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There exists an unmistakable demand in the Middle East and in the wider Muslim world for democratization. Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Everyone should unconditionally accept that Israel is an indispensable element of the Middle Eastern mosaic. Recep Tayyip Erdogan
The extinction of race consciousness as between Muslims is one of the outstanding achievements of Islam, and in the contemporary world there is, as it happens, a crying need for the propagation of this Islamic virtue. Arnold J. Toynbee
The Muslim Brotherhood is the parent organization of extreme ideology. They are the godfather of all terrorist organizations. They spread it all over the world. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi
If Algeria introduced a resolution declaring that the earth was flat and that Israel had flattened it, it would pass by a vote of 164 to 13 with 26 abstentions. Abba Eban
Jerusalem is ours as much as yours; indeed, it is even more sacred to us than to you.... Do not imagine that we can to you or compromise on this. The land belongs to us from the beginning, while you have only just arrived and have taken it over only because of the weakness of the Moslems living there at the time. God will not allow a single stone to be rebuilt as long as the war lasts. As for the cross, its ownership is a high card in our hands and it cannot be surrendered except in exchange for something of priceless benefit to all Islam. Saladin
The time has come to stop this [war]. The points at issue are Jerusalem, the cross and the land. Jerusalem is for us an object of worship that we could not give up even if there were only one left. The cross, which for you is only a piece of wood with no value is for us of enormous importance. If the Sultan will deign to return it to us, we shall be able to make peace and rest from this endless labor. Richard I (Richard Lion-Heart)
When the English King [Richard I] saw that Saladin delayed in carrying out the terms of the treaty ... they brought up the Moslem prisoners ... more than 3 thousand men in chains. They fell on them as one man and slaughtered them in cold blood with sword and lance. Baha ad-Din ibn Shaddad
We enjoin it for the commission of sins, that ... the most powerful of the nobles should vigorously gird themselves to oppose the multitude of the infidels who are now rejoicing in the victory they have gained over us ... by so much spilling of your father's blood. Eugene III
On the top of Solomon's Temple, to which they had climbed in fleeing, many were shot to death with arrows and cast down headlong from the roof. Within the temple about 10,000 were beheaded. If you had been there, your feet would have been stained up to the ankles with the blood of the slain. Not one of them was allowed to live. They did not spare the women or children. Fulcher of Chartres
We have to offer [young Moslems] a hopeful life to compete with a glorious death. Lindsey Graham
If we show ourselves as weak, we lose.... In the end, we want to lead the Muslim world. We can only do that with our heads held high. Amir Mohebbian
Tunisia, which is dear to all of us, is going through difficult circumstances, exceptional circumstances, that necessitate exceptional measures to face them and prevent a worse situation Our security forces are in a full alert status, but we do have weaknesses as our prime minister admitted. We are not blaming anyone, but we are calling for everyone to feel and act responsibly. If such incidents happen again, the state will collapse. It is the duty of the president to take a stance. Beji Caid Essebsi
Tunisia is a civil state with no Islamic background or any other religious background. It has a republican system that cannot be violated or changed. These people [Islamic terrorists] are fighting all this. The continuous threats put Tunisia in a state of war. Beji Caid Essebsi
If they are good workmen, they may be of Asia, Africa or Europe. They may be Mohammetans [Moslems] Jews or Christians or any Sect–or they may be Atheists. George Washington
We are different beings. There is nothing in life which links us together. Our names, our clothes, our foods–they are all different; our economic life, our educational ideas, our treatment of women, our attitude towards animals .... We challenge each other at every point of the compass. Muhammad Ali Jinnah
The British-Congress Axis is formed and the rape of the Muslim nation is to begin in a more ruthless and criminal manner than Hitler and Mussolini dared in Europe. . Muslim League
Bloodshed and disorder are not necessarily evil in themselves, if resorted to in a noble cause. Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy
... in so many Muslim communities now, saving face trumps critical thinking and truth-telling. This is why reform from within Islam is so difficult. Asra Nomani
Islam, as practiced from Malaysia to Morocco, is a shame-based, patriarchal culture that values honor and face-saving from the family to the public square. Which is why the bullying often works to silence critics of Islamic extremism. Asra Nomani
There is an ideology problem in Islam. We need to revolutionize our religion. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi
If India wants her bloodbath, she shall have it. Mohandas K. Gandhi
The bitter enmity now raised by the [Muslim] League and its leaders will have to be paid for 100 percent. Jawaharlal Nehru
The area of Pakistan shall be the geographically contiguously ... areas in which the Muslims are numerically in a majority as in the North Western and Eastern Zones of India." Muslim League
We could have a Moslem area run by Moslems as a part of the British Empire. Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Take India if that is what you want! Take it by all means! But I warn you that if I open the door a crack there would be the biggest bloodbath in history. Winston Churchill
As far as Muslim India is concerned, we have forged our own charter and that is Pakistan. We are not going to budge an inch from the position we have taken. Nothing will make us swerve from our goal. Muhammad Ali Jinnah
The uninformed Muslim will be told that the question he is being called on to answer in the polls is, 'Are you a true believer or an infidel and a traitor'. Bertrand James Glancy
It is weary work negotiating with these people [India's Moslem, Hindu and Sikh political leaders] It takes weeks or months to make any progress on a point which ordinary reasonable men would settle in an hour or so. Archibald Percival Wavell
Die fearlessly at the hands of your neighbors without fighting back to shame Muslims by your moral example.. Mohandas K. Gandhi
The real picture that I now find is quite as bad, and something even worse than anything ... suggested .... There has been a definite attempt on the part of Hindu mobs to exterminate the Muslims. They have killed, indiscriminately, men, women and children en masse. Jawaharlal Nehru
Each side had its uninformed fanatics. And each side had political leaders who fanned the flames with their rhetoric. Nisid Hajari
Now, enough of your chicane of prudent pauses , Sage provisos, sub-intents and saving-clauses!. Robert Browning
Come to the so-called caliphate and live the life of some sort of glory ...; and if you can't come, kill somebody where you are; kill somebody in uniform; kill anybody; if you can cut their head off, great; videotape it; do it; do it; do it.... Kill, kill, kill. James Comey
We [Al Qaeda] must make every effort to reach out to Muslims ... through new media like Facebook and Twitter. Adam Yahiye Gadahn
Compulsion destroys cooperation. Jawaharlal Nehru
If Pakistan becomes an imminent reality, we shall be heading straight for bloodshed on a wide scale. Non-Muslims ... are not bluffing, they will not submit peacefully to a Government that is labeled 'Muhammadan Raj'. Bertrand James Glancy
History suggests that the Sikhs to a man would fight literally to the death rather than to submit to Muslim domination.. British Intelligence
We are willing ... to die for Pakistan. Why talk of compromise. Muhammad Ali Jinnah
It was a horrible sight, The mobs had swept through the area like locusts. You could see corpses laid out in the fields just outside a village , like rabbits after a shoot.... As far as I could tell the massacres seemed to be almost entirely anti-Sikh. Frank Walter Messervy
If you persuade the Sikhs to join hands with the Muslim League, we will have a glorious Pakistan, the gates of which will be ... in Delhi itself... Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Non-Muslims with some justice now regard the Muslims as little better than animals. Evan Meredith Jenkins
If the British give Jinnah his own country, we won't leave a Moslem alive here [of the princely state of Patiala]. Nor in the districts around. Every Sikh will draw his kirpan and it will be "Death to all Moslems". Yadvinder Singh Mahendra Bahadur
Mr. [Muhammad Ali] Jinnah is a psychopathic case. Louis Mountbatten
I shall not lick the hand besmeared with the blood of my children, sisters, and brothers. Tara Singh
... any assurance of generous terms to Sikhs under a Muslim-dominated State does not cut much ice. Yadvinder Singh Mahendra Bahadur
I am not a magician. I believe that it is the Indians who have got to find out a solution. You cannot expect the British to solve all your problems. Louis Mountbatten
I don't care whether you shoot Muslims or not, it has got to be stopped. Muhammad Ali Jinnah
You are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or any other place of worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed—that has nothing to do with the business of the State... We are starting with this fundamental principle that we are all citizens of one State Muhammad Ali Jinnah
I fully appreciate the fears of our brothers from [the Muslim-majority areas]. Nobody likes the division of India and my heart is heavy. But the choice is between one division and many divisions. We must face facts. We cannot give way to emotionalism and sentimentality.... Whether we like it or not, de facto Pakistan already exists in the Punjab and Bengal. Under the circumstances I would prefer a de jure Pakistan, which may make the [Muslim] League more responsible. Freedom is coming. We have 75 to 80 percent of India, which we can make strong with our own genius. The League can develop the rest of the country. Vallabhbhai Patel
Here, in this same city, the blood of Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims mingled in the bloodbath ... I am grieved to think that things have come to such a pass that no Muslim can go about in Amritsar and no Hindu or Sikh can even think of living in Lahore. The butchery of innocent and defenseless men, women and children does not behoove brave men ... I am quite certain that India's interest lies in getting all her men and women across the border and sending out all Muslims from East Punjab. I have come to you with a specific appeal. Pledge the safety of Muslim refugees crossing the city. Any obstacles or hindrances will only worsen the plight of our refugees who are already performing prodigious feats of endurance. If we have to fight, we must fight clean. Such a fight must await an appropriate time and conditions and you must be watchful in choosing your ground. To fight against the refugees is no fight at all. No laws of humanity or war among honorable men permit the murder of people who have sought shelter and protection. Let there be truce for three months in which both sides can exchange their refugees. This sort of truce is permitted even by laws of war. Let us take the initiative in breaking this vicious circle of attacks and counter-attacks. Hold your hands for a week and see what happens. Make way for the refugees with your own force of volunteers and let them deliver the refugees safely at our frontier. Vallabhbhai Patel
I have a question for those who attacked her! . . . The question is whether you think that after shooting an unarmed and innocent school-going girl you have the right to call yourself a Muslim? Hamid Mir
It is Israel's very existence as a sovereign non-Islamic entity in a land sacred to Islam and surrounded by Islam that creates the inherent tension between the tiny Jewish nation and the vast Islamic world. Ari Shavit
Jewish extremism and Islamic fanaticism fed each other. Ari Shavit
Every conceivable cleavage of difference: Sindhi vs. Punjabi, Mohajirs vs. Pathans, Islam vs. Secularism, Shias vs. Sunnis, Deobandis vs. Barelvis, literates vs. illiterates, Woman vs. Man, Urban vs. Rural—has been exploited to magnify dissentions, giving rise to heinous blood baths, accentuated hatred, and intolerance. Ishrat Husain
Islam proved imperfect national cement, as many different varieties of Islam competed for the allegiance of Pakistanis. William Easterly
We will continue our jihad until the creation of an Islamic System. The enemy with their talk of peace is trying by this propaganda to weaken the Jihad. Akhtar Mohammad Mansour
Christianity is under an existential threat. Anna Eshoo
Once upon a time, it might have been possible to deal with Iraq alone, without having to face the murderous forces of the other terror masters in Tehran, Damascus, and Riyadh, but that time has passed. Iraq is a battle, not a war. We have to win the war, and the only way to do that is to bring down the terror masters, and spread freedom throughout the region. Michael Ledeen
Inspire the believers to fight. Muhammad
It there is no check to the freedom of your words, then let your hearts be open to the freedom of our actions. Osama bin Laden
Wanted Dead or Alive for Crimes Against Islam. Yes We Can: A Bullet A Day Keeps the Infidel Away. Defend Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Unto Him Inspire Magazine
The poor economic health of Europe contributed to the migrant crisis. All the migrants wanted to flood to the few healthy countries—–like Germany and the U.K. Joseph Stiglitz
Wherever you look you see that the enemies of the true religion, particularly the English, the Russian, and the French, have oppressed Islam and invaded its rights in every possible way…the Moslems work and the infidels…live in luxury. The world of Islam sinks down and goes backward, and the Christian world goes forward.…The Moslems are enslaved and the infidels are the great rulers.…The time has now come for the Holy War, and by this the land of Islam shall be forever freed from the power of the infidels….This holy war has now become a sacred duty. Know ye that the blood of infidels in the Islamic lands may be shed with impunity---except Germans to whom the Moslem power has promised security and who are allied with it….The killing of infidels who rule over Islam has become a sacred duty, whether you do it secretly or openly, as the Koran has decreed: 'Take them and kill them whenever you find them. Behold we have delivered them unto your hands and given you supreme power over them.' Mehmed V
Given the insults by Danish newspapers against the prophet, as of now the name of Danish pastries will give way to ‘Rose of Mohammad’ pastries … This is a punishment for those who started misusing freedom of expression to insult the sanctities of Islam. Iran Confectioners Union
It is the responsibility of journalists to be ethical. Religion is a very sensitive issue, and I think no truly professional cartoonist in the world would ever try to pick on a religion like this. There’s an informal code of ethics among cartoonists in the media, and it includes two kinds of censorship: one is self-censorship; the other is professional censorship. Religion is one of the very important things that we should respect and not criticize …. We cannot tolerate any disparagement of the Prophet. Shujaat Ali
In America we don’t apologize for opinions, that’s why we have a 1st Amendment. If we can’t discuss even controversial opinions in the pages of our newspapers, where are we going to do it? Doug Marlette
If immigrants are unhappy in France then it is time for them to leave. Nicolas Sarkozy
We have to act against radical preachers capable of influencing the youngest and most weak-minded .... Imams and their followers who fuel anti-western feeling among impressionable young French Muslims will be rounded up and returned to their countries of origin Nicolas Sarkozy
Men could not be prohibited from marrying more than one woman. A man's first wife could be barren, or seriously ill; he may love her yet want children. In other cases, it is possible to imagine that a woman has no money and no place to go to if her husband divorces her. Islamic regulations allow men to marry more than one woman, under the conditions set down by Islam. Zeinab Radwan
Whoever stands in enmity against one of my friends, I will declare war on him Muhammad
I killed Muslims by every means possible. Yet it is sometimes a pity to waste bullets for this. The best way is to gather all of these dogs and throw them into wells and then fill the wells with big and heavy stones. as I did. I gathered all of the women, men and children, threw big stones down on top of them. They must never live on this earth. A. Lalayan
Kill the Jews wherever you find them. This pleases God, history and religion. This saves your honor. God is with you. Haj Amin Al-Husseini
Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them, capture and besiege them and prepare for them every kind of ambush…But if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor-due, then leave their way free. Muhammad
The earth is fixed and does not move. Muhammad
Don't bother to ask Allah to forgive the disbelievers. He will never forgive them. Muhammad
Those who turn away from Islam, and obey non-Muslims in some things, have been seduced by Satan….Don't obey disbelievers. Muhammad
Be stern with disbelievers. They are going to Hell anyway. Muhammad
Allah will cause Islam to prevail over all religion. Muhammad
Allah hates disbelievers. Muhammad
Allah does not hear the prayer of disbelievers. Muhammad
Stay away from non-Muslims. They are all liars. Muhammad
Those who refuse to fight for Allah will be treated, along with their children, as unbelievers. Muhammad
Don't make treaties with non-Muslims. They are all evildoers and should not be trusted. Muhammad
Disbelievers cause confusion and corruption in the land. Muhammad
Don't let the disbelievers think they can escape. They are your enemy and the enemy of Allah. Muhammad
Those that the Muslims killed were not really killed by them. It was Allah who did the killing. Muhammad
Never should a believer kill a believer; but by mistake. Muhammad
Nor marry to unbelievers until they believe. Muhammad
If anyone desires a religion other than Islam, never will it be accepted of him Muhammad
Believe no one unless he follows your religion Muhammad
Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not. Muhammad
Christians are disbelievers for believing in the divinity of Christ. Muhammad
When you fight with disbelievers, do not retreat. Those who do will go to hell. Muhammad
Evil is the handiwork of the rabbis and priests. Muhammad
Don't take Jews or Christians for friends. If you do, then Allah will consider you to be one of them…. Muslims that make friends with disbelievers will face a doom prepared for them by Allah Muhammad
Those who make war with Allah and his messenger will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off, or will be expelled out of the land. That is how they will be treated in this world, and in the next they will have an awful doom Muhammad
Cut off the hands of thieves. It is an exemplary punishment from Allah. Muhammad
Women in the Islamic world are the hope of the whole planet. Andrew Young
The fanatics should know that we hold our beliefs just as deeply as they hold theirs. Tony Blair
There is a systematic plan of destruction of Turkish villages and extinction of the Moslem population. Inter-Allied Commission of Enquiry
A nation which does not make pictures, a nation which does not make statues, a nation which does not practice science, such a nation, one must admit, has no place on the highroad of civilization. But our nation with its true qualities deserves to become and will become civilized and progressive. Kemal Ataturk
Rhode Island: The home of Jews, Turks and Infidels! Anonymous
Our women have minds too. Let them show their faces to the world, and see it with their eyes…Don’t be afraid. Change is essential, so much so that, if need be, we are prepared to sacrifice lives for its sake. Kemal Ataturk
In the face of knowledge, science, and of the whole extent of radiant civilization, I cannot accept the presence in Turkey’s civilized community of people primitive enough to seek material and spiritual benefits in the guidance of sheikhs. The Turkish republic cannot be a country of sheikhs, dervishes and disciples. Kemal Ataturk
It is a disgrace for a civilized society to appeal for help to the dead. Kemal Ataturk
I have no religion, and at times I wish all religions at the bottom of the sea. He is a weak ruler who needs religion to uphold his government. My people are going to learn the principles of democracy, the dictates of truth and the teachings of science. Superstition must go. Let them worship as they will; every man can follow his own conscience, provided it does not interfere with sane reason or bid him act against the liberty of his fellow-men. Kemal Ataturk
Hypocrites and frauds of old used to drink a thousand times more, secretly in hovels as they indulged in all sorts of nastiness. I am not a fraud. I drink in my nation’s honor. Kemal Ataturk
The Turks were a great nation even before they adopted the Muslim religion…The religion founded by Muhammad was based on a policy of setting Arab nationalism above all other nationalisms. Kemal Ataturk
I think Mohammed was a terrorist. Jerry Falwell
The conservatives say they are protecting the values of society. They are protecting their privileges. Muhammad Al Zulfa
Every mosque is a breeding ground for terrorists. O'Neal Dozier
You and I are laying the foundation for a world led by Islamists …. We will annihilate the Jews. Hamas
The Moslem terrorists are enemies for life as well as of life. Christopher Hitchens
The industrialized world was dominating the processes of change in the Third World, in particular in the Islamic world. And, that domination resulted in educational processes that were shaped by the First World. Aga Khan IV
I do not believe that the totality of the Islamic world recognizes the Taliban interpretation of the faith as being representative of its own view. There is no unanimity in Islam with regard to this interpretation. Generally you will see as much diversity in the Islam as you do in the Christian world today. But the West does not really understand the pluralism of the Islamic world. Aga Khan IV
Violence is not a function of the Islamic faith. Aga Khan IV
They shall not reveal any parts of their bodies, except that which is necessary. Muhammad
For the lower classes it is economic. They need to work and appear proper, so they veil. By contrast, wealthier and more educated families frequently have histories in which mothers and aunts took off the veil more than 80 years ago. Rima Husni
Because divorce and polygamy are accepted traditions backed by men’s interpretation of the Koran, women have learned to require their future husbands to sign a prenuptial agreement, whereby he forfeits his rights to unconditional divorce or marrying a second wife. Yasmine Perni
Paradoxically, it’s the honor of the raped girl’s family that is tarnished and she ends up dead by the hands of her own kin, her own father or brother. Yasmine Perni
If God wanted, he could have created all mankind as one religion. He created many different ways so we will cooperate. Amr Khaled
… the Middle East has experienced a general ‘Islamization’ and radicalization of society ensuing from the rigid religious and often intolerant character of the civil society organizations now performing functions previously in the hands of state authorities. Omar Encarnacion
It is true that jihadists are often middle class. But that’s because terrorist groups are like other employers: they accept the best candidates who apply. Peter Beinart
Hamas is a political-religious movement systematically throwing shackles on the mind. Sari Nusseibeh
Conspiracy theories are the way Muslims avoid facing up to their responsibility to be self-critical. Tariq Ramadan
Muslims have to understand that there is an old tradition in secular Western society to make fun of everything. Tariq Ramadan
I condemn suicide bombings; it’s not acceptable as a Muslim to kill innocent people. It’s explainable. But explainable doesn’t mean justifiable. Tariq Ramadan
Al Qaeda is an entity trapped in medieval ages and bent on killing innocent Muslims. Hassan Nasrallah
Young Europeans who love freedom, better emigrate. Europe as we know it will no longer exist 20 years from now. We are watching the world of yesterday … Europe is turning Muslim Henryk M. Broder
Democracy is not relevant here, it is not important. Faith is more important to us. Huda Issa
The lawsuits we are seeing today to ostracize and prevent different ideas recall previous eras. We must understand that Islam has given man freedom of thought. Islam's history proves that no one is immune to error except the Prophet. Gamal Al-Banna
It is time the international community took a stand on Egypt's repeated violations of press freedom and the rights of Internet users…the United Nations should respond by disqualifying Egypt from hosting an Internet Governance Forum in 2009. Reporters Without Borders
I believe many of our country's differences stem from the lack of genuine appreciation of the cultures and religious traditions and beliefs of our various communities. Laisenia Qarase
Our duty to attack was founded on the Laws of the Prophet, that it is written in the Koran, that all nations who should not have acknowledged the Prophet were sinners, that it is our right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all we could take as Prisoners, and every Musselman who should be slain in Battle was sure to go to Paradise. Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja
Power alone is respected and . . . in order to gain peace, the United States has no alternative but to wield it William Eaton
The Honor of the United States was at stake. William Eaton
America faced its first hostage crisis in the Middle East… Thomas Jefferson was President and over 100 Americans were being held hostage by Arabs from the Barbary Coast and the Arabs believed that if they were killed, they would go immediately to heaven. 220 years later America is still facing the same problem. Michael Oren
The West will never understand Muslims so long as we ... judge them by the rules we are accustomed to apply to ourselves. George B. McClellan
You must avoid letting anyone usurp your freedom of thought in any way, whether on religious or other grounds. People must use their minds and think and there are situations where the use of the intellect is necessary so that excessive fantasy or fancy can be held in check. Quaboos bin Said
Obstinacy in religious understanding leads to backwardness as in Muslims’, prevalence of violence and intolerance. Quaboos bin Said
Extremism, under whatever guise, fanaticism of whatever kind, factionalism of whatever persuasion would be faithful, poisonous plants and the soil of our country which will not be allowed to flourish. Quaboos bin Said
The blood of the infidels flowed so copiously at Thanesar that the stream was discoloured, notwithstanding its purity, and people were unable to drink it. The Sultan returned with plunder which is impossible to count. Tarikh-i-Yamini of Utbi
Sword of Islam Anonymous
Liberalism is the world's religion. We do not have the right to insult liberalism Mohammed Khatami
Secularism is the experience of the Western culture and thought. Insisting on spreading it to places where the underlying intellectual background, and the political and social reasons for its appearance are lacking, is clearly a mistake, regardless of being desirable or not. Mohammed Khatami
One cannot reach paradise by creating Hell for others. Mohammed Khatami
… ready to riot and slay for the sake of fanaticism …. detesting Europeans with a bigoted, foolish, senseless hatred … Mark Sykes
If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside … or in the back yard without a cover, and the cats come over and eat it, whose fault is it---the cat’s or the uncovered meat? Taj Aldin Al Hilali
