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When the severity of the law is to be softened, let pity, not bribes, be the motive. Miguel de Cervantes
Name me an emperor who was ever struck by a cannonball. Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor
Be gentle to all and stern with yourself. Saint Teresa of Avila
Fear has many eyes and can see things underground. Miguel de Cervantes
No government fights fascism to destroy it. When the bourgeoisie sees that power is slipping out of its hands, it brings up fascism to hold onto their privileges. Buenaventura Durruti
We never know, believe me, when we have succeeded best. Miguel de Unamuno
The love of one's country is a splendid thing. But why should love stop at the border? Pablo Casals
If a person never contradicts himself, it must be that he says nothing. Miguel de Unamuno
I am responsible only to God and history. Francisco Franco
It is better to be the widow of a hero than the wife of a coward. Dolores Ibarruri
The seditious Bolivar has occupied Santa Fe, and the fateful result of that battle has placed at his disposition the whole kingdom and the immense resources of a very populated country, rich and abundant from which he will plunder what he needs to continue the war in these provinces because the insurgents have no rules or inhibitions Pablo Morillo y Morillo; Marques de La Puerta
Nothing can compare with the untiring activity of that leader. His fearlessness and his talents entitle him to his place at the head of the revolution and of the war; but he possesses as well, from his noble Spanish strain and his education, also Spanish, qualities of elegance and generosity which elevate him far above all who surround him. He is the revolution...Bolivar is an indominatable soul whom a single victory of the smallest nature is enough to make master of five hundred leagues of territory. Pablo Morillo y Morillo; Marques de La Puerta
The tyrant Bolivar and his indecent supporters ought to annex Peru, and place this rich country under the control of Columbia, but he has made a mistake. The Spaniards are the only alternative who can avert our ruin. Jose Bernardo Torre Tagle
We conceive the recovery of her colonies by Spain to be hopeless,,, We aim not at the possession of any portion of them ourselves. We could not see any portion of them transferred to any other power with indifference. George Canning
The deed is done, the nail is driven, Spanish America is free; and if we do not mismanage our affairs sadly, she is English George Canning
Seek six or eight generals in France (who nowadays haven’t even got anything to eat), bring them here, and you would see how all operations and events would change. Let us recognize our ignorance and let us not allow our pride to push us into the abyss Jose de San Martin
You will not have to make war there only with arms, but also with public opinion Juan Manuel Belgrano
Chile announces a new refuge in these countries for the industry, the friendship, and all the citizens of the globe Bernardo O'Higgins
this battle is going to decide the fate of all America and it is preferable to die on the field of honour than at the hands of our executioners. Jose de San Martin
I fear that, tired of anarchy, you may hope at the end for a return of oppression and that you may welcome the yoke of the first fortunate adventurer who shows up, who, far from consolidating your destiny, will only prolong your servitude Jose de San Martin
General San Martin will never shed the blood of his compatriots, and he will unsheath his sword only against the enemies of the independence of South America. Jose de San Matín
This Society has been established for the purpose of grouping together American gentlemen who, distinguished by the liberality of their ideas and the fervour of their patriotic zeal, shall work together systematically and methodically for the independence and well-being of America, devoting to this most noble end all their strength, their influence, their faculties and talents, loyally sustaining one another, labouring honourably and proceeding with justice. Lautoro Lodge of Chile
The blood of the Carrera cries for vengeance. Vengeance, fellow countrymen! Hatred eternal for the despots of South America... Chile is to be a mere colony of Buenos Aires, as she once was a colony of Spain... From the Argentine they send governors for your provinces, magistrates for your towns, generals and armies for you frontiers Jose Miguel Carrera
Aristocracy is naturally abhorrent to me, and adored equality is my idol. Bernardo O'Higgins
A British nobleman is a free man, and therefore has a right to adopt any country which is endeavoring to reestablish the rights of aggrieved humanity Thomas Cochrane
The liberals of the world are brothers, everywhere Jose de San Martin
My chief weapon is public opinion: The Spaniards, incapable of directing it, have prohibited its use; but now they are experiencing its force and importance. Jose de San Martin
You know that independence is purchased at the point of the bayonet. Know also that liberty is founded on good faith, and on the laws of honor, and that those who infringe upon these, are your only enemies, amongst whom you will never find Lord Cochrane Thomas Cochrane
The present national situation is such that the man who becomes its leader has no alternative to a complete dependence on one single faction, save the complete renunciation of authority, The last is what I choose Jose de San Martin
A man of extreme fickleness of principle and full of childish vanity Jose de San Martin
Now I am a private citizen, During the time of my government I have wielded almost absolute powers. I ask you to believe me that whatever wrongs I may have done have been the result of difficult conditions in which it was my lot to govern, and not the fruit of evil passions. I am ready to answer any accusations you wish to make against me. And if the wrongs I have done can be purged by my blood, then take of me the vengeance you will. Here is my breast! Bernardo O'Higgins
My experience and what scant understanding of politics I possess have convinced me that our peoples will only find well-being under compulsion; but my repugnance for compulsion is so great that I am loath to employ it even to achieve their well-being. Bernardo O'Higgins
We decided to act carefully, concealing our aims, because if the movement were frankly revolutionary it would not be supported by the general mass of people... Since the natives are indifferent to the word liberty it is necessary to make them believe that the rising is undertaken simply to favor King Ferdinand. Ignacio Allende
Do you not realize that this war is waged against the Spanish alone, and that it would therefore be a war without enemies and would be all over in a day if you did not help them to fight? Do not let yourselves be deceived, Americans, or allow them... to make you believe that we are God’s enemies and want to overthrow His holy religion... Open you eyes; remember that the Europeans are trying to set Creole against Creole while they themselves look on from a safe distance. If things turn out favorably they will take the credit for having conquered us, and will mock and despise whatever is Creole... Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla
Mexicans, I dies with honour, and not as a traitor. That stain I will not bequeath to my children and their posterity; I am not a traitor, no. Agustin I; Agustin de Iturbide
I say to that bloodthirsty mob that I, as Prince Regent of Brazil and its Perpetual Defender, mean to declare null and void all the decrees of those stinking and pestiferous Machiavellian troublemakers and that those decrees will not be carried out... If this frank declaration should irritate those Lusitanian-Spaniards, let them send an army against us, and we will show them what Brazilian valor is. Pedro I
By the blood that flows in my veins and upon my honor, I swear to God to free Brazil! Pedro I
Arise, ye noble citizens, cast out all fear for good or ill, for our brave breasts and arms, shall be the walls that guard Brazil. Pedro I
The war in the Pacific having been happily terminated by the total destruction of the Spanish naval force, I am, of course, free for the crusade of liberty in any other quarter of the globe. Thomas Cochrane
a government which goes counter to the will of the nation must be overthrown at once... It is dangerous to drive the people to despair and force them to demand by violence that which they as yet seek only by constitutional means. Tamoyo
Brazil has cast a firebrand into Europe Karl Nesselrode
Those strutting, heroic figures who destroyed Spanish rule were, it seemed, unable themselves to rule for any significant period of time, or to build lasting institutions. Worse, the cult of personality that grew up around them served as a precedent for the two most serious evils that were to afflict Latin America until well into the late twentieth century – popular dictatorship and caudillismo, military rule – which alternated in many countries, and even sometimes merged, with doubly tragic results. Latin America’s underdevelopment since independence, particularly as compared with the United States, has been largely ascribed to such misgovernment. Robert Lambart Harvey
The Americans, in the Spanish system now in place, perhaps more so than ever before, have no other place in society than that of simple consumers; even in this they are burdened with shocking restrictions, such as a ban on the cultivation of European fruit, with control of these products monopolised by the king, a prohibition on factories which not even the peninsula possesses, exclusive commercial privileges even over basic needs, and customs bans between American provinces so that they cannot trade, understand each other or negotiate Simon Bolivar
Retaliation is sometimes mercy, mercy to both parties Henry Clay
Yesterday afternoon 247 Spanish and Canary Island prisoners were decapitated. Today all the Spaniards and Canary Islanders who were sick in the hospital were decapitated, constituting the last of all those included in the order of Your Excellency. Palacio
My mind revolts and my soul cannot support the weight of so much evil: theft, rape, pillage, deaths, and murders, fires and devastation; the virgin violated, the cry of the widow and the orphan; the father armed against his son and each one looking for his brother to kill him; of those who have migrated; of the thousands who have fled; of the bodies stretched out in the public streets; of the bones which cover the fields and of so much blood shed on Venezuela’s soil. Narciso Coll y Pratt
A perfect match ….100% certainty … 100% reliable FBI
If we do not want third parties to take the action against wrongdoing regimes in our hemisphere, then sooner or later we must keep order ourselves. Theodore Roosevelt
Nature, they call you a mother; they ought to call you a cruel stepmother. Emilia Pardo Bazan
The best hope to smash Fascism in the world. Frida Kahlo
The Arab world is not in a compromising mood. It's likely that your plan is rational and logical, but the fate of nations is not decided by rational logic. Nations never concede; they fight. You won't get anything by peaceful means or compromise. You can, perhaps, get something, but only by the force of your arms. We shall try to defeat you. I am not sure we'll succeed, but we'll try. We were able to drive out the Crusaders, but on the other hand we lost Spain and Persia. It may be that we shall lose Palestine. But it's too late to talk of peaceful solutions. Abdullah Yusuf Azzam
The ability of women is not known because they are relegated to the business of procreation, child-rearing, and breast feeding. Abu'l Walid Muhammad Ibn Rushd Al-Qurtubi; Averroes
It is in the nature of man to like what he is familiar with and in what he has been brought up, and that he fears anything alien. The plurality of religions and their mutual intolerance result from the fact that people remain faithful to the education they receive. Moses Maimonides; Rambam
Philosophers are best able to understand properly the allegorical passages of the Koran on the basis of their logical training. There is no religious stipulation that all such passages have to be interpreted literally. Averroes; Abu'l Walid Muhammad Ibn Rushd Al-Qurtubi
