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Poor nations are hungry, and rich nations are proud; and pride and hunger will ever be at variance. Jonathan Swift
The ruling classes today nourish the conviction that national hatreds and rivalries are inevitable. Charles Trevelyan
Countries under foreign command quickly forget their history, their past, their tradition, their national symbols, their way of living, often their own literary language. Slobodan Milosevic
Science is the highest personification of the nation because that nation will remain the first which carries the furthest the works of thought and intelligence. Louis Pasteur
Born in iniquity and conceived in sin, the spirit of nationalism has never ceased to bend human institutions to the service of dissension and distress. Thorstein Veblen
The theory of rights enables us to rise and overthrow obstacles, but not to found a strong and lasting accord between all the elements which compose the nation. Giuseppe Mazzini
I am not anti-American. But I am strongly pro-Canadian. John G. Diefenbaker
May God save the country, for it is evident that the people will not. Millard Fillmore
A man who lives everywhere lives nowhere. Marcus Valerius Martial
I am not an Athenian or a Greek, but a citizen of the world. Diogenes
Everyone loathes his own country and countrymen if he is any sort of artist. Lawrence Durrell
Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind. Albert Einstein
Nationalism is power hunger tempered by self-deception. George Orwell
National character is only another name for the particular form which the littleness, perversity and baseness of mankind take in every country. Every nation mocks at other nations, and all are right. Arthur Schopenhauer
Nations whose nationalism is destroyed are subject to ruin. Muammar al-Gaddafi
One country, one constitution, one destiny. Daniel Webster
Israel's open-ended control over millions of noncitizen Palestinians ... has strained the country's otherwise robust democracy. The festering conflict and the country's lack of defined, recognized borders have encouraged extreme nationalism and divided Israelis. Indeed, Israel's continued control over Palestinian affairs has strengthened chauvinistic, racist, and violent tendencies on the fringes of the Israeli right. Natan Sachs
Our battle is against the bourgeoisie as the enemy of German Socialism and the saboteur of national freedom. Gregor Strasser
As far as Muslim India is concerned, we have forged our own charter and that is Pakistan. We are not going to budge an inch from the position we have taken. Nothing will make us swerve from our goal. Muhammad Ali Jinnah
When France fell before the Nazi onslaught, in the midst of total war, Mr. Churchill offered union with England to the French. That was indeed a stroke of inspired statesmanship. But when it comes to India? Oh no! Constitutional changes in the midst of a war? Absolutely unthinkable ... The object this time is to free India before the Japanese can come and be ready to fight them if they come. They will round up the leaders, round up all. Then it will be the duty of every Indian to put forth his utmost effort—within non-violence. No source is to be left untapped; no weapon untried. This is going to be the opportunity of a lifetime. Vallabhbhai Patel
Islam proved imperfect national cement, as many different varieties of Islam competed for the allegiance of Pakistanis. William Easterly
... even political opponents of evil governments show little gratitude for American invasion to modernize them.. William Easterly
It is difficult for the strongest advocate of national rights to assert that the people in actual occupation or political control over a given area of the earth are entitled to do what they will with "their own," entirely disregarding the direct and indirect consequences of their actions upon the rest of the world. John A. Hobson
Leaders often associate strong currencies with national strength and thus view declining currencies as insults to their prowess. Debora L. Spar
I saw the need for an organization of disinterested patriots, composed of all classes and all Christian creeds, who would be ready to serve their country in any emergency. Rotha Lintorn-Orman; Rotha Beryl Lintorn Orman
White society will not listen to preaching. They will not listen to their liberals. Liberalism has not grown within white society, and we blacks cannot stand idly by watching the situation. We can only generate a response from white society when we, as blacks, speak with a black voice and say what we want. Now has come the time when we, as blacks, must articulate what we want, and put it across to the white man, and from a position of strength. Steven Biko
Africans must stand up for themselves and that the strategies and tactics of the struggle should be determined by the African people themselves, and not by others. Joe Matthews
The demon of racialism, the aberrations of the Xhosa—Fingo feud, the animosity that exists between the Zulus and the Tongas, between the Basuto and every other Native must be buried, and forgotten. We are one people. Pixley ka Isaka Seme
‘If you want Colonies for your Sons, vote Conservative!’ ‘To Vote for a Liberal is to Vote for a Boer!’ Conservative Party
It cannot be too often reiterated that this Government does not possess the weapons which would be needed to enable it to meet head-on the threat to national independence presented by the communist elements in foreign countries. This poses an extremely difficult problem as to the measures which our Government can take to prevent the communists from achieving success in the countries where resistance is lowest. George F. Kennan
Where the German soldier stands, no other shall put his foot. Adolf Hitler
Crete is our life. Our blood is its price. Anonymous
The safety of the fatherland and the happiness of the nation require above all that the world should be shown that our army is still the army that had planted its lance in the walls of Vienna. Kemal Ataturk
The Turkish army will have done its duty when it defends the country from foreign aggression and frees the nation from fanaticism and intellectual slavery. The Turkish nation has fallen far behind the West. The main aim should be to lead it to modern civilization. Kemal Ataturk
Our national aims can be realized only by military means. The matter needs no further elaboration or interpretation. Ali Fethi Okyar
In order to justify the sympathy and trust extended to me by people of all classes, even to the furthest corners of the world of Islam, I intend to form a People’s Party…after the establishment of peace, in order to devote my life to the good of my country as a humble individual. Kemal Ataturk
The press should form a fortress of steel round the republic. The republic has a right to demand this from journalists. The struggle is not over; the press has a duty to convey this truth to the nation and safeguard its unity. Kemal Ataturk
This palace belongs no longer to the Shadows of Allah on Earth, but to the nation, which is a fact and not a shadow, and I am happy to be here as an individual member of the nation, as a guest. Kemal Ataturk
Hypocrites and frauds of old used to drink a thousand times more, secretly in hovels as they indulged in all sorts of nastiness. I am not a fraud. I drink in my nation’s honor. Kemal Ataturk
There is no nation in the world greater, older or more honorable than the Turkish nation, nor has one been seen in the history of humanity. Kemal Ataturk
The Turks were a great nation even before they adopted the Muslim religion…The religion founded by Muhammad was based on a policy of setting Arab nationalism above all other nationalisms. Kemal Ataturk
Every adult is free to choose his own religion, but fanaticism has to be fought lest freedom perish. Kemal Ataturk
The call to prayer should be recited in Turkish everywhere in accordance with the national purpose of our exalted government. Turkish Dept. of Religious Affairs
We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battle—field, and patriot grave, to every living heart and hearthstone, all over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature. Abraham Lincoln
Treason is murder against the nation Mississippi Courier Natchez
Individuals must die that the nation may live. Horace Greeley
The EU Constitution sets a path towards the elimination of nation states and the emergence of a European state in the strictest sense of the word. I'm definitely opposed to it… The EU isn't a loving family of European nations where everyone altruistically cares for everyone else. Various interests clash on various issues, and all kinds of coalitions are struck to push through specific solutions Lech Kaczynski
Saying my President right or wrong is like saying my driver drunk or sober. James Reston
Nationalism is not to be confused with patriotism. Both words are normally used in so vague a way that any definition is liable to be challenged, but one must draw a distinction between them, since two different and even opposing ideas are involved. By ‘patriotism’ I mean devotion to a particular place and a particular way of life, which one believes to be the best in the world but has no wish to force on other people. Patriotism is of its nature defensive, both militarily and culturally. Nationalism, on the other hand, is inseparable from the desire for power. The abiding purpose of every nationalist is to secure more power and more prestige, not for himself but for the nation or other unit in which he has chosen to sink his own individuality. George Orwell Blair
The Arab individual does not elect from among people of different opinions who represent different currents. The Arab is accustomed to voting according to pre-determined concepts. Whoever represents this pre-determined concept... The nationalist will vote for a nationalist, and the communist will vote for a communist. These are all types of religious sects. The tribal and sectarian structure has not disintegrated, and has not melted down into the new structure of democracy and the democratic option. Ali Ahmed Said; Adonis
For you, O Italy, hatred of the French, under whatever standard or mask they present themselves, must be the single and fundamental basis of your political existence. Vittorio Alfieri
Ukraine is facing a serious threat of isolation as some local political forces want to put an end to democracy and democratic reforms in the country Viktor Yushchenko
Democracy should be home grown. Mikhail Gorbachev
A nation without a language is a nation without a heart. Welsh Proverb
There is always a certain glamour about the idea of a nation rising up to crush an evil simply because it is wrong. Unfortunately, this can seldom be realized in real life; for the very existence of the evil usually argues a moral weakness in the very place where extraordinary moral strength is called for. W. E. B. Du Bois
Romulus Whitaker, the father of our City descended from heaven at dawn this morning and appeared to me. In awe and reverence I stood before him, praying for permission to look upon his face without sin. "Go", he said, "and tell the Romans that by heaven's will my Rome shall be capital of the world. Let them learn to be soldiers. Let them know, and teach their children, that no power on earth can stand against Roman arms". Having spoken these words, he was taken up again into the sky. Julius Proculus
Abraham Lincoln, in order to maintain the unity of the United States...resorted to the use of, I think Abraham Lincoln, president, is a model, is an example. Zhu Rongji
Traditionally, the ideology of the United States nationhood perpetuated the myth that immigrants would shed their particularistic ethnic identities and loyalties. Eventually these “strangers” would be assimilated into a homogeneous body politic that was based on the equality of individual rights. Pedro Caban
We’re not the only court in the world. See what they (other nation’s courts) have to say. Stephen Breyer
Is invoking “international opinion” in American law like subjecting legislation enacted by Congress to review by the United Nations? Emily Bazelon
If the United States isn’t keeping pace with the rest of the civilized world, then for its own good it needs to change. Harold Koh
Every way of a man is right in his own eyes Book of Proverbs; Solomon
America is the only country that believes it was born perfect and constantly strives to improve itself. Richard Hofstadter
One motherland, one sanskriti (culture), common ancestry and heritage and unity in diversity. It is these three that constitute the national culture. The mode of worship can differ from person to person. Sangh K. S. Sudarshan
Heavy Fog In Channel. Continent Cut Off. London Times
If you want to have good relations with the Iranian people in the future, you should acknowledge the right and the might of the Iranian people, and you should bow and surrender to the might of the Iranian people. If you do not accept this, the Iranian people will force you to bow and surrender. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
The U.S and England are not worthy of security council membership. Those who want good relations with the Iranian people should bow and surrender to its right and might. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
When you have people in a geographical area who do not want to be a part of a country, you cannot keep them in that country forever. Peter W. Galbraith
I love my country too much to be a nationalist. Albert Camus
I have resolved to return the destiny of our country to our soldiers. Adolf Hitler
A hard father to his people, Mustafa Kemal [Ataturk] told his Turks last December that they must forget God in the Arabic language (Allah), learn Him in Turkish (Tanri). Admitting the delicacy of renaming a 1300-year-old god, Kemal gave the muezzins a time allowance to learn the Koran in Turkish. Time
Nationalism is a silly cock crowing on its own dunghill. Richard Aldington
Why should I nationalize the industry. I shall nationalize the people. Adolf Hitler
Proud of My Country. Ashamed of My President. Anonymous
A nation of homeowners is unconquerable. Franklin D. Roosevelt
The modern idea of citizenship goes some way to accommodating the tension between solidarity and diversity. Citizenship is not an ethnic, blood-and-soil concept, but a more abstract political idea - implying equal legal, political and social rights (and duties) for people inhabiting a given national space. David Goodhart