The September 11 attack on America, which supported Israel, has made an excuse for the Anglo-Saxon Europeans to return to their old violent ways. Their strategy to fight terrorism is through attacking Muslim countries and Muslims, whether they are guilty or not. Mohamad Mahathir
Taking the Congressional oath of office with a Koran will embolden Islamic extremists and make new ones. Dennis Prager
Not every Muslim is a terrorist, but every terrorist is a Muslim except for Tim McVeigh. Ginny Brown-Waite
I feel very sad that my personal freedom was taken away like this. I grew up under authoritarian governments in the Middle East, and one of the reasons I chose to move to the U. S. is that I didn’t want an officer to make me change my T-shirt. He said ‘You can’t wear a T-shirt with Arabic script and come to an airport. It is like wearing a T-shirt that reads ‘I am a robber’ and going to a bank.’ Raed Jarrar
Some brothers have added up the number of Muslims killed directly or indirectly by American weapons and come up with a figure of nearly 10 million…. It would be permissible to use weapons of mass destruction against the Americans with no further Islamic legal argument. Nasir Bin Hamad Al-Fahd
There can be no living culture in the world if you cannot criticize its foundations –- the religion. We lack the courage to ask any question about any religious issue. For example, as a Muslim, I cannot say a single word about the Prophet Moses. The Prophet Moses did not say anything to me as a Muslim, whereas the Israeli Jew can criticize Moses and all the prophets in the Torah, and he can even question the divinity of the Torah. We, in Arab society, do not understand the meaning of freedom. We say that freedom means writing an article. Freedom is much deeper than that. Ali Ahmed Said; Adonis
It is human beings who are the basis for politics. A Christian person has great liberty to separate his religious faith from his political activity. The mistake committed by the Church in the Middle Ages was rectified - obviously after a struggle and violent revolutions - and political rule was entirely separated from politics. In our case (of Arab countries), ever since the struggle over who would inherit Prophet Muhammad's place, political rule was essentially based on religion. Ali Ahmed Said; Adonis
Religion is as much a living spring of violence today as it was at any time in the past. The recent conflicts in Palestine (Jews versus Muslims), the Balkans (Orthodox Serbians versus Catholic Croatians; Orthodox Serbians versus Bosnian and Albanian Muslims), Northern Ireland (Protestants versus Catholics), Kashmir (Muslims versus Hindus), Sudan (Muslims versus Christians and animists), Nigeria (Muslims versus Christians), Ethiopia and Eritrea (Muslims versus Christians), Sri Lanka (Sinhalese Buddhists versus Tamil Hindus), Indonesia (Muslims versus Timorese Christians), Iran and Iraq (Shiite versus Sunni Muslims), and the Caucasus (Orthodox Russians versus Chechen Muslims; Muslim Azerbaijanis versus Catholic and Orthodox Armenians) are merely a few cases in point. In these places religion has been the explicit cause of literally millions of deaths in the last 10 years. Sam Harris
That both Muslim fundamentalists and the Christian right are today focusing their attempts to regain control in a rapidly changing world on frantic efforts to maintain control over women, particularly over women's sexuality. Moreover, given their mythologies about "holy wars," it is also understandable that they should use "divinely approved" violence to do so… Riane Eisler
There is no difference between Muslim life, Christian life or Jewish life. Esam Omeish
If you are a Christian, you are in danger. Even if you are an atheist, you are in danger, and if you decide to convert to Islam, this will not save you, either, because traditional Islam is inimical to the conditions and objectives set by them [the terrorists]. If you are prepared to become a most radical Islamist and are prepared to circumcise yourself, I invite you to come to Moscow. I will recommend having the operation done in such a way that nothing will grow for you there anymore. Vladimir Putin
The pursuit of knowledge is a divine commandment for every Moslem. Muhammad
Say what is true, although what may be bitter and displeasing to people. Muhammad
Monopoly is unlawful in Islam. Muhammad
It is not worthy of the speaker of truth to curse people. Muhammad
God has not created anything better than Reason, or anything more perfect, or more beautiful than Reason…. God’s wrath is caused by disregard of it. Muhammad
The time is near in which nothing will remain of Islam but its name, and the Koran but it’s mere appearance. And the mosques of Muslims will be destitute of knowledge and worship; and learned men would be the worst people under the heavens; and contention and strife will issue from them, and it will return upon themselves. Muhammad
The greatest crimes are to associate another with God, to vex your father and mother, to murder your own species, to commit suicide, and to swear to lie. Muhammad
There is a difference between constructive criticism and criticism that is hateful. I can criticize America, but in a way that shows that I want to improve America and its democracy. Khaled Abu Alfadhl
Our onslaught will not be a weak faltering affair. We shall fight as long as we live. We will fight until you turn to Islam, humbly seeking refuge. We will fight not caring whom we meet. We will fight whether we destroy ancient holdings or newly gotten gains. We have mutilated every opponent. We have driven them violently before us at the command of Allah and Islam. We will fight until our religion is established. And we will plunder them, for they must suffer disgrace. Muhammad
Fight them until there is no more disbelievers and all submit to the religion of Allah alone in the whole world. Muhammad
Within the Iranian culture, people don't really participate in the arts. Omid Djalili
The Israelis are mistaken if they think we do not have an alternative to negotiations. By Allah I swear they are wrong. The Palestinian people are prepared to sacrifice until either the last boy and the last girl raise the Palestinian flag over the walls, the churches and the mosques of Jerusalem. Yasser Arafat
I'm not going to hide, I'm not going to surrender. Zeljko Raznatovic; Arkan
They have been waiting for eight years to tell me that I am a war criminal and now they do it. Zeljko Raznatovic; Arkan
Muslims are like wild dogs. You can't deal with them, you can only kill them. Zeljko Raznatovic; Arkan
If NATO troops will come with ground forces, I will be the first volunteer in the Yugoslav army to defend my country, my family, my children. Zeljko Raznatovic; Arkan
From far away, through the sights of a sniper, they would look like Muslims, Serbs or Croats to somebody, but I approached them face to face, I saw them clearly, and trust me... They were just people.. Dorde Balasevic
Yes I drink, but at least I don't drink blood! Zulfikar Ali Bhutto
During times of stress, despair and frustration, people become increasingly irrational, and they do things which they never think they are capable of. And so we see hideous brutality perpetrated by the most gentle people Mahathir Mohamad
Believing in each culture's right to be understood by the other party without any form of falseness or distortion is paramount. Muhammad Sayid Tantawi
On the Day of Judgment…Muslims will fight and kill Jews, who will hide behind trees that say, ‘Oh Muslim, Oh servant of Allah, here is a Jew hiding behind me. Come here and kill him.’ Washington Islamic Academy
This Arab Islamic nation must obtain a nuclear bomb. Without a nuclear bomb, we will continue to be oppressed. Ahmad Hassani Baghdadi
if you allow…for a civil war to happen between the Shiites and the Sunnis, Iraq is finished forever. It will be dismembered. It will not only be dismembered, it will cause so many conflicts in the region that it will bring the whole region into a turmoil that will be hard to resolve Saud Al Faisal
The best antidote to extremism is not greater exposure to Western values… but greater involvement by moderate Islamists. Toby Jones
In the Islamist Palestinian state, every citizen will be required to act in accordance with the codes of Islamic religious law. Mahmoud Al-Zahar
The Arab Freedom Movement is, in the Middle East, our natural ally against England. In this connection, the raising of rebellion in Iraq is of special importance. Adolf Hitler
In Islam, the ideal system of appointment of the Ameer [Chief Executive] is that of Shura (consultation) with the Ulama. The Ulama or the senior and responsible members of the society should appoint the Ameer, who will then appoint his government. This is the most preferred method. However, should a proper Islamic government be established by other methods, e.g. monarchy, then as long as they rule in accordance with the Sharia, they will be a valid Islamic government. Moulana Imraan Vawda
What Happened in America Is A Crime Rejected By Islam …. attacks upon those who have not attacked you and to kill innocent people who have committed no crime (i.e. against you) is among those things forbidden in Islam because it does not allow the shedding of blood except for a legally justified reason and it is not permissible to shed blood in general Saalih Al-Lehaydaan
O you who believe! What is the matter with you, that when you are asked to march forth in the Cause of Allah [i.e. Jihad] you cling heavily to the earth? Are you pleased with the life of this world rather than the Hereafter? But little is the enjoyment of the life of this world as compared with the Hereafter….If you march not forth, He will punish you with a painful torment and will replace you by another people …. Those who believe in Allah and the Last Day would not ask your leave to be exempted from fighting with their properties and their lives Muhammad
Verily, there are many of the [Jewish] rabbis and the [Christian] monks who devour the wealth of mankind in falsehood, and hinder [them] from the Way of Allah Muhammad
If they … attack your religion with disapproval and criticism, then fight the leaders of disbelief … Muhammad
Democracy is a system of laws made by men….As such Islamists all over the world are against it, as their system of laws is made by God. Michael Scheuer
Beating your wife is authorized by the Koran Abd Al-Qadir Bouziane
I can no longer be content now with the condemnations and solidarity pledges of political rulers. I want results. France's Muslims as a whole have the feeling they are considered second-class citizens Abdellah Boussouf
Islamic terrorist organizations use sections of the Koran to recruit and brainwash idealistic young Moslems to engage in violent, murderous attacks on non-Moslems. The important question facing Moslem leaders … is, how do they teach and explain these passages from the Koran to their Moslem congregations and Moslem school students? Is it made absolutely clear that even though those passages are in the Koran, which is their Holy Book, they only applied in the 7th century not the 21st century? It is vitally important that moderate Moslem leaders … do not let Islamic extremists use these passages to recruit vulnerable, Moslem young people into any Islamic terrorist organization. Fred Nile
The free, self-determining, self-developing soul may not walk its own path, however innocently, but must fit into the scheme and pattern … Arnold J. Toynbee
Modern Muslim societies have to face the fact that the traditional family mutilates the woman be depriving her from her humanity .… Allah does not talk to them. Fatima Mernissi
Law for the Protection of Values from Shame Egypt
Arab women are sacrificed on the alters of God and Money from the moment of birth to the hour of death. Nawal El Saadawi
Piety and virtue lie in obedience and conformity, while nothing is more repugnant than change and innovation. Nabih Amin Faris
Know that a lie is not haram [wrong] in itself, but only because the evil conclusions to which it leads the hearer, making him believe something that is not really the case.... If a lie is the only way of obtaining a good result, it is permissible. . . . We must lie when truth leads to unpleasant results. Abu Hamid Muhammad Al-Ghazzali
Muslims’ Road Saudi Arabia
There is this political ideology in the Muslim world that says that nations should be ruled by religious law…. Mali and Senegal are the exceptions. Yaroslav Trofimov
Sometimes people who know our societies hate us worse that those who don’t… People who are our intellectual and educational equals feel humiliation even more so that the … peasant who is used to being downtrodden…. Yaroslav Trofimov
It’s a fact that minds are poisoned throughout the Middle East. Yaroslav Trofimov
There's lots of sentiment for nuking Mecca. Rich Lowry
Muslims have been sticking it to each other for decades. Irshad Manji
For an Arab to be suspected of a lukewarm adherence to the national cause is to invite a visit from a body of gunmen…. A number of Arabs have asked for British Government protection. Peel Commission
Why don’t we fight harder for freedom of opinions in our own societies, a freedom that no one needs to be told scarcely exists? Edward Said
Fact is, given a choice to erase or embrace Western popular culture, most Muslims would gleefully embrace it. Irshad Manji
We shall not build, in our cities or in their neighborhood, new monasteries, Churches, convents, or monks' cells, nor shall we repair, by day or by night, such of them as fall in ruins or are situated in the quarters of the Muslims. We shall not manifest our religion publicly nor convert anyone to it. We shall not prevent any of our kin from entering Islam if they wish it. We shall show respect toward the Muslims, and we shall rise from our seats when they wish to sit. We shall not mount on saddles, nor shall we gird swords nor bear any kind of arms nor carry them on our persons. We shall not sell fermented drinks. We shall not display our crosses or our books in the roads or markets of the Moslems We shall not bury our dead near the Moslems Umar I; Umar Ibn Al-Khattab
The Arab world is not in a compromising mood. It's likely that your plan is rational and logical, but the fate of nations is not decided by rational logic. Nations never concede; they fight. You won't get anything by peaceful means or compromise. You can, perhaps, get something, but only by the force of your arms. We shall try to defeat you. I am not sure we'll succeed, but we'll try. We were able to drive out the Crusaders, but on the other hand we lost Spain and Persia. It may be that we shall lose Palestine. But it's too late to talk of peaceful solutions. Abdullah Yusuf Azzam
I declare a holy war, my Muslim brothers! Murder the Jews! Murder them all! Haj Amin Al-Husseini
If there is much understanding in the West about the nature of Islam, there is also ignorance about the debt our own culture and civilization owe to the Islamic world. It is a failure which stems, I think, from the straightjacket of history which we have inherited…. we have tended to see Islam as the enemy of the West, as an alien culture, society and system of believe, we have tended to ignore or erase its great relevance to our own society. Prince Charles
I pray no innocent people are killed in my mission. But if some are, I know that when they arrive in heaven Allah will ask them to forgive me. Marwan Abu Ubeida
They’re very well treated down there. They’re living in the tropics. They’re well fed. Dick Cheney
Our—Islam’s—problems didn’t start with the dastardly Crusaders. Our problems started with us. To this day, Muslims use the white man as a weapon of mass distraction—a distraction from the fact that we have never needed the “oppressive” West to oppress our own. Irshad Manji
The bulk of Sharia is nothing more than the legal opinions of classical jurists. That is why whenever the Sharia is imposed—out of context from the time when it was formulated and out of step with ours—Muslim societies acquire a medieval feel. We see that in Saudi Arabia, Iran, the Sudan, and Afghanistan under the Taliban. Ziauddun Sardar
Let there arise out from among you a party inviting to all that is good; enjoying what is right and forbidding what is wrong: they are the ones to attain felicity Muhammad
The Koran has been the source from which Muslims have derived not only their law and theology but also principles and institutions of their public life. It is not a book of science or medicine but is a book of guidance, the principles of which are characterized of inducing very profound and potent inspirations and forces for all sorts of intellectual progress. Asim A. Hussein
For more than two centuries now, Muslims are lacking the Islamic-based governance of their public systems of life including the art of healing. Asim A. Hussein
Health is the most excellent of God’s blessings upon a person after unshakable faith. Muhammad
We will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Muhammad
The Koran says that it is the duty of Muslims to bring terror to the enemy, so being a terrorist makes me a good Muslim. Marwan Abu Ubeida
I don’t know how many virgins they have up in Heaven to take care of all these suicide bombers Bernard Trainor
They must not only give up their attitude of intolerance towards this hand and its age-long traditions, but must also cultivate the positive attitude of love and devotion instead—they must cease to be foreigners, or may stay in the country wholly subordinated to the Hindu nation, claiming nothing, deserving no privileges… not even citizen’s rights. Guruji Golwalkar; Magh Bahul Ekadashi
Let a woman learn in quietness with all subjection. But I permit not a woman to teach, nor to have dominion over a man, but to be in quietness. Book of Timothy
Let the women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but let them be in subjection, as also saith the law. And if they would learn anything, let them ask their own husbands at home I Book of Corinthians
In Islam's golden age, so much progress was made that it became the basis of the European Renaissance. We Muslims have to change ourselves, that's the main difference. We can't keep blaming America or Israel for our misery. Irshad Manji
The ability of women is not known because they are relegated to the business of procreation, child-rearing, and breast feeding. Abu'l Walid Muhammad Ibn Rushd Al-Qurtubi; Averroes
Philosophers are best able to understand properly the allegorical passages of the Koran on the basis of their logical training. There is no religious stipulation that all such passages have to be interpreted literally. Averroes; Abu'l Walid Muhammad Ibn Rushd Al-Qurtubi
If you look into the traditional arguments – Hadith -- about this problem, you will find them contradictory ….. There are many verses of The Koran, which by their universal nature teach that all the things are predestined and that man is compelled to do his acts; then there are verses which say that man is free in his acts and not compelled in performing them. Averroes; Abu'l Walid Muhammad Ibn Rushd Al-Qurtubi
He who departs from consensus is not an infidel. Averroes; Abu'l Walid Muhammad Ibn Rushd Al-Qurtubi
If they don’t voluntarily change, they will be changed. Madeleine Albright
They will not fight you all except within fortified cities or from behind walls… Muhammad
The situation of our nation has changed; it's current state is that of bitter defeat and chronic weakness, which has become embedded in the thoughts of the Muslims. This means that our nation has declined from a nation of power and might to one of deep slumber. Abdul Baari Ath-Thubayti
Every evil and hardship that exists and has existed on the land of Palestine was caused by the Jews, they initiate evil because they have sick-hearts and evil intentions and souls…. The arrogance of the Jews has transgressed all limits; they have become obsessed with murdering and shedding the pure blood of innocent people; they have no conscience, no values and no sense of humanity in them. They are committing massacres in cities and refugee camps very frequently; they are deliberately mutilating bodies thinking that this will end the determination and will of the Muslim nation and to struggle on. Abdul Baari Ath-Thubayti
We are living in very difficult and painful times, filled with hardships, agonies, and calamities. Take a look at how the enemies of Islam have united against us. They are never this united except when they are conspiring against Islam and the Muslims. We must ask ourselves this: Why is it that they have the ability to inflict so much harm on us? … Why have they gathered against us to wipe us out? Abu Sunaynah
We will definitely not allow the killing of our Iraqi Ambassador to deny us the right to have an ambassador. Ahmed Nazif
Nothing will justify the killing of innocent people. Ahmed Nazif
Never think of those who have been killed in the cause of Allah as dead. Rather, they are alive with their Lord, receiving provision Muhammad
The pain that a martyr feels at the time of death will be reduced so greatly that he will only feel as if he was stung by a mosquito …. the finest dwellings in Paradise are those of the martyrs …. the angels spread their wings over the body of a martyr as a form of honor, dignity and respect Usaamah Khayyaat
Nowadays smoking has spread to every section of our society, even to young boys in the markets and in their homes. No one can deny the harmful effects that it has on one's body, financial condition, society and religion. Muhammad Al-Uthaymeen
It is plainly evident that some people who copy the polytheists in their clothes, manners, traditions or speak their language, harbor love and admiration for them. In this way, the polytheists succeed in disseminating ideas such as globalization and a universal religion which affect some sick-hearted Muslims; all of these aim at weakening the Muslim character and identity. Suood Ash-Shuraym
O Muslims! When a Muslim blindly imitates the West, he turns into a loyal supporter of their beliefs and customs; he is like one who tries to reform something but spoils it while he is unaware. He is just like a defeated follower, like a baby who bites and severs his mother's breast while it is in his mouth. Such a person does not know that blind copying of the West involves hidden hazards and that our rights, honor and dignity are violated by such imitation and imbecilic pride. Suood Ash-Shuraym
If new, moderate leadership doesn’t persevere, we will see growing Muslim fundamentalism in America. The neoconservatives have recognized this, but their frightening solutions thwart progressive Muslims and empower extremists who argue that Westerners are intent on destroying Islam. Asra Nomani
Women Beating Anonymous
Questions about democracy in Islam are not restricted to faraway lands but also echo in Muslim communities in America Asra Nomani
The word for knowledge appears in the Koran more often than any other except God. Akbar Ahmed
How could I love a faith that makes me a second class citizen? Asra Nomani
In an effort not to lose conservative Muslim donors who fund the building of mosques, traditional leaders in the American Muslim community are ignoring constituencies that are banging at the door for entry. They are ignoring women, young people, and moderate men who eschew interpretations of Islam that are bigoted, sexist, and intolerant. Asra Nomani
What is required in Muslim countries today is a jurisprudence of the state, which operates at the broader level of national and societal interests. Humam Hamoudi
Islam has been used in some countries, for instance Sudan, as a means for suppression and the installation of autocratic regimes. This, coupled with the censorship of moderate Muslim voices and increasing state patronage of religious scholars, has led to the propagation of a dogmatic form of divisive Islamic extremism, a form that rejects democracy, human rights, and good governance as devices of Western imperialism. Ghazi Suliman
Historians in the future will surely wonder what went so wrong when the United States, for the first time ever, focused its foreign policy on the Islamic world. Bob Kerrey
They don’t hate the West because of any specific policy or action like Israel or Iraq. They just hate because they have been unsuccessful; they feel that they’ve been denied their rightful place in life. James Brandon
Exigencies render the prohibited as lawful Anonymous
For over seven years the United States has been occupying the lands of Islam in the holiest of places, the Arabian Peninsula, plundering its riches, dictating to its rulers, humiliating its people, terrorizing its neighbors, and turning its bases in the Peninsula into a spearhead through which to fight the neighboring Muslim peoples. World Islamic Front
Islam is a religion of peace that abhors attack on innocents ...faith does not mean killing Muslims or non-Muslims who live among us, it does not mean shedding blood, terrorizing or sending body parts flying. Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais
Forcing a woman to marry someone she does not want and preventing her from wedding someone she chooses ... is not permissible. Anyone who insists on forcing a woman ... to marry against her will is disobeying God and His Prophet. Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh
Part of the Koran is a license for oppression. Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Freeing women and giving them a chance at life is not imposing Dutch values on foreigners. Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Those who perpetrate these brutal acts against our people should know that they are not going to change our way of life. Elizabeth II
Whoever harms civilians must expect similar responses. Mohammad Dahlan
We should never say that we recognize the right of these mullahs to oppress their own people. Max Boot
Tough if they are so retarded as to marry an asshole who wants four wives …. I’m not going to be the one that tries to prevent them from it. But if they presume to impose the same customs, the same habits on me, in my house …. Trying to deal humanly with them is impossible. Reasoning with them, unthinkable. Treating them with indulgence or tolerance or hope, suicidal. And whoever doesn’t recognize these simple truths is in denial. Oriana Fallaci
Immigrants want to change our values and our way of life. Oriana Fallaci
Muslim immigration poses a greater danger to the West than Islamic terrorism…. There is no such thing as good Islam. Oriana Fallaci
We have been the victims of Islamic terrorism for 30 years now. You cannot split the terrorism from the origin of it---Islam. Oriana Fallaci
Where did Islamic radicalism grow in the past years? It grew under dictatorships. Reuel Marc Gerecht
I am not big on the idea that a rapid injection of democracy will reform radical Moslems. Reuel Marc Gerecht
If radical Islam is ever to be shunted aside it will be by other Moslems with alternate interpretations. Daniel Pipes
Throughout the Islamic world the radical Islamists dominate the discussion although they may be in the minority. Daniel Pipes
Islamists want power! Daniel Pipes
The only place in the Middle East where you can find moderate Moslems speaking is in those international conferences sponsored by Westerners…. They cannot have much of an influence if they are undermined by the majority and the fundamentalist clergy. Reuel Marc Gerecht
Democracy in the Middle East has to be front-loaded. You have to have elections first and then try and build democratic institutions. You are not going to have the dictators and clerics of the Middle East allow you to build up democratic institutions slowly. Reuel Marc Gerecht
We must work with moderate Moslems who are also the victims of Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism. Zeyno Baran
Everything Mohammed brought was evil and inhuman such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached Manuel II Palaeologus
It is inconceivable for anyone who calls himself a Muslim and who heads an Islamic state to maintain relations under the table with the regime that occupied Jerusalem. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
I think I ought not apologize for my actions. I am at war with your country. I'm at war with them not for personal reasons but because they have murdered more than, so many children and they have oppressed my religion and they have oppressed people for no reason except that they say we believe in Allah. Richard C. Reid
