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One of the grand fundamental principles of Mormonism is to receive truth, let it come from whence it may. Joseph Smith, Jr.
Take away the Book of Mormon and the revelations, and where is our religion? We have none. Joseph Smith, Jr.
The three biggest dangers to the church are homosexuals, feminists and “so called scholars”. Boyd K. Packer
We've always counseled in the Church for our Mexican members to marry Mexicans, our Japanese members to marry Japanese, our Caucasians to marry Caucasians, our Polynesian members to marry Polynesians. The counsel has been wise…. Plan, young people, to marry into your own race. Boyd K. Packer
As a Jew, I've been called many a bad name, but this is the first time in my life that I've been called a 'damned Gentile'! Simon Bamberger
The Mormon Church not only offends the moral sense of manhood by sanctioning polygamy, but prevents the administration of justice through ordinary instrumentalities of law. In my judgment it is the duty of Congress, while respecting to the uttermost the conscientious convictions and religious scruples of every citizen, to prohibit within its jurisdiction all criminal practices, especially of that class which destroy the family relations and endanger social order. Nor can any ecclesiastical organization be safely permitted to usurp in the smallest degree the functions and powers of the National Government. James A. Garfield
We consider it of divine institution and not to be abolished until the curse pronounced on Ham shall have been removed from his descendants. Brigham Young
I have fifteen; I know no one who has more; but some of those sealed to me are old ladies whom I regard rather as mothers than wives, but whom I have taken home to cherish and support. Brigham Young
We believe that all governments necessarily require civil officers and magistrates to enforce the laws of the same; and that such as will administer the law in equity and justice should be sought for and upheld by the voice of the people. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; Mormons
… an anomalous, not to say scandalous, condition. Ulysses S. Grant
Legalized licentiousness.... Every wife, every mother, every daughter in the land is awaiting the action of the House today. John F. Fitzgerald
Our people [Mormons] are free to live their life as they please. They have to make choices. Gordon B. Hinckley
That’s behind us. Let’s don’t worry about those little fits of history. Gordon B. Hinckley
Deseret—Mormon name for Utah And they did also carry with them Deseret, which, by interpretation, is a honeybee; and thus they did carry with them swarms of bees, and all manner of that which was upon the face of the land, seeds of every kind. Book of Mormon
Do ye suppose that mercy can rob justice? I say unto you, Nay; not one whit. If so, God would cease to be God Book of Mormon
The leaders of this people cause them to err; and they that are led of them are destroyed Book of Mormon
There is nothing which is secret save it shall be revealed; there is no work of darkness save it shall be made manifest in the light; and there is nothing which is sealed upon the earth save it shall be loosed. Book of Mormon
There was a strict command throughout all the churches that there should be no persecutions among them, that there should be an equality among all men. Book of Mormon
And it came to pass that he caused many buildings to be built in the land Shilom ... which had been a resort for the children of Nephi ... and thus he did do with the riches which he obtained by the taxation of his people. Book of Mormon
Whosoever would not take up arms in the defense of their country, but would fight against it, were put to death. Book of Mormon
We will apprise your honor that the Mormons have and keep a lawless armed force stationed in our country, and are constantly throwing out menaces, threats and challenges to our citizens. Influenced by fearful apprehensions of danger, we, the people of the above counties, sent an Express to Richmond last week for arms and ammunition, and on their return with their load of guns, say, forty-five, several kegs of powder and two hundred pounds of lead, they were intercepted on Sunday last, in passing through Caldwell county, by a banditti of those fanatical enthusiasts, made prisoners of, and taken to Far West, where they, the guard and the above munitions of war, are still held in custody….unless we can get rid of those emissaries of the Prince of Darkness—we and our families are ruined. .. Anonymous
Things are not so bad in that county as represented by rumor, and, in fact, from affidavits I have no doubt your Excellency has been deceived by the exaggerated statements of designing or half crazy men. I have found there is no cause of alarm on account of the Mormons; they are not to be feared; they are very much alarmed. David Rice Atchison
The orders said to decoy the emigrants from their position, and kill all of them that could talk. This order was in writing.... John D. Lee
James Stone after being duly sworn deposeth and sayeth, that on the 20th day of October 1838 the people called Mormon came to his house, and told him if he did not leave Daviess County against next morning, against sunrise, that they would take his head with their sword, and drew their sword and waved it at him, and said they would take his heart's blood if he did not leave [the] county. And then this affiant took them at their word and left his house about 10 O'Clock in the night, he and 2 other men, and went back next morning and his house was robbed. James Stone