We know who speaks for the nations. But who speaks for humanity? Who speaks for earth? Carl Sagan
Liberty Sandwich Anonymous
There is no such thing as National character or National Sentiment. The Inhabitants are from all quarters of the globe; and as various in their opinions, projects and schemes, as their manners and habits are from their early education. Nathanael Greene
Fists of Righteous Harmony Anonymous
There is no doubt also, that the call to nationalism is a call to transgression, pride and arrogance, since nationalism is not a divinely revealed way of life …. Muslims are a single body and a single structure; each part supporting the other and each part feeling the pain that the other parts are suffering. Sheik Abdul-Aziz Ibn Baaz
We're a proud people. We don't want to be assimilated. Hector Luis Acevedo
The State or the States. John Aird
Where nationalism is the main issue, the demand for democracy always takes second place. Fouad Ajami
Regard the world as your country … good men as your kin, bad men as foreigners. Alexander III
Like the tailor who uses his needle to sew together pieces of cloth, so I use my sword to unite my divided provinces. Al-Hakam I
Italy, which is inhabited only by a single race speaking the same language and professing the same religion, experiences so many difficulties in its unification. For the moment all it has achieved is anarchy and disorder. Judge what would happen in Turkey if free scope were given to all the different national aspirations …. It would need a century and torrents of blood to establish even a fairly stable state of affairs. Ali Pasha
the awakening of the Arab nation, and the effort of the Jews to reconstitute the ancient kingdom of Israel…. These movements are destined to fight each other continually until one of them wins. Najib Azouri
There is a wind of nationalism and freedom blowing round the world. Stanley Baldwin
Nations have the tendency to be born in blood. Ehud Barak
Imperialism is but the transition stage to the international union of the proletariat …. Nationalism is dead or dying. Belfast Labor Chronicle
The future of Canada, I believe, depends very largely upon the cultivation of a national spirit Edward Blake
[Popular Front policy] implied a wholesale overthrow of the basic principles of communism. Instead of the class struggle, cooperation with the bourgeoisie. Instead of the Soviet system, eulogy of democracy. Instead of internationalism, nationalism. Franz Borkenau
In the light of these treaties we are Europeans only. Aristide Briand
The American Communists had thrived as champions of domestic reform. But when the Communists abandoned reforms and championed a Soviet Union openly contemptuous of America while predicting its quick collapse, the same party lost all its hard-won influence. It became merely a bad word in the American language. Earl Browder
Men are not tied together by papers and seals. They are led to associate by resemblances, by conformities, by sympathies. Edmund Burke
Though I love my country I do not love my countrymen. George Gordon Byron
Paris fights today so that France can speak tomorrow. Albert Camus
Every nation for itself and God for all of us. George Canning
Nations have lost their traditional exclusive jurisdiction over their treatment of their citizens. Rene Cassin
The more I am French, the more I feel a part of humanity. Rene Cassin
What, then, unites nations? Interest and sentiment. Joseph Chamberlain
Disasters impel a nation to rise Chinese Proverb
We are all citizens of one world, we are all of one blood. To hate a man because he was born in another land, because he speaks a different language, or because he has different views is a great folly. Desist, I implore you, for we are all equally human….Let us have but one end in view – the welfare of humanity. John Amos Comenius
England, with all thy faults, I love thee still – My country! William Cowper
Science is essentially international, and it is only through lack of historical sense that national qualities have been attributed to it. Marie Curie
Patriotism is when love of your own people comes first; nationalism is when hate for people other than your own comes first. Charles de Gaulle
God is an Englishman R. F. Delderfield
There is not a man here [in Congress] who does not feel four hundred percent bigger in 1900—bigger intellectually, bigger, hopefully, bigger patriotically that he as a citizen of a country that has become a world power. Chauncey Depew
Countries are like adolescent entering a dance ... they're sure everybody is thinking about nothing but their inadequacies. Patricia Derian
No man is an Island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. John Donne
If ... the taking over the tobacco trade by the state was socialistic, Napoleon and Metternich would rank among the founders of Socialism. Friedrich Engels
State Creation: A growth Industry. Juan Enriquez
The more globalized the world becomes, the less traumatic it is for nationalists to split from their states. Juan Enriquez
Throughout history, countries have sought to expand ….Today, the goal of most wars is too make countries smaller rather than larger. Juan Enriquez
A nation creates music. The composer only arranges it. Mikhail Glinka
Russia doesn’t like it when it is humiliated, when it is pressured. Mikhail Gorbachev
Humanity requires that nationalisms be overcome. George Grant
Every nation reserves the right to go to war with every other nation. Therefore, every ethnic group wants to be a nation. Max Frankel
Our economy of allegiance simply is not infinitely expandable. If we become more Virginian or Georgian, surely we will also feel more remote, less responsible for the poor of Kentucky or of the ghettoes of Chicago. If we became more Virginian, we would be less American. Charles Fried
The lack of objectivity, as far as foreign nations is concerned, is notorious …. Another nation is made out to be utterly depraved and fiendish, while one’s own nation stands for everything that is good and noble. Erich Fromm
Nationalism is our form of incest, is our idolatry, is our insanity. Patriotism is its cult. Erich Fromm
Good fences make good neighbors. Robert Frost
The land was ours before we were the land’s She was our land more than a hundred years Before we were her people ... Robert Frost
An identity to unity produces the empty gestures of cultural nationalism; assimilating unity to identity produces the kind of provincial isolation which is now call separatism ... Northrop Frye
I hereby proclaim myself King of Egypt to ensure the country’s dignity and its international status. Fuad I
Language is at the root of Quebec nationalism. Lysiane Gagnon
Africa for the Africans. Marcus Garvey
Show me the race or nation without a flag, and I will show you a people without any pride. Marcus Garvey
In Europe … nationalism is nothing more than a mania. Jose Ortega y Gasset
A nations loses its soul and spirit if it cannot act to protect its most basic interests and values. Leslie H. Gelb
You must not expect the central government of any country to encourage separatism. Gennadi I. Gerasimov
With a flag you can lead people wherever you want. Theodor Herzl
Nationalism made us feel as if we were a unique, chosen people. That's what led us down the path of aggression. Motoshima Hitoshi
Deutschland, Deutschland uber alles. Germany, Germany over all. Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben
All these nations and peoples of Europe and Asia will insist upon their independence and their own cultures. Herbert Hoover; Hugh Gibson
We Arabs, especially the educated among us, look with the deepest sympathy on the Zionist movement.... We are working together for a reformed and revived Near East, and our two movements complete one another. The Jewish movement is national and not imperialist, and there is room in Syria for us both. Indeed I think that neither can be a real success without the other. Husein, Feisal, ibn
Boasting of glory does not make glory. Hussein ibn Talal
Our Christian civilization will have to Christianize itself in a hurry. It will have to dedicate itself to the proposition that men are men before they are Englishmen, businessmen, workingmen, or Americans, and that all men are brothers.... This proposition, always popular on Sundays, requires the subordination of Americanism to Humanity. Robert M. Hutchins
As a matter of fact, it is the fascist minded men of America who are the real enemies of our institutions.... It is these men who, pretending that they would save us from communism, would superimpose upon America an equally dreaded fascism. Harold L. Ickes
A nation is a society united by a delusion about its ancestry and by a common hatred of its neighbors. William Ralph Inge
We have done nothing yet—I regret to see no national feeling in the majority of Congress—everyone appears to be engrossed with the interest alone of his own section of the country—so long as this feeling predominates, it will be unfortunate for our nation. Andrew Jackson
... we ought as Legislatures to meet with national feelings, and our Legislation ought to be for the general good; and as far as practicable equity & justice to all sections of our country. Andrew Jackson
Our ancestors have always regarded independence as fundamental to the concept of a nation. Jiang Zemin
Freedom for all; but the power and welfare of the fatherland above all. Wilhelm Jordan
The wind of change is blowing through the continent [Africa]. Whether we like it or not, this growth of national consciousness is a political fact. Harold MacMillan
Together, hand in hand, with our matches and our necklaces, we shall liberate this country. Winnie Mandela
A country soon tires of the glories it has wrought. Andre Maurois
Country is not a mere zone of territory. The true country is the idea to which it gives birth ... the sense of communion which united in one all the sons of that territory. Giuseppe Mazzini
Nationality is the role assigned by God to each people in the work of humanity. Guiseppe Mazzini
Without Country you have neither name, token, voice, nor rights …. Do not delude yourselves with the hope of emancipation from unjust social conditions if you do not first conquer a country for yourselves. Guiseppe Mazzini
There is room enough in this country for one great free people; but there's not room enough, under the same flag and the same laws, for two or three angry, suspicious, obstructive "nationalities. D'Arcy McGee
I’d rather eat French shit for two years than Chinese shit forever. Nguyen Ai Quoc; Ho Chi Minh
National honor is national property of the highest value. James Monroe
Perestroika and glasnost mean more nationalism, more fascism. Gracie Moreno
The tar of my country is better than the honey of others Moroccan proverb
The only methods we shall employ will be English ones. The good old English fist. Oswald Mosley
We [Germans] are morally and intellectually superior to all men. Adolf Lasson
Perhaps the globalization potion is too strong for us today; it should be watered down with some measure of economic nationalism. Mirko Lauer
Imagine there's no countries; it isn't hard to do Nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too Imagine all the people living life in peace... John Lennon
Letters and other characters—alphabets, syllabaries, signs and codes—hold nations together. Jill Lepore
I wish to be no less than national in all the positions I may take. Abraham Lincoln
From the Rio Grande to the Arctic Ocean there should be but one flag and one country. Henry Cabot Lodge
We must be now and forever for Americanism and Nationalism and against Internationalism. Henry Cabot Lodge
The Tories with their brats and wives Should fly to save their wretched lives. Anonymous
This nation has never lived without independence. We cannot and shall not live without it. Either independence or death. Kemal Ataturk
I am guilty of no crime save that of being an Italian like yourself. I have risked my life for Italy, and your duty is to do good to those who have suffered for her Ugo Bassi
There is no national science just as there is no national multiplication table; what is national is no longer science. Anton Chekhov
A man's country is not a certain area of land, of mountains, rivers, and woods, but it is a principle; and patriotism is loyalty to that principle. George William Curtis
A fellow who squats down on his knees to clean your boots at a café or in the street is bound to be a communist, so why not shoot him right away and be done with it. There is no need for a trial. His guilt is self evident. Gonzalo de Aguilera
The masses in this country [Spain] are not like your Americans, nor even like the British. They are slave stock. They are good for nothing but slaves and only when they are used as slaves are they happy. Gonzalo de Aguilera
In this state there are 200 thousand able intelligent, honorable negroes, not an inferior race, mind you, who are ready to protect their liberty. The matter is in your own hands. Martin Delany
Those who speak the same language are joined to each other by a multitude of invisible bonds by nature herself, long before any human art begins; they understand each other and have the power of continuing to make themselves understood more and more clearly; they belong together and are by nature one and an inseparable whole Johann Gottlieb Fichte
One Fatherland. One State. One Caudillo [Supreme Leader]! Francisco Franco
The land was ours before we belonged to the land. Robert Frost
There is a collapse of public spirit; the victories reported by the Army of Italy have not produced the enthusiasm that the national honor naturally inspires in Frenchmen. Gazette Francaise
We must reconquer Spain … We must give Spain a new unity, a new spirit, a totalitarian polity. … It is necessary to defeat socialism inexorably. We must found a new state, purge the fatherland of judaising Freemasons. … What does it matter if we have to shed blood! … We need full power, and that is what we demand Jose Maria Gil Robles
If French women had not shown their thighs in the vaudeville and swimming pools of Paris, where out Republicans were educated, if there had not been so much tennis played by the American women who have filled our cinema screens for years, if Nordic women had not thrown themselves into the cult of the sun, perhaps our horrible Spanish Civil War would not have broken out. Ernesto Giminez Caballero
