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The best way to predict the future is to invent it. Alan Kay
Don't undertake a project unless it is manifestly important and nearly impossible. Edwin Land
The outcome of any serious research can only be to make two questions grow where only one grew before. Thorstein Veblen
Investigation may be likened to the long months of pregnancy, and solving a problem to the day of birth. To investigate a problem is, indeed, to solve it. Mao Zedong
It is inexcusable for scientists to torture animals; let them make their experiments on journalists and politicians. Henrik Ibsen
You cannot feed the hungry on statistics. Heinrich Heine
There is no greater impediment to progress in the sciences than the desire to see it take place too quickly. Georg C. Lichtenberg
As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain, and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality. Albert Einstein
Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of imagination. John Dewey
In journalism it is simpler to sound off than it is to find out. It is more elegant to pontificate than it is to sweat. Harold Evans
History has repeatedly shown that when a new method or material becomes available, new uses for it arise. Wilson Greatbatch
Just because something doesn't do what you planned it to do doesn't mean it's useless. Thomas A. Edison
Research! A mere excuse for idleness; it has never achieved, and will never achieve any results of the slightest value. Benjamin Jowett
There is a mistrust of government medicine in the African American community especially because of Tuskegee. It dates back to that, We haven't dealt with the damage of Tuskegee in a meaningful way ... R. Allen Perkins
We should place priority on the development of safeguards against unwise, permanent alterations in the human gene pool. Now that we have become principle agents of evolution, it is crucially important to recognize that the pursuit of short-term goals through human modification can be dangerously inconsistent with the long-term best interests of the human species. Al Gore
Each one of our ideas should benefit the people with less power than us. Arthur C. Brooks
Be first and be lonely. Ginni Rometty
As a society, we are underinvesting resources in research on the societal implications of AI technologies. Stanford University Artificial Intelligence Study Panel
We have entered an era where the kinds of data and analyses that people run have gotten incredibly complicated. So you have researchers using sophisticated software programs that they probably don't understand but are generally accepted and everyone [in the field] uses. Martin Serano
There are some easy figures the simplest must understand, and the astutest cannot wriggle out of. Leonard Henry Courtney
There are three kind of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics. Benjamin Disraeli
Embryonic stem cell research is a key that will unlock the future. Gordon Smith
All parties to the human embryo debate have something vital to defend. Leon Kass
I have dreams about embryos. A little embryo says to me, ‘Leon, what are you going to do for me today.’ Leon Kass
Invent for Victory : all Americans who have an invention or an idea which might be useful to their country are urged to sent it immediately to : National Inventors Council Department of Commerce-Washington, D.C. Elmo White
It baffles some economists that Congress pays so little heed to their research, but then immigration policy has never been based on economics. Economic fears played a part in the passage of the exclusionary acts against Chinese in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and in the 1920’s of quotas (aimed in particular at people from Southern and Eastern Europe), but they were mostly fueled by xenophobia. They were supplanted in the Civil Rights era by the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, which ended quotas and established a new priority based on family reunification. That law, also sponsored by Kennedy, had nothing to do with economics, either. It made the chief criterion for getting in having a relative who was already here. Roger Lowenstein
We cannot have tomorrow’s miracles if we tie scientists’ hands with yesterday’s rules. Gordon Smith
Three centuries ago they came for sandalwood. Today the bastards are after our genes Lopeti Senituli
...technological competition ignites total war, which means it is not possible to contain the effects of a new technology to a limited sphere of human activity... Neil Postman
The nexus between modern science and violence is obvious from the fact that 80 percent of all scientific research is devoted to the war industry and is frankly aimed at large-scale violence. Vandana Shiva
If there is any conflict between Congress and science, Congress will win. Congress is paying the bills. Tom Bethell
There is nothing new to be discovered in physics now, All that remains is more and more precise measurement Lord Kelvin
The most important discoveries will provide answers to questions that we do not yet know how to ask and will concern objects we have not yet imagined. John N. Bahcall
I profess both to learn and to teach anatomy, not from books but from dissections; not from positions of philosophers but from the fabric of nature. William Harvey
All that we know is still infinitely less than all that still remains unknown. William Harvey
Research in the realm atomic destruction, has now proceeded to point where its results may possibly be made use of in the conduct of the war. Tremendous destruction … can be wrought with a minimum of effort ….Modern technique places in the hands of human beings means of destruction that are simply incredible. German science is at its peak in this matter. It is essential that we be ahead of everybody. Joseph Goebbels
Here we are in the middle of a big war and you guys are fooling around. Kenneth D. McKellar
Yes Mr. President, of course I can, and where in Tennessee did you want to hide it. Kenneth D. McKellar
We can go into no mechanic shop, into no manufactory of any description, upon no farm or plantation, or travel a mile on our railroads or in our steamboats, without seeing evidence of our originality and witnessing the fruits of our ingenuity and enterprise. John Ruggles
Looking at what has already been accomplished, some find it difficult to conceive that this flood of discoveries and improvements is still to maintain its progress, and even exhibit a swelling tide . . . . These apprehensions, it is plain, are not to be fulfilled in our day. At no time have there been more decisive indications that every step that is taken in this field . . . does but open new scenes to explore and prepares the way for new triumphs. Silas H. Hodges
As the Government lights our coasts for the protection of mariners and the benefit of commerce, so it should give to the tillers of the soil the best lights of practical science and experience. James A. Garfield
This is using taxpayer money to pay for the intentional destruction of human life Sam Brownback
Knowledge goes hand and hand with truth. Anthony Fauci
I consider my job a gift. Anthony Fauci
Finding a balance between hoped for cures and respect for life: That is the challenge. Robert Krulwich
It seems to me worth while for this Government to try whether it will not work on a large enough scale to be of use in the event of war. Theodore Roosevelt
It will define us as a civilized and ethical society forever in the eyes of history. William Frist
Science is bound, by the everlasting vow of honor, to face fearlessly every problem which can be fairly presented to it. Lord Kelvin
Knowledge advances by steps, and not by leaps. Thomas Babington Macaulay
Researchers probably never anticipated when they started smashing atoms and protons in our large accelerators that their science their very basic research on matter would eventually give us remarkable life-saving technology. Spencer Abraham
Murder More Monkeys! Anonymous
Today's research is tomorrow's future. Anonymous
We want less goddamn analysis and more fighting spirit. Dean Acheson
On the comparatively small territorial surface of Europe there are existing upward of 130 light-houses of the skies while in the American hemisphere there is not one. John Quincy Adams
The very first instrument for the improvement of the condition of men is knowledge. John Quincy Adams
Errors using inadequate data are much like those using no data at all. Charles Babbage
The inquiry, knowledge, and belief of truth is the sovereign good of human nature. Francis Bacon
Future generations will look back at the beginning of the 21st century and marvel that intelligent people actually tried to stop biomedical progress just to protect their limited vision of human nature. Ronald Bailey
Breakthroughs are by definition unpredicted events. Therefore predicting breakthroughs is a particularly difficult business. David Baltimore
Most scientific problems are defined by the question of whether a graduate student can study it for his thesis. David Baltimore
