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The main goal of the future is to stop violence. The world is addicted to it. Bill Cosby
The most intense conflicts, if overcome, leave behind a sense of security and calm that is not easily disturbed. It is just these intense conflicts and their conflagration which are needed to produce valuable and lasting results. Carl Jung
There are laws for peace as well as war. Livy
Ballots are the rightful and peaceful successors to bullets. Abraham Lincoln
The most disadvantageous peace is better than the most just war. Desiderius Erasmus
It isn't enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn't enough to believe in it. One must work at it. Eleanor Roosevelt
The world will never have lasting peace so long as men reserve for war the finest human qualities. Peace, no less than war, requires idealism and self-sacrifice and a righteous and dynamic faith. John Foster Dulles
If you want to make peace, you don't talk to your friends. You talk to your enemies. Moshe Dayan
Peace is not only better than war, but infinitely more arduous. George Bernard Shaw
We make war that we may live in peace. Aristotle
What is our task? To make Britain a fit country for heroes to live in. David Lloyd George
Peace on earth would mean the end of civilization as we know it. Joseph Heller
We should seek by all means in our power to avoid war, by analysing possible causes, by trying to remove them, by discussion in a spirit of collaboration and good will. Neville Chamberlain
If peace cannot be maintained with honour, it is no longer peace. John Russell
If family violence teaches children that might makes right at home, how will we hope to cure the futile impulse to solve worldly conflicts with force? Letty Cottin Pogrebin
It is true we have won all our wars, but we have paid for them. We don't want victories anymore. Golda Meir
I think that people want peace so much that one of these days government had better get out of their way and let them have it. Dwight D. Eisenhower
Even peace may be purchased at too high a price. Benjamin Franklin
Let us have peace. Ulysses S. Grant
An election is coming. Universal peace is declared, and the foxes have a sincere interest in prolonging the lives of the poultry. George Eliot
War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. George Orwell
Making peace, I have found, is much harder than making war. Gerry Adams
There must be a beginning of any great matter, but the continuing unto the end until it be thoroughly finished yields the true glory. Francis Drake
If nations could only depend upon fair and impartial judgments in a world court of law, they would abandon the senseless, savage practice of war. Belva Lockwood
War may sometimes be a necessary evil. But no matter how necessary, it is always an evil, never a good. We will not learn how to live together in peace by killing each other's children. Jimmy Carter
I am sure that if the mothers of various nations could meet, there would be no more wars. E. M. Forster
There is no substitute for victory. Douglas MacArthur
When we turn to one another for counsel we reduce the number of our enemies. Khalil Gibran
To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving peace. George Washington
The United States is not a nation to which peace is a necessity. Grover Cleveland
Jerusalem is ours as much as yours; indeed, it is even more sacred to us than to you.... Do not imagine that we can to you or compromise on this. The land belongs to us from the beginning, while you have only just arrived and have taken it over only because of the weakness of the Moslems living there at the time. God will not allow a single stone to be rebuilt as long as the war lasts. As for the cross, its ownership is a high card in our hands and it cannot be surrendered except in exchange for something of priceless benefit to all Islam. Saladin
The time has come to stop this [war]. The points at issue are Jerusalem, the cross and the land. Jerusalem is for us an object of worship that we could not give up even if there were only one left. The cross, which for you is only a piece of wood with no value is for us of enormous importance. If the Sultan will deign to return it to us, we shall be able to make peace and rest from this endless labor. Richard I (Richard Lion-Heart)
Many in China find it perplexing that the U.S. and Russian perceptions are still so heavily influenced by the Cold War. Fu Ying
People should give up the old concepts of 'you lose. I win', or zero-sum game, and establish a new concept of peaceful development and win-win cooperation. If China develops well, it will benefit the whole world and benefit the United States. If the United States develops well, it will also benefit the world and China. Xi Jinping
In these days of intimate relations, of economic stress and of intense desire to protect national interests and advance national opportunity, the treatment of questions which, from a legal standpoint, are domestic, often seriously affects international relations. The principle, each nation for itself to the full extent of its powers, is the principle of war, not of peace. Charles Evans Hughes
We must bring it to pass ... if we have the peace that all the youth now in England, born of free men who have the means that they can apply to it, may be devoted to learning ... until such time as they can read well what is written in England. Alfred
Our country is at peace, but the stakes are as high as if we were at war – a war waged not with battleships, guns and planes but with words and money. Its foot soldiers, in a sense, are the lines of the unemployed, the pensioners crowding outside banks; cars queuing at gas stations are a crippled cavalry; generals are the finance ministers who lob proposals at one another with the aggression of those who will not suffer the consequences. All are caught up in a five-year campaign in which Greece has struggled to meet the terms of the biggest bailout in history.... Nikos Konstandaras
The Right said, "If we only annex the West Bank, we'll be safe and sound." The Left said, "If we only hand over the West Bank, we'll have peace". The Right said, "Our dead died because of the Left's delusions", while the Left said, "Our dead died because of the Right's fantasies." Rather than face a tragic reality imposed on us from without, we chose to create a simplistic narrative of Right against Left. Ari Shavit
Peace is not the absence of conflict. It is the ability to cope with conflict by peaceful means. Ronald Reagan
We have only two alternatives: Bug Out [of the Vietnam War] or accelerate, and that we must escalate or the Presidency is lost. Richard Nixon
I pledge to you that we shall have an honorable end to this war in Vietnam. Richard Nixon
We will continue our jihad until the creation of an Islamic System. The enemy with their talk of peace is trying by this propaganda to weaken the Jihad. Akhtar Mohammad Mansour
Property with peace and order; with civil and social manners ... are good things too; and, without them, liberty is not a benefit ... not likely to continue long. Edmund Burke
Dr. King's principal contribution to world peace has been to roam the country like some sable Typhoid Mary, infecting the mentally disturbed with perversions of Christian doctrine, and grabbing fat lecture fees from the shallow-pated. George Samuel Schuyler
We in America do not forget that it was the backs of white workers from Europe and on the backs of millions of Blacks that the wealth of America was built. And we are resolved to share it equally. We reject any hysterical raving that urges us to make war on anyone. Our will to fight for peace is strong...We shall support peace and friendship among all nations, with Soviet Russia and the People's Republics. Paul Robeson
Looking back at the past, together with deep remorse over the war, I pray that this tragedy of war will not be repeated and together with the people, express my deep condolences for those who fell in battle and in the ravages of war, and pray for world peace and the further prosperity of our country. Akihito
The war is over and these are our countrymen again. Ulysses S. Grant
Since I took office, Afghans have been waiting for Pakistan to show their tangible commitment to peace. But attacks in the past two months and now in Kabul have shown us that it is still the same as the past .... The sanctuaries of the suicide attackers [Taliban] are still in Pakistan. Ashraf Ghani
... the notion that the greater the preparation for war the smaller the probability of its occurrence might well appear a reductio ad absurdum of militarism, implying, as it does, that the only way to secure an eternal world peace is to concentrate the entire energy of all nations upon the art of war ... John A. Hobson
We desire you will hear and receive what we have now told you, and that you will open a good ear and listen to what we are now going to say. This is a family quarrel between us and Old England. You Indians are not concerned in it. We don't wish you to take up the hatchet against the king's troops. We desire you to remain at home, and not join on either side, but keep the hatchet buried deep. In the name and in behalf of all our people, we ask and desire you to love peace and maintain it, and to love and sympathize with us in our troubles; that the path may be kept open with all our people and yours, to pass and repass, without molestation. Continental Congress
With that prudence and delicacy, therefore, of which I know you possessed, represent to Congress the indispensable necessity of rescinding the hasty and ill-advised declaration of independency. Recommend, and you have an undoubted right to recommend, an immediate cessation of hostilities. Let the controversy be taken up where that declaration left it, and where Lord Howe certainly expected to find it left. Let men of clear and impartial characters, in or out of Congress, liberal in their sentiments, heretofore independent in their fortunes,--and some such may be found in America,--be appointed to confer with his Majesty's Commissioners. Let them, if they please, propose some well-digested constitutional plan, to lay before them at the commencement of the negotiation. When they have gone thus far, I am confident the usual happy consequences will ensue; unanimity will immediately take place through the different provinces; thousands who are now ardently wishing and praying for such a measure, will step forth, and declare themselves the zealous advocates for constitutional liberty; and millions will bless the hero that left the field of war, to decide this most important; contest with the weapons of wisdom and humanity. Jacob Duche
The African…regards the Universe as one composite whole; an organic entity, progressively driving towards greater harmony and unity whose individual parts exist merely as interdependent aspects of one whole realizing their fullest value in the corporate life where communal contentment is the absolute measure of values. African National Congress
It was the English who made the Hottentot free… And never, never, will there be security for the Griquas and the black natives of Africa until England continues to hold her hand over the whole country. Hendrik Hendriks
America is the friend of all the liberties of the world. She is the guardian only of her own. John Quincy Adams
Our experience with ad hoc wartime and post-hostilities agencies operating in the foreign field has demonstrated that not only are new agencies of little value in executing policies which go beyond the vision and the educational horizon of their own personnel, but that they actually develop a momentum of their own which, in the final analysis, tends to shape—rather than to serve—the national policy. George F. Kennan
There are no militarist adventuristic groups in USSR as among dominating classes in certain other countries where dangerous talk of "third world war" is being encouraged by foul imperialists. True supporters of peace will find real and faithful ally in USSR. This does not mean that our concern for the maintenance of our Armed Forces will diminish. Our Government and Red Army leaders are doing everything to assure that our Army is second to no other Army as regards newest types of armament. Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Molotov
The price of peace is eternal vigilance. Leonard Henry Courtney
Money trumps peace sometimes. There are a lot of very powerful commercial interests around the world. George W. Bush
Since the narrower or wider community of the peoples of the earth has developed so far that a violation of rights in one place is felt throughout the world, the idea of a cosmopolitan right is not fantastical, high-flown or exaggerated notion. It is a complement to the unwritten code of the civil and international law, necessary for the public rights of mankind in general and thus for the realization of perpetual peace. Immanuel Kant
Poor Wilson did not understand that a frontier which is not defended with bayonets, force and honor cannot be secured by any other principle. Kemal Ataturk
One day we might find ourselves making an alliance with the Greeks. Kemal Ataturk
In order to justify the sympathy and trust extended to me by people of all classes, even to the furthest corners of the world of Islam, I intend to form a People’s Party…after the establishment of peace, in order to devote my life to the good of my country as a humble individual. Kemal Ataturk
If the government is determined to reject what we have accepted, then do not ask us to do it…since the supreme interests of the country are above personal considerations, the national government can act according to its conviction. We expect no thanks from the government. The nation and history will be our judge. Mustafa Ismet
Freedom is won by violence, but needs mutual tolerance to survive. Huseyin Cahit
Suppose you go to war, you cannot fight always; and when, after much loss on both sides, and no gain on either, you cease fighting, the identical old questions, as to terms of intercourse, are again upon you… Abraham Lincoln
The war had been unnecessarily and unconstitutionally initiated by the president. George Ashmun
It's important to mend ties after a fight. Boris Yeltsin
I most cordially sympathize with your Excellency in the wish to preserve the peace of my own native state, Kentucky; but it is with regret I search, and cannot find, in your not very short letter, any declaration or intimation that you entertain any desire for the preservation of the Union. Abraham Lincoln
He distinguished himself by his opposition to the Mexican war, taking the side of the common enemy against his own country; and when he returned home he found that the indignation of the people followed him everywhere and he was again submerged or obliged to retire into private life, forgotten by his former friends. He came up again in 1854, just in time to make his Abolition or Black Republican platform, in company with Giddings, Lovejoy, Chase and Fred Douglas for the Republican party to stand upon. Stephen Douglas
It is our duty to persuade the nations of the world, in whatever way that we can, to settle their differences in some other way. (Other than war) William Howard Taft
Efforts to fight and win the Global War on Terror, while simultaneously promoting democracy throughout the world, also require an improved and creative campaign of public diplomacy …. We can use medicine as a currency for peace. William Frist
When states decide to use force to deal with broader threats to international peace and security, they need the unique legitimacy provided by the United Nations. Kofi Annan
We could have peace in one year if women were organized. Jeannette Rankin
The world would have peace if the men of politics would only follow the Gospel. Bridget of Sweden; Birgitta
Women have a great responsibility. . .to try. . .to prevent another war. I hope. . .that we will be able to use this great atomic energy. . .for peaceful work. Lise Meitner
There are no accidents, only nature throwing her weight around. Even the bomb merely releases energy that nature has put there. Nuclear war would be just a spark in the grandeur of space. Nor can radiation "alter" nature: she will absorb it all. After the bomb, nature will pick up the cards we have spilled, shuffle them, and begin her game again. Camille Paglia
I am a peace man except when I wish to fight. Henry Ward Beecher
They put aside the talk of peace and instead acted for peace. Jehan Sadat
Before the human race today there are only two roads: War or brotherhood. Charles de Gaulle
The one peace possible: A homeland for everybody. Yael Dayan
Wise men promote peace in the world. Eleazar ben Durdia
The Iranians and the Syrians, sipping their coffee in their cafes discussing politics, want to fight the Israelis to the last Lebanese and the last Palestinian. Hisham Melhem
Every diplomatic breakthrough is preceded by a crisis, but not every crisis leads to a breakthrough. John Roberts
The French nation, content to be free, does not wish to engage herself in any war and wishes to live with all peoples in that brotherhood ordained by nature. Maximilien Robespierre
I can predict with absolute certainty that within another generation there will be another world war if the nations of the world do not concert the method by which to prevent it. Woodrow Wilson
The United Nations is your instrument for peace and justice. Use it. Kofi Annan
I believe it is peace for our time. Neville Chamberlain
Every society has a right to preserve public peace and order, and therefore has a good right to prohibit the propagation of opinions which have a dangerous tendency. Samuel Johnson
Diplomacy was the only protection we had against war; and its achievements were of the utmost importance and value to the human race. Robert Cecil; Edgar Algernon Robert Gascoyne-Cecil
The vast majority of the peoples of the world are against war and against aggression. If they make their wishes known and effective, war can be stopped. It all depends on whether they are willing to make the effort necessary for the purpose Robert Cecil; Edgar Algernon Robert Gascoyne-Cecil
During the times of peace and prosperity a leader becomes careless and unmindful of the future Ali ibn Abi Talib
If you overpower your enemy, then pardon him by way of thankfulness to Allah, for being able to subdue him. Ali ibn Abi Talib
If you overpower your enemy, then pardon him by way of thankfulness to Allah, for being able to subdue him. Ali ibn Abi Talib
A sword's honor is its idleness. Welsh Proverb
The new era which is dawning in our country, beneath the great southern stars, will lift us out of the silent grief of our past and into a future in which there will be opportunity and space for joy and beauty-for real and lasting peace. N. P. van Wyk Louw
Peace comes from being able to contribute the best that we have, and all that we are, toward creating a world that supports everyone. But it is also securing the space for others to contribute the best that they have and all that they are. Hafsat Abiola
Most of the conflict in the world today has religious causes so religious leaders can be instrumental in bringing peace. Yona Metzger
Politicians make pacts; people make peace. Joseph A. Califano Jr.
Is there any wonder that there can be no peace in a world where everything possible is done to guarantee that the youth of every nation will grow up absolutely without moral and religious discipline, and without the shadow of an interior life, or of that spirituality, charity and faith which alone can safeguard the treaties and agreements made by governments? Thomas Merton
Sure we won the war, but the peace we’re losing badly. Harry Reid
The only reason to treat nuclear power differently from all the other developments in the field of physics is its staggering possibilities as a means of political pressure in peace and sudden destruction in war. James Frank
No to Bloodshed, No to Occupation, Yes to Negotiations, Yes to Peace. Anonymous
If I were the Germans, I shouldn't sign the treaty. It gives them no hope—either now or in the future. Harold Nicolson
History will show that perhaps we did not think through the aftermath of the fall of Baghdad. But here we are. John Warner
No doubt it requires two to fight. But both of them need not necessarily be fighters. It is, all the same, a fight, even if one goes on beating and the other gets beaten. There is no guarantee that others would behave properly with us even if we remain peaceful and cordial with them. Guruji Golwalkar
… ignorant and irresponsible men cutting up the world as if it were a cake. Harold Nicolson
Make Love, Not War Herbert Marcuse
Reform is not like pushing a button…. If you don’t have peace, you have to spend most of your money on the army and security issues. All of these factors won’t make reform fast. It will definitely be slow. We are living under tension … you can’t have reform under tension. Bashir Assad
My policy is trust—peace, and to put aside the bayonet Rutherford B. Hayes
Your petitioners most sadly weighing the present wretched condition of this divided nation; and having too just cause to fear the bitter and fatal consequences of a civil war already broken out amongst us even to the effusion of abundance of blood in several parts of this kingdom, out of piety towards God and pity towards men; do humbly represent unto your lordships the great and unhappy divisions both in church and state of which the bloody rebels in Ireland take advantage, the common safety is infested and endangered, the face of religion is greatly disfigured, commerce and trade the only support of this City exceedingly impaired, whereof none can be equally sensible with us; those with whom we trade in most parts of this, and the kingdom of Ireland much disabled and impoverished by the violence and rapine of soldiers, some of them totally despoiled, others fearing the like measure, the multitude of poor people in and about this City (who by reason of cessation of trade want employment and consequently bread) infinitely abound; sadness of heart, famine, misery, and utter ruin attend us and the whole nation in this condition; besides two great armies being almost at an interview in the bowels of the kingdom ready for another fearful encounter unless a happy mutual concurrence of his majesty, your lordships, and the honourable House of Commons speedily intervene. Anonymous
On Tuesday morning a large group of women came and. demanded, peace .The next day they came again in a far greater number... they became unruly and many women were killed by the trained guard. Thomas Knyvett
We have lived a long time.... without war... We have had peace when all the world has been in arms... It is … a thing most horrible that we should engage ourself in war with another.... With our own venom... we will destroy ourself. Henry Slingsby
Our foreign policy has been inspired by two simple principles: the determination to place France's interests above all others, and the conviction that France has no greater interest than that of peace. Leon Blum
In the event of a victory over Germany by Soviet Russia and England, Bolshevism in Europe would inevitably follow. Under these circumstances I would prefer to see Germany win the war. I feel that an understanding could be reached (with Germany) which would result in a lasting peace with Europe and believe that a German victory is preferable to a British and Soviet victory. Aristide Briand
If people really knew, the war would be stopped tomorrow. But of course they don't know, and can't know. The correspondents don't write and the censorship wouldn't pass the truth. What they do send is not the war, but just a pretty picture of the war with everybody doing gallant deeds. The thing is horrible and beyond human nature to bear and I feel I can't go on with this bloody business. David Lloyd George
Having received information that in another part of the United States a great number of private individuals were combining together, arming and organizing themselves contrary to law, to carry on a military expedition against the territories of Spain, I thought it necessary, by proclamation as well as by special orders, to take measures for preventing and suppressing this enterprise, for seizing the vessels, arms, and other means provided for it, and for arresting and bringing to justice its authors and abettors. It was due to that good faith which ought ever to be the rule of action in public as well as in private transactions, it was due to good order and regular government, that while the public force was acting strictly on defensive and merely to protect our citizens from aggression the criminal attempts of private individuals to decide for their country the question of peace or war by commencing active and unauthorized hostilities should be promptly and efficaciously suppressed. Thomas Jefferson
[Referring to New Orleans] We had not been unaware of the danger to which our peace would be perpetually exposed whilst so important a key to the commerce of the Western country remained under foreign power …. With the wisdom of Congress it will rest to take those ulterior measures which may be necessary for the immediate occupation and temporary government of the country; for its incorporation into our Union; for rendering the change of government a blessing to our newly adopted brethren; for securing to them the rights of conscience and of property; for confirming to the Indian inhabitants their occupancy and self-government, establishing friendly and commercial relations with them, and for ascertaining the geography of the country acquired …. we had not been unaware of the danger to which our peace would be perpetually exposed whilst so important a key to the commerce of the Western country remained under foreign power Thomas Jefferson
Civilization will not last, freedom will not survive, peace will not be kept, unless a very large majority of mankind unite together to defend them and show themselves possessed of a constabulary power before which barbaric and atavistic forces will stand in awe. Winston Churchill
Courage is the price that Life exacts for granting peace Amelia Earhart
If they told us that peace is the price of giving up on a united Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty, my reply would be “Let's do without peace.” Yitzhak Rabin
Refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbors should be permitted to do so at the earliest practicable date ... United Nations
Resettlement in new homes was the only possible and practicable solution Elfan B. Rees
At all times, day by day, we have to continue fighting for freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom from want--for these are things that must be gained in peace as well as in war. Eleanor Roosevelt
These are the stakes. To make a world in which all of God’s children can live, or to go into the dark. We must either love each other, or we must die Lyndon B. Johnson
In the Mediterranean you have a choice. Either you fight or you cooperate. Romano Prodi
Mistrust and conflict form a self-reinforcing cycle in which the mistrust causes conflict that reinforces the mistrust Andrew H. Kydd
Cooperation requires a certain degree of trust between states. The threshold of trust required for cooperation depends on a set of variables including a state's relative power and costs of conflict…. conflict between trustworthy states is possible, when we see conflict it is a sign that one or both of the states are likely to be untrustworthy. Andrew H. Kydd
As we really and truly seek peace we really and truly welcome you to live among us in peace and security. Anwar Sadat
What is a compromise? It is a work of mutual concession --- an agreement in which there are reciprocal stipulations --- a work in which, for the sake of peace and concord, one party abates his extreme demands in consideration of an abatement of extreme demands by the other party: it is a measure of mutual concession --- a measure of mutual sacrifice. Henry Clay
Peace is much more precious than a piece of land. Anwar Sadat; Mohamed Anwar El-Sedat
After long thinking, I was convinced that the obligation of responsibility before God and before the people make it incumbent upon me that I should go to the far corners of the world, even to Jerusalem to address members of the Knesset and acquaint them with all the facts surging in me, then I would let you decide for yourselves.... Anwar Sadat; Mohamed Anwar El-Sedat
Your treaty does not mean peace --- far, very far, from it. If we are to judge the future by the past, it means war. Is there any guarantee of peace other than the guarantee, which comes of the control of the war-making power by the people? Yet what great rule of democracy does the treaty leave unassailed? The people in whose keeping alone you can safely lodge the power of peace or war nowhere, at no time and in no place, have any voice in this scheme for world peace. Autocracy which has bathed the world in blood for centuries reigns supreme. Democracy is ever excluded. This, you say, means peace. William E. Borah
A good sword is the one left in its scabbard. Japanese Proverb
No man can sit down and withhold his hands from the warfare against wrong and get peace from his acquiescence. Woodrow Wilson
When everyone is unanimous, I wonder whether they are right…. George, at every meeting henceforth I want you to make the most cogent and articulate argument against the war and I will never stop you. Lyndon B. Johnson
War is sweet to him who does not go to it. Portuguese Proverb
Peace with a cudgel in hand is war. Portuguese Proverb
The normal state of mankind is war and peace is an aberration. David Horowitz
I am against any reconciliation with Israel. I do not even recognize the presence of a state that is called "Israel." I consider its presence both unjust and unlawful. That is why if Lebanon concludes a peace agreement with Israel and brings that accord to the Parliament our deputies will reject it; Hezbollah refuses any conciliation with Israel in principle Hassan Nasrallah
I love my country but I cannot vote for war. Jeannette Rankin
Nonviolence is a powerful and just weapon . . . which cuts without wounding . . . It is a sword that heals. Martin Luther King Jr.