Patriotism is proud of a country’s virtues and eager to correct its deficiencies; it also acknowledges the legitimate patriotism of other countries, with their own specific virtues. The pride of nationalism, however, trumpets its country’s virtues and denies its deficiencies, while it is contemptuous toward the virtues of other countries. It wants to be, and proclaims itself to be, “the greatest,” but greatness is not required of a country; only goodness is. Sydney J. Harris
The Jewish State Der Judenstaat Theodor Herzl
As against the false doctrine of national patriotism, we uphold the ideal of international working class solidarity. Morris Hillquit; Socialist Party
So, having no hope of reconciliation, and finding no other remedy, we have, agreeable to the law of nature in our own defense, and for maintaining the rights, privileges, and liberties of our countrymen, wives, and children, and latest posterity from being enslaved by the Spaniards, been constrained to renounce allegiance to the King of Spain, and pursue such methods as appear to us most likely to secure our ancient liberties and privileges. Know all men by these presents that being reduced to the last extremity, as above mentioned, we have unanimously and deliberately declared, and do by these presents declare, that the King of Spain has forfeited, ipso jure, all hereditary right to the sovereignty of those countries Holland
To-day the Peace Treaty was ratified at Paris; the War is over. A terrible era begins for Europe, like the gathering of clouds before a storm, and it will end in an explosion probably more terrible than that of the World War. In Germany there are all the signs of a continuing growth of nationalism. Harry Kessler
A Zeal for our Country is glorious, but a Spirit of Faction infamous William Livingston
No nation can anticipate its term, nor delay it. Muhammad
Spend most of the day reading fascisti pamphlets. They certainly have turned the whole country into an army. From cradle to grave one is cast in the mould of fascismo and there can be no escape…. It is certainly a socialist experiment in that it destroys individuality. It also destroys liberty. Harold Nicolson
If I go into exile, hope remains with me, because I will preserve my people’s affection, which will live in my people’s hearts forever until my last breath. Francis Rakoczi II
The mantle of the pioneers has fallen on our shoulders. Ian Smith
National cultures and heritages must compete for man's attention with the mind-absorbing advances of universal science. Shimon Peres
Here will be preserved all . . . the records that bind State to State and the hearts of all our people in an indissoluble union. Herbert Hoover
Expel the barbarians, and so calm the indignation of the Mikado's divine ancestry. Komei
Honor the Mikado and expel the barbarians! Ilirano Jiro
Newspapers at that time did not necessarily try to flatter those in power. Rather, they wrote to please readers. I may sound evasive. but there certainly existed some kind of mechanism that aggravated the situation through subtle interactions between newspapers and the public. Readers were waiting for articles reporting the exploits of the victorious Imperial Forces, Newspapers indulged themselves in a competition to appear more patriotic and to see who could print the most articles urging and exalting victory. Newspaper companies cooperated through the dispatch of entertainers, calls for patriotic songs, campaigns for contributions to build more airplanes, and various other ways. The heavy responsibility that the newspapers bear is second only to that of the government. Seiryu Hata
Japan is not a land where men need pray / For 'tis itself divine Kakinomoto no Hitomaro
Nationalism springs, as often as not, from a wounded or outraged sense of human dignity, the desire for recognition. Isaiah Berlin
The Czechoslovak conception gives the Slovaks an all-State, more universal consciousness. This conception makes us a 10-million strong nation and not a mere 2-million fraction. How is it possible that there should be Slovaks who do not understand this Ivan Derer
I declare that the Russian revolution is a cultural and constructive movement, the only movement capable of saving Russia from political dissolution Maxim Gorky; Aleksei Maximovitch Peshkov
The formation of the smallest worker’s organization will for the history writers of the future be more important than the battle of Sadova Johann Jakoby
This Flag of the Crescent and Star Leads the way to progress and perfection Interpreter of our past, glory of our present Inspiration of our future Symbol of Almighty's protection Abul Asar Hafeez Jullundhri
To build socialism means not only building gigantic factories and flour mills. This is essential but not enough for building socialism. People must grow in mind and heart. Nadezhda K. Krupskaya
War is coming. That’s inevitable. The capitalist world has reached a state of putrid ferment, and people are already affected by the poison of chauvinism and nationalism. I think we shall yet witness an all-European war. The proletariat? I hardly think the proletariat will find the strength to prevent a blood-bath…The proletariat will suffer terribly, of course, such, alas, is its fate for the time being. But its enemies will enfeeble one another; that, too, is inevitable. Nikolai Lenin
Every man has an idea, of course, that the State from which he comes possesses peculiar merit Romulus Whitaker Zachariah Linney
Awaken a feeling that our ancient buildings are not mere ecclesiastical toys, but sacred monuments of the nation's growth and hope. William Morris
Away with national pride that only raises national hatred August Palm
Soon the princely Marko reached the Moslems, From the sheath he drew his trusty saber, Drove that arm'd vizier, and all his warriors--- Drove them from him---o'er the desert scatters, As the vulture drives a flock of sparrows. Marko soon o'ertakes the flying warriors, From his neck their chieftain's head he sever'd; And the dozen youths his trusty saber Into four-and-twenty halves divided. Anonymous
They are based on the universal assumption that a nation, in order to find outlets for expanding population and increasing industry, or simply to ensure the best conditions possible for its people, is necessarily pushed to territorial expansion and the exercise of political force against others.... It is assumed that a nation's relative prosperity is broadly determined by its political power; that nations being competing units, advantage in the last resort goes to the possessor of preponderant military force, the weaker goes to the wall, as in the other forms of the struggle for life. Norman Angell
Union or death! Dragutin Dimitrijevic
In using the word 'people' the Narodna Odbrana means our whole people, not only those in Serbia. It is hoped that the work done by it in Serbia will spur the brothers outside Serbia to take a more energetic share in the work of private initiative, so that the new present-day movement for the creation of a powerful Serbian Narodna Odbrana will go forward in unison in all Serbian territories. Narodna Odbrana
The object assigned to the work to be done by the people of every class is the preparation for war in all forms of national work, corresponding to the requirements of the present day. This is to be effected through strengthening of the national consciousness, bodily exercises, increase of material and bodily well-being, cultural improvements, etc Narodna Odbrana
National sentiments can cause such sinful phenomena as aggressive nationalism, xenophobia, national exclusiveness and inter-ethnic enmity. At their extremes, these phenomena often lead to the restriction of the rights of individuals and nations, wars and other manifestations of violence Russian Orthodox Church
Our enemies are Medes and Persians, men who for centuries have lived soft and luxurious lives; we of Macedon for generations past have been trained in the hard school of danger and war. Above all, we are free men, and they are slaves. There are Greek troops, to be sure, in Persian service — but how different is their cause from ours! They will be fighting for pay — and not much of at that; we, on the contrary, shall fight for Greece, and our hearts will be in it. Alexander III
Don’t get too wrapped up in the flag because every flag is superseded by the cross. Cornel West
A Inaugural Address should attempt to unite the nation. Patrick Anderson
Patriotism is proud of a country’s virtues and eager to correct its deficiencies; it also acknowledges the legitimate patriotism of other countries, with their own specific virtues. The pride of nationalism, however, trumpets its country’s virtues and denies its deficiencies, while it is contemptuous toward the virtues of other countries. It wants to be, and proclaims itself to be, “the greatest,” but greatness is not required of a country; only goodness is. Sydney J. Harris
It is overly optimistic to think that we can take a country that has emerged from under a totalitarian regime with its institutions of civil society and create a beacon of democracy within five years. If we try to transform Iraq into a democracy, we will need more and more troops over time because we will have to quell nationalistic revolts. Patrick Clawson
In a highly diverse and fragmented society like Iraq, the one of the few national institutions that stresses national unity as an important principle. Tot ear apart the army in the war’s aftermath could lead to the destruction of one of the only forces for unity within the society. Conrad C. Crane
The United States Army had become reliant on firepower and technological superiority in its history of annihilating enemy forces...The concept that success in counterinsurgency consisted of separating the insurgents from popular support never took hold. The U.S. Army proceeded with its historical role of destroying the enemy army –p even if it had a hard time finding it. John Nagl
The Principle aim of physical education is military heroism Tse-Tung Mao
The Party and the masses have to be placed on a war footing, criticizing the Nationalists by means of a machine gun Mao Zedong
Peace and harmony with all nations is our sincere wish; but such being the lot of humanity that nations will not always reciprocate peaceable dispositions, it is our firm belief that effectual measures of defense will tend to inspire that national self-respect and confidence at home which is the unfailing source of respectability abroad, to check aggression and prevent war. Thomas Jefferson
Make my skin into drumheads for the Bohemian cause. Jan Zizka
How pathetic indeed are the efforts of those leaders of human institutions who, in utter disregard of the spirit of the age, are striving to adjust national processes, suited to the ancient days of self-contained nations, to an age which must either achieve the unity of the world … or perish. Shoghi Effendi
We are on the cusp of this time where I can say, "I speak as a citizen of the world" without others saying, "God, what a nut. Lawrence Lessig
I do not personally regard the whole of the remaining cities of Germany as worth the bones of one British Grenadier. Arthur Travis Harris
I do not want to lead an army of mercenaries. William Westmoreland
Would you rather lead an army of slaves? Milton Friedman
No nation is fit to sit in judgment upon any other nation. Woodrow Wilson
Nationalism ... is like cheap alcohol. First it makes you drunk, then it makes you blind, then it kills you. Daniel Fried
Communism is Western, and alien to everything Arab, having absolutely no connection to Arab history, intellectual traditions, and way of life in either the past or the present Michel Aflaq
A day will come when the nationalists will find themselves the only defenders of Islam. They will have to give a special meaning to it if they want the Arab nation to have a good reason for survival. Michel Aflaq
Every national security threat that has been accepted has then been inflated. John Mueller
The enemy aggressor is always pursuing a course of larceny, murder, rapine and barbarism. We are always moving forward with high mission, a destiny imposed by the Deity to regenerate our victims while incidentally capturing their markets, to civilize savage and senile and paranoid peoples while blundering accidentally into their oil wells John T. Flynn
In order to rally people, governments need enemies. They want us to be afraid, to hate, so we will rally behind them. And if they do not have a real enemy, they will invent one in order to mobilize us. Thich Nhat Hanh
You can always hear the people who are willing to sacrifice somebody else's life. They're plenty loud and they talk all the time. You can find them in churches and schools and newspapers and legislatures and congress. That's their business. They sound wonderful. Death before dishonor. This ground sanctified by blood. These men who died so gloriously. They shall not have died in vain. Our noble dead. Dalton Trumbo
A person who publicly denigrates Turkishness, the Republic or the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, shall be punishable by imprisonment of between six months and three years. A person who publicly denigrates the Government of the Republic of Turkey, the judicial institutions of the State, the military or security organizations shall be punishable by imprisonment of between six months and two years. Turkey
But we Americans are as other men, exactly. Of one blood, one species, one brain, one figure, one fundamental set of collective instincts, one solitary body of information, one everything. Superiority and inferiority are individual, not racial or national. Philip Wylie
It is nationalism which engenders nations, and not the other way round. Ernest Andre Gellner
Nationalism usually conquers in the name of a putative folk culture. Ernest Andre Gellner
Palestinian terrorism is in part not national at all, but religious. Therefore, granting national satisfaction will not solve the problem of this terrorism. Dov Weisglass
Nationalism, democracy, and people's livelihood. Sun Yat-sen
Fascism is a stimulant for a declining society.... Can fascism save China? We answer: yes Chiang Kai-shek
