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Among famous traitors of history one might mention the weather. Ilka Chase
It has become a sort of by-word among the common people here that the two Russian Generals who have conquered Napoleon and all his Marshalls are General Famine and Genera Frost.. John Quincy Adams
It is a dogma of faith that the demons can produce wind, storms, and rain of fire from heaven. Thomas Aquinas
If a man rent his field for tillage for a fixed rental, and receive the rent of his field, but bad weather come and destroy the harvest, the injury falls upon the tiller of the soil. Hammurabi
Climate change is here. We have to learn how to deal with it. Michael Oppenheimer
The bottom line is the protection of life. William Proenza
We do know that global warming has led to the increase in number and intensity of weather events. Bill Clinton
The President cannot make clouds to rain and cannot make the corn to grow, he cannot make business good; although when these things occur, political parties do claim some credit for the good things that have happened in this way. William Howard Taft
If an unfriendly nation gets into a position to control the large-scale weather patterns before we can, the result could even be more disastrous than nuclear warfare. Howard T. Orville
Among all of our uncertainties weather is the most basic. We can’t live without it and we can’t control it. Edmund G. Brown Jr.
Heavy rents which are become so great a burden to us that we are not scarcely able to bear. Between landlord and rectors, the very marrow is screwed out of our bones ….They have reduced us to such a deplorable state by such grievous oppressions that the poor is turned black in the face … and they are rendered incapable to support their starving families … that they have not even food, nor raiment to secure them from the extremes of weather. Hearts of Steel
These days everything is discussed in terms of political partisan perspective including the weather—especially the weather. Fareed Zakaria
The world is now on track to more than double current greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere by the end of the century. This would push up average global temperatures by three to eight degrees Celsius and could mean the disappearance of glaciers, droughts in the mid-to-low latitudes, decreased crop productivity, increased sea levels and flooding, vanishing islands and coastal wetlands, greater storm frequency and intensity, the risk of species extinction and a significant spread of infectious disease. Robert N. Stavins
The average global temperature has increased by about 0.8 degrees Celsius since 1880, with two-thirds of the warming occurring since 1975. Robert N. Stavins
The only way we can hope to combat climate change, protect our precious land and water, and prevent future extreme weather disasters is to cut the carbon pollution that’s warming our planet, and replace dirty energy sources with clean, renewable sources. Robert Redford
After a disaster, processing claims quickly trumps everything. Kenneth Feinberg
The ice doesn't care who's in the White House. It doesn't care which party controls your congress. It doesn't care which party controls your parliament. It just melts. David Titley

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