The American color bar, unless speedily removed, will be the rock on which our international Good Neighbor policy and our pious claims to moral leadership will founder. Charles Hamilton Houston
We believe in peace, but we are not pacifists. Sometimes we have to use force Madeleine Albright
It is often pacifists who, halting and stumbling and not knowing whither they are going, finally drift helplessly into a war. Theodore Roosevelt
It was good for the Japanese. It was good for the Russians, and it was good for me. Theodore Roosevelt
Victory or defeat in interstate war depends on numerous factors, but what is ultimately decisive is the relative amount of economic resources at a government's disposal. Hans-Hermann Hoppe
There is a huge failure of Arab leadership not only on the issue of peace (with Israel) but also on reform. Roula Khalaf
We make to the Indians this solemn declaration of our unalterable determination, that we wish them to live in peace with all nations as well as with us, and we have no intention ever to strike them or to do them an injury of any sort, unless first attacked or threatened Thomas Jefferson
Towards the attainment of our two objects of peace and lands, it is essential that our agent acquire that sort of influence over the Indians which rests on confidence. Thomas Jefferson
The most economical as well as the most humane conduct towards the Indians is to bribe them into peace and to retain them in peace by eternal bribes Thomas Jefferson
Our system is to live in perpetual peace with the Indians, to cultivate an affectionate attachment from them by everything just and liberal which we can do for them within the bounds of reason, and by giving them effectual protection against wrongs from our own people. Thomas Jefferson
The object of government in peace and in war is not the glory of rulers or of races, but the happiness of the common man. William Beveridge
We believe that we should spread wide the mantle of justice and benevolence and embrace the different religious communities with mercy and compassion. Measures to improve conditions should include Muslims and non-Muslims alike, who should be provided everything they might hope for in the way of peace and security. Hafiz
The truth is that the fall of Napoleon is the hardest blow that our taxing system ever felt. It is now impossible to make people believe that immense fleets and armies are necessary. William Cobbett
The difficulties of peace are better than the agony of war Menachem Begin
Not One More Death. Not One More Dollar Raging Grannies
It is essential that a government mold itself … to the nature of the circumstances, the times, and the men that comprise it. If these factors are prosperity and peace, the government should be mild and protecting; but if they are turbulence and disaster, it should be stern and arm itself with a firmness that matches its dangers, without regard for laws or constitutions until happiness and peace have been reestablished. Simon Bolivar
How beautiful it would be if the Isthmus of Panama should come to be to us what the Isthmus of Corinth was to the Greeks! May God grant that some day we may have the happiness of installing there an august congress of the representatives of the republics, kingdoms and empires, to discuss and study the high interests of peace and war with nations of other three parts of the world! Simon Bolivar
Peace initiatives, the so-called peaceful solutions, and the international conferences to resolve the Palestinian problem, are all contrary to the beliefs of the Islamic Resistance Movement. Hamas
You help us pay for the war we’ll fight; we’ll launch it while you’re asleep at night. We don’t need friends all around the world; We’ll buy our friends with our flag unfurled, And spread our arms on a global scale To show the world that we still prevail. Oh, we’re not leaders inspiring peace, But we’re in power as the world’s police. So pay your tax for our little war, And we’ll not ask for any more. This year! James H. Boren
No country can be expected to make peace with a nation that denies its right to exist. George W. Bush
There shall henceforth be peace and amity between their Majesties the Emperor of Japan and the Emperor of all the Russias, and between their respective States and subjects. Japan; Russia
If you want peace, work for justice Paul VI; Giovanni Battista Montini
In peace, as a wise man, he should make suitable preparation for war. Horace; Quintus Horatius Flaccus
The duration and severity of war has always increased with an increase in state power. Larger states, far from providing peace, merely provide larger wars, having more human and material resources to pour into them. Kirkpatrick Sale
Contrary to public understanding, Anarchism means 'peace on earth, good will to men'. Acts of violence done in the name of Anarchy are caused by men and women who forget to be philosophers - teachers of the people - because their physical and mental suffering drive them to desperation Voltairine de Cleyre
In Russia the workers are powerless, kept in spiritual as well as physical bondage. The American workers are free to take up the fight, free to act, to read, to publish, to discuss, to instruct themselves, to combine in unions, to assemble in meeting, to strike. Hence it is only here [America] that the fight for peace can begin…. The [solution] consists in mass-actions of American workers against capitalist power. If they should proceed to wrench the decision on policy from big capital, the most essential step to deter the threat of atomic war would be made Anton Pannekoek
Today the atomic bomb has altered profoundly the nature of the world as we know it, and the human race consequently finds itself in a new habitat to which it must adapt its thinking... Never before was it possible for one nation to make war on another without sending armies across borders. Now with rockets and atomic bombs no center of population on the earth's surface is secure from surprise destruction in a single attack.... We cannot leave it to generals, senators, and diplomats to work out a solution over a period of generations… There is no defense in science against the weapon which can destroy civilization. Our defense is not in armaments, nor in science, nor in going underground. Our defense is in law and order… Future thinking must prevent wars. Albert Einstein
With the coming of peace, the workers are no longer needed as soldiers; they are no longer comrades, defenders of the fatherland, heroes. Once more they become beasts of burden, objects of exploitation. Anton Pannekoek
No absolute is going to make the lion lie down with the lamb unless the lamb is inside the lion. D. H. Lawrence
Resolved, by the general assembly of Virginia, that in view of the imminent danger of civil war, this assembly, in behalf of the commonwealth of Virginia, ask respectfully, on the one hand, of the president of the United States, and on the other, of the authorities of each of the southern states, to the end, that if possible, peace may yet be preserved; that they will reciprocally communicate assurances in response to the general assembly of Virginia, now in session, that the status quo of all movements tending to occasion collision, and concerning the forts and arsenals of the nation, shall, on either hand, be strictly maintained for the present, except to repel any actual aggressive attempt. Ginni Rometty
To Perpetual Peace Immanuel Kant
There are two things that will always be difficult for a democratic people to do: to start a war and to finish it Alexis de Tocqueville
In the face of a world that is far from being tranquil and the formidable tasks before us, all Party members must be mindful of the potential danger and stay prepared against adversities in times of peace. We must be keenly aware of the rigorous challenges brought about by ever-sharpening international competition. Jiang Zemim
How have the past four years served Israel or the Palestinians? We want a solution for the sake of humanity. Karim Kawar
The world will not find rest by just saying "peace. Afghanistan Proverb
There will be no lasting peace on earth unless we learn not merely to tolerate but even to respect the other faiths as our own. Mohandas K. Gandhi
To achieve something in Afghanistan is difficult; to maintain it is much more difficult. Sayed Gailani
The Palestinian Authority has no authority. Nathan J. Brown
We must have universal military training because the one hope for a peaceful world is a powerful America… with adequate means to instantly check aggressors. George S. Patton
There are a lot of starry eyed State Department boys busting to raise the standard of living of Arabs who should be all killed off… no State Department people should be permitted in a theater of war, nor at the peace treaty George S. Patton
Officers who fail to correct errors or to praise excellence are valueless in peace and dangerous misfits in war. George S. Patton
Temple of Peace Andrew Carnegie
Don't let's talk of national honor: what do such phrases mean? The plain fact is that war means the slaughter of millions. If the Prime Minister can still maintain the peace he will have saved those lives, he mustn't be rushed. James Maxton
The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war Hyman Rickover
Black Friday Anonymous
Black Friday Anonymous
Bread and Peace Anonymous
Ense Petit Placidam Sub Libertate Quietem Anonymous
Everything's Booming But the Guns Anonymous
If people want peace in the world, then Ging Wei should be gotten rid of, if people want a good world, then they need Kou Zhuan. Anonymous
The P. L. I.— invincible in peace, invisible in war. Anonymous
Nonviolence or Nonexistence Anonymous
Peace Bridge Anonymous
Peace can be established only if it is based on social justice Anonymous
Peace is not a word—it is a way of living. Anonymous
We must ask people to forget about the past and to live for the future. Mahmoud Abbas
Women are rarely represented at the peace tables. That’s probably why we have so many wars. Bella Abzug
Mere opposition to foreign war rarely injured public men, except while the war-fever lasted …. But opposition became unpardonable when it took a form which could have no apparent objective except national ruin. Henry Adams
The firmest security of peace is the preparation during peace of the defenses of war. John Quincy Adams
Universal and perpetual peace appear to me no more or less than everlasting passive obedience and non-resistance. The human flock would be fleeced or butchered by one or a few. John Adams
Peace and stability cannot be achieved by means of nuclear weapons. Gholamreza Aghazadeh
The people don’t want an armed peace. Bertie Ahern
Arms once taken up should never be laid down, but upon one of three conditions—a safe peace, a complete victory, or an honorable death. Jeanne Albret
Prosperity is a parent to peace. Madeleine Albright
It takes patience to work with allies and to bring out the best in international organizations. Madeleine Albright
The lion shall lie down with the lamb, but the lamb won’t get much sleep. Woody Allen
What regrets I have about being a party to killing and maiming thousands of Japanese civilians this morning are tempered with the hope that the terrible weapon we have created may bring the countries of the world together and prevent further wars. Luis Alvarez
How can modern life, with its overpowering proportion of industrial activity and its infinitesimal proportion of military, keep alive the instincts associated with war as against those developed by peace? Norman Angell
Peace can be neither coerced nor enforced. Kofi Annan
We [the Russians] are going to do something terrible to you [America]—we are going to deprive you of an enemy. Georgi Arbatrov
What is the greatest achievement in ruling an empire? That the subjects should live continually in a state of peace, and justice be administered speedily in cases of dispute. Letter of Aristeas
Peace is something that unfortunately cannot be made unilaterally. Hanan Ashrawi
If peace should break out, what are we going to do with all these weapons. Leslie Aspin
The difficult thing about the way we do peacekeeping now is that there is no budget for it. Leslie Aspin
People call us [Moslems] terrorists while ours is a religion of peace. Dawud Assad
Peace at home. Peace in the world. Kemal Ataturk
If the Welsh will not have peace with us, they shall perish at the hands of the Saxons. Augustine of Britain
It is better for aged diplomats to be bored than for young men to die. Warren R. Austin
There is no shame in being compelled by force to accept an unjust and undesirable situation. It is shameful to accept such a fact without attempting to prevent it. Abdul Rahman Hassan Azzam
Among the many defects that have been pointed out in the Federal Constitution ... is an office for promoting and preserving perpetual peace in our country.... Let a Secretary of Peace be established. Benjamin Banneker
Peace is security. Ehud Barak
Peace has its price, but it is much less expensive than war. Ehud Barak
I was not afraid to make war. I am not afraid to make peace. Ehud Barak
Has any anti-war demonstration ever stopped a war? Lucy G. Barber
We are here to make a choice between the quick and the dead.... We must elect World Peace or World Destruction. Bernard Baruch
It makes twenty years or more of peace to make a man. It takes only twenty seconds of war to destroy him. Baudouin I
Whenever there is talk of peace, there is anger in the military- industrial- political complex. Edward Bauman
Security provided by peace treaties is preferable to security enforced by troops. Yossi Beilin
There will be not only peace between us and the Arabs ... but close friendship and cooperation. David Ben-Gurion
Peace is better than a place in history. Justo Pastor Benitez
Peace and security for the United States depend on building principled, constructive, clear-eyed relations with our former great-power adversaries. Samuel R. Berger
Peace: A period of cheating between two periods of fighting. Ambrose Bierce
Know the power that is peace. Big Elk
The United States does not believe in durable coexistence with a moral threat. Conrad Black
The priest promotes war, and the soldier peace. William Blake
If mankind hated war, there would be millions of us and only two soldiers. Lee Blessing
I don’t see any role for American peacekeepers in the Middle East because there is no peace to be kept. Max Bodt
For the maintenance of peace, nations should avoid the pin-pricks which forerun cannon shots. Napoleon Bonaparte
Has every defense contractor yielded a perfect product, at minimal cost? Has every cancer project brought a cure? Has every space launching succeeded? Has every diplomatic initiative brought peace? Why should a less than perfect record for social programs be less tolerable to society than failed economic, military or diplomatic policies? Hyman Bookbinder
Peace upon any other basis than national independence, peace purchased at the cost of any part of our national integrity, is fit only for slaves, and even when purchased at such a price it is a delusion, for it cannot last. William E. Borah
You can’t build peace on empty stomachs. Norman Borlaug
For the sake of peace you have to accept risk. Boutros Boutros-Ghali
The way to win an atomic war is to make sure it never starts. Omar N. Bradley
We know more about war than we do about peace. Omar N. Bradley
We are much in the position of those who love peace so much that they are ready to fight for it. Louis D. Brandeis
This has been a magnificent epic. In God’s name let it not terminate in farce. John Cabell Breckinridge
In peace and war it's always money. David Brinkley
People who are starving can hardly become a peaceful people. David Brinkley
There is not the slightest doubt that Lewis is working and has worked during the past two years at least as an integral part of the pro-Nazi fifth column, aiming at a negotiated peace with Hitler, and at the Nazi subjugation of the United States itself.... This is treason. Earl Browder
There will be no peace in this land until slavery is ended. John Brown
The superior power may offer peace with honor and with safety. Edmund Burke
The habit of declaring sympathy for the enemy will not be allowed. Persons committing such offenses will be arrested with a view toward being tried, or sent beyond our lines to the lines of our friends. Ambrose Burnside
Peace is a spirit, and not an intellectual abstraction. Elihu Burritt
The Commonwealth of Venice in their armoury have this inscription, "Happy is that city which in time of peace thinks of war. Robert Burton
I wish I know a law that would make people love on another because I would sign it. George W. Bush
In order to keep the peace you’ve got to have the authorization to use force. George W. Bush
In times of peace the stakes of our debate appear small. George W. Bush
The first responsibility of any President is to work for peace in the world and prosperity at home. George W. Bush
We have the means of removing starvation and disease. We have almost unlimited power in sight, that can make the waste lands bloom. We have the possibility of banishing disease.... We ... can learn the truth and ... tell it to one another throughout a healthy world that is secure against the ravages of nature. It is the setting for a world of peace and unity. One thing is lacking. Good will and understanding. Vannevar Bush
To robbery, butchery and rapine they give the lying name “government;” they create a desolation and call it peace. Calgacus
Excessive economic and social disparity between individuals and peoples of the one human race is a source of scandal and militates against social justice, equity, human dignity, as well as social and international peace. Catholic Church
Peace of God Catholic Church
We go about peace in a very belligerent way, don't we. Robert Cecil
We must not purchase a shameful peace by leaving the colored population in the place they stood before the war. Joseph Chamberlain
The function will be criticized, since there is already talk of a so-called “Cliveden” set which is alleged to be pro-Hitler, but which, in reality, is only pro-Chamberlain and pro-sense. Henry Channon
Within a week he reversed himself and told me to get President Thieu to go to the Paris Peace Talks. How could he do that to a friend? Anna Chan Chennault
Through democracy we shall have peace [in the Balkans]. Jacques Chirac
All of the nations of the world, for realistic as well as spiritual reasons, must come to the abandonment of the use of force. Winston Churchill; Dwight D. Eisenhower
... a lust for peace. Winston Churchill
Germany is organized not only for war but for peace. We are organized for nothing except party politics. Winston Churchill
He [Aneurin Bevan] will be as great a curse to this country in peace as he was a squalid nuisance in time of war. Winston Churchill
There is no limit to the ingenuity of man if it is properly applied under conditions of peace and justice. Winston Churchill
This is the true glory, and long will it gleam upon our forward path. Winston Churchill
Those who can win a war well can rarely make a good peace and those who could make a good peace would never have won the war. Winston Churchill
I prefer the most unfair peace to the most righteous war. Marcus Tullius Cicero
The practice of public speaking flourishes in every peaceful and free state. Marcus Tullius Cicero
Wars are to be undertaken in order that it may be possible to live in peace without molestation. Bella suscipienda sunt ob eam causam, ut sine injuria in pace vivatur. Marcus Tullius Cicero
That he was so enamoured on peace, that he would have been glad the king should have bought it at any price. Earl of Clarendon; Edward Hyde
Sacagewa reconciles all the Indians to our friendly intentions. A woman with a party of men is a token of peace. George Rogers Clark
... the greatest moral victory in the history of civilization if it actually keeps out of a war. James B. Clark
I gained the unenviable distinction of being the first United States Army Commander in history to sign an armistice without a victory. Mark Wayne Clark
No man in the nation wants peace more than I; but I prefer the troubled ocean of war, demanded by the honor and independence of the country, with all its calamities and desolation, to the tranquil and putrescent pool of ignominious peace. Henry Clay
Peaceably if we can, forcibly if we must. Henry Clay
How can I talk to a fellow [Woodrow Wilson] who thinks himself the first man in two thousand years to know anything about peace on earth? Georges Clemenceau
We have won the war. Now we have to win the peace, and it may be more difficult. Georges Clemenceau
The most expensive peace is far less costly than the cheapest war. Bill Clinton
We can’t prevent every conflict or stop every outrage Bill Clinton
Say not the struggle naught availeth, The labour and the wounds are vain, The enemy faints not, nor faileth, And as things have been, things remain ... For while the tired waves, vainly breaking, Seem here no painful inch to gain, Far back, through creeks and inlets making, Comes silent, flooding in, the main. And no by eastern windows only, When daylight comes, comes in the light, In front, the sun climbs slow, how slowly, But, westward, look, the land is bright. Arthur Hugh Clough
The Cliveden Set Claud Cockburn
The Yanks are coming And we won’t come back till it’s over Over there! George M. Cohan
Some people would rather dig fresh graves than heal old wounds. William S. Cohen
France has imposed upon herself an average of more than 2 billion francs a year. This is the minimum price of armed peace for one country only …. Think what United Europe might have done with these millions, had she consecrated even half to the service of progress. Baron d'Estournelles de Constant
The foreign policy of America can best be described by one word: peace. Calvin Coolidge
War is an invention of the human mind. The human mind can invent peace with justice. Norman Cousins
That one day this country of ours, which we love so much, will find dignity and greatness and peace again. Noel Coward
The concept of military readiness is well understood, but readiness for what happens after the fighting stops is just as important. Chester A. Crocker
It must be a peace with no losers. Crocker Chester
I want no peace till the Indians suffer more. Samuel R. Curtis
To give laws unto a people; to institute magistrates and officers over them; to punish and pardon malefactors; to have the sole authority of making war and peace, are the true marks of sovereignty. John Davies
The war must go on to last man of this generation falls in his tracks … unless you acknowledge our right to self government. We are not fighting for slavery. We are fighting for independence, and that, or extermination, we will have Jefferson Davis
The peaceful path out of totalitarianism has never been tested. Gianni De Michelis
If it's radical to want an end to war and an end to violence, so that we can devote ourselves to the challenges of peace, then I'm pleased to call myself a radical. Ronald V. Dellums
After four years of failure to restore the Union by the experiment of war, … justice, humanity, liberty and the public welfare demand … a cessation of hostilities … Democratic Party
Although the policy of England is peace, there is no country so well prepared for war as our own ….If she enters in a righteous cause … her resources … are inexhaustible. She is not a country that when she enters on a campaign, has to ask herself whether she can support a second or a third campaign. She enters into a campaign which she will not terminate till right is done Benjamin Disraeli
We have brought you back, I think, Peace with Honor. Benjamin Disraeli
Lord Salisbury and myself have brought you back peace – but a peace I hope with honour. Benjamin Disraeli
Only by decisions of national policy based upon accurate information can we have the chance that peace will endure. William J. Donovan
The shortest way to peace is the most stupendous and unanimous preparation for war. Stephen Douglas
Peace will never be won if men reserve for war their greatest efforts. John Foster Dulles