If you look into the traditional arguments – Hadith -- about this problem, you will find them contradictory ….. There are many verses of The Koran, which by their universal nature teach that all the things are predestined and that man is compelled to do his acts; then there are verses which say that man is free in his acts and not compelled in performing them. Averroes; Abu'l Walid Muhammad Ibn Rushd Al-Qurtubi
He who departs from consensus is not an infidel. Averroes; Abu'l Walid Muhammad Ibn Rushd Al-Qurtubi
Having received information that in another part of the United States a great number of private individuals were combining together, arming and organizing themselves contrary to law, to carry on a military expedition against the territories of Spain, I thought it necessary, by proclamation as well as by special orders, to take measures for preventing and suppressing this enterprise, for seizing the vessels, arms, and other means provided for it, and for arresting and bringing to justice its authors and abettors. It was due to that good faith which ought ever to be the rule of action in public as well as in private transactions, it was due to good order and regular government, that while the public force was acting strictly on defensive and merely to protect our citizens from aggression the criminal attempts of private individuals to decide for their country the question of peace or war by commencing active and unauthorized hostilities should be promptly and efficaciously suppressed. Thomas Jefferson
The people of the Island of Cuba are, and of right ought to be, free and independent… it is the duty of the United States to demand, and the Government of the United States does hereby demand, that the Government of Spain at once relinquish its authority and government in the Island of Cuba and withdraw its land and naval forces from Cuba and Cuban waters. United States Congress
He who knows nothing, doubts nothing. Brazilian Proverb
When Christopher Columbus went to America, in what language did he speak with the Indians? It is said that the language they spoke with the Indians – and I have indisputable documentation of this at home... The intellectuals among the Indians spoke Arabic. He took two Arabs with him, to serve as interpreters between the Spaniards and the Indians. He took two of them as translators. So you can imagine the historic and cultural value of Arabic. It's undoubtedly very important. Abd Al-Karim Fadhlallah
If you do not accept the yoke of the Church and the King of Spain, I will make war on you everywhere in every way that I can. The death and destruction will be your fault. Francisco Pizarro
16,000,000 Americans either defend their rights or suffer repression at the hands of Spain, which, although once the world's greatest empire, is now too weak, with what little is left her, to rule the new hemisphere or even to maintain herself in the old. And shall Europe, the civilized, the merchant, the lover of liberty allow an aged serpent, bent only on satisfying its venomous rage, devour the fairest part of our globe? What! Is Europe deaf to the clamor of her own interests? Has she no eyes to see justice? Simon Bolivar
The hatred that the Peninsula has inspired in us is greater than the ocean between us. It would be easier to have the two continents meet than to reconcile the spirits of the two countries. The habit of obedience; a community of interest, of understanding, of religion; mutual goodwill; a tender regard for the birthplace and good name of our forefathers; in short, all that gave rise to our hopes, came to us from Spain Simon Bolivar
Success will crown our efforts, because the destiny of America has been irrevocably decided; the tie that bound her to Spain has been severed. Simon Bolivar
He that is won with a nut, may be lost with an apple. Galician Proverb
The collective operates a barber shop, giving free haircuts and (if desired) free shaves twice weekly. Money is abolished and has been replaced by vouchers. Food, meat, and all other provisions are distributed in quantity when plentiful or equitably rationed when in short supply. The collective allows 5 liters of wine per person weekly. Medical care and medicines are free. Even postage stamps are free. There is no rent. Housing, building repairs, water, gas, electricity -- all are supplied gratis, not only to the collectivists but also to the “individualists.” The village generates its own power from a waterfall. There is no scarcity of clothing. By arrangement with a Barcelona textile plant, oil is exchanged for cloth, dresses, etc. Garments are distributed in rotation to 40 persons daily. Augustin Souchy
To arrest a journalist for performing his duty is a confiscation of the freedom of expression guaranteed by all international pacts Syrian Union of Journalists
Fire—without hatred. Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera
Never advise anyone to go to war or to marry. Anonymous
Whoever gossips to you will gossip about you. Anonymous
Father of the Spanish Republic Anonymous
Pasionaria Anonymous
Radio General Anonymous
Spain! United! Great! Free! Anonymous
The world is held up by four pillars: The Wisdom of the Learned; the Justice of the Great; the Prayers of The Righteous; and the Valor of the Brave Anonymous
Church, State, and Nobility exhaust the People to such a degree, I have no Idea of the Possibility of deeper Wretchedness. John Adams
Had I been present at the Creation, I would have given some useful hints for a better ordering of the universe. Alfonso X
I am king of three religions. Alfonso X
Like the tailor who uses his needle to sew together pieces of cloth, so I use my sword to unite my divided provinces. Al-Hakam I
Muhammad is the messenger of God. He sent him with guidance and the true religion to reveal it to all religions even if the polytheists abhor it. Al-Hakam I
Fifty-four Forty or Fight! William Allan
If I have to chose, I would rather tend camels for the Almoravids than pasture swine under the Christians. Al-Mutamid
They give war to me that I do not want. Al-Mutamid
All the convents in Madrid are not worth the life of a single Republican. Manuel Azana
… not of a self-governing race…. Savage blood, Oriental blood, Malay blood, Spanish example—are these the elements of self government? Albert J. Beveridge
Look not to the size of cathedrals or even to the words on the statute books for proof of the reality of religious freedom. Ask what is the fate of the Protestant in Spain, the Jew in Saudi Arabia, the Arab in Israel, the Catholic in Poland or the atheist in the United States? Paul Blanshard
Christians … had come through razing the towns and carrying off half the men and all the women and boys. Alvar N. C. de Vaca
Wherever I went the Indians treated me honorably and gave me food … Alvar N. C. de Vaca
[Spaniards] made bets as to who would slit a man in two, or cut off his head at one blow; or they opened up his bowels. They tore the babies from their mother’s breast by their feet, and dashed their heads against the rocks … They spitted the bodies of other babes, together with their mothers and all who were before them, on their swords. They hanged Indians by thirteens, in honor and reverence for our Redeemer and the Twelve Apostles …. They burned the Indians alive …. All this did my own eyes witness. Bartolome de las Casas
The reason the Christians have murdered on such a vast scale and killed anyone and everyone in their way is purely and simply greed... Bartolome de las Casas
Let none presume to tell me that the pen is preferable to the sword. Miguel de Cervantes
There are only two families in the whole world, my old grandmother used to say, The Haves and the Have-Nots. Miguel de Cervantes
The belly carries the legs, and not the legs the belly. Miguel de Cervantes
For four hundred years the foreign policy of England has to oppose the strongest, most aggressive, most dominating Power on the Continent … Winston Churchill
The glorious spectacle of eighteen millions of people, struggling to burst their chains and be free. Henry Clay
For the good of the souls of said cannibals … the greater the number sent over to Spain the better … They [the Caribe Indians] are a wild people, fit for any work, well proportioned and very intelligent, and who … will be better than any other kind of slaves. Christopher Columbus
Your Highness ought not to consent that any foreigner does business or sets foot here [the New World] except Christian Catholics. Christopher Columbus
I ought to be judged as a captain who set out from Spain to the Indies to conquer many warlike peoples of very contrary creed and customs, where by divine will, I have placed under the sovereignty of the King and Queen, Our Lords, another world, by which Spain, which was once called poor, is now the most rich. Christopher Columbus
There is plenty of time to win this game, and to thrash the Spaniards. Francis Drake
That which violence wins for us today, another act of violence may wrest from us tomorrow. Francisco Ferrer
Don’t give explanations to those who haven’t asked for them. And although they are asked for, it is folly to give them too eagerly. To offer excuses before they are called for is to incriminate yourself, and to bleed yourself when you are healthy is to attract malady and malice. Excusing yourself before hand awakens suspicions that were fast asleep. The prudent person should never blink before the suspicion of others: that would be looking for offense. He should try to dissimulate with a firm, righteous manner. Baltasar Gracian
Country, Religion, Family! Francisco Franco
I am appointed by God to save my country. Francisco Franco
We are for liberty, but liberty with order, the kind of liberty which will not threaten the basic principles of our nation, nor threaten its faith and unity. Francisco Franco
Strikes are a crime ... the law of jungles and primitive societies. Francisco Franco
We are against political parties and we have none. Francisco Franco
You have placed fame in my hands and I assure you my hands will not tremble. Francisco Franco
In general our officers are humane. But in some cases they have carried on your warfare with a mixture of American ingenuity and Castilian cruelty. George Frisbie Hoar
... proceed northward by interior channels, devastating, laying waste, sacking and burning whatever settlements, plantations and towns there may be ... and ... taking possession of the entire country, for ... these parts hold no hostile troops able to resist those under your command. Jaun Francisco Guemez de Horcasitas
They shall not pass Dolores Ibarruri
Let it be signified to me through any channel ... that the possession of Florida is desirable to the United States, and in sixty days it will be accomplished. [It was.] Andrew Jackson
These claims [to then Spanish Florida] will be a subject of negotiation with Spain, and if, as soon as she is at war, we push them strongly with one hand, holding our a price in the other, we shall certainly obtain the Floridas, and all in good time. Thomas Jefferson
A truth does not become greater through repetition. Rambam; Moses Maimonides
Getting involved in politics was a quest for freedom. Rafael Mazarrasa
The superiority of the Arab civilization, especially in Spain and Sicily, was the chief agency which awakened Europe after six centuries of barbarism. Joseph McCabe
This is a brilliant military victory that makes Europe and the Christian world tremble. It sets an example and encourages all the oppressed people in the Moslem world. Messali Hadj, , Ahmed
Your ruler, the lord of men implores you. We are not equal to the Spaniards. Abandon the battle. Mochtezuma II; Montezuma II
They are God’s people, these innocents, whom you destroyed. By what right do you make them die? …. By what right to you unleash enslaving wars upon them? They lived in peace in this land before you came, in peace in their own homes. They did nothing to cause you to slaughter them wholesale …. Are you out of your souls, out of your minds? Anton Montecino
When you turn and proceed against the Spanish infidels with whom you are ever in conflict and strife, with the help of God you will be victorious. Do not refrain from making those who come into your hands food for the sword and targets for the arrow …. We on our side will not be idle; we will at the right time take the necessary measures and harass the Spanish infidels, and we will in any case give you help and assistance. Let it be noted. Murad III