As human beings, we reach out for justice. You are not an enemy combatant. You are a terrorist. You are not a soldier in any war. You are a terrorist. To give you that reference, to call you a soldier, gives you far too much stature… if you think you are a soldier, you are not----- you are a terrorist. And we do not negotiate with terrorists. We do not meet with terrorists. We do not sign documents with terrorists. We hunt them down one by one and bring them to justice. William G. Young
If a community decides this is how you're going to dress and these are the punishments, who are we to say different? Phillip Mayfield
God does not always give victory to the leaders by means of the sword, nor are such things always accomplished by fighting. But what toil has not procured, words have often effected, and the greatest trophies have been erected by friendly and propitiatory intercourse. Let us therefore not spend our time here uselessly, but endeavor to accomplish something sensible and courageous for our own safety… Let each one of us studiously try to win over the barbarian who guards our respective section. Bohemund I of Antioch
He heard a report of the approach of innumerable Frankish armies. Now he dreaded their arrival for he knew their irresistible manner of attack, their unstable and mobile character and all the peculiar natural and concomitant characteristics which the Frank retains throughout; and he also knew that they were always agape for money, and seemed to disregard their truces readily for any reason that cropped up…. The Latin race is always very fond of money, but more especially when it is bent on raiding a country ; it then loses its reason and gets beyond control. Anna Comnena
We condemn this attack and all other attacks on innocent civilians. Illegitimate and counterproductive tactics must not be used in the legitimate struggle to end Israel's brutal occupation. This attack is of particular concern coming as it did during a religious observance in which the focus is remembrance of God. Council on American-Islamic Relations
We condemn in the strongest terms possible what are apparently vicious and cowardly acts of terrorism against innocent civilians. We join with all Americans in calling for the swift apprehension and punishment of the perpetrators. No cause could ever be assisted by such immoral acts. Council on American-Islamic Relations
You do not have to talk to the FBI. You have no obligation to talk to the FBI, even if you are not a citizen. Never meet with them or answer any questions without an attorney present. Council on American-Islamic Relations
There is this debate over the world about whether Islam can be reconciled to modernism. But the American Moslem community has demonstrated how easily this has been done. Reza Aslan
We American Muslims have not only an opportunity but a responsibility to provide a counterweight to the extreme Moslem fundamentalism elsewhere in the world. Reza Aslan
I feel that at any of our rights can be taken away at any moment. Sadullah Kahn
The Moslems who did not succeed in escaping [the city of Bitlis] were put to death... Grace H. Knapp
I know from reports of my own officers who served with General Dro that defenseless villages were bombarded and then occupied, and any inhabitants that had not run away were brutally killed, the village pillaged, and all the livestock confiscated, and then the village burned. This was carried out as a regular systematic getting-rid-of the Muslims Mark Lambert Bristol
We must not become weary from stating unequivocally that acts of wanton violence and barbarism are contrary to the teachings of Islam. In Islamic ethics, the end does not justify the means. Religious extremism has no virtue in Islam and has been unequivocally condemned by the Prophet of Islam. He is reported in a tradition to have declared thrice, “The extremists shall perish.” For contemporary Muslims this means to acknowledge, no matter how painful it is, that we do have extremists (mutatarrifin) within our ranks. This is off course not unique to Islam. What is peculiar to Islam is that extremists appear to have a disproportionate influence within the house of Islam, not least because of the proclivity of the media for sensationalization. A. Rashied Omar
I once more want to impress upon all Muslims that they should fully co-operate with the Government and the officials in protecting their Hindu neighbor. Muhammad Ali Jinnah
America sponsors a revolution that destroys morals, curricula, religion, values, and everything related to Islam and to the values of manliness. Mahmoud Kharabshe
All Muslims support us. Our Jihad continues with their support and their money. You know that the Jihad requires much money, yet the Muslims are helping us, and we have high hopes from the charitable people, so that Jihad and grace will reach all Muslims. Mulla Dadallah
Of course there is a tie between Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. These are strong ties, because the Taliban gave up Afghanistan for the sake of Al-Qaeda. There are still Al-Qaeda youth here, in Afghanistan. The Taliban is willing to accompany Al-Qaeda to any country in order to wage Jihad there. they want to establish Allah's law everywhere. Our religion is one, and we will remain together. Mulla Dadallah
Let there be no two religions in Arabia. Muhammad
Whoever saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind Muhammad
Our government has been unable to expel foreign clerics who preach violence and the destruction of the state. Douglas Murray
When Muslims enter a mosque, for example, and blow it up, or go and behead people while reading the Koran --- these people believe their Islam permits this. You talk about the war on terror. The only way we can overcome these terrorists is with ideology. We Muslims must show the Muslim terrorists that their way is wrong. We must draw the line. Kamal Nawash
The government does not talk with most Islamic institutions in America. It does not cooperate with them, and does not want to cooperate with them. Our institutions in America have utterly failed, and we must be clear and say it honestly. Kamal Nawash
Can you explain to me the killing of a hundred thousand children, women and men in Algeria, using the most abominable killing methods? Can you explain to me the killing of 15,000 Syrian civilians? Can you explain to me the abominable crime in the military artillery school in Aleppo? Can you explain the crime in Al-Asbaqiya neighborhood of Damascus, Syria? Can you explain the attack of the terrorists on the peaceful village of Al-Kisheh in Upper Egypt, and the massacre of 21 Coptic peasants? Can you explain to me what is going on in Indonesia, Turkey, and Egypt, even though these are Islamic countries which opposed the American intervention in Iraq, and which don't have armies in Iraq, yet were not spared by the terrorists? Can you explain these phenomena, which took place in Arab countries? Was all this revenge on America or Israel? Or were they merely to satisfy bestial wild instincts aroused in them by religious teachings, which incite to rejection of the other, to the killing of the other, and to the denial of the other. Wafa Sultan
When Saddam Hussein buried 300,000 Shiites and Kurds alive, we did not hear a single Muslim protesting. Your silence served to acknowledge the legitimacy of these killings Wafa Sultan
Who colonized the other – us or them? Did Algeria colonize France, or vice versa? Did Egypt colonize England, or vice versa? We are the victims... Ahmad Bin Muhammad
Is the Muslim who is an American citizen ---... Is he really an American citizen who loves America, or does he belong to a fifth column, with loyalties that lie elsewhere, and he is only using America temporarily to accumulate wealth? Khaled Abu Alfadhl
What has brought Hurricane Katrina upon you is the injustice of George W. Bush Jr. and of the White House. Remove this injustice from the world if you want Allah's punishments to cease afflicting the American people. Raed Sallah
When the Plague spread through Europe between 1251 and 1351... In other words, for about one hundred years, the Bubonic plague, tuberculosis, and malaria spread there. When these diseases were spreading, what would the Europeans say? They would say this was caused by the bad luck brought by the Jews, and they would massacre the Jews of Europe, who were innocent. A disease broke out - how is this their fault? Oh Jews, oh Israelites, where did you flee to? When the people of Britain killed you in the well-known massacre 1351, when the people of Austria and of the Lowlands killed you in 1253, where did you flee to? Where to? You came to us, to Andalusia. Our country and borders were open to you. Our homes were open to you. In no other place could you feel that your property and dignity were safe, except for Arab and Muslim countries. Why are you so ungrateful? Why? Was it us who carried out the massacres in Germany and elsewhere? By Allah, we had nothing to do with them. Kamal Khatib
If David and Solomon were to return to life, these Zionist criminals would fight them and they would fight back. David and Solomon were among our ranks. If Solomon had a temple, we would be worshipping Allah in it. We would not be worshipping idols and polytheism in it, like they do. Ahmad Nawfal
Muhammad is the Prophet of all people. He superseded all previous religions. If Jesus were alive when Muhammad was sent, he would have followed him. All people must be Muslims. Muammar Qaddafi
Whoever is familiar with the Sunna and the Hadith knows that a battle against the enemies of Allah awaits on the horizon, in which the Muslims will be victorious. This is confirmed by the reliable hadiths, as well as by reality. Nasser Bin Suleiman Al-Omar
How can you call upon us to abolish the clash of civilizations, while America violently attacks Muslims in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and in all corners of the world? …. America is interfering in our religion, in our traditions and in our privacies. This contradicts the Koranic verse: "They will not stop fighting you until they turn you back from your faith if they can. Nasser Bin Suleiman Al-Omar
Can you imagine millions demonstrating in Iraq, calling for same-sex marriage, like in Sweden, America, and Britain? Same-sex marriages means a marriage of a man with a man, or a woman with a woman. This is a terrible catastrophe, totally forbidden by Islam. Whoever marries someone of the same sex must be killed. Both must be killed as soon as possible and must be burned as well. Ahmad Hassani Baghdadi
When 50 people come to a demonstration, they are faced by 1,000 soldiers. A demonstration of 5,000 people will be faced by 25,000 soldiers. I fear that blood be shed for no price. I want blood that is shed for a price. Mohammed Mahdi Akef
These ignorants who rule Egypt with force and with security agencies --- I call upon them to fear Allah, to return to Allah, and to reach out to this people, which attributes power and honor to you. Otherwise, the people will soon trample you underfoot, Allah willing. Mohammed Mahdi Akef
Jihad is an individual duty incumbent upon every Muslim, male and female, if any inch of the land of Islam and the Muslims is occupied. Mohammed Mahdi Akef
We need Hasan Nasrallah, millions of Hasan Nasrallahs. We need millions of Osama bin Ladens. We need millions of people armed with real active rage…. if self-defense, and defending our values, our identity, our culture, and our religion is terrorism, then we welcome every type of terrorism on the face of the earth. Khanatha Banouna
I support blowing up American and Israeli targets around the world Sa Al-Buti
The United States is a bankrupt nation. It owes the world 14 trillion dollars, and it is truly able to finance itself and the war and the supply of arms to Israel, through the money that is lent to the United States by rich countries, some of which are Muslim countries. And if you stop using the U.S. dollar... Even if you want to sell oil, you can continue to sell oil, but insist on being paid in euros, or yen, or whatever... If you do that, then the U.S. dollar will not be half the value that it has today, and if it doesn't have the value that it has today, it cannot spend money producing arms Mohamad Mahathir
Iran is a model and example for Hezbollah. The Iranian faith, tactics and experience are being put to practice in Lebanon... Hezbollah looks to Iran for tactics and moral support, and we are proud that our experience serves other Muslim countries Mohsen Rezai
I say to the Iraqis whoever cannot slaughter a sheep on the Feast of Sacrifice, should take an American soldier and slaughter him. Abd Al-Karim Abd Al-Razzaq
The Islamists became aware of democracy only recently, when the West implemented it and began urging other countries to implement it too, in order to protect the people of the earth from annihilation at the hands of despotic and repressive rulers. Although the Islamic jurisprudents have recently become aware of democracy, they have not acknowledged it, and have continued to believe in the limited Sura of the Righteous Caliphs, which does not meet the needs of 21st century peoples. Shaker Al-Nabulsi
Arabs and Muslims have no political heritage to draw upon in administering their affairs today. Politics for them was a way to rule, not a science or a political doctrine. Shaker Al-Nabulsi
There should be a distinction between the Koranic chapters concerning belief, … and the chapters dealing with legislation or the life of the Prophet … That is, there are chapters that cut across history, and these are the verses revealed at Mecca … and there are circumstantial verses of legislation that were revealed at Al-Madina as a result of events that took place 1,400 years ago and which are no longer in existence… there are many … political and military verses… that are connected to circumstances that existed in the past but exist no longer. The verses revealed at Mecca, about the Jews, the Christians, and the People of the Book, for example … were usually verses of support for them, but the verses concerning the Jews and Christians … at Al-Madina were the result of the changing political relations of the People of the Book and the Muslims… Politics are fluid, not static; therefore, the laws built on a political foundation are also subject to movement, and are not static. Shaker Al-Nabulsi
From its inception, Islam was not merely a religion, but also a political community, the nation of Islam (ummat al-Islam). Muhammad was not merely a prophet communicating the word of God, but a political leader. Hence, any victory by the army of a Muslim state over non-Muslims is perceived as a victory for Islam itself. Menahem Milson
It is its hostility and belligerence towards non-Muslims that makes Islamism a global problem. It should be noted that Muslims have not always treated non-Muslims in this manner. If we review Islam's 1400-year history we find ample examples of periods in which non-Muslims were treated with tolerance, as well as times of hatred and persecution. Menahem Milson
What the West does not understand about Islam …, is that Jihad has stages. If Muslims have the upper hand, then Jihad is waged by force. If Muslim’s don’t have the upper hand then Jihad is waged through financial and political means. Since Muslims do not have the upper hand in America or Europe, they talk about peace while supporting Hamas and Hezbollah. The whole idea of Islam being a peaceful religion emanates from that silent stage of Jihad. Walid Shoebat
I was not only a terrorist, but I was terrorized by my beliefs since I had to gain enough merit and good deeds to go to heaven but never was sure if my good deeds would outweigh my bad deeds in the scale when I would be judged by God, it was taught to us that to die fighting the Jews would ease Allah's anger towards my sins and I would be secured a good spot in heaven with beautiful wide eyed women to fulfill my most intimate desires, so either way through actual attacks on Jews, or if I were to be killed in the attempt, I would win – terror was the only way. Walid Shoebat
The first thing we learned growing up was to hate Jews. I’ll never forgot the first song I learned in school, ‘Arabs our beloved and Jews our dogs.’ I used to wonder at that time who the Jews were, but repeated the words with the rest of the kids without any knowledge of the meaning. Walid Shoebat
Sharpen my bones into swords and make my flesh into Molotov cocktails PLO; Palestine Liberation Organization
When you hear Allah's verses being rejected and mocked at by people, you must not sit with them till they start talking of other things. Muhammad
After having overcome Fascism, Nazism, and Stalinism, the world now faces a new totalitarian global threat: Islamism. We, writers, journalists, intellectuals, call for resistance to religious totalitarianism and for the promotion of freedom, equal opportunity and secular values for all. Michelle Malkin
A criminal should be exonerated if it is proven to the court that the blood of the victim was permitted. Iran
The Egyptian battle over Christian Coptic citizenship rights, has been brewing for years. Copts are the original Egyptians, and they were the majority population until the 10th century. As Egypt was Arabized and Islamized, the Copts became a minority in their original homeland. Sa'd Al-Din Ibrahim
They don't know how to control us. That is why they send us spies, cancerous substances, epidemics and various diseases – because they consider us to be enemies. They consider the entire Arab nation to be their greatest enemy. Sameh Ashour
The goal of our Jihad is to elevate the word of Allah, to drive the polytheists out of the peninsula of Muhammad, to apply his law in all aspects of life and on all people, and to remove injustice from our oppressed brothers everywhere. To all the Muslim peoples wherever they may be, I say: How long will you remain silent? How long will you accept this humiliation and degradation? The Crusaders, the Hindus, the Zoroastrians, and their apostate helpers rule and control you and your brothers. They are fighting against your religion, and are fighting you in your livelihood. They are violating your honor, yet you remain silent. Have your humiliation and degradation brought you that low? Would you agree to become apostates, Jews, or Christians? Would you agree to abandon the religion of Islam? … Awaken from your slumber, and support your oppressed brothers. Fight for the sake of Allah, and you will receive one of the two good things: victory or martyrdom. Fahd Al-Farraj
If they want to know the judgment about the existence of a Jewish state in the middle of the Muslim world, they have to refer to the Holy Koran and to the traditions of Muhammad, peace be upon him, being the only source of enlightenment and the only source of truth within the hands of humanity today. Zaghloul El-Naggar
Some try to make personal accusations against me, because of my strong ties with America, saying that my relations with it are excellent, in an effort to harm me, my investments, or my regional and international connections. I say to them: My relations with America are not just excellent, but exceptional. But you should know that these relations will never be at the expense of my brotherly Arab and Muslim relations Al Walid bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz
We have fifty million Muslims in Europe. There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe -- without swords, without guns, without conquests. The fifty million Muslims of Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades. Muammar Qaddafi
God is our objective; the Quran is our constitution, the Prophet is our leader; Struggle is our way; and death for the sake of God is the highest of our aspirations. Hassan al Banna
My brothers, you are a new soul in the heart of this nation to give it life by means of the Koran. Hassan al Banna
There are some in our region, especially among the Arabs, who do not respect their own identity and culture, and who are dazzled by the West in an unlimited and unobjective manner Bashir Assad
We cannot accept that democratic freedoms need to be abrogated to protect Islam. Edward Said
Nothing was written or talked about at that time except the Serbian war.… The massacre of our co-religionists and brother Slavs evoked sympathy for the sufferers and indignation against their oppressors. And the heroism of the Serbs and Montenegrins, fighting for a great cause, aroused in the whole nation a desire to help their brothers not only with words but by deeds. Leo Tolstoy
Waging war neither for worldly advantages nor for conquests, but for a solely Christian purpose, must I be left alone to fight under the banner of the Holy Cross and to see the others, who call themselves Christians, all unite around the Crescent to combat Christendom. Nicholas I; Nikolay Pavlovich
He who kills even one unbeliever of those who rule over us, whether he does it secretly or openly, shall be rewarded by God. And let every Moslem, in whatever part of the world he may be, swear a solemn oath to kill at least three or four of the infidels who rule over him, for they are the enemies of God and of the faith. Let every Moslem know that his reward for doing so shall be doubled by the God who created heaven and earth. A Moslem who does this shall be saved from the terrors of the day of Judgment, of the resurrection of the dead. Who is the man who can refuse such a recompense for such a small deed? . . . Yet the time has come that we should rise up as the rising of one man, in one hand a sword, in the other a gun, in his pocket balls of fire and death-dealing missiles, and in his heart the light of the faith. Mehmed V
Islam does have two faces—a bright face and an evil face, and we must work with the former. The reaction of Moslems against Islamic extremism doesn’t get the coverage it should. Stephen Schwartz
In the field of economy, for instance, we … members of the developing world follow the currents of globalization, with conditions set by the rich countries, and at a speed dictated without our slightest input. Abdelouahed Belkeziz
Shia leaders prefer to keep Iraq united, as long as they maintain their dominance over it, especially now that they have been portrayed as the majority who suffered injustice and oppression over the years. Hence, the atmospheres have been prepared and charged by the American agents to hand the reins of power to the “Shias” or to hold the lion’s share. Hizb ut-Tahrir
The political struggle … is manifested in the struggle against the disbelieving imperialists, to deliver the Ummah from their domination and to liberate her from their influence by uprooting their intellectual, cultural, political, economic and military roots from all of the Muslim countries. The political struggle also appears in challenging the rulers, revealing their treasons and conspiracies against the Ummah, and by taking them to task and changing them if they denied the rights of the Ummah, or refrained from performing their duties towards her, or ignored any matter of her affairs, or violated the laws of Islam. Hizb ut-Tahrir
In Islam, the legislative power and competence to establish laws belong exclusively to God Almighty. Ruhollah Khomeini
If one permits an infidel to continue in his role as a corrupter of the earth, his moral suffering will be all the worse. If one kills the infidel, and this stops him from perpetrating his misdeeds, his death will be a blessing to him. Ruhollah Khomeini
Men actually flew 1000 years ago…. An important thing about Eilmer's and Ibn Firnas's inventions of the glider is that both occurred in intellectual environments that fostered invention. Ibn Firnas lived during the Golden Age of Islamic art and science, and Eilmer belonged to the Benedictine order, which saw God Himself as a master craftsman. John H. Lienhard
There were lots of moderates under the Third Reich of Nazi Germany. The trouble with moderates is they only have influence if they make themselves heard. Lawrence Murawiec
Jihad is the struggle for Muslim society to rule the entire world. Lawrence Murawiec
When societies feel under siege there is limited scope for understanding or compassion. Akbar Ahmed
We will never accept any religious government in Iraq. Never. This is a red line for us. We will never live inside an Islamic Iraq. Jalal Talabani
We believe that we should spread wide the mantle of justice and benevolence and embrace the different religious communities with mercy and compassion. Measures to improve conditions should include Muslims and non-Muslims alike, who should be provided everything they might hope for in the way of peace and security. Hafiz
In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate. Here is the guarantee given by Amr ibn al-As to the inhabitants of Egypt for the safety of their persons, their religion, their goods, their churches, their crosses…The inhabitants of Egypt are required to pay a tax…If by the end of the annual flood the river has not reached the appointed height, the tax will be proportionately reduced. Amr Ibn Al-As
Since 9/11, every time there is an incident overseas attributed to Muslims or Arabs, we go on orange alert ourselves …. There are individuals here who are off the wall, who think that every woman who wears a hijab or every man named Muhammad is out to blow things up. Sohail Muhammad
U. S. Modern politics, particularly in the era of President George W. Bush, are based on biblical visions …. The anti-Islam campaign has been led by a number of right wing Christian leaders who are currently controlling the U. S. Administration. Atif Adwan
There is a danger in action. There is a danger in inaction. The people have to decide which is greater…. A 21 year old Moslem Male is a lot more likely to be a terrorist than an 85 year old Norwegian grandmother …. Scrutinize more carefully the people who are in a category that might make them more likely to be a danger. Tony Blankley
Some Muslims try to impose their religious taboos in the public domain. That is not asking for my respect, it’s asking for my submission. Flemming Rose
The Jewish Satan Al-Watan
A Jewish Vampire Controls the United Nations Akhbar Al-Khalij
You are allowed to lie for jihad. You are allowed to use any technique in order to defeat your enemy. Zacarias Moussaoui
America has to learn -- if you remain on the side of injustice, the wrath of God will come! Muzammil Siddiqui
The Fiqh Council of North America wishes to reaffirm Islam's absolute condemnation of terrorism and religious extremism. Islam strictly condemns religious extremism and the use of violence against innocent lives. There is no justification in Islam for extremism or terrorism. Targeting civilians’ life and property through suicide bombings or any other method of attack is haram – or forbidden -- and those who commit these barbaric acts are criminals, not martyrs. Fiqh Council of North America
As long as change is inevitable, then fundamentalism is inevitable. Jonathan Brockup
We will invite him again because the religion of Islam is one of tolerance. We will ask him if he has changed his mind. If so we will forgive him Ansarullah Mawlazezadah
The recent ghastly strife and anger over the Danish cartoons shows the danger that comes from our failure to listen and to respect what is precious and sacred to others. Prince Charles
European intellectuals and Islamic radicals are in a kind of dark alliance to portray the United States as negatively as possible. Claire Berlinski
Some people are afraid that there will be an European “us verses them” dichotomy with the Moslems. There already is an “us verses them” dichotomy. What else can you call it when “them” is killing “us.” Claire Berlinski
A large percentage of Moslems living in Europe believe that Europe is decadent and that they should work to destroy it. Claire Berlinski
Israel will rise and remain erect until Islam eliminates it, just as it obliterated others before it. Hamas
Peace initiatives, the so-called peaceful solutions, and the international conferences to resolve the Palestinian problem, are all contrary to the beliefs of the Islamic Resistance Movement. Hamas
The Muslim women have a no lesser role than that of men in the war of liberation; they manufacture men and play a great role in guiding and educating the [new] generation … Hamas
There cannot be freedom in Iraq without bringing down the mullahs. Michael Ledeen