Peace is an unstable equilibrium, which can only be preserved by acknowledged supremacy or equal power. Ariel Durant & Will Durant
There is no issue of greater importance to the U.S. Senate than war and peace. David Durenburger
Wars are most often won by those who have made the greatest effort to prevent them. Abba Eban
Our task was not only to assert our rights, but also to bring our rights into harmony with the rights and interests of others. Abba Eban
Since negotiation would have to take place after the war, why not have negotiations before and instead of the war. Abba Eban
I think this is the first war in history [the Six-Day War] that on the morrow the victors sued for peace and the vanquished called for unconditional surrender. Abba Eban
You may gain temporary appeasement by a policy of concession to violence, but you do not gain lasting peace that Anthony Eden
There will one day spring from the brain of science a machine or force so fearful in it's potentialities, so absolutely terrifying, that even man, the fighter who will dare torture and death in order to inflict torture and death, will be appalled, and so abandon war forever. Thomas A. Edison
Physicists find themselves in a position not unlike that of Alfred Nobel. Alfred Nobel invented an explosive more powerful than any then known—an exceedingly effective means of destruction. To atone for this "accomplishment" and to relieve his conscience he instituted his awards for the promotion of peace. Today, the physicists who participated in producing the most formidable weapon of all time are harassed by a similar feeling of responsibility, not to say guilt. As scientists, we must never cease to warn against the danger created by these weapons. Albert Einstein
Enduring peace will come about, not by countries continuing to threaten another, but only through an honest effort to create mutual trust. Albert Einstein
Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding. Albert Einstein
We have won an armistice on a single battleground, not peace in the world. We may not now relax our guard nor cease our quest. Dwight D. Eisenhower
Carrier of news and knowledge. Instrument of trade and industry. Promoter of mutual acquaintance. Of peace and goodwill among men and nations. Charles W. Eliot
The civilians were being prepared to fight. The civilians were being told how to sharpen bamboo sticks and go at American soldiers sacrificing themselves. The greatest thing a Japanese could do was to give his life for the sake of the Emperor. George Elsey
The first bomb so far as our government knew had not had any impact on the Emperor or the Japanese war cabinet—nor did we have any other indication that their minds were changing with respect to the war. George Elsey
If peace is to be maintained, it must be by brave men. Ralph Waldo Emerson
But the real and lasting victories are those of peace, and not of war. Ralph Waldo Emerson
The peace of the man who has forsworn the use of the bullet seems to me not quite peace. Ralph Waldo Emerson
The manhood that has been in war must be transferred to the cause of peace, before war can lose its charm, and peace be venerable to men. Ralph Waldo Emerson
The raising or keeping a standing army within the kingdom in time of peace, unless it be with consent of Parliament, is against law England
Peace makes plenty. English Proverb or Saying
We pledge to you the sacrifice of our lives and property in support of whatever measures the dignity and liberties of the free sovereign and independent State may seem to your wisdom to demand. Massachusetts Essex
The surest means of securing good behavior from this conspicuous personage [Tecumseh, 1768-1813] and his brother [the Prophet], would be to make them prisoners, but at this time … it is desirable that peace with all the Indian tribes should be preserved … William Eustis
By the religious peace, Catholic proprietors of estates were no further bound to their Protestant subjects than to allow them full liberty to quit their territories. Ferdinand II
Slavery, which has been abolished in Africa, is to be introduced in Europe. The German people are ready to make good the damage done. But we are not prepared to perish for the benefit of international capitalists. German Trade Unions
Now the question is, how can we make our two peoples, both of whom love peace, come closer together. Vo Nguyen Giap
I believe in peace through strength. I would prefer to rely on the military rather than diplomats to protect our homes. Newt Gingrich
Peace, retrenchment and reform. William E. Gladstone
Do not listen to those who set up doctrines which are dangerous to the peace of the world. William E. Gladstone
Stop the fighting and find the middle ground. Arthur Goldberg
The campaign we are launching today is dedicated to peace through preparedness. Barry Goldwater
To insist on strength ... is not war-mongering. It is peace-mongering. Barry Goldwater
I never was an Abolitionist, not even what could be called anti slavery, but I try to judge fairly & honestly and it become patent to my mind early in the rebellion that the North & South could never live at peace with each other except as one nation, and that without Slavery. Ulysses S. Grant
Peace is bearish. Joseph E. Granville
The English buy peace rather than make it. Charles Gravier
Every night, whisper "peace" in your husband's ear. Andrei A. Gromyko
We are equal in war but not in peace. Guam Saying
Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love. Where there is injury, pardon. Where there is doubt, faith. Where there is despair, hope. Where there is sadness, joy. O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek To be consoled as to console, To be understood as to understand, To be loved as to love. For it is in giving that we receive, It is in pardoning that we are pardoned, It is in dying that we are born to eternal life. Francis of Assisi
Government ... is neither business, nor technology, nor applied science. It is the art of making men live together in peace and with reasonable happiness. Felix Frankfurter
A policy that can be accurately, though perhaps not prudently, defined as one of “peaceful co-existence.” J. William Fulbright
We were overjoyed that somebody at last was visiting destruction upon the Japanese—that we were really paying them off. There was an immense delight in the revenge we were perceiving there. We were very excited about that, and we stayed up all night talking about the possibility, wondering about whether we might not actually have to invade Japan and not all be killed. Paul Fussell
Peace we want because there is another war to fight against poverty, disease and ignorance. Indira Gandhi
The sword is too much in evidence among Mussalmans [Muslims]. It must be sheathed if Islam is to be what it means—peace. Mohandas K. Gandhi
A Taliban collapse could be rapid, with the enemy shrinking to a small number of hard-core Mullah Omar supporters in the early days or weeks of a military campaign. Central Intelligence Agency
The Germans, if this Government is returned are going to pay every penny; they are going to be squeezed as lemon is squeezed – until the pips squeak. My only doubt is not whether we can squeeze hard enough, but whether there is enough juice. Sir Eric Geddes
I have many times asked myself whether there can be more potent advocates of peace upon earth through the years to come than the massed multitude of silent witnesses to the desolation of war. George V
This conflict was begun on the timing and terms of others. It will end in a way, and at an hour, of our choosing. George W. Bush
“Never again” has become our battle cry. David Lloyd George
Long, continuous periods of peace and prosperity have always brought about the physical, mental and moral deterioration of the individual. Bradley A. Fiske
This is not peace. This is an armistice for 20 years. Ferdinand Foch
Disarmament of itself does not produce peace or security. Only removing the source of conflict does. Steve Forbes
Out of the trenches and back to their homes by Christmas. Henry Ford
Show me who makes a profit from war, and I'll show you how to stop the war. Henry Ford
As long as we can outproduce the world, can control the sea and can strike inland with the atomic bomb, we can assume certain risks otherwise unacceptable in an effort to restore world trade, to restore the balance of power —military power—and to eliminate some of the conditions which breed war. James Forrestal
My attitude toward the war [WWI] was that it must be won at all costs. William Z. Foster
Peace at any price Millard Fillmore
Complete concrete studies quickly concerning the conclusion of the war. Hirohito
We must bow to the inevitable. This is a good time to end the war. Hirohito
In an era of mass communications and electronic transmission, the public matters. The “street” is a potent force and can undermine even the best crafted peace agreements. David Hoffman
The UN is ultimately going to be judged on its ability in conflict resolution and conflict prevention. Richard Holbrooke
Our nation has moved from the cold war to the trade war. Ernest F. Hollings
Islam—like Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, or any other religion—is not about peace. Nor is it about war. Every religion is about absolute belief in its own superiority and the divine right to impose its version of truth upon others. Pervez Amir Ali Hoodbhoy
Boundary and peace treaties are not inspired documents. Herbert Hoover; Hugh Gibson
If Western civilization is to be saved from another relapse into the Dark Ages, it must be saved at the peace table. Herbert Hoover; Hugh Gibson
The importance of religious faith, of social, economic, political, artistic, and scientific ideas in shaping the form of the world and the making of war and peace is not to be estimated as less than other basic forces. Herbert Hoover; Hugh Gibson
The whole experience of the last 20 years of government trading in commodities, credit and shipping has demonstrated that it is alive with international friction and threats to peace …. The long view should be to restore international trade to free enterprise. Herbert Hoover; Hugh Gibson
We do not kick a man in the stomach after we’ve licked him. Herbert Hoover
Peace itself is not made by documents. Peace is made by good will among men. Herbert Hoover
If the world is to keep the peace, then we must keep the peace with dictatorships as well as popular governments. Herbert Hoover
I believe that a navy is the greatest insurer of peace that we could possibly have—a navy commensurate with our resources and commensurate with the number of dependencies we have and commensurate with our population and commensurate with our influence as a world power. Charles Evans Hughes
Peace with honor is a dead formula. Pease with comfort is what the people would have liked to hear. Harry M. Hyndeman
The name of your organization must mean that you are committed to a policy of peace and the policy of democracy. Harold L. Ickes
If France, Germany, and Great Britain – who have often been at war with each other – are now friends, then India, Pakistan, and China could become friends, too. Lionel Jospin
There can be no peace so long as hunger and want are found among millions of working people, and the few who make up the employing class have all the good things of life. Industrial Workers of the World
A man may build himself a throne of bayonets, but he cannot sit on it. William Ralph Inge
They shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their swords into pruning hooks. And nation shall not take up sword against nation, and they shall not learn war any more. Book of Isaiah
Peace with justice is very difficult. My people need both, but we need peace more. Alua Izetbegovic
Peace, above all things, is to be desired. but blood must sometimes be spilled to obtain it on equable and lasting terms. Andrew Jackson
You have not been mistaken in supposing my views and feeling to be in favor of the abolition of war. Thomas Jefferson
... not peace at any price. There is a peace more destructive to the manhood of living man than war is destructive of his material body. Chains are worse than bayonets. Douglas Jerrold
The only safety of the nation lies in a generous and expansive plan of conciliation. Andrew Johnson
In this age there can be no losers in peace and no victors in war. We must recognize the obligation to match national strength with national restraint. Lyndon B. Johnson
[Commenting on football:] To see some of our best-educated boys spending the afternoon knocking each other down, while thousands cheer them on, hardly gives a picture of a peace-loving nation. Lyndon B. Johnson
Weapons do not make peace; men make peace. Lyndon B. Johnson
Peace is a journey of a thousand miles, and it must be taken one step at a time. Lyndon B. Johnson
It is thus that mutual cowardice keeps us in peace. Were one-half of mankind brave and one-half cowards, the brave would always be beating the cowards. Were all brave, they would leave a very uneasy life; all would be continually fighting; but being all cowards, we go on very well. Samuel Johnson
An honorable peace is and always was my first wish! I can take no delight in the effusion of human blood; but, if this war should continue, I wash to have the most active part in it. John Paul Jones
There is not a conceivable enemy unless we create it, not a nation that would fight us if it could. David Starr Jordan
Tell General Howard I know his heart. What he told me before I have in my heart. I am tired of fighting. Our chiefs are killed. Looking Glass is dead. Toohoolhoolzote is dead. The old men are all dead. It is the young men who say yes and no. He who led the young men is dead. It is cold and we have no blankets. The little children are freezing to death. My people, some of them, have run away to the hills, and have no blankets. The little children are freezing to death. My people, some of them, have run away to the hills, and have no blankets; no food; no one knows where they are, perhaps freezing to death. I want to have time to look for my children and see how many I can find. Maybe I shall find them among the dead. Hear me, my chiefs. I am tired. My heart is sick and sad. From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever. Chief Joseph
If you have respect for people's rights, you will have peace. Benito Juarez
Savage bears keep at peace with one another. Decimus Junius Juvenal
The soldier, above all other people, prays for peace, for he must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war. Douglas MacArthur
If war is so easily averted as all this it does seem a pity no P[rime] M[inister] except Neville Chamberlain] has thought of it before. Peace without Honour seems to be what we have got. I'm glad. One can't expect both. Rose Macaulay
Wars begin when you will, but they do not end when you please. Niccolo Machiavelli
When neither their property nor their honor is touched, the majority of men live content. Niccolo Machiavelli
A certain degree of preparation for war ... affords also the best security for the continuance of peace. James Madison
... the best ingredients in their Government, the safeguards of peace which is the greatest of their blessings. James Madison
In no part of the Constitution is more wisdom to be found than in the clause which confides the question of war and peace to the legislature.... [War is] the true nurse of executive aggrandizement. James Madison
Peacemaking and peacekeeping should run in parallel. John Major
Borders most often result from wars or peace treaties that end wars. Pierre Manent
We fought the Syrians 15 years to protect our independent decision-making and escape hegemony. Where's the independent decision? Is it with the Egyptian regime? Instead of going through Egypt, why don't we go through Syria? In Egypt we say our capital is Gaza, but in Damascus we say the capital of the Palestinian state is Jerusalem Mounir Maqdah
We have said very clearly that we will never put down our arms while there is occupation and if one Palestinian prisoner remains in an Israeli jail. Mounir Maqdah
Conflicts are never health for anybody. Giuseppe Marani
They [Western Nations] enjoy freedom, prosperity, and peace. They live happily year after year. Their national life is millennial. Commerce, developed; military strong; industry and technology grew progressively. Political situation and scholarship are perfect. I am resentful that my country is by far more miserable than the Western nations. I am regretful that China, who had enjoyed a glorious past, has now become desperate. The nature of my people was originally not bad. Why could not they achieve higher accomplishments than the white people? Chiu Chin
To remove as much as possible the occasions of making war, it might be better for us to abandon the ocean altogether, that being the element whereon we shall be principally exposed to jostle with other nations Thomas Jefferson
All who wish peace ought to unite in the means which may facilitate its attainment. John Marshall
For the cruel man who would tear out the heart with which I live, I do not cultivate thistles. I cultivate a white rose. Jose Marti
Peace under Liberty. Massachusetts
Your governor is but a subject of King Charles of England. I shall not treat with a subject. I shall treat of peace only with the King, my brother. When he comes, I am ready. Massasoit
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God. Book of Matthew
It would win for us a proud title—we would become the first aggressors for peace. Francis P. Matthews
I am not—as I am sure I will be charged—for peace at any price, but for an honorable rational, and political solution to this [the Vietnam] war. Eugene McCarthy
There is only one thing to do — take it to the country! Eugene McCarthy
War should never be entered upon until every agency of peace has failed; peace is preferable to war in almost every contingency. Arbitration is the true method of settlement of international as well as local or individual differences. William McKinley
We shall never war except for peace. William McKinley
Undoubtedly, to salve your conscience, you have now and then helped some miserable human being, but millions of human beings were murdered and nary a protest was heard. Lise Meitner
Nation shall speak peace unto nation. Book of Micah
Jesus Christ was not a pacifist. Militia of Montana
Peace hath her victories no less renowned than war. John Milton
Thanks to my generosity, imperial troops were dispatched to Cambodia, costing millions of coins, and brought you security by destroying the Thai. Our soldiers were stationed among you to bring you peace. This was like bringing the Cambodian [Khmer] people out of the mud and into a warm feather bed, and this is well-known by all …. Anyone who can think for himself should be grateful to my court; why are there people who hate us? Minh Mang
Peace, political stability and reconciliation are not too much to ask for. They are the minimum that a decent civilized society provides. George J. Mitchell
There is no conflict that can’t be solved. George J. Mitchell
There is no such thing as a conflict that can’t be ended. Conflicts are started by human beings, sustained by human beings, and they can be ended by human beings. George J. Mitchell
A strong Germany is an indispensable condition for a durable peace in Europe. Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Molotov
I hold that all war is morally wrong and its prosecution a crime. I hold life as sacred and cannot bring myself to join in the slaughter of my fellow men. Howard Moore
It makes no difference who says that our objective is peace, even if he be the President of the United States. Our actions speak louder than words, and our actions in Asia today are the actions of warmaking. Wayne L. Morse
We are pursuing neither law nor peace in Southeast Asia. We are not even pursuing freedom. Wayne L. Morse
Soldiers know what war is like. That's why so many of them turn out to be peacemakers. Bruce Morton
The old notion: security brings peace. The new notion: peace brings security. Marwan al-Muasher
If they incline towards peace, then turn towards it and put your trust in God. Muhammad
May peace forever be our lot, and plenteous store abound. Alexander Muir
Needed: A Department of Peace Karl E. Mundt
I am against war, and because I am against war I went to war to fight against war. Fiorello H. La Guardia
Pacifism is patriotism. Fiorello H. La Guardia
Peace at any price. Alphonse de Lamartine
We are incapable of maintaining peace and order and to enforce the law with the resources we have. Robert Lavigne
To speak of the end of all wars is like speaking of the end of all earthquakes. Homer Lea
I do hereby pledge myself never to enlist or enter into any army or navy, or to yield my voluntary support or sanction to the preparation for or prosecution of any war, by whomsoever or for whatsoever proposed, declared, or waged. League of Universal Brotherhood
Absolutely everybody is in favour of peace in general. Vladimir Lenin
In the end a funeral requiem will be sung over the Soviet Republic or over world capitalism. As long as capitalism remains we cannot live in peace. In the end one or the other will triumph. Vladimir Lenin
The bloody capitalists cannot conclude an honorable peace. They can conclude only a dishonorable peace, based upon a division of spoils. Vladimir Lenin
Imagine there's no countries; it isn't hard to do Nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too Imagine all the people living life in peace... John Lennon
Free enterprise and the market economy mean war; socialism and planned economy mean peace. We must plan civilization or we must perish. Leo XIII
Now we are in a period which I can characterize as a cold peace. Trygve Lie
Wars occur because people prepare for conflict, rather than for peace. Trygve Lie
An armistice—a cessation of hostilities—is the end of the struggle, and the insurgents would be in peaceable possession of all that has been struggled for. Abraham Lincoln
I should be damned in time and in eternity for so doing. The world shall know that I will keep my faith to friends and enemies, come what will. Abraham Lincoln
No one man can give up the rebellion for any other man. Abraham Lincoln
The last ray of hope for preserving the Union peaceably expired at the assault upon Fort Sumter. Abraham Lincoln
The man does not live who is more devoted to peace than I am, but it may be necessary to put the foot down firmly. Abraham Lincoln
Must I shoot a simple-minded soldier boy who deserts, while I must not touch a hair of a wily agitator who induces him to desert? I think in such a case to silence the agitator and save the boy is not only constitutional, but withal, a great mercy. Abraham Lincoln
Tolerance is a virtue that depends upon peace and strength. History shows that it cannot survive war and devastation. Charles Lindbergh
We can have peace and security only so long as we band together to preserve that most priceless possession, our inheritance of European blood. Charles Lindbergh
The war of the giants is over. The quarrels of the pygmies have begun. David Lloyd George
This war [World War II] like the next war, is the war to end all wars. David Lloyd George
The great question which, in all ages, has disturbed mankind, and brought on them the greatest part of those mischiefs which have ruined cities, depopulated countries, and disordered the peace of the world, has been, not whether there be power in the world, nor whence it came, but who should have it. John Locke
A stable world may be one in which the United States can act to secure peace without fear of a nuclear attack. Herb London
I hope you keep them. John F. Kennedy
Our duty as a party is not to our party alone, but to the nation and, indeed, to all mankind. Our duty is not merely the preservation of political power but the preservation of peace and freedom.. John F. Kennedy
The mere absence of war is not peace. John F. Kennedy
War is the work of men, and being the work of men, is not inevitable. Joseph P. Kennedy
The end that we seek is a society at peace with itself. Martin Luther King Jr.