Do not know what to do. I will remain passive until I hear from you. I do not believe calling out the militia will avail anything towards restoring peace, unless they were called out in such force as to fight the Mormons & drive them from the country. This would satisfy this people, but I cannot agree to it. I hold myself ready to execute, as far as I can go, any order from you, and wish you to advise the Commander-in-Chief as to the situation of the upper country. Perhaps a visit from him would have some effect in allaying the excitement Hiram G. Parks
They [the Mormons] have plundered or robbed and burned every house in Gallatin, our county seat, among the rest our Post Office, have driven almost every individual from the county, who are now flying before them with their families, many of whom have been forced out without necessary clothing, their wives and little children wading in many instances through the snow without a shoe. When the miserable families are then forced out, their houses are plundered and then burned. They are making this universal throughout the county. They have burned for me two houses and, sir, think this not exaggeration, for all is not told. And for the truth of all and every statement here made, I pledge the honor of an officer & gentleman. William. P. Penniston
This county is the theatre of a civil war, and will soon be one of desolation, unless the citizens of the adjoining counties lend immediate assistance. The infatuated Mormons have assembled in large numbers in De Witt, prepared for war, and are continually pouring in from all quarters where these detestable fanatics reside. The war is commenced; blood has been shed. They shed it. They waylayed and fired upon a body of the citizens of Carroll County, & wounded some. They are the aggressors. They have been guilty of high treason, they have violated the laws and shed the blood of our citizens, and we think this one of the cases of emergency in which the people ought to take the execution of justice in their own hands. Speedy action is necessary. The progress of their imposition, insult and oppression ought to be checked in the beginning Congrave Jackson
To crown the whole folly of the Mormons, in the Spring of 1844, Joe Smith announced himself as a candidate for President of the United States, and many of his followers were confident he would be elected. He next caused himself to be anointed king and priest, and to give character to his pretensions, he declared his lineage in an unbroken line from Joseph, the son of Jacob, and that of his wife from some other important personae of the ancient Hebrews. Henry Von Wackerbarth
A doctrine was revealed that it was impossible for a woman to get to heaven except as the wife of a Mormon elder; that each elder might marry as many women as he could maintain, and that any female might be sealed to eternal life by becoming their concubine. This licentiousness, the origin of polygamy in that church, they endeavored to justify by all appeal to Abraham, Jacob and other favorites of God in former ages of the world. Henry Von Wackerbarth
The Mormons have placed themselves in rebellion against the Union, and entertain the insane design of establishing a form of government thoroughly despotic and repugnant to our institutions. Albert Sidney Johnston
If the Lord blesses us as he has done, we can have 1000 brave warriors on hand in a short time to help quell any eruption that might take place … Brigham Young
I was not desirous of shrinking of any duty, nor of failing in the least to do as I was commanded, but it was the first time in my life that I desired the grave. Brigham Young
Occasionally, we receive questions as to the propriety of Church members receiving government assistance instead of Church assistance. Let me restate what is a fundamental principle. Individuals, to the extent possible, should provide for their own needs. Where the individual is unable to care for himself, his family should assist. Where the family is not able to provide, the Church should render assistance, not the government. We accept the basic principle that ‘though the people support the government, the government should not support the people.’ Latter-day Saints should not receive unearned welfare assistance from local or national agencies. This includes food stamps. Priesthood and Relief Society leaders should urge members to accept the Church welfare program and earn through the program that which they need, even though they may receive less food and money. By doing so, members will be spiritually strengthened, and they will maintain their dignity and self-respect. Ezra Taft Benson
We know that sometimes the mother works outside of the home at the encouragement, or even insistence, of her husband. It is he who wants the items of convenience that the extra income can buy. Not only will the family suffer in such instances, brethren, but your own spiritual growth and progression will be hampered. I say to all of you, the Lord has charged men with the responsibility to provide for their families in such a way that the wife is allowed to fulfill her role as mother in the home. Ezra Taft Benson
Don’t listen to music that is degrading. Ezra Taft Benson
