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The patriot volunteer, fighting for country and his rights, makes the most reliable soldier on earth. Stonewall Jackson
Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth. Muhammad Ali
... when you have a draft you're more likely to go to war than if you have to pay for a volunteer army. A draft lowers the cost for the wealthy because the people who are important don't have their children going off and they're also not paying as much in taxes. James C. Miller III
42% of today’s army enlistees are ethnic or racial minorities. In the general population in the 18 to 24 year old age cohort, nearly 50% of the people…have had some exposure to college education. In that same age cohort in the U.S. military today…the percentage of people who’ve had some kind of exposure to college education is 6.5%. So the vast majority of our society…has, in effect, hired some of the least disadvantaged of their fellow citizens to conduct some of our most dangerous business. I think that is an unstable situation, and one that does threaten, in the long run, the health of our democracy. David M. Kennedy
To help people who do not have any hope, helps you. Art Buchwald
O you who believe! What is the matter with you, that when you are asked to march forth in the Cause of Allah [i.e. Jihad] you cling heavily to the earth? Are you pleased with the life of this world rather than the Hereafter? But little is the enjoyment of the life of this world as compared with the Hereafter….If you march not forth, He will punish you with a painful torment and will replace you by another people …. Those who believe in Allah and the Last Day would not ask your leave to be exempted from fighting with their properties and their lives Muhammad
I was honestly willing to accept compulsory military service, provided that the voluntary system had first been tried out, and had failed to supply the men needed and who could still be spared from industry, and were numerically worth troubling about. Charles Prestwich Scott
Private beneficence is totally inadequate to deal with the vast numbers of the city's disinherited. Jane Addams
Dispatch received. By what route shall I send? John Albion Andrew
It was next of importance to show how the press is made subservient to the cause of the Gospel and the extension of the kingdom of God; then, how the voluntary principle can grapple with existing evils in society, such as intemperance, Sabbath breaking, slavery, and war, by means of diverse associations formed for their repression or removal; and finally, I have reviewed the beneficent and humane institutions of the country, and illustrated the energy of the voluntary principle in their origin and progress. Robert Baird
I found it impossible to prevent two or three companies of the Federal troops from joining in the procession to-day, with the volunteers of the district, without giving serious offence to the tens of thousands people who have assembled to witness the parade.... The troops everywhere else join such processions in honor of the birthday of the Father of his Country, and it would be hard to assign a good reason why they should be excluded from the privilege of the capital founded by himself. They are here simply as a posse comitatus, to aid the civil authorities in case of need. Besides, the programme was published in the National Intelligencer of this morning, without my personal knowledge. James Buchanan
One of the great characteristics of America is that we do try and help each other. Laura Bush
We’re a democracy and we’re defended by volunteers. Dick Cheney
The volunteer system must be replaced … Let us not be blind to the realities … The day we could put guns into the hands of citizen soldiers, teach the manual of arms and send them to match their spirit and brawn against an enemy has passed. Hugh Drum
The volunteer system must be replaced … Let us not be blind to the realities … The day we could put guns into the hands of citizen soldiers, teach the manual of arms and send them to match their spirit and brawn against an enemy has passed. Hugh Drum
I'm nothing. I'm zip. I'm not a government employee. I can't even get a government rate from airlines. I'm a volunteer in the office of the President. Tipper Gore
The armed beggary of the nation. Henry Grattan
I have observed that voluntary workers are apt to behave as if they are not bound to render a detailed account of the business or monies with which they are entrusted because, like Caesar's wife, they are above suspicion. This is sheer nonsense. Mohandas K. Gandhi
A voluntary deed is infinitely more precious to our national ideas and spirit than a thousandfold poured from the treasury. Herbert Hoover
Every man among you is a free will volunteer. Not one has been invited. No more typical are made of free man who ever marched to meet an enemy. Sam Hughes
It is nonsense to talk of regulars [enlisted army troops.] They are not to be had among a people so easy and happy at home as ours. We might as well rely on calling down an army of angels from heaven. Thomas Jefferson
It takes but one good deed to tip the balance in humankind’s favor. Moses Maimonides; Rambam