We must come to see that peace is not merely a distant goal we seek, but the means by which we arrive at that goal. We must pursue peaceful ends through peaceful means. Martin Luther King Jr.
Whenever peace—conceived as the avoidance of war—has been the primary objective of a power or group of powers, the international system has been at the mercy of the most ruthless member of the international community. Henry A. Kissinger
The main aim of any American President is to prevent World War III. Henry A. Kissinger
I am a man of peace. God knows how I love peace. But I hope I shall never be such a coward as to mistake oppression for peace. Lajos Kossuth
Lasting peace is sought, it is essential to adopt international measures to improve the lot of the masses. Kemal Ataturk
Peace is the most effective way for nations to attain prosperity and happiness Kemal Ataturk
There is no way to produce peace at the expense of anyone’s freedom. Khalifa Bin Salman Al-Khalifa
We have been traveling through a cloud; the sky has been dark ever since the war began.… We want to take good tidings home to our people, that they may sleep in peace. I want ... all these chiefs of the soldiers here to understand that we are for peace, and that we have made peace, that we may not be mistaken for enemies. Black Kettle
It was in Spain that men learned that we can be right and yet be beaten, that force can vanquish spirit, that there are times when courage is not its own reward. It is this, doubtless, which explains why so many men, the world over, regarded the Spanish drama as a personal tragedy. Albert Camus
They [the Dutch] have in their greatest Councils of State and War, trading Merchants that have lived abroad in most parts of the World; who have not only the Theoretical Knowledge, but the Practical Experience of Trade, by whom Laws and Orders are contrived, and Peaces with foreign Princes projected, to the great advantage of their Trade. Josiah Child
The kingdom is in such a peaceful state that people come from afar to visit Chinese Proverb
I am not authorized to make peace. John M. Chivington
We cannot enjoy peace on our island, or you in your continent, unless Europe is at peace. Winston Churchill
Brothers, this is our present situation-thus have many of the king's counselors and servants dealt with us. If we submit, or comply with their demands, you can easily perceive to what state we will be reduced. If our people labor on the field, they will not know who shall enjoy the crop. If they hunt in the woods, it will be uncertain who shall taste of the meat or have the skins.-If they build houses, they will not know whether they may sit round the fire, with their wives and children. They cannot be sure whether they shall be permitted to eat, drink, and wear the fruits of their own labor and industry. Continental Congress
The Mexicans who inhabit this wide region, some because they were born therein, others because since the treaty Guadalupe Hidalgo, they have been attracted to its soil by the soft influence of wise laws and the advantages of a free government, paying little attention to the reasoning of politics, are honorably and exclusively dedicated to the exercise of industry, guided by that instinct which leads the good man to comprehend, as uncontradictory truth, that only in the reign of peace can he enjoy, without inquietude, the fruit of his labor. Juan Nepomuceno Cortina
Six years ago today war was declared. Now we are starting again with officially declared peace the world in physical and spiritual chaos. History in the making can be most exhausting. Noel Coward
We sit there because there is a war going on. But once we have peace we don’t want to be sitting on your Suez Canal. Moshe Dayan
I want to tell you one thing. Do you know that if it was not for the Black man this war never would have been brought to a close with success to the Union, and the liberty to your race? I want you to understand that. Do you know it? Do you know it?... Martin Delany
The Masses harassed by the post-office authorities, was suppressed in October, 1917, by the Government, and its editors were indicted, myself among them, under the so-called Espionage Act, which was being used not against German spies but against American Socialists, Pacifists, and anti-war radicals. Sentences of twenty years were being served out to all who dared say this was not a war to end war, or that the Allied loans would never be paid. Floyd Dell
Food is as important to armies as ammunition—but more important than either is an unfailing supply of lies. You simply cannot murder your enemy in the most efficient manner if you know he is in every essential the same kind of a man as yourself. Max Eastman
Harmony? No! Class war! Hatred to the death for the criminal bourgeoisie! El Socialista
Mothers: Send Them Out of London England
An absolute and unconditional defeat of Japan is the essential ingredient for a lasting peace in the Orient. Only complete military disaster and stinging defeat and colossal losses will prove to the people that the military machine is vincible and that their fanatical leadership has taken them the way to disaster. Bonner F. Fellers
When several Nations are at war together, it may happen, that other Nations may reap the benefit thereof: Because War disturbs and lessens the Labor of those Nations that are at war, by taking off their Poor from their usual Labor, and employing them in the Defense of the State; so that those Nations not furnished unto the World their Proportion of Labor, cannot retain their former Proportion of the grand Denominator of the World; and those Nations which are at peace, and keep at work their whole Proportion of Poor, draw from those that are at war, besides their own Proportion, such a part of the grand Denominator, as is proportioned to the number of Men employed in the War. Isaac Gervaise
It is easier to lead men to combat and stir up their passions than to temper them and urge them to the patient labors of peace. Andre Gide
The Fuhrer is quite shattered. What a sight for the world’s eyes: the Fuhrer’s deputy a mentally disturbed man. Dreadful and unthinkable. Now we shall have to grit our teeth. Joseph Goebbels
As soon as external wars have ceased the internal commence Luigi Guicciardini
Any serious violation of the armistice by one of the parties gives the other party the right of denouncing it, and even, in cases of urgency, of recommencing hostilities immediately. A violation of the terms of the armistice by private persons acting on their own initiative only entitles the injured party to demand the punishment of the offenders or, if necessary, compensation for the losses sustained Hague Convention
In vain doe they worship peace at home, who cannot defend themselves against forrainers. Thomas Hobbes
it much more conduceth to Peace to prevent brawles from arising, than to appease them being risen Thomas Hobbes
A war is only as good as the peace that follows. Richard Holbrooke
Food Will Win the War Herbert Hoover
In the present disturbed state of the city I will appeal not only to them, but to all persons who love God and revere the holy Catholic religion which they profess, to respect also the laws of man and the peace of society, to retire to their homes with as little delay as possible, and disconnect themselves from the seemingly deliberate attempt to disturb the peace and social rights of the citizens of New York. If they are Catholics, or of such of them as are Catholics, I ask, for God's sake, for the sake of their holy religion, for my sake, if they have any respect for the episcopal authority, to dissolve their association with reckless men who have little regard for Divine or human law John Hughes
Whenever a foreign nation is conquered or has by their own will accepted the Great Peace their own system of internal government may continue, but they must cease all warfare against other nations Iroquois Nation
One looks ahead to a war and imagines it as a single, final, absolute event. It is nothing of the kind. War is a condition, like peace, with good days and bad days, moods of optimism and despair. Christopher Isherwood
Among our Indian neighbors, also, a spirit of peace and friendship generally prevailing and I am happy to inform you that the continued efforts to introduce among them the implements and the practice of husbandry, and of the household arts, have not been without success; that they are becoming more and more sensible of the superiority of this dependence for clothing and subsistence over the precarious resources of hunting and fishing; and already we are able to announce, that instead of that constant diminution of their numbers, produced by their wars and their wants, some of them begin to experience an increase of population. Thomas Jefferson
Be cautious not to take sides in the politics which divide the country, but pray for peace and respect the constituted authorities. Francis Patrick Kenrick
No nation has a right, in time of peace, to interfere with, or interrupt, any commerce which is lawful by the law of nations, and carried on between other independent powers James Kent
To-day the Peace Treaty was ratified at Paris; the War is over. A terrible era begins for Europe, like the gathering of clouds before a storm, and it will end in an explosion probably more terrible than that of the World War. In Germany there are all the signs of a continuing growth of nationalism. Harry Kessler
Whereas the enforcing of the conscience in matters of Religion hath frequently fallen out to be of dangerous Consequence in those commonwealths where it hath been practiced, And for the more quiet and peaceable government of this Province, and the better to preserve mutual Love and amity amongst the Inhabitants thereof, Be it Therefore also by the Lord Proprietary with the advise and consent of this Assembly Ordained and enacted … that no person or persons whatsoever within this Province, or the Islands, Ports, Harbors, Creeks, or havens thereunto belonging professing to believe in Jesus Christ, shall from henceforth be any ways troubled, molested or discountenanced for or in respect of his or her religion nor in the free exercise thereof within this Province or the Islands thereunto belonging nor any way compelled to the believe or exercise of any other Religion against his or her consent, so as they be not unfaithful to the Lord Proprietary, or molest or conspire against the civil Government established or to bee established in this Province under him or his heirs. Maryland
Should we consider recognizing Israel? Abu Mazen
The telegraph would bind man to his fellow-man in such bonds of amity as to put an end to war. Samuel Morse
And whereas we are required, by the benevolent principles of rational liberty, not only to expel civil tyranny, but also to guard against that spiritual oppression and intolerance wherewith the bigotry and ambition of weak and wicked priests and princes have scourged mankind, this convention doth further, in the name and by the authority of the good people of this State, ordain, determine, and declare, that the free exercise and enjoyment of religious profession and worship, without discrimination or preference, shall forever hereafter be allowed, within this State, to all mankind: Provided, That the liberty of conscience, hereby granted, shall not be so construed as to excuse acts of licentiousness, or justify practices inconsistent with the peace or safety of this State. New York State
The question is very simple. Shall the common man be pushed back in the mud, or shall he not? That was the real issue of the Spanish war. George Orwell
That the several colonies before mentioned do meet once a year, and oftener if need be during the war, and at least once in two years in times of peace, by their stated and appointed deputies, to debate and resolve of such measures as are most advisable for their better understanding and the public tranquility and safety…. That their business shall be to hear and adjust all matters of complaint or difference between province and province. As, 1st, where persons quit their own province and go to another, that they may avoid their just debts, though they be able to pay them; 2nd, where offenders fly justice, or justice cannot well be had upon such offenders in the provinces that entertain them; 3rd, to prevent or cure injuries in point of commerce; 4th, to consider the ways and means to support the union and safety of these provinces against the public enemies. In which congress the quotas of men and charges will be much easier and more equally set than it is possible for any establishment made here to do; for the provinces, knowing their own condition and one another's, can debate that matter with more freedom and satisfaction, and better adjust and balance their affairs in all respects for their common safety. William Penn
We don’t intend to live with terrorism forever. We will do whatever is necessary … Shimon Peres
Money is ammunition and the surest way I know to make lasting friends, to earn trust and create peace is by providing meaningful jobs, putting people back to work so they can feed their families. David Petraeus
The victory he wishes to be conceded to the traitors of Emilia, would be a stimulus for future internal and external disturbers of other provinces to perpetrate the same things, when they saw the prosperous fortune of the rebels. Pius IX; Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferretti
The rules that bind governments are much looser during wartime than in times of peace. Kenneth Roth
I am willing to go anywhere. Israel will be surprised to hear that I am willing to go to the Knesset itself and negotiate with them. Anwar Sadat
It’s very easy to advocate going to war if you’re not one of the people who is going. Norman Schwarzkopf
Either you make history or you will be history. Meir Sheetrit
No question can be settled by force, my pacifist friends all say. And this in a country in which a Civil War was fought and the question of slavery and secession settled! I can speak with especial certainty of this question, because all my ancestors were Southerners and fought on the rebel side; I myself am living testimony to the fact that force can and does settle questions—when it is used with intelligence. Upton Sinclair
peace and harmony Spanish clerical newspaper
While at present the people of the world are divided into various groups, calling themselves nations, while one nation defies another—in most cases considers the others as competitive—we, the workers of the world, shall stretch out our hands towards each other with brotherly love. To the fulfillment of this idea I shall devote all my energy, and, if necessary, render my life for it Mollie Steimer; Marthe Alperine
Brothers in Islam! We now have the enemy in front of us and the deep sea behind us. We cannot return to our homes, because we have burnt our boats. We shall now either defeat the enemy and win or die a coward's death by drowning in the sea. Who will follow me? Tariq ibn Ziyad
You must know that the Grecian maidens, as beautiful as houris, their necks glimmering with innumerable pearls, their bodies clothed with tunics of costly silks and sprinkled with gold, are awaiting your arrival, reclining on soft couches in the sumptuous palaces of crowned lords and princes. Tariq ibn Ziyad
Though the object of being a Great Power is to be able to fight a Great War, the only way of remaining a Great Power is not to fight one. Alan Taylor
Of Lawyers and Physicians I shall say nothing, because this Countrey is very Peaceable and Healthy; long may it so continue and never have occasion for the Tongue of the one, nor the Pen of the other, both equally destructive to Mens Estates and Lives Gabriel Thomas
Religious pacifists were confined in unsanitary guardhouses—sometimes in unheated cells during winter months, without blankets …. Men were … beaten, pricked or stabbed with bayonets, jerked about with ropes around their necks, threatened with summary execution, tortured by various forms of the “water cure.” Norman Thomas
Cease to press this enterprise, for you cannot know if what you are doing will be of real advantage to you. Be content to rule in peace your own kingdom, and bear to see us reign over the countries that are ours to govern. Tomyris
That a well-regulated militia, composed of the body of the people trained to arms, is the proper, natural and safe defense of a free state; that standing armies in time of peace should be avoided as dangerous to liberty; and that in all cases the military should be under strict subordination to, and governed by, the civil power. Ginni Rometty
We give thanks and praise for the safety and peace vouchsafed us by our Heavenly Father in these times of war. Many of our neighbors, driven hither and yon like deer before wild beasts, came to us for shelter, yet the accustomed order of our congregation life was not disturbed, no, not even by the more than 150 Indians who at sundry times passed by, stopping for a day at a time and being fed by us. Wachovia Community
I can not dismiss the subject of Indian affairs without again recommending to your consideration the expediency of more adequate provision for giving energy to the laws throughout our interior frontier and for restraining the commission of outrages upon the Indians, without which all pacific plans must prove nugatory. To enable, by competent rewards, the employment of qualified and trusty persons to reside among them as agents would also contribute to the preservation of peace and good neighborhood George Washington
Measures calculated to insure a continuance of the friendship of the Indians and to preserve peace along the extent of our interior frontier have been digested and adopted. In the framing of these care has been taken to guard on the one hand our advanced settlements from the predatory incursions of those unruly individuals who can not be restrained by their tribes, and on the other hand to protect the rights secured to the Indians by treaty - to draw them nearer to the civilized state and inspire them with correct conceptions of the power as well as justice of the Government. George Washington
He had rather spend 100,000 pounds on Embassies to keep or procure peace with dishonor, than 100,000 pounds on an army that would have forced peace with honor. Anthony Weldon
The health of all peoples is fundamental to the attainment of peace and security and is dependent upon the fullest co-operation of individuals and States. World Health Organization; WHO
Love each other because you are brethren from one father and mother. If you love one another, then God will be with you and will submit the enemy under your hands and you will live peacefully. In case, however, you live hatefully in feuds and dissension, then you will destroy yourselves. Yaroslav the Wise
Land mines distinguish themselves because once they have been sown, once the soldier walks away from the weapon, the land mine cannot tell the difference between a soldier or a civilian---a woman, a child, a grandmother going out to collect firewood to make the family meal. The crux of the problem is that while the use of the weapon might be militarily justifiable during the day of the battle, or even the two weeks of the battle, or maybe even the two months of the battle, once peace is declared the land mine does not recognize that peace. The land mine is eternally prepared to take victims. In common parlance, it is the perfect soldier, the eternal sentry. The war ends; the land mine goes on killing. Jody Williams
Ladies and gentlemen, there are moments in the lives of nations and peoples when it is incumbent upon those known for their wisdom and clarity of vision to survey the problem, with all its complexities and vain memories, in a bold drive towards new horizons. Anwar Sadat
Revenge is easy, but forgiveness requires courage. Jose Ramos-Horta
Many more of our young people have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy and the other arts of peace. But liberty is not quite the same thing as opportunity; the fact that young people are free to develop their abilities and talents in constructive ways does not necessarily mean that they will do so, unless they get help and support from adults. Colin Powell
Wars are often the cause of further wars because they fuel deep hatreds, create situations of injustice, and trample upon people's dignity and rights. Wars generally do not resolve the problems for which they are fought and therefore, in addition to causing horrendous damage, they prove ultimately futile. War is a defeat for humanity. Only in peace and through peace can respect for human dignity and its inalienable rights be guaranteed. . . . John Paul II; Giovanni Battista Montini
Peace is for all—or it is for none. John Paul II; Giovanni Battista Montini
War should belong to the tragic past, to history: it should find no place on humanity’s agenda for the future. John Paul II
Congress’s first error had been allowing the appointment of a Secretary of War in time of peace; now Congress needed to supply an Army for fear the department of War should lack employment . . . give Knox an Army, and he will soon have a War on hand. William Maclay
As piety cannot bee maintained without church ordinances and officers, nor justice without lawes & magistracy, no more can our safety & peace be preserved without military orders & officers Massachusetts General Court
Freedom of religious belief is granted within limits not prejudicial to peace and order, and not antagonistic to their duties as subjects Japan
I was involuntarily led into a short discussion … by your remarks on the conduct of the Boston people, and your opinion of their wishes to set up for independency. I am as well satisfied as I can be of my existence that no such thing is desired by any thinking man in all North America; on the contrary, that it is the ardent wish of the warmest advocates for liberty, that peace and tranquility, upon constitutional grounds, may be restored, and the horrors of civil discord prevented … George Washington
You cannot have prosperity without peace. Without peace, China cannot continue to develop itself. He Ya-Fei
We can not have peace and prosperity in Asia with any single country trying to dominate the region. He Ya-Fei
What we can always say about the Carter Administration is that we told the truth, obeyed the law, and kept the peace. Walter F. Mondale
Be prudent in your use of military force to achieve any laudable objective. Barry McCaffrey
Congress gave the President a blank check to wage an undefined war against an undefined enemy for an undefined period of time. We shouldn’t have given him that authority. Barbara Lee
Many people opposed the very institution of the militia. Temperance proponents objected to the excessive drinking that accompanied musters; peace advocates hated the militarism, no matter how pathetic; merchants and farmers resented the lost time and taxes; labor groups resented the expense of buying guns, flints, and ammunition; others found no utility in the institution now that the United States was not threatened by any external foe. Even in the absence of foreign enemies, some opponents feared that the existence of the militia could encourage a democratic government to declare an unnecessary war. Michael A. Bellesiles
Leaders alone can rarely make peace. They have to bring people along. Hillary Clinton
In great conflicts opportunities for peace are often missed and considerable and unnecessary violence follows. Leo Hura
What protectionism teaches us, is to do to ourselves in time of peace what enemies seek to do to us in time of war. Henry George
The Congress calls on the Provisional Government to carry out resolutely and systematically the democratic platform which has been adopted, and in particular :. To strive persistently for the earliest conclusion of a general peace without annexation, indemnity, and on the basis of self-determination;… Russia
May I entreat the general, for our blessed Redeemer’s sake, from the nobility and humanity of his heart, that he would condescend to use all moderate measures if possible to prevent that prodigious and cruel effusion of blood, that deep anxiety of distress, that must fill the breast of so many helpless people should an Indian war be once entered upon?” Anthony Benezet
The socialist proletariat rejects any responsibility for the events being brought about by a blinded, a maddened ruling class …. All responsibility falls to the wielders of power today! It is "to be or not to be!" World-history is the world-court! German Social Democratic Party
Determine to listen to nothing that is bad; do not take up the tomahawk …. Do not meddle with anything that does not belong to you, but mind your own business and cultivate the ground … Prophet; Tenskwatawa
The security and welfare of the people of Egypt have reached a point that the drapers, moneychangers and jewellers do not even lock their shops - they only lower a net across the front, and no one tampers with anything Nasir Khusaro
Come to your sense, madmen. Cease your bloody violence, for what you are doing is not only cruel, it is indeed satanic, and for it you will be subject to the fires of hell in the life to come beyond the grave, and to a terrible curse from posterity in this earthly life. Saint Tikhon; Vasilii Ivanovich Belavin
In face of political differences, contradictions and struggle, the Church preaches peace and co-operation among people holding various political views Russian Orthodox Church
The Governments of the States parties to this Constitution on behalf of their peoples declare: that since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed; that ignorance of each other's ways and lives has been a common cause, throughout the history of mankind, of that suspicion and mistrust between the peoples of the world through which their differences have all too often broken into war; that the great and terrible war which has now ended was a war made possible by the denial of the democratic principles of the dignity, equality and mutual respect of men, and by the propagation, in their place, through ignorance and prejudice, of the doctrine of the inequality of men and races; that the wide diffusion of culture, and the education of humanity for justice and liberty and peace are indispensable to the dignity of man and constitute a sacred duty which all the nations must fulfill in a spirit of mutual assistance and concern; that a peace based exclusively upon the political and economic arrangements of governments would not be a peace which could secure the unanimous, lasting and sincere support of the peoples of the world, and that the peace must therefore be founded, if it is not to fail, upon the intellectual and moral solidarity of mankind. UNESCO; Scientific and Cultural Organization United Nations Educational
I am yet unprepared to give up the Union for a peace which, so achieved, could not be of much duration.-- Abraham Lincoln
Part of the genius of diplomacy is to resolve issues before crises come along. Dick Roche
In order to have peace in the Middle East both sides are going to have to put away history and make a leap of faith. Marwan al-Muasher
The Senate is rushing to vote on whether to declare war on Iraq without pausing to ask why. Why is war being dealt with not as a last resort but as a first resort? Robert Byrd
The possibility of the United States winning the war and losing the peace is real and serious Conrad C. Crane
Thinking about the war now and the occupation later is not an acceptable solution. Conrad C. Crane
Successful occupation will not occur unless the special circumstances of this unusual country are heeded. Conrad C. Crane
America has a destiny – a destiny to conquer the world – not by force of arms, not by purchase and favor, for these conquests wash away, but by high purpose, by unselfish effort, by uplifting achievement, by a course of Christian living; a conquest that shall leave every nation free to move out to its own destiny; a conquest that shall bring, through the workings of our own example, the blessings of freedom and liberty to every people, without restraint or imposition or compulsion from us; a conquest that shall weld the whole earth together in one great brotherhood in a reign of mutual patience, forbearance, and charity, in a reign of peace to which we shall lead all others by the persuasion of our own righteous example J. Reuben Clark
Big armies have always brought, not peace, but war which has ended in a hate that in due course brings another war. J. Reuben Clark
There seems no reason to doubt that such real approval as the Charter has among the people is based upon the belief that if the Charter is put into effect, wars will end. . . The Charter will not certainly end war. Some will ask - why not? In the first place, there is no provision in the Charter itself that contemplates ending war. It is true the Charter provides for force to bring peace, but such use of force is itself war. . . It is true the Charter is built to prepare for war, not to promote peace. . . The Charter is a war document, not a peace document. Not only does the Charter Organization not prevent future wars, but it makes it practically certain that we will have future wars, and as to such wars it takes from us the power to declare them, to choose the side on which we shall fight, to determine what forces and military equipment we shall use in the war, and to control and command our sons who do the fighting J. Reuben Clark
Peace and harmony with all nations is our sincere wish; but such being the lot of humanity that nations will not always reciprocate peaceable dispositions, it is our firm belief that effectual measures of defense will tend to inspire that national self-respect and confidence at home which is the unfailing source of respectability abroad, to check aggression and prevent war. Thomas Jefferson
Even if the sword is taken up in self-defense, it is a fearful choice. It should be undertaken only if God commands (D&C 98:33) and after ‘a standard of peace’ has been offered three times (98:34-38). Robert S. Wood
… to maintain sincere neutrality towards belligerent nations; to prefer in all cases amicable discussion and reasonable accommodation of intrigues and foreign partialities, so degrading to all countries, and so baneful to free ones; to foster a spirit of independence too just to invade the rights of others, too proud to surrender their own, too liberal to indulge unworthy prejudices ourselves, and too elevated not to look down upon them in others; to hold the union of the States as the basis of their peace and happiness; to support the constitution, which is the cement of the union, as well in its limitations as in its authorities; to respect the rights and authorities reserved to the states and to the people, as equally incorporated with, and essential to the success, of the general system; to avoid the slightest interference with the rights of conscience, or the functions of religion, so wisely exempted from civil jurisdiction; to preserve in their full energy, the other salutary provisions in behalf of private and personal rights, and of the freedom of the press; as far as intention aids in the fulfillment of duty, are consummations too big with benefits not to captivate the energies of all honest men to achieve them, when they can be brought to pass by reciprocation, friendly alliances, wise legislation, and honorable treaties. Joseph Smith, Jr.