Our Constitution and Bill of Rights guarantee to all our people the greatest freedom ever enjoyed by the public of any great nation. This system guarantees freedom of individual enterprise, freedom to own property, freedom to start one's own business and to operate it according to one's own judgment so long as the enterprise is honorable. The individual has power to produce beyond his needs, to provide savings for the future protection of himself and family. He can live where he wishes and pick any job he wants and select any educational opportunity Ezra Taft Benson
Thou, O Lord, did once move upon the heart of Cyrus to show favor unto Jerusalem and her children. Do Thou now also be pleased to inspire the hearts of kings and the powers of the earth to look with a friendly eye towards this place, and with a desire to see Thy righteous purposes executed in relation thereto. Let them know that it is Thy good pleasure to restore the kingdom unto Israel--raise up Jerusalem as its capital, and constitute her people a distinct nation and government, with David Thy servant, even a descendant from the loins of ancient David to be their king. Let that nation or that people who shall take an active part in behalf of Abraham's children, and in the raising up of Jerusalem, find favor in Thy sight. Let not their enemies prevail against them, neither let pestilence or famine overcome them, but let the glory of Israel overshadow them, and the power of the Highest protect them; while that nation or kingdom that will not serve Thee in this glorious work must perish. Orson Hyde
I am going to bear my testimony to this assembly, if I never do it again in my life, that those men who laid the foundation of this American government and signed the Declaration of Independence were the best spirits the God of heaven could find on the face of the earth. They were choice spirits …. Every one of those men that signed the Declaration of Independence, with General Washington, called upon me, as an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, in the Temple at St. George, two consecutive nights, and demanded at my hands that I should go forth and attend to the ordinances of the House of God for them. Would those spirits have called upon me, as an elder in Israel, to perform that work if they had not been noble spirits before God? Wilford Woodruff
There is absolutely nothing in the Mormon's religion inconsistent with the most patriotic devotion to the government of the United States. Revelation and the commandments of the church require that the Constitution and the laws of the land be upheld. It is also part of our belief that the time will come when the country will be distracted and general lawlessness prevail. Then the Mormon people will step forward and take an active part in rescuing the nation from ruin. Wilford Woodruff
We are charged with being a menace to the United States, with being inimical to the Constitution and Government, simply because we have undertaken to legitimately and legally test in the courts, as we have the most perfect right to do, the legality and constitutionality of the law and the commissioners' rulings John Taylor
Concerning the course taken by the United States, they have a right to reject this law of Celestial Marriage themselves, as they have a right to reject the Gospel; but it is contrary to the provisions of the Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land, for them to prohibit you from obeying it. John Taylor
The facts are the people, one hundred thousand American citizens, living in the Territory of Utah, with the full rights of free men, and the protecting guarantees of a written constitution, find in the persons of federal officers "another government" not of the people, and in violation of Constitutional guarantees and authority; claiming to come from the United States, ‘imperium in imperio.’ John Taylor
We do not expect that Congress is acquainted with our religious faith; but . . . we do claim the guarantees of the Constitution and immunity from persecution on merely religious grounds. John Taylor
When we talk about the Constitution of the United States, we are sometimes apt to quote—"Vox populi, vox Dei;" that is, The voice of the people is the voice of God. But in some places they ought to say, VOX POPULI, VOX DIABOLI; that is, the voice of the people is the voice of the Devil. John Taylor
There was not virtue enough either in state or general government to protect an innocent, helpless people in the enjoyment of their Constitutional rights. John Taylor
. . If there is any man in this congregation, or anywhere else, that will show me any principle or authority in the Constitution of the United States that authorizes the President of the United States to send out governors and judges to this Territory, I would like to see it. John Taylor
I would like to obey and place myself in subjection to every law of man. What then? Am I to disobey the law of God? Has any man a right to control my conscience, or your conscience? ...No man has a right to do it. John Taylor
We believe that all legislative assemblies should confine themselves to constitutional principles; and that all such laws should be implicitly obeyed by every American. John Taylor
Ye shall defend your families even unto bloodshed. Book of Mormon