The United States, the Dominions and the British ruling classes are alike race-conscious, and the underlying instinct of the Anglo-Saxons is to preserve the Anglo-Saxon breed intact against the rising tide of color. Despite emotional appeals and jingo talk, the common British and American attitude towards the people of other colors is a fundamental factor in the present situation U. S. State Department
Nowhere in interwar Europe did the Communists succeed in establishing a dominant position within the vaster socialist movement. They lost every electoral battle they fought. At best (in Germany in the 1920s and France in the 1930s), they were a minority force of some significance. At worst (in Italy in the 1920s and Germany in the 1930s), they were pulverized by right-wing authoritarian regimes. By the late 1930s, the international communist movement was in grave danger. Communism was saved by World War II. Donald Sassoon
Despite the enormous historical achievements of decolonization and civil rights, African and Caribbean states remain marginalized in the world and African diasporas in their host countries. The pace, breadth and depth of the strides we have made since independence and civil rights over the last fifty years vary enormously between countries and regions, among social classes and genders, across periods and sectors. Nevertheless, our states and societies are still largely pawns rather than players on the world stage. This will not fundamentally change unless we pull all our resources—demographic, political, economic, cultural, and imaginative—to fight for our collective emancipation and empowerment. Paul Tiyambe Zeleza
The Kenyan middle class is scared of any disorder and instability. Its emphasis on peace and unity reflects the protection of its material interests. The Kenyan middle class finds the rule of the compraclor class politically dangerous and based on a very narrow popular base. It sees this compraclor group as endangering this peace and unity. It sees the compraclor group as dominated by a backward and fascist cabal that is unpatriotic. arrogant. insensitive and politically narrow-minded. Willy Mutunga
Africanity is foisted upon the migrants the moment they arrive in the West. On the continent, most people in the rural areas live under ethnic categories like Kikuyu, Ibo, Hausa and Acholi. Some educated, middle-class and/or urban dwellers may see themselves as members of a nation like South Africa, Kenya or Tanzania. In some countries like South Africa, which has recently emerged from the crucible of apartheid, national consciousness is still strong. For most, however, "national" consciousness emerges only occasionally during Independence Day celebrations, international soccer matches or at election time. "African" consciousness, however, is a rarity Francis N. Njubi
If it had depended on me, you should have enjoyed this blessing which you so earnestly desire, the blessing of peace ; but it must be procured by new efforts; the immense sacrifices I have offered are of no avail; I can perfectly sympathize with all that my faithful subjects must endure, but I am persuaded they would themselves recoil from conditions of peace as repugnant to justice as to the honor of the French name. Louis XIV
Asia for the Asiatics! Kosai Uchida
Everything possible should be done to bring about more cordial relations between the United States and Japan. Goodwill is not likely to come into play so long as a powerful section of the Press in both countries panders to the Jingo element by fomenting jealous suspicions and exciting popular passion. Neither America nor Japan wants war, … but in both countries there are elements at work whose active propaganda tends to produce increasing irritation, and to create in the public mind a belief that sooner or later war is inevitable. J. O. P. Bland
The primary duty of Englishmen abroad and in the colonies is to attend at all times, the Service and Defense of their King and Native Country Charles I
To give the like liberty and privilege to foreigners, that English-men have, might be a means to undo the natives; for foreigners by their Correspondents abroad, and industry at home, will gain all the trade to themselves, and also by purchasing of estates, will make our land much the dearer. Samuel Fortrey
Two things … appear to be chiefly necessary to make a nation great and powerful, which is to be rich and populous. Samuel Fortrey
[Describing England:] In the year 1796, the alarm of an apprehended French invasion reached a great height. The [government cabinet] ministers were suspected, and not without reason, of fomenting this alarm, for the sake of strengthening their popularity, and keeping up the national frenzy against the French republicans, which was now beginning to flag. Richard Hildreth
The Civil war made us a nation rather then an association of states. James McPherson
I am aware of the fragility of good political institutions. I never take them for granted. I am always attentive to the ways in which, particularly, collective ideologies of purity -- be it religious purity, racial purity, or national purity -- can go wrong. Seyla Benhabib
An unoccupied land gives ideas to those people who live in an unoccupied land. Gnaeus Julius Agricola
Oh men of Germany! The whole German Fatherland stands again before you in the august halo of past centuries… the whole German Volk In brotherly community… Be Germans, be one, will to be one by love and loyalty, and no devil will vanquish you. Ernst Moritz Arndt
Soldiers will fight for our independence and the honor of the Volk. My cause is the cause of my Volk. Frederick William I
Long shall Germany live in shame and humiliation, a prey to inner conflict and alien arrogance, until her people return to the ideals from which they were seduced by selfish ambition, and until true religion and loyalty, unity of purpose and self-denial shall again render them capable of erecting such a building as this. Joseph Gorres
Nationality is belief in a common origin and end. Guiseppe Mazzini
Without Nationality neither liberty nor equality is possible- and we believe in the holy Fatherland, that is the cradle of nationality, the altar and patrimony of the individuals that compose each people. Guiseppe Mazzini
The motherland is the common mother, the unity within which isolated the individuals penetrate and become enmeshed. It is the holy name that expresses the voluntary fusion of all interests into one interest, of all lives into one lasting and perpetual life. Felicite Robert de Lamennais
Only France has the right to project herself as a model, because no people has merged its own interest and destiny with that of humanity more than she. Jules Michelet
France represents alone in Europe the pure and unalterable principle of human liberty. This nation friends a mission of cosmopolitanism. Arnold Ruge
The bitter and agonizing fruit from the tree of nationality… Jan Kollar
I see her in tears, that land which, once the cradle of my nation, is today its tomb. Jan Kollar
Scattered Slavs, let us be a united whole, and no longer mere fragments. Let us be all or naught. Jan Kollar
The Serbs have the greatest people on the planet. Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic
We are Italians! Anonymous
Where does this outcry about nationality, this emphasis on an indigenous language and history come from but the German universities, where learned fools have provoked the spirit of a quiet, sensible nation to madness and crime? There is the cradle of you Slavomania Franz Grillparzer
Muslims will not be victorious by nationalism, and not by monarchy, and not by democracy, and not by Marxism -- They will only be victorious by Islam. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi
The major contributing factor to the success of European nationalism has been its projection as disinterested internationalism Marimba Ani
Do you remember that night when you gave your country a free trade and with your hands opened all harbors. That night when you gave her a free constitution and broke her chains of slavery while England stood eclipsed by your glory, and your island arose as it were from it and got nearer the sun. Henry Grattan
That the Kingdom of Ireland is a distinct kingdom with a parliament of her own, the sole legislature thereof, that there is no body of men competent to make laws to bind the nation but the king, lords, and commons of Ireland, nor any Parliament which hath any authority or power or any sort whatever in this country, save only the Parliament of Ireland, to assure his Majesty that we humbly conceive that in this right the very essence of our liberty exists, a right which we, on the part of the people of Ireland do claim as their birthright, and which we cannot yield but with our lives Henry Grattan
The news shall blaze on every hill, And ring from every steeple, And all the land with gladness fill- We're one united people ! John Cashel Hoey
For what is life but deadly strife / Which knows no truce or pause ? / And what is death but want of breath / To curse their alien laws ? D'Arcy McGee
The Dutch were not crusaders; they confined themselves to unheroic, humorless, businesslike plunder, calculated and regularized; the plundering fleets departed and returned on schedule. The fact that the plundered aliens were unbelievers became less important than the fact that they were not Dutchmen Fredy Perlman
The first check we met was from the Catholic clergy. Our men came to us telling that they were driven away from the confessionals, and would not get absolution unless they gave up the oath. We asked them did they think they committed a sin in taking an oath to fight for their country's freedom, and when they said they did not, we told them to tell the priests that they came to confess their sins and not their virtues, and to ask the priests if they had sworn to fight for England against Ireland, would they not get absolution? The priests were getting vexed with us, and we were getting vexed with the priests Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa
…for the liberation of Ireland by force of arms Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa
Whether on the scaffold high Or on the battle-field we die, Oh, what matter, when for Erin dear we fall. Timothy Daniel Sullivan
Now on life's dreary plain. We must wait, like the Stoic, Brave, enduring, and strong, Till the soul's strength heroic Bend the fetters of wrong Jane Francesca Wilde; Speranza
We are a separate nation by all the tests-race, language, religion, culture determining nationality. The only link connecting us with the other people of the State being the bond of common ruler. If the Indian National Congress could persuade itself to recognize: the Muslims of India as a separate nation although they had so much in common with the other elements of the Indian population, the Government of India should have no hesitation in recognition what is patent and Scout revertible fact in our case. Shri Cheewang Rigzin
Show me a man who respects the rights of all countries, but is ready to defend his own against them all, and I will show you a man who is both a nationalist and an internationalist. Andrew Fletcher
Nationalism, from the point of view of the Islamic Resistance Movement, is part of the religious creed. Nothing in nationalism is more significant or deeper than in the case when an enemy should tread Moslem land. Resisting and quelling the enemy become the individual duty of every Moslem, male or female. A woman can go out to fight the enemy without her husband's permission, and so does the slave: without his master's permission. Hamas
Germany is the new Sparta. The same spirit of national discipline and self-sacrifice which earned for a few thousand inhabitants of a small Greek city-state an enduring place in history is being reproduced here by 67,000,000 of what are in some ways the most intelligent, industrious and high-spirited, and hardy people in the world. The last two years have witnessed here a political process as profound and far-reaching in its effects as the French Revolution. Germany has set a new pace of human endeavor. She has acquired a national momentum without precedent in political dynamics. Harold Harmsworth
Outwardly, the Reich was weak, existing only on paper. Inwardly, the people was torn apart, bleeding from a thousand wounds. At home, strife dominated between parties, occupations, groups, classes, and religions. Our Führer Adolf Hitler saw that the Reich could survive and grow strong only if one achieved unity within the German people. That was the work of our party over the last fourteen years: to make once more one German people from a people of competing interests, from a people of differing religions, occupations, groups and classes. Hermann Goering
A common language is critical to cohesion and national identity in an ethnically diverse society Amy L. Chua
If the history of hyperpowers has shown anything, it is the danger of xenophobic backlash. Time and again, past world-dominant powers have fallen precisely when their core groups turned intolerant, reasserting their ‘true’ and ‘pure’ identity and adopting exclusionary policies towards ‘unassimilable’ groups. Amy L. Chua
Nothing is so fatal to a nation as an extreme of self-partiality. Edmund Burke
Communal franchise is wrong in principle and harmful in practice; the time has come in Fiji for all races to get out of the thin water-tight compartments and start thinking in terms of residents of Fiji Ambalal Dahyabhai Patel
Banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. Already they have raised up a monied aristocracy that has set the government at defiance. The issuing power (of money) should be taken away from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs Thomas Jefferson
A good subject makes it his rule to prefer the public welfare to everything else, bravely to sacrifice his fortune, and his private interests, and even his life, for the preservation of the state; and to employ all his abilities and his industry to advance the honor, and to procure the advantage of his native country. Jean-Jacques Burlamaqui
There is a strong propensity in the human mind to trace up our ancestry as to high and as remote a source as possible; and if our pride and our ambition cannot be gratified by a real statement of facts, fable is substituted for truth, and the imagination is taxed to supply the deficiency. DeWitt Clinton