The role of the federal government is to make sure enough research dollars flow into … universities to help create the ideas that 10 or 15 years from today will be exciting products. Craig Barrett
Not only am I not persuaded by the testimony; I do not even understand it. For me the charm of quarks is well hidden ... Henry L. Bellmon
We are not particularly interested in the prestige of space, but in the scientific aspects of it. Ernst David Bergmann
When numbers are being crunched by politicians, axes are usually grinding. John M. Broder
The empires of the future are empires of the mind. Winston Churchill
The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible. Arthur C. Clarkee
It was government investment that led to the creation of the Internet. Bill Clinton
The pharmaceutical industry is spending $1 billion more each year on marketing and lobbying than it does on developing new and better drugs. Bill Clinton
We all have an obligation to move beyond anecdotes. Bill Clinton
We must never let a blizzard of statistics blind us to the real lives and people behind them. Bill Clinton
Life is nanotechnology that works. Rita Colwell
Brain Machine Interface Program Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency; DARPA
Studies are studies. You get all kinds of studies. Bob Dole
Invention breeds invention. Ralph Waldo Emerson
Why, sir, there is every probability that you will soon be able to tax it. Michael Faraday
None of these guys in Silicon Valley would be very rich if you take away government funding for science. Newt Gingrich
Let us study our misfortunes and go back to the causes. Leon Michel Gambetta
[Discussing economic trends:] You can find a study that says anything. Richard A. Gephardt
I am not prepared to explain to a sick child with cystic fibrosis, facing death and fighting for breath, the ethical grounds that hinder the science which could save him. Roman Herzog
We have done extraordinary things to destroy our waters. We can never do enough to research and coordinate cleaning these waters up. George J. Hochbrueckner
A mere excuse for idleness; it has never achieved, and will never achieve any results of the slightest value. Benjamin Jowett
Would you rather have us be a second rate nation or should we spend a little money? Lyndon B. Johnson
Military technology is like a continuing chess game, with no final move. David McCurdy
The habit of analysis has a tendency to wear away the feelings. John Stuart Mill
[Cost-benefit analysis is used:] ... to produce lofty academic-sounding reasons for endless inaction. George J. Mitchell
Is paving asphalt more important than cancer research. James P. Moran
In a society where the individual is not free to pursue the truth, … there is neither progress, stability, nor security. Edward R. Murrow
Just as we have endeavored to maintain a separation between church and state, so too do I believe that we should try to maintain a comparable separation between basic biomedical research and politics. Leonard Laster
We keep saying we have no other course; what we should be saying is we are not bright enough to see any other course. David Eli Lilienthal
With intensive research it should be feasible to inoculate against heroin which would be administered ... in the same way as vaccines against smallpox, polio, measles. John Lindsay
The doctors are always changing their opinions. They always have some new fad. David Lloyd George
If a more general prosperity permits a greater number of individuals to pursue studies, since at present, in the most enlightened countries, hardly a fiftieth part of those men to whom nature has given talent receive the education necessary to make use of their talents; and that, therefore, the number of men destined to push back the frontiers of the sciences by their discoveries will grow in the same proportion [as universal education increases]. Marquis de Condorcet
I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas A. Edison
A person who places in a woman a human embryo which has been created otherwise than by fertilization is guilty of an offence. England
A ruling intelligentsia, whether in Europe, Asia or Africa, treats the masses as raw material to be experimented on, processed, and wasted at will. Eric Hoffer
Scientific journals are monopolies…and when there's a monopoly there's always the opportunity for extra profit. John McCarthy
Everything you do needs to be a short fuse ... not [as] an R&D problem for the sake of doing R&D ... we are looking to you for solutions ... we want them fast. Harold Rogers
It is wrong when a breast cancer patient cannot access federally funded research data paid for by her hard-earned taxes. Martin Olav Sabo
It’s almost impossible to imagine a society saying, “It’s all right use embryonic stem cells to save your dying dog, but it’s not okay to use them to save your dying child.”… America’s love affair with animals will slowly but inevitably undermine the religious, moral, and ethical arguments against genome-based therapies for people. Healthier cats and dogs will generate an irresistible demand for healthier children and adults. Michael Schrage
It was fun, fun, fun. Where else could a red-blooded American lie, kill, cheat, and rape with the sanction of the all-highest? George H. White
When is the proper time to cry wolf. Must we wait until the prey, in this case the world’s environment, is mangled by the wolf’s grip. James E. Hanson
We must not forget that when radium was discovered no one knew that it would prove useful in hospitals. The work was one of pure science. And this is a proof that scientific work must not be considered from the point of view of the direct usefulness of it. It must be done for itself, for the beauty of science, and then there is always the chance that a scientific discovery may become like the radium a benefit for humanity. Marie Curie
I don't really know what a cyclotron is but I am certainly very happy Canada has one! Pierre Trudeau
The practice of physic [Medicine] is jostled by quacks on the one side, and by science on the other. Peter Latham
People in general have no notion of the sort and amount of evidence often needed to prove the simplest matter of fact. Peter Latham
There are a lot of good ideas out there. There is no need to reinvent them. Joel I. Klein
The nation that leads the clean energy economy will lead the global economy. Barack Obama
The marriage of Capital with Science was responsible for the great leap forward into what we live in today. Pure scientists discovered the components into which the natural environment could be decomposed; investors placed their bets on the various methods of decomposition; applied scientists or managers saw to it that the wage workers in their charge carried the project through. Social scientists sought ways to make the workers less human, more efficient and machine-like. Thanks to science, capitalists were able to transform much of the natural environment into a processed world, an artifice, and to reduce most human beings into efficient tenders of the artifice. Fredy Perlman
A table is not blessed if it has fed no scholars. Jewish Proverb
Technology has miniaturized the globe, reducing vast oceans to mere ponds. Distant countries are now almost neighbors as our bodies travel faster than the speed of sound and our voices at the speed of light. ... Today the world is not much bigger than a ball spinning on the finger of science. William S. Cohen
The nation that leads the clean energy economy will lead the global economy. Barack Obama
The Government are very keen on amassing statistics; they collect them, add them, raise them to the nth power, take the cube root and prepare wonderful diagrams. But what you must never forget is that every one of those figures comes in the first instance from the village watchman, who just puts down what he damn pleases. Josiah Stamp
The quality of the data and information of a social science, economics or government study is inversely proportional to its importance and social significance. Bernard R. Berelson
Sometimes the statistics themselves, the means by which we perceive the economic universe, are unreliable. John Steele Gordon
When I contemplate the immense advances in sciences and discoveries in the arts which have been made within the period of my life, I look forward with confidence to equal advances by the present generation, and have no doubt they will consequently be as much wiser than we have been as we than our fathers were, and they than the burners of witches Thomas Jefferson
The specious figments of genius, and the erratic flights of philosophy, may excite our wonder, but they cannot stand the ordeal of scrutiny, or the Lydian touch of experiment. DeWitt Clinton