A safe word whispered by a crawling confessor, an attack of nerves on a cloudy day, the appearance of a well-made soldier at the levee, have often sufficed to make and break administrations. Anonymous
military family Anonymous
It is far better to preserve by war for God and the king a kingdom that is impoverished and even ruined than … preserve it entire for the benefit of the devil and the heretics, his disciples Alba, Fernando Alvarez de Toledo, Third Duke of
Kings treat men like oranges. They go for the juice, and once they have sucked them dry, they throw them aside. Alba, Fernando Alvarez de Toledo, Third Duke of
We, of our own accord, not at your instance nor the request of anyone else in your regard, but out of our own sole largess and certain knowledge and out of the fullness of our apostolic power, by the authority of Almighty God conferred upon us in blessed Peter and of the vicarship of Jesus Christ, which we hold on earth, do by tenor of these presents, should any of said islands have been found by your envoys and captains, give, grant, and assign to you and your heirs and successors, kings of Castile and Leon, forever, together with all their dominions, cities, camps, places, and villages, and all rights, jurisdictions, and appurtenances, all islands and mainlands found and to be found, discovered and to be discovered towards the west and the south, by drawing and establishing a line from the Arctic pole, namely the north, to the Antarctic pole Alexander VI
We have indeed learned that you, who for a long time had intended to seek out and discover certain islands and mainlands remote and unknown and not hitherto discovered by others, to the end that you might bring to the worship of our Redeemer and the profession of the Catholic faith their residents and inhabitants... Alexander VI
I had the impression of calling on an old friend and finding him dead. Alfonso X
Butcher Weyler Anonymous
lock the sepulchre of El Cid Anonymous
Paquita Anonymous
The Constitution was made entirely for the people, but they hated it. Anonymous
The Generation of ‘98 Anonymous
The Marseillaise Anonymous
The Monster Anonymous
The queen has plenty of faithful subjects who can replace Francisco in case of need. Anonymous
Tragic Week Anonymous
To offer change to a Spaniard was like offering a drink to a confirmed alcoholic. Carrero Blanco
My position is unique in history. I have not a single supporter here. Joseph Bonaparte; Jose I
It was in Spain that men learned that we can be right and yet be beaten, that force can vanquish spirit, that there are times when courage is not its own reward. It is this, doubtless, which explains why so many men, the world over, regarded the Spanish drama as a personal tragedy. Albert Camus
The Society of the Exterminating Angel Carlists
My subjects are like children they cry when they are washed. Charles II of Spain
I will not tolerate your menopausic outbursts. Santiago Casares Quiroga
The constitution should be formed on principles as liberal as the condition of the country will allow. Antonio Canovas del Castillo
Always endeavor to attain what is honorable and important but if you have made a mistake defend it and don’t correct it Guillen de Castro y Bellvis
If God had wanted these two rivers to be navigable, he could have effected it simply by a fiat, and it would be an infringement of the rights of providence to improve that which, for reasons not to be understood, it had wished to remain imperfect. Catholic Church
On that day the insolent pride of the Ottomans was broken forever. It was the greatest occasion the centuries had ever seen. Miguel de Cervantes
How could I possibly have hoped to unite all my dominions when I cannot make these clocks strike the hour together? Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor
These cannon are my authority. Francisco Ximenez de Cisneros
In Spain the king rules, but in the Sierra I do. Hinojosa Cobacho; El Tempranillo
iron surgeon Joaquin Costa
I have made you a count and a duke, but I could not make you a gentleman. Maria Cristina
A fellow who squats down on his knees to clean your boots at a café or in the street is bound to be a communist, so why not shoot him right away and be done with it. There is no need for a trial. His guilt is self evident. Gonzalo de Aguilera
The masses in this country [Spain] are not like your Americans, nor even like the British. They are slave stock. They are good for nothing but slaves and only when they are used as slaves are they happy. Gonzalo de Aguilera
Resolved, that the Democratic party are in favor of the acquisition of the Island of Cuba on such terms as shall be honorable to ourselves and just to Spain. Democratic Party
Harmony? No! Class war! Hatred to the death for the criminal bourgeoisie! El Socialista
The Spanish do not like me, but I fully detest them also. Elizabeth Farnese
I inherited it, I bought it, I conquered it. It’s mine. Felipe II; Philip II
for such is my will Felipe V; Philip V
thorns in the feet Felipe V; Philip V
Therefore, we request that you understand this text, deliberate on its contents within a reasonable time, and recognize the Church and its highest priest, the Pope, as rulers of the universe, and in their name the King and Queen of Spain as rulers of this land, allowing the religious fathers to preach our holy Faith to you. You owe compliance as a duty to the King and we in his name will receive you with love and charity, respecting your freedom and that of your wives and sons and your rights of possession and we shall not compel you to baptism unless you, informed of the Truth, wish to convert to our holy Catholic Faith as almost all your neighbors have done in other islands, in exchange for which Their Highnesses bestow many privileges and exemptions upon you. Should you fail to comply, or delay maliciously in so doing, we assure you that with the help of God we shall use force against you, declaring war upon you from all sides and with all possible means, and we shall bind you to the yoke of the Church and of Their Highnesses; we shall enslave your persons, wives and sons, sell you or dispose of you as the King sees fit; we shall seize your possessions and harm you as much as we can as disobedient and resisting vassals. And we declare you guilty of resulting deaths and injuries, exempting Their Highnesses of such guilt as well as ourselves and the gentlemen who accompany us. Ferdinand V
Spain is a bottle of beer and I am the cork. When that comes out, all the liquid inside will escape, God knows in what direction. Fernando VII; Ferdinand VII
At last I have won the Spanish war. Francisco Franco
For the good of Spain, I should like there to be rather fewer rich people and rather fewer poor. Francisco Franco
In Spain you are a Catholic or you are nothing. Francisco Franco
Jakim Boor Francisco Franco
One Fatherland. One State. One Caudillo [Supreme Leader]! Francisco Franco
The struggle between good and evil never ends no matter how great the victory. Anti-Spain was routed, but it is not dead. Francisco Franco
What the German nation has already achieved in its struggle for liberation constitutes a model which we shall always keep before us. Francisco Franco
I will always be on the side of those who have nothing. Federico Garcia Lorca
Everybody created his own justice and administered it for himself…. It was justice administered directly by the people in the complete absence of regular judicial bodies. Juan Garcia Oliver
A country can live under a monarchy or a republic, with a parliamentary or a presidential system, under communism or fascism. But it cannot live in anarchy. Jose Maria Gil Robles
Democracy is not an end but the means to the conquest of the new state. When the time comes, either Parliament submits or we will eliminate Parliament. Jose Maria Gil Robles
In the political panorama I can see only the formation of Marxist and anti-Marxist groups. Jose Maria Gil Robles
We must reconquer Spain … We must give Spain a new unity, a new spirit, a totalitarian polity. … It is necessary to defeat socialism inexorably. We must found a new state, purge the fatherland of judaising Freemasons. … What does it matter if we have to shed blood! … We need full power, and that is what we demand Jose Maria Gil Robles
When the social order is threatened, Catholics should unite to defend it and safeguard the principles of Christianity. Jose Maria Gil Robles
If French women had not shown their thighs in the vaudeville and swimming pools of Paris, where out Republicans were educated, if there had not been so much tennis played by the American women who have filled our cinema screens for years, if Nordic women had not thrown themselves into the cult of the sun, perhaps our horrible Spanish Civil War would not have broken out. Ernesto Giminez Caballero
Either you were opposed to the growth of Fascism and went out to fight against it, or you acquiesced in its crimes and permitted its growth. Jason Gurney
Weyler the brute, the devastator of haciendas, the destroyer of families, and the outrage of women. William Randolph Hearst
Build us a fort for the securing our old men, women and children when we turn out to fight the Enemy on their coming Heygler
Henceforth no money coined shall be stamped with the name, title, or arms of the King of Spain in any of these United Provinces, but that all new gold and silver pieces, with their halfs and quarters, shall only bear such impressions as the states shall direct. Holland
So, having no hope of reconciliation, and finding no other remedy, we have, agreeable to the law of nature in our own defense, and for maintaining the rights, privileges, and liberties of our countrymen, wives, and children, and latest posterity from being enslaved by the Spaniards, been constrained to renounce allegiance to the King of Spain, and pursue such methods as appear to us most likely to secure our ancient liberties and privileges. Know all men by these presents that being reduced to the last extremity, as above mentioned, we have unanimously and deliberately declared, and do by these presents declare, that the King of Spain has forfeited, ipso jure, all hereditary right to the sovereignty of those countries Holland
… hundreds of gentlemen standing there with no other occupation than shaking the dust from their cigars. Henry Inglis
Dress does not give knowledge. Tomas de Iriarte
The foolish and vulgar are always accustomed to value equally the good and the bad. Tomas de Iriarte
It is but just and reasonable, that since you expose yourself to such danger to serve us, you should be rewarded for it. And we being willing to honor and favor you for the reasons aforesaid; Our will is, That you, Christopher Columbus, after discovering and conquering the said Islands and Continent in the said ocean, or any of them, shall be our Admiral of the said Islands and Continent you shall so discover and conquer; and that you be our Admiral, Vice-Roy, and Governor in them ... Isabella I; Ferdinand V
Isabel and Ferdinand. He counts for as much as she does; he counts for as much as she does. Isabella I; Ferdinand V
It takes a little blood to let the learning in. Jesuit saying
Get out! You will have to learn Mr. Ambassador that although we Spaniards are very poor and need help from abroad very much, we are much too proud to let a foreign ambassador impose his will on the head of the government of Spain. Francisco Largos Caballero
Young barbarians of today, enter and sack the decadent civilization of this unhappy country; destroy its temples; finish off its gods; tear the veil from its [religious] novices and raise them up to be mothers to propagate the species. Alejandro Lerroux
I am the prince of those who follow the religion of Jesus Christ, as you are of those who obey the laws of Muhammad. Your power inspires me with no fear. How should it? I who make the Muslims in Spain tremble! Louis IX; Louis Capet
You have but one method to avoid the tempest that threatens you. Receive priests, who will teach you the Christian religion, embrace it, and adore the Cross; otherwise I will pursue you everywhere, and God shall decide whether you or I be master of Egypt. Louis IX; Louis Capet
Let us sell merchandise to the Spanish and obtain from them gold and silver. Louis XIV
Wretched Castile, yesterday the ruler wrapped in rags and scorning all it does not know. Antonio Machado
Death to intellectuals! Jose Millan Astray
How can you expect us to exchange a Spanish gentlemen for a red dog? Emilio Mola