We are one people… our enemies made us one whether we will or not, as has repeatedly happened in history. Affection binds us together, and thus united, we suddenly discover our strength. Theodor Herzl
Nationalism … may be regarded as the greatest obstacle to mutual understanding between peoples. Albert Schweitzer
The most important objective of German politics is the liberation of German territory from foreign occupation. First, we must remove the strangler from our throat Gustav Stresemann
National culture can act as a bridge, instead of an obstacle, to mutual spiritual and intellectual understanding. Gustav Stresemann
Patriotism is a noble feeling insofar as it approaches that which is purely human, but the very reverse the further it is removed therefrom. Klas Pontus Arnoldson
National pride is to countries what self-respect is to individuals—a necessary condition for self improvement. Richard Rorty
The drama of the nation-state seeks to mold our personal face above all into conformity – one nation, under god. The only personal contribution that is really appreciated is what makes our nation-state, instead of the others, richer, more famous and above all more powerful….. Much of our historical face has been falsified. We are told we are one nation. But in fact no nationalism existed anywhere in the world in word or deed until the late eighteenth century. Except perhaps Iceland, no nation in the world is in fact but one nation. All are multicultural. The sacred face of the nation-state … keeps us all partial – meaning biased and incomplete – yet ready to die for it Manfred Halpren
The glory of the nation you love is a desirable end,-but generally to be obtained at your neighbor's expense. John Maynard Keynes
I am no longer a Virginian. I am an American. Patrick Henry
I have told my people that we are not second class citizens. We can get something done. Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva
Even the cosmic forces do not equal the strength of a great nation which has risen to its moral consciousness and in a just struggle defends it’s existence. Pavel Josef Safarik
It is high time that we awaken from the romantic self-renunciation which made us admire all sorts of other nationalities while we ourselves languished in shameful bondage, trampled on by all the world; it is high time that we awaken to a healthy national egoism which, to put it frankly, places the welfare and honour of the fatherland above everything else. Wilhelm Jordan
Ukraine is lying in the grave, but she has not died, and her voice, calling on all Slavs to liberty and brotherhood, resounded throughout the Slav world. Nikolay Kostomarov
The free nations of the world are calling upon us, urging us not to abandon the basis of our national existence. God himself summons us, He who will one day call us to account. There are twenty million of us. Let us rise up at the same moment like one man, and no power on earth will overwhelm us. Then we shall enjoy a freedom the like of which has never been seen on earth. Anonymous
More than two million German soldiers went to their death for the fatherland before me. I follow now my sons - all for Germany. Wilhelm Keitel
All you have to do is anesthetize the masses by telling them they’re an elite, that they’ve got a mission, that they’re making history, that they’re fulfilling their destiny and fighting for a better world — and they swallow it like lambs — even when a guttersnipe says it. Hans Hellmut Kirst
A wise man’s country is the world. Aristippus
The vision I would like to see here is the entrenching of the Jewish and the Zionist state. I very much favor democracy, but when there is a contradiction between democratic and Jewish values, the Jewish and Zionist values are more important. Avigdor Lieberman
We're very poor because the sports ministry has not done enough. If elected, I will sit down with the federation and come up with plans that will turn our country into a football superpower. Ibrahim Lipumba
It is the first time on our history that somebody else, our friends and allies, have come to help us defend the country or secure the country. It is against our honor as true Afghans, that your sons and daughters blood is shed on our side. We have been proud that throughout our history that we have defended the country against overwhelming odds, against every superpower, against every big conqueror. This is the first time. So we really want to be helped to restore our pride and honor to be able to defend our country like we have defended it for 5 thousand years. Abdul Rahim Wardak
We are on the cusp of this time where I can say, "I speak as a citizen of the world" without others saying, "God, what a nut. Lawrence Lessig
For citizens to always be ready to defend and to maintain American ideals of public justice and liberty would add to the self respect of the people. It will teach the people to think of their government as a unified and exalted power for good in the world—humane, unselfish, and aspiring. Charles W. Eliot
These People Shew a Spirit and Conduct against us, they never shewed against the French, and every body had Judged of them from their former Appearance, and behaviour . . . which has led many into great mistakes. Thomas Gage
These doctrines of German romanticism, racialism, and nationalism have developed revolutionary forces which only await the day to break forth and fill the world with terror and astonishment. Heinrich Heine
Unless we Americans are willing to go on indefinitely, merely to provide loot for Europe, we should personally see to it that a man is elected as President this year whose guiding motto is, "America First. William Randolph Hearst
Our belief in ourselves as a nation will perish. Michael Collins
… there is no North, no South, no East, no West, but all Americans forever. William McKinley
… cultural pride can turn, too often, into an endeavor to normalize one's culture. The quest for identity can then become an exclusionary process - so that we define ourselves less by what we are FOR and more by whom we are AGAINST. When this happens, diversity turns quickly from a source of beauty to a cause of discord. Aga Khan IV
The politics of traditionalisation and the celebration of Islam as a component of national identities have thwarted the possibilities of modernizing tools of thought and institutions Mohammed Arkoun
Yes, I am a Muslim. But first I am an Indonesian Nationalist. Sukarno
In Belgium there are Walloons and Flemings. Jules Destree
Earlier pluralist societies destroyed themselves because no one took care of the common good. They abounded in communities but could not sustain community, let alone create it. Peter Drucker
Advocating the expansion of the powers of the state is treason to mankind P. J. O'Rourke
This is one country. It has become that way because all people who have come here had an equal right to develop their talent. John F. Kennedy
Are we going to permit uncontrolled nationalism to dominate civilized Europe…? Robert Cecil; Edgar Algernon Robert Gascoyne-Cecil
Cultural goods … are the source of the Nation's identity, continuity and development. Poland
The representatives of the Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes declare a new and most categorically that our people constitutes but one nation, and that it is one in blood, one by the spoken and written language, by the continuity and unity of the territory in which it lives, and finally in virtue of the common and vital interests of its national existence and the general development of its moral and material life. The idea of its national unity has never suffered extinction, although all the intellectual forces of its enemy were directed against its unification, its liberty, and its national existence Ante Trumbic
You may very appropriately want to ask me how we are going to resolve the ever-acceleratingly dangerous impasse of world-opposed politicians and ideological dogmas. I answer, it will be resolved by the computer. While no politician or political system can ever afford to yield understandably and enthusiastically to their adversaries and opposers, all politicians can and will yield enthusiastically to the computer’s safe flight-controlling capabilities in bringing all of humanity in for a happy landing. R. Buckminster Fuller
The good historian is not for any time or any country: while he loves his fatherland, he never flatters it in anything. Francois Fenelon
Wherever we can multiply our forces and our civilizational efforts, absorbing other elements, no law can prohibit us from doing so, as such actions are our duty. Roman Dmowski
A Pole must accept everything Polish, both good and bad,.. Roman Dmowski
The nation becomes the master of its fate not only when it has many good sons, but also when it possesses enough strength to restrain its bad ones. Roman Dmowski
Gentlemen, since the settlement of that Constitution, now nearly two centuries ago, England has never experienced a revolution, though there is no country in which there has been so continuous and such considerable change. How is this? Because the wisdom of your forefathers placed the prize of supreme power without the sphere of human passions. Whatever the struggle of parties, whatever the strife of factions, whatever the excitement and exaltation of the public mind, there has always been something in this country round which all classes and parties could rally, representing the majesty of the law, the administration of justice, and involving, at the same time, the security for every man's rights and the fountain of honor. Benjamin Disraeli
The separation of the West from the United States is inevitable Aaron Burr
Let us not allow the splits and splintering to frighten us. It is, indeed, a pity, but what can we do, since we are Bulgarians and all suffer from one common disease. If this disease had not been present in our ancestors, from whom we inherited it, they would have never fallen under the scepter of the Turkish Sultan... Georgi Nikolov Delchev; Gotse Delchev
I understand the world solely as a field for cultural competition among the peoples. Georgi Nikolov Delchev; Gotse Delchev
We want American customs, habits, manners, dress, manufactures, modes of thought, modes of expression, and language. We should encourage national and even State peculiarities; for there are peculiarities and differences in the wants and situations of all people, that require provincial and national, not cosmopolitan, institutions and productions. George Fitzhugh
Fortunately science, like that nature to which it belongs, is neither limited by time nor by space. It belongs to the world, and is of no country and of no age … Humphry Davy
The war shall give us our land. The concept of "ours" and "not ours" are peace concepts only, they lose their meaning during war. David Ben-Gurion
I wish I could believe that Ancient War History justifies the indefinite prolongation of this war. The Jingos define it as 'an enormous quarrel between incompatible spirits and destinies, in which one or the other must succumb'. But the men who write these manifestos do not truly know what useless suffering the war inflicts...And the Army is dumb. The Army goes on with its bitter tasks. The ruling classes do all the talking. And their words convince no one but the crowds who are their dupes. The soldiers who return home seem stunned by the things they have endured...If only they would speak out and throw their medals in the faces of their masters; and ask their women why it thrills them to know that they, the dauntless warriors, have shed the blood of Germans. Siegfried Sassoon
how very warlike the French are … if once roused, they will not listen to the calm reasoning of those who wish for peace, or think of the great risk they run of losing by war, but only of the glory and of revenging insult, as they call it. Queen Victoria
You never can say too much in praise of your country and its inhabitants. Two nations in Europe are really almost ridiculous in their own exaggerated praises of themselves; these are the English and the French. Leopold II
The spirit of nationalism springs from the deepest of human emotions. It rises from the yearning of men to be free of foreign domination, to govern themselves. It springs from a thousand rills of race, of history, of sacrifice and pride in national achievement. Herbert Hoover
In this shrinking world, it is futile to seek safety behind geographical barriers. Harry S Truman
Henceforth, I shall never serve any government anywhere. Leo Tolstoy
… my unity with all people cannot be destroyed by national boundaries and government orders Leo Tolstoy
The peoples of Yugoslavia do not want Fascism. They do not want a totalitarian regime, they do not want to become slaves of the German and Italian financial oligarchy as they never wanted to become reconciled to the semi-colonial dependence imposed on them by the so-called Western democracies after the first imperialist war Josip Broz Tito
The role of the Communist Party today lies in the necessity for keeping a sharp lookout to see that national chauvinism does not appear and develop among any of the nationalities. The Communist Party must always endeavor, and does endeavor, to ensure that all the negative phenomena of nationalism disappear and that people are educated in the spirit of internationalism. Josip Broz Tito
Indeed, it is unnecessary to do more than point out that the worst danger of cataclysm in a capitalist society is the danger of war arising out of imperialism born of the union of capitalism and nationalism. Norman Thomas
We must take from the right nationalism without capitalism and from the left socialism without internationalism. Gregor Strasser
… the answer to the attacks must be more democracy and more openness. Otherwise, those who were behind them will have achieved their goals. Jens Stoltenberg
The Department has noted with considerable apprehension increasing propaganda rumors and semi-official statements in favor of an autonomous Macedonia emanating from Bulgaria, but also from Yugoslav partisan and other sources with the implication that Greek territory would be included in the projected State. This Government considers talk of "Macedonian Nation", "Macedonian Fatherland", or "Macedonian National Consciousness" to be unjustified demagoguery representing no ethnic or political reality, and sees in its present revival a possible cloak for aggressive intentions against Greece. Edward R. Stettinius Jr.