Several weeks before the Russians launched Sputnik, our team at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory asked permission to place a rocket in orbit around the Earth. We could to it with two days of preparation. We had been doing experiments with 2 stage rockets to test materials and designs for nose-cones returning from space. We launched rockets straight up. At the maximum height we turned it around and fired the second stage to drive it straight back to Earth so it could achieve the speed of an object returning from space. We were developing more and more powerful second stage rockets. We had just calculated that our newest second stage had more than enough thrust to, after the ascent, turn the rocket at right angles to the perpendicular, and fire the rocket into orbit around the earth. We could do this easily. The military were initially very enthusiastic. America could be the first nation that put a satellite in orbit. However, the authorities in Washington, not only refused us permission to try, but postponed a number of our regular launches and forbade us from talking to anyone about our capability or request for our experiment.. When Sputnik was launched into orbit a few weeks later, we were really puzzled. No one ever explained why Washington had refused us permission, but we came up with a theory: The issue of the legality under international law of one country having its satellite in orbit over another country’s airspace was not at all settled. If we did satellite reconnaissance in the future over the Soviet Union, the Russians could claim that was an act of war. And we had extensive plans to create such satellites and launch them when we solved all the technical problems in the future. We believe that the authorities knew that the Russians were about to launch Sputnik. By allowing them to be the first to launch, it would be they—not us—who would be setting the precedent of sending satellites over other nation’s airspace and claiming this was not aggression or an act of war as they thought they were way ahead of us. In addition, after WWII, President Eisenhower was having difficulty getting Congress to spend money on rocketry and satellites as well as science and technology including science and mathematics education which was then terrible in America. So allowing the Russians to “beat us” the administration had the issue that they needed, and they allowed the Russians to set the legal precedents that they would have opposed if we were ahead of them and orbited a satellite first. Either President Eisenhower and his team were brilliantly shrewd or they were pretty dumb because we easily could have put our rockets in orbit then. Conway W. Snyder
Strong banks want strong regulation. Jamie Diamond
Modern physics often advances only by sacrificing some of our traditional philosophical convictions Fritz Wolfgang London
There is no branch of mathematics, however abstract, which may not some day be applied to phenomena of the real world Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky
Everyone knows it takes a woman nine months to have a baby. But you Americans think if you get nine women pregnant, you can have a baby in a month. Theodore von Karman
Any competent biologist is aware of a multitude of problems yet unresolved and of questions yet unanswered. After all, biologic research shows no sign of approaching completion; quite the opposite is true. Disagreements and clashes of opinion are rife among biologists, as they should be in a living and growing science. Antievolutionists mistake, or pretend to mistake, these disagreements as indications of dubiousness of the entire doctrine of evolution. Their favorite sport is stringing together quotations, carefully and sometimes expertly taken out of context, to show that nothing is really established or agreed upon among evolutionists. Some of my colleagues and myself have been amused and amazed to read ourselves quoted in a way showing that we are really antievolutionists under the skin. Theodore Dobzhansky
The embargo created great suffering, but at the same time the embargo created the challenge of trying to resolve our own problems and we developed an industry capable of producing the very latest medicines. Manuel Raisis Castenera
Physiological experiment on animals is justifiable for real investigation, but not for mere damnable and detestable curiosity. Charles Darwin
It is those who know little, not those who know much, who so positively assert that this or that problem will never be solved by science. Charles Darwin
We are a society now that is 100 percent dependent on science. Craig Venter
Almost every scientific breakthrough I have ever been associated with was funded with private money. Once we could show it worked, we could get all the government money we wanted. Craig Venter
What may appear as a towering peak to one may seem but an ordinary eminence to another. Cargill Gilston Knott
You never know where a breakthrough might occur, so please pursue various possibilities for potential research. Makoto Kobayashi
Scientific theory and its application to the growing needs of mankind advance hand in hand. Cargill Gilston Knott
If you sense a deep human need, then you go back to all the basic science. If there is some missing, then you try to do more basic science and applied science until you get it. Edwin Land
In America, innovation does not just improve our lives. It is the way we make our living. Barack Obama
Where the frontier of science once was is now the center. Georg C. Lichtenberg
There is nothing so captivating as new knowledge. Peter Latham
The practice of medicine is jostled by quacks on the one side, and by science on the other. Peter Latham
Remember that no piece of honestly conducted research is ever wasted, even if it seems so at the time. Put it away in a drawer, and ten, twenty or thirty years down the road, it will come back and help you in ways you never anticipated. Anthony James Leggett
Law and technology produce, together, a kind of regulation of creativity we've not seen before. Lawrence Lessig
Physicists have as their calling the answering of questions once thought to be unknowable. William Stwalley
NIH has become the Beirut of abortion and fetal tissue research. Bernadette Healy
Laws and institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind. As that becomes more developed, more enlightened, as new discoveries are made, new truths disclosed and manners and opinions change with the change of circumstances, institutions must advance also and keep pace with the times Thomas Jefferson
All the Congressmen who know nothing about the subject are telling the scientists how to do their research and what kinds to do. Tom Coburn
The Republican position of prohibiting funding for embryonic stem cell research, is insanity Michael Bloomberg
The Military Academy at West Point … recommends itself more and more to the patronage of the nation, and the numbers of meritorious officers which it forms and introduces to the public service furnishes the means of multiplying the undertakings of the public improvements to which their acquirements at that institution are peculiarly adapted. John Quincy Adams
Our ignorance will always remain greater than our knowledge. William C. Clark
Efforts to approach zero risk through exhaustive pre-release testing are extremely expensive and time-consuming. New drugs are delayed in reaching those who need them, and marginal drugs may not be developed at all. William C. Clark
The use of Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer to create stem cells does not constitute "human reproductive cloning" and that the donor compensation program does not improperly make grant funds available to be "directly or indirectly utilized" for such cloning. Elizabeth A. Garry
When hearing something unusual, do not preemptively reject it, for that would be folly. Indeed, horrible things may be true, and familiar and praised things may prove to be lies. Truth is truth unto itself, not because people say it is. Ibn Al-Nafis
Acquire knowledge and teach it to the people Umar I; Umar Ibn Al-Khattab
We'll eat grass, but we'll make a nuclear bomb. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto
Basic research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing. Wernher von Braun
During the years from 1861 through 1864, the Confederate Patent Office had issued 266 patents. During the same four years, the United States Patent Office issued 16,051 patents. Kenneth W. Dobyns
There is a growing mountain of research. But there is increased evidence that we are being bogged down today as specialization extends. The investigator is staggered by the findings and conclusions of thousands of other workers— conclusions which he cannot find time to grasp, much less to remember, as they appear. Yet specialization becomes increasingly necessary for progress. Vannevar Bush
If we have learned anything at all in this century, it is that all new technologies will be put to use, sooner or later, for better or worse, as it is in our nature to do. Lewis Thomas
I know the Rich will oppose this; but the Richest Men are not always most beneficial to the Commonwealth, Men of Projecting Brains do most good to their Neighbours, for tho' they often hurt themselves by their Projects, yet others reap the benefit of them, and so the Publick is not hurt but helped by them, and I presume none will deny but that this Town hath been more advantaged by some Men now in it of mean Estates, then ever they were by the Richest Men in it John Colman
There really is not a new law of nature. It was all in the theory to begin with but nobody worked it out. Willis Eugene Lamb Jr.