I am not saying that killing innocent people is nice.… But at the same time, we must start with the innocent among the Muslims. There are millions of innocent people among us, while the innocent among you – and innocent they are – number only dozens, hundreds, or thousands, at the most... Ahmad Bin Muhammad
In our [Arab] countries, religion is the sole source of education, and is the only spring from which that terrorist drank until his thirst was quenched. He was not born a terrorist, and did not become a terrorist overnight. Islamic teachings played a role in weaving his ideological fabric, thread by thread, and did not allow other sources – I am referring to scientific sources – to play a role. It was these teachings that distorted this terrorist and killed his humanity Wafa Sultan
When the Muslims divided the people into Muslims and non-Muslims, and called to fight the others until they believe in what they themselves believe, they started this clash, and began this war. In order to start this war, they must reexamine their Islamic books and curricula, which are full of calls for takfir and fighting the infidels. Wafa Sultan
The clash we are witnessing around the world is not a clash of religions, or a clash of civilizations. It is a clash between two opposites, between two eras. It is a clash between a mentality that belongs to the Middle Ages and another mentality that belongs to the 21st century. It is a clash between civilization and backwardness, between the civilized and the primitive, between barbarity and rationality. It is a clash between freedom and oppression, between democracy and dictatorship. It is a clash between human rights, on the one hand, and the violation of these rights, on other hand. It is a clash between those who treat women like beasts, and those who treat them like human beings. What we see today is not a clash of civilizations. Civilizations do not clash, but compete. Wafa Sultan
We grant to all foreigners coming into Our Empire the free and unrestricted practice of their religion according to the precepts and usage of their Church. To those, however, who intend to settle not in cities but in colonies and villages on uninhabited lands we grant the freedom to build churches and belltowers, and to maintain the necessary number of priests and church servants, but not the construction of monasteries. On the other hand, everyone is hereby warned not to persuade or induce any of the Christian co-religionists living in Russia to accept or even assent to his faith or join his religious community, under pain of incurring the severest punishment of Our law. This prohibition does not apply to the various nationalities on the borders of Our Empire who are attached to the Mahometan faith. We permit and allow everyone to win them over and make them subject to the Christian religion in a decent way. Catherine II
The fact that the Moslem fundamentalist terrorists have these odd beliefs doesn’t mean that they are stupid. G. Gordon Liddy
Anyone who believes in tolerance and freedom will support Denmark and publish all 12 cartoons. Michelle Malkin
We must create a last line of defense against the influence of Islam. In Denmark we have seen the appearance of a parallel society in which minorities practice their own medieval values and undemocratic views this as the new front in our cultural war Brian Mikkelsen
Those who are fighting free speech in the name of respect for their beliefs school on the beliefs of others and making clearly known. Newspapers in Tehran, Damascus and Cairo overflow with vengeful characters caricatures shamelessly demonizing orthodox Jews and the Talmud Alain Finkielkraut
We are now confronted with the globalization of hatred …. only a tiny minority of those who, from Pakistan to Algeria, are demonstrating against the cartoons… would be able to locate Denmark on a map. Alain Finkielkraut
Many parents who are religious and firm in their conscience, refuse to send their sons to learn law and…enter the profession. Najib Shugra
Today the sharia courts exist only for questions touching religion and personal status of the believers, they should limit their benevolent labors to matters that concern them specifically. Ibrahim Jammal
The English…continue threats to create, special courts to hear cases that have any bearing, large or small, on their interests... The setting up of such tribunals is a very serious violation of the law… A great sadness overcomes one at the thought that such a court could have been put in place by people who know anything at all about the rights of people and who live in the nineteenth century. Mustafa Kamil
In European states all subjects have equal rights and under a single legislation, whatever their [religious or ethnic] origins… Without such a system, no justice is possible, because each party views its interests in a different way. With time, all the religious communities…become absorbed in pursuing their separate goals, and they regard as political tyranny any attempt to remove the distinctions between them. This runs counter to natural law, which ultimately governs over all. Amin Shumayyil
Isn’t he who chooses the judge the master of justice? Octave Borelli
Legislated law is not a material necessity. But rather a subjective thing that defines the way Europeans order their lives. They should not criticize us for our way of ordering our own. We have…our own Sharia… We are astounded when we hear foreigners complain about absence of justice in Egypt. Alexandre Seroufian
The Virginia model, meant to comprehend, within the mantle of its protection, the Jew, and the Gentile, the Christian and the Mahometan, the Hindoo, and Infidel of every denomination. Thomas Jefferson
…the Qur’an has been remiss in nothing. Bahrain
…the sovereign Republic of Indonesia which is based on the belief in the One and Only God… Indonesia
What sort of country hides the identity of people who have killed American military personnel stationed in that country defending it and its royal family? Al Gore
I want you all to understand that we are at war and we will stay as war until this is done. Nothing else matters. Everything is available for the pursuit of this war. Any barriers in your way, they’re gone. Any money you need, you have it. This is our only agenda. George W. Bush
We told the Taliban in no uncertain terms that if this happened, it’s their ass. No difference between the Taliban and al Qaeda now. They both go down. Richard L. Armitage
Because Muslims often consider the early traditions of Islam to be part of the original message of revelation, they typically look to the way Muslims lived in the past rather than attempt to construct new ways based on both the original teachings of Islam and the realities of modern life. Laith Kubba
History suggests that the main obstacles facing Muslims in their attempts to achieve open political systems and democratic governments are 1) a deeply rooted authoritarian political culture, and 2) manipulated interpretations of the Koran. Laith Kubba
Islam teaches principles of freedom, human dignity, equality, governance by contract, popular sovereignty, and the rule of law that are compatible with but not identical to the cognate principles that belong to the intellectual heritage of liberal democracy Laith Kubba
Allah has cursed the one who pays bribes, the one who receives them, and the one who arranges the act between two parties. Muhammad
You should pay the laborer his wages before his sweat dries Muhammad
Allah curses who requests usury and who gives him usury, the one who writes down the usury transaction and its two witnesses Muhammad
Interest has 70 manifestations, the least of which is equivalent in sin to that of a man who has sex with his mother Muhammad
Those who devour interest will not stand except as stands one whom Satan has driven mad by his touch Muhammad
For any pregnancy that happens out of marriage, the baby will be attributed to his mother and be considered as fatherless. He will carry his mother's family name. His only legitimate relatives will be those from his mother's side…. There is no relationship between the biological father and his illegitimate children. If he has other children, they will not be considered the brothers and sisters of his illegitimate child. …. In other legal matters, such as custody, inheritance and financial liability, the biological father and his family are total strangers to the child. Sheikh Hani Al-Jubayr
Taking such disputes of custody of children in a divorce before a secular court of law is something prohibited in Islam. Sheikh Muhammad Al-Ghamidi
This is your father and this your mother, so take the hand of whom you like Muhammad
The so-called "Wahhabis" are not a sect or new process. No one calls himself a "Wahhabi". It is a term foisted on people by others. The people so labeled are just people who call Muslims to return to their religion as it originally came from the Prophet Abd Al-Aziz Abd Al-Latif
I hold the opinion that it is lawful [for a Muslim] to participate in elections [in non-Islamic countries], as this may reduce suffering, and it is a way to choose the better among the available candidates. I believe participating in elections will, in any event, contribute to the reduction of evil and be a forum for countering bad policies and exposing their deficiencies, as well as being an opportunity to present proposals of a different kind that may help people. Sheikh Salman Al-Oadah
As for participation in politics itself we should consider that if the parliaments and congresses of these countries do not have any Muslim members, then this will pave the way for the opposition to come forth with their harmful views and policies, which will consequently be incorporated into the laws of their countries and bring harm to the Muslims. Sheikh Salman Al-Oadah
It can have a positive effect on public opinion worldwide if conducted properly. It is a way of conveying the Islamic point of view to Western people Sheikh Salman Al-Oadah
In Islamic Law, public interest is defined by the preservation of five universal needs, which are as follows: 1. Preservation of the religion. 2. Preservation of life. 3. Preservation of the rational faculties. 4. Preservation of wealth. 5. Preservation of lineage. Sheikh Abd Al-Wahhab Al-Turayri
The Islamic State is allowed to set legislation to promote the public interests as long as that legislation does not contradict Islamic Law. It must not be at variance with the Koran and Sunnah Sheikh Abd Al-Wahhab Al-Turayri
Rulers after me will come who do not abide by my guidance and Sunnah. Some of their men will have Satan’s heart in a human’s body Muhammad
We do not support rebellion against our rulers even if they are unjust. We do not make supplications against them and do not set any revolution against them. Abu Jafar Ahmad Ibn Muhammad Al-Azdi; Imam Al-Tahawi
If you see from your rulers what you hate, hate the action they do but do not rebel against them You should listen and obey them even if the ruler smites your back and takes your wealth. Muhammad
Muslims must only fight to protect the lives, property, and freedoms of people, especially their freedom to worship Allah when that freedom is forcibly attacked. They are never allowed to attack innocent people, even when they are themselves attacked by the countrymen of those innocents. Any people that go against this established principle of Islamic Law and murder civilians are fighting against Islam and everything that it stands for. Sheikh Salman Al-Oadah
The killing of innocents is murder, even during times of war. The one who intentionally kills these innocent people is a murderer who deserves the punishment for murder. Terrorism is categorically prohibited in Islam. Sheikh Salman Al-Oadah
Islam embraces the whole of life and does not distinguish between the sacred and the secular, it concerns itself with force and power which characterize this world as such. Seyyed Hossein Nasr
I want to see the United States become a Muslim country. Ibrahim Hooper
The United States will become a Muslim country, even if it takes 100 years. Abdulrahman Alamoudi
The important thing is the spirit of Islam. That is all about tolerance…and human dignity…Islam…doesn’t impose anything on other people…. Rania Al-Abdullah
The Muslim [knows] his religion is a Koran and a sword….” Ahmad Hasan az-Zayat
Fear Allah and protect the rights of the Muhajireen and the Ansar. Take from the rich and give to the poor. Treat the non-Muslims well and always keep your word Omar; Hazrat Omar ibn al-Khatab; Hazrat Omar Ibn Al-Khatab
Arab Christians are not Christians, I am not leaving them until they become Muslims or I cut their throats. Omar; Hazrat Omar ibn al-Khatab; Hazrat Omar Ibn Al-Khatab
I will cast Jews and Christians out of the [Arabian] peninsula and I won’t leave any one in it but Muslims. Muhammad
He who slanders the Prophet Muhammad—or calls him a liar in relation to his message—or insults one of the prophets whose name appears in the Koran, is to be killed … without his repentance being taken into consideration Abdurrahmani'l-Djaziri
He who has insulted a prophet cannot be excused on account of ignorance, because unbelief is not excusable, just as something forbidden, owing to drunkenness, rage or grudges, is not excusable. Abdurrahmani'l-Djaziri
Strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah Muhammad
Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the Religion of truth, from among the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizyah with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued. Muhammad
And slay them (the infidels) wherever you catch them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out, for tumult and oppression are worse than slaughter Muhammad
He who changes his religion must be killed. Muhammad
Islam is a faith, a belief - it is only those who believe in that faith that will either determine something is wrong or something is right Ahmed Sani
A Muslim has the right to live as his religion wishes him to, and under Sharia he can finally live like a true believer in his faith Mumtaz Ali
Sinful people in the past were transformed into apes and swines. However, that belief that that punishment is the inception of all apes and swines is correct. Ebrahim Desai
A hard father to his people, Mustafa Kemal [Ataturk] told his Turks last December that they must forget God in the Arabic language (Allah), learn Him in Turkish (Tanri). Admitting the delicacy of renaming a 1300-year-old god, Kemal gave the muezzins a time allowance to learn the Koran in Turkish. Time
The inhabitants of the other cities - Christian and Jew - that had capitulated to the Moslems, did the same, saying, "If Heraclius and his followers win over the Moslems we would return to our previous condition, otherwise we shall retain our present state so long as numbers are with the Moslems." When by Allah's help the "unbelievers" were defeated and the Moslems won, they opened the gates of their cities, went out with the singers and music players who began to play, and paid the kharaj. Ahmad Ibn Yahya Al-Baladhuri
Ye must hear them and obey their orders: it is on them to be just and good, and on you to be obedient and submissive. Muhammad
Every woman who dieth, and her husband is pleased with her, shall enter into paradise. Muhammad
There is no obedience due to sinful commands… Muhammad
Government is a trust from God, and verily government will be at the day of resurrection a cause of inquiry, unless he who hath taken it be worthy of it and have acted justly and done good. Muhammad
I would like to pause for a moment and take stock of what we as the Muslim World are faced with today. We need to attempt to determine the issues and shortcomings that continue to hamper our progress at home. We have a spiritual heritage of peace, harmony, tolerance and affection. It should strengthen our inspiration for achieving freedom, peace, prosperity and democracy. Abdullah Gul
We reaffirm our commitment to the principles and true teachings of Islam which abhor aggression, value peace, tolerance and respect as well as prohibiting the killing of innocent people. We unequivocally condemn acts of international terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, including state terrorism, irrespective of motives, perpetrators and victims as terrorism poses a serious threat to international peace and security and is a grave violation of human rights. Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers
There is no difference between Arab Christians and non-Arab Christians. Abdul Azeez Ibn Abdullaah Ibn Baaz
The people will perish if their scholars pass away. Umar I; Umar Ibn Al Khattab
I war against those who reject the Hadith of the Messenger Aboo Bakr Al-Humaydee
Whoever innovates or accommodates an innovator then upon him is the curse of Allah, His Angels and the whole of mankind Muhammad
Do not allow your hatred for others to make you swerve to wrongdoing and turn you away from justice. Muhammad
O ye who believe!...do not kill yourselves, for truly Allah has been to you Most Merciful. If any do that in rancor and injustice, soon shall We cast him into the Fire... Muhammad
Kill not the old man who can not fight, nor young children nor women; and steal not the spoils of war Muhammad
The holder of a monopoly is a sinner and offender. Muhammad
There is absolutely no justification for the killing of this defenseless individual. This is a deed which is deeply repugnant and utterly reprehensible Iqbal Sacranie
We are all sons and daughters of the Republic. Jacques Chirac
Stories of the Crusades are still told in Moslem cafes and families as if they occurred yesterday. Tariq Ali
One land, one people. Danish People's Party
You have to understand that the population of Saudi Arabia has zero Christians. Al Walid bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz
A small room lit with candle light and smoky with incense is chosen… Once the likely young man is selected, he is brought to the room…where he will find a sheikh repeating verses from the Koran… The Sheikh with eyes like magnets stares at the young man who is paralyzed with awe… They will them pray, and the sheikh will recite verses from the Koran about those fighting for the sake of Allah and are therefore promised to go to heaven. “Are you ready for martyrdom?” the young man is asked. “Yes, yes,” he repeats. He is then given the oath on the Koran. These young men leave the meeting with one determination: to kill. Ahmed Mortada al Maraghi
Democratization is not necessarily the best way to fight Islamic extremism, because the transition to democracy has been found to be an especially vulnerable period for states across the board. Jessica Stern
It is apprehended that Jews, Mahometans (Muslims), pagans, etc., may be elected to high offices under the government of the United States. Those who are Mahometans, or any others who are not professors of the Christian religion, can never be elected to the office of President or other high office, (unless) first the people of America lay aside the Christian religion altogether, it may happen. Should this unfortunately take place, the people will choose such men as think as they do themselves. Samuel Johnston
Islam is a dragon ... the terrible mortal enemy of all our fundamental values and something which, unchecked, will bring misery and disaster to this country. Nick Griffin
We have had suicide bombers in London and we are seeing riots across the Channel. However the media and our Government try to cloud the issue by blaming British and French society and not the terrorists and rioters. They deliberately avoid pinpointing the driving force behind these attacks, which is a religion that is alien to these shores and in its latest fundamental form threatens our very way of life British National Party
Don’t let religious authorities decide what can or can't be published, …. free speech is vital for democracy, for social change, for the possibility of challenging what has been laid down by established authorities…. freedom only for those who do not offend, annoy, and irritate entrenched authorities - is no freedom at all. Workers Liberty
Today I am here to defend the right to offend within the bounds of the law. Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Conversion to Islam substantially increases the probability of a person's involvement in terrorism. Daniel Pipes
It is now abundantly clear the source of Muslim terrorism is situated within the body politic of Islam and its adherents, irrespective of how many times, on the one hand, some Muslim spokespersons try to obscure this reality and, on the other, politicians of whatever stripe for electoral purposes behave as ostriches with their heads in the sand Salim Mansur
Multiculturalism has failed, big time. Angela Merkel
We are afraid of Islam. The Islamisation of Europe is a frightening thing. If this process continues, the Jews will be the first victims. Europe will become as dangerous for them as Egypt or Algeria Filip Dewinter
Saudi clerics are relying on their own male-oriented interpretation of what a woman should wear. These fatwas are certainly not accepted by all Muslims. I wonder why the more pressing issues of poverty and illiteracy of Muslim women are not given the same amount of coverage as the veil. Fatima Cash
The ruling by an Egyptian court overturning a government ban on female circumcision is clearly a case of a government using religion for the purposes of maintaining a repugnant practice. The Mubarak administration is sacrificing women to quiet the Muslim opposition in order to appear more religious. As mentioned in the article, the majority of one billion Muslims worldwide do not practice female circumcision. In fact, this custom, which predated Islam, goes against the principles of true Islam, which guarantees a woman's right to sexual satisfaction... What is the result of female circumcision? Only a lifelong sentence of physical and emotional scarring…. We call on Muslims worldwide to be courageous enough to speak out against this abhorrent practice. Laila Al-Marayati
To every Ali Baba, I say, it is Allah who should take care of you, or your governments when they find time to tend to the needs of their peoples instead of being occupied with a nuclear bomb or buying weapons. Roberto Calderoli
the ministry of interior may censor newspapers and ban them if they include anything that violates public security, threatens national unity, or contradicts Islam Russell B. Long; Mauritania
if Britain's resident ayatollahs can not accept British values and laws then there is no reason at all why the British should feel any need, still less compulsion, to accommodate theirs. Robert Kilroy-Silk
Muslims everywhere behave with equal savagery. They behead criminals, stone to death female - only female - adulteresses, throw acid in the faces of women who refuse to wear the chador, mutilate the genitals of young girls and ritually abuse animals. Robert Kilroy-Silk
Just turn the sheriff loose and have him arrest every Muslim that crosses the state line Saxbe Chambliss
I intend to start on shelter homes, and turn them into women's liberating centers, where women not only get therapy and food, but also training on how to become autonomous. These programs would be designed especially for Muslim women, because there are no programs at all. They tend to go to the shelter for a while and then go back to a very abusive environment and then they come and go again. Ayaan Hirsi Ali
It is a choice between freedom of speech and violent intimidation. It is a choice between tolerance and intolerance. It is ultimately a choice between civil society and theocracy. Fear is the only argument for neutrality. But what can the average American do besides shake their head at this sadly absurd new chapter in the clash of civilizations? Vote with your wallet. Buy Danish. John Avlon
Censorship only accelerates. It is dressed up in multicultural gobbledygook about hurtfulness and insensitivity, when the real issue is whether we in the West are going to be blown up or beheaded if we dare come out and support the right of an artist or newspaper to be occasionally crass. The radical Islamists are our generation's book burners who search for secular Galileos and Newtons. They are the new Nazi censors who sniff out anything favorable to the Jews. These fundamentalists are akin to the Soviet commissars who once decreed all art must serve political struggle — or else. Victor Davis Hanson
Everything is offensive to somebody…. My beliefs are offended when news organizations show gangs of ignorant thugs burning embassies. Glenn Reynolds
Secular system allows homosexuality, allows corruption … Islam is our Constitution. Mahmoud Al-Zahar
No human being shall be burdened with more than he is well able to bear. Muhammad
… in accordance with justice, the rights of the wives are equal to the husband’s rights with regard to them, although men have precedence over them Muhammad
We cannot say that polygamy is Haram (prohibited) in Islam. Nor was it prohibited in Judaism or Christianity, as evidenced by the Biblical prophets who were polygamous but never accused of violating the Divine law. Attempts to curb polygamy in Europe started in the sixth century (Emperor Justinean). Islam found polygamy and regulated it, the Quran setting criteria and conditions about which many Muslims were lax. Muslims in America face a special situation. Polygamy is illegal in America, and Islam would not permit a Muslim to commit an offence that lays him in jail. We American Muslims are subject to American law and we have the right of objection only if the law forces us to do something against Islam Hassan Hathout
The problem of “honor killings” is not a problem of morality or of ensuring that women maintain their own personal virtue; rather, it is a problem of domination, power and hatred of women who, in these instances, are viewed as nothing more than servants to the family, both physically and symbolically. Muslim Women's League
Hostility towards Islam and Muslims has been a feature of European societies since the eighth century of the Common Era. Abduljalil Sajid
Those who claim to uphold freedom of speech by defending the right to reproduce insulting depictions of the prophet are in effect saying to Muslims that what they hold dear and sacred is far more worthy of protecting than what Muslims hold dear and sacred. The cartoons had more to do with incitement of hatred, racism and Islamophobia than with freedom of expression. Anas Altikriti
Muslims should be told quite clearly that our citizens have the legal right to criticize, lampoon, ridicule and mock Mohammed to their heart's content, in any way that they wish: that Islam and Muslims have no special claim to protection from the rough and tumble of post-Enlightenment intellectual, political and social life. If they cannot live in a society in which this is the case, they should go somewhere else.. Theodore Dalrymple
If the leadership asks me to die a martyr, I am ready ... and if they ask me to resign, I am also ready Rustum Ghazali
The lesson to be learned from the cartoon incident is “don’t mess with us.” Religion is a major part of our culture. Karim Kawar
Islamaphobia is the only form of racism which us socially acceptable. Afif Safieh
Today, victory in Palestine has become a matter of life and death for the Islamic world. If the occupiers stay on even one inch of Palestinian soil, the goal of Palestine will not be realized. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
The Middle East conflict has become the locus of the final war between Muslims and the West Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
People do not have the right to stir up riots and racial hatred, encourage mass hysteria or heap abuse on religion any more than they do to rob, rape, cheat or kill. Arab News
Defending freedom of expression against fundamentalist threats is a cause. It is a matter of principle, whether it involves Rushdie's 'Satanic Verses', a film about veils and the oppression of women or some clumsy drawings in a Danish newspaper Expressen
These cartoons are indeed offensive to the belief of Muslims. We all fully recognize and respect freedom of the press and expression, but it must be coupled with press responsibility. Inciting religious or ethnic hatreds in this manner is not acceptable. Kurtis Cooper
Help the Danes Support Our Freedom. Support Denmark. Anonymous