We all have that heritage, no matter what old land our fathers left. All colors and blends of Americans have somewhat the same tendencies. It's a breed — selected out by accident. And so we're overbrave and overfearful — we're kind and cruel as children. We're overfriendly and at the same time frightened of strangers. We boast and are impressed. We're oversentimental and realistic. We are mundane and materialistic — and do you know of any other nation that acts for ideals? We eat too much. We have no taste, no sense of proportion. We throw our energy about like waste. In the old lands they say of us that we go from barbarism to decadence without an intervening culture. Can it be that our critics have not the key or the language of our culture? John Steinbeck
Mercantile jealousy is excited, and both inflames, and is itself inflamed, by the violence of national animosity:.. Adam Smith
All for ourselves, and nothing for other people, seems, in every age of the world, to have been the vile maxim of the masters of mankind. Adam Smith
A merchant, it has been said very properly, is not necessarily the citizen of any particular country. Adam Smith
To win the War, to overcome the enemy upon the fields cannot alone ensure the Victory in Peace. The cause of War must be removed. Each Nation's rights must be secure from violation. Above all, from the human mind must be erased all thoughts of War as a solution. Then and then only will War cease. Haile Selassie
The cheapest form of pride however is national pride. For it reveals in the one thus afflicted the lack of individual qualities of which he could be proud, while he would not otherwise reach for what he shares with so many millions. He who possesses significant personal merits will rather recognize the defects of his own nation, as he has them constantly before his eyes, most clearly. But that poor blighter who has nothing in the world of which he can be proud, latches onto the last means of being proud, the nation to which he belongs to. Thus he recovers and is now in gratitude ready to defend with hands and feet all errors and follies which are its own. Arthur Schopenhauer
The memory of war weighs undiminished upon the people's minds. That is because deeper than material wounds, moral wounds are smarting, inflicted by the so-called peace treaties. ... Material loss can be made up through renewed labor, but the moral wrong which has been inflicted upon the conquered peoples, in the peace dictates, leaves a burning scar on the people's conscience. ... Hjalmar Schacht
The Jews must realize that their influence in Germany has disappeared for all time. We wish to keep our people and our culture pure and distinctive Hjalmar Schacht
When your country is number one, others watch and emulate you. You do not study and emulate others. Edward Luce
An extreme reflection of the dangers confronting modern social development is the growth of racism, nationalism, and militarism and, in particular, the rise of demagogic, hypocritical, and monstrously cruel dictatorial police regimes…. These tragic developments have always derived from the struggle of egotistical and group interests, the struggle for unlimited power, suppression of intellectual freedom, a spread of intellectually simplified, narrow-minded mass myths. Andrei Sakharov
Ethnology: The science that treats of the various tribes of Man, as robbers, thieves, swindlers, dunces, lunatics, idiots and ethnologists. Ambrose Bierce
You would think that the makers of men’s suits would make a suit for politicians with the American flag already built into the lapel. Andy Rooney
There is social intimidation by the self-appointed brigades of the thought police… they exist in every society, whether they are of the religious, nationalistic or atheistic variety. Dogmatists, who are convinced that they know better, that only the way they think is acceptable and who would deprive others of their right to hear differing and discordant voices.. They try to achieve this by either silencing the author or scaring away the public. Ismail Serageldin
Cultural ‘authenticity’ is neither national nor exclusive. Even Picasso and Gauguin drew richly on West African influences in their most distinctive creations, reminding us of the cosmopolitan spirit that underlies dynamic modern identities. Ismail Serageldin
Your Majesty, we must do from above what the French have done from below. Karl August von Hardenberg
Patriotism, as the South understood it, meant devotion to one's State, and only a secondary and consequential devotion to the Union, existing as a result of the State's action in making itself a part of the Union, and terminable at any time by the State's withdrawal. George Cary Eggleston
Referendums have often turned a country inward Philip H. Gordon
The relative absence from the national [Japanese] character of egotistical individualism has been the saving of an empire; has enabled a great people to preserve its independence against prodigious odds. Lafcadio Hearn
There is a pride which spurs nations on to great achievements Henry Charles Lea
No one would die of starvation in independent India. Its grain would not be exported. Cloth would not be imported by it. Its leaders would neither use a foreign language nor rule from a remote place …. Its military expenditure would not be heavy. Its army would not subjugate its own people or other lands. Its best-paid officials would not earn a great deal more than its lowest-paid servants. And finding justice in it would be neither costly nor difficult Vallabhbhai Patel
No man has the right to fix the boundary to the march of a nation. Charles Stewart Parnell
Independence is my happiness, and I view things as they are, without regard to place or person; my country is the world, and my religion is to do good. Thomas Paine
Before the war, there was a federal government and a bureaucracy. But there was no allegiance to a national government. After the war, you have a social base that supports federal power. That’s a big change. Richard Bensel
. . . My firm conviction [is] that it is the force of ideas rather than the impact of material things that made us a great nation. It is my conviction, too, that only the power of ideas, of enduring values, can keep us a great nation. For where there is not vision the people perish Eleanor Roosevelt
It is sound statesmanship to add two battleships every time our neighbor adds one and two stories to our skyscrapers every time he piles a new one on top of his … Mark Twain
We cannot dwell on remembered glory. Jimmy Carter
Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain. Napoleon Bonaparte
We take foreigners to be incomplete Americans — convinced that we must help and hasten their evolution. Spiro Agnew
Part of America's genius has always been its ability to absorb newcomers, to forge a national identity out of the disparate lot that arrived on our shore. Barack Obama
America is not just a country, it's an idea. Bono
All colors and blends of Americans have somewhat the same tendencies. It's a breed — selected out by accident. And so we're overbrave and overfearful — we're kind and cruel as children. We're overfriendly and at the same time frightened of strangers. We boast and are impressed. We're oversentimental and realistic. We are mundane and materialistic — and do you know of any other nation that acts for ideals? John Steinbeck
From Kurdistan to Catalonia to Scotland, from Syria to Chechnya to South Sudan, from indigenous communities in the Andean nations to tribal communities in sub-Saharan Africa, many people are shifting their primary political identities away from the nation-states in which they lived for many generations. Al Gore
I am, as a human being, an opponent of nationalism, but as a Jew, I am from today a supporter of the Zionist effort Albert Einstein
… we shall have to accept, I think, that free and mobile passage of the immigrant between America and his native land again which now arouses so much prejudice among us. We shall have to accept the immigrant's return for the same reason that we consider justified our own flitting about the earth. To stigmatize the alien who works in America for a few years and returns to his own land, only perhaps to seek American fortune again, is to think in narrow nationalistic terms. It is to ignore the cosmopolitan significance of this migration. It is to ignore the fact that the returning immigrant is often a missionary to an inferior civilization. Randolph Bourne
The question whether nationalism, patriotism, the love of the homeland, is beneficial either to the individual or to the human race as a whole is open to discussion. It might be a much better world if this instinct were eradicated. On the other hand, it might be worse. The fact is that the instinct exists, and that, far from losing its grip on us, on all of us, it is becoming constantly more intense, more exacting, more all-embracing…. Nationalism as we know it may pass, but for the moment it is more powerful than any other idea or even than any religion. Raoul de Roussy de Sales
Flags are bits of colored cloth that governments use first to shrink-wrap people's brains and then as ceremonial shrouds to bury the dead. Arundhati Roy
We are the most cosmopolitan race in the whole universe; but Irishmen should have a country; they have a right to the country of their birth. By the use and aid of one steel – the pen – our committee have taken possession of that right, and as their title one day may be disputed, I trust they will be able and willing to prove it by the aid of another steel – the sword. Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa
It cannot be too often repeated that in this country, in the long run, we all of us tend to go up or go down together. Theodore Roosevelt
There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism…. The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities. Theodore Roosevelt
Genius has no country. It blossoms everywhere. Genius is like the light, the air. It is the heritage of all. Jose Rizal
I was born an American; I will live an American; I shall die an American! Daniel Webster
… the young generation, who have not experienced either the war or the Cultural Revolution, but have grown up at a time of stability and affluence, have the most nationalistic view of China’s role in the world. So how they play their cards when they come to positions of responsibility will make a difference. Lee Hsien Loong
The "State" was substituted for humanity; cosmopolitan gave way to nationalism. John Dewey
Our sovereignty has been taken away by the European Court of Justice...Our courts must no longer enforce our national laws. They must enforce Community law...No longer is European law an incoming tide flowing up the estuaries of England. It is now like a tidal wave bringing down our sea walls and flowing inland over our fields and houses. Alfred Thompson Denning
Federalism is a guideline, not a pornographic word, you can speak it out loud... Jacques Delors
When old men decided to barter young men for pride and profit, the transaction was called war. Len Deighton
While [European] national cultures were concocted to distinguish one economic unit of capital from another, civilizational thinking was invented to unify these cultures against their colonial consequences. Islamic, Indian, or African civilizations were invented contrapuntally by Orientalism…in order to match, balance and thus authenticate ‘Western Civilization’. Hamid Dabashi
Tribalism is the most powerful force in the world. Patrick Dixon
A wise man’s country is the world. Aristippus
The closed-door policy [to immigration] is one of the root causes of our wars. Ludwig von Mises
It is impossible to say with any certainty to which human race we belong. We all differ visibly in the color of our skin. Simon Bolivar
In Russian foreign policy, nationalism -- patriotism -- is defined as opposition to the West. Andrei Kozyrev
Examine history; consult present experience; and you will find that far the greater part of the quarrels between several nations had scarce any other occasion than that these nations were different combinations of people, and called by different names: to an Englishman, the name of a Frenchman, a Spaniard, an Italian, much more a Turk, or a Tartar, raises of course ideas of hatred and contempt. Edmund Burke
National glory is a deceiving seducer. When it reaches a certain height, it clasps the head with an iron band. The enclosed sees nothing in the mist but his own picture; he is susceptible to no foreign impressions. Johann Gottfried von Herder
Every Spaniard who does not conspire with the most active and effective means possible against the tyranny in favour of our just cause will be held as an enemy and a traitor to the fatherland; and in consequence will be inexorably put to the knife. On the other hand, an absolute and general indulgence will be granted to those who pass to our army with or without their arms...Spaniards who render conspicuous service to the State will be treated as Americans...Spaniards and men of the Canary Islands, if you are lukewarm and do not work actively for America’s freedom, you may be certain of death. Americans, even if you have done wrong, you may be certain of life. Simon Bolivar
Fearing that I am regarded as an obstacle to establishing the Republic on a firm base of happiness, I remove myself from the high office to which you were good enough to elevate me... My one desire has been to contribute to your liberty... The Republic will be happy if, accepting my resignation, you name a president beloved of all the nation... Hear my prayers. Save the Republic. Save my glory, which is Columbia’s. Simon Bolivar
The President of the Republic in our constitution will be like the sun which, firmly in the centre, gives life to the universe. The supreme authority must be permanent because in non-hereditary systems one needs, more than in others, a fixed point around which circle the magistrates and citizens, men and things. For a people to be free it must have a strong government which possesses sufficient means to free them from popular anarchy and the abuse of the powerful Simon Bolivar
I now understand that foreigners who interfere in our internal affairs will bring us nothing but harm Dmitri Dudko
The public history of all countries, and all ages, is bet a sort of mask, richly colored. The interior working of the machinery must be foul. John Quincy Adams