In science, nobody has been right for 100 years since Aristotle. Anonymous
With 5% of the world’s population, the United States employs about a third of all the research and development workers in the world. Jack Marburger
NIH biodefense research is ultimately directed toward the development of new and effective medical countermeasures, including vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics against potential bioterror agents. Anthony Fauci
Humanity also needs dreamers, for whom the disinterested development of an enterprise is so captivating that it becomes impossible for them to devote their care to their own material profit. A well-organized society should assure to such workers the efficient means of accomplishing their task, in a life freed from material care and freely consecrated to research. Marie Curie
You are always too late with a development if you are so slow that people demand it before you yourself recognize it. Charles Kettering
The country that spends the most per GDP on research and development is Israel. George P. Shultz
Superior technical achievements — used correctly both strategically and tactically — can beat any quantity numerically many times stronger yet technically inferior. Adolf Galland
Avian flu, which has already killed 50 people, is only a mutation away from being transmissible from person to person. We have no immunity, no vaccines, and no cure. It is imperative that we strengthen our domestic vaccine supply, expand legal protections, encourage collaboration between the public and private sectors, and advance research and development. These initiatives will help protect us from a deadly viral outbreak that experts warn could come to our shores any day. William Frist
Excessive bureaucracy is distracting, time-consuming, and destructive to creativity. Jerome Isaac Friedman
We should willingly take risks in supporting new projects. The tendency is to play it safe when funding is low, but we need to remember that the greatest risks have the greatest payoffs. Jerome Isaac Friedman
It is not observation but theory that led me to this result that experience has confirmed afterwards. Augustin-Jean Fresnel
Primary causes are unknown to us; but are subject to simple and constant laws, which may be discovered by observation, the study of them being the object of natural philosophy. Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier
Upon the progress of knowledge the whole progress of the human race is immediately dependent: he who retards that, hinders this also. Johann Gottlieb Fichte
if the result confirms the hypothesis, then you've made a measurement. If the result is contrary to the hypothesis, then you've made a discovery. Enrico Fermi
Discoveries in physics are made when the time for making them is ripe, and not before. Clinton Joseph Davisson
The progress of science is tremendously disorderly, and the motivations that lead to this progress are tremendously varied. Max Ludwig Henning Delbruck
Lobbyists can pay consultants to do studies that say anything. John Walke
The objections to the purchase are generally its extent, the cost of the purchase, the nature of selection, embracing too many works in foreign languages, some of too philosophical a character, and some otherwise objectionable. Of the first description, exception was taken to Voltaire’s works, &, co., and of the other to Callender’s Prospect Before Us House of Representatives
Avian flu, which has already killed 50 people, is only a mutation away from being transmissible from person to person. We have no immunity, no vaccines, and no cure. It is imperative that we strengthen our domestic vaccine supply, expand legal protections, encourage collaboration between the public and private sectors, and advance research and development. These initiatives will help protect us from a deadly viral outbreak that experts warn could come to our shores any day. William Frist
War is the ultimate realization of modern technology. Don DeLillo
Upon the progress of knowledge the whole progress of the human race is immediately dependent: he who retards that, hinders this also. Johann Gottlieb Fichte
An unknown must be recognized as being unknown in order to be explored. Richard P. Feynman
Nothing is so fatal to the progress of the human mind as to suppose that our views of science are ultimate; that there are no mysteries in nature; that our triumphs are complete, and that there are no new worlds to conquer. Humphry Davy
Moving forward in science is as much unwinding the distorted thinking of the past as it is putting a clearer idea on the table. Craig Venter
The combination of some data and an aching desire for an answer does not ensure that a reasonable answer can be extracted from a given body of data. John Tukey
I realize the tragic significance of the atomic bomb. Its production and its use were not lightly undertaken by this Government. But we knew that our enemies were on the search for it. We know now how close they were to finding it. And we knew the disaster which would come to this Nation, and to all peace-loving nations, to all civilization, if they had found it first. That is why we felt compelled to undertake the long and uncertain and costly labor of discovery and production. We won the race of discovery against the Germans. Harry S Truman
If we have learned anything at all in this century, it is that all new technologies will be put to use, sooner or later, for better or worse, as it is in our nature to do. Lewis Thomas
As soon as it is completed, it will be possible for a business man in New York to dictate instructions, and have them instantly appear in type at his office in London or elsewhere. He will be able to call up, from his desk, and talk to any telephone subscriber on the globe, without any change whatever in the existing equipment. An inexpensive instrument, not bigger than a watch, will enable its bearer to hear anywhere, on sea or land, music or song, the speech of a political leader, the address of an eminent man of science, or the sermon of an eloquent clergyman, delivered in some other place, however distant. In the same manner any picture, character, drawing, or print can be transferred from one to another place. Millions of such instruments can be operated from but one plant of this kind. More important than all of this, however, will be the transmission of power, without wires, which will be shown on a scale large enough to carry conviction. Nikola Tesla
The scientific man does not aim at an immediate result. He does not expect that his advanced ideas will be readily taken up. His work is like that of the planter — for the future. His duty is to lay the foundation for those who are to come, and point the way. Nikola Tesla
Humanity is not yet sufficiently advanced to be willingly led by the discoverer's keen searching sense. But who knows? Perhaps it is better in this present world of ours that a revolutionary idea or invention instead of being helped and patted, be hampered and ill-treated in its adolescence — by want of means, by selfish interest, pedantry, stupidity and ignorance; that it be attacked and stifled; that it pass through bitter trials and tribulations, through the heartless strife of commercial existence. So do we get our light. So all that was great in the past was ridiculed, condemned, combated, suppressed — only to emerge all the more powerfully, all the more triumphantly from the struggle. Nikola Tesla
To cause at will the birth and death of matter would be man's grandest deed Nikola Tesla
Secrecy in science does not work. Withholding information does more damage to us than to our competitors. Edward Teller
Every result of science is provisional and subject to future revision Leo Strauss
It’s amazing how much research has gone into making some of the worst decisions. Ashleigh Brilliant
Cross pollination of fields, innovation in one stimulates revolutionary changes in another. All the instruments in a hospital which allow us observation of the human body without cutting you open were based on principles of physicists developed by physicists who had no interest in medicine. This is the way innovation moves from one field to another. Neil deGrasse Tyson
The largest group of prima donnas ever assembled in one place Leslie Richard Groves Jr.
