe for corruption. We have just prosecuted high government officials for corruption for the first time in Afghan history. Hamid Karzai
The elections were not free and fair. Many people had registered more than once, and voted several times. Often, men with guns had forced people to vote for Karzai; they had also tried to intimidate me during my election campaign. Massouda Jalal
It's a different world out there…. humanitarians will have to operate under the cover of arms—or not at all. Cheryl Benard
All Kabul males were given just six weeks to grow a full beard, even though some of the ethnic groups - the Hazaras, for instance - have limited beard growth. More, beards could not be trimmed shorter than a man’s fist. The religious police stood at street corners with scissors cutting off long hair and often beating culprits. Men had to wear their salwars above the ankle and everyone had to say his/her prayers five times a day. All conceivable forms of entertainment were strictly taboo: movies, TV, video, music, dance. Even, kite flying! "Nawroz", the traditional Afghan New Year celebrations, were declared un-Islamic. Nobody was allowed to hang paintings, portraits or photographs in their homes. The tragic truth is that the very idea of culture was alien to the Taliban. Parshotam Mehra
We made a mistake. We paid the farmers not to grow poppies. So all the other farmers started planting poppies. If we didn’t pay them, they had the poppies [to sell.] Hamid Karzai
Democracy is about opposition. Hamid Karzai
To deal with us, you must understand us, We believe in an eye for an eye; a tooth for a tooth. We do not understand Christian charity. Ali Seraj
If al-Qaida is Muslim, then I am Buddha. Ali Seraj
I feel that I am nine years old, seven and a half years in the Afghan Jihad, one and a half years in Jihad in Palestine and the rest of the years have no value. Abdullah Yusuf Azzam
Overruling the Joint Chiefs of staff, overruling the State Department, overruling the CIA, President Reagan Authorized providing Stinger Missiles to the Mujahedeen Afghanis. Charles N. Wilson
We must prevent music to be broadcasted by the public information resources. In shops, hotels, vehicles and rickshaws cassettes and music are prohibited. This matter should be monitored within five days. If any music cassette found in a shop, the shopkeeper should be imprisoned and the shop locked. Taliban
Prevent washing cloth by young ladies along the water streams... Violator ladies should be picked up with respectful Islamic manner, taken to their houses and their husbands severely punished. Taliban
Prevent kite-flying. The kite shops in the city should be abolished. Taliban
If anyone is observed who has shaved and/or cut his beard, they should be arrested and imprisoned until their beard gets bushy. Taliban
Our army is really an imperial army…. We used to wonder why British imperialists went to Iraq and Afghanistan. Andrew J. Bacevich
We have to live with the world that we helped to create. Hillary Clinton
To a great extent, it is our money that is funding some of the problems with which we must cope. David Petraeus
When did an old white guy yelling at me, telling me what to think become news? What gives him the right to tell me what to think? When was the last time he was in Iraq or Afghanistan or Sri Lanka... or anywhere that didn't have a beach? Lisa J. Ling
Throughout history every nation has tried to defend itself as far away from home as possible Abdul Rahim Wardak
If there are any amongst you, who have not the courage to enjoy this precious gift of liberty now dropped down to you from Heaven, let him declare himself; no harm shall be done to him: he shall be permitted to go in search of some new tyrant beyond the frontier of this happy state. Mirwais Hotak
It is the first time on our history that somebody else, our friends and allies, have come to help us defend the country or secure the country. It is against our honor as true Afghans, that your sons and daughters blood is shed on our side. We have been proud that throughout our history that we have defended the country against overwhelming odds, against every superpower, against every big conqueror. This is the first time. So we really want to be helped to restore our pride and honor to be able to defend our country like we have defended it for 5 thousand years. Abdul Rahim Wardak
God says he will never be satisfied with the infidels. Mohammed Omar
The Pakistanis can get milk from a bull. Afghanistan Proverb
They have two tongues in one mouth, and two faces on one head so they can speak everybody’s language; they use everybody, deceive everybody. They deceive the Arabs under the guise of Islamic nuclear power, saying that they are defending Islam and Islamic countries. They milk America and Europe in the alliance against terrorism, and they have been deceiving … Muslims around the world in the name of Kashmiri jihad. But behind the curtain, they have been betraying everyone. Abdul Salam Zaeef
It is forbidden to work as a teacher under the current puppet regime, because this strengthens the system of the infidels …. If a teacher refuses a warning to give up his job, he must be beaten…. If the teacher still continues to instruct contrary to the principles of Islam, the district commander or a group leader must kill him. Taliban
Events have moved on, yet some people still keep talking about the past. Pashtun Proverb
Corruption is a greater danger to us in Afghanistan than the Taliban…. It starts with President Karzai and goes all the way down. It’s just rotten from top to bottom over there. Stephen F. Lynch