History is the most dangerous substance that the chemistry of the intellect has created…. I makes men dream, intoxicates them, breeds false memories in them, aggravates their responses, takes up their ancient grievances, torments them in their sleep, carries them into the delirium of grandeur or else of persecution, and turns nations bitter, intolerable, and vain. Paul Valery
it is an end to the era of classical wars. Classical wars unified nations. But the [Islamic] terrorists don’t have the support of any nation. Shimon Peres
In Turkey, the Kamalist elite ignored the religious leadership, the countryside, and the Kurds. Creating groups of very unhappy people who cohered into a new political opposition. The same happened in Israel, and Menachem Begin connected with them. Today, both Erdogan and Netanyahu rule from a support base that is more religious, more rural, and less educated, where honor and nationalism are important. That makes the relationship between the two very hard. Alon Liel
Nationalism is the most powerful force on earth today. Walter Russell Mead
Jolt a country’s pride and even the reformers will support the nation Mohamed El Baradei
The struggle is my life Nelson Mandela
Making China strong is the only way to ensure that foreign countries will not start a conflict with us … of look down on us. Tzu-Hsi
We have direct elections for the European Parliament. We have the [European] Commission that is independent from the member states. Of course we all belong to a country, but we are independent from our governments. Jose Manuel Barroso
We are such a large country that it is sometimes hard for us to realize that we are one nation, and that the interests of one part of the country, though they may be at variance with other parts, must react on each other and are therefore of interest to all men and women everywhere in the United States. Eleanor Roosevelt
These four mongrels are supposed to be our defense against Communism and the extremes of Arab Nationalism in the Middle East. Harrison M. Symmes
European right-wing parties are in fact surprisingly fragmented, disagreeing over almost everything except ultranationalist sentiments and xenophobic opposition to non-European immigrants. Andrew Moravcsik
All Soviet People were trying to do something to help the nation. Mikhail Kalashnikov
DeGaulle says “Europe” but he means “France.” Harold Wilson
History is the raw material for nationalist or ethnic or fundamentalist ideologies, as poppies are the raw material of heroin addiction. Eric Hobsbawm
Questions about who we are and who we want t be are increasingly prominent in our society. We have left behind Soviet ideology and there will be no return. Vladimir Putin
The reason there IS a Turkey and there ISN'T a Kurdistan is in all of history no Kurd could ever stand by any other Kurd long enough to hold off all the hungry Arabs, Persians, Turks, Brits and other sand carnivores swimming around the Fertile Crescent. Gary Brecher
The working men have no country. We cannot take away from them what they have not got. Karl Marx
Our only crime consisted of decreeing our own laws and applying them to all without exception. Our crime is having enacted an agrarian reform which effected the interests of the United Fruit Company. Our crime is wanting to have our own route to the Atlantic, our own electric power and our own docks and ports. Our crime is our patriotic wish to advance, to progress, to win economic independence to match our political independence. We are condemned because we have given our peasant population land and rights. Jacobo Arbenz Guzman
No country of people's democracy has so many nationalities as this country has. Only in Czechoslovakia do there exist two kindred nationalities, while in some of the other countries there are only minorities. Consequently in these countries of people's democracy there has been no need to settle such serious problems as we have had to settle here. With them the road to socialism is less complicated than is the case here. With them the basic factor is the class issue, with us it is both the nationalities and the class issue. Josip Broz Tito
What are the phenomena of nationalism? Here are some of them: 1) National egoism, from which many other negative traits of nationalism are derived, as for example — a desire for foreign conquest, a desire to oppress other nations, a desire to impose economic exploitation upon other nations, and so on; 2) national-chauvinism which is also a source of many other negative traits of nationalism, as for example national hatred, the disparagement of other nations, the disparagement of their history, culture, and scientific activities and scientific achievements, and so on, the glorification of developments in their own history that were negative … And what are these negative things? Wars of conquest are negative, the subjugation and oppression of other nations is negative, economic exploitation is negative, colonial enslavement is negative, and so on. All these things are accounted negative by Marxism and condemned. All these phenomena of the past can, it is true, be explained, but from our point of view they can never be justified Josip Broz Tito
Russian history began in Kiev, not in Moscow. David Remnick
The less justified a man is in claiming excellence for his own self, the more ready he is to claim all excellence for his nation, his religion, his race or his holy cause. Eric Hoffer
When you forcefully suppress religious nationalism, you radicalize it. When you give it a role in the market-place of ideas, one of two things always happens. Either, the ideologues moderate their views, like the Justice & Development Party in Turkey, or they fall spectacularly like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Both of those are good outcomes. Reza Aslan
God is an American Patriot Anonymous
The system of National Socialism [Nazism] has been devised for the very reason of making a repetition of 1918 impossible. Herbert Marcuse
We must return to the French the pride of being French. Jean-Pierre Chevenement
As a German to be cautious about stirrings of nationalism is not ahistorical. On the contrary it means drawing the lessons of 20th Century German history. Stefan Heinrich Berger
The left must shelve its centralist megalomania and drop the obsessive conviction that the State can effectively control the whole economy … The left must stand up for consumer rights, free investment decisions, the free disposal of assets, and a decentralized decision making process Peter Glotz
A nationalist movement seeks its own country. A nationalist party seeks a country that will keep electing it. Charles King
Americans like to think of their country as the most powerful in the world, and so it has been for three-quarters of a century. But being the most powerful is a far cry from being omnipotent. W. H. Brands
If agrarian society must fall to the machine, at the very least, Iranians should own the machine. Jalal Al-e- Ahmad
When Americans—or citizens of any country—are faced with significant economic forces beyond their control, they struggle for answers, and often act out of frustration. The result is more turbulent politics, more strident cultural nationalism, and violence, as people seek ways to improve their economic situation … when the pie is shrinking. Johann N. Neem
Broadly speaking, the bitterness, confusion and economic uncertainty which have cursed Europe in the last four years have grown out of the controversies over these stupendous unsettled matters. The agencies created for liquidating the peace settlement have unfortunately operated instead to solidify national hatreds and conflicts. Walker Downer Hines
America must be kept American Calvin Coolidge
If nationalism were the world's ruling passion, could the British Commonwealth, with its manifold variety of peoples, have been held together? Alfred Eckhard Zimmern
Two formidable historic powers --the temporal dominion of the Popes and the Austro-Hungarian Empire--have stood in her path and attempted to bar her way. Italy has overthrown them one after the other. If any other power should insist upon barring her way today, Italy will sooner or later know how to force it aside also. Francesco Coppola
We have our own history, our own language, our own culture. But our destiny is also tied up with the destinies of other people - history has made us all South Africans Mangosuthu Buthelezi
The spirit of a government must be that of the country. The form of a government must come from the makeup of the country. Government is nothing but the balance of the natural elements of a country. Jose Marti
Defeated countries are paranoid countries. Simon Schama
Shame on accursed Csarism which tortured and persecuted the Jews. Shame on those who foment hatred towards the Jews, who foment hatred towards other nations. Vladimir Lenin; Nikolai
...the concentration of human beings in contrary to nature, and...this abnormal existence is bound to issue in suffering, deterioration, and gradual destruction to the mass of the population...countless thousands of our fellow-men, and still a larger number of children...are starved of air and space and sunshine. ...This view of city life, which is gradually coming home to the heart and understanding and the conscience of our people, is so terrible that it cannot be put away. What is all our wealth and learning and the fine flower of our civilization and our Constitution and our political theories – what are all these but dust and ashes, if the men and women, on whose labour the whole social fabric is maintained, are doomed to live and die in darkness and misery in the recesses of our great cities? We may undertake expeditions on behalf of oppressed tribes and races, we may conduct foreign missions, we may sympathize with the cause of unfortunate nationalities; but it is our own people, surely, who have the first claim upon us...the air must be purified...the sunshine must be allowed to stream in, the water and the food must be kept pure and unadulterated, the streets light and clean...the measure of your success in bringing these things to pass will be the measure of the arresting of the terrible powers of race degeneration which is going on in the countless sunless streets. Henry Campbell-Bannerman
The nation becomes the master of its fate not only when it has many good sons, but also when it possesses enough strength to restrain its bad ones. Roman Demoski
No serious historian of nations and nationalism can be a committed political nationalist... Nationalism requires too much belief in what is patently not so. Eric Hobsbawm
I want my country to be independent, always independent. I have to defend my convictions as a patriot and as a national leader. I have done my best, but as a human being I cannot be perfect, nobody is perfect. Norodom Sihanouk
We always have been, we are, and I hope that we always shall be, detested in France. Arthur Wellesley
With globalization mounting, the rules teaching us to live globally other than nationally are increasingly becoming meaningful Tigran Sargsyan
The relationship of a people to their homeland is crucial. A people will naturally have a difficult time maintaining a common cultural identity without a collective presence in their homeland. Only in its homeland can a people develop economically, culturally and socially as a homogeneous entity. In fact, this is the crux of why some of us consider it necessary to struggle to live in our homeland. Monte Melkonian
A people cannot be happy or prosperous or respected if the state to which they belong is not strong and respected …. It is the interest of the people that their state shall be powerful and respected. Roberto Cantalupo
Our Constitution has affirmed that Gaelic is the national language. Yet there is scarcely one person in a thousand throughout Ireland who cannot speak English and scarcely one in ten who can speak Irish easily. Stephen Lucius Gwynn
Whatever sense of national unity pervades the inhabitants of the rocky mountains, low-lying coastal marshes and baked river beds of Albania is sprung from the necessity of their struggling continually to keep out invaders who would annex this or that district, rather than form strong racial, religious or cultural bonds. In Albania such bonds are indeed far from strong (apart from that of language, which is however spoken in a variety of dialects), as is shown by the wars between tribes and sects which are usually in progress whenever some external danger does not compel them momentarily to close their ranks. Hamilton Fish Armstrong
God save Ireland, said the heroes God save Ireland said they all. Whether on the scaffold high, Or the battle field we die O’ what matter when for Ireland dear we fall. Timothy Daniel Sullivan
As a Nationalist, I do not regard as entirely palatable the idea that forever and a day Ireland's voice should be excluded from the councils of an empire which the genius and valor of her sons have done so much to build up and of which she is to remain John Redmond
Italy should be great, respected, and feared. Benito Mussolini
Fascism believes neither in the possibility nor the utility of perpetual peace. It thus repudiates the doctrine of Pacifism -- born of a renunciation of the struggle and an act of cowardice in the face of sacrifice. War alone brings up to its highest tension all human energy and puts the stamp of nobility upon the peoples who have courage to meet it Benito Mussolini
We deny your internationalism, because it is a luxury which only upper classes can afford; the working people are hopelessly bound to their native shores. Benito Mussolini
All the existing governments of the world are there for the avowed purpose of safeguarding the sovereign rights of the nations they rule or serve, and there is no one of them that could make surrender of these without being immediately hurled from power by the political forces behind it. Lawrence Pearsall Jacks
A nation is a body of people united by a corporate sentiment of peculiar intensity, intimacy and dignity, related to a definite home-country. Alfred Eckhard Zimmern
A nation is not a territorial unit. There are probably more Irishmen outside Ireland, more Norwegians outside Norway, more Jews outside Palestine, perhaps also more Scotsmen, Slovaks and Letts outside Scotland, Slovakia and Latvia than in the compact area of territory with which their national sentiments are related. Alfred Eckhard Zimmern