… the time scale of one scientific generation is much too long for the rapid pace of experimental discovery. Julian Seymour Schwinger
To do successful research, you don't need to know everything, you just need to know one thing that isn't known. Arthur Leonard Schawlow
Risks, I like to say, always pay off. You learn what to do, or what not to do. Jonas Salk
We were told in one lecture that it was possible to immunize against diphtheria and tetanus by the use of chemically treated toxins, or toxoids. And the following lecture, we were told that for immunization against a virus disease, you have to experience the infection, and that you could not induce immunity with the so-called "killed" or inactivated, chemically treated virus preparation. Well, somehow, that struck me. What struck me was that both statements couldn't be true. Jonas Salk
We must not forget that when radium was discovered no one knew that it would prove useful in hospitals. The work was one of pure science. And this is a proof that scientific work must not be considered from the point of view of the direct usefulness of it. It must be done for itself, for the beauty of science, and then there is always the chance that a scientific discovery may become like the radium a benefit for humanity. Marie Curie
England and all civilized nations stand in deadly peril of not having enough to eat. As mouths multiply, food resources dwindle. Land is a limited quantity, and the land that will grow wheat is absolutely dependent on difficult and capricious natural phenomena... I hope to point a way out of the colossal dilemma. It is the chemist who must come to the rescue of the threatened communities. It is through the laboratory that starvation may ultimately be turned into plenty... The fixation of atmospheric nitrogen is one of the great discoveries, awaiting the genius of chemists. William Crookes
The companies that can afford to do basic research (and can't afford not to) are ones that dominate their markets. … It's cheap insurance, since failing to do basic research guarantees that the next major advance will be owned by someone else. Robert X. Cringely
The simple rule about weapons is that if they can be built, they will be built. Robert X. Cringely
Like other government research, big bucks academic research is done to understand the nature and structure of the universe or to understand life, which really means that it is either for blowing up the world or extending life, whichever comes first. Robert X. Cringely
The generation of random numbers is too important to be left to chance. Robert R. Coveyou
I would beg the wise and learned fathers (of the church) to consider with all diligence the difference which exists between matters of mere opinion and matters of demonstration. ... [I]t is not in the power of professors of the demonstrative sciences to alter their opinions at will, so as to be now of one way of thinking and now of another. ... Demonstrated conclusions about things in nature of the heavens, do not admit of being altered with the same ease as opinions to what is permissible or not, under a contract, mortgage, or bill of exchange. Galileo Galilei
In the collecting of evidence upon any medical subject, there are but three sources from which we can hope to obtain it: viz. from observation of the living subject; from examination of the dead; and from experiments upon living animals. Astley Paston Cooper
Heredity is to-day the central problem of biology. This problem may be approached from many sides—that of the breeder, the experimenter, the statistician, the physiologist, the embryologist, the cytologist—but the mechanism of heredity can be studied best by the investigation of the germ cells and their development. Edwin Grant Conklin
… new concepts arise from experiments and observations, and … the new concepts in turn lead to further experiments and observations. James Bryant Conant
In mathematics we find the primitive source of rationality; and to mathematics must the biologists resort for means to carry out their researches. Auguste Comte
Scientists, therefore, are responsible for their research, not only intellectually but also morally. This responsibility has become an important issue in many of today's sciences, but especially so in physics, in which the results of quantum mechanics and relativity theory have opened up two very different paths for physicists to pursue. They may lead us - to put it in extreme terms -- to the Buddha or to the Bomb, and it is up to each of us to decide which path to take. Fritjof Capra
No one will be able to deter the scientific mind from probing into the unknown any more than Canute could command the tides. Warren E. Burger
I suspect that the most important effect of World War II on physical science lay in the change in the attitude of people to science. The politicians and the public were convinced that science was useful and were in no position to argue about the details. A professor of physics might be more sinister than he was in the 1930s, but he was no longer an old fool with a beard in a comic-strip. The scientists or at any rate the physicists, had changed their attitude. They not only believed in the interest of science for themselves, they had acquired also a belief that the tax-payer should and would pay for it and would, in some unspecified length of run, benefit by it. Edward Bullard
Let us gather facts in order to get ourselves thinking. Georges-Louis Leclerc de Buffon
Thus with every advance in our scientific knowledge new elements come up, often forcing us to recast our entire picture of physical reality. No doubt, theorists would much prefer to perfect and amend their theories rather than be obliged to scrap them continually. But this obligation is the condition and price of all scientific progress. Louis-Victor de Broglie
Science knows only one commandment—contribute to science. Bertolt Brecht
If the omniscient author of nature knew that the study of his works tends to make men disbelieve his Being or Attributes, he would not have given them so many invitations to study and contemplate Nature. Robert Boyle
I tried and failed. I tried again and again and succeeded. Gail Borden
No politics, no committees, no reports, no referees, no interviews – just highly motivated people picked by a few men of good judgment. James Whyte Black
The human mind likes a strange idea as little as the body likes a strange protein and resists it with a similar energy. William Beveridge
No one believes an hypothesis except its originator but everyone believes an experiment except the experimenter. Most people are ready to believe something based on experiment but the experimenter knows the many little things that could have gone wrong in the experiment. For this reason the discoverer of a new fact seldom feels quite so confident of it as others do. William Beveridge
Many discoveries must have been stillborn or smothered at birth. We know only those which survived. William Beveridge
Innovation never comes from the established institutions. Eric Schmidt
… there must never be the least hesitation in giving up a position the moment it is shown to be untenable. It is not going too far to say that the greatness of a scientific investigator does not rest on the fact of his having never made a mistake, but rather on his readiness to admit that he has done so, whenever the contrary evidence is cogent enough. William Bayliss
Research is the process of going up alleys to see if they are blind. Marston Bates
For one person who is blessed with the power of invention, many will always be found who have the capacity of applying principles. Charles Babbage
The scientist … creates more and more questions, never fewer. Indeed the measure of our intellectual maturity … is our capacity to feel less and less satisfied with our answers Gordon W. Allport
It’s our tax dollars that fund the initial research for these molecules that get transferred to corporations. We have an investment here… We end up paying for our drugs twice. We pay for the initial development through our tax dollars. And then when it goes on the market we pay their inflated prices. Harriet Washington
The more we know about life out there the easier it will be to improve life down here. Andy Rooney
For us to throw away opportunities to cure diseases … is a mistake. Two-thirds of the American people support stem cell research. John McCain
The community at large is under definite obligations to see to it that physicians and scientific men are not needlessly hampered in carrying on the inquiries necessary for an adequate performance of their important social office of sustaining human life and vigor. John Dewey
Scientific men are under definite obligation to experiment upon animals so far as that is the alternative to random and possibly harmful experimentation upon human beings, and so far as such experimentation is a means of saving human life and of increasing human vigor and efficiency. John Dewey
To make a discovery is not necessarily the same as to understand a discovery. Abraham Pais
Whoever gets this first will win the war. James Bryant Conant