I consider peace between world religions as a prerequisite for peace among the nations Hans Kung
The creation of a peaceful and sustainable world civilization will be impossible without the full participation of women in every arena of human activity.36 While this proposition is increasingly supported, there is a marked difference between intellectual acceptance and its implementation. Bahai Universal House of Justice
Human rights enforcement at the international level needs to be handled in a manner similar to the treatment of military aggression under a collective security regime. The violation of human rights in one state must be considered the concern of all, and enforcement mechanisms must provide for a unified response on the part of the entire international community. Bahai Universal House of Justice
Unification of the whole of mankind is the hall-mark of the stage which human society is now approaching. Unity of family, of tribe, of city-state, and nation have been successively attempted and fully established. World unity is the goal towards which a harassed humanity is striving. Nation-building has come to an end. The anarchy inherent in state sovereignty is moving towards a climax. A world, growing to maturity, must abandon this fetish, recognize the oneness and wholeness of human relationships, and establish once for all the machinery that can best incarnate this fundamental principle of its life. . Shoghi Effendi
All nations and kindreds will become a single nation. Religious and sectarian antagonism, the hostility of races and peoples, and differences among nations, will be eliminated. All men will adhere to one religion, will have one common faith, will be blended into one race, and become a single people. All will dwell in one common fatherland, which is the planet itself. Effendi Abbas; Abdul Baha
Our purpose is to abolish war and bloodshed from the face of the earth Bahaullah; Husayn Ali Nuri
Thou hast entrusted the reins of counsel into the hands of the representatives of the people. Thou, indeed, hast done well, for thereby the foundations of the edifice of thine affairs will be strengthened, and the hearts of all that are beneath thy shadow, whether high or low, will be tranquilized. Bahaullah; Husayn Ali Nuri
A libertarian is a person who believes that no one has the right, under any circumstances, to initiate force against another human being, or to advocate or delegate its initiation. Those who act consistently with this principle are libertarians, whether they realize it or not. Those who fail to act consistently with it are not libertarians, regardless of what they may claim. L. Neil Smith
The stronger the hold we are able to keep here the better the inhabitants will be pleased... They can't conceive an independent Arab government. Nor, I confess, can I. There is no one here who could run it Gertrude Margaret Lowthian Bell
...I became more than ever convinced that it was not the sword that won a place for Islam in those days in the scheme of life. It was the rigid simplicity, the utter self-effacement of the prophet, the scrupulous regard for his pledges, his intense devotion to his friends and followers, his intrepidity, his fearlessness, his absolute trust in God and his own mission. These, and not the sword carried everything before them and surmounted every trouble Mohandas K. Gandhi
If local civil government is necessary for local civil peace, then world civil government is necessary for world peace. Mortimer Adler
In South America governments are being overthrown all the time. In Canada, nobody is ever overthrown because nobody gives a damn. Also what the Canadian government does doesn’t really matter very much. We’re much more affected by what happens in Washington or Moscow, than what happens in Ottawa. Mordecai Richler
How do you negotiate a two state solution with the Palestinians when they do not believe that one of the states has the right to exist? Tony Blair
A fundamental part of the non-proliferation bargain is the commitment of the five nuclear States recognized under the non-proliferation treaty — Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States — to move toward disarmament. Mohamed El Baradei
Today the world of humanity is in need of international unity and conciliation. To establish these great fundamental principles a propelling power is needed. It is self-evident that the unity of the human world and the Most Great Peace cannot be accomplished through material means. They cannot be established through political power, for the political interests of nations are various and the policies of peoples are divergent and conflicting. They cannot be founded through racial or patriotic power, for these are human powers, selfish and weak. The very nature of racial differences and patriotic prejudices prevents the realization of this unity and agreement. Therefore, it is evidenced that the promotion of the oneness of the kingdom of humanity, which is the essence of the teachings of all the Manifestations of God, is impossible except through the divine power and breaths of the Holy Spirit. Other powers are too weak and are incapable of accomplishing this. Abdul-Baha
I am a very peaceful man. I love people and am known for my gregarious personality. However, if you try to confiscate my guns, I will feel compelled to give them to you, one bullet at a time. Michael Badnarik
Candidates for president are always leery of war, but presidents are also Commanders in Chief and have a different perspective…. Presidents are more martial and candidates more peace-loving. Carl Cannon
Peace, peace is what I seek and public calm, Endless extinction of unhappy hates. Matthew Arnold
Once you follow a path of nonviolence and social justice, it won't take you long before you come into conflict with the culture, with the society. You can't know what is at stake or how much it is going to cost you until you get in the game. Martin Sheen
Until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned; that until there is no longer any first-class and second-class citizens of any nation; that until the color of a man's skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes; that until the basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all, without regard to race -- until that day, the dreams of lasting peace and world citizenship and the rule of international morality will remain but a fleeting illusion, to be pursued but never attained Haile Selassie
Do not utter words that can create discord and cause the community to break. Thich Nhat Hanh
The utmost good faith shall always be observed towards Indians; their land and property shall never be taken from them without their consent United States; U. S. Congress
It is not good enough to cry peace, we must act peace, live peace, and live in peace Shenandoah Indian Proverb
Almost all of us long for peace and freedom; but very few of us have much enthusiasm for the thoughts, feelings and actions that make for peace and freedom. Conversely almost nobody wants war or tyranny; but a great many people find an intense pleasure in the thoughts, feelings, and actions that make for war and tyranny. Aldous Huxley
We need to do a very professional and robust job of advising the Iraqi military. I mean robust with a complete staff to advise the Iraqi battalion as professionally as possible. Then I want to equip them very well---just like we are. Not with the second class equipment we give them…. And I would jump-start the economy … do what FDR did, employ the youth with a CCC type organization…. Then give each Iraqi citizen a portion of the oil revenue personally, just like we do in Alaska. Separate the regional government into 3 areas, Shiite, Sunni and Kurd… If we don’t do that we are finished. Jay Garner
I have done all I can to prevent wars. All my life I've been dedicated to preventing just what has happened today. Franklin D. Roosevelt
What matters is not whether one talks to adversaries but what one says to them, which strategies of engagement are set in place, and how competently they are executed. Chester A. Crocker
Successfully pressuring armed militants to abandon violence and participate in democratic elections requires a favorable political climate. In Northern Ireland and South Africa, armed militants turned away from violence and entered mainstream politics only when the framework of an acceptable political deal was on the table, providing them with a product they could sell to their supporters. The sequence of events was of crucial importance. Chester A. Crocker
Negotiations are the most essential tool of statecraft. Dennis Ross
The reasons for disliking diplomacy are legion. Engaging in serious diplomacy would mean reviewing the way Washington advocates for and deploys its principles. It might necessitate a glance in the mirror and asking why the United States believes it is uniquely empowered to interpret the Creator's higher purpose for people in other lands. Chester A. Crocker
Negotiators run the risk of achieving agreement and then having to take yes for an answer when they are emotionally accustomed to confrontation. Chester A. Crocker
International negotiation has a nasty tendency to remind its practitioners that the laws of gravity affect them, too, and that international life is a two-way street in which one may have to give in order to get. Chester A. Crocker
Security and peace are not cheap. Bill Clinton
No organization has ever been more effective at preventing conflict than NATO. Warren Christopher
America is unique in the history of the world. During this last century, there was only one nation that laid down hundreds of thousands of lives of its own sons and daughters and asked for nothing for itself. Whenever there has been a war, winning nations have taken the land of losing ones. America is unique. You took no land from the Germans, no land from the Japanese. All you asked for was enough land to bury your dead. Shimon Peres
That the king, without consent of parliament, shall not have the power of making peace and war, or that of concluding any treaty with any other state or potentate. Scotland
Just as our peace-time system is unsuitable for war conditions, so does it tend to breed peace-time statesmen who are not too well fitted for the conduct of war. Facility in debate, ability to state a case, caution in advancing an unpopular view, compromise and procrastination are the natural qualities - I might almost say, virtues - of a political leader in time of peace. They are fatal qualities in war. Vision, daring, swiftness and consistency of decision are the very essence of victory. Clement Attlee
The main interest of this country had always been to prevent any one Power from obtaining undue predominance in Europe; but we were now faced with probably the most formidable Power that had ever dominated Europe, and resistance to that Power was quite obviously a British interest. If I thought surrender would bring lasting peace I should be in favour of surrender, but I did not believe there would ever be peace in Europe so long as Nazism ruled in Germany. Alfred Duff Cooper
… the commonest little dog I have ever seen, without one sign of distinction Neville Chamberlain
I make an earnest appeal to those who hold responsible positions both in this country and abroad to weigh their words very carefully before they utter them on this matter, bearing in mind the consequences that may flow from some rash or thoughtless phrase. By exercising caution and patience and self-restraint we may yet be able to save the peace of Europe. Neville Chamberlain
We utter afresh the sharpest protest against all efforts and proclamations in favor of annexing foreign territory and of doing violence to the territory of others …. The people desire no annexations. The people desire peace. German Independent Socialist Party
If he [the ruler] admits only one religion among his subjects, he must sacrifice, to an uncertain prospect of tranquility, every consideration of public liberty, science, reason, industry, and even his own independence. If he gives indulgence to several sects, which is the wiser maxim, he must preserve a very philosophical indifference to all of them and carefully restrain the pretensions of the prevailing sect; otherwise he can expect nothing but endless disputes, quarrels, factions, persecutions, and civil commotions David Hume
The carelessness and negligence of the governments of the world, which wholly intent upon the care of aggrandizing themselves, at the same time neglect the happiness of the people and with it their own peace and security. David Hume
5000 out of 42 million Egyptians oppose the peace treaty with Israel. Anwar Sadat; Mohamed Anwar El-Sedat
Talk brings opponents together. Arab Proverb
The empty gun spares, but the loaded gun slays. Arab Proverb
The Constitution of the United States is a law for rulers and people, equally in war and peace. David Davis
Peace is a human right and those who deny you peace are those who are violating an essential right. Hanan Ashrawi
Peace is the fruit of toleration. Voltaire
There will always be somebody opposed to the peace process. The important thing is not to let those people seize the political agenda. Nabil Fahmy
This is a breath of fresh air for our region—solving a political problem without resorting to violence … Karim Kawar
Reform has to emanate from the inside. It has to be compatible with your customs. … One cannot impose one’s will on the majority of the people as much as one wants to do so. Adel Al-Jubeir
With our Indian neighbors the public peace has been steadily maintained. Some instances of individual wrong have, as at other times, taken place, but in nowise implicating the will of the nation. Beyond the Mississippi, the Iowas, the Sacs, and the Alabamas, have delivered up for trial and punishment individuals from among themselves accused of murdering citizens of the United States. On this side of the Mississippi, the Creeks are exerting themselves to arrest offenders of the same kind; and the Choctaws have manifested their readiness and desire for amicable and just arrangements respecting depredations committed by disorderly persons of their tribe. And, generally, from a conviction that we consider them as part of ourselves, and cherish with sincerity their rights and interests, the attachment of the Indian tribes is gaining strength daily -- is extending from the nearer to the more remote, and will amply requite us for the justice and friendship practiced towards them Thomas Jefferson
We will base our actions upon the sublime truths which the Holy Religion of our Savior teaches. Both in the administration of our respective States, and in our political relations with every other government, we take for our sole guide the precepts of Holy Religion, namely, the precepts of Justice, Christian Charity and Peace, which, far from being applicable only to private concerns, must have an immediate influence on the councils of Princes, and guide all their steps. Alexander I
Holding out the olive branch in one hand and displaying in the other than the means of offensive operations Robert Smith
A government which intentionally works against religious freedom is one that promotes radicalism and intolerance; and this ultimately undermines peace and security throughout the region and the world. Cameel Halim
It’s damn easy to get into a war, but damned harder to extricate yourself once you get in. Lyndon B. Johnson
A call to war can only take us so far. What we need now is a call to peace and service. Sargent Shriver
Peace, Order and Good Government. Canada
Christianity's hundreds of years of crusades against Islam, pogroms against Jews, and inquisitions against heretics, was the desire to expunge heterodoxy and 'infidelity', or at least to effect forcible compliance with prevailing orthodoxy. Islam's various jihads and fatwahs had and have the same aim, and it spread half way around the world by conquest and the sword….It is only where religion is on the back foot, reduced to a minority practice, with an insecure tenure in society, that it presents itself as essentially peaceful and charitable. Anthony C. Grayling
The future of Saudi society will not be secure as long as it refuses to confront its own extremist elements. Jamal Khashoggi
Those who committed yesterday's crime, which will have a painful impact on the peaceful nature of our nation, are not only the suicide bombers, but also everyone who instigated or justified the attacks, everyone who called them mujahedeen, even everyone who ignored this irregular direction in our religion and nature, or tried to find excuses for it Jamal Khashoggi
We still have to deal as an organization of labor with the number one problem facing the people of this nation and every nation: that of war or peace; an armament race or disarmament; higher or lower living standards for all the world’s people; Harry Bridges
To us it means nothing that there is a Soviet Union somewhere in the world, for the sake of whose peace and tranquility the workers of Germany and China were sacrificed to Fascist barbarians by Stalin Buenaventura Durruti
First, that the recollection of everything done be one party or the other, between March, 1585 and our accession to the crown, and during all the preceding period of troubles, remain obliterated and forgotten, as if no such things had ever happened.... We forbid on all our subjects, of some state and quality that they are, to renew the memory, to attack, to feel, to scold, nor to provoke each other by reproach of what took place, for some cause and excuse whether it is, to compete for it, to dispute, quarrel nor offend itself or take offence actually or at word, but contain itself and live peacefully together as brothers, friends and fellow countrymen, on punishment to the offenders to be punished as infracteurs of peace and troublemakers of the public rest. Henry IV
Intellectual perverts! J. Edgar Hoover
A civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights, and where man is free to rise to greater heights, are the aims of Scientology. L. Ron Hubbard
The Diet shall have the right, moreover, to suppress on its own authority, without being petitioned, such writings, in whatever German state they may appear, as, in the opinion of a commission appointed by it, are inimical to the honor of the union, the safety of individual states, or the maintenance of peace and quiet in Germany. There shall be no appeal from such decisions Klemens von Metternich
For the laboring class there cannot exist a peace of compromise on the basis of a capitalist regime Otto Ruhle
Unlike Christianity, which preached a peace that it never achieved, Islam unashamedly came with a sword. Stephen Runciman
It would be best for the peace, harmony, and prosperity of the whole country that there should be an immediate restoration, an immediate bringing back of the States into their original practical relations; and let all these questions then be discussed in common council. Alexander Hamilton Stephens
How [the Pope] he durst [dare] make the token [symbol] of Christ on the cross (which is the token of peace, mercy and charity) a banner to lead us to slay Christian men. John Wycliffe
When will the proud priest of Rome grant indulgences to mankind to live in peace and charity, as he now does to fight and slay one another? John Wycliffe
In vain do they worship peace at home, who cannot defend themselves against foreigners. Thomas Hobbes
For the security of particular men, and, by consequence for the common peace, it is necessary that the right of using the Sword for punishment, be transferred to some Man or Counsel, that Man or Counsel is necessarily understood by Right to have the supreme Power in the City. Thomas Hobbes
All States do not have the same interests, but are there any interests which cannot be infinitely better reconciled before than after a war? Leopold III
A lasting peace cannot be founded on force, but only on a moral order. Leopold III
Nothing is lost with peace; all may be with war. Pius XII
We, armed only with the word of Truth and standing above all public disputes and passions, speak to you in the name of God … Pius XII
I trust the time is nigh when, with the universal assent of civilized people, all international differences shall be determined without resort to arms by the benignant processes of civilization. Chester A. Arthur
There can be no reconciliation where there is no open warfare. There must be a battle, a brave boisterous battle, with pennants waving and cannon roaring, before there can be peaceful treaties and enthusiastic shaking of hands. Mary Elizabeth Braddon
We must abandon completely the naive faith that school automatically liberates the mind and serves the cause of human progress; in fact, we know that it may serve any cause. It may serve tyranny as well as truth, war as well as peace, death as well as life George S. Counts
I feel gratified at the signing of this Franco-German declaration, which, by solemnly recognizing the existing frontiers, puts an end to a long historical contest and opens the way to a collaboration which is made easier by the conviction that no difference which might endanger the peaceful basis of their relations now exists between the two countries. Georges Bonnet
War is the mass murder of workers. When workers refuse to obey the calls of their governments, there will be no more war. Keir Hardie
We have no ground of quarrel with these people. Their interests are our own, and those of the entire civilized world will be best served by close and friendly co-operation between us. …. We and the Germans are blood-kindred and, as Herr Hitler remarked to me, our nations have fought each other only once - though in many campaigns they have been faithful allies. The German Chancellor repeatedly expressed in our conversation his desire for a complete Anglo-German understanding, which he regards as a sure road to peace.... Harold Harmsworth
The hellish instruments of war must be smoked out while there is still peace. The Trade Union Movement must be compelled not to allow their old resolutions to fade in the files. Carl von Ossietzky
War, which remains an anomaly in a civilized world, has taken on so devastating and universal a character...that every thought and every effort should be aimed, above all, at making it impossible. Red Cross International Committee
Peace is not the product of fear Peace is not the silence of cemeteries Peace is not the result of violent oppression Peace is not the generous, tranquil contribution of all to the good of all Peace is dynamic Peace is generosity It is right and it is duty In it each one feels at home. Oscar Romero
In order to ensure prompt and effective action by the United Nations, its Members confer on the Security Council primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security, and agree that in carrying out its duties under this responsibility the Security Council acts on their behalf. United Nations
What are you going to do? Stop, men, stop and think before you act! Will you murder your children, your women, yes, destroy your nation to-day? You are brave to-day because you outnumber the white men, but what will you do to-morrow? There are railroads on all sides of you. The soldiers will pour in from every direction by thousands and surround you. You have little food or ammunition. It will be the end of your people. Stop, I say, stop now! American Horse
The keeping a standing army in these colonies, in times of peace, without the consent of the legislature of that colony, in which such army is kept, is against law. Continental Congress
We are caught in war, wanting peace. We are torn by division, wanting unity. Richard Nixon
The greatest honor history can bestow is the title of peacemaker. Richard Nixon
Respecting the United Nations as the living sign of all people's hope for peace, we shall strive to make it not merely an eloquent symbol but an effective force Dwight D. Eisenhower
They have to stop fighting Islam, but that’s impossible because it is “sunnatullah” as Allah has said in the Koran. They will constantly be enemies. … but they will lose and Islam will win. That was what the Prophet Muhammad has said. Islam must win and Westerners will be destroyed. But we don’t have to make them enemies if they allow Islam to continue to grow so that in the end they will probably agree to be under Islam. If they refuse to be under Islam, it will be chaos. Full stop. If they want to have peace, they have to accept to be governed by Islam. Abu Bakar Ba'asyir
Buried was the bloody hatchet. Buried was the dreadful war club ;, Buried were all warlike weapons, And the war-cry was forgotten. There was peace among the nations. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
In peace there's nothing so becomes a man As modest stillness and humility; But when the blast of war blows in our ears, Then imitate the action of the tiger: Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood, Then lend the eye a terrible aspect; Now set the teeth, and stretch the nostril wide, Hold hard the breath, and bend up every spirit To his full height! William Shakespeare
Peace" is when nobody's shooting. A "just peace" is when our side gets what it wants. Bill Mauldin
The making of peace is a continuing process that must go on from day to day, from year to year, so long as our civilization shall last. J. William Fulbright
Our ancestors have bred pugnacity into our bone and marrow, and thousands of years of peace won't breed it out of us. William James