Muslim consumers, … have a right to boycott whomever they want. Similarly, Western consumers have the right to support whomever they want, and privately owned newspapers have the right to publish cartoons without government interference. If there must be a clash of civilizations and cultures, let it be over these cartoons. The Danish cartoons are as important as fighting for Danzig once was. If the West is unwilling to fight this battle, slavery will inevitably come and slavery will be what it deserves. Paul Belien
I am totally shocked and find it unacceptable that because there have been caricatures in the West, extremists can burn flags or take fundamentalist or extremist positions which would prove the cartoonists right. Philippe Douste-Blazy
It should be crystal clear to all that violence, intimidation, and the calls for boycotts or for restraints on the freedom of the press are completely unacceptable. Franco Frattini
We are talking about an issue with fundamental significance to how democracies work. One can safely say it is now an even bigger issue. Anders Fogh Rasmussen
Freedom of opinion, expression and of the press, which we guarantee and respect, cannot be used as an excuse to insult sanctities, beliefs and religions. Hosni Mubarak
These cartoons are an unnecessary abuse of freedom of speech. Abdullah II
Muslims of the world be reasonable. What brings more prejudice against Islam, these caricatures or pictures of a hostage-taker slashing the throat of his victim in front of the cameras or a suicide bomber who blows himself up during a wedding ceremony in Amman? Jihad Momani
The Saudis are the primary sponsor of the Sunni version of Islamofascism. Frank Gaffney
No particular Government policy decision, or even an overall policy stance, which we could change in order somehow to remove our society from the Al-Qaeda firing line. Its nihilism means that our societies would cease to be a target only if we were to renounce all the values of freedom and liberty that we have fought to extend over so many years. Our only answer to this threat must be to contest and then to defeat it Charles Clarke
Emotions run high in war and we put a lot of people in prison who did no more than you or I. Lindsey Graham
Those who stay in America should be open to society without melting. Omar Ahmad
If you choose to live here in America ... you have a responsibility to deliver the message of Islam. Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth Omar Ahmad
The insult has been established now by everybody, Muslim and non-Muslim, and everybody condemns the cartoonist and condemns the cartoon, ... However, God said, and the messenger Mohammed said, whoever insults a prophet, he must be punished and executed. This man should be put on trial and if it is proven he must be executed. ... If anybody insults the prophet, he will have to take a punishment. If countries refuse to put people on trial for insulting Mohammed they must face the consequences... Mohammed Omar
Holding women and children hostage would be a reasonable course of action for a Muslim who has suffered under British rule. Mohammed Omar
Or Moslems are of one body…. Assist your brother Moslem, whether he be an oppressor or an oppressed. Muhammad
God has not made it lawful for you to enter the houses of the People of the Book without their permission, or that you beat their women, or eat their fruits. Muhammad
There is a tremendous human variety that manages to squeeze itself into this narrow piece of land and live side by side--in the same city, but on different planets Doron Rosenblum
We [Druse] are a very conservative society, and we are especially sensitive to the issue of family honor. We are much more strict about this than other Muslims …. With us there is no compromise on this matter I would have preferred that her father had dealt with this matter differently, not by murder. But this woman broke the laws of our community, she crossed dangerous red lines, and she had to know that she would be punished for it Faraj Keifes
When you start targeting a community there is that feeling of anger the frustration and hatred that comes in and that brings the young people away from the community and goes into the extreme hands. Iqbal Sacranie
If I’m ever released, I do the same again. Exactly the same. Mohamed Bouyeri
Stop Killing the Doctors Anonymous
When I treat rape victims, I tell the girls not to go to the police. If she goes to the police, the police will rape her. Shershah Syed
People of the pact Ahl al-dhimmi Anonymous
The world is held up by four pillars: The Wisdom of the Learned; the Justice of the Great; the Prayers of The Righteous; and the Valor of the Brave Anonymous
In most crimes of honour, there is no concrete evidence. The women are killed just because of rumours or suspicions that they may have crossed the line of 'decent' behaviour. In cases where women are deemed to have 'dishonoured' the family through their conduct, the husband is considered to have the first right to avenge, followed by the father, and then the brother. Gasser Abdel-Gawad
The earth is flat. Whoever claims it is round is an atheist deserving of punishment Sheik Abdul-Aziz Ibn Baaz
There is no doubt also, that the call to nationalism is a call to transgression, pride and arrogance, since nationalism is not a divinely revealed way of life …. Muslims are a single body and a single structure; each part supporting the other and each part feeling the pain that the other parts are suffering. Sheik Abdul-Aziz Ibn Baaz
Cliterodectomy: complete removal of the clitoris) or infibulation (excision of part or all of the external genitalia and stitching/narrowing of the vaginal opening), or any genital mutilation which impairs the woman's ability to enjoy sexual relations… For the Muslims, opposition to cliterodectomy and infibulation should be considered part of our ongoing mandate to fight against superstition and oppression … Since it has neither hygienic nor religious value, there is no justification for Muslims to practice this painful and potentially harmful practice, and it would best be considered harâm (prohibited). Imad-Ad-Dean Ahmad
Those who believed in us as the Madhi, and surrendered, have been delivered, and those who did not were destroyed … Muhammad Ahmad; Madhi
If Muslims truly believe that their long winter of decline is the fault of the United States, no campaign of public diplomacy shall deliver them from that incoherence. Fouad Ajami
Everyone has the right to express his thoughts, to express himself as he wants. Abdullah Al Ahdal
Look closely at what is dubbed the American model, and what do you see? Drugs, alcohol, drunken driving, sex on television, pornographic films . . . AIDS which is caused by the spread of homosexuality . . . women and men kissing in public, and growing poverty due to economic policies geared exclusively to serve the well off. . . . Their very technology is saturated with eroticism, and that is what they export to Egypt in the form of movies and television serials Abd Al-Aziz Dweik
It is the duty of American Muslims to participate constructively in the political process, if only to protect their rights, and give support to views and causes they favor. Taha Jaber Al-Alwani
While Muslims in Muslim countries, are obligated to uphold the Islamic law of their state, Muslim minorities in the United States are not required either by Islamic law or rationality to uphold Islamic symbols of faith in a secular state, except to the extent permissible within that state. Taha Jaber Al-Alwani
I think if we are outside this country, we can say oh, Allah, destroy America, but once we are here, our mission in this country is to change it. There is no way for Muslims to be violent in America, no way. We have other means to do it. You can be violent anywhere else but in America. Abdulrahman Alamoudi
Remaining here might not be good for your health. Abdulrahman Alamoudi
The Sparks: Refutation of Heretics and Innovators Abdul Hassan Al-Ashari
Ignorant and illiterate people cannot understand democracy. They are prey to religious extremists. Said Al-Ashmawy
Islam has been transformed from a religion to an ideology. Said Al-Ashmawy
The so-called world order is a criminal world order led by America, whom we call upon Allah to humiliate. Hamed Al-Bitawi
I am king of three religions. Alfonso X
All scholars are in unanimous agreement that using force to displace an already established Khalifa [Caliph] who is meeting his [religious] responsibilities is forbidden. Gharm Allah Al-Ghamdy
If the current Khalifa [Caliph] forces someone on the people to be the next Khalifa, but that person is righteous, the people must accept him as long as he remains righteous. Similarly, if there is no Khalifa (again, the situation today), it is permitted for someone to forcibly seize power and declare himself the Khalifa if he guarantees to abide by his responsibilities under Islam. Gharm Allah Al-Ghamdy
Caliph: Derived from the Arabic “Khalifa” meaning “one who replaces someone else who left or died.” In the context of Islam, however, the word acquires a narrower meaning. The Muslim Khalifa is the successor (in a line of successors) to Prophet Muhammad's position as the political, military, and administrative leader of the Muslims. The prophetic role of Muhammad is strictly not included in this definition Gharm Allah Al-Ghamdy
This is in part because of the government's criminal negligence; has it not permitted them [Christian Copts] to build new churches, though there are more than enough of them in a country where over ninety percent of the inhabitants are Muslims; has the regime not let them parade their religious affiliation in public (for example, crosses on car stickers and dresses), which is a sheer provocation to Muslims? Ahmad Al-Mahalawi
Verily, Islam is and has always been tolerant with regard to dhimmis [non-Moslems], yet on the condition that they know their place Ahmad Al-Mahalawi
The Palestinian factions … are not terrorists. Every man has the right to become a human bomb and blow himself up …. The actions … are part of the permitted terror which the Koran talks about … Yusuf Al-Qaradawi
There is no way that Islam can reform itself and remain Islam, no way it can ever be made compatible with pluralism, free speech, critical thought and democracy. Anyone convinced they already possess the truth have no need for such things. Although Muslims resident in non-Muslim countries clamor for every kind of indulgence for their own beliefs and customs, there can be no doubt that given any kind of power they would impose their own beliefs and eliminate all difference Mohammad Ibn Al-Rawandi
Our government should be led by religious men …. Religion is with politics and politics is with religion. They are as one. Muqtada Al-Sader
Violence is the tax that Moslems must pay for gaining authority on earth. Ramzi bin Al-Shibh
The West is even more apprehensive about Islam than it was about communism, because while it knows how to deal with material challenges, it has no idea how to go about facing a spiritual challenge. Hassan Al-Turabi
In a democratic society. . .Islam cannot be the exclusive preserve of the ulama [religious bodies]. How can it be when Islamic laws affect our very way of life? The decision-making process must be participatory and must reflect the diverse and changing nature of Malaysian society. Those practices and legal provisions that give the ulama the sole power to decide on matters of religion and criminalize those with differing opinions must be abrogated. The Constitution must be amended to ensure uniformity of laws and one standard of justice for all. If the ulama continue to remain oblivious to the palpable change that pervades a quickly modernizing, multi-ethnic Malaysia, they run the risk of making themselves increasingly irrelevant to the lives of their people. Zainah Anwar
Modernity, democracy, and change have enabled more and more Muslim women activists, and Muslim democrats all over the world, to realize they can work within the Islamic framework to find liberation within Islam…. We feel strongly that we have a right to reclaim our religion, to redefine it, and to make sure Islam is codified and implemented in ways that take into consideration the realities of women’s lives today. Zainah Anwar
People call us [Moslems] terrorists while ours is a religion of peace. Dawud Assad
It was necessary to abolish the fez, which sat on the heads of our nation as an emblem of ignorance, negligence, fanaticism, and hatred of progress and civilization … Kemal Ataturk
The evils which sapped the nation’s strength had all been wrought in the name of religion. Kemal Ataturk
Turkey is squeezed between the mosque and the barracks. Cetin Atlan
This will be a war of extermination and a momentous massacre which will be spoken of like the Mongolian massacres and the Crusades. Abdul Rahman Hassan Azzam
Islam … is a story of the struggle between reason and belief, between consent and authoritarianism, between resistance to tyranny and tyrants. Benjamin R. Barber
We must be aware of the superiority of our civilization. Silvio Berlusconi
Look not to the size of cathedrals or even to the words on the statute books for proof of the reality of religious freedom. Ask what is the fate of the Protestant in Spain, the Jew in Saudi Arabia, the Arab in Israel, the Catholic in Poland or the atheist in the United States? Paul Blanshard
Neither cross nor faith bring me succor or protection /Against those felon Turks, God curse them!;, .d. Turkey;, .d. Jerusalem;, .d. Holy Land;, .d. Crusades;, .d. faith;, .d. religion;, .d. expansionism;, .d. Arsuf;, .d. Moslems;, Neither cross nor faith bring me succor or protection Against those felon Turks, God curse them! On the contrary, from what one can see, God wants to support them to our detriment. Ricaut Bonomel
Freedom of Expression stops where it can do harm …. My community is humiliated, my religion is insulted. I ask for justice. Dalil Boubakeur
When authority itself is in question, the middle gives way. Richard W. Bulliet
That’s where those crazies shoot statues. George W. Bush
The fight against terrorism is also a fight for the rights and dignity of women. Laura Bush
Or Wahab’s rebel brood, who dared divest The prophet’s tomb of all its pious spoil. May wind their path of blood along the West. George Gordon Byron
A large [American] Middle Eastern population makes it easier for Moslem terrorists to obtain cover. Steven A. Camarota
The Greek patriarchs [clergy] were displeased. Whereas in former times in the Ottoman state, the communities were ranked, with the Moslems first, then the Greeks, then the Armenians, then the Jews, now all of them were put on the same level. Some Greeks objected to this, saying, “The Government has put us together with the Jews. We were content with the supremacy of Islam.” Amhed Cevdet Pasa
My rule of life prescribed as an absolutely sacred rite smoking cigars and also the drinking of alcohol before, after, and if need be during all meals and the intervals between them. Winston Churchill
We excommunicate and anathematize … all those who take to the Saracens, Turks and other enemies of the Christian name, horses, weapons, iron, iron wire, tin, copper, bandaraspata, brass, sulfur, saltpeter, and all else suitable for the making of artillery, and instruments arms and machines for offence … Clement IX
It was a piteous sight to see them exposed for sale in Algiers, for then they parted the wife from the husband, and the father from the child; then say I, they sell the husband here, and the wife there, tearing from her arms a daughter whom she cannot hope to see again. Pierre Dan
Yes, testosterone-sodden young men too unattractive to get a woman in this world might be desperate enough to go for 72 private virgins in the next. Richard Dawkins
While it is true that our enemies are ruthless fanatics, the solution is not for us to become zealous ourselves so that we remake our society in the image of those that would attack us. William Delahunt
There is not a Musselman [Moslem] alive who would not imagine that he was performing an action pleasing to God and his Holy Prophet by exterminating every Christian on earth, while the Christians are scarcely more tolerant on their side. Denis Diderot
We cannot and should not repeal Article 17. We have to allow for the individualization of punishment and we have to take into consideration the emotional state of the perpetrator when he committed the crime. This prerogative is given to judges in the West as well. Awad El-Morr
Christians may in their elections lawfully prefer the avowed friends of the Christian religion to Turks, Jews, and Infidels. Turks, indeed, might naturally prefer Turks, if they could elect them; and Infidels might prefer Infidels; and I should not wonder if a conscientious Jew should prefer a ruler of his own religious faith; but it would be passing strange if a Christian should not desire the election of one friendly to his own system of religion. While every religious system is tolerated in our country, and no one is established by law, it is still possible for me to think, that the friend of Christianity will make a much better governor of this commonwealth or President of the United States, than the advocate of Theism or Polytheism. We will not pretend to search the heart; but surely all sects of Christians may agree in opinion, that it is more desirable to have a Christian than a Jew, Mohammedan, or Pagan, in any civil office. Ezra Stiles Ely
You may kill me, but don’t think that I am the only white man in the country. There are many others who will be willing to avenge my death, and let me tell you that in less than two years from now there won’t be an Arab left in the entire country now held by your people. Mehmed Emin Pasha; Eduard Schnitzer
You cannot struggle against religion. Those who have tried this have been doomed. Necmettin Erbakan
In this country there are two parties: the righteous and the fallacious Necmettin Erbakan
Minarets are our bayonets, domes our helmets and mosques our barracks. Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Medieval ways of treating women are introduced into a modern society and we’re just supposed to say “Aah, that’s really interesting, how ethnic.” No, it’s wrong and we want to fight it. Soren Espersen
Where Islam is a majority, there is a dictatorship, because Islam is also a political system. We fight Islam in the same way as we fight communism. We don’t want it. Soren Espersen
Islam comes after everything else fails. Louis Farrakhan Walcott
America is at war with Islam … she does not want Islam to survive. Louis Farrakhan Walcott
Of the 22 active conflicts in the world today, 20 involve Moslems verses someone else. Don Feder
The Saudi funding of Wahabism and terrorism throughout the world has get to be met head on. Newt Gingrich
The Egyptian flood is upon us. Pharaoh had just as much business to pursue the Israelites as we have to meddle in Egypt …. However, our policy must now be determined by the effect which the triumph of the Madhi would have on our Mohammedan subjects. William E. Gladstone
The silence of the [Moslem] clerics around the world is frightening to me. How come they haven’t … apologized to the American people? How come they haven’t assured the American people that this is not true Islam and that these people [Moslem terrorists] are not acting in the name of Allah. Franklin Graham
Islam is a very evil and wicked religion. Franklin Graham
Terrorism is a part of mainstream Islam. The Koran preaches violence. Franklin Graham
Ironically, even as Westerners feel threatened by Islam, most in the Muslim world feel themselves besieged by the West. Graham E. Fuller
Some scholars who examine its core writings proclaim Islam to be incompatible with democracy, as if any religion in its origins was about democracy at all. Graham E. Fuller
The Islamic Arab agenda is the cause of the [civil] war and the cause of the suffering. It is a choice between slavery and freedom. What is life worth to be at peace when you are a slave in your own country? …. The engine which drives the war is injustice. John Garang
Islam—like Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, or any other religion—is not about peace. Nor is it about war. Every religion is about absolute belief in its own superiority and the divine right to impose its version of truth upon others. Pervez Amir Ali Hoodbhoy
It is tragic that all Arabs—all Moslems—are stereotyped because of the actions of a few. Hussein ibn Talal
To fight in the defense of religion and belief is a collective duty; there is no other duty after belief than fighting the enemy who is corrupting the life and the religion…. People of Islam should join forces and support each other to get rid of the main infidel. Ibn Taymiyya
Imported prayer beads—how they are bankrupting local merchants. M. Ali Ibrahim
Rape has been used as a tool of war. Similarly here, rape has been used as the ultimate humiliation. Attiya Inayatullah
The religious ideal of Islam … is organically related to the social order which it has created. The rejection of one will eventually involve the rejection of the other. Therefore, the construction of a polity on national lines, if it means the displacement of the Islamic principle of solidarity, is simply unthinkable to a Muslim. Muhammad Iqbal
Public gatherings and marches may be freely held, provided arms are not carried and that they are not detrimental to the fundamental principles of Islam. Iran
Publications and the press have freedom of expression except when it is detrimental to the fundamental principles of Islam Iran
The formation of parties, societies, political or professional associations, as well as religious societies, whether Islamic or pertaining to one of the recognized religious minorities, is permitted provided they do not violate the principles of independence, freedom, national unity, the criteria of Islam, or the basis of the Islamic republic. Iran
The satellite dish is against the honorable Prophet [Mohammed] Iran
This proposal will destroy our Islamic, social and family values by stripping men of their humanity when they surprise their wives or female relatives committing adultery. Islamic Action Front
It was not the year of union rather the year of division and force and oppression and violence. The imamate became like the kingdom of Chosroes and the caliphate like the tyranny of Caesar. al Jahiz
The piety of theologians consists of hastening to denounce dissidents as unbelievers. al Jahiz
The decision on the Buddhas was made according to Islamic rules. It was not done to insult any particular religion, but once an Islamic order is made, it cannot be changed. Quadratullah Jamal
The statues are no big issue. They are only objects made of mud or stone. Quadratullah Jamal
Sacred struggle …. Holy war Japan
The twenty-first century will be regarded by future historians as a century in which religion replaced ideology as the prime animating and destructive force in human affairs. Philip Jenkins
Protector General of the Minorities Muhammad Ali Jinnah
No American witnessing the way that President George W. Bush and his generals have bungled the Iraq war can deny that our leaders, civilian and military alike, will have to get a lot smarter if the U.S. armed services are to persuade the Islamic world to embrace the blessings of democracy. Andrew J. Bacevich
The idea that we could live with another 20 years of stagnation in the Middle East that breeds this radicalism and breeds terrorism is, I think, just unacceptable- especially after September 11th. Paul Wolfowitz
Screw the Buddhists and kill the Muslims! And put that in the minutes. What I want to do is to promote Christianity as the only true religion. Henry Jordan
[The EEC is] a Christian club. Jean-Claude Juncker
Muslims have not been doing anything to change their own helplessness and they do not deserve to be helped by Allah. To be very crude, the fate of the Muslims today is of their own making. Mohamad Mahathir
They [Jews] are accursed … because they are the plague of the generation and the bacterium of all time. Their history always was and always will be stained with treachery, falseness, and lying …. They are the model of moral ugliness, debasement, and degradation. If only Allah would curse them more and more. Fatma Abdallah Mahmoud
If a bullet travels at 1,200 meters a second, and a Russian is 3,000 meters away, how long would it take for the bullet to strike the Russian in the forehead? Anonymous
With friends you use reason and logic. With enemies you use violence. Sayyid Qutb
The borders of Islam are bloody. Samuel P. Huntington
A bad Muslim is an anti-American Muslim. A good Muslim is a pro-American Muslim. This is what seems to be the operational definition. Mahmood Mamdani
We are living in a very crucial period, in which much of Western Civilization is at stake. People do not fully comprehend the emergence of this new danger: the jihadist geostrategy of terror. Gisele Bat Ye'or
The problem is the blasphemy law of Islam which condemns to death anyone who criticizes the Koran. This makes it difficult for Moslems who want to reform Moslem society… You do not feel it in the United States, but we do in Europe. There are people who have to live continuously under the protection of guards because they will not submit to Islamic terrorism. Gisele Bat Ye'or
The unbelievers, idolaters and others like them must be hated and despised. Anonymous
What kind of a god is it that's upset by a cartoon in Danish? Salman Rushdie
To Wahhabism, non-Wahhabi Muslims are infidels (kufr). Shiites are apostates who should be killed. Christians and Jews ought to be killed as well. Lawrence Murawiec
There was a time when the deal between the Saudis and us made sense: after 1945, we need oil, lots, cheap, in guaranteed amounts and at stable prices. In return, we protected them from regional and extra-regional predators - Nasser, the Soviets, etc. They became rich, we powered industry. Good deal. Problems started later: as soon as the kingdom stabilized, King Faisal conceived a great design of taking over Sunni Islam to the Wahhabi creed, and Saudi imperial goals. Lawrence Murawiec
The superiority of the Arab civilization, especially in Spain and Sicily, was the chief agency which awakened Europe after six centuries of barbarism. Joseph McCabe
The Saudis have been engaged in a Faustian bargain with the radical Islamic institutions in order to remain on the throne …they have played a central role in the rise of Islamic fundamentalism all over the world. John McCain
This is the Middle East. None of the people who were involved with this will be allowed to live. Golda Meir
Throughout its history Islam has been marked by two trends: an intellectual trend that speculated on the philosophical foundations of the world and humanity, and another trend that turned political challenge violent by resort to force. Fatima Mernissi
This is a brilliant military victory that makes Europe and the Christian world tremble. It sets an example and encourages all the oppressed people in the Moslem world. Messali Hadj, , Ahmed
Any Muslim who hears an insult to the prophet must kill the person who commits the insult. Morteza Moqtadie
Knock out Islam's three main pillars … To reach Muslims with the gospel, you must first shake their faith in their religion, Islam. Robert A. Morey
As to the thief, male or female cut off his or her hands. Muhammad
And do not acquiesce to the unjust … Muhammad
Everyone starts his day and is a vendor of his soul, either freeing it or bringing about its ruin. Muhammad
I have been ordered to fight against people until they testify that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah and until they perform the prayers and pay the Zakat, and if they do so, they will have gained protection from me for their lives and property… Muhammad
I will expel the Jews and Christians from the Arabian Peninsula and will not leave any but Muslims. Muhammad
If they turn renegades, seize them and slay them wherever ye find them. Muhammad
Leave that which makes you doubt for that which does not make you doubt. Muhammad
Life for life, eye for eye, nose for nose, ear for ear, tooth for tooth, wounds equal for equal Muhammad
Make war on them until idolatry does not exist any longer and Allah's religion reigns universally. Muhammad
None of you believes until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself Muhammad
Of all the communities raised among men you [believing Moslems] are the best ... Muhammad
Part of someone's being a good Muslim is his leaving alone that which does not concern him. Muhammad