The whole world is in the midst of a war that seems the worst of all time. The Church is a world-wide church. Its devoted members are in both camps. They are the innocent war instrumentalities of their warring sovereignties. On each side they believe they are fighting for home, country, and freedom. On each side, our brethren pray to the same God, in the same name, for victory. Both sides cannot be wholly right; perhaps neither is without wrong. God will work out in His own due time and in His own sovereign way the justice and right of the conflict but he will not hold the innocent instrumentalities of the war, our brethren in arms, responsible for the conflict. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Even if the sword is taken up in self-defense, it is a fearful choice. It should be undertaken only if God commands (D&C 98:33) and after ‘a standard of peace’ has been offered three times (98:34-38). Robert S. Wood
We love the Constitution of our country, but are opposed to mobocracy; and will not live under such oppression as we have done. We are willing to have the banner of the U.S. constitution float over us. If the government of the U.S. is disposed to do us good; we can do them as much good as they can us. Brigham Young
It is a pretty bold stand for this people to take, to say that they will not be controlled by the corrupt administrators of our General Government. We will be controlled by them, if they will be controlled by the Constitution and laws; but they will not. Many of them do not care any more about the constitution and the laws that they make than they do about the laws of another nation. Brigham Young
Every government of the world has the seeds of its own destruction in itself. Brigham Young
According to the Constitution of our Government, we have rights in common with our fellow-countrymen. We have a right to settle in any unoccupied and unclaimed part of the public domain owned by our Government, where the machinery of the Government has not extended, and there govern and control ourselves according to republican principles; and the Congress of the United States is not authorized in the least, by the Constitution that governs it, to make laws for the new settlement, and appoint adjudicators and administrators of the law for it. . . . In ‘Amendments to the Constitution of the United States,’ articles nine and ten, it is definitely stated that ‘The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.’ . . . ‘The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.’ . . . Brigham Young
To accuse us of being unfriendly to the Government, is to accuse us of hostility to our religion, for no item of inspiration is held more sacred with us than the Constitution under which she acts. As a religious society, we, in common with all other denominations, claim its protection Brigham Young
The General Constitution of our country is good, and a wholesome government could be framed upon it, for it was dictated by the invisible operations of the Almighty… Brigham Young
Sustain the government of the nation wherever you are, and speak well of it, for this is right, and the government has a right to expect it of you, so long as that government sustains you in your civil and religious liberty, in those rights which inherently belong to every person born on the earth and if you are persecuted in your native land, and denied the privilege of worshipping the true God in spirit and in truth, flee to the land of Zion, to America—to the United States, where constitutional rights and freedoms are not surpassed by any nation—where God saw fit, in these last days, to renew the dispensation of salvation, by revelations from the heavens, and where all, by the constitution and laws of the land, when executed in righteousness, are protected in all the civil and religious freedom that man is capable of enjoying on earth Brigham Young
In the United States the people are the government; and their united voice is the only sovereign that should rule; the only power that should be obeyed; and the only gentlemen that should be honored; at home and abroad; on the land and the sea. Joseph Smith, Jr.
… were I president of the United States, by the voice of a virtuous people, I would honor the old paths of the venerated fathers of freedom; I would walk in the tracks of the illustrious patriots. who carried the ark of the government upon their shoulders with an eye single to the glory of the people and when that people petitioned to abolish slavery in the slave states, I would use all honorable means to have their prayers granted; and give liberty to the captive; Joseph Smith, Jr.
I love the government and the constitution of the United States, but I do not love the damned rascals who administer the government Brigham Young
The people may have faults, but they should never be trifled with Joseph Smith, Jr.
… when we have the red man's consent, let the union spread from the east to the west sea; and if Texas petitions Congress to be adopted among the sons of liberty, give her the right hand of fellowship; and refuse not the same friendly grip to Canada and Mexico. Joseph Smith, Jr.
Give every man his constitutional freedom, and the president full power to send an army to suppress mobs; and the states authority to repeal and impugn that relic of folly, which makes it necessary for the governor of a state to make the demand of the president for troops, in case of invasion or rebellion. The governor himself may be a mobber and, instead of being punished, as he should be, for murder and treason, he may destroy the very lives, rights, and property he should protect. Joseph Smith, Jr.