Whatever the enemy may be planning, American science will be equal to the challenge. Franklin D. Roosevelt
We have spent $2 Billion on the greatest scientific gamble in history and won. The battle of the laboratories held fateful risks for us … and we have now won the battle of the laboratories as we have won the other battles. Harry S Truman
Because [scientific] researchers employ so much nuance and strive to disclose all remaining sources of uncertainty, scientific evidence is highly susceptible to selective reading and misinterpretation. Giving ideologues or partisans scientific data that is relevant to their beliefs is like unleashing them in the motivated reasoning equivalent of a candy store. Chris Mooney (journalist)
Nation’s that don’t invest in the future tend not to do well there. Thomas Friedman
It takes a thousand men to invent a telegraph, or a steam engine, or a phonograph, or a photograph, or a telephone, or any other Important thing--and the last man gets the credit and we forget the others. Mark Twain
We are trying to prove ourselves wrong as quickly as possible, because only in that way can we find progress. Richard P. Feynman
Behavior change is critical. While we’re working upstream, developing solutions, we’ve got to be thinking of delivery: How should we develop and deliver those solutions so that they will be adopted. Melinda Gates
It takes just as much work to do a study of something that is unimportant as it does to study something important, so why not pick something important where you may affect the world. Lawrence Summers
Temperate, sincere, and intelligent inquiry and discussion are only to be dreaded by the advocates of error. The truth need not fear them... Benjamin Rush
I wanted to cry because it took me so many years Jose Millan
We had the freedom to make mistakes. That's something very important. Heinrich Rohrer
In the history of physics, every time we've looked beyond the scales and energies we were familiar with, we've found things that we wouldn't have thought were there. Lisa Randall
It's hubris to think that the way we see things is everything there is. Lisa Randall
We are to give money of which we have to little for land of which we have too much. Fisher Ames
Throughout history, rich nations have gotten to the future first. Their companies can afford to equip their tinkerers and visionaries with the most advanced materials, instruments and knowledge. Eamonn Fingleton
The measure of greatness in a scientific idea is the extent to which it stimulates thought and opens up new lines of research. Paul Dirac
There are three principal means of acquiring knowledge available to us: observation of nature, reflection, and experimentation. Observation collects facts; reflection combines them; experimentation verifies the result of that combination. Denis Diderot
There is no serious statistical evidence in support of the view that tax rates at current levels have a major disincentive effect on economic growth. Lawrence Summers
Today, with the Executive Order I am about to sign, we will bring the change that so many scientists and researchers, doctors and innovators, patients and loved ones have hoped for and fought for these past eight years: We will lift the ban on federal funding for promising embryonic stem cell research. Now, in recent years, when it comes to stem cell research, rather than furthering discovery, our government has forced what I believe is a false choice between sound science and moral values. In this case, I believe the two are not inconsistent. Barack Obama
Technological innovations [in public health] that come from basic science have to be transformed from discovery to delivery, and that gap is huge. Paul Farmer
I consider myself fundamentally more of an environmentalist than many of the environmental groups. We have to come up with new sources of food, new sources of water, new sources of energy. Trying to ignore leading-edge science and technology as a means of getting there is an ostrich approach of burying your head in the sand. Craig Venter
We have discovered over 95 percent of all the genes that have been discovered by science off the deck of my sailboat. Craig Venter
When you live in a world in which juveniles are much more likely to be stopped—or if stopped, be arrested, or if arrested, be adjudicated—if they are Black, then all of the indicators associated with prior criminal history are going to be serving effectively as a proxy for race. Bernard Harcourt
The commission of crime is not randomly or evenly distributed in our society. If you wanted to remove everything correlated with race, you couldn’t use anything. Ellen Kurtz
I can attest to the very real potential for unnecessary pain, suffering, and death when the work of public-health officials is curtailed. David Satcher
The greatness of man: Fear is never allowed to dominate that desire for greater knowledge and as long as mankind retains that spirit, we will move forward. Eleanor Roosevelt
Experts, and people who give their lives to research, never seem to me to get proper recognition in this world. For most of us are so busy that we listen more readily to people who give us in simplified form what they have gathered from the experts. Every one of us owes a debt of gratitude which we should not forget, to the quiet and unobtrusive workers who do the really scientific work. Eleanor Roosevelt
What man can imagine, man can do. Morgan Freeman
If we don’t go, we don’t know. Deborah Hersman
The plague is upon us. One cannot well study plagues until after they have run their course. Abraham Flexner
I am thinking about something much more important than bombs. I am thinking about computers. John von Neumann
What could be wiser and to give people who can think the leisure in which to do it. Walter W. Stewart Jr.
We are much better at creating complex technologies than we are at controlling them. Eric Schlosser
No limit, no definition, may restrict the range or depth of the human spirit's passage into its own secrets or the world's. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Once you open the toy box they will play with the toys Margaret Atwood
The Central Intelligence Agency was interested in obtaining some factual information and data on the use and effect of various hallucinogens, including marijuana tetrahydrocannabinol and the then brand new LSD. Tests were made under both clinical and nonclinical conditions on both witting and unwitting subjects. George H. White
Our perceptions are limited. Our brains distort the truth. So do we ever know what is real? That is the mission of science. To probe deep into the massive puzzle box of nature to find its ultimate truths. Morgan Freeman
Experimental physicists break things apart to see what’s inside. Morgan Freeman
The first is determining how to deal with the great industrial combinations is knowledge of the facts—publicity. Theodore Roosevelt
Culture is the silent killer of innovation. Ann Richards
In every one of my scientific expeditions, the most significant findings were things I didn’t expect and was not originally what we were studying. Robert Ballard
Of what lasting benefit has been man's use of science and of the new instruments which his research brought into existence? First, they have increased his control of his material environment. They have improved his food, his clothing, his shelter; they have increased his security and released him partly from the bondage of bare existence. They have given him increased knowledge of his own biological processes so that he has had a progressive freedom from disease and an increased span of life. They are illuminating the interactions of his physiological and psychological functions, giving the promise of an improved mental health. Science has provided the swiftest communication between individuals; it has provided a record of ideas and has enabled man to manipulate and to make extracts from that record so that knowledge evolves and endures throughout the life of a race rather than that of an individual. Vannevar Bush
In medicine, or in science, you go down a path and it turns out to be a dead end, you really made a contribution, because we know we don’t have to go down that path again. In the press, they call it failure. And so people are unwilling to innovate, unwilling to take risks in government … Michael Bloomberg
Ideas are what power our economy. Barack Obama
When it comes to innovation, Silicon Valley appeared thanks to the government. Let’s not have illusions about this. It appeared in the first instance thanks to serious contracts with the military-industrial complex. And to this day, Silicon Valley—don’t try to twist things around, still relies heavily on … [government] contracts. Viktor Vekselberg
We could conquer cancer if we really wanted to. Arlen Specter
There is just no sensible, logical reason why we would not make use of stem cell research. Arlen Specter
There are no secrets in science. Charles Percy Snow
Science investigates religion interprets. Science gives man knowledge which is power religion gives man wisdom which is control.” Martin Luther King Jr.