Do not think, however, that our nation needs only men to serve it. Women should also take their part as women did in the early years of Islam. The valuable services rendered by women are recounted throughout history from which we learn that women were not created solely for pleasure and comfort. From their examples we learn that we must all contribute toward the development of our nation and that this can not be done without being equipped with knowledge… Soraya Tarzi Hanym
It’s a giant criminal enterprise, but at least it’s a state. Dexter Filkins
At the same moment your Majesty has brought to a triumphant issue two gigantic operations, one in the center of Asia, the other in the heart of the hitherto unapproachable Chinese Empire. In the former, past disasters have been retrieved; a signal victory has been achieved on the very spot memorable for former failure and massacre; the honor of the British Arms has been signally vindicated; the interests of humanity have been consulted by the rescue of the whole of the prisoners; and, after a series of victories, the Governor-General of India is free, without discredit, to enter upon measures of internal improvement, and having established the supremacy of British power, to carry on henceforth a more pacific policy. In China a termination has been put to the effusion of blood by the signature of a treaty which has placed your Majesty's dominions on a footing never recognized in favor of any foreign Power--a footing of perfect equality with the Chinese Empire; which has obtained large indemnity for the past, and ample security for the future, and which has opened to British enterprise the commerce of China to an extent which it is almost impossible to anticipate. Frederick Arthur Stanley
My mission was not to assure that little girls could go to school in Afghanistan. My mission was not to establish a legal system in Afghanistan. That was not my mission. My mission was to destroy Al Quaeda and to do that we had to overthrow the Taliban. Cofer Black
Find Al Quaeda and Kill Them Henry Crumpton
The Americans want us to continue fighting but not to win, just to bleed the Russians Ismael Khan
We will never allow you to dictate to us how to run our country and whom to employ in Afghanistan. How and where we employ the foreign experts will remain the exclusive prerogative of the Afghan state. Afghanistan shall remain poor, if necessary, but free in its acts and decisions Daoud Khan
Although age has its normal limits, it may be extended by two things-the study of history and by travel. Reading history broadens one's perception of the creation of the world, while travel extends one's field of vision. Mahmud Tarzi
Once Europe existed in a Dark Age and Islam carried the torch of learning. Now we Muslims live in a Dark age. Mahmud Tarzi
The first and most important advice that I can give to my successors and people to make Afghanistan into a great kingdom is to impress upon their minds the value of unity; unity, and unity alone, can make it into a great power. Abdur Rahman Khan
My last words to you, my son and successor, are: Never trust the Russians! Abdur Rahman Khan
Occupation leads to alienation. Mark Shields
It is better to be the slave of a master than to be a slave of a slave. Afghanistan Proverb
The Afghans are scared. Some are scared that the Americans will leave. Some are scared that the Americans will not leave. They are scared of the Taliban. They are scared of predatory government. Stanley A. McChrystal
It strains credibility to expect Karzai to change fundamentally this late in life and in our relationship. Karl Eikenberry
The sovereign government wasn’t so sovereign. David A. Fastabend
We are successful every time. Martyrdom, victory, fighting with the infidel is always a success. Dadullah Akhund
The freedom of religion and of religious conscience is at the core of democratic development. Condoleeza Rice
The problem was you didn’t have an approach against Al Qaeda because you didn’t have an approach against Afghanistan. And you didn’ have an approach against Afghanistan because you didn’t have an approach against Pakistan. And until we could get that right, we didn’t have a policy. Condoleeza Rice
We do not want to make Afghanistan a British province, but we must have it an ally on whom we can depend. Henry John Temple
Army of Retribution England
We cannot lose Afghanistan Yuri Andropov
It is better to support the prophet by attacking those who slander him than it is to travel to a land of Jihad like Iraq or Afghanistan. Anwar al-Awlaki
In Afghanistan, legitimate authority has been traditionally highly localized, a product of consensus rather than brute force, and firmly anchored in tribal, clannish, and kinship structures. Jonah Blank
The Soviets have made the same core mistakes that have haunted invaders before and since them: they attempted to impose a centralized order on a highly decentralized nation, and they displayed complete ignorance of the realities of Afghanistan society. Peter Tomsen
The less the Afghans see of us the less they will dislike us. Frederick Sleigh Roberts
As the result of two successful campaigns, of the employment of an enormous force, and of the expenditure of large sums of money, all that has yet been accomplished has been the disintegration of the [Afghan] State … and a condition of anarchy throughout the rest of the country. Spencer Cavendish