After the April Conference we will have General Conferences all over the nation, and I will attend as many as convenient. Tell the people we have had Whig and Democratic Presidents long enough: we want a President of the United States. If I ever get into the presidential chair, I will protect the people in their rights and liberties. Joseph Smith, Jr.
… to maintain sincere neutrality towards belligerent nations; to prefer in all cases amicable discussion and reasonable accommodation of intrigues and foreign partialities, so degrading to all countries, and so baneful to free ones; to foster a spirit of independence too just to invade the rights of others, too proud to surrender their own, too liberal to indulge unworthy prejudices ourselves, and too elevated not to look down upon them in others; to hold the union of the States as the basis of their peace and happiness; to support the constitution, which is the cement of the union, as well in its limitations as in its authorities; to respect the rights and authorities reserved to the states and to the people, as equally incorporated with, and essential to the success, of the general system; to avoid the slightest interference with the rights of conscience, or the functions of religion, so wisely exempted from civil jurisdiction; to preserve in their full energy, the other salutary provisions in behalf of private and personal rights, and of the freedom of the press; as far as intention aids in the fulfillment of duty, are consummations too big with benefits not to captivate the energies of all honest men to achieve them, when they can be brought to pass by reciprocation, friendly alliances, wise legislation, and honorable treaties. Joseph Smith, Jr.
No honest man can doubt for a moment, but the glory of American Liberty, is on the wane Joseph Smith, Jr.
We care not a fig for Whig or Democrat: they are both alike to us; but we shall go for our friends, our TRIED FRIENDS … DOUGLAS is a Master Spirit, and his friends are our friends—we are willing to cast our banners on the air, and fight by his side in the cause of humanity, and equal rights—the cause of liberty and the law Joseph Smith, Jr.
We strongly believe that Jesus Christ, if he were alive in the flesh in this time and voted, would NEVER vote for Mitt Romney under any circumstances. Mitt Romney represents Mormonism which is counterfeit Christianity, a cult. Christians for Truth
The family is the most important unit of society…. When all is said and done, there is nothing more important than the family. Gordon B. Hinckley
We can replace the Negro mania with an anti-Mormon crusade. Robert Tyler
I feel like a father with a great family of children around me, in a winter storm, and I am looking with calmness, confidence and patience, for the clouds to break and the sun to shine, so that I can run out...and say, “Children, come home....I am ready to kill the fatted calf and make a joyful feast to all who will come and partake.” Brigham Young
[The state would] have an equal right to make laws protecting polygamy. Brigham Young
Federal Authority against Polygamic Theocracy. James Bedell McKean
give the lie to the popular clam our that the women of Utah are oppressed and held in bondage. Let the world know that the women of Utah prefer virtue to vice, and the home of an honorable wife to the gilded pageantry of fashionable temples of sin. Harriet Elizabeth Cook Young
It has been and is said of myself and the people over whom I have the honor to preside, that they frequently indulge in strictures upon the acts of men who are intrusted with governmental affairs, and the Government itself sometimes does not wholly escape. Now, sir, I will simply state what I know to be true, that no people exists who are more friendly to the Government of the United States than the people of this Territory. The Constitution they revere, the laws they seek to honor. But the non-execution of those laws in times past, for our protection, and the abuse of power in the hands of those intrusted therewith, even in the hands of those whom we have supported for office, even betraying us in the hour of our greatest peril and extremity, but withholding the due execution of laws designed for the protection of all the citizens of the United States: it is for this we have cause of complaint, not the want of good and wholesome laws, but the execution of the same, in the true meaning and spirit of the constitution. Brigham Young
It is well known to every man in this community, and has become a matter of history throughout the enlightened world, that the government of the United States looked on the scenes of robbing, driving, and murdering of this people and said nothing about the matter, but by silence gave sanction to the lawless proceedings. Hundreds of women and children have been laid in the tomb prematurely. Brigham Young
This present race of Indians will never be converted. It mattereth not whether they kill one another off or if somebody else does it. And as for our sending missionaries among them to convert them, it is of no use Brigham Young
Do we wish the Indians any evil? No we would do them good, for they are human beings, though most awfully degraded. We would have taught them to plow & sow, and reap and thresh, but they prefer idleness and theft. Brigham Young
It is our wish that the Indian title should be extinguished, and the Indians removed from our territory Utah and that for the best of reasons, because they are doing no good here to themselves or anybody else… Is it desirable that the barren soil of the mountain valleys should be converted into fruitful fields? Let the Indians be removed. Is it desirable that the way should be opened for a rapid increase of population into our new State or Territory Brigham Young