Nonviolence is not a thing that comes easily. You have to learn how to be nonviolent Betty Williams
It’s damn easy to get into a war, but damned harder to extricate yourself once you get in. Lyndon B. Johnson
There is no such thing as a conflict that cannot be ended. George J. Mitchell
Appreciate the signal and manifold mercies…the great degree of tranquility, union, and plenty which we enjoy, and the peaceable and rational manner in which we have been enabled to establish constitutions of government for our safety and happiness…for the civil and religious liberty with which we are blessed and the means we have of acquiring and diffusing useful knowledge; that we must unite in humbly offering our supplications to pardon our national and other transgressions, to enable us to perform our duties properly and punctually, to render our national government a blessing to all people by constantly being a government of wise, just and constitutional laws, discreetly and faithfully executed and obeyed. George Washington
Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death. Patrick Henry
Indians in the territory of Utah have, with but few exceptions, continued quiet and peaceable. George W. Manypenny
Peace without surrender. Jack Kemp
Free from public debt … at peace with all the world Andrew Jackson
Part of ending any war responsibly is to support those who fought it Barack Obama
We must not be forced to agree to merciless peace terms. Hirohito
I swear not to act without instructions in matters of peace or truce, war, negotiations with other potentates about alliances or aid, lands or cities … the sending abroad of ambassadors. Holland
Never should the word peace fall from the mouths of our highest officials. . . . With such a country as ours, with her vast areas . . . her immense natural resources, and her hundreds of millions of inhabitants, if all would prove their loyalty to their emperor and love of their country, what indeed is there to fear from any strong invader? Let us not think of making peace, nor rely solely upon diplomatic maneuvers. Tzu-Hsi
The real blame (for the lack of peace in the Middle East) should be directed at us, the leaders of the Arab nation. Abdullah bin Abd al-Aziz Al Saud; Abdullah of Saudi Arabia
When you go to war it is highly unlikely that it will end with a neat, tidy conclusion. Andrew J. Bacevich
The agreement [Bretton Woods] will enthrone a world dictatorship of private finance more complete and terrible than the Hitlerite dream. It offers no solution of world problems, but quite blatantly sets up controls which will reduce the smaller nations to vassal states and make every government the mouthpiece and tool of International Finance. It will undermine and destroy the democratic institutions of this country - in fact as effectively as ever the Fascist forces could have done -- pervert and paganise our Christian ideals; and will undoubtedly present a new menace, endangering world peace. World collaboration of private financial interests can only mean mass unemployment, slavery, misery, degradation and financial destruction. Therefore, as freedom loving Australians we should reject this infamous proposal. Edward John Ward
Peace with England, and war with the world Spain
As a young nation, pursuing industry in every channel, and adventuring commerce in every sea. It is highly important that we should not only have a pacific character, but that we should really deserve it. If we manifest an unwarrantable ambition, and a rage for conquest, we unite all the great powers of Europe against us. DeWitt Clinton
This terrible scourge of mankind, worse than famine or pestilence, ought not to be resorted to until every reasonable expedient has been adopted to avert it. When aggressions have been committed by the sovereign or representatives of the will of a nation, negotiation ought in all cases to be first tried, unless the rights of self-defense demand a contrary course. DeWitt Clinton
What right have the rulers of nations to unsheath the sword of destruction, and to let loose the demons of desolation upon mankind, whenever caprice or pride, ambition or avarice, shall prescribe? DeWitt Clinton
I appeal to any white man to say, if ever he entered Logan's cabin hungry, and he gave him not meat; if ever he came cold and naked, and he clothed him not. During the course of the last long and bloody war, Logan remained idle in his cabin, an advocate for peace. Such was my love for the whites, that my countrymen pointed as they passed, and said, Logan is the friend of the white men. I have even thought to live with you but for the injuries of one man. Col. Cresap, the last spring, in cold blood, and unprovoked, murdered all the relations of Logan, not sparing even my women and children. There runs not a drop of my blood in the veins of any living creature. This has called on me for revenge. I have sought it: I have killed many: I have fully glutted my vengeance. For my country, I rejoice at the beams of peace. But do not harbor a thought that mine is the joy of fear. Logan never felt fear. He will not turn on his heel to save his life. Who is there to mourn for Logan? Not one. Logan
in the clash of contending armies and amid the groans of the wounded and the dying, the interests of education are sacrificed – the pacific virtues take their flight from the earth DeWitt Clinton
I do not like wars. They have uncertain outcomes. Elizabeth I
I put righteousness above peace, and should be entirely satisfied to lead a crusade for the Armenians. Theodore Roosevelt
The human heart is fickle, and therefore peace must, according to the words of the prophet, safeguarded by law and order. Nathan Soderblom; Lars Olof Jonathan Soderblom
Nationalism … may be regarded as the greatest obstacle to mutual understanding between peoples. Albert Schweitzer
Peace, in the sense of the absence of war, is of little value to someone who is dying of hunger or cold. It will not remove the pain of torture … Tenzin Gyatso; Dalai Lama
Peace is movement towards globality and universality of civilization Mikhail Gorbachev
World peace must be based on world plenty. John Boyd-Orr
There can be no peace in the world so long as a large proportion of the population lacks the necessities of life and believes that a change in the political and economic system will make them available. John Boyd-Orr
I want peace and am willing to fight for it. Harry S Truman
I bet the hard liners in both our countries are bleeding when we shake hands. Ronald Reagan
Costa Rica was the first country in history to abolish its army and declare peace with the world. It’s children have never known military service. They have never seen the shadow of an armored helicopter or the tracks of a tank. And since the abolition of its armed forces 62 years ago, Costa Rica has never suffered a Coup. Oscar Arias
It takes years to turn enmity to amity. Charles A. Kupchan
Preserving peace does not always coincide with the promotion of human rights. John Gray
Atoms for War and Atoms for Peace are Siamese twins. Hannes Olof Gosta Alfin
Open covenants of peace, openly arrived at, after which there shall be no private understandings of any kind but diplomacy shall proceed always frankly and in the public view. Woodrow Wilson
You know how to vanquish, Hannibal, but you do not know how to profit from victory. Livy
The white people can go wherever they please and they will not be disturbed by us, and I want you to let them know. Black Kettle
A democracy is peace-loving. It does not like to go to war. It is slow to rise to provocation. When it has once been provoked to the point where it must grasp the sword, it does not easily forgive its adversary for having produced this situation. The fact of the provocation then becomes itself the issue. Democracy fights in anger — it fights for the very reason that it was forced to go to war. It fights to punish the power that was rash enough and hostile enough to provoke it — to teach that power a lesson it will not forget, to prevent the thing from happening again. Such a war must be carried to the bitter end. George F. Kennan
No amount of legislation can guarantee lasting peace and stability if the people it is supposed to serve are not spiritually and emotionally prepared to live by them and where necessary defend them with their lives Taito Waradi
I have to fight as if there were no negotiations and negotiate as if there was no war. Yitzak Rabin
Survival is not the only goal of a great leader. Alan Dershowitz
In view of the promise of a new era and the signing of the Declaration of Principles and based on Palestinian acceptance of Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338, the PLO affirms that those articles of the Palestinian Covenant which deny Israel's right to exist, and the provisions of the Covenant which are inconsistent with the commitments of this letter are now inoperative and no longer valid. Consequently, the PLO undertakes to submit to the Palestinian National Council for formal approval the necessary changes in regard to the Palestinian Covenant. Yasser Arafat
At the basis of Western states lie violence, slavery and enmity. At the basis of the Russian state lie goodwill, freedom and peace. Konstantin Sergeyevich Aksakov
Two things are from now on impossible in France: revolution and war. Louis Philippe
Quarrels would not last long if the fault were only on one side. Francois de La Rochefoucauld
Hope and certainty are the enemies of peace. Anthony Hopkins
Numerous technicians in every state are doing their utmost to achieve the dream of free, unlimited flight and it is precisely here where changes can be made which would have a radical effect on our whole way of life. The borders between countries would lose their significance, because they could not be closed off from each other. Linguistic differences would disappear, as human mobility increased. National defense would cease to devour the best resources of nations as it would become impossible in itself. And the necessity of resolving disagreements among nations in some other way than by bloody battles would, in its turn, lead us to eternal peace. Otto Lilienthal
I have never met anyone who wasn't against war. Even Hitler and Mussolini were, according to themselves. David Alexander Cecil Low
Better and safer is an assured peace than a victory hoped for. The one is in your own power, the other is in the hands of the gods. Livy
Better and safer is an assured peace than a victory hoped for. The one is in your own power, the other is in the hands of the gods. Livy
Manhood suffrage means manhood obligation for service in peace and war Leonard Wood
After having defeated and dispersed them ... it will be necessary to winter troops at that and some other posts, to prevent the Iroquois returning and reestablishing themselves there, and to people those beautiful countries with other Indians who will have served under us during this war. Jean Baptiste Colbert
If everlasting peace be impossible between us, let us at all events make a treaty for as long a term as possible, and put off our private differences to another day. Hermocrates
The abolition of war is like the abolition of slavery, a matter of education and civilization. William Randolph Hearst
Ultimately, peace depends on compromise. Barack Obama
Peace is hard, but we know that it is possible Barack Obama
War makes rattling good history; but peace is poor reading. Thomas Hardy
The spirit of commerce has a tendency to soften the manners of men and to extinguish those inflammable humors which have so often kindled into wars. Alexander Hamilton
There are things more important than peace. Alexander Haig
We took a dive in the tenth round of the Gulf War. Alexander Haig
The Republican party is the peace party because we understand the enemy We seek peace for everyone in this land and this world The Republican party, this party of peace through strength, has no clearer message. Peace has no greater hope Barry Goldwater
Europe is a world where men have decided to die together because they are unable to find a way to live together Clare Boothe Luce
Our principle is, and our practices have always been, to seek peace and ensue it; to follow after righteousness and the knowledge of God; seeking the good and welfare, and doing that which tends to the peace of all. We know that wars and fightings proceed from the lusts of men, as James iv. 1--3, out of which the Lord hath redeemed us, and so out of the occasion of war. The occasion of war, and war itself (wherein envious men, who are lovers of themselves more than lovers of God lust, kill, and desire to have men's lives or estates) ariseth from lust All bloody principles and practices, as to our own particulars, we utterly- deny; with all outward wars and strife, and fightings with - outward weapons, for any end, or under an pretense whatsoever; this is our testimony to the whole world. George Fox
The supposed quietude of a good man allures the ruffian; while on the other hand, arms, like law, discourage and keep the invader and the plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property. Thomas Paine
Art and religion would not be able to stop war any more than they would be able to stop tomorrow William Saroyan
I should like to express the appreciation of countless Germans, who regard me as their spokesman, for the wise and beneficial public support which you have given to a policy that we all hope will contribute to the enduring pacification of Europe. Just as we are fanatically determined to defend ourselves against attack, so do we reject the idea of taking the initiative in bringing about a war. I am convinced that no one who fought in the front trenches during the world war, no matter in what European country, desires another conflict. Adolf Hitler
1st. That they will withdraw all opposition to the construction of the railroads now being built on the plains. 2nd. That they will permit the peaceful construction of any railroad not passing over their reservation as herein defined. 3rd. That they will not attack any persons at home, or travelling, nor molest or disturb any wagon trains, coaches, mules, or cattle belonging to the people of the United States, or to persons friendly therewith. 4th. They will never capture, or carry off from the settlements, white women or children. 5th. They will never kill or scalp white men, nor attempt to do them harm. United States; Sioux Indian Tribe
If you recognize the right of every nation to construe for itself what is aggressive war and what is defensive war, you have not accomplished much by agreeing to renounce war. Joseph Taylor Robinson
Pennsylvania is soon to participate in a profoundly solemn and historic departure from precedent when, for the first time in our Republic, there will be registration for peace-time conscription on Wednesday, October 16th, between the hours of 7 A. M. and 9 P. M. This date, designated as Registration Day by authority of the Selective Training and Service Act of 1940, and set by the President's Proclamation… is one of the most significant days in the annals of our Commonwealth and our Nation. All male persons in the United States, with the few exceptions which already have been made clear, who have attained the twenty-first anniversary of the day of their birth and who have not attained the thirty-sixth anniversary of the day of their birth, are required to present themselves and submit to registration for compulsory military service. Never before has America, through the Congress of the United States, found it necessary to take such a step. The impact and consequences of Registration Day make it an historic event to all of our people. Every family is affected. All means available must be used to apprise everyone everywhere of what must be done to complete the registration properly, accurately and fully. Arthur H. James
Fighting, having begun, must go on to the grim end Elwell Stephen Otis
Commerce is a teacher and a pacificator. It gives mankind knowledge one of another. Reciprocity of trade promotes reciprocity of friendship. Good trade insures good will. … and wherever we secure just and fair commercial relations with other nations, we are sure to have with them friendly political relations. William McKinley
The Indian tribes within our limits appear also disposed to remain at peace. From several of them purchases of lands have been made particularly favorable to the wishes and security of our frontier settlements, as well as to the general interests of the nation. In some instances the titles, though not supported by due proof, and clashing those of one tribe with the claims of another, have been extinguished by double purchases, the benevolent policy of the United States preferring the augmented expense to the hazard of doing injustice or to the enforcement of justice against a feeble and untutored people by means involving or threatening an effusion of blood. James Madison
On both sides, all should be forever forgotten and forgiven—what has from the beginning of the unrest, no matter how or where, from one side or the other, happened in terms of hostility Holland; Spain
The theory that our religion is a peaceful and loving religion is a wrong theory Sa’id Ramadan Al-Buti
Those who know nothing of Islam pretend that Islam counsels against war. Those who say this are witless. Islam says: Kill all the unbelievers just as they would kill you all! Does this mean that Muslims should sit back until they are devoured by the unbelievers? Islam says: Kill them, put them to the sword and scatter their armies. Does this mean sitting back until [non-Muslims] overcome us? Islam says: Kill in the service of Allah those who may want to kill you! Does this mean that we should surrender [to the enemy]? Islam says: Whatever good there is exists thanks to the sword and in the shadow of the sword! People cannot be made obedient except with the sword! The sword is the key to paradise, which can be opened only for holy warriors! There are hundreds of other Koranic psalms and hadiths urging Muslims to value war and to fight. Does all that mean that Islam is a religion that prevents men from waging war? I spit upon those foolish souls who make such a claim Ruhollah Khomeini
The imam is authorized to negotiate the suspension of hostilities with a view to the general interest, for example, in the case where the number of Muslim soldiers is too weak to be able to continue the war advantageously; when it is necessary to wait for reinforcements, or when there is the hope that, thanks to a suspension of hostilities, the infidel will convert voluntarily to Islam…. When the treaty suspending the hostilities contains a few clauses contrary to the precepts of Islam … one is not obliged to observe them. Al-Allamah; Al-Hilli
If the Palestinians lay down their weapons, there will be peace. If the Israelis lay down their weapons, there will be a massacre. Golda Meir
That means nigger citizenship!!! John Wilkes Booth
When this war ends, there must be no bloody business. Abraham Lincoln
A little bit of agitation gives motivation to the soul, and what really makes the species prosper is not peace so much as freedom. Jean Jacques Rousseau
If the Palestinians will give, they will get. If they won't give, they won't get Benjamin Netanyahu
The American people like a President who is for peace, but they also want to know that he is ready to kill. Robert Kagan
I am Catalan. Catalonia had the first democratic Parliament much before England. And it was in my country where there was a beginning of united nations. At that time—the eleventh Century—they met in Toulouse—today in France—to speak about peace, because the Catalonian people of that time were already against war. That is why, the United Nations, which work only for the ideal of peace, are in my heart, because everything relating to peace goes directly there. Pablo Casals
Truce is an old Arabic word. It goes way, way back in Islamic-Arabic culture, and it means, "We will get you later. Rush Limbaugh
You must have a majority to make peace, not just a good idea. Shimon Peres
MacArthur told Truman that the ‘boys will be home by Christmas’. Truman forgot to ask, ‘which Christmas?’ They are still there today. Robert Dallek
Civilized men do nothing but boast incessantly of the peace and repose they enjoy in their chains.... Jean Jacques Rousseau
We send our peacekeepers off to some disputed zone, full of local intrigue and power blocs and uncertainty and danger, and they are supposed to save lives not with their weapons, but through their competence and their character. And they do it. Romeo LeBlanc
I hope to stay unemployed as a war photographer till the end of my life Robert Capa
It is often necessary to fight to lessen discord. This is the paradox. Richard E. Byrd
In time of war what is said on the enemy's side of the front is always propaganda and what is said on our side of the front is truth and righteousness, the cause of humanity and a crusade for peace. Walter Lippmann
In Los Alamos we were motivated by the desire to develop the atomic bomb before the Germans could do it. That was our main motivation …. The Germans surrendered before the bomb was ready and so it was obvious to use it against our remaining enemy [Japan]. Hans Albrecht Bethe
We must achieve peace because it's the only way to build this nation Anwar Sadat
Peace is the most effective way for nations to attain prosperity and happiness. Kemal Ataturk
The United States agrees, at its own proper expense, to construct, at some place on the Missouri river, near the center of said reservation where timber and water may be convenient, the following buildings, to wit, a warehouse, a store-room for the use of the agent in storing goods belonging to the Indians, to cost not less than $2,500; an agency building, for the residence of the agent, to cost not exceeding $3,000; a residence for the physician, to cost not more than $3,000; and five other buildings, for a carpenter, farmer, blacksmith, miller, and engineer-each to cost not exceeding $2,000; also, a school-house, or mission building, so soon as a sufficient number of children can be induced by the agent to attend school, which shall not cost exceeding $5,000. The United States agrees further to cause to be erected on said reservation, near the other buildings herein authorized, a good steam circular saw-mill, with a grist-mill and shingle machine attached to the same, to cost not exceeding $8,000. William Tecumseh Sherman
The precondition of all happiness…and particularly of economic and commercial development is tranquility, security and order beyond the reach of any violation. Kemal Ataturk
The vicious circle of dread of war which leads the nations to arm themselves for self-protection, with the result that bloated armaments ultimately lead to the war which they were intended to avert, can be broken in either of two conceivable ways. There might arise a unique world power, brought into being by the unification of all those now in possession of weapons, and equipped with the capacity to forbid the lesser and unarmed nations to make war. On the other hand, it may arise by the working of a fate to us still inscrutable which, out of ruin, will disclose a way towards the development of a new human being. To will the discovery of this way would be blind impotence, but those who do not wish to deceive themselves will be prepared for the possibility Karl Jaspers
As to Korea, there is no longer any real hope of a genuinely peaceful and free democratic development in that country. Its political life in the coming period is bound to be dominated by political immaturity and violence. Where such conditions prevail, the communists are in their element. Therefore, we cannot count on native Korean forces to help us hold the line against Soviet expansion George F. Kennan
There is no peace without justice; There is no justice without fairness; There is no fairness without development; There is no development without democracy; There is no democracy without respect for the identity and the dignity of all cultures and peoples. Rigoberta Menchu Tum
If development is the new name for peace, war and preparations for war are the major enemy of the healthy development of peoples John Paul II; Giovanni Battista Montini
In the midst of wanton aggression, we yet call upon the Arab inhabitants of the State of Israel to return to the ways of peace and play their part in the development of the State, with full and equal citizenship and due representation in its bodies and institutions - provisional or permanent. Israel
I believe in our power, in our power which will grow, and if it will grow agreement will come David Ben-Gurion
The sad truth is that the opposite of 'war' is not 'peace'. Thomas Frey
I renounce war for its consequences, for the lies it lives on and propagates, for the undying hatred it arouses, for the dictatorships it puts in place of democracy, for the starvation that stalks after it. I renounce war, and never again, directly or indirectly, will I sanction or support another. Harry Emerson Fosdick
In order to function, the United States needs an enemy. Morris Berman
You must not take out your sword because if you try to kill someone, you must die for it yourself. What you must do instead is kill yourself, kill your own mind. Taisen Deshimaru
The Mutual Security Act was intended not to fight a war but to prevent a war. James P. Richards