You are all in mortal sin, and live and die in it, because of the cruelty and tyranny you practice among these innocent peoples., Tell me, by what right or justice do you hold these Indians in such a cruel and horrible servitude? On what authority have you waged such detestable wars against these peoples, who dwelt quietly and peacefully on their own land? Wars in which you have destroyed such infinite numbers of them by homicides and slaughters never before heard of? Why do you keep them so oppressed and exhausted, without giving them enough to eat or curing them of the sicknesses they incur from the excessive labor you give them, and they die, or rather, you kill them, in order to extract and acquire gold every day? … Are these not men? Do they not have rational souls? Are you not bound to love them as you love yourselves? Don’t you understand this? Don’t you feel this? Why are you sleeping in such a profound lethargic slumber? Antonio de Montesinos
The mints of Grenada no longer coin gold, but steel. Mulay Hassan
Spaniards, after a long agony your nation is perishing. I have seen your ills and I shall remedy them. Napoleon Bonaparte
Gentlemen, by royal order you have all been relieved of your functions. Ramon Maria Narvaez
I have no enemies, father. I have had them all shot. Ramon Maria Narvaez
Let us pray that the destruction of civilization may be averted, that Christ may live and reign, and that Communism and the power of Satan on Earth be brought to naught. Eoin O'Duffy
As a Catholic priest, I state that no worse outrage could be inflicted on religion than the Te Deum to be sung to the glory of [Spanish Dictator] Franco in the church at Guernica … Alberto Onaindia
In Spain, there is a good deal to see but not much to eat. Jose Ortega y Gasset
Spain today, rather than a nation, is a cloud of dust remaining after a great people have galloped down the highway of history. Jose Ortega y Gasset
I recognized it immediately as a state of affairs worth fighting for. George Orwell Blair
The question is very simple. Shall the common man be pushed back in the mud, or shall he not? That was the real issue of the Spanish war. George Orwell
There are but two families in the world … The haves and the have-nots. Panza Sancho
I would rather reign in a desert than over a country peopled with heretics. Philip II; Felipe II
If my son were to oppose the Catholic Church, I myself would carry the faggots to burn him. Philip II
Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth. Pablo Picasso
… the most barbarous stroke in human annals. Armand Jean du Plessis; Cardinal Richelieu
The Spanish Lenin Pravda
… like looking for an atheist in heaven Juan Prim
If it was not easy to make a king, it will be even more difficult to make a republic in a country where there are no republicans. Juan Prim
Our valiant legionnaires and Regulares have shown what it is to be a man to the reds and their women who have finally known real men and not militiamen. Gonzalo Queipo de Llano
Tonight everyone may smoke. Miguel Primo de Rivera y Orbaneja
The Maine was sunk by an act of dirty treachery on the part of Spain. Theodore Roosevelt
Other nations struggle to gain more territory, more food, more petroleum. Spain has battled and will continue to do battle so that there are more Catholics and honourable men in the world. Spain
Spain is a republic of workers of all classes. Spain
peace and harmony Spanish clerical newspaper
Act of Faith Spanish Inquisition
A Bourbon never learns anything, and never forgets anything. Spanish Proverb
Everyone in Spain follows the church: half with a candle, the other half with a club. Spanish saying
The Jesuits do not educate, they domesticate. Spanish saying
Brothers in Islam! We now have the enemy in front of us and the deep sea behind us. We cannot return to our homes, because we have burnt our boats. We shall now either defeat the enemy and win or die a coward's death by drowning in the sea. Who will follow me? Tariq ibn Ziyad
You must know that the Grecian maidens, as beautiful as houris, their necks glimmering with innumerable pearls, their bodies clothed with tunics of costly silks and sprinkled with gold, are awaiting your arrival, reclining on soft couches in the sumptuous palaces of crowned lords and princes. Tariq ibn Ziyad
Here in Spain we are all Catholics, even the atheists. Miguel de Unamuno
The two dictator states [Italy and Germany] are creating a third ; and by recognizing General Franco’s government, they have committed themselves irretrievably to making a success of his venture, thus limiting niceties as to means. Robert Gilbert Vansittart
The vanquishment of the heathen consists in obliging them to destroy one another. Bernardo de Galvez y Madrid
Spaniards planted slave States in America; England planted not only slave States, but free ones. Spain planted twice as many as England, and cultivated them with more assiduous and maternal care. The Anglo-American free States are all of them strong and vigorous, and already over-shadow the Continent. Europe regards them with respect and admiration. There is not one Spanish American State that is truly self-subsisting and independent. William H. Seward
How shall I render my vows and my bonds, while yet Zion lieth beneath the fetter of Edom, and I in Arab chains? A light thing would it seem to me to leave all the good things of Spain -- Yehuda Halevi
Unequal wealth distribution is a risk factor for inequality that must be attacked by policies. Pedro Solbes
True science teaches, above all, to doubt Miguel de Unamuno
No one has ever succeeded in keeping nations at war except by lies. Salvador de Madariaga y Rojo
Our men . . . have killed to exterminate men, women, children, prisoners and captives, active insurgents and suspected people from lads of 10 up.... Our soldiers have pumped salt water into men to "make them talk," and have taken prisoners people who held up their hands and peacefully surrendered, and an hour later. . . stood them on a bridge and shot them down one by one, to drop into the water below and float down, as examples to those who found their bullet-loaded corpses Philadelphia Ledger
The richness and abundance of this great capital and its district is such as is indeed a wonder to behold: and it is for this reason that it bears the name of Samarkand: for this name would he more exactly written Semiz-kent, two words which signify ‘Rich-Town’. Roy Gonzalez De Clavijo
The Bewitched El Hechizado Anonymous
No person…, being a candidate or standing for election to any magistracy … in order to seek such magistracy, or during the year in which he is a candidate, or stands for or intends to stand for such magistracy with malice aforethought shall provide entertainments, or invite any person to dinner, or hold or provide a banquet, or with malice aforethought cause another person to hold a banquet or invite any person to dinner with a view to his candidature, but, nevertheless, the said candidate himself, who is seeking a magistracy, may invite, if he so desires, without malicious intent, during the said year daily any persons not exceeding nine. No candidate seeking office shall, with malice aforethought, give or make largess of any gift or present or any other thing with a view to his candidature. Nor any person, with a view to the candidature of another, shall provide entertainments, or invite any person to dinner, or hold a banquet, or, with malice aforethought, give or make largess of any gift or present or any other thing… Marc Antony
No colonist shall organize any assemblage or meeting or conspiracy in the said colony Marc Antony
Each duumvir shall have the right and the power to employ two lictors, an aide, two clerks, two summoners, a copyist, a crier, a soothsayer, and a flutist Marc Antony
Those countries cannot be in better hands, my fear is that the Spaniards are too feeble to hold them till our population can be sufficiently advanced to gain it from them piece by piece. Thomas Jefferson
These natives prefer the name of Americans to that of Creoles, since the peace of Versailles, and particularly since 1789, one often hears them say with pride: “I am not a Spaniard, I am an American.” Alexander von Humboldt
Long live Religion, Long Live our Most Holy Mother of Guadalupe. Long Live Ferdinand VII. Long Live America and death to bad government. Miguel Hidalgo
In the American provinces formerly subject to the Spanish Empire a brilliant scene is opened at present, the valor, the resolution of the heroes, the enthusiasm of the ancient and modern republicans have been displayed gloriously for the cause of national liberty. The sword of expiring tyranny has immolated in some places many victims; but from their blood new heroes have arisen. Bernardo Monteagudo
God forbid that these beautiful countries become, as did St. Domingue, a theatre of blood and of crime under the pretext of establishing liberty, let them rather remain if necessary one century more under the barbarous and imbecile oppression of Spain. Francisco de Miranda
As this war has for its first and chief aim to destroy in Venezuela the accursed race of European Spaniards, they must be debarred from joining the revolutionary forces, however patriotic and sound they may seem, since not a single one must remain alive. Simon Bolivar
Our hatred shall be implacable and the war shall be to the death. Simon Bolivar
Columbians prefer to descend to the eternal abysses rather than be Spaniards. Simon Bolivar
Instead of contributing to the restoration of liberty they enlist of their own free will under the flag of the Spanish tyrants and most actively co-operate to our destruction Simon Bolivar
Thou shalt be king so long as thou dost do right; but if thou do not do right, thou shalt no longer be king. Visigoths
Let no one think that he can do what is unlawful because he was ignorant of the provisions of the laws, and what is sanctioned by them; for ignorance does not render him innocent, whom guilt has subjected to the penalties of the criminal. Visigoths
For the reason that, in former times, the unbridled greed of princes despoiled the people of their possessions, and the wealth of the state was persistently wrung from the misery of its citizens; as have already given laws to the subject, we deem it in accordance with the teachings of the Holy Spirit to place restraints upon the exactions of the prince. Visigoths
He who curses the prince (king), is an offender against the people. Visigoths
We both permit and desire that the laws of foreign nations shall be studied for the sake of the useful knowledge that may be obtained from them, but we reject and prohibit their employment in the business of the courts. Visigoths
If any one should file a complaint against another before a judge, and the latter should refuse to hear him, or deny him the use of his seal, or, under different pretexts, should delay the trial of his cause, not permitting it to be heard, through favor to a client or a friend, and the plaintiff can prove this by witnesses, the judge shall give to him to whom he has refused a hearing, as compensation for his trouble, a sum equal to that which the plaintiff would have received from his adversary by due course of law Visigoths
An Unjust Decree, or an Unjust Interpretation of the Law, Prompted by Fear of the Throne, or Made by Order of the King, shall be Invalid. Visigoths
Every judge is hereby admonished that if a demand is made upon him by any one, he shall give the reasons, in their proper order, for the decision he has made Visigoths
If any person should instigate others to plunder, and, in consequence, they should destroy anything, or steal any property, or animals; they shall be compelled to restore elevenfold the value of the property so stolen or destroyed, to him who was robbed. Visgoths
Where anyone takes the property of another by force, and is wounded, or killed in the act, he who inflicted the shall incur no legal responsibility for the same. Visgoths
When any legal cause of action arises between foreign merchants, it shall not be heard by any of our judges, but by their own, and it shall be decided according to their own laws Visgoths