The doctrine of celestial marriage or marriage for all eternity is believed in and practiced by the Saints in Utah territory and will be clearly explained. The views of the Saints, in regard to the ancient patriarchal order of matrimony or the plurality of wives as developed in a revelation given through Joseph Smith the Seer, will be fully published … in the very first number. Also, the celestial origin, pre-existence of spirits and so on. It is hoped the president-elect, honorable members of Congress, the heads of the various departments of national government, the high-minded governors and legislative assemblies of the several states and territories, the ministers of every religious denomination, and all inhabitants of the great republic will patronize this periodical. Orson Pratt
I love the government and the Constitution of the United States, but I do not love the damned rascals who administer the government. Brigham Young
Of the parties organized in the States to cross the plains there was hardly one that did not break into fragments and the division of property caused a great deal of difficulty. Many of these litigants applied to the courts of Deseret for redress of grievances, and there was every appearance of impartiality and strict justice done to all parties John W. Gunnison
theodemocracy Mormons
While we appreciate the constitution of the United States as the most precious among the nations, we feel that we had rather retreat to the deserts, islands, or mountain caves than consent to be ruled by governors and judges whose hands are drenched in the blood of innocence and virtue, who delight in injustice and oppression. Brigham Young
Be it ordained that no person is entitled to more fuel than will last him to the first day of October, 1848, or to more poles of timber than will answer his present fencing or building Salt Lake City
He who is idle shall not eat the bread nor wear the garments of the laborer Brigham Young
I find much excitement among the Indians in consequence of the whites settling and taking possession of their country, driving off and killing their game and in some instances driving off the Indians themselves. The greatest complaint on this score is against the Mormons. They seem not to be satisfied with taking possession of the valley of the Great Salt Lake, but are making arrangements to settle the rich valleys and best lands in the territory. This creates much dissatisfaction among the Indians and excites them to acts of revenge. They attack immigrants, plunder and commit murder whenever they find a party weak enough to enable them to do so, thereby making the innocent suffer for the injuries done by others. Jacob H. Holeman
I can take the opportunity of again stating to you as my fixed opinion that with Governor Young at the head of the Indian Department in this territory, it cannot be conducted in such a manner to meet with the views of or do justice to the government. He has been so much in the habit of exercising his will which is supreme here, that no one will dare oppose anything he may say or do. His orders are obeyed without regard to their consequences and whatever is in the interest of the Mormons is done whether it is according to the interest of the government or not. Jacob H. Holeman
Do you believe that a dead woman can conceive from a live man and bring forth a live child? Do you believe it, any of you mothers? Do you believe it, any of you fathers? No, you know better. Well, if a woman will not produce when she is dead, then the earth cannot produce living things if it was dead. Does the earth conceive? It does, and it brings forth. If it did not, why do you go and put your wheat into the ground? Does it not conceive it? But it does not conceive except you put it there. It conceives and brings forth, and you and I live, both for food and for clothing, silks and satins. What! satin grow? Yes. What produces it? The silkworm produces it. Does the silkworm produce except it conceives? No, it eats of the mulberry tree. Where does the mulberry tree come from? It comes from the earth. Where did the earth come from? From its parent earths. Well, some of you may call that foolish philosophy. But if it is, I will throw out foolish things, that you may gather up wise things. The earth is alive. If it was not, it could not produce: If you find a piece of earth that is dead, you cannot produce anything from it, except you resurrect it and restore it to life. Heber Chase Kimball
Since the day that we first trod the soil of these valleys, have we received any assistance from our neighbors? No, we have not. We have built our homes, our cities, have made our farms, have dug our canals and water ditches, have subdued this barren country, have fed the stranger, have clothed the naked, have immigrated the poor from foreign lands, have placed them in a condition to make all comfortable and have made some rich. We have fed the Indians to the amount of thousands of dollars yearly, have clothed them in part, and have sustained several Indian wars, and now we have built thirty-seven miles of railroad. All this having been done, are our cities, our counties and the Territory in debt? No, not the first dollar. Brigham Young
Gain their confidence, love and esteem and make them feel by your acts that we are their real friends. Brigham Young
Next to the sin of murder comes the sin of sexual impurity. Spencer W. Kimball
Love people, not things; use things, not people. Spencer W. Kimball
So long as men are corrupt and revel in sewer filth, entertainers will sell them what they want. Laws may be passed, arrests may be made, lawyers may argue, courts may sentence and jails may harbor men of corrupt minds, but pornography and allied insults to decency will never cease until men have cleansed their minds and cease to require and pay for such vile stuff. Spencer W. Kimball
Every Latter-day Saint should sustain, honor, and obey the constitutional law of the land in which he lives. Spencer W. Kimball
And now, verily I say unto you concerning the . . . law of the land which is constitutional, supporting that principle of freedom in maintaining rights and privileges, [that it] belongs to all mankind, and is justifiable before me. Therefore, I, the Lord, justify you . . . in befriending that law which is the constitutional law of the land. Joseph Smith, Jr.