When Americans, who are serving in your country at great cost–in terms of lives and treasure–hear themselves compared with occupiers, told that they are only here to advance their own interest, and likened to the brutal enemies of the Afghan people… they are filled with confusion and grow weary of our effort here. At the point your leaders believe that we are doing more harm than good, when we reach a point that we feel our soldiers and civilians are being asked to sacrifice without a just cause, and our generous aid programs dismissed as totally ineffective and the source of all corruption… especially at a time our economy is suffering and our needs are not being met, the American people will ask for our forces to come home. Karl Eikenberry
Why don’t you ask us to grant you bases? Muhammad Zia ul-Haq
This is a country that historically has had very little central government. David D. McKiernan
To Serve and Collect Mother Jones
I am used to playing with fire. Somebody has to do it. Sima Samar
When our party took over political power, the exploiting classes and reactionary forces went into action. The only rusty and antiquated tool that they use against us is preaching in the name of faith and religion against the progressive movement of our homeland... They ought to be uprooted as a cancerous tumor is from the body of a patient in a surgical operation. Nur Muhammad Taraki
We want to create a society in which our workers and farmers can afford to appear in handsome attire and enjoy a good life and health; we want this kind of society. Nur Muhammad Taraki
Now we are proud that the government has moved from the class of the exploiters to the class of the people who were being exploited. And in the great name of the same class, I raise this nation's flag which is a strong symbol of this transfer. Nur Muhammad Taraki
Any person and any element who harms the friendship between Afghanistan and the Soviet Union will be considered the enemy of the country, enemy of our people and enemy of our revolution. We will not allow anybody in Afghanistan to act against the friendship of Afghanistan and the Soviet Union. Hafizullah Amin
Those who boast of friendship with us, they can really be our friend when they respect our independence, our soil and our prideful traditions. Hafizullah Amin
Comrade Stalin showed us how to build socialism in a backward country: it's painful to begin with, but afterwards everything turns out just fine. Hafizullah Amin
… the independent Afghan government that followed the ouster of the Taliban descended into catastrophic corruption, incompetence, and double-dealing, and many Afghans blamed America intervention for the mess in their country. Richard K. Betts
Every Army of liberation has a half-life beyond which it turns into an Army of occupation. David Petraeus
We may be fighting the wrong enemy in the wrong country. Richard Holbrooke
Right now, the choice isn't between war and peace. It is between war and endless war. Michael Scheuer
Sons represent security, insurance, a 401(k), a bank. Jenny Nordberg
Half of Afghanistan’s newly created schools have no actual buildings, many lack teachers, most students never graduate, and one-fifth of the registered students are permanently absent. Jenny Nordberg
A counter-insurgency is won by intelligence—not by bombardment. Ashraf Ghani
The cost of deploying one U. S. soldier is the equivalent to the cost of deploying 70 Afghan soldiers. Ashraf Ghani
Tolerance of corruption, explicit and implicit, has made it impossible to govern…. We need absolute transparency of all the assets of government officials. Ashraf Ghani
The aid system is broken. The international aid system was designed for the 20th century. However, we are in the 21st century. Ashraf Ghani
Companies always have a balance sheet of its assets, but counties do not. Ashraf Ghani
Young people in the third world can participate in global security if they also can participate in global prosperity. Ashraf Ghani
Security today is important, but 90 percent of security involves other co functions of government. Ashraf Ghani
Since 2001, NATO or its leading member states have initiated military operations in Afghanistan , Iraq and Lybia. All three campaigns led to various forms of regime change , and. in the case of Iraq and Lybia, the deterioration of the state. Fyodor Lukyanov
Large-scale corruption persists, with Afghanistan third from the bottom in international rankings, ahead of only Somalia and North Korea. Adjusted for inflation, American spending to reconstruct Afghanistan now exceeds the total expended to rebuild all of Western Europe under the Marshall Plan; yet to have any hope of surviving, the Afghan government will for the foreseeable future remain almost completely dependent on outside support. Andrew J. Bacevich
It may be hard, with bearded rioters filling their televisions, for westerners to see Pakistan as a bride left at the altar. But that is how many Pakistanis view their relationship with the fickle west, and they have good reason to do so. In the 1980s, when Pakistan signed up as America's ally in the west's last war in Afghanistan, the war against the Soviets, Pakistan was rewarded with billions of dollars of military hardware and economic aid. But Pakistan paid a price: heroin flooded our cities, Kalashnikovs became common on our streets and young boys were left trained for jihad instead of university. When the Soviets were defeated, Pakistan did not share in the long-awaited peace dividend. Although the country was making its transition from dictatorship to democracy, aid began to dwindle and the rhetoric of western governments became increasingly unfriendly. Pakistan was left with training camps for religious guerrillas, a mountain of debt, 2m Afghan refugees and little else. Mohsin Hamid