Faith should be defended, by legal edicts, from the efforts of all who seek to contradict it, and that whatever ideas have arisen through the influence of error, be removed by legal proceedings; therefore, we decree that no man of whatever race or lineage, either native or foreigner, proselyte or old in faith, visitor or resident, shall openly or silently, impugn the unity of the Catholic faith; or take part in any injurious disputes affecting the truth of said faith; or countenance the same by remaining silent." No one shall attack the decrees of the Gospel, or criticize the institutions of the Church, or call in question the sacred institutions established by the ancient Fathers; no one shall treat with contempt discussions concerning points of doctrine which arise in modern assemblies, no one shall entertain any thoughts against the holy edicts or the true religion, or shall utter any words in depreciation of the same; or perfidiously cause a controversy to arise with an obstinate unbeliever; or engage in a quarrel on account of the contempt of honor exhibited by a listener. Any person who violates any of the provisions aforesaid shall be arrested; and should he be an ecclesiastic, or belong to any religious order, he shall lose his rank and dignity, shall be regarded forever as a criminal; and shall be punished by the loss of all his property. If he should belong to the laity, he shall be deprived of honor and position, and stripped of all his possessions. Every violator of this law shall be condemned to perpetual exile, unless he should be converted from his errors by the interposition of Divine mercy, when he may be suffered to remain and live in accordance with the commands of God. Visgoths
The Jews and the vileness of their horrible belief, which is more foul than any other detestable error, must be destroyed and cast out. …. No Jew shall celebrate the Passover …. No Jew shall flee to avoid being received into the Church, or conceal himself for such a purpose, after having taken to flight. No Jew shall entertain the hope of resuming his errors, or of performing the ceremonies of his infamous belief. No Jew shall entertain in his heart any perfidy against the Christian religion, and in favor of his own sect, or exhibit such perfidy by word or deed. No Jew shall attempt to infringe, or oppose, any regulations or laws of the Christians which have been published. No one shall venture to conceal a Jew who is aware of the existence of these offences which have been prohibited, or who has committed them. No one shall delay to denounce a fugitive Jew when he is found, or to reveal his hiding place …. no Jew shall make a distinction between food which is clean and unclean, as established by the customs and traditions of his ancient rites. No one shall perversely refuse to eat food of any kind, whose condition is proved to be good. …. it shall not be lawful for any Jew to testify against a Christian in any legal proceeding, or business transaction, even though said Christian should be of the lowest rank or a slave; nor shall a Jew prosecute a Christian, in any action at law; or sue him upon any written contract …. The following law is derived from others of great severity, which have been enacted to punish the perfidy of the Jews; and it is hereby decreed that whoever attempts to commit any of the crimes prohibited by former laws, or contained in any amendments to the same, or presumes to act in defiance of said laws, shall be either stoned to death, or burned …. All Christians are Forbidden to Defend or Protect a Jew, by Either Force or Favor Visigoths
The country itself is the best I have ever seen for producing all the products of Spain... But what I am sure of is that there is not any gold nor any other metal in all that country Francisco Vasquez de Coronado
I have been an anarchist all my life. I hope I have remained one. I should consider it very sad indeed had I to turn to a General and rule men with a military rod.... I believe, as I always have, in freedom. The freedom which rests on the sense of responsibility. I consider discipline indispensable, but it must be inner discipline, motivated by a common purpose and a strong feeling of comradeship Buenaventura Durruti
No government in the world fights Fascism to the death. When the bourgeoisie sees power slipping from its grasp, it has recourse to Fascism to maintain itself. The Liberal Government of Spain could have rendered the Fascist elements powerless long ago. Instead it compromised and dallied. Even now at this moment, there are men in this Government who want to go easy on the rebels. You can never tell, you know, the present Government might yet need these rebellious forces to crush the workers' movement . . . Buenaventura Durruti
To us it means nothing that there is a Soviet Union somewhere in the world, for the sake of whose peace and tranquility the workers of Germany and China were sacrificed to Fascist barbarians by Stalin Buenaventura Durruti
We want revolution here in Spain, right now, not maybe after the next European war. We are giving Hitler and Mussolini far more worry with our revolution than the whole Red Army of Russia. We are setting an example to the German and Italian working class on how to deal with Fascism. Buenaventura Durruti
We can also build. It is we the workers who built these palaces and cities here in Spain and in America and everywhere. We, the workers, can build others to take their place. And better ones! We are not in the least afraid of ruins. We are going to inherit the earth; there is not the slightest doubt about that. Buenaventura Durruti
It is possible that only a hundred of us will survive, but with that hundred we shall enter Saragossa, beat Fascism and proclaim libertarian communism. I will be the first to enter. We shall proclaim the free commune. We shall subordinate ourselves neither to Madrid nor Barcelona, neither to Azana nor Companys.... We shall show you Bolsheviks how to make a revolution. Buenaventura Durruti
Without destruction of the State, there is no revolution. Nosotros Group; Friends of Duruti
The collectivizations and socializations in the economy count for nothing when State power is in the hands of the bourgeoisie Nosotros Group
Holy War for the Preservation of the Faith in Ireland Spain
All other englishe Trades are growen beggerly or daungerous, especially in all the kinge of Spaine his Domynions, where our men are dryven to flinge their Bibles and prayer Bokes into the sea, and to forsweare and renownce their relligion and conscience and consequently theyr obedience to her Majestie [Queen Elizabeth I]. Richard Hakluyt
The Spaniardes have executed most outragious and more then Turkishe cruelties in all the west Indies Richard Hakluyt
Therefore, we request that you understand this text, deliberate on its contents within a reasonable time, and recognize the Church and its highest priest, the Pope, as rulers of the universe, and in their name the King and Queen of Spain as rulers of this land, allowing the religious fathers to preach our holy Faith to you.….Should you fail to comply, or delay maliciously in so doing, we assure you that with the help of God we shall use force against you, declaring war upon you from all sides and with all possible means, and we shall bind you to the yoke of the Church and of Their Highnesses; we shall enslave your persons, wives and sons, sell you or dispose of you as the King sees fit; we shall seize your possessions and harm you as much as we can as disobedient and resisting vassals. Ferdinand of Aragon
I am a Communist. My painting is Communist painting. Pablo Picasso
The treason pleases, but the traitors are odious. Spanish Proverb
In a calm sea every man is a pilot. Spanish Proverb
One lawyer will make work for another. Spanish Proverb
The cow of many, well milked and badly fed. Spanish Proverb
To whom you tell your secrets, to him you resign your liberty Spanish Proverb
Three Spaniards, four opinions. Spanish Proverb
Peace with England, and war with the world Spain
The history of the Roman Empire is also the history of the uprising of the Empire of the Masses, who absorb and annul the directing minorities and put themselves in their place. Jose Ortega y Gasset
They will only kill me, but I will return and it will be in the millions Tupac Katari
Fashion is to France what the Gold Mines of Peru are to Spain. Jean Baptiste Colbert; Marquis de Seignelay
I do not wish to be melodramatic, but at some point I have to say it. If something bad should happen to me, I want you to know that my commitment to what I am doing has been freely contracted, with the joy of knowing that this is precisely what I should be doing at this moment. Fear is constantly present in each one of us, because none of us are movie heroes. But we refuse to accept that fear must condition our actions and prevent us from doing what with a cool head and fervent heart we understand should be done. Antonio Llido Mengual
The Spaniards would have nothing to say to us. They had no thoughts of accepting our proffer of liberty; and we could not oblige them to take it. I reflect that amidst all their alleged grievances, they have great wealth and prosperity, and whatever they suffer, they have in general no pain from the consciousness of oppression. James Biggs
I would like to thank you, dear Fuehrer, once again for the offer of solidarity. I reply with the assurance of my unchangeable and sincere adherence to you personally, to the German people, and to the cause for which you fight. I hope, in defense of this cause, to be able to renew the old bonds of comradeship between our armies. Francisco Franco
On both sides, all should be forever forgotten and forgiven—what has from the beginning of the unrest, no matter how or where, from one side or the other, happened in terms of hostility Holland; Spain
Negotiating with Franco is like having your teeth pulled. Adolf Hitler
The Moors tolerated Christendom when they were ascendant, but the Christian Inquisition harbored no reciprocal emotion. Joseph Wheelan
The FBI made errors in their application of the latent fingerprint methodology that reflected systemic problems with the FBI Laboratory’s operations. Department of Justice
Oh true believers! Fight against the infidels who are near, and be hard on them. Allah has reserved for you in your afterlife a happiness which eye has never seen, ear has never heard, heart has never felt. Make yourselves worthy then of such blessings. Hisham I
The Christians love to read the poems and romances of the Arabs…. Christians have even forgotten their own language. There are a thousand who can express themselves with elegance, and write better poems in Arabic than the Arabs themselves. Alvarus Paulus Cordubensis
The administration of justice was swift and unvexed by nuance. Ahmad Ibn Muhammad Al-Makkari
After searching … high ranks as well as low, the Caliph Hisham has found none more deserving to be his successor or to become the heir to his Caliphate after his death than the trustworthy, honest, and beloved son of Ibn Abi Amir Hisham II
The heads of lords lay strewn about the ground, like figs that sell a thousand for a fils. Fallen princes' bloated corpses lay like full wine-skins or women big in the womb. Slaves lay beside their masters, beggars next to kings, all one in rank, all turned to dung; unburied in the field they lay, they and their king Zuhair. Not one in ten, one in ten thousand survived, like grapes unpicked at harvest's end, and Andalus was rid of Slays, the host of Almeria crushed, her kingdom gone. Samuel ibn Naghrela
Your chief has made a mistake which delights malicious gloaters He has chosen an infidel as his secretary when he could, had he wished, have chosen a Believer. Through him, the Jews have become great and proud and arrogant—they, who were among the most abject And have gained their desires and attained the utmost and this happened suddenly, before they even realized it. And how many a worthy Muslim humbly obeys the vilest ape among these miscreants. Abu Ishaq
It is forbidden to sell to Jews and Christians scientific books .... They have in fact translated scientific books and attributed them to their coreligionists and to their bishops, whereas they are really the work of Muslims! lbn Abdun
A Moslem must not act as masseur to a Jew or Christian; he must not clear their rubbish nor clean their latrines. In fact, the Jew and the Christian are more suited for such work, which are degrading tasks. A Moslem must not act as a guide or stableman for an animal owned by a Jew or Christian; he must not act as their donkey-driver or hold the stirrups for them. lbn Abdun