The only way we can keep our freedom is to work at it. Not some of us. All of us. Not some of the time, but all of the time. So if you value your citizenship and you want to keep it for yourself and your children and their children, give it your faith, your belief, and give it your active support in civic affairs. Spencer W. Kimball
The Mormon people who are citizens of America today are intensely loyal to its Constitution and desire in every way to promote the God-given freedoms it was designed to protect. They have had experience with the tragedy that results when those freedoms are not protected, but this only feeds their determination to do all within their power to protect these freedoms, both for themselves and others, everywhere. Spencer W. Kimball
He [God] has heard our prayers, and by revelation has confirmed that the long-promised day has come when every faithful, worthy man in the Church may receive the holy priesthood, with power to exercise its divine authority, and enjoy with his loved ones every blessing that flows therefrom, including the blessings of the temple. Accordingly, all worthy male members of the Church may be ordained to the priesthood without regard for race or color. Spencer W. Kimball
Just cross out Mormon everywhere in the speech and replace it with Quaker. Calvin Trillin
You are challenged to avoid mediocrity, acquire knowledge from the sages of antiquity, the achievements of the scientific present, and the prophets of the living God. John H. Vandenberg
If we listen to the voices of the world, we will be misled. But if we listen to the voice of the Lord through His living prophet and follow his counsel, we will never go astray Virginia U. Jensen
Suffer not that these murderous combinations shall get above you... Book of Mormon
No other success can compensate for failure in the home. David O. McKay
Russia is enveloped with communism -- a new religious freedom must come. God will overrule it, for that people must hear the truth, and truth in simplicity. David O. McKay
Latter-day Saints should have nothing to do with secret combinations and groups antagonistic to the constitutional law of the land. David O. McKay
Last year in the United States alone over $98 billion was distributed in unearned government transfer payments and other aid to millions of men and women who most often did nothing for what they received. This character-weakening government dole is repeated in almost every nation of the world. We encourage Latter-day Saints everywhere to remain free of government assistance. Work for what you receive. Ezra Taft Benson
Put an underdog on top and it makes no difference whether his name is Russian, Jewish, Negro, Management, Labor, Mormon, Baptist he goes haywire. I've found very, very few who remember their past condition when prosperity comes. Look at the Congressional attitude on DPs — and they all come from DPs. Harry S Truman
Go tell your general for me that if he does not immediately withdraw his men, I will send them to hell! Joseph Smith, Jr.
No man lives without fault. Joseph Smith, Jr.
What many people call sin is not sin; I do many things to break down superstition, and I will break it down. Joseph Smith, Jr.
A man is saved no faster than he gets knowledge, for if he does not get knowledge, he will be brought into captivity by some evil power Joseph Smith, Jr.
if a man marry a wife by my word, which is my law, and by the new and everlasting covenant, and it is sealed unto them by the Holy Spirit of promise, by him who is anointed, unto whom I have appointed this power and the keys of this priesthood …Then shall they be gods, because they have no end … Joseph Smith, Jr.