Every addition to true knowledge is an addition to human power Horace Mann
Rumor is rarely more interesting than fact, but it is always more readily available. Stephen Carter
To enter upon rulership of a country but not preserve its scholars will result in the downfall of the country. Moizi
The finest minds seem to be formed rather by efforts at original thinking, by endeavors to form new combinations, and to discover new truths, than by passively receiving the impressions of other men's ideas. Jean-Baptiste Say
You cannot force ideas. Successful ideas are the result of slow growth. Ideas do not reach perfection in a day, no matter how much study is put upon them. Alexander Graham Bell
… chosen rare minds whose continuing intellectual productivity we wish to use. Joint Chiefs of Staff
Psychochemical warfare has the advantage of avoiding the wholesale killing of people or the mass destruction of property. Luther Wilson Greene
The Deputy Director of the CIA revealed that over thirty universities and institutions were involved in an "extensive testing and experimentation" program which included covert drug tests on unwitting citizens "at all social levels, high and low, native Americans and foreign." Several of these tests involved the administration of LSD to "unwitting subjects in social situations." At least one death, that of Dr. Olson, resulted from these activities. The Agency itself acknowledged that these tests made little scientific sense. The agents doing the monitoring were not qualified scientific observers Ted Kennedy
South Korea’s research and development output has increased from half the size of the Arab world to 20 times as large, and Israel’s research output on a per capita basis is 26 times as large as the Arab world’s. John Waterbury
China still faces mountains of problems. Some are historical legacies. Others might be the byproducts of our rapid development…. We still have a long way to go. Maybe it’s even good for individuals or nations to have a certain sense of insecurity. This can turn into motivation to work hard. Cui Tiankai
Einstein’s revolutionary theories helped unravel the secrets of the cosmos. They also led to the atomic bomb. Laurie Garrett
The idea [of the Quantum Computer] is to create a machine that is as intelligence as humans, and probably much more so. Geordie Rose
Every step forward in this nation has been directly due to or is closely allied with that wonderful faculty for delving into untried fields particular to Americans. New York Tribune
It’s a really exciting moment when you know something about the whole world that nobody else does. Pardis Sabeti
What a feeling! You and I are the only people in the world that really know that the Van Allen Belt is real. Conway W. Snyder
Most research and investment in this area [genetic engineering] is carried out by the private sector, which has little incentive to consider threats to public safety. Stewart M. Patrick
… problems and catastrophes may be inevitable, solutions are not. Isaac Asimov
My success in transplanting arteries between animals has pioneered surgical techniques that being closer the day when hearts and other organs will be transplanted into humans. No effort should be spared to reach this goal. Simon Flexner
When we explore other planets, we learn a lot about our own. Bill Nye
There must be no barriers to freedom of inquiry ... There is no place for dogma in science. The scientist is free, and must be free to ask any question, to doubt any assertion, to seek for any evidence, to correct any errors. Our political life is also predicated on openness. We know that the only way to avoid error is to detect it and that the only way to detect it is to be free to inquire. And we know that as long as men are free to ask what they must, free to say what they think, free to think what they will, freedom can never be lost, and science can never regress. J. Robert Oppenheimer
It worked. J. Robert Oppenheimer
We have begun to repay the Japanese for their brutalities and their mass murders of helpless civilians and prisoners of war. We will not quit until they are completely crushed. You have an important part to play in their defeat. There must not be a letup! J. Robert Oppenheimer
Other things being equal, whether we have large or reduced armaments, the nation which is the strongest industrially is the best equipped for war, because the machine shop and the laboratory are becoming the two most important elements of military preparation. Tasker H. Bliss
Don’t believe everything the professors tell you. Get your own information on your own terms. J. D. Salinger
Is it not clear that to give to such women as desire it and can devote themselves to literary and scientific pursuits all the advantages enjoyed by men of the same class will lessen essentially the number of thoughtless, idle, vain and frivolous women and thus secure the [sic] society the services of those who now hang as dead weight? Sarah Moore Grimke
All honor to the noble women that have devoted earnest lives to the intellectual needs of mankind! Elizabeth Cady Stanton
I gave my tooth for science. Louise Reiss
I continue to be moved by the knowledge that a group of organized people can effectively pressure government if they come up with data instead of rhetoric. Louise Reiss
When people don’t like the results that they are getting from honest scientific research, they try and discredit the researchers and the methods.. Mark Rosenberg
Having a firearm in your home, not only doesn’t protect you, but it puts you at 300 percent more risk that someone in your family will be killed in a homicide and 500 percent more likely that someone in your family will be killed by suicide…. The NRA didn’t like the fact that the research, very legitimate, high quality research, showed that having a gun in your home put’s you at more risk and it doesn’t protect you. Mark Rosenberg
There is no doubt that many expensive national projects may add to our prestige or serve science. But none of them must take precedence over human needs. Nelson A. Rockefeller
The deep things in science are not found because they are useful; they are found because it was possible to find them.. J. Robert Oppenheimer
Millions are spend annually on the cultivation and dissemination of science by the public authorities who will not give a penny for the advancement of astrology or sorcery. In other words, our society is deeply committed to beliefs about the nature of things, beliefs which are different from those to which the early Egyptian or Aztec civilizations were committed. Michael Polanyi
There are those who say that such research should be stopped by law, alleging that man’s destructive powers are already large enough. So no doubt that the more elderly and ape-like of our prehistoric ancestors objected to the innovation of cooked food and pointed out the grave danger of the use of the newly discovered agency, fire. Francis W. Aston
I don't know anything about free silver, [but] the people of Nebraska are for free silver and I am for free silver. I will look up the arguments later. William Jennings Bryan
Atoms for Peace Dwight D. Eisenhower
In holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that could itself become the captive of a scientific technological elite. Dwight D. Eisenhower
After World War II, the U. S. Government made massive investments in the nascent field of computer science, both in research and in industry. In the 1950s it bought almost 50 percent of all semiconductors that were produced, thus driving down their costs until the private sector could afford to buy them. Fareed Zakaria
We shall have to share out the fruits of technology among the whole of mankind. The notion that the direct and immediate producers of the fruits of technology have a proprietary right to these fruits will have to be forgotten. After all, who is the producer? Man is a social animal, and the immediate producer has been helped to produce by the whole structure of society, beginning with his own education. Arnold J. Toynbee