Congress have a right by the Constitution to raise regular armies, and no restraint is imposed on the exercise of it …. It would be absurd to suppose that Congress could not carry this power into effect otherwise than be accepting the voluntary service of individuals. James Monroe
Thou seaman-prince! thy men are paid: The scat on Gotlanders is laid; Young man or old To our seamen bold Must pay, to save his head: The Yngling princes fled, Eysvssel people bled; Who can't defend the wealth they have Must die, or share with the rover brave Ottar Svarte
Nobody wants to go to war, but the burden of service cannot fall only on volunteers who, are attracted to the military for financial reasons. Charles B. Rangel
For fifteen or twenty years, the militia trainings have been mostly a farce, nothing but an exhibition of rags, caps, and broomsticks. And with the exception of a few . . . volunteer companies, the militia are not to be relied on. James Fowler Simmons
There is a necessity of instant re-enforcement for your army…. Those slaves only who might volunteer to fight for their freedom, should be at once sent to the trenches….Opponents claimed that this would disband the army by reason of the violent aversion of the troops to have negroes in the field with them …. If we could get from the army an expression of its desire to be re-enforced by such negroes as for the boon of freedom will volunteer to go to the front, the measure will pass without further delay, and we may yet be able to give you such a force as will enable you to assume the offensive. Judah P. Benjamin
All those who may be disposed to emigrate from the United States will with their families be received on board his Majesty’s ships or vessels of war or at the military ports that may be established upon or near the coast of the U. S. where they will have their choice of either entering his Majesty’s sea or land forces, or of being sent as Free Settlers to the British possessions in North America or the West Indies where they will meet all due encouragement Alexander. Cochrane; William Balhetchet
Resolved, That is the opinion of this Committee, as the contest now between Great Britain and the Colonies respects the liberties and privileges of the latter, which the Colonies are determined to maintain that the admission of any persons, as soldiers, into the army now raising, but only such as are freemen, will be inconsistent with the principles that are to be supported, and reflect dishonor on this Colony, and that no slaves be admitted into this army upon any consideration whatever. Massachusetts Committee of Safety
History affords us frequent precedents of the wisest, freest and bravest nations having liberated their slaves and enlisted them as soldiers to fight in defense of their country Rhode Island
[As I am] informed that numbers of free negroes are desirous of enlisting, he gives leave to the recruiting officers to entertain them, and [will] lay the matter before the Congress, who, [I] doubts not, will approve of it George Washington
Until he has been part of a cause larger than himself, no man is truly whole. Richard Nixon
Today, the Anglo Saxon Mother, Wife, or Sister, are not alone, in tears for departed Sons, Husbands, and Brothers. The patient Trusting Decendants of Africa’s Clime, have dyed the ground with blood, in defense of the Union, and Democracy. Men too, your Excellency, who know in a measure, the cruelties of the Iron heel of oppression, which in years gone by, the very Power, their blood is now being spilled to maintain, ever ground them to the dust. But When the war trumpet sounded o'er the land, when men knew not the Friend from the Traitor, the Black man laid his life at the Altar of the Nation,–and he was refused. When the arms of the Union, were beaten, in the first year of the War, And the Executive called more food. for its ravaging maw, again the black man begged, the privilege of Aiding his Country in her need, to be again refused, And now, he is in the War: and how has he conducted himself? Let their dusky forms, rise up, out the mires of James Island, and give the answer. Let the rich mould around Wagner’s parapets be upturned, and there will be found an Eloquent answer. Obedient and patient, and Solid as a wall are they. All we lack, is a paler hue, and a better acquaintance with the Alphabet. Now Your Excellency, We have done a Soldiers Duty. Why can’t we have a Soldiers pay? James Henry Gooding
They have to have an internal motivation. They have to have an inner conviction. Sargent Shriver
It is fundamentally wrong—and cowardly—in a democratic society to claim that those who stand between us and a potential enemy should be risking their lives simply because they are ‘following the marketplace’ and the military is their ‘best deal’. Jim Webb
Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge. That's what we're doing Jimmy Wales
Service is that which is done for love's sake for another. It is not true service which is paid with wages Annie Besant
Whereas the enemy [American Revolutionists] have adopted a practice of enrolling Negroes among their troops, I do hereby give Notice that all Negroes taken in Arms or upon any military Duty shall be purchased for the public service at a stated price; the money to be paid to the captors. But I do most strictly forbid any Person to sell or claim right over any Negroes the property of a Rebel who may take refuge with any part of this Army. And I do promise to every Negro who shall desert the Rebel Standard full Security to follow within the Lines any occupation which he may think proper Henry Clinton