How are we going to make the people of the United States realize that if they want peace in the future they must make the sacrifices that are required to bring about economic improvement in a great many countries? Eleanor Roosevelt
The war shall give us our land. The concept of "ours" and "not ours" are peace concepts only, they lose their meaning during war. David Ben-Gurion
The late rebel States have lost their constitutional relations to the Union, and are incapable of representation in Congress, except by permission of the Government. It matters but little, with this admission, whether you call them States out of the Union, and now conquered territories, or assert that because the Constitution forbids them to do what they did do, that they are therefore only dead as to all national and political action, and will remain so until the Government shall breathe into them the breath of life anew and permit them to occupy their former position. Thaddeus Stevens
If you will live in peace with your neighbors, we will see that your neighbors will be at peace with you. The government will stand between you and other Indians and Mexicans …. Our government is determined that the enslavement of the Navajos shall cease and those who are guilty of holding them in slavery shall be punished William Tecumseh Sherman
Some persons assume that the success of our arms in crushing the opposition which was made in some of the States to the execution of the Federal laws reduced those States and all their people -the innocent as well as the guilty- to the condition of vassalage and gave us a power over them which the Constitution does not bestow or define or limit. No fallacy can be more transparent than this. Our victories subjected the insurgents to legal obedience, not to the yoke of an arbitrary despotism. Andrew Johnson
But in a world of high tension and disorder, in a world where stable civilization is actually threatened, it becomes the responsibility of each nation which strives for peace at home and peace with and among others to be strong enough to assure the observance of those fundamentals of peaceful solution of conflicts which are the only ultimate basis for orderly existence. Franklin D. Roosevelt
Disregard for treaty obligations seems to have followed the surface trend away from the democratic representative form of government. It would seem, therefore, that world peace through international agreements is most safe in the hands of democratic representative governments- or, in other words, peace is most greatly jeopardized in and by those nations where democracy has been discarded or has never developed. Franklin D. Roosevelt
Lord Melbourne thinks that the Speech was very well and judiciously drawn; the only paragraph which he does not like is that about the American treaty. It betrays too great an anxiety for peace, and too much fear of war William Lamb
There was a time when I led soldiers to battle, thinking I was doing my duty as a Russian patriot. However, I understood that we have been cheated, that people needed peace. . . . Therefore, my military career had to end. With no remorse, I could go back to my favorite occupation, working in the field. Aleksandr Mikhaylovich Vasilevsky
I see little hope for a peaceful world until men are excluded from the realm of foreign policy altogether and all decisions concerning international relations are reserved for women, preferably married ones. W. H. Auden
When the days of rejoicing are over,/ When the flags are stowed safely away,/ They will dream of another wild 'War to End Wars'/ And another wild Armistice day. Robert Graves
True and solid peace of nations consists not in equality of arms, but in mutual trust alone. John XXIII
Despite the ways in which it has been interpreted by [Islamic] militants and fundamentalists who refuse to recognize its historical and cultural context, there are few scriptures in the great religions of the world that can match the reverence with which the Quran speaks of other religious traditions Reza Aslan
Peace lovers today would give up all justice. Richard Paul Salbato
It is natural that I should bear entire responsibility for the war in general, and, needless to say, I am prepared to do so. Consequently, now that the war has been lost, it is presumably necessary that I be judged so that the circumstances of the time can be clarified and the future peace of the world be assured. Therefore, with respect to my trial, it is my intention to speak frankly, according to my recollection, even though when the vanquished stands before the victor, who has over him the power of life and death, he may be apt to toady and flatter. I mean to pay considerable attention to this in my actions, and say to the end that what is true is true and what is false is false. To shade one's words in flattery to the point of untruthfulness would falsify the trial and do incalculable harm to the nation, and great care must be taken to avoid this Hideki Tojo
Trade is the natural enemy of all violent passions. Trade loves moderation, delights in compromise, and is most careful to avoid anger. It is patient, supple, and insinuating, only resorting to extreme measures in cases of absolute necessity. Trade makes men independent of one another and gives them a high idea of their personal importance: it leads them to want to manage their own affairs and teaches them to succeed therein. Hence it makes them inclined to liberty but disinclined to revolution. Alexis de Tocqueville
It is very much because of him that for the last 30 years there has not been a war with Israel. He would not waste the lives of his young men in a senseless war. For that I have great respect for him. Shimon Peres
Abstinence from all injustice to other major powers is a greater tower of strength than anything that can be gained by the sacrifice of permanent tranquility for a seeming temporary advantage. Thucydides
Flags were given to my people, and they were told they were now the children of the Americans. We were told, if any white people mean to harm you, hold up these flags and you will then be safe from all danger. We did this in good faith. But what happened? Our beloved chief Moluntha stood with the American flag in front of him and that very peace treaty in his hand, but his head was chopped by a American officer, and that American officer was never punished. Brother, after such bitter events, can you blame me for placing little confidence in the promises of Americans? Tecumseh
Brothers — My people wish for peace; the red men all wish for peace; but where the white people are, there is no peace for them, except it be on the bosom of our mother. Where today are the Pequot? Where are the Narragansett, the Mohican, the Pokanoket, and many other once powerful tribes of our people? They have vanished before the avarice and the oppression of the White Man, as snow before a summer sun. Will we let ourselves be destroyed in our turn without a struggle, give up our homes, our country bequeathed to us by the Great Spirit, the graves of our dead and everything that is dear to us? I know you will cry with me, Never! NEVER!. Tecumseh
I knew that I had been chosen as God's instrument for the work of the healing of the nation. Stanley Baldwin
The real need of the day is ... moral and spiritual rearmament ... God's Living Spirit can transcend conflicting political systems, can reconcile order and freedom, can rekindle true patriotism, can unite all citizens in the service of the nation, and all nations in the service of mankind. Stanley Baldwin
If you can secure peace, you may be cursed by a lot of hotheads but … you will be blessed in Europe and by future generations Stanley Baldwin
…one of the best ways to preserve the peace was through continuing conversations between responsible officials in different countries. Henry L. Stimson
We deeply deplore the recent acts of lawlessness and violence that have brought utmost disgrace to the fair name of India and the greatest misery to innocent people, irrespective of who were the aggressors and who were the victims. We denounce for all time the use of force to achieve political ends and we call upon all the communities in India, to whatever persuasion they may belong, not only to refrain from all acts of violence and disorder but also to avoid, both in speech and in writing, any incitement to such acts. Mohandas K. Gandhi
If you seek peace, we do not want War. But if you want War, we will accept it unhesitatingly Firdausi; Abu Ol-Qasem
A separate federation of Muslim provinces reformed on the lines I have suggested above, is the only course by which we can secure a peaceful India and save Muslims from the domination of non-Muslims. Muhammad Iqbal
Islamic fundamentalism is going to make a hell of a lot of trouble for the peace of mankind …. The so-called mullahs and Muslim scholars in the mosques want to keep the people ignorant because that is where they get their power. They are ruining the modern generation of Muslims who were born and bred here, telling them they have no loyalty to this country. Unless you do something about Muslim fundamentalism, there is going to be a huge fifth column in our midst. Anwar Shaikh
Conduct peace talks only with those among the Arabs residing in the Land of Israel who are truly willing to recognize the existence of the State of Israel. As to all those who want to continue the battle against Israel, it is incumbent upon us -- including, and above all, the Government and Prime Minister -- to obey the law and wage war against them until their demise. Eliav Shochetman
The redress of the grievances of the vanquished should precede the disarmament of the victors. Winston Churchill
If the history of the past fifty years teaches us anything, it is that peace does not follow disarmament -- disarmament follows peace. Bernard Baruch
If we seek a true victory, we must defeat the fundamentalist ideologies that threaten to plunge the entire region into a conflagration that may well destroy us all. The greater war that we must now engage in is the war for the minds of men. K. P. S. Gill
Peace is not just a matter of the absence of violence. It is also necessarily about removing the potential for violence – namely the uncontrolled possession of weapons. It would be naive to believe that anybody can be at ease when it is known that a potential opponent is stockpiling arms, even if the latter swears on whatever he or she believes, that the weapons will not be used. Weapons are meant to be used and pretexts will eventually be found for their use at some point or the other. Pradip Phanjoubam
If slavery, barbarism and desolation are to be called peace, men can have no worse misfortune. Baruch Spinoza
The immediate reaction of the poets who fought in the war was cynicism... The war dramatized for them the contrast between the still-idealistic young, living and dying on the unalteringly horrible stage-set of the Western front, with the complacency of the old at home, the staff officers behind the lines. In England there was violent anti-German feeling; but for the poet-soldiers the men in the trenches on both sides seemed united in pacific feelings and hatred of those at home who had sent them out to kill each other. Stephen Spender
Prayers offered in times of peace are silent conversations, Appeals for love, or love's release, in private invocations But all that is changed now. Gone like a memory from the day before the fires. People hungry for the voice of God Hear lunatics and liars. Wartime prayers. Wartime prayers In every language spoken. For every family scattered and broken. Paul Frederic Simon
Food security is not only a matter of humanitarian assistance and agricultural development; it is a matter of national security, peace and stability. Josette Sheeran
To win the War, to overcome the enemy upon the fields cannot alone ensure the Victory in Peace. The cause of War must be removed. Each Nation's rights must be secure from violation. Above all, from the human mind must be erased all thoughts of War as a solution. Then and then only will War cease. Haile Selassie
We have decided to bring to an end the most unequal, most unjust, most barbarous war of our age, and have chosen the road to exile in order that our people will not be exterminated and in order to consecrate ourselves wholly and in peace to the preservation of our empire's independence ... we now demand that the League of Nations should continue its efforts to secure respect for the covenant, and that it should decide not to recognize territorial extensions, or the exercise of an assumed sovereignty, resulting from the illegal recourse to armed force and to numerous other violations of international agreements. Haile Selassie
On the question of racial discrimination, the Addis Ababa Conference taught, to those who will learn, this further lesson:, That until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned:, That until there are no longer first-class and second class citizens of any nation; That until the color of a man's skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes;, That until the basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all without regard to race; That until that day, the dream of lasting peace and world citizenship and the rule of international morality will remain but a fleeting illusion, to be pursued but never attained;, And until the ignoble and unhappy regimes that hold our brothers in Angola, in Mozambique and in South Africa in subhuman bondage have been toppled and destroyed; Until bigotry and prejudice and malicious and inhuman self-interest have been replaced by understanding and tolerance and good-will;, Until all Africans stand and speak as free beings, equal in the eyes of all men, as they are in the eyes of Heaven; Until that day, the African continent will not know peace. Haile Selassie
It is by no means surprising that prejudices and resentments, which for years were so assiduously cultivated and so violently inflamed, should not have been turned into affection by a defeat; nor are they likely to disappear as long as the southern people continue to brood over their losses and misfortunes. They will gradually subside when those who entertain them cut resolutely loose from the past and embark in a career of new activity on a common field with those whom they have so long considered their enemies. Carl Schurz
Yankee" still signifies to them those traits of character which the southern press has been so long in the habit of attributing to the northern people; and whenever they look around them upon the traces of the war, they see in them, not the consequences of their own folly, but the evidences of "Yankee wickedness. Carl Schurz
The animosities inflamed by a four years' war, and its distressing incidents, cannot be easily overcome. But they extend beyond the limits of the army, to the people of the north. I have read in southern papers bitter complaints about the unfriendly spirit exhibited by the northern people — complaints not unfrequently flavored with an admixture of vigorous vituperation. But, as far as my experience goes, the "unfriendly spirit" exhibited in the north is all mildness and affection compared with the popular temper which in the south vents itself in a variety of ways and on all possible occasions. No observing northern man can come into contact with the different classes composing southern society without noticing it. He may be received in social circles with great politeness, even with apparent cordiality; but soon he will become aware that, although he may be esteemed as a man, he is detested as a "Yankee Carl Schurz
Peace won by compromise is usually a short lived achievement. Winfield Scott
The most pious man can't stay in peace If it doesn't please his evil neighbor. Johann Friedrich von Schiller
History indicates that that at a certain point of economic breakdown people cease being concerned with liberties and are ready to accept regimentation. The danger is obviously greater when two main values so many people have are personal peace and affluence. Francis Schaeffer
The memory of war weighs undiminished upon the people's minds. That is because deeper than material wounds, moral wounds are smarting, inflicted by the so-called peace treaties. ... Material loss can be made up through renewed labor, but the moral wrong which has been inflicted upon the conquered peoples, in the peace dictates, leaves a burning scar on the people's conscience. ... Hjalmar Schacht
Reformers of all classes must recognize that it is useless to preach peace by itself, or socialism by itself, or anti-vivisection by itself, or vegetarianism by itself, or kindness to animals by itself. The cause of each and all of the evils that afflict the world is the same the general lack of humanity, the lack of the knowledge that all sentient life is akin, and that he who injures a fellow-being is in fact doing injury to himself. The prospects of a happier society are wrapped up in this despised and neglected truth, the very statement of which, at the present time, must … appear ridiculous to the accepted instructors of the people. Henry Stephens Salt
Man was born for peace and liberty, and became miserable and cruel only through the action of insidious and oppressive laws. And I believe therefore that if man be given laws which harmonize with the dictates of nature and of his heart he will cease to be unhappy and corrupt. Louis Antoine de Saint-Just
We are here to announce class warfare, in peace and for democracy. Nattawut Saikua
I renew my call for the occupier [the United States] to leave our land. The departure of the occupier will mean stability for Iraq, victory for Islam and peace and defeat for terrorism and infidels. Muqtada Al-Sader
Let us hope that the advent of a successful flying machine, now only dimly foreseen and nevertheless thought to be possible, will bring nothing but good into the world; that it shall abridge distance, make all parts of the globe accessible, bring men into closer relation with each other, advance civilization, and hasten the promised era in which there shall be nothing but peace and goodwill among all men. Octave Chanute
Wars: You know how you start, but you never know how you end. Meir Dagan
Men do things for other men in war that they would never do in peace. Andy Rooney
Perpetual war for perpetual peace. Charles A. Beard
You can’t fly in to an aircraft carrier and declare the war is over and then have American troops continue to die in Iraq. You just can’t do that. John McCain
If independence is not at stake then I thing it right to consider such an offer. Eric Fredrick Lindley Wood Halifax
Winston talks the most frightful rot. Eric Fredrick Lindley Wood Halifax
Never, for the sake of peace and quiet, deny your convictions. Dag Hammarskjold
In peace, as there is more time to spare, the leaders are expected to persuade the rank and file, instead of commanding them. Thomas Wentworth Higginson
Politics is pacific war. Lyman Abbott
The intelligence which has converted the brother of the wolf into the faithful guardian of the flock ought to be able to do something towards curbing the instincts of savagery in civilized men. Thomas Huxley
Science and Peace will triumph over Ignorance and War, that nations will eventually unite not to destroy but to edify, and that the future will belong to those who have done the most for the sake of suffering humanity. Louis Pasteur
The coming change can only come through a revolution, because the possessing class will not allow a peaceful change to take place; still we are willing to work for peace at any price, except at the price of liberty. Lucy E. Parsons
When America was first made known to Europe, the part assumed by France on the borders of that new world was peculiar, and is little recognized. While the Spaniard roamed sea and land, burning for achievement, red-hot with bigotry and avarice, and while England, with soberer steps and a less dazzling result, followed in the path of discovery and gold-hunting, it was from France that those barbarous shores first learned to serve the ends of peaceful commercial industry. Francis Parkman
The balance of power is the scale of peace. The same balance would be preserved were all the world destitute of arms, for all would be alike; but since some will not, others dare not lay them aside. Horrid mischief would ensue were one-half the world deprived of the use of them; Thomas Paine
The consequences of the Ayatollah's blood-thirsty fiasco could be disastrous for the whole of Islam and particularly for Shiism. The systematic destruction, in the name of religion, of a state and a society which vigilantly safeguarded the peace, could have effects in this part of the world which would be disastrous for sincere believers of the Koran, and even for those who believe less wholeheartedly. The murderous megalomania and the agitation of Qom, combined with the miserable dictatorship of a handful of mullahs, are, I insist, all in direct contradiction with the essential principles of Islam. Mohammed Reza Pahlavi
This is the first war in history that on the morrow the victors sued for peace and the vanquished called for unconditional surrender. Abba Eban
Opposing the U.N opposition to the American Invasion of Iraq was our finest hour. It was a war which, in my opinion, was illegal. Kofi Annan
No peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, no negotiations with it League of Arab States
In a nuclear age, each of us is threatened when peace is not secured everywhere. Jimmy Carter
There is a widespread understanding among the people of this nation, and probably among the people of the world, that there is no safety except through the prevention of war. Eleanor Roosevelt
This is a time for action — not for war, but for mobilization of every bit of peace machinery. It is also a time for facing the fact that you cannot use a weapon, even though it is the weapon that gives you greater strength than other nations, if it is so destructive that it practically wipes out large areas of land and great numbers of innocent people. Eleanor Roosevelt
I wish there were forces available for use in the United Nations today so that aggression might be impossible for any nation and peace could be enforced in lands which sorely need it, but I hope that negotiations will soon reach a point where between the Arab people and the Jews peace may be brought about. There is plenty of work for all to do and land to be developed which needs the work of many hands. Eleanor Roosevelt
We will have to want peace, want it enough to pay for it, pay for it in our own behavior and in material ways. We will have to want it enough to overcome our lethargy and go out and find all those in other countries who want it as much as we do. Eleanor Roosevelt
Peace will not be built, however, by people with bitterness in their hearts. Eleanor Roosevelt
it isn't enough to talk of peace. One must believe it. And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it. Eleanor Roosevelt
An inglorious peace is better than a dishonorable war. Mark Twain
Human nature being what it is, peace must inevitably be a relative condition. The essence of life is struggle and competition, and to that extent perfect peace is an almost meaningless abstraction. Struggle and competition are stimulating, but when they degenerate into conflict it is usually both destructive and disruptive. Javier Perez de Cuellar
The United Nations exists not merely to preserve the peace but also to make change - even radical change - possible without violent upheaval. The United Nations has no vested interest in the status quo… Ralph Bunchee
We must … show that peace and prosperity can exist side by side. George McGovern
It is an attempt to "spread the principles of the Revolution by every means throughout the whole of Europe." This program binds together both these individuals and their parties. The consequences for the peace of the world are clear and certain. If the revolutionary party carries out its program, "The sovereignty of the people," my minor crown will be broken, no less certainly than the mighty crowns of your Majesty, and a fearful scourge will be laid upon the nations; a century [will follow] of rebellion, of lawlessness, and of godlessness Frederick William IV
The Queen returns the enclosed draft. She has written upon it, in pencil, a passage which she thinks ought to be added, if the draft—though civil—is not to be a mere refusal to do anything for Austria, and a recommendation that whatever the Italians ask for ought to be given, for which a mediation is hardly necessary. The Queen thinks it most important that we should try to mediate and put a stop to the war, and equally important that the boundary which is to be settled should be such a one as to make a recurrence of hostilities unlikely. Queen Victoria
We want a rocket-free country. That’s what we want. Avital Liebovitch
The utmost good faith shall always be observed towards the Indians; their lands and property shall never be taken from them without their consent; and, in their property, rights, and liberty, they shall never be invaded or disturbed, unless in just and lawful wars authorized by Congress; but laws founded in justice and humanity, shall from time to time be made for preventing wrongs being done to them, and for preserving peace and friendship with them. Continental Congress
Make peace, you fools! Gerd von Rundstedt
What does peace mean in a world in which the combined wealth of the world's 587 billionaires exceeds the combined gross domestic product of the world's 135 poorest countries? Arundhati Roy