Wanted: Women With Degrees in Mathematics…. Women are being offered scientific and engineering jobs where formerly men were preferred. Now is the time to consider your job in science and engineering. University of Pennsylvania
Every technology is used before it is completely understood. We are living in that lag, and it is a right time to keep our head. Leon Wietseltier
Technology always takes longer [to develop] than you think. Megan Smith
We have discovered the secret of life. Francis Crick
I am pleased to see such a scientific experiment that would reflect on the glory of my reign.. Louis XIV
We cannot wait for regulators to catch up with science. Jeffery H. Toney
It was a stifling society with government controlling all aspects of life. You could not get funding for any sort of project. There was no infrastructure to support you. And there were a lot of social pressures to just take a government job and have some babies, and that’s it. Mo Ibrahim
I think the state’s role in the evolution of technology is best aimed at fueling adventures of the mind into the impossible reaches. That is very long range, and it’s the sort of thing that almost no companies have the wherewithal to contemplate. Michael Moritz
What use does a newborn infant have? Benjamin Franklin
Never has there been a close study of how necessary to a man are the experiences which we clumsily call aesthetic Czeslaw Milosz
The science is not settled …. We may in fact be going into a cooling period. Joe Barton
… after some hundreds of years of experience we think that we have learned … how to teach what is known. But now with the undeniable upsurge of scientific research, we cannot continue to rely on the mere fact that we have learned how to teach what is known. We must learn to teach the best attitude to what is not yet known. Charles Scott Sherrington
If you asked me, ‘Where’s the scientific evidence of what’s adding value to a campaign?,’ I’d say field organizing. But the campaign consultants who are most famous are the strategists, especially the ones who focus on TV. And that’s where the evidence of the effectiveness of anything that people do in campaigns is the most limited. Brendan Nyhan
Appreciating complexity while searching through its thickets to find essential factors leads to understanding. Ronald Grigor Suny
There may be no escape from the political aspects of setting the record straight on any genocide, and the Armenian Genocide more than most other mass killings has been the victim of deliberate, sustained falsication. Historians are embedded in those politics no matter how faithfully they attend to the obligations of their craft. Ronald Grigor Suny
The government spends $30 Billion a year on basic health research and the results have been fantastic for the country and the world. Bill Gates
A growing body of psychology research shows that incompetence deprives people of the ability to recognize their own incompetence. To put it bluntly, dumb people are too dumb to know it…. Along the same lines, people who aren't talented in a given area tend not to be able to recognize the talents or good ideas of others, from co-workers to politicians. This may impede the democratic process, which relies on citizens having the capacity to identify and support the best candidate or policy. Natalie Wolchover
Vaccines, genetically modified crops and foods, and cell phones are not threats to our well being. Goeffrey Kabat
The tobacco industry's success in manufacturing its own truth won it decades of increased profits, even if it put the lives of millions of Americans at risk. Ari Rabin-Havt
if you wait until a new technology is thoroughly understood before you use it, you will certainly be too late. Anonymous
Today, the solitary inventor has been over-shadowed by groups of scientists. Dwight D. Eisenhower
As scientists we are not really trained how to shout and make a lot of noise, buit when we try it, we're not so bad at it after all. Geoffrey Supran
Western Humanism does not ask the fundamental questions about the meaning and limits of personal experience. Humsniists leave aside the mysteries of contingency and transitoriness, for the certainties of research, production, consumption. Michael Novak
Basic research, performed for curiosity today, will drive the innovations years from now. When qunatum mecahnics was curioisty-driven basic research 80 years ago, no none had any inkling that there would be prectical cosequences of it. However today much more than half of entire gross nationa product was and is dependent on quantum mechanics. Cell phones, computers, and all the things we enjory were innovations that could not have taken place without an understanding of quantum mechanics. Brian Greene
When the government gets involved, innovation decreases. Mike Lee
This is a magical time for computer programming. We are moving towards the artifical intelligence holy grail of programming the computer to simulate the human brain. Bill Gates
Learning how to print the lens in layers was not trivial. But once we managed to optimize our materials for each color and understand how to design our layers, getting the focal points of each layer to align properly was the easy part. We can now use what we have learned about optimization to control other optical elements. Yehiam Prior
Who does science determines what science gets done. Radhika Nagpal
It is much harder to see under water than in air, as we land creatures do, so there are quite a few varied visual systems to be found in sea creatures. Dan Oron
Today, there are industries employing hundreds of thousands of engineers creating artificial intelligence. Andrew W. Moore
Artifical Intellegence is the most important of the coming technologies. Whoever can crack that will have a company worth 10 Microsofts. Bill Gates
Asking the right questions is half the solution to any problem. Vittorio Loreto
The fact that the alcohol lobby doesn’t want a particular kind of research to go forward should be a strong reason to fund it immediately” Nicholas G. Evans
Gene editing to make crops more abundant and resilient could be a lifesaver on a massive scale. The technology is already beginning to show results, attracting public and private investment, and for good reason. Scientists are developing crops with traits that enhance their growth, reduce the need for fertilizers and pesticides, boost their nutritional value, and make the plants hardier during droughts and hot spells. Already, many crops that have been improved by gene editing are being developed and tested in the field, including mushrooms with longer shelf lives, potatoes low in acrylamide (a potential carcinogen), and soybeans that produce healthier oil. Bill Gates
Bionics explores the interplay between biology and design. As you can see, my legs are bionic. Today, I will tell human stories of bionic integration; how electromechanics attached to the body, and implanted inside the body are beginning to bridge the gap between disability and ability, between human limitation and human potential. Hugh Herr
One of the main reasons that we have made so much progress in so many technological areas in recent years is that many people care about those areas. Bill Gates
We live in a world where all the parts of a robot are very cheap, yet we don't have a lot of robots. And the thing that has been missing has been good enough Artifical Intelligence. D. Scott Phoenix
Great is the study that brings us into action. Babylonian Talmud
The job of an anthropologist is to make the familiar strange and to make the strange familiar, Clay Risen

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