The Arabs have persecuted us severely, and passed baneful and discriminatory legislation against us… Never did a nation molest, degrade, debase, and hate us as much as they.. Moses Maimonides
This cursed man was a superior man, although God did not inform him of the right religion. Abu Marwán Hayyán Ibn Jalaf Ibn Hayyan al-Qurtubi
They felt resentment over my high rank Resolved to see me overthrown at once For how, they said, can aliens like these Be privileged over Moslem folk And act like kings legitimate? Samuel ibn Naghrela
Stay away from these impure, evil smelling, unclean people upon whom God has inflicted curse and malediction. Abū Muḥammad ʿAlī ibn Aḥmad ibn Saʿīd ibn Ḥazm
Never did I charge into battle with the hope of returning safe. This is the way of my ancestors, The roots beget the stems/ Muhammad Ibn Abbad Al Mutamid
Power won't change me. Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero
The Puritans failed miserably in their dealings with the Indians of New England, with scarcely a glimmer of kindness to illuminate black page after black page of cruelty and humiliation. There were many reasons that the Puritans were so much less successful with the Indians than were the Spaniards or the French or even the Englishmen. The Puritans insisted upon a high standard of religious devotion that the Indians were unable or unwilling to give. The Puritans lacked any way to integrate the Indians into their theocracy... nor were any Puritans specifically assigned to missionary tasks. The heart of the matter, though, is that conversion of the heathen was not one of the compelling motives--or justifications--for the Puritan settling of New England, as it was for the Spaniards in the Southwest. Peter Farb
I am Catalan. Catalonia had the first democratic Parliament much before England. And it was in my country where there was a beginning of united nations. At that time—the eleventh Century—they met in Toulouse—today in France—to speak about peace, because the Catalonian people of that time were already against war. That is why, the United Nations, which work only for the ideal of peace, are in my heart, because everything relating to peace goes directly there. Pablo Casals
Treating women like a burden to the men is one of the reasons for poverty. Averroes; Abu'l Walid Muhammad Ibn Rushd Al-Qurtubi
A totalitarian state will harmonize in Spain the operation of all the capabilities and energy in the country Francisco Franco
Freemasonry, with all its international influence, is the organization principally responsible for the political ruin of Spain Francisco Franco
We do not believe in government through the voting booth. The Spanish national will was never freely expressed through the ballot box. Francisco Franco
I'll continue fighting as long as these social injustices exist. Buenaventura Durruti
Goods which are not shared are not goods. Fernando de Rojas
The use of riches is better than their possession. Fernando de Rojas
The first step towards madness is to think oneself wise. Fernando de Rojas
When one door closes, fortune will usually open another. Fernando de Rojas
Each man is worth more than the whole of humanity, nor will it do to sacrifice each to all save in so far as all sacrifice themselves to each. Miguel de Unamuno
Man is said to be a reasoning animal. I do not know why he has not been defined as an affective or feeling animal. Perhaps that which differentiates him from other animals is feeling rather than reason Miguel de Unamuno
Every peasant has a lawyer inside of him, just as every lawyer, no matter how urbane he may be, carries a peasant within himself. Miguel de Unamuno
Isolation is the worst possible counselor. Miguel de Unamuno
One of those leaders of what they call the social revolution has said that religion is the opiate of the people. Opium...opium...opium, yes. Let us give them opium so that they can sleep and dream. Miguel de Unamuno
Progress usually comes from the barbarian, and there is nothing more stagnant than the philosophy of the philosophers and the theology of the theologians. Miguel de Unamuno
Our life is a hope which is continually converting itself into memory and memory in its turn begets hope. Miguel de Unamuno
I do not have to forgive my enemies, I have had them all shot. Maria Ramon Narvaez
I believe the origins of the Anglo psychopathy began when the English were excluded from the Treaty of Tordesillas, signed June 7, 1494, between Spain and Portugal. The treaty was brokered by the Pope. It was at this time that the Anglo not only rejected the legitimate body of the era, but also the religion that went against them. The Anglo, without respect for authority and religion, and to get back into the colonization game, legalized piracy. They had to operate outside the law to become the law. Over the last 480 years, the Anglo complex of psychopathy has worsened. His conscience tortures him, and his thinking grows demented for having violated his own religion, his own law, and humanity Reies Lopez Tijerina
Never compare one person with another. Teresa of Avila
Always think of yourself as everyone's servant. Teresa of Avila
Never exaggerate, but express your feelings with moderation. Teresa of Avila
Never affirm anything unless you are sure it is true Teresa of Avila
I do not fear Satan half so much as I fear those who do fear him. Teresa of Avila
Greed, Militarism, War - this is fascism! Unite to destroy it! National Confederation of Workers
All the people of the world are in the International Brigades at the side of the Spanish people. Spain Parrilla
Farmer! Yesterday you could only work the land. Today, under the republic you can become an agricultural engineer! Pedrazo Blanco
Four walls are three too many for a prison — you only need one for an execution Juan Domingo de Monteverde y Rivas
The commodities of Europe were almost all new to America, and many of those of America were new to Europe. A new set of exchanges, therefore, began and which should naturally have proved as advantageous to the new, as it certainly did to the old continent. The savage injustice of the Europeans rendered an event, which ought to have been beneficial to all, ruinous and destructive to several of those unfortunate countries. Adam Smith
She certainly is a great queen, and were she only a Catholic she would be our dearly beloved. Just look how well she governs; she is only a woman, only mistress of half an island, and yet she makes herself feared by Spain, by France, by the Empire, by all. Sixtus V
I am no Calvinist, but it seems to me neither right nor worthy of a Christian to seek, for the sake of differences between the doctrine of Calvin and the Confession of Augsburg, to have this land swarming with troops and inundated with blood. William of Orange
I cannot approve of monarchs who want to rule over the conscience of the people, and take away their freedom of choice and religion. William of Orange
In all things there must be order, but it must of such a kind as is possible to see a man burnt for doing as he thought right, harms the people, for this is a matter of conscience. William of Orange
Tell the King, that whole cities are in open revolt against the prosecutions, and that it is impossible to enforce the decrees here. As for myself, I shall continue to hold by the Catholic faith; but I will never give any color to the tyrannical claim of kings to dictate to the consciences of their people, and to prescribe the form of religion that they choose to impose. Call the King’s attention to the corruption that has crept into the administration of justice. Let the Government be reformed, the Privy Council and the Council of Finance, and increase the authority of the Council of State. William of Orange
Sire, have pity on the Spanish infantry, which, for lack of pay and out of sheer starvation, is scouring the low country round, plundering the peasantry in mere need of food. These disorders I cannot repress, much less can I punish them, for necessity has no law. William of Orange
And now the announcement of Watson and Crick about DNA. This is for me the real proof of the existence of God. Salvador Dali
Heroes and scholars represent the opposite extremes... The scholar struggles for the benefit of all humanity, sometimes to reduce physical effort, sometimes to reduce pain, and sometimes to postpone death, or at least render it more bearable. In contrast, the patriot sacrifices a rather substantial part of humanity for the sake of his own prestige. His statue is always erected on a pedestal of ruins and corpses... In contrast, all humanity crowns a scholar, love forms the pedestal of his statues, and his triumphs defy the desecration of time and the judgment of history. Santiago Ramon y Cajal
The Hispanic world did not come to the United States. The United States came to the Hispanic world. It is perhaps an act of poetic justice that now the Hispanic world should return. Carlos Fuentes
It is no wonder that the Spanish dependencies languished, in spite of their infinite potentialities of wealth and prosperity. The narrow and selfish policy of the mother country deprived the colonists of all incentives to exertion; the officials sent from Spain enriched themselves, the tax- gatherers seized all superfluous earnings; there were no accumulation of capital and no advancement. Henry Charles Lea
Spanish colonial policy has been a failure. All the defects of character and administration which produced such disastrous results at home had naturally fuller scope for development in the colonies. The discoveries of Columbus did not open up a new continent to be settled by industrious immigrants coming to found states and develop their resources in peaceful industry. The marvelous exploits of the Conquistadors were performed in the craziest thirst for gold, and those who succeeded them came in the hope of speedy enrichment and return, to accomplish which they exploited to the utmost the unhappy natives, and when these were no longer available replaced them with African slaves. Henry Charles Lea
Corruption in the kingdom is so great that not more than 10 percent of the taxes collected ever reach the treasury. Baltasar Moscoso y Sandoval
The real significance of the [Spanish] Inquisition lay in the isolation to which it condemned the land, and its benumbing influence on the intellectual development of the people…. It [also] obstructed … commercial relations by imposing absurd and costly regulations at the ports to prevent the slightest chance of the introduction of heretical opinions. Henry Charles Lea
[Spanish] unreasoning religious ardor culminated in the Inquisition, established for the purpose of securing the supreme good of unblemished purity and uniformity of belief. Nothing was allowed to stand in the way of this, and no sacrifice was deemed too great for its accomplishment. All officials, from the king downward, were sworn to its support, and the sinister influence which it exercised was proportioned to the enormous power which it wielded. Henry Charles Lea
When I ordered my royal penitent to do or to leave undone anything, under penalty of mortal sin, I was obeyed; Gaspar de Cordoba
The royal confessor was ex officio a member of the Council of State, and under a weak monarch his influence was almost unbounded. Henry Charles Lea
Spanish legislation is full of the sternest laws, enacted in utter disregard of their contingent and ulterior consequences provided the immediate object in view can be effected. Henry Charles Lea
Labor, in fact, to Spanish pride, was the badge of inferiority, to be escaped in every possible way. It is the general complaint of the publicists of the seventeenth century that every one sought to gain a livelihood in the public service or in the Church, and no one to earn it by honest work. Henry Charles Lea
Clericalism contributed its full share to this downward progress [of Spain]. The intensity of the Spanish character, which can do nothing by halves, lent an enormous power for evil to the exaggerated religious ardor of the people. In the earlier Middle Ages no other European nation had been so tolerant as Spain in its dealings with the Jew and the infidel, but, under the careful stimulation of the Church, this tolerant spirit had passed away with the fourteenth century, and in its place there had gradually arisen a fierce and implacable hatred of all faiths outside of Catholicism. This fanaticism gave to the priesthood preponderating power, which it utilized for its own behalf, in disregard of the public welfare Henry Charles Lea