… once America goes off to war, it can't very well return without having fought one. If it doesn't find its enemy, for the sake of the enraged folks back home, it will have to manufacture one. Once war begins, it will develop a momentum, a logic and a justification of its own, and we'll lose sight of why it's being fought in the first place. Arundhati Roy
The cause of world peace is much more important than any individual. Harry S Truman
The things that will destroy America are prosperity-at-any-price, peace-at-any-price, safety-first instead of duty-first, the love of soft living and the get-rich-quick theory of life. Theodore Roosevelt
I have seen war. I have seen war on land and sea. I have seen blood running from the wounded. I have seen men coughing out their gassed lungs. I have seen the dead in the mud. I have seen cities destroyed. I have seen two hundred limping exhausted men come out of line-the survivors of a regiment of one thousand that went forward forty-eight hours before. I have seen children starving. I have seen the agony of mothers and wives. I hate war…. I wish I could keep war from all Nations; but that is beyond my power. I can at least make certain that no act of the United States helps to produce or to promote war. I can at least make clear that the conscience of America revolts against war and that any Nation which provokes war forfeits the sympathy of the people of the United States. Franklin D. Roosevelt
The strength of a civilization is not measured by its ability to fight wars, but rather by its ability to prevent them. Gene Roddenberry
If the United States and the United Nations truly want peace and security let them fulfill the hopes of the common people everywhere Paul Robeson
If it's to be a bloodbath, let it be now. Appeasement is not the answer. Ronald Reagan
One should not maintain a dispute. Shlomo ben Yitzchak; Rashi
We are destined to live together, on the same soil in the same land. We, the soldiers who have returned from battle stained with blood, we who have seen our relatives and friends killed before our eyes, we who have attended their funerals and cannot look into the eyes of their parents, we who have come from a land where parents bury their children, we who have fought against you, the Palestinians We say to you today in a loud and clear voice: Enough of blood and tears. Enough. We have no desire for revenge. We harbor no hatred towards you. We, like you, are people who want to build a home, to plant a tree, to love, live side by side with you in dignity, in empathy, as human beings, as free men. We are today giving peace a chance and again saying to you in a clear voice: Enough. Yitzak Rabin
The Puritans had accused the Quakers of "troubling the world by preaching peace to it. They refused to pay church taxes; they refused to bear arms; they refused to swear allegiance to any government …. So the Puritans, being political actionists, passed laws to keep them out, to deport, to fine, to imprison, to mutilate, and finally, to hang them. And the Quakers just kept on coming … ; and history records that after the hanging of four Quakers, and the flogging of Margaret Brewster at the cart's tail through the streets of Boston, the Puritans gave up trying to silence the new missionaries; that Quaker persistence and Quaker non-resistance had won the day. Voltairine de Cleyre
There is now all this patriotic indignation about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and Japanese expansionism in Asia. Yet not a word about American and European expansionism in the same area.... We must make a start. We must renounce war as an instrument of policy.... Even as I speak to you I may be guilty of what some men call treason.... You young men should refuse to take up arms. Young women tear down the patriotic posters. And all of you — young and old — put away your flags. Dorothy Day
The day is coming when no single nation, however powerful, can undertake by itself to keep the peace outside its borders. Robert McNamara
Bless the doves—we need more of them. Robert McNamara
The lesson of this century is that Europe will only be peaceful if the Americans are on this continent. Margaret Thatcher
This hand to tyrants ever sworn the foe, For Freedom only deals the deadly blow; Then sheathes in calm repose the vengeful blade, For gentle peace in Freedom’s hallowed shade. John Quincy Adams
You need women to participate in the peace process. They are the guardians of the village. Condoleeza Rice
In most peace conferences you have bad men brought in to talk to other bad men in front of the television cameras. There are rarely any women present. Mary Robinson
Continued adherence to a policy of compulsory education is utterly incompatible with efforts to establish lasting peace…. the state, the government, the laws must not in any way concern themselves with schooling or education. Public funds must not be used for such purposes. The rearing and instruction of youth must be left entirely to parents and to private associations and institutions. Ludwig von Mises
Though peace be made, yet it's interest that keep peace. Oliver Cromwell
It's a maxim not to be despised, "Though peace be made, yet it's interest that keeps peace. Oliver Cromwell
… the state, the government, the laws must not in any way concern themselves with schooling or education. Public funds must not be used for such purposes. The rearing and instruction of youth must be left entirely to parents and to private associations and institutions…. Continued adherence to a policy of compulsory education is utterly incompatible with efforts to establish lasting peace. Ludwig von Mises
That's the problem with Russia: The world has changed. Europe is not at war, and no one wants to negotiate with us. The world has changed, but Russia prefers to pretend it has not. Andrei Kozyrev
Wars are detested by mothers. Horace; Quintus Horatius
Genuine peace must be the product of many nations, the sum of many acts. It must be dynamic, not static, changing to meet the challenge of each new generation. John F. Kennedy
The war the soldiers tried to stop. John Kerry
You can have no idea of the spirit which animates our military officers. They are no longer the men you knew. They are men who have fought for years and believe themselves superior; and yet they are humiliated and impoverished, with no hope of enjoying the fruits of the work of their lances. They are often resolute llaneros, ignorant men who think themselves superior to those of greater accomplishments. Even I, who have always been at their head, cannot say of what they might be capable. I treat them with the greatest consideration, but it doesn’t seem to inspire them with the spirit which ought to exist among comrades and fellow citizens. Believe me... we are over a volcano about to erupt. I fear peace even more than I fear war. Simon Bolivar
Subjecting a sovereign head of state to a warrant of arrest is undermining African solidarity and African peace and security. Joyce Banda
Peace when the enemy is still attacking is not peace. It is surrender. Ben Stein
… you can have peace at the barrel of a gun, but unless you have peace with justice and self-determination, and allow people to exist in a way where they feel they have had justice done, they can determine their own future, you will never have a just situation, you will never have peace. Valerie Morse
There can be no Arab-Israeli peace deal so long as outsiders want it more than the parties themselves Ethan Bronner
Debating the peace process to most Israelis is the equivalent of debating the color of the shirt you were going to wear when landing on Mars. Yair Lapid
Peace is the necessary rational end of rational men. John F. Kennedy
We must begin by acknowledging the hard truth: We will not eradicate violent conflict in our lifetimes. There will be times when nations—acting individually or in concert—will find the use of force not only necessary but morally justified. Barack Obama
We're not only cousins, but partners in peace. Yasser Arafat
The PLO recognizes the right of the State of Israel to exist in peace and security. Yasser Arafat
It is much more difficult to make peace than it is to make war. Yasser Arafat
Contributing to the maintenance of peace by making clear its determination to exercise the right of individual or collective self-defense … should any armed attack occur affecting its national security. Arthur Hedrick Vandenberg
… not merely peace in our time but peace for all time. To achieve it, it is necessary to examine our attitude toward peace itself. Too many of us think it is impossible. Too many think it unreal. But that is a dangerous, defeatist belief. It leads to the conclusion that war is inevitable — that mankind is doomed — that we are gripped by forces we cannot control. We need not accept that view. Our problems are man-made — therefore, they can be solved by man. John F. Kennedy
Richard Nixon ran on a promise that he had a secret plan for peace (in Vietnam). He kept his promise and kept it a secret. John Kerry
We are beginning to resemble extinct dinosaurs, who suffered from too much armor and too little brain. William Sloane Coffin
All Indian men of that tribe are to be killed whenever and wherever you can find them…. If the Indians send in a flag of truce say to the bearer ... that you have been sent to punish them for their treachery and their crimes. That you have no power to make peace, that you are there to kill them wherever you can find them. James H. Carleton
Peace and democracy go hand in hand.. Nelson Mandela
It is not easy to talk about peace to people who are mourning every day. Nelson Mandela
I have desired as sincerely as any man—I sometimes think more than any other man—that our present difficulties might be settled without the shedding of blood. Abraham Lincoln
It is exceedingly desirable that all parts of this great Confederacy shall be at peace. . . . Let us Republicans do our part to have it so. Even though much provoked, let us do nothing through passion and ill temper. Even though the southern people will not so much as listen to us, let us calmly consider their demands, and yield to them if, in our deliberate view of our duty, we possibly can. Abraham Lincoln
History teaches us that enmity between nations—as between individuals—do not last forever. John F. Kennedy
I know that the Southern People prefer a Govt. of their own but as soon as it is demonstrated that there cannot be an independent Southern Confederacy, many then will yield obedience rather than lose their Estates. William Tecumseh Sherman
Our national strife pertains to ourselves—to the passing generations of men; and it can, without convulsion, be hushed forever with the passing of one generation. Abraham Lincoln
If the fight comes unsolicited, I am not willing to die meekly, to surrender without an effort. And that being so, am I still a pacifist? Dorothy Thompson
If reforms do not come when people are at peace, of course, they have to come through violent upheavals. No wonder the peoples who have democratic forms of government cling to them. Eleanor Roosevelt
It certainly is very desirable that a pacific disposition should prevail among all nations. John Jay
… the many armed conflicts which continue to afflict the world today present us daily with dramatic images of misery, hunger, illness and death. Without peace, there can be no form of economic development.  Violence never begets peace, the necessary condition for development. Pope Francis I
… in a tense situation, if time could be given for everyone to discuss what was going on before they actually went to war, we might come to our senses. Most of us are taught as children to count to 30 before we open our mouths when we were angry, and that same lesson should apply to nations. Eleanor Roosevelt
Every war I have ever covered – Kosovo, Bosnia, Sierra Leone and Liberia – withstood all diplomatic efforts to end it until Western military action finally forced a resolution. Sebastian Junger
The United Nations’ founders understood that decisions affecting war and peace should happen only by consensus, and with America’s consent the veto by Security Council permanent members was enshrined in the United Nations Charter. The profound wisdom of this has underpinned the stability of international relations for decades. Vladimir Putin
The great powers have got to find a way to end this war [the Syrian Revolution] because the refugee problem will not be solved without it. Deborah Amos
The ultimate step in avoiding periodic wars, which are inevitable in a situation of periodic lawlessness is to make statesmen responsible to the law. Robert Houghwout Jackson
Longing for peace does not necessarily bring it about. John Kerry
A democracy cannot wage war. When you go to war, you pass a law giving extraordinary power to the President. The people of the country assume when the emergency is over, the rights and powers that were temporarily delegated to the Chief Executive will be returned to the states, counties and to the people. Walter Smith
Although war cannot be ended, wars can. Walter Russell Mead
The 4 policeman Franklin D. Roosevelt
Your power, which is already very great, you can increase more by peace than by war. For the outcome of war is uncertain. More often you see adversity rather than prosperity accompany it. Chandarly Halil Pasha
It is not our business to collect trophies but to try … [to] bring back the world to peaceful habits Robert Stewart Castlereagh
I built a nuclear option to get peace, not to have bombs. Our enemies learned that they could not destroy us. Shimon Peres
Wars the United States starts do not necessarily end when and how it wants them to. Richard K. Betts
There are two things that you should never do in front of the TV cameras. You should not make love and you should not make peace. Shimon Peres
Peace: In international affairs, a period of cheating between two periods of fighting. Ambrose Bierce
Mehmed will never lay down arms except in victory or in total defeat. Every victory will be for him a stepping-stone to another, until, after subjecting all the princes of the West, he has destroyed the Gospel of Christ and imposed the law of his false prophet upon the whole world. Pius II
We want peace, standing on our feet, not on our knees. Nelson Mandela
If we were able to see people in other countries and learn about our differences, why would there be any misunderstandings? War would be a thing of the past. Philo T. Farnsworth
The coming of the wireless Era will make war impossible, because it will make war ridiculous. Guglielmo Marconi
The initial [Iraq] war was won in about 6 weeks, but the peace was lost soon thereafter. Andrew Flibbert
America remains the indispensable nation. There are times when America, and only America, can make a difference between war and peace, between freedom and repression. Bill Clinton
Do what is necessary to stop the bloodshed in Syria. Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani
She will not resemble those bronze colossus so venerated … proudly cast from cannon captured from the enemy. Our statue will be made of pure copper and it shall be the product of labor and peace. Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi
My country proposes that we consider that dictatorship is a disease, a disease that is threatening peace and security as well as the prosperity of people … a social and political scourge which needs to be eliminated. Moncef Marzouki
Wars are often won by diplomats and businessmen—not soldiers David Rothkopf
It’s time to stop making arms to kill people with. It’s time to live in calm and peace. Mikhail Kalashnikov
You cannot trust a piece of paper. Ariel Sharon
In this region declarations, speeches, words are worthless. Ariel Sharon
It is not important what the other side says or means. What is important are the military capabilities of the other side. Dick Cheney
Economic development is a great pacifying force. John Kenneth Galbraith
it's a disgrace for the international community that we have allowed so many conflicts to become frozen, and we are not making a serious effort to solve them. Martti Ahtisaari
It is not our affluence, or our plumbing, or our clogged freeways that grip the imagination of others. Rather, it is the values upon which our system is built. These values imply our adherence not only to liberty and individual freedom, but also to international peace, law and order, and constructive social purpose. When we depart from these value, we do so at our peril. J. William Fulbright
There can be no peace or coexistence between the Islamic faith and non-Islamic societies and political institutions. The failure of these institutions to function and the instability of these regimes in Muslim countries, manifest in frequent changes and coups d'état, is most often the consequence of their a priori opposition to Islam, as the fundamental and foremost feeling of the people in those countries. Alija Izetbegovic
You say that you are Christian. If you are really Christian, please stop sending military aid to the military here [El Salvador], because they use it only to kill my people. Oscar Romero
A rising economic power that violates human rights is a threat to peace. Fang Lizhi
When there are too many policemen, there can be no liberty. When there are too many soldiers, there can be no peace. When there are too many lawyers, there can be no justice. Lin Yutang
… we have learned to live securely, in peace and mutual prosperity among our Asian and Pacific neighbors. We will not be cut off from our British and European cultures and traditions or from those economies. On the contrary, the more engaged we are economically and politically with the region around us, the more value and relevance we bring to those old relationships. Far from putting our identity at risk, our relationships with the region will energize it. Paul Keating
The government considers it the greatest of crimes against humanity to continue this war over the issue of how to divide among the strong and rich nations the weak nationalities they have conquered, and solemnly announces its determination immediately to sign terms of peace to stop this war on the terms indicated, which are equally just for all nationalities without exception. Vladimir Lenin; Nikolai
A war is not won if the defeated enemy has not been turned into a friend. Eric Hoffer
If we can't live in peace, then let's die in peace.… We didn't commit suicide. We committed an act of revolutionary suicide protesting the conditions of an inhumane world. Jim Jones
Meeting with ye Sachem [the tribal leaders] they came to an agreement and buried two Axes in ye Ground; which ceremony to them is more significant & binding than all Articles of Peace the Hatchet being a principal weapon with them Samuel Sewall
We must want peace, but not be afraid of war because our fear of war made us compromise during these past few years with our principles and our standards. Eleanor Roosevelt
It was sad news to read of two more of our destroyers being lost. I cannot bear to think of the many women whose hearts ache for the boys and men who are lost with each of these ships; as well as any one of the airplanes that fail to come back from a raid, or that crash somewhere in this country or in foreign parts. These days are terrible ones for the men themselves and for the women who wait at home for news. So many of the boys are very young and, under ordinary circumstances, would have their whole lives still before them. I wonder if women in every country are making up their minds that out of this war there shall come some kind of permanent peace. Eleanor Roosevelt
The psychology which believes that the white man alone of all the races in the world, has something which must be imposed on all other races, must go. We know today that our chance to live in peace in the future lies in respect for the individual, no matter what his color. Eleanor Roosevelt
I was proud indeed of the Services as they marched by in the rain. Everyone in fit condition, looking smart in spite of the weather. West Point, Annapolis, the Coast Guard School and the regular Army, Navy and Marines. These Services and the men who compose them deserve our gratitude and respect. They give service which can never be paid for in money. We pray that it may never be war service, but the world is not safe as yet from this spirit of madness and while the United States of America is the greatest peace loving nation in the world, her first line of defense, both in peace and in war are these men who belong to what are rightly termed the Services of the United States. Eleanor Roosevelt
It is only tradition that keeps men from being even more vitally interested in peace than women for they are the first line of defense. Luckily the youth of the nation, both men and women, are recognizing this fact. Eleanor Roosevelt
If reforms do not come when people are at peace, of course, they have to come through violent upheavals, so as I looked out I thought: "Thank God, that this nation has had the courage to face the need of changes before we reached the point where bloodshed was the only way to achieve a change. Eleanor Roosevelt
According to the “ripeness theory,” every conflict reaches a point when the parties are tired of confrontation and determine it is in their interest to make peace. With practical steps, principled leadership, and encouragement from the international community, the peace process still represents a win-win for both sides. David L. Phillips
He wants a two-state solution. He doesn’t know that the two-state solution is dead: dead and buried. And then he tells us we are occupying our own land [the Palestinian West Bank]. How can we occupy what is ours?” Dani Dayan
The Vietnam War peace treaty that was signed in 1973, Lyndon Johnson could have had in 1968. Andrew J. Polsky
War is far more spectacular than peace. Peace, on the other hand, requires patience, discretion and determination in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. Juan Manuel Santos
The European Union ranks among the most extraordinary political achievement of modern times. It has abolished tariffs, established a common currency, and spread peace and prosperity to democracies across Europe. Andrew Moravcsik
The restoration of the Rebel States to the Union must rest upon the principle of civil and political equality of both races; and it must be sealed by general amnesty Abraham Lincoln
The isolationists are preparing again to play somewhat the same role they played at the end of World War I. They are idealists, but they do not want to pay the price of practical idealism or of peace for the world. They still believe that the United States can prosper all alone, can have peace all alone, can be a little island apart from the rest of the world. Eleanor Roosevelt
I’m William Colby and I was the head of the CIA. The job of intelligence is to warn us of dangers to our military. Now the Cold War is over, and the military threat is far less. Now it’s time to cut our military spending by 50 percent and invest the money in our schools, health care, and our economy. William Colby
We think intelligence is important to win wars. Wars are not won by intelligence. They’re won by the blood, treasure, courage of the young men that we put in the field …. What intelligence really does when it is working well is to help to avoid war. David Kay
America’s fundamental aspiration is the preservation of peace…. This can only be done on the basis of comprehensive and appropriate information. Dwight D. Eisenhower
You send the best of this country off to be shot and maimed. They rebel in the street…. They don’t go to school because they are going to be snatched off from their mothers to be shot in Vietnam. Eartha Kitt
What does it mean to be a great politician? To shake the hand of murders? To make concessions? To create illusions? Ariel Sharon
Jews and Arabs have been living together for years and years Ariel Sharon
Peace is a goal, but what we need first is security. Ariel Sharon
There shall be prohibition of fighting and bloodshed among the various communities of the state. Muhammad
Security can no longer be attained by arming ourselves against a potential enemy. Rather, security is attainable only with his cooperation. Hans-Jochen Vogal
Without a near-peer competitor (or several) to deter or a major war on the horizon, Washington found a new foreign policy calling: renovating weak or failed states. Michael Masser
...Jesus told us this a long time ago, and I can still hear that voice crying through the vista of time, saying, "Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, pray for them that despitefully use you." And there is still a voice saying to every potential Peter, "Put up your sword." History is replete with the bleached bones of nations, history is cluttered with the wreckage of communities that failed to follow this command. Martin Luther King Jr.
With a stable peace anything is possible; without peace, nothing is possible. Richard Nixon
Nothing but such a law as this, well-practiced, can secure even the temporal peace of the world. Thomas Allen
Perpetual peace is a dream, and not even a beautiful dream, and War is an integral part of God’s ordering of the universe. Helmuth von Moltke
The telephone number is 1-202-456-1414 When you're serious about peace, call us. James Baker
It is easier to obstruct peace than it is to promote it. James Baker
A people free to choose will always choose peace. Ronald Reagan

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