Political involvement is more than a game. Patricia Destacy Harrison
China’s air force, with the assistance of American Volunteer crews, would be greatly enhanced, just like a tiger which gets two wings. T. V. Soon
Women’s Death Battalion Anonymous
Blessed is that country whose soldiers fight for it and are willing to give the best they have, the best that any man has, their own lives, to preserve it, because they love it. Such an army the United States has always commanded in every crisis of its history. William McKinley
Every man here is a soldier. The troops are well clothed, well paid and well commanded. They have about fifty thousand men under pay, and a still greater number of volunteers who wish no pay. Julien Alexander Achard de Bonvouloir
No free government was ever founded, or ever preserved its liberty, without uniting the characters of the citizen and soldier in those destined for the defense of the state...such area well-regulated militia, composed of the freeholders, citizen and husbandman, who take up arms to preserve their property, as individuals, and their rights as freemen... Richard Henry Lee
… no government, so called, can reasonably be trusted for a moment, or reasonably be supposed to have honest purposes in view, any longer than it depends wholly upon voluntary support Lysander Spooner
Sage and hero, side by side, Building for their sons the State Which they shall rule with pride Ralph Waldo Emerson
Our ideas of the life and business of a soldier were drawn chiefly from the adventures of Ivanhoe and Charles O'Malley, two worthies with whose personal history almost every man in the army was familiar. The men who volunteered went to war of their own accord, and were wholly unaccustomed to acting on any other than their own motion…. Their officers were of themselves, chosen by election, and subject, by custom, to enforced resignation upon petition of the men…. There was one sort of rank, however, which was both maintained and respected from the first, namely, that of social life. The line of demarkation between gentry and common people … rests … upon an indeterminate something or other, known as family. To come of a good family is a patent of nobility, and there is no other way whatever by which any man or any woman can find a passage into the charmed circle. George Cary Eggleston
Public opinion said that every man who did not embrace the very surest and earliest opportunity of getting himself mustered into actual service was a coward. George Cary Eggleston
The stronger we make our country the more she will give back Martin Joseph O'Malley
The moment I heard of America I loved her. The moment I knew she was fighting for freedom, I burnt with the desire of bleeding for her. Marquis de Lafayette
I would never have drawn my sword in the cause of America, if I could have conceived that thereby I was founding a land of slavery. Marquis de; Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier
Pity the Party without enough woman power - there will always be dreamers and leaders, but the dreams won't come true, nor will the leaders reach their goal, without the ready doers. Judy LaMarsh
It will help your campaign tremendously to have the energy of young people on your side to canvas voters, gain supporters, spread news, and make you look good. Quintus Tullius Cicero
Throughout most of our species’ long and bloody slog, warfare has primarily been carried out by bands of loosely organized, ill-disciplined, and lightly armed volunteers who distained open battle in favor of stealthy raids and ambushes: the strategies of both tribal warriors and modern guerrillas and terrorists. In fact, conventional warfare is the relatively recent invention. Max Boot
Now is your chance. Now or never. A nation once again. Winston Churchill
There is no kind oppression visited on any minority in Europe which the six-county Nationalists have not endured. Irish Press
… anti-nationalist British propaganda Eamon de Valera
We must counter the strenuous efforts of the Aristocracy to appropriate to itself the power which rightly belongs to the people…. And to monopolize for themselves the enjoyment of liberty while they beguile the people with phantoms. Dutch Free Corps
Conscription would amount to the sacrifice of nine-tenths of our moral case in this war. It would not only amount to an admission—wholly unjustified—that the heart of the country is not in the war…. It will change the basis of our participation. It will no longer be the war of the British people; it will be the war of the British governing classes. New Statesman
We could create a Virginia cavalry regiment specifically for the sons of planters, youths whose indolence or education, has unfitted them for foot-service. Thomas Jefferson
The colored population voluntarily sustain several churches, schools, and mutual assistance and improvement societies, and there are evidently persons among them of no inconsiderable cultivation of mind. Frederick Law Olmsted

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