There was nothing left for us to do but to take them [the Philippine Islands] all, and to educate the Filipinos, and uplift and Christianize them. William McKinley
The Spanish Inquisition sought to avoid direct responsibility for the burning of heretics by handing them over to the secular arm; to burn them itself, it piously explained, would be wholly inconsistent with its Christian principles. Few of us would allow the Inquisition thus easily to wipe its hands clean of bloodshed; it knew quite well what would happen. Equally, where the technological application of scientific discoveries is clear and obvious — as when a scientist works on nerve gases — he cannot properly claim that such applications are "none of his business," merely on the ground that it is the military forces, not scientists, who use the gases to disable or kill. John Passmore
When America was first made known to Europe, the part assumed by France on the borders of that new world was peculiar, and is little recognized. While the Spaniard roamed sea and land, burning for achievement, red-hot with bigotry and avarice, and while England, with soberer steps and a less dazzling result, followed in the path of discovery and gold-hunting, it was from France that those barbarous shores first learned to serve the ends of peaceful commercial industry. Francis Parkman
Francisco Franco’s military uprising against Spain’s elected government was an attempt, not so much to impose Fascism as to restore feudalism. George Orwell Blair
… at the close of the Spanish-American War the United States paid poor decrepit old Spain $20,000,000 for the Philippines. It was just a case of this country buying its way into good society. Honestly, when I read in the papers that this deal had been made, I laughed until my sides ached. There were the Filipinos fighting like blazes for their liberty. Spain would not hear to it. The United States stepped in, and after they had licked the enemy to a standstill, instead of freeing the Filipinos they paid that enormous amount for an island which is of no earthly account to us; just wanted to be like the aristocratic countries of Europe which have possessions in foreign waters. The United States wanted to be in the swim, and it, too, had to branch out, like an American heiress buying a Duke or an Earl. Mark Twain
The draft lays down a general policy, which the Queen is afraid may ultimately turn out very dangerous. It is this: England undertakes to interfere in the internal affairs of Spain, and to promote the development of the present constitutional Government of Spain in a more democratic direction, and this for the avowed purpose of counteracting the influence of France. England becomes therefore responsible for a particular direction given to the internal Government of Spain, which to control she has no sufficient means. All England can do, and will have to do, is: to keep up a particular party in Spain to support her views. France, knowing that this is directed against her, must take up the opposite party and follow the opposite policy in Spanish affairs Queen Victoria
Women will vote to the last priest. Anonymous
Other peoples, at other times, as well as our Southern brethren at present, have felt that the suppression of general discussion was necessary to the preservation of a prized and peculiar institution. Spain, Italy, Germany, France, the Netherlands, England, and Scotland have all, at different times, experienced the forced suppression of some one branch of political or religious thought. Their histories have recorded the effect of that suppression; and the rule to be deduced therefrom is simply this: If the people among whom such suppression is attempted are ignorant, and are kept so as part of a system, the attempt may be successful, though in its results working destruction to the community; — if, however, they are intelligent, and the system incautiously admits into itself any plan of education, the attempt at suppression will be abandoned, as the result either of policy or violence. In this respect, then, on philosophical grounds, the Cotton dynasty is not likely to favor the education of the masses.. Charles Francis Adams II
Today, the grandeur of a country is measured by the extent to which it defends and extends its citizens' rights through its impulse towards total equality, by its capacity to create energy that contributes towards cultural, social and economic growth. That is how a country becomes strong, by making its citizens more powerful. Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero
If there is corruption, it's because the political parties are weak. Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero
I would like to admit the clear error I made in front of all Spanish citizens Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero
The strength of a culture depends on its capacity to open itself up to other cultures, to integrate itself into them and to integrate them into it. Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero
… patriotism is liberty. Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero
Less smoking and more reading. Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero
A republican is someone who defends public institutions and democratic values, someone who is a defender of public life, someone who respects the principles of liberty, so in that sense we are very calm and at ease. Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero
With a Socialist government, there will not be a national surplus whilst there continues to be inequality. Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero
Americans are so individualistic, they do not realize their individualism is a communally derived value. Richard Rodriguez
It is found that all is equal before the Omnipresent, because with His anger He makes the haughty fall, and with His will he raises up the fallen. Ramban
Get into the habit of always speaking calmly to everyone. This will prevent you from anger, a serious character flaw… Ramban
Spain stooped on South America, like a vulture on its prey. Everything was force. Territories were acquired by fire and sword. Cities were destroyed by fire and sword. Hundreds of thousands of human beings fell by fire and sword. Even conversion to Christianity was attempted by fire and sword. Daniel Webster
When Barcelona came out of the Franco dictatorship in 1975, the first thing city officials did was to make 200 public squares where people could meet and talk to each other as a sign that democracy had returned. January Gehl
Capitalism is taking away all the opportunity from our children and grandchildren. Afghanistan
As austerity measures were foisted upon Greece, Ireland, Portugal, and other highly indebted countries, growth was rendered even more elusive, aggravating unemployment Mohamed El-Erian
The object of a general is not to fight, but to conquer: he fights enough who obtains the victory. Alba, Fernando Alvarez de Toledo, Third Duke of
Better build them a golden bridge than offer a decisive battle. Alba, Fernando Alvarez de Toledo, Third Duke of
One less of such monsters in existence is one less who has slaughtered or would slaughter hundreds of victims Simon Bolivar
Every Spaniard who does not conspire with the most active and effective means possible against the tyranny in favour of our just cause will be held as an enemy and a traitor to the fatherland; and in consequence will be inexorably put to the knife. On the other hand, an absolute and general indulgence will be granted to those who pass to our army with or without their arms...Spaniards who render conspicuous service to the State will be treated as Americans...Spaniards and men of the Canary Islands, if you are lukewarm and do not work actively for America’s freedom, you may be certain of death. Americans, even if you have done wrong, you may be certain of life. Simon Bolivar
The Spaniards have served us with rapine and death. They have violated the sacred rights of human beings, violated capitulations and the most solemn treaties; committed, in fact, every crime. They have reduced the Republic of Venezuela to the most frightful desolation. Thus, then, justice demands vengeance and necessity obliges us to take it Simon Bolivar
Our vengeance shall rival Spanish ferocity. Our goodwill is at last exhausted; and, since our oppressors compel us to mortal warfare, they shall disappear from America and our land shall be purged of the monsters that infest it. Our hate shall be inexorable and our war shall be to the death. Simon Bolivar
Soldiers, you are going to finish the greatest task which heaven can charge to a man: to save a whole world from slavery... Soldiers, Peru and the whole of America are waiting for you to deliver peace, the child of victory. Even free Europe looks upon you with favor: for the freedom of the New World is the life of the universe. Simon Bolivar
We need to make ourselves deaf to the clamor of the whole world, because war feeds on despotism and is not fought for love of God Simon Bolivar
Democracy, which has flourished even in the polluted soil of Europe, would certainly thrive in the virgin soil of America. Here there is no real element of aristocracy, nothing but a sorry caricature. There are not then, my dear general, elements of monarchy in this land of God. Let a republic be formed here and dignity will grow in men... A monarchy established here would be of short duration, for an idea, once implanted in the people, is impossible to extinguish; and the idea of democracy has been firmly rooted here during twelve years of glorious struggle Simon Bolivar
It was a sane, humane, and politic treaty which put an end to that horrible butchery of slaying the conquered, of giving no quarter to prisoners of war – Spanish barbarism that the patriots were forced to adopt themselves in reprisal, that had pushed back civilization, made the soil of Columbia an abode of cannibals and soaked it with innocent blood until all humanity shuddered, It was an advantage to us, fatal to the Spaniards. Their forces could only diminish; mine, augment and organize. Simon Bolivar
Europe itself, by policy, should have prepared and carried out plans for South American independence; not only because it is necessary for the proper balance of the world, but because it is a legitimate and safe means for obtaining commercial bases on this side of the ocean. Simon Bolivar
Agitated by revolutionary movements, these grow in proportion to the force that resists them. Simon Bolivar
Without delay and without exception, you will put to the sword every Spaniard in dungeon or hospital … Simon Bolivar
All of Europe’s potatoes descended from few tubers sent across the ocean by curious Spaniards… the potato was as important to the modern era as the invention of the steam engine. Charles C. Mann
The Spanish culture taught is that having titles of nobility was the way to get rich. But the Aztecs and the indigenous cultures taught us the same thing. Ricardo Salinas Pliego
The Spanish people are a glorious people, something is happening in Spain which may mean much to the rest of the world. Martha Gellhorn
The government has decided that the same force would be employed in America as if the inhabitants were French or Spanish enemies William Legge; 2nd Earl of Dartmouth
Not to be limited by the greatest and yet to be contained in the tiniest—this is the divine Ignatius of Loyola
That we may be altogether of the same mind and in conformity with the Church herself, if she shall have defined anything to be black which appears to our eyes to be white, we ought in like manner to pronounce it to be black. Ignatius of Loyola
We’re not at the endpoint of globalization but somewhere near the starting line. Pankaj Ghemawat
Christopher Columbus was the spearhead of the biggest invasion and genocide ever seen in the history of humanity Hugo Chavez
A great man …. and the greatest and most representative of the Spanish people of the 20th century. One of the great leaders we have had in our history Manuel Fraga Iribarne
We will not sit at the same table with the communists. I will never talk to them Manuel Fraga Iribarne
Legalizing the Basque flag will be done over my dead body Manuel Fraga Iribarne