…we have no right to interfere with slaves contrary to the mind and will of their masters. In fact, it would be much better and more prudent, not to preach at all to slaves, until after their masters are converted … the first mention we have of slavery is found in the holy bible, pronounced by a man [Abraham]…who was perfect in his generation and walked with God …when I see persons in the free states signing documents against slavery, it is no less, in my mind, than an array of influence, and a declaration of hostilities against the people of the South! … I do not believe that the people of the North have any more right to say that the South shall not hold slaves, than the South have to say the North shall. Joseph Smith, Jr.
Break off the shackles from the poor black man, and hire him to labor like other human beings Pray Congress to pay every man a reasonable price for his slaves out of the surplus revenue arising from the sale of public lands, and from the deduction of pay from the members of Congress. Petition, also, ye goodly inhabitants of the slave States, your legislators to abolish slavery by the year 1850, or now, and save the abolitionist from reproach and ruin, infamy and shame. My cogitations…have for a long time troubled me, when I viewed the condition of men throughout the world, and more especially in this boasted realm, where the Declaration of Independence “holds these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…” but at the same time some two or three millions of people are held as slaves for life, because the spirit in them is covered with a darker skin than ours... The Southern people are hospitable and noble. They will help to rid so free a country of every vestige of slavery, whenever they are assured of an equivalent for their property… Joseph Smith, Jr.
Slaves are real estate in this and other states, and wisdom would dictate great care among the branches of the church of Christ on this subject William Wines Phelps
They [Mormons] are, we believe, some kind-hearted people who think that what they are pleased to call the principles of American society militate against any interference with polygamy, because it is a religious custom. And this argument is supposed to be strengthened by the fact that the Mormon marriages are purely voluntary, and therefore concern only the men and women who make them. There is no similarity, it is said, between polygamy and such religious customs as those of the Thugs, which are enforced very much against the will of those chiefly interested. But this argument wholly overlooks a vital point in the case. Marriages do not merely concern the parents. They concern the offspring of the marriage, and it is for this very reason that the state interferes and enforces monogamy. The state is bound to protect the interests of its future citizens; and to treat polygamous marriages as if they concerned no one but those who voluntarily make the contract is to ignore a plain duty. All civilized modern countries consider that, in the interest of their future citizens, it is necessary to break up organized concubinage; they cannot in the nature of things treat it as a question of religion. Atlantic Monthly
Your notion and mine about polygamy is without doubt exactly the same; but you probably think we have some cause of quarrel with those people for putting it into their religion, whereas I think the opposite. Considering our complacent cant about this country of ours being the home of liberty of conscience, it seems to me that the attitude of our Congress and people toward the Mormon Church is matter for limitless laughter and derision. The Mormon religion is a religion: the negative vote of all of the rest of the globe could not break down that fact; and so I shall probably always go on thinking that the attitude of our Congress and nation toward it is merely good trivial stuff to make fun of. Mark Twain
The hand of the Church holds the souls of the saints by inevitable purse strings … Over all these matters Brigham [Young] has supreme control. His power is the most despotic known to mankind. Here, by the way, is the constitutionally vulnerable point of Mormonism. If fear of establishing a bad precedent hinder the United States at any time from breaking up that nest of all disloyalty, because of its licentious marriage institutions, Utah is still open to grave punishment, and the Administration inflicting it would have duty as well as vested right upon its side, on the ground that it stands pledged to secure to each of the nation's constituent sections a republican form of government, something which Utah has never enjoyed any more than Timbuktu. Fitz-Hugh Ludlow
The death of the modern Mahomet will seal the fate of Mormonism. They cannot get another Joe Smith. The holy city must tumble into ruins, and the ‘Latter-day Saints’ have indeed come to the latter day. New York Herald
Polygamy has always been odious among the northern and western nations of Europe, and, until the establishment of the Mormon Church, was almost exclusively a feature of the life of Asiatic and of African people. Morrison R. Waite
Polygamy is abhorrent to the sentiments and feelings of the civilized world. Melville Fuller
Our crime has been: We married women instead of seducing them; we reared children instead of destroying them; we desired to exclude from the land prostitution, bastardy and infanticide. George Q. Cannon
At the very least the [Mormon] church should make it clear that religious leaders cannot have sex with young girls just because an angel told them that it was OK to do so. Kristy Money
… a fairyland to us, for all intents and purposes—a land of enchantment and awful mystery. Samuel Langhorne Clemens; Mark

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