The blood of a Muslim may not be legally spilled other than in one of three [instances] : the married person who commits adultery; a life for a life; and one who forsakes his religion and abandons the community Muhammad
The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messengers is execution or crucifixion or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides Muhammad
Those who follow Muhammad are merciless for the unbelievers but kind to each other Muhammad
O ye who believe, Fight those of the disbelievers who are near to you and let them find harshness in you. Muhammad
Fight in Allah’s cause against those who wage war against you, but do not commit aggression, for verily, Allah does not love aggressors. Muhammad
Fight the polytheists all together as they fight you all together. Muhammad
God has permitted buying and selling and forbidden usury …. those who revert to usury are doomed to everlasting hellfire … Muhammad
If any fail to govern by what God has revealed, those are the wrongdoers. Muhammad
O you who believe! Obey God, the Prophet, and those who have authority among you. Muhammad
The difference of opinion in my community is a divine mercy. Muhammad
There shall not be two religions in Arabia. Muhammad
To each among you, we have prescribed a law and a way of acting. Muhammad
Verily, Polytheists are unclean. Saiyid Muhi-ud-din
There is no room for theocracy in Islam. Pervez Musharraf
There is no possibility of change in Islamic principles, which have not changed in the last 1,400 years. Amir Kahn Mutaqi
We had no intention of disrespecting anyone. It was a totally internal decision based on Islamic principles. Statues and other items that represent living things are forbidden and they will be destroyed. Wakil Ahmad Muttawakil
Islam assigns four things to government: justice, booty, Friday prayer, and jihad. Bernard Lewis
Islamic fundamentalists … had no interest in democracy except as a one-way ticket to power. Bernard Lewis
Muslims have been hating us for centuries …. Bernard Lewis
Turkey alone [among the Moslem nations] has formally enacted the separation of church and the state. Bernard Lewis
We in the West tend to think of a nation subdivided into different religions. Islam sees itself as a religion subdivided into different nations. Bernard Lewis
It is our turn to guard our heritage from Mongol, and Persian and Moor, before we become engulfed in a limitless foreign sea. Charles Lindbergh
Moslems are not just a bunch of nuts and whackos .... these are people with whom we are simply out of touch. Anthony Kennedy
As long as I live, I will not allow anybody to lead the country towards secularism. Ali Khamenei
Western governments have completely separated Islam from politics. They have cut off its head and given the rest to us. Ruhollah Khomeini
We call openly on our brothers, all the mujahideen in Iraq, to kill the Sunni clerics who befriend the Americans, because those clerics are infidel apostates; and to kill every satanic Shiite Ayatollah who befriends the Americans. Abu Abd Al-Rahman Al Najdi
If the [Sunni] majority gets riled, it will act – a matter that could lead to the complete annihilation of the [Shiite] minority. Safar Al-Hawali
The Islamist struggle for the Heart of Asia has already crossed a major milestone. The Islamists' objective is no longer just an effort to consolidate their hold over the Muslim states of South and Central Asia as well as a struggle for the "liberation" of traditionally contested territories such as Indian Kashmir. The Islamists have launched an offensive on Russian territory. The quintessence of the escalation of the war in Chechnya into a regional struggle is a strategic quest of radical Islam to wrestle the hegemony over the Caucasus from Russia for radical Islam Yossef Bodansky
We’d better get Bin Laden. The failure to get Bib Laden fuels Moslem fundamentalism and serves as a recruiting tool for our enemies. Hillary Clinton
Invade their (Moslems) country. Kill their leaders. Convert them to Christianity. Ann Coulter
Some of our men cut off the heads of their enemies … others tortured them longer by casting them into flames. Piles of heads, hands, and feet were to be seen in the streets of the city …. In the Temple and Porch of Solomon, men rode in blood up to the knees and bridle reigns. Raymond d'Aguiliers
Our fight with Soviet Communism may turn out just to have been a small diversion from the 1500 year struggle that Islamic Fundamentalism has had with the West. Dinesh D'Souza
When the Lord your God delivers them before you and you defeat them, then you shall utterly destroy them. You shall make no covenant with them and show no favor to them. Book of Deuteronomy
You have landed in Egypt, thinking to take possession of it. You have imagined that it was only peopled with cowards ! you who are a drum filled with wind….The death of the servants of the Messiah has been the reward given to you by God….What now remains of the seventy thousand who accompanied you? Dead, wounded, and prisoners ! Essahib Giemal Edden Ben Matroub
…this is a warning to the Russian authorities Solta Ersanov
According to the institution of our aforesaid predecessor [See {44664} and {611697}], by the authority of almighty God and by that of St. Peter the chief of the apostles, conceded to us by God, we grant such remission and absolution of sins, that he who shall devoutly begin so sacred a journey and shall accomplish it, or shall die during it, shall obtain absolution for all his sins Eugene III
Despite their claims to be acting in the name of Islam, the groups that instigate suicide bombings have nothing in common with “mainstream Muslims.” Hassan M. Fattah
Allah has purchased from the believers their persons and their property in return for the promise that they shall have paradise, for they fight in the cause of Allah, and they slay the enemy and are slain Ahmad Abu Halabiya
The dumbest religion, after all, is Islam. Michel Houellebecq
We furthermore excommunicated all those Christians who shall hereafter have anything to do with the Saracens either directly or indirectly, or shall attempt to give them aid in any way so long as the war between them and us shall last Innocent III
Now we hope that none of you will be slain, but we wish you to know that the kingdom of heaven will be given as a reward to those who shall be killed in this war. For the Omnipotent knows that they lost their lives fighting for the truth of the faith, for the preservation of their country,, aid the defense of Christians. And therefore God will give then, the reward which we have named Pope Leo IV
You have modestly expressed a desire to know whether those who have recently died in war, fighting in defence of the church of God and for the preservation of the Christian religion and of the state, or those who may in 'he future fall in the same cause, may obtain indulgence for their sins. We confidently reply that those who, out of love to the Christian religion, shall die in battle fighting bravely against pagans or unbelievers, shall receive eternal life. Pope Leo IV
Theocracy Josephus
If a ruler is just he must have acquired power properly and used it properly. Bernard Lewis
I am the prince of those who follow the religion of Jesus Christ, as you are of those who obey the laws of Muhammad. Your power inspires me with no fear. How should it? I who make the Muslims in Spain tremble! Louis IX; Louis Capet
You have but one method to avoid the tempest that threatens you. Receive priests, who will teach you the Christian religion, embrace it, and adore the Cross; otherwise I will pursue you everywhere, and God shall decide whether you or I be master of Egypt. Louis IX; Louis Capet
When they had despoiled all the country near to Damascus, they advanced to Jerusalem, took it by storm, and put all the Christians to the sword. The women and girls, having suffered every insult from a brutal disorderly soldiery, were loaded with chains. They destroyed the Church of the Holy Sepulcher; and when they found nothing among the living, to glut their rage, they opened the tombs of the Christians, took out the bodies, and burnt them. Makrisi
Cairo had not yet become the stamping-ground of tourists. Foreigners were curiosities, and the true believer's hatred for the accursed Giaour, or "Christian dog," was something that he was very proud of. A fanatic was liable to make trouble at any moment. James Morris Morgan
a nation would not profit under a woman as its leader Muhammad
Ibrahim (Abraham) was neither a Jew nor a Christian, but he was a true Muslim Hanifa (Islamic Monotheism) - to worship none but Allah Alone Muhammad
if there be a hundred of you who are steadfast, they shall overcome two hundred; and if there be a thousand of you, they shall overcome two thousand by the command of ALLAH. And ALLAH is with those who are steadfast. Muhammad
No nation can anticipate its term, nor delay it. Muhammad
Take not as advisors, consultants, protectors, helpers, friends, etc. those outside your religion (pagans, Jews, Christians, and hypocrites) since they will not fail to do their best to corrupt you. Muhammad
Those who make war unjustly shall perish Muhammad
Verily, those who disbelieve (in the religion of Islam, the Koran and Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)) from among the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians) and Al-Mushrikûn [criminals, polytheists, etc.] will abide in the Fire of Hell. They are the worst of creatures. Muhammad
The mints of Grenada no longer coin gold, but steel. Mulay Hassan
The Franks are void of all zeal and jealousy. One of them may be walking along with his wife. He meets another man who takes the wife by the hand and steps aside to converse with her while the husband is standing on one side waiting for his wife to conclude the conversation. If she lingers too long for him, he leaves her alone with the conversant and goes away. Usmah Ibn Munqidh
Announce to the people of Damascus, or rather to all Muslims, that God has enabled us to gain a complete victory over the Christians, at the moment they had conspired our ruin Nedjm-Eddin
Are you ignorant that we know the use of arms, and that we inherit the valor of our ancestors? No one has ever attacked us without feeling our superiority. Recollect the conquests we have made from the Christians; we have driven them from the lands they possessed; their strongest towns have fallen under our blows. Nedjm-Eddin
Head for jihad and have your guns ready. Mohammed Omar
The American Commander, with a small force, and in a short space of time, has done more for the cause of Christianity than the most powerful nations of Christendom have done for ages! Pius VII
Despite all the conspiracies, Jerusalem and Palestine from the River to the Sea will remain Islamic until judgment day. Ikrama Sabri
Whoever is found to have sold land to Jews, his punishment is death. It is forbidden to pray for him, it is forbidden to purify his body before burial, and it is forbidden to bury him in a Muslim cemetery Ikrama Sabri
European merchants supply the best weaponry, contributing to their own defeat Saladin
There is no question but … science is the weakest in the lands of Islam. The dangers of this weakness cannot be overemphasized since honorable survival of a society depends directly on strength in science and technology … Abdus Salam
It is a crime among them to kill any newly-born infant. They hold that the souls of all who perish in battle or by the hands of the executioner are immortal. Hence a passion for propagating their race and a contempt for death. They are wont to bury rather than to burn their dead Cornelius Tacitus
Brothers in Islam! We now have the enemy in front of us and the deep sea behind us. We cannot return to our homes, because we have burnt our boats. We shall now either defeat the enemy and win or die a coward's death by drowning in the sea. Who will follow me? Tariq ibn Ziyad
You must know that the Grecian maidens, as beautiful as houris, their necks glimmering with innumerable pearls, their bodies clothed with tunics of costly silks and sprinkled with gold, are awaiting your arrival, reclining on soft couches in the sumptuous palaces of crowned lords and princes. Tariq ibn Ziyad
No one spoke of hatred of the Russians. The feeling experienced by all the Chechens, from the youngest to the oldest, was stronger than hate. It was not hatred, for they did not regard those Russian dogs as human beings, but it was such repulsion, disgust, and perplexity at the senseless cruelty of these creatures, that the desire to exterminate them — like the desire to exterminate rats, poisonous spiders, or wolves — was as natural an instinct as that of self-preservation Leo Tolstoy
My obedience is not to the law but to the Great Creator. Imran Waheed
We are banned in the Muslim world because we want to discard the rulers in the Muslim world to the dustbin of history. Imran Waheed
There is Islam in politics in the Moslem world. Joseph C. Wilson
The more fundamentalists they get us in Afghanistan the better it is for us because they will kill more communists. William J. Casey
The cause of human liberty has been advanced by the overthrow of the Mohammedan slave trade in Zanzibar and partially in Egypt, and the property in slaves is being abolished in the Portuguese possessions in southeast Africa, and in the neighboring island of Madagascar William Coppinger
The trouble with Islam is that lives are small and lies are big. Irshad Manji
We Muslims are conspiring against ourselves. We’re in crisis and we’re dragging the rest of the world with us. If ever there was a moment for Islamic reformation, it is now. Irshad Manji
The object of our writing to you is to let you know, that we have been informed that some Europeans, residing in our capital, ill-treated some of the Tunisian and other Jews, on the Feast of Easter. Now it is very evident that such conduct is unbecoming. We therefore desire that you warn those under your protection, so that similar bad actions may be avoided in future. Musheer Ahmed Bashaw Bey
Soon the princely Marko reached the Moslems, From the sheath he drew his trusty saber, Drove that arm'd vizier, and all his warriors--- Drove them from him---o'er the desert scatters, As the vulture drives a flock of sparrows. Marko soon o'ertakes the flying warriors, From his neck their chieftain's head he sever'd; And the dozen youths his trusty saber Into four-and-twenty halves divided. Anonymous
My advice to the Sultan is to build hospitals for sick Muslims, with a staff of physicians and attendants who will cure them and minister to their needs Tahir Ibn Al Hussein
We want a non-Islamic government that is respectful of Islam, We will not be Turkey. The Turkish Republic is offensive to the idea of Islam. Sheikh Muhammad Al-Haqqani
Mother of my son, be hopeful and patient. We will meet in heaven. I will die for my nation to live. I will be alive in heaven. Just one push on the trigger and I’m over, Thus disfiguring the face of the enemies. May the faces of those who don’t fear God be disfigured, The faces of those who don’t defend Him. Azmiray Al-Maarek
In this mosque also there are a great many students who never leave it, occupying themselves unremittingly in prayer and recitation of the Koran . . . The townsfolk supply their needs of food and clothing, although students never beg for anything of the kind from them Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Battuta
The people of Shirza are distinguished by piety, sound religion, and purity of manners, especially the women. These wear boots, and when out of doors are swathed in mantles and head-veils, so that no part of them is to be seen …. One of their strange customs is that they meet in the principal mosque every Monday, Thursday and Friday... sometimes one or two thousand of them... I have never seen in any land an assembly of women in such numbers Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Battuta
The rulers, scholars, officials and big merchants as well as the port workers, farmers, craftsmen, and slaves, were dark-skinned people speaking African tongues in everyday life Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Battuta
The Sultan of Kilwa [in Tanzania] was called 'the generous' on account of the multitude of his gifts and acts of generosity. He used to engage frequently in expeditions to the land of the Zinj people raiding them and taking booty--slaves and other wealth... He is a man of great humility; he sits with poor brethren, eats with them, and greatly respects men of religion and noble descent Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Battuta
The variety and expenditure of the religious charities at Damascus are beyond computation. There are charities in aid of persons who cannot undertake the pilgrimage to Mecca, out of which are paid the expenses of those who go in their stead. There are other charities for supplying wedding outfits to girls whose families are unable to provide them, and others for the freeing of prisoners. There are charities for travelers, out of the revenues of which they are given food, clothing, and the expenses of conveyance to their countries. Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Battuta
Jews, Christians, and Muslims all profess belief in immortality, but the veneration paid to the first century of life is proof that they truly believe only in those hundred years, for they destine all the rest, throughout eternity, to rewarding or punishing what one did when alive. Jorge Luis Borges
People have a right to say what they want without being killed. These Islamic groups have to be stopped. I just can't sit down and do nothing. Nasim Rahnama
How shall I render my vows and my bonds, while yet Zion lieth beneath the fetter of Edom, and I in Arab chains? A light thing would it seem to me to leave all the good things of Spain -- Yehuda Halevi
Tragically however, even the adherents of Islam present it as a threat to international peace by promoting terrorism in the name of God and in the name of the Holy Prophet (sa) of Islam, who was a living paragon of peace. If the West presents Islam as a religion of terror and denial of fundamental human rights, the fault is not entirely theirs. It is largely shared, to say the least, by the clergy of various Muslim denominations. Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad
O smallest among peoples! rough rock-throne Of Freedom! warriors beating back the swarm Of Turkish Islam for five hundred years, Great Tsernogora! never since thine own Black ridges drew the cloud and brake the storm Has breathed a race of mightier mountaineers. Alfred Tennyson
Let all-our friends, governors, financial and taxation officials and all the other servants and employees of the empire according to their different states and several ranks who read this, or to whom this is read, take cognizance of this order and command of the Commander of the Faithful and act accordingly and in conformity with it, if God wills. Written in Muharram, the year Four hundred and Fifteen. May God bless our ancestor Muhammad, the seal of the prophets and lord of the messengers, and his pure family, the right-guided Imams, and give them peace. God is sufficient for us; how excellent a Keeper is He. az-Zahir
I fear no one; beg from no one except my God to whom I submit and from whom I receive all bounties. My Prophet is my grandfather; my Imam is my father and my religion is sincerity and justice Al-Hakim; Al-Mansur Abu Ali
No Muslim should intrude into the faith of other Muslims, and no person should oppose the beliefs of his friends…. God says, "O believers! you are accountable for none but yourselves; he that goes astray cannot harm you if you are on the right path…” Al-Hakim; Al-Mansur Abu Ali
He it is who has sent His messenger with the guidance and the religion of truth, so that he may cause it to prevail over all religion, however much the idolaters may hate it Muhammed
Turkey was never colonized by the Western powers and consequently Turks do not have the resentment of the West that other Moslem nations have. Orhan Pamuk
Yassar Arafat is sitting on the corpses and destruction of the Palestinians at a time when they are desperately in need of a new mentality. Mohammad Dahlan
If there are people who prefer Sharia law there are always countries where they could go and live Shahid Malik
Today, the judicial system of a modern country cannot hold to these savage traditions, completely inhuman for the young woman Dalil Boubakeur
I wish that the television would show the long shot. They show you an angry mob violently protesting. But if you look at a long shot, you see that it is 10 idiots in a parking lot. Salmon Rushde
Why is the Muslim world plagued by instability, undemocratic governments, and sectarian violence? Bernard Lewis
I have always wondered why the Muslim world is in the eye of virtually every storm, in my lifetime at least? Husain Haqqani
There is a Christian I am fighting against. I want to bring about an environment where all are Islamic because our people are lost. Abubakar Godana Harugura
Extremism is born when the social-political situation creates pressure which threatens the community. However, there are religious justifications for political pressure. People legitimize the use of (Koranic) verses that Jews and Christians will always be the enemy of Islam. People use such verses without looking at the historical context of the verses. They always use it as if the enmity with Jews and Christian is permanent. Munir Said Thalib; Munir
For months people have been begging me to come here for this Kamikaze operation. We will die well. The fact that we are taking a role in a great moment is history is a great honor. Movsar Barayev
Sharia: The Future for UK Sharia: The Only Solution. Anonymous
Palestinian terrorism is in part not national at all, but religious. Therefore, granting national satisfaction will not solve the problem of this terrorism. Dov Weisglass
Moderate Islam seeks balance between intellect and the heart, between religion and the world, between spirituality and materialism and between individualism and the group Yusuf al Qaradawi
Extremism destroyed those before you. Muhammad
Free integral elections should be guaranteed, where values of justice and rule of law also prevail. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi
It is an obligation not to help the enemies of Islam by buying their goods. To buy their goods is to support tyranny, oppression and aggression. Buying goods from them will strengthen them; our duty is to make them as weak as we can. Our obligation is to strengthen our resisting brothers in the Sacred Land as much as we can. If we cannot strengthen the brothers, we have a duty to make the enemy weak. If their weakness cannot be achieved except by boycott, we must boycott them. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi
The Muslim world needs democracy. It wants democracy. But it should be real democracy and not just democracy by name only... Democracy has done some good things. It has saved humanity from despots and dictators who act like gods. The details should be left to the people. Let them decide for themselves Yusuf Al-Qaradawi
When the enemy assaults a given Muslim territory, it becomes incumbent on all its residents to fight against them to the extent that a woman should go out even without the consent of her husband. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi
I do not believe in a clash of civilizations in this world. As Turkey we are in an ideal position to be a bridge….We have been able to show that a Moslem country can have a strong democracy…. We have to have a common platform to fight against terrorism. All terrorists are bad no matter what religion the come from. Recep Tayyip Erdogan
A headscarf cannot be a political symbol…. If all political parties allowed women to wear a headscarf if they wanted, there would be no political symbol …. A woman who covers her head does so because of her beliefs not because of politics. Recep Tayyip Erdogan
You must face the bloodbath and accept it. Mohandas K. Gandhi
We do not have any homosexuals in Iran. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
The city and the buildings are mine; but I resign to your valor the captives and the spoil, the treasures of gold and beauty ; be rich and be happy. Mehmed II
The religious establishment (of Saudi Arabia) makes sure that millions of Islamic books are translated into other languages each year, but very few books are translated into Arabic. Lawrence Wright
Educational systems of atheist nations and civilizations cannot be like the systems of a believing nation. This country represents the power of Islam. . . . Any attempt to change this status will be vehemently opposed. Saalih Ibn Humayd
Newspapers are a surprisingly good business in a country (Saudi Arabia) where the truth is so carefully guarded. Members of the royal family, Al Saud, are obsessively concerned about their image; they own or control most of the Saudi press, which dominates the Arab world. Within the kingdom, there are more than a dozen papers on the newsstands every morning. The most authoritative of them, and the most progressive, … are owned by Saudi princes but published in London. They are constrained by the same taboos that cripple all Saudi publications, however: nothing provocative can be said about Islam, the kingdom’s official religion; the government, which is effectively led by Crown Prince Abdullah; or the royal family, which is headed by King Fahd. Lawrence Wright
Martyrs don’t have to wait for the judgment day. They go straight to heaven. Bruce B. Lawrence
Thoughts of the President have to be in line with the thoughts of the Supreme Leader. Ahmad Jannati
It's appropriate that all individuals in the country be given the choice from various political tendencies;, .d. Iran;, .d. democracy;, .d. opposition;, .d. elections;, .d. theocracy;, .d. religion;, .d. Moslems;, .d. Islam;, .d. voting;, It's appropriate that all individuals in the country be given the choice from various political tendencies Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei
The young Iranian people are seeking to fulfill their material needs, but they are also trying to realize some great aspirations and ideals such as the administration of social justice and the elimination of corruption, poverty and retardation from society. These ideals and objectives, which have emerged from Islamic teachings and precepts, will pave the way for opening a new chapter in the history of the Iranian nation. Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei
No one of you is a believer until he desires for his brother that which he desires for himself. Muhammed
Why don’t you become a Moslem? Muammar Qaddafi
The unbelievers, idolaters, and others like them must be hated and despised …. We must stay away from them and keep barriers between us and them. Anonymous
They didn’t consult us. They didn’t consult us. The decision belongs to us They didn’t consult us. Anonymous
Rationalism came to Islam pretty early and was rejected pretty early, and it was under the influence of Greek philosophy that it came Khaled Ahmed
The great danger to my mind is Pakistan's inability to control its population. Of course, it's very difficult for the Muslims to have contraception, but if they put their mind to it, I think it's quite possible. It is only the radical Islamist man who actually opposes it, but there is a lot of evidence in Islamic thinking that you can actually have contraception, and prevent your population from breaking all bounds Khaled Ahmed
We have gone back to some kind of medieval orthodoxy. Muslim societies all over the world are seen going back to what we think are the origins. At the same time, the clergy has become very vocal and very angry. There is that sense of utopia, because orthodoxy is literalist; they want to go back to a period of what they call Sharia, the way the prophet lived, the way the prophet ruled. There is also a resistance to separate religion and the state. Therefore, there is an Islamic utopia that the Muslims wish to achieve Khaled Ahmed
The different types of marriage available in our law - customary marriage, marriage under the ordinance, marriage under Islamic law - have resulted in considerable gender inequality as women have less power to negotiate and insist on the type of legal regime under which they would like to be married Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo
The Painful Truth: All the World Terrorists are Muslims! …. Our terrorist sons are an end-product of our corrupted culture. Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed
Her paternal cousin can cut her braid. Arab Proverb
Just as livestock is property, so women are property And livestock brings blame to its owner. Arab Proverb
Green Flags are flying throughout the city, marking high moral and strong Islamic spirit, and Mujahedin are seen praying in groups on the charred streets of Muslim Grozny. Many held their Qur'an along with their personal weapons. The words of Allah-hu-Akbar in Arabic are seen written in some visible areas by some Mujahedin arriving from other countries. Several Mujahedin of the Martyrdom unit wore distinct black bands around their heads, they vowed resistance to the end Armed Islamic Movement
Mujahedin from around the world have been arriving at the Caucasus area to join with their brethren in the fight of the aggressor occupying forces of the Russian forces who came to subjugate Muslim Caucasia under their Christian Orthodox rule. Armed Islamic Movement
The Caucasus area does not belong to Russia, it belongs to its Muslim people from the Black to the Caspian sea. The area was savagely suppressed and occupied by criminal Russia about 150 years ago, now is the time for every Muslim to share the reward of freeing the land of the free, Caucasia. Armed Islamic Movement
showed Muslims as monsters who are fed by the blood of children and the pain of their families. If all the enemies of Islam united together and decided to harm it ... they wouldn't have ruined and harmed its image as much as the sons of Islam have done by their stupidity, miscalculations, and misunderstanding of the nature of this age. Ahmed Bahgat
additional pressure on Moscow will only increase. Determined to consolidate their control over the strategically and economically crucial Caucasus, the Islamists and their sponsoring states have already resolved to escalate their terroristic Jihad to achieve what no negotiations can deliver. And herein lies the quintessence of the grim prospects for the Caucasus. Yossef Bodansky
As the government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion …. The United States is not a Christian nation any more than it is a Jewish or a Mohammedan nation. John Adams
The fighting in Iraq has clearly demonstrated the strength of the bond between America and the Shiite heretics Nasir Al-Umar
The truth is that our system of public instruction, which has awakened the Hindus from the sleep of centuries and quickened their inert masses with some of the noble impulses of a nation is opposed to the tradition, unsuited to the requirements, and hateful to the religion of the Musalmans [Moslems] William Wilson Hunter
In consequence, and as the zeal and sagacity by which thou art characterized, as likewise the experience and knowledge which thou hast acquired in the affairs of Egypt during the long space of time that thou hast held the post of Governor of Egypt, give reason to believe that thou hast acquired a title to the favour and to the confidence which I may grant to thee, that is to say, that thou wilt be sensible of their full extent, and all the gratitude which thou shouldst have for them, that thou wilt apply thyself to cause these feelings to descend to thy sons and thy nephews, I grant unto thee the Government of Egypt within its ancient boundaries, such as they are to be found in the map which is sent unto thee by my Grand Vizier now in office, … together with the additional privilege of hereditary succession Abdulmecid I
Repel force by force Thomas Jefferson
We don't have anything against Muslims. But we don't want minarets. The minaret is a symbol of a political and aggressive Islam; it's a symbol of Islamic law. The minute you have minarets in Europe, it means Islam will have taken over. Oskar Freysinger
It is forbidden to the tolerated peoples living on Muslim territory to clothe themselves in the same manner as the chiefs, the scholars, and the nobles. They should not be allowed to clothe themselves in costly fabrics which have been cut in the modes which are forbidden to them, in order that they may not offend the sensibilities of poor Muslims and in order that their faith in their religion should not be shaken by this. Muhammad Al-Ramli
It is no longer permitted them [Christians and Jews] to put themselves, with respect to their houses, on an equal footing with the dwellings of their Muslim neighbors, and still less to build their buildings higher. If they are of the same height, or higher, it is incumbent upon us to pull them down to a size a little less than the houses of the true believers. This conforms to the word of the Prophet: 'Islam rules, and nothing shall raise itself above it.' This is also in order to hinder them from knowing where our weak spots are and in order to make a distinction between their dwellings and ours…. They should not be permitted to employ mounts like the Muslims. They must use neither saddles, nor iron-stirrups, in order to be distinguished from the true believers. They must under no circumstance ride horses because of the noble character of this animal …. They shall only walk single-file, and in narrow lanes they must withdraw even more into the most cramped part of the road. Hassan Al Kafrawi
One hour of justice is worth more than sixty years of ritual. Islamic Saying
Surely God will never give preeminence to unbelievers over the true believers. Muhammad
Know Islam, Know Terror; No Islam, No Terror Anonymous
Prophets are in Paradise, martyrs are in Paradise Muhammad
During the battle of Uhud, Muhammad was desperate to push men into battle. He promised paradise for those who would martyr themselves, prompting a young man who was eating dates to throw them away and rush to his death. Book of Muslim
There is the type of man who gives his life to earn the pleasure of Allah... Muhammad
It is prohibited to exercise any form of compulsion on man or to exploit his poverty or ignorance in order to convert him to another religion or to atheism. Organization of the Islamic Conference
All who die by the way, whether by land or by sea, or in battle against the pagans, shall have immediate remission of sins. Urban II; Odo of Chatillon-Sur-Marne
Clergymen should not get involved with politics. Ali Sistani
We will sacrifice our blood! Anonymous
The count of Gilles with the remaining Franks, made an attack upon them [the Saracens] and killed an innumerable multitude. All the others fled in confusion. Our men moreover, returning in victory and bearing many heads fixed upon pikes and spears, furnished a joyful spectacle for the people of God. Anselme of Ribemont
Moslems are prohibited from helping the enemy. They must not support the Satan and permit enemies to establish bases in an Islamic country [Iraq] since at the end of the day they [the US] will attack the Moslems from there Sheikh Ikrimah Sabri
Muslims of India cannot accept any Constitution which must necessarily result in a Hindu Majority Government. Muhammad Ali Jinnah
The Mussulmans are not a Minority. The Mussulmans are a nation by any definition. Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Is religion a private affair? Would you like to see Islam, as a moral and political ideal, meeting the same fate in the world of Islam as Christianity has already met in Europe? Is it possible to retie in Islam as an ethical ideal and to reject it as a polity in favor of national politics, in which religious attitude is not permitted to play any part? …. The proposition that religion is a private individual experience is not surprising on the lips of a European. In Europe the conception of Christianity as a monastic order, renouncing the world of matter and fixing its gaze entirely on the world or spirit. led by a logical process of thought, to the view embodied in this proposition…. The religious ideal of Islam, therefore, is organically related to the social order, which it has created. The rejection of the one will eventually involve the rejection of the other. Therefore, the construction of a polity on national lines, if it means a displacement of the Islamic principle of solidarity is simply unthinkable to a Muslim. Muhammad Iqbal
Islam + Sharia = Barbarism Anonymous
Pluralism, democracy, unity, respect all mean nothing because on the ground, we hate each other Walid Jumblatt
Constitutional rights must always come before sensitivities. Keith Ellison
The oppressor has crossed the line and the time has come for jihad and martyrdom Anonymous
Stop Islamization of America! Pamela Geller
Muslims who don’t hate America sin Abu Bakar Ba'asyir
We have to target the place of the enemy, not countries where many Muslims live. according to bin Laden, if Muslims come across Americans, they have to attack them. Osama believes in total war. This concept I don’t agree with. If this occurs in an Islamic country, the fitnah [discord] will be felt by Muslims. But to attack them in their country [America] is fine Abu Bakar Ba'asyir
But if a person defends Islam, and according to his calculations must die in doing so, although he works hard in life, he will still go and die for Islam. The consideration is: “if I do this, will Islam benefit or lose? If I must die and without my dying Islam will not win, then my dying is allowed.” If one can avoid dying that is better. But to die is also permitted. That we called istimata or istijhad. Istimata means looking to become a shaheed [martyr] and istijhad [becoming a jihadi] means the same. Because to die in jihad is noble. According to Islam, to die is a necessity because everyone dies. But to seek the best death is what we call “Husn ul-Khatimah,” and the best way to die is to die as a shaheed. Abu Bakar Ba'asyir
When Islam is strong, we come to the infidel’s country, not to colonize but to watch over it so that the infidel cannot plan to ruin Islam. Everywhere, infidels conspire to ruin Islam. There is no infidel who wouldn’t destroy Islam if they were given even a small chance. Therefore, we have to be vigilant. Abu Bakar Ba'asyir
When infidels attack a Muslim country, then it is the duty of every Muslim to defend it…. The U.S. attack on Afghanistan was a clear act of aggression and terrorism. But when someone rises up against U.S. aggression, then he is called a terrorist. It is a strange and illogical philosophy…. When the red forces of the Soviet Union entered Afghanistan, it was a war of independence and we all agreed that it was jihad. Even the United States had said that the Russians must be ousted from Afghanistan. When Russia left, the United States committed the same aggression. So, the situation is the same. One infidel force replaced another. No difference at all. Whether it is Russia or America, it is a jihad. Maulana Sami Haq
Radical extremists have tried to use Islam as a cause for attacks on America. As I have stated before, they are not true followers of Islam. In my view they are simply terrorists, much like the so-called "Christians" of the white supremacy groups. William G. Boykin
If there were an election held in any country of the Muslim world between the existing leaders and Osama bin Laden, bin Laden would win hands down Anjem Choudary
I am a Muslim first and I am a Muslim last. I have a British passport, but we are defined by our beliefs…. Wherever I am, I will propagate Islam. Anjem Choudary
The Americans never allowed themselves to see their task in Iraq and Afghanistan as connected to a larger effort, that effort seen best as a war of self-defense, not by America alone, but by all the non-Muslim nations, against those promoting Jihad…. the problem was not a “failed state” here, or a malignant regime there, but rather, the ideology of Islam, its appeal, its demands and pressures, that never let up, on non-Muslims, whether those non-Muslims lived in countries dominated by Islam, or whether they lived in countries that had always been peopled by, and developed by, non-Muslims who had, in an excess of negligent enthusiasm for the Idols of the Age, Tolerance and Diversity, had without too much thought, allowed millions of Muslims to settle within their borders. There is no “center” for Islamic terrorism, and no “center” for those who use other, even more effective, less attention-getting, instruments of Jihad, in order to promote the Cause of Islam. Hugh Fitzgerald
We should not be conned or succumb to the disingenuous and flawed narrative that the only way to engage politically is through the secular democratic process. It is prohibited and haram [religiously forbidden]. Burhan Hanif
We don't have anything against Muslims. But we don't want minarets. The minaret is a symbol of a political and aggressive Islam; it's a symbol of Islamic law. The minute you have minarets in Europe, it means Islam will have taken over. Oskar Freysinger
You can count on violence if any illustration of the Prophet is published. It will cause riots, I predict, from Indonesia to Nigeria. Ibrahim Agboola Gambari
Know Islam, Know Terror; No Islam, No Terror Anonymous
During the battle of Uhud, Muhammed was desperate to push men into battle.  He promised paradise for those who would martyr themselves, prompting a young man who was eating dates to throw them away and rush to his death. Book of Muslim
There is the type of man who gives his life to earn the pleasure of Allah... Muhammad
Whoso fighteth in the way of Allah, be he slain or be he victorious, on him, We shall bestow a vast reward Muhammad
They invented socialism, communism, human rights and democracy, so that persecuting them would appear to be wrong, so that they can enjoy equal rights with others. With these they have gained control of the most powerful countries and they, this tiny community, have become a world power …. The Europeans killed six million Jews out of 12 million, but today the Jews rule the world … Mohamad Mahathir
The real credit belongs to the Afghan tribesman and shepherds who shed their blood. But when the next election comes around, I'm sure I'll take my share of the credit. Charles N. Wilson
In Pakistan militancy has become an economy all of its own. Husain Haqqani
Terrorists have hijacked our religion. Gamal Mubarak
Arabic television network owners are showing filth. If they don’t heed our call to stop, killing them may be permissible. … According to Islamic law, the mouse is a repulsive, corrupting creature. How do you think children view mice today – after Tom and Jerry? Even creatures that are repulsive by nature, by logic, and according to Islamic law have become wonderful and are loved by children. Even mice. Mickey Mouse has become an awesome character, even though according to Islamic law, Mickey Mouse should be killed in all cases…. The mouse is one of Satan's soldiers and is steered by him.. Muhammad Munajid
The fundamentalist call has resonance because it invited men to participate… in contrast to a political culture that reduces citizens to spectators and asked them to leave things to their rulers. Fouad Ajami
This wicked system is based on freedom of religion and belief and freedom of speech and separation of religion and politics. Democracy is heresy itself. Abu Musab Zarqawi
What is taking place in the Muslim world is an internal struggle. We are now living in the twilight of the Islamic reformation. It is inevitable. It may be slowed, but it cannot be stopped. Reza Aslan
The establishment of the Caliphate will not be accomplished by the mujahidin movement while it is cut off from public support…. Therefore our planning must strive to involve the Moslem masses in the battle. Ayman Al-Zawahiri
The Basiji must understand that he is a soldier of God for whom it is not so much the outcome of the conflict as the mere participation in it that provides fulfillment and gratification Ruhollah Khomeini
The natural world is the lowest element, the scum of creation. What is decisive is the beyond: the divine world, that is eternal. Ruhollah Khomeini
Egypt was not longer the empire of the Ptolemies, covered with populous and wealthy cities; it now presented one unvaried scene of devastation and misery. Instead of being aided by the inhabitants … we found all against us …. No Frenchman was secure of his life who happened to stray half a mile … Louis Antoine Fauvelet de Bourrienne
The things and ways the West took to the rest have become the ways of the world. Fouad Ajami
All the land of Palestine is a part of the Islamic faith and the Caliph Omar bin al-Khattab declared it for all Muslims. Therefore, no individual or group has the right to sell it or give it up. Abdel Aziz Rantisi
The most advanced of them seemed hardly like human beings. Winston Churchill
We have to go after the head of the snake. Why bother to continue to chase the tail? Ayman Al-Zawahiri
You cannot achieve Middle East peace without deciding the fate of the Temple Mount. Simcha Jacobovici
We have not had a man wounded, and we have sustained no material damage in our hull or rigging. Andrew Sterett
An Islamic world is growing more conservative, religious, and hostile towards the United States with each passing day. Geneive Abdo
No Christian would pray for violence but it would be utterly naïve to sweep the issue of Islam under the carpet. Let no Muslim think that they have the monopoly on violence. Peter Akinola
Technological innovation is so miserable in the Middle East that, if you exclude Israel, the number of patents filed is less than one fifth the number from sub-Saharan Africa. Ghassan Salame
We should not let the enemies interfere in the Islamic countries’ relations including Iran and Saudi Arabia Abdullah bin Abd al-Aziz Al Saud; Abdullah of Saudi Arabia
Yesterday’s Jews are evil predecessors and today’s Jews are worse successors. They an ingrate people, they altered God’s words, worshipped a calf, killed Messengers and denied their Messages. They are exiled people and the worst of mankind. Allah cursed them and cast His wrath upon them. He turned some of them to monkeys and pigs and worshippers of creatures. … Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais
The Islamic world perceive Western nations as defending Judeo-Christian tradition against the spread of radical militant Islam. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
Much of the prejudice against Islam in the West stems from a lack of understanding of the true nature of Islam as a religion professed by 1.4 billion people in the world. Westerners tend to view other peoples and other cultures only from the perspective of Western benchmarks and philosophy. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
Ours is an Islamic system that takes action where the state fails to act. Abdul Rashid Ghazi
Every Moslem on earth should unsheathe his sword and fight to liberate Palestine. The Jihad is not limited to Afghanistan. Jihad means fighting. You must fight in any place you can get. Whenever Jihad is mentioned in the Holy Book, it means the obligation to fight. Abdullah Yusuf Azzam
When we follow those who preach hatred, confrontation, and conflict, we are the ones who end up losing. We do not have the power or the means for a confrontation. This means that our sons will turn into bombs. If we incite them against others, this means that instead of building our society, and establishing a culture of dialogue within the society, we use the religious pulpit and satellite TV for incitement. Of course, the people who incite get away with it, and are never held accountable, but my son is the one who will pay the price. That is the problem, and unfortunately, the law does not punish those who incite. It punishes my son – the perpetrator Abd Al-Hamid Al-Ansari
I am very pleased to see Blair leaving 10 Downing Street. Really, this man caused the greatest humiliation to the Arabs and Muslims, besides George W. Bush – and maybe even more than him. He is the only one in the Western world who supported Bush's wars in the Arab region. It was Tony Blair who encouraged the Americans to invade Iraq, and to wage the current war in it. This man employed lies, deceit, and deception… How can you reward this man by appointing him envoy to the Middle East? It is like a criminal who returns to the scene of the crime. You are sending Blair back to the scene of his crime. Abd Al-Bari Atwan
The Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Abba Eban
In beloved Iraq, blood is flowing between brothers, in the shadow of an illegitimate foreign occupation. Abdullah bin Abd al-Aziz Al Saud; Abdullah of Saudi Arabia
Traditions come from the past, of high import if they be True ;, Ay, but weak is the chain of those who warrant their truth. Consult thy reason and let perdition take others all :, Of all the conference Reason best will counsel and guide. Abdallah Al-Maarri
Do not suppose the statements of the Prophets to be true; they are all fabrications. Abdallah Al-Maarri
Cease all interference in the religion, society, politics, and governance of the Muslims world. And leave us alone to establish the Islamic shura state, which will unite the Muslims of Earth in truth and justice …. Put an end to all forms of interference in the education curricula and information media of the Islamic world, and impose a blanket ban on all broadcasts to our region, especially those designed to alter or destroy the faith, minds, morals, and values, of our people. Adam Yahiye Gadahn
We will not compromise with any infidel....Islam is the truth and all else is falsehood. Abu Bakar Bashir
We must prevent music to be broadcasted by the public information resources. In shops, hotels, vehicles and rickshaws cassettes and music are prohibited. This matter should be monitored within five days. If any music cassette found in a shop, the shopkeeper should be imprisoned and the shop locked. Taliban
Those who say that Islamic Jihad was merely for the defense of the `homeland of Islam` diminish the greatness of the Islamic way of life ... Sayyid Qutb
any system, in which the final decisions are referred to human beings, and in which the source of all authority are human, is doomed to failure because it deifies human beings by designating others than God as lords over men. Sayyid Qutb
... a Muslim has no relatives except those who share the belief in God ... A Muslim has no relationship with his mother, father, brother, wife and other family members except through their relationship with the Creator. Sayyid Qutb
If the family is the basis of the society, and the basis of the family is the division of labor between husband and wife, and the upbringing of children is the most important function of the family, then such a society is indeed civilized ... Sayyid Qutb
Jews and the Christians ...should be forced to pay Jizya in order to put an end to their independence and supremacy so that they should not remain rulers and sovereigns in the land. These powers should be wrested from them by the followers of the true Faith, who should assume the sovereignty and lead others towards the Right Way. Sayyid Abul Ala Al-Maududi; Maududi
Islam’s sphere of activity is co-extensive with human life ... In such a state no one can regard any field of his affairs as personal and private. Sayyid Abul Ala Al-Maududi; Maududi
Have you not heard that many of your chaste and pure sisters from among the Sunnis of Telafar had their honor desecrated, their chastity slaughtered, and their wombs filled with the sperm of the Crusaders and of their brothers, the hate-filled Rafidites? Where is your religion? Moreover, where is your sense of honor, your zeal, and your manliness? Abu Musab Zarqawi
What we say is an opinion it's the best that we can reach, if anybody can bring a better opinion we will accept it. Abu Hanifa Numan ibn Thabit; Hanifa Abu
The youth movement here must aspire to a martyrdom death…. The young must be first at the front line - don’t hide at the back. You must be at the front, die as martyrs and all your sins will be forgiven. This is how to achieve forgiveness. Abu Bakar Bashir
No enemy is more harmful than ignorance. Abu Abdullah Muhammad Al-Harithi Al-Baghdadi Al-Mufid
For his own sordid ends The pulpit he ascends Abdallah Al-Maarri
Islam makes it incumbent on all adult males, provided they are not disabled and incapacitated, to prepare themselves for the conquest of other countries so that the writ of Islam is obeyed in every country in the world. But those who study Islamic Holy War will understand why Islam wants to conquer the whole world ... Those who know nothing of Islam pretend that Islam counsels against war. Those who say this are witless. Islam says: ‘kill all the unbelievers just as they would kill you all!’ Does this mean that Muslims should sit back until they are devoured by the unbelievers? Ruhollah Khomeini
Prevent kite-flying. The kite shops in the city should be abolished. Taliban
If anyone is observed who has shaved and/or cut his beard, they should be arrested and imprisoned until their beard gets bushy. Taliban
There are eleven things which are impure: urine, excrement, sperm, bones, blood, dogs, pigs, non-Moslem men and women, wine, beer, and the sweat of the excrement-eating camel…. Every part of the body of a non-Moslem individual is impure, even the hair on his hand and his body hair, his nails, and all the secretions of his body. Ruhollah Khomeini
We affirm that music engenders immorality, lust, and licentiousness, and stifles courage, valor, and the chivalrous spirit; it is forbidden by Koranic laws and must not be taught in the schools. Ruhollah Khomeini
The purpose of the imperialists is to keep us backward, to keep us in our present miserable state so they can exploit our riches, our underground wealth, our lands and our human resources. They want us to remain afflicted and wretched, and our poor to be trapped in their misery ... they and their agents wish to go on living in huge palaces and enjoying lives of abominable luxury…. In order to assure the unity of the Islamic umma, in order to liberate the Islamic homeland from occupation and penetration by the imperialists and their puppet governments, it is imperative that we establish a government. ... we must overthrow the oppressive governments installed by the imperialists and bring into existence an Islamic government of justice ... Ruhollah Khomeini
A Moslem will not be punished for killing an infidel, unless a Moslem has a habit of killing infidels. Ruhollah Khomeini
Many people would like Osama bin Laden … to hurt America, but they do not want bin Laden to rule their children. Shibley Telhami
Far from representing a political system likely to attract increasing numbers of adherents, fundamentalist Islam has failed everywhere it has been tried. Marc Sageman
We shall export our revolution to the whole world. Until the cry `There is no God but God` resounds over the whole world, there will be struggle…. Establishing the Islamic state world-wide belong to the great goals of the revolution. Ruhollah Khomeini
Theocracy is something that God, the exalted ... has ordained ... Wake up, you gentlemen ... because the deviationists are ... trying to ... smash our movement ... They speak out against the concept of theocracy .... Stop this talk ... Enough is enough: what ought to be done must be done! Ruhollah Khomeini
From the very beginning, the historical movement of Islam has had to contend with the Jews, for it was they who first established anti-Islamic propaganda and engaged in various stratagems, and as you can see, this activity continues down to the present. Later they were joined by other groups, who were in certain respects more satanic then they. Ruhollah Khomeini
The agents of imperialism are busy in every corner of the Islamic world drawing our youth away from us with their evil propaganda…. centers of evil propaganda are run by the Christian churches, the Zionists, and the Baha’is in order to lead our people astray and make them abandon the ordinances and teaching of Islam ... Ruhollah Khomeini
The entire system of government and administration, together with necessary laws, lies ready for you. If the administration of the country calls for taxes, Islam has made the necessary provision; and if laws are needed, Islam has established them all. There is no need for you, after establishing a government, to sit down and draw up laws …. There is not a single topic in human life for which Islam has not provided instruction and established a norm. Ruhollah Khomeini
The imperialists have also imposed on us an unjust economic order, and thereby divided our people into two groups: oppressors and oppressed. Hundreds of millions of Muslims are hungry and deprived of all form of health care and education. Ruhollah Khomeini