[Latin] America began to suffer, and still suffers, from the tiresome task of reconciling the hostile and discordant elements it inherited from the despotic and perverse colonizer [Spain], and the imported methods and ideas which have been retarding logical government because they are lacking in local realities. Jose Marti
Honor to a Spaniard, no matter how dishonest, is as real a thing as water, wine, or olive oil. There is honor among pickpockets and honor among whores. It is simply that the standards differ. Ernest Hemingway
The King will tolerate no one in his kingdom who is not Catholic Third Council of Toledo
King Sisebut forced the Jews by power when he should have roused them by the doctrine of the faith. Isidore of Seville
We can hardly doubt that the Jews of Spain looked upon the Arabs as liberators. Richard A. Fletcher
God be praised for placing a sea between us. Al-Mansur
Do not allow your hatred of a people to incite you not to act equitably. Abd al-Rahman
The Falcon Anonymous
I came fleeing hunger, the sword and death, attained security and prosperity and gathered together a people. No one has done as I have. Abd al-Rahman I
There must be no inventing or recounting to the people of new things … uncanonical and according to their own taste rather than the Holy Scriptures. Roman Catholic Church
King of Two Religions Alfonso VI
Never did I charge into battle with the hope of returning safe This is the way of my ancestors The roots beget the stems Al-Mu'tamid ibn Abbad
I have no desire to be branded by my descendants as the man who delivered al-Andalus as prey to the infidels. I am loath to have my name cursed in every Muslim pulpit. And, for my part, I would rather be a camel-driver in Africa than a swineherd in Castile Al-Mu'tamid ibn Abbad
In Norway, as in America, prohibition has been carried through from moral motives; but the outcome has been highly unfavorable. In the first place, much more and far worse home-made spirits are drunk, so that intoxication has increased instead of decreasing. In the second place, Portugal and Spain, whose sales to Norway were suddenly stopped, grew furious and took revenge by ceasing to buy Norwegian klip-fish (salted and dried fish), which had been the chief nourishment of the poorer part of the population in those countries. Norwegian finances suffered severely in consequence. Georg Brandes
True progress consists in submitting the human element which corrupts liberty, to the divine element which purifies it. Society has followed a different path in looking upon the empire of faith as dead; and in proclaiming the empire of reason and the will of man. Juan Donoso Cortes
There is no man, let him be aware of it or not, who is not a combatant in this hot contest; no one who does not take an active part in the responsibility of the defeat or victory. The prisoner in his chains and the king on his throne, the poor and the rich, the healthy and the infirm, the wise and the ignorant, the captive and the free, the old man and the child, the civilized and the savage, share equally in the combat. Every word that is pronounced, is either inspired by God or by the world, and necessarily proclaims, implicitly or explicitly, but always clearly, the glory of the one or the triumph of the other. In this singular warfare we all fight through forced enlistment; here the system of substitutes or volunteers finds no place. In it is unknown the exception of sex or age; here no attention is paid to him who says, I am the son of a poor widow; nor to the mother of the paralytic, nor to the wife of the cripple. In this warfare all men born of woman are soldiers. Juan Donoso Cortes
The custom of these savages is to live as brute beasts in the mountains which are very rugged in that part of Ireland where we lost ourselves. They are great walkers, and inured to toil. The men are all large-bodied, and of handsome features and limbs and are as active as deer. The most of the women are very beautiful but badly got up. They do not eat more than once a day, and this is at night; and that what they usually eat is butter with oat bread. They drink sour milk, for they have no other drink; they don’t drink water although it is the best in the world. In feast days they eat some meat half-cooked without bread or salt as that is their custom. Francisco de Cuellar
The savages are well affected to us Spaniards, because they realize that we are attacking the heretics [the English] and are their great enemies. If it were not for those people who kept us as if belonging to themselves, not one of our people would have escaped. We owe them a good turn for that, though they were the first to rob us and strip us when we were cast on shore. Francisco de Cuellar
Spanish and Dutch ships with whose help we would hasten to the banks of the Thames and destroy the new Carthage [London] Jean-Lambert Tallien
Keep full of coal. In the event of a declaration of war against Spain, your duty will be to see that the Spanish Squadron does not leave the Asiatic coast. Theodore Roosevelt
I am delighted to see Italians horrifying the world for a change instead of charming it with their guitar-playing skills. Benito Mussolini
In the early colonial period the commerce of Mexico was monopolized by Spain, and this has been the explanation given by most writers for the backwardness of Mexico. They do not seem to know that England monopolized the commerce of her American colonies more strictly than ever Spain did hers. The problem, therefore, is to explain why, as soon as the English colonies were independent, they began sending their ships all over the world, while Mexico could not find any better use for her independence than closing the country to foreign trade by a prohibitive tariff. Toribio Esquivel Obregon
We have always lived in slums and holes in the wall. We will know how to accommodate ourselves for a while. For you must not forget that we can also build. It is we who built these palaces and cities, here in Spain and America and everywhere. We, the workers. We can build others to take their place. And better ones. We are not in the least afraid of ruins. We are going to inherit the earth Buenaventura Durruti
The only church that illuminates is a burning church. Buenaventura Durruti
America had declared war with Spain.... It did not require much political wisdom to see that America's concern was a matter of sugar and had nothing to do with humanitarian feelings. Emma Goldman
Jamestown was the first permanent English settlement, established in 1607. The first permanent settlement was St. Augustine, established in 1565, by -- you know it – Spain. Frank De Varona
Spain has been battling terrorism for 30 years while we were trading arms for hostages. Fareed Zakaria
The wound is degenerated into a gangrene; it requires fire and sword Fernando Álvarez de Toledo y Pimentel
People's fear doth ofttimes degenerate into desperation Gomez Suarez de Figueroa y Cordoba
‘Mitimaes’ is the name of those who are transported from one land to another. The first kind of mitimaes, as instituted by the Incas, were those who were moved to another country after a new province had been conquered… There they were expected to instruct their neighbors in the ways of peace and civilization. Pedro de Cieza de Leon
Among the colonists were spies who took note of the conversations and the schemes of the natives and supplied the information to the governors, who sent it to Cuzco without delay, to be submitted to the Inca. In this way all was made secure. Pedro de Cieza de Leon
As regards religion, the earliest Inca commanded that the Sun should be regarded as supreme god, and that in his temple great sacrifices should be held and thanks should be given, especially for having sent his son [the Inca] to rule them… giving the people to understand that the laws were to be obeyed as the Sun himself commanded it. Fernando de Montesinos
The Inca honored the men of the blood royal by permitting them to bore their ears where women do today, but with larger holes … and this was the sign of nobility and royal caste ... Fernando de Montesinos
The land of Peru begins at the Equator and extends southward. Its inhabitants … have a Jewish cast of feature, speak gutturally and are much given to unnatural vice. For this reason they reject their wives and pay them little respect. The women wear their hair very short and go naked except for a small apron with which they cover their private parts. It is they who sow and grind the corn which is eaten throughout the province… Agustin de Zarate
Some of the most learned of the people were chosen to make known the lives of those lords in songs. Pedro de Cieza de Leon
All the arts: military, religious, mechanical and astrological, which gave them [the Aztecs] of the stars. For this they possessed large, beautiful books painted in hieroglyphics, dealing with all these arts which were used for teaching. Diego Duran
[W]e can be certain that, though preached to more than fifty years, if they [the Aztecs] were now left alone, if the Spanish nation were not to intercede, I am certain that in less than fifty years there would be no trace of the preaching which has been done for them. Bernardino de Sahaguin
The good ruler is a protector; one who carries his subjects in his arms, who unites them, who brings them together. He rules. He takes responsibilities... Bernardino de Sahaguin
Columbus did not discover a new world; he established contact between two worlds, both already old. John Horace Parry
Nothing is invented that has not appeared in nature first. Antoni Gaudi
Mexican Spaniards sought to deny their Spanish origins by identifying themselves with an idealized Indian past and creating the myth of “Our Lady of Guadalupe” as an independent source of religious authority for the Mexican Church. Hinan Ye
The chief enemy of creativity is good sense. Pablo Picasso
So their Highnesses are kings and lords of these islands … by virtue of this donation: and some islands, and indeed almost all those to whom this has been notified, have received and served their Highnesses, as lords and kings, in the way that subjects ought to do, with good will, without any resistance, immediately, without delay, when they were informed of the aforesaid facts. And also they received and obeyed the priests whom their Highnesses sent to preach to them and to teach them our Holy Faith; and all these, of their own free will, without any reward or condition, have become Christians, and are so, and their Highnesses have joyfully and benignantly received them, and also have commanded them to be treated as their subjects and vassals; and you too are held and obliged to do the same. Wherefore, as best we can, we ask and require you that you consider what we have said to you, and that you take the time that shall be necessary to understand and deliberate upon it, and that you acknowledge the Church as the Ruler and Superior of the whole world, and the high priest called Pope, and in his name the King and Queen Doña Juana our lords, in his place, as superiors and lords and kings of these islands … and that you consent and give place that these religious fathers should declare and preach to you the aforesaid…. if you do not do this, and maliciously make delay in it, I certify to you that, with the help of God, we shall powerfully enter into your country, and shall make war against you in all ways and manners that we can, and shall subject you to the yoke and obedience of the Church and of their Highnesses; we shall take you and your wives and your children, and shall make slaves of them, and as such shall sell and dispose of them as their Highnesses may command; and we shall take away your goods, and shall do you all the mischief and damage that we can, as to vassals who do not obey, and refuse to receive their lord, and resist and contradict him; and we protest that the deaths and losses which shall accrue from this are your fault, and not that of their Highnesses, or ours, nor of these cavaliers who come with us.. Juan Lopez de Palacios Rubios
Conquering Hispaniola shall provide England with the means to take forward its Puritan Revolution. Oliver Cromwell
Slavery was gone but its inequalities remained. Carrie Gibson
… the work of one Negro was worth more than that of four Indians. Edward Gaylord Bourne
License for the introduction of Negroes to the Number of Four Hundred Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor

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