All the citizens both of Poland and of Lithuania ought to form an indivisible whole . . . . They must love each other with a deep, sincere, fraternal love, like the members of one body, like inhabitants of one and the same republic. Sigismund II Augustus
Our country has been invaded many times, but we have always fought the enemies, we have driven them out and we have never mixed blood with them... Enver Hoxha
Both Albania and China hold that the relations between socialist countries are international relations of a new type. Relations between socialist countries, big or small, economically more developed or less developed, must be based on the principles of complete equality, respect for territorial sovereignty and independence, and non-interference in each other's internal affairs, and must also be based on the principles of mutual assistance in accordance with proletarian internationalism. It is necessary to oppose great-nation chauvinism and national egoism in relations between socialist countries. It is absolutely impermissible to impose the will of one country upon another, or to impair the independence, sovereignty and interests of the people, of a fraternal country on the pretext of 'aid' or 'international division of labor.' China
No country whatsoever, big or small, can build socialism by taking credits and aid from the bourgeoisie and the revisionists or by integrating its economy into the world system of capitalist economies. Any such linking of the economy of a socialist country with the economy of bourgeois or revisionist countries opens the doors to the actions of the economic laws of capitalism and the degeneration of the socialist order. This is the road of betrayal and the restoration of capitalism, which the revisionist cliques have pursued and are pursuing. Enver Hoxha
Wherever it [Democracy] has had free play in the ancient world or in the modern, in the old hemisphere or the new, a thirst for empire, and a readiness for aggressive war, has always marked it. Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 3rd Marquess Salisbury
Indian nationalism is the nationalism of an idea, the idea of an ever-ever land, emerging from an ancient civilization, shaped by a shared history, sustained by pluralist democracy. Shashi Tharoor
War alone can bring together the various States, and give a new importance to Congress. John Jay
It is always convenient for a self-conscious nationalistic government to cry out against ‘outside interference’ when anything goes wrong. Dwight D. Eisenhower
… tribes with flags Woodrow Wilson
Part of our sovereignty as a nation is having an immigration law that we can enforce. Janet Napolitano
Governments and reactionary groups resort to nationalism, victimization, and suppression to keep foreign or offending speech at bay. Lee C. Bollinger
We must facilitate the dying out of all the names if individual peoples inhabiting China i.e., Manchus, Tibetans, etc. Sun Yat-sen
Local Nationalism China
We have worked nearly 30 years, but the lives of the Tibetans have not improved. Hu-Yaobang
When two nations have competing national identities, the solutions are either imposed though force by one side over the other or require a new conception of identity that allows for compromise. David C. Kang
Identities reside in relations with others: you-me and us-them, and identities center on boundaries separating us from them. Charles Tilly
identity politics constitutes a powerful domestic constraint on foreign policy options. The government would face less of a challenge to implementing a coherent foreign policy if the external Others were on good terms with one another; but if their relationship took a turn for the worse, it would greatly energize domestic identity disputes and in turn tie the hands of the government in handling diplomacy. Hinan Ye
Today, the Chinese government blocks websites and search results with the so called Great Firewall, an army of censors deletes articles and comments deemed politically sensitive, and legions of government-sponsored Internet users steer online sentiment in the government’s favor by posting pro-Communist Party and nationalist comments in discussion forums. John Osburg
Even some liberals appear willing to believe that despite his decades of involvement in Hindu nationalist causes, [Narendra] Modi embraced Hindutva mostly as an electoral strategy and the “real” Modi is not a divisive ideologue but a pragmatic, growth-oriented manager. Ananya Vajpeyi
… vulgar motive of national antipathy ... David Hume
Where a Serb dwells, there is Serbia. Serbian Proverb
The classics should be set in students’ minds so that they become the genes of Chinese national culture. Xi Jinping
Politics has become a little like football. We cheer for our favorite team no matter how well they are playing. Susan Wismer
The enemy will not be able to halt our pursuit… and we shall have all the glory of beating the army that thought itself the finest in the world… and this without the Russians being absolutely necessary to us. Charles de Gaulle
It is a wide road that leads to the war and only a narrow path that leads home again. Russian Proberb
It is claimed that religious unity is also a factor in the formation of nations. Whereas, we see the contrary in the Turkish nation. Turks were a great nation even before they adopted Islam. This religion did not help the Arabs, Iranians, Egyptians and others to unite with Turks to form a nation. Conversely, it weakened the Turks’ national relations; it numbed Turkish national feelings and enthusiasm. This was natural, because Mohammedanism was based on Arab nationalism above all nationalities. Kemal Ataturk
The slowness of one section of the world about adopting the valuable ideas of another section of it is a curious thing and unaccountable. This form of stupidity is confined to no community, to no nation; it is universal. The fat is the human race is not only slow about borrowing valuable ideas—but sometimes persists in not borrowing them at all. Mark Twain
This election is a critical juncture. We have to choose between being a Zionist and liberal nation, or turning into an ethnocentric, nationalist country. I am concerned about the direction in which this delicate democracy is heading. Ofer Kenig
I met with President [Hugo] Chávez at one point, because he was very concerned that Brightstar had a 70 percent share of the Venezuelan market. He said, “Explain that to me, when you’re an American company.” I said, “No, we’re not an American company. We are a Venezuelan company, with Venezuelan employees, with a Venezuelan leader, owned by an American company, and that is very different. Marcelo Claure
When democracy creates wealth on a broad scale there is no tension between it and capitalism. But when that is not the case, the value of democracy becomes less clear to some. There are tremendous tensions between democratic national sovereignty, open global markets and mass migration. Roger Cohen
He [George H. W. Bush] is a globalist and we are nationalists. Pat Buchanan
As European history makes painfully clear, a return to aggressive nationalism could be dangerous, not just for the continent but also for the world. Jakub Grygiel
Rename has always been much moor powerful being France on its own than being a province of the European Union. Marine Le Pen
There may be no escape from the political aspects of setting the record straight on any genocide, and the Armenian Genocide more than most other mass killings has been the victim of deliberate, sustained falsication. Historians are embedded in those politics no matter how faithfully they attend to the obligations of their craft. Ronald Grigor Suny
Claim the State. Claim the nation. Recep Tayyip Erdogan
The open borders position may sound new and radical, but it is simply a call for the return of lost liberties. When the Statue of Liberty was erected in 1886, most of the world’s borders could be freely crossed without passports. Passport requirements had sometimes existed before and were still in place in backward Tsarist Russia, but the more liberal governments of advanced European nations regulated migration, as modern democracies regulate speech, only rather lightly and in exceptional cases, if at all. Comprehensive restrictions on international movement, which almost everyone today regards as a normal and necessary government function, are really an innovation of the twentieth century, which emerged as liberalism gave way to nationalism and socialism in the wake of World War I. Although the reasons for border control were The open borders position may sound new and radical, but it is simply a call for the return of lost liberties. When the Statue of Liberty was erected in 1886, most of the world’s borders could be freely crossed without passports. Passport requirements had sometimes existed before and were still in place in backward tsarist Russia, but the more liberal governments of advanced European nations regulated migration, as modern democracies regulate speech, only rather lightly and in exceptional cases, if at all. Comprehensive restrictions on international movement, which almost everyone today regards as a normal and necessary government function, are really an innovation of the twentieth century, which emerged as liberalism gave way to nationalism and socialism in the wake of World War I. Although the reasons for border control were often explicitly racist—such as the national origins quotas of the 1924 U.S. Immigration Act—the restrictions were also motivated by bona fide national security concerns, as well as a desire to protect native wages and welfare states from immigrant competition and foreign dependents. Nathan Smith
Too many people on the European left scoff at nationalism, mistaking their own distaste for evidence that the phenomenon no longer exists or is somehow illegitimate. If 2016 and 2017 have proven anything, it is that this sort of visceral nationalism, or loyalty to one’s in-group, still exists and is not going away. Those who dismiss this sort of national sentiment as backward and immature do so at their own peril. What the globalists of the transnational elite miss is that not everyone has the luxury of leaving. Those who don’t have the education and skills to travel abroad often resent those who do. To compensate, they identify strongly with the place they come from and support politicians who promise to protect them from both genuine and imaginary threats. They do not have the luxury of voting with their feet, but their protest is felt at the polls. Sasha Polakow-Suransky
Trump has opened the door to nationalism in this country — not American nationalism but the white race. Once that door has fully swung open, you can’t close it. Richard Spencer
By "nationalism" I mean the habit of identifying oneself with a single nation or other unit, placing it beyond good and evil and recognising no other duty than that of advancing its interests. George Orwell
Nationalism is not to be confused with patriotism. Both words are normally used in so vague a way that any definition is liable to be challenged, but one must draw a distinction between them, since two different and even opposing ideas are involved. By ‘patriotism’ I mean devotion to a particular place and a particular way of life, which one believes to be the best in the world but has no wish to force on other people. Patriotism is of its nature defensive, both militarily and culturally. Nationalism, on the other hand, is inseparable from the desire for power. The abiding purpose of every nationalist is to secure more power and more prestige, not for himself but for the nation or other unit in which he has chosen to sink his own individuality. George Orwell
The nationalist does not go on the principle of simply ganging up with the strongest side. On the contrary, having picked his side, he persuades himself that it is the strongest, and is able to stick to his belief even when the facts are overwhelmingly against him. George Orwell
Political or military commentators, like astrologers, can survive almost any mistake, because their more devoted followers do not look to them for an appraisal of the facts but for the stimulation of nationalistic loyalties George Orwell
Ten or twenty years ago, the form of nationalism most closely corresponding to Communism today was political Catholicism. George Orwell
Indifference to Reality. All nationalists have the power of not seeing resemblances between similar sets of facts. A British Tory will defend self-determination in Europe and oppose it in India with no feeling of inconsistency. Actions are held to be good or bad, not on their own merits, but according to who does them, and there is almost no kind of outrage — torture, the use of hostages, forced labour, mass deportations, imprisonment without trial, forgery, assassination, the bombing of civilians — which does not change its moral colour when it is committed by ‘our’ side. George Orwell
As soon as fear, hatred, jealousy and power worship are involved, the sense of reality becomes unhinged. And ... the sense of right and wrong becomes unhinged also. There is no crime, absolutely none, that cannot be condoned when ‘our’ side commits it. Even if one does not deny that the crime has happened, even if one knows that it is exactly the same crime as one has condemned in some other case, even if one admits in an intellectual sense that it is unjustified — still one cannot feel that it is wrong. Loyalty is involved, and so pity ceases to function. George Orwell
Antisemitism comes more naturally to people of Conservative tendency, who suspect Jews of weakening national morale and diluting the national culture. Neo-Tories and political Catholics are always liable to succumb to antisemitism, at least intermittently. George Orwell
We can choose isolationism, withdrawal and nationalism. This is an option. It can be tempting to us as a temporary remedy to our fears. But closing the door to the world will not stop the evolution of the world. It will not douse, but inflame the fears of our citizens Emmanuel Macron
People are far more willing to fight for their country—for their history, their soil, their common religious identity—than they are for an abstract political body created by fiat [as with the EU]. Jakub Grygiel

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