Superfluous bureaucracies and the system of file-keeping and paper-shuffling that is enforced by them … are totally alien to Islam Ruhollah Khomeini
Islam proclaims monarchy and hereditary succession wrong and invalid. When Islam first appeared in Iran, the Byzantine Empire, Egypt, and the Yemen, the entire institution of monarchy was abolished. Ruhollah Khomeini
Islam is a radical religion whose adherents are not susceptible to having their hearts and minds won over. Bing West
This is not a clash of civilizations or religions, and it reaches far beyond Islam and America, on which efforts are being made to focus the conflict in order to create the delusion of a visible confrontation and a solution based upon force. There is indeed a fundamental antagonism here, but one that points past the specter of America (which is perhaps the epicenter, but in no sense the sole embodiment, of globalization) and the specter of Islam (which is not the embodiment of terrorism either) to triumphant globalization battling against itself. Jean Baudrillard
The events in Smyrna have undoubtedly cheapened every Christian life in Turkey James G. Harbord
Why are the Muslim religious leaders silent on the killing of innocent people in the name of religion? Fareed Zakaria
Neo-Islamic movements are usually fascist movements. Manfred Halpren
There is nothing surprising in a Muslim or a Pathan like me subscribing to the creed of nonviolence. It is not a new creed. It was followed fourteen hundred years ago by the Prophet all the time he was in Mecca. Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
Religious propaganda gives a dynasty at its beginning another power in addition to that of the group feeling it possessed as the result of the number of its supporters... This happened to the Arabs at the beginning of Islam during the Muslim conquests Ibn Khaldun
All human beings are our brother and sisters. Working for their welfare is obligatory for Muslims Sayyid Ahmad Khan
The laws of Sharia are entirely man-made, written by Muslim scholars according to their various schools, based on their best understanding of how the Qur'an should be translated into codes of law. Said Al-Ashmawy
Religious clerics have a big share in the rise on intolerance towards minorities. A country like Pakistan where literacy rate is low and people are naïve when it comes on opinion making, it becomes easy to be successful in manipulating people’s minds. The manipulation of their opinions by those who are extremists in their views and beliefs always meet disaster. These clerics have played an ugly role most of the times and their preaching of hate speech always led to more sufferings and disaster for minorities Sadaf Arshad
Islam teaches us to respect all the prophets of God Almighty and degradation of any prophet is tantamount to defamation of the rest. Ghulam Jamal
It is not a cruelty to kill blasphemers, rather blasphemy itself is such an enormous brutality that the one who commits it neither has got a right to live in this world nor is there any pardon for the blasphemer. Muslims won't tolerate even a slightest blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad. If (anyone) committed blasphemy, he would be beheaded. Allama Ahmed Mian Hammadi
I was under huge pressure 2 bow down b4 rightest pressure on blasphemy. Refused. Even if I am the last man standing. Salman Taseer
Whoever, with the deliberate intention of wounding the religious feelings of any person, utters any word or makes any sound in the hearing of that person or makes any gesture in the sight of that person or places any object in the sight of that person, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to one year, or with fine, or with both. Pakistan
Hey, you all, come and see, I have killed a blasphemer. You come and join me. Chant Allahu Akbar (God is great). Malik Mumtaz Qadri
This is a war. Whether we receive threats or not, it does not make any difference to us. I am a Muslim. … God willing, life or death for a Muslim, we are not afraid of that. Whatever threats they give to us. Salman Taseer
Christians kill Moslems and they both blame the Jews. Anonymous
The marketing needs a better campaign based on the visitor's appetite and segment. If there are a lot of Middle East tourists traveling to Puncak to seek janda, I think that it's OK. The tourists would bring numerous benefits to the women and their offspring, as well as the country's entertainment community. If the janda get modest homes even if the tourists later leave them, then it's OK. The children resulting from these relationships will have good genes. Jusuf Kalla
I think my appointment is the example and answer for those who accuse Israel of being an apartheid state. It shows minorities have equal rights and we are part of the government, the state and the parliament Majalli Wahabi
The individualism of the Arab has been erased from this society. Ibrahim Buleihi
Do you believe that life today is the same as it was 10 centuries ago? This tremendous change was produced by the West. Who else produced it? Ibrahim Buleihi
The excellence of the West lies not in its accomplishments in the sciences, arts and technology, but rather, these accomplishments are the outgrowth of the West's respect for the human being, the recognition of his individuality, the liberty it has granted him, and the establishment of government in the service of the people—the government belongs to the people, and they do not belong to it. This is a qualitative change, unprecedented in human history Ibrahim Buleihi
We had Iraq contained. They couldn’t hurt their neighbors; they couldn’t hurt us. They would fire at our planes now and then but they never hit anything. They were not involved in 9-11. I advised that a small force could take Iraq, but it would take a huge force to prevent the Sunnies and the Shiites from killing each other….I told that to the Joint Chiefs, but I don’t think they were consulted. The President made the decision. Henry Hugh Shelton
Every Arab government supports the causes which inspired 9-11. Angelo M. Codevilla
Cut off the head of the snake! Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz
But that a camel-merchant should stir up insurrection in his village; that in league with some miserable followers he persuades them that he talks with the angel Gabriel; that he boasts of having been carried to heaven, where he received in part this unintelligible book, each page of which makes common sense shudder; that, to pay homage to this book, he delivers his country to iron and flame; that he cuts the throats of fathers and kidnaps daughters; that he gives to the defeated the choice of his religion or death: this is assuredly nothing any man can excuse, at least if he was not born a Turk, or if superstition has not extinguished all natural light in him. Voltaire
If the Western Powers disavow our rights and ridicule and despise us, we Arabs must teach them to respect us and take us seriously. Gamal Abdel Nasser
We have to live with the world that we helped to create. Hillary Clinton
You cannot bomb extremism into submission Najib Razak
Nothing is more sacred than belief except repulsing an enemy who is attacking religion and life. Osama bin Laden
The time has come to expiate the fatal deed of Poland’s partition, and to safeguard a free Germany by raising the bulwark of an independent Poland against the onset of the Asiatics. Karol Libelt
If Tehran insists on combining the Persian imperial tradition with contemporary Islamic fervor, then a collision with America — and, indeed, with its negotiating partners … — is unavoidable. Iran simply cannot be permitted to fulfill a dream of imperial rule in a region of such importance to the rest of the world. Henry A. Kissinger
Moslems everywhere behave with equal savagery. They behead criminals, stone to death female — only female — adulteresses, throw acid in the faces of women who refuse to wear the chador, mutilate the genitals of young girls and ritually abuse animals.. Robert Kilroy-Silk
Muslims are backward and evil and if it is racist to say so... then racist I must be. Robert Kilroy-Silk
Americans have called on moderates in Muslim countries to speak out against extremists, to stand up for the tolerance they say they believe in. We should all have the guts do the same at home. Nicholas Kristof
As it is seems natural to our nation to aspire to golden freedom (ad auream libertatem), so we experience in contrast amongst the ordinary nations of these countries such a servile character, that their freedom and self-government apparently are even worse than slavery. Moreover, when freed, they pursue their submission to another person …. They set their sail according to the wind, have themselves circumcised, following and practicing the Muslim faith Justus Heurnius
The reason that the Americans want a Status of Forces Agreement is so that they can rape our women Saeed Al-Masri; Mustafa Ahmed Muhammad Uthman Abu Al-Yazid
Our only way to repel the vicious attack on our land and restore our honor and glory is to sacrifice our souls, our money, our time, our lives and anything else for the sake of our noble cause Muhammad Badi
Yes the Muslim Brotherhood slogan has all kinds of blood curdling lines in it … but when those lines are uttered by roly-poly physicians, they become far less frightening. Tarek Masoud
There is an extremism of ends and there is an extremism of means. The Muslim Brotherhood desired ends are extreme, but their means are not. They are committed to non violence as a means. Tarek Masoud
In Iran they believe that girls who are virgins go to heaven. So when a young woman is in prison to be executed, they rape her before they kill her. James Woolsey
If there are any amongst you, who have not the courage to enjoy this precious gift of liberty now dropped down to you from Heaven, let him declare himself; no harm shall be done to him: he shall be permitted to go in search of some new tyrant beyond the frontier of this happy state. Mirwais Hotak
God says he will never be satisfied with the infidels. Mohammed Omar
Why do Sunnis kill Shiites? How do they tell the difference? They all look the same to me. Trent Lott
We're not driving away the Turkish people nor their faith, but the Sultan and his laws. Vasil Levski
Jihad must not be likened to terror. Jihad means making sacrifices in order to restore what has been stolen, defend one's property, expel the occupier, and make Allah's word supreme, while terror is occupying someone else's land... Muhammad Badi
Allah is our objective; the Quran is our constitution, the Prophet is our leader; Jihad is our way; and death for the sake of Allah is the highest of our aspirations. Hassan Al-Banna
A truly Islamic polity would have no rulers — not even have theocratic ones — since Muslims would need neither judges nor police to obey divine law. Sayyid Qutb
The American girl is well acquainted with her body's seductive capacity. She knows it lies in the face, and in expressive eyes, and thirsty lips. She knows seductiveness lies in the round breasts, the full buttocks, and in the shapely thighs, sleek legs — and she shows all this and does not hide it. Sayyid Qutb
We were not prepared intellectually. Those of us in the national security field still carried the baggage of the Cold War. We thought in concepts of coalition warfare and the Warsaw Pact. When we thought of terrorism, we thought only of state-sponsored terrorism, which is why the immediate reaction of many in our government agencies after 9/11 was: Which state did it? … We had failed to grasp, for a variety of reasons, the new phenomenon that had emerged in the world. This was not state-sponsored terrorism. This was religious war. .... This was the emergence of a transnational enemy driven by religious fervor and fanaticism. Our enemy is not terrorism. Our enemy is violent, Islamic fundamentalism. John F. Lehman
To go to war against the Turks is to resist God who punishes our iniquities through them. Leo X
You would be wrong to assume democracy would be the only alternative if the old regimes [in the Middle East] fell. There is a much better-organized alternative already waiting, and that is ... fundamentalism. Muhammad Heikal
The oppression of women is based on custom and tradition—not religion. Summer Hathout
The facts will take us where the facts will take us. James E. Hall
Sharia law has nothing to do with this at all. It’s crazy. It’s crazy. The guy’s an American citizen who has been an admitted lawyer to practice in the state of New Jersey, swearing an oath to uphold the laws of New Jersey, the constitution of the state of New Jersey, and the Constitution of the United States of America…this sharia law business is crap. It’s just crazy. And I’m tired of dealing with the crazies. It’s just unnecessary to be accusing this guy of things just because of his religious background. Chris Christie
Allah says: "If they repent before you overcome them, you should know that Allah is forgiving and merciful."...we are opening the door of forgiveness... and acceptance of Islamic law, to all who have strayed and committed a crime in the name of religion...Everyone who belongs to this group that has wronged itself who has not yet been apprehended in terrorist operations – we offer them a chance to return to Allah...Anyone who accepts this and surrenders of his own free will...will be treated according to the law of Allah Abdullah bin Abd al-Aziz Al Saud
...the policies that the United States has chosen unfortunately have brought about the wrong sentiment toward the United States and has only increased, and will only increase, extremism in our region. Mohammed Khatami
Yesterday we obeyed kings and bent our necks before emperors. But today we kneel only to truth, follow only beauty, and obey only love Khalil Gibran
I say to America, Europe, and the West: It is in your interests to change your relations and policies regarding the Arab and Islamic nation and the Palestinian cause. Because we are winning, it is in your interests to deal with the victors, not the losers. Khaled Mashal
Tomorrow, our nation will sit on the throne of the world Khaled Mashal
We know that misidentification is a major issue for us. Dan Sutherland
I will never allow non-Bumiputra students to enter Universiti Teknologi Mara. I will not compromise on this matter. Shafie Salleh
In Malaysia, everybody knows that Malays are the masters of this land. We rule this country as provided for in the federal constitution. Any one who touches upon Malay affairs or criticizes Malays is offending our sensitivities Azimi Daim
I do not agree that the dog in a manger has the final right to the manger even though he may have lain there for a very long time. I do not admit that right. I do not admit for instance, that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indians of America or the black people of Australia. I do not admit that a wrong has been done to these people by the fact that a stronger race, a higher-grade race, a more worldly wise race to put it that way, has come in and taken their place. Winston Churchill
Islam transforms countries to 7th century Arabian culture. FBI
The (Jews) are brought in droves to Palestine so that the Palestinians – and the Islamic nation behind them – will have the honor of annihilating the evil of this gang. In just a few years, all the Zionists and the settlers will realize that their arrival in Palestine was for the purpose of the great massacre, by means of which Allah wants to relieve humanity of their evil. Yunis Al-Astal
The law supports the indigenous disciplines operating in our society, through the authority of the elders …. It must be recognized that crime is a biological fact of society, whether ancient or modern, It grows out of social condition and is not to been contained without the most careful examination of its etiology… In that process, it would be well not to reject, out of hand as being out-dated, the principles and techniques laid down and applied by the ancients, for dealing with the problem in their times. They may have their uses, and certainly in eastern countries, they still possess validity. Alvin Robert Cornelius
It makes courts rely on federal and state law when deciding cases. It forbids courts from considering or using international law. It forbids courts from considering or using Sharia Law. It makes courts rely on federal and state law when deciding cases. It forbids courts from considering or using international law. It forbids courts from considering or using Sharia Law. Oklahoma
These Christians are hard-line missionaries who have inserted themselves into Islam like a parasite. Morteza Tamadon
The top-to-toe burka, with its sinister, airless little grille, is more than an instrument of persecution, it is a public tarring and feathering of female sexuality. It transforms any woman into an object of defilement too untouchably disgusting to be seen. It is a garment of lurid sexual suggestiveness: what rampant desire and desirability lurks and leers beneath its dark mysteries? In its objectifying of women, it turns them into cowering creatures demanding and expecting violence and victimization…. More moderate versions of the garb – the dull, uniform coat to the ground and the plain headscarf – have much the same effect Mary Louisa Toynbee
Most contemporary Muslims, not just Islamist fundamentalists, view homosexuality as a byproduct of increased Westernization. Because of this view, many people are not concerned with protecting the rights of the gay minority…. Homosexual rape is also a very powerful and often-utilized humiliation tool. Repressive regimes, like those in Iran and Pakistan, use homosexual rape on political opponents as a policy of repression. This tactic is often seen as more politically effective than killing people, as it denies people of their manhood. Nicole S. Kligerman
In Turkey, Egypt and the Maghreb, men who are ‘active’ in sexual relations with other men are not considered homosexual; the sexual domination of other men even confers a status of hyper-masculinity. Khalid Duran
We have too many mosques in this country Peter T. King
I find myself, the author of a book written to promote a wider understanding of Islam, under a death threat and in need of protection. CAIR has put my life in peril. Its actions are the culmination of a campaign meant to intimidate and silence not only me, but any Muslim in America who would speak out in favor of freedom, tolerance, and dialogue. Khalid Duran
Islamofascism Khalid Duran
Jews are the brothers of the monkeys and the swine. Verily behind me is a Jew. Then come and kill him Unfortunately we hear too many people saying we must build bridges with them. No. They understand one language. It is the language of the sword, and it is the only language they understand., In order to establish security on this earth …, the word of Allah will be the superior word. Younus Kathrada
You can't bring Saudi Arabia into Canada. Zijad Delic
Muslim leaders should say that nobody has a right to kill innocent people and destroy the future of children and their possibilities in life. Zijad Delic
The burqa is a prison for women, a tool of sexist domination and Islamist indoctrination, Veils had no basis in Islam and "belong to a tiny minority tradition reflecting an ideology that scuttles the Muslim religion., If they want to wear the veil, they can go to a country where it's the tradition, like Saudi Arabia. Hassen Chalghoumi
Islam is against slavery, but no sura explicitly forbids it. This shows that it is necessary to come up with a new historical and sociological reading of the scriptures. Bassam Tahhan
To read the Koran rationally is to accept that the Koran is open [to interpretation] and has many meanings. The tradition regards the Koran as one-dimensional and fixed. This approach is not rationalist. To be a rationalist is to accept that each era, with its [particular] methods and discoveries, presents its own reading of the Koran, and this is the way it will be until the end of days. To be a rationalist is to acknowledge that the orthodox approach is fundamentally wrong since it does not accept the multiplicity of readings Bassam Tahhan
A secular state can offer security to Muslims since it is compatible with acknowledging that religion is important and, that in a religiously plural environment the state does not allow believers in one religious tradition to enjoy a privileged status. All are citizens with equal rights. Allama Maulana Qamaruzzaman Azmi
We will work to educate the public regarding the current threat to America of radicals who exploit Islam through militancy. We believe in the equality of the sexes which is well established in the Koran., We will promote tolerance in Islam as being a fundamental principle of the Holy Koran. American Islamic Forum for Democracy
We find traditions of liberty, rationality, and tolerance in the rich histories of pre-Islamic and Islamic societies. These values do not belong to the West or the East; they are the common moral heritage of humankind. St. Petersburg Declaration
There is a noble future for Islam as a personal faith, not a political doctrine St. Petersburg Declaration
We demand the release of Islam from its captivity to the totalitarian ambitions of power-hungry men and the rigid strictures of orthodoxy. St. Petersburg Declaration
It was so surprising to me when we hosted the woman-led prayer in New York in 2005 and we got death threats. People actually called my house and my parents. And they were Muslims--people who knew me, who threatened my physical safety and threatened the physical safety of my friends and family. Somebody traced one of the emails and it was a 16-year-old Muslim kid who lived in the same state. We need to rigorously not be allowing that type of stuff. Saleemah Abdul-Ghafur
The defendant's proposition that the requirement of Christians and Jews to pay jizyah (poll tax) constitutes a reversal of humanity's efforts to establish a better world is contrary to the divine verses on the question of jizyah, in a manner considered by some, inappropriate, even for temporal matters and judgments notwithstanding its inappropriateness when dealing with the Koran and Sunnah, whose texts represent the pinnacle of humane and generous treatment of non-Muslim minorities Egypt
Modernity is based on reason, Islam must therefore be shown not to contradict reason, thus we may prove that Islam is compatible with modernity Muhammad Abduh
Say: O People of the Scripture! Come to a common word between us and you: that we shall worship none but God, and that we shall ascribe no partner unto Him, and that none of us shall take others for lords beside God. Muhammad
Most unfortunately, none among us arise as reformers save that they depart from moderation into extremism, and the call cannot succeed with extremism. The Wahhabis undertook reform, and their sect would be good were it not for their extremism and excess. What need is there for their call that the tomb of the Prophet be destroyed? Or their assertion that all other Muslims are infidels? Or that they must be extirpated? Muhammad Abduh
Islam will have no truck with traditionalism, against which it campaigns relentlessly, to break its power over men's minds and eradicate its deep-seated influence. Muhammad Abduh
New and useful sciences are essential to our life in this age and are our defense against aggression and humiliation. Muhammad Abduh
I went to the West and saw Islam, but no Muslims; I got back to the East and saw Muslims, but not Islam. Muhammad Abduh
No country can ever flourish or make its mark as a nation, as long as the principle of (educational) compulsion is absent Muhammed Shah Aga Kahn III
A second cause of our present apathy is the terrible position of Moslem women. There is absolutely nothing in Islam, or the Koran, or the example of the first two centuries, to justify this terrible and cancerous growth that has for nearly a thousand, years eaten into the very vitals of Islamic society…. the present system … means the permanent imprisonment and enslavement of half the nation. How can we expect progress from the children of mothers who have never shared, or even seen, the free social intercourse of modern mankind? This terrible cancer that has grown since the 3rd and 4th century of the Hijra must either be cut out, or the body of Moslem society will be poisoned to death by the permanent waste of all the women of the nation. Muhammed Shah Aga Kahn III
We have neglected industry and commerce just as we have neglected every other opportunity of progress. Muhammed Shah Aga Kahn III
In Mahomedan society, we too often hear futile laments over the loss of political power, but we must remember that in the modern world a monopoly of political power, such as Moslems once held in India, is neither possible nor even desirable. Now that general liberty is given to all, the monopoly, or even a desire for the monopoly, of political power is both immoral and of no benefit. The just man does not even wish to possess privileges to the necessary exclusion of others. Muhammed Shah Aga Kahn III
Throughout the whole length and breadth of India how many national schools are there in existence which educate Moslem boys and girls in their faith and at the same time in modern secular science? Is there even one to every hundred that our nation needs and which we should have established had we been like any other healthy people? There are, indeed, a certain number of old-fashioned … Madrassas which continue to give a parrot-like teaching of the Koran… not one per cent. of the boys understand what they say or why. Muhammed Shah Aga Kahn III
We are undertaking a formidable task when we attempt to correct and remodel the ideals of our people. But for the task before us, we Indian Musalmans possess many advantages; we have the advantage of living under a Government which administers justice evenly between rich and poor and between persons of different creeds and classes; in the second place, we enjoy complete freedom to devise plans for the amelioration of our people. We have no reason to fear that our deliberations will be abruptly closed if we propose schemes of education other than those approved by Government. We know that no book and no branch of knowledge will be forbidden to us by official command; and, lastly, we know that, under the protection of British rule, we shall be allowed to work out to the end any plans for social and economic salvation which we may devise. Our wealth will not excite rapacity, nor our advancement in learning awaken the jealousy of our rulers. Muhammed Shah Aga Kahn III
The temptation to inculcate rather than to educate is understandably strong among long frustrated populations. In many such places, public emotions fluctuate between bitter impatience and indifferent skepticism - and neither impatience nor indifference are favorable atmospheres for encouraging reasoned thought. Aga Khan IV
The children of Adam, created of the self-same clay, are members of one body. When one member suffers, all members suffer, likewise. O Thou, who art indifferent to the suffering of the fellow, thou art unworthy to be called a man. بنى آدم اعضای يك پیکرند که در آفرينش ز یک گوهرند چو عضوى به درد آورد روزگار دگر عضوها را نماند قرار تو کز محنت دیگران بی غمی نشاید که نامت نهند آدمی Saadi; Mosleh al-Din Saadi Shirazi
When hearing something unusual, do not preemptively reject it, for that would be folly. Indeed, horrible things may be true, and familiar and praised things may prove to be lies. Truth is truth unto itself, not because people say it is. Ibn Al-Nafis
Civic rationality and modern capitalism triumphed in the medieval northern European cities – but not in Chinese, Indian or Muslim cities Max Weber
Women who chose to fight for their rights in the context of Islam and its teaching are breaking new paths that had been barred to them for over a millennium. The process has been slow and hard and different in different countries. Throughout, the most effective strategy has been to insist that Islam does not recognize intermediaries between God and the believers, and each Muslim has the right to discover her/his faith and engage with it through the very words of God as recorded in the Koran. Haleh Afshar
It will take more initiatives, both from within and beyond immigrant circles, to prevent Salafists and other Islamists from achieving the upper hand with their anti-democratic authoritarianism. Diedre Berger

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