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I had learned from LBJ that courage is as important as tenacity if you are to get anything done in government. Joseph A. Califano Jr.
Already I realize the tremendous effort it requires not to be taken over by the Civil Service. My Minister’s room is like a padded cell, and in certain ways I am like a person who is suddenly certified a lunatic and put safely into this great vast room, cut off from real life ... Of course, they don’t behave quite like nurses because the Civil Service is profoundly deferential – “Yes, Minister! No, Minister! If you wish it, Minister! Yes minister.” Richard Crossman
The first essential for a Prime Minister is to be a good butcher. William E. Gladstone
The nanny state Ian Macleod
How can we so organize political institutions that bad or incompetent rulers can be prevented from doing too much damage? Karl Popper
I have watched as the Government stepped up the process of dismantling the State, throwing thousands of people onto the scrapheap, abolishing job creation and training programs.... I watched them maniacally cutting back programs ranging from industry R&D to family planning to dental hospital services for the poor. I watched this Government create a crisis of confidence in the higher education sector and attack our public school system. Cheryl Kernot
The principal concern of Mexico’s political elite today is how to build governing majorities and achieve consensus. M. Delal Baer
Striking a balance between governability and historical reckoning is most difficult during the early years of a democratic transition. M. Delal Baer
A small city, is better off with a government “for the people” than it is being ruled by a few people, or by only one. A larger city, according to the scale of magnitude, is better ruled by a few good rich men, rather then by the populace, or by one person. The largest cities or peoples are best ruled by a single king. Bartolo of Sassoferrato
Mr. Bush has eliminated the middle man and simply allowed lobbyists to run our government. Paul Begala
I can only go one way, I've not got a reverse gear. Tony Blair
We have responsibility that when somebody hurts, government has got to move. George W. Bush
The present King and Queen are popular, very, and increasingly so, but they have no message for the Labour Party who believe them, and rightly I fear, to be but the puppets of a Palace clique…. Still, it is the aristocracy which still rules England although nobody seems to believe it. Henry Channon
Santa Fe is a quiet little town, and is kept clean and in good order. The governor, Lopez, was common soldier at the time of the revolution, but has now been seventeen years in power. This stability of government is owing to his tyrannical habits, for tyranny seems as yet better adapted to these countries than republicanism. The governor’s favorite occupation is hunting Indians … Charles Darwin
A well conducted government must have an underlying concept so well integrated that it could be likened to a system of philosophy. All actions taken must be well reasoned, and all financial, political and military matters must flow towards one goal, which is the strengthening of the state and the furthering of its power. Frederick II
He is guilty if he wastes the money of the people, the taxes which they have paid, in luxury, pomp, and debauchery. He who should improve the morals of the people, be the guardian of the law, and improve their education should not pervert them by his bad example. Frederick II
The sovereign is the foremost judge, general, financier, and minister of his country, not merely for the sake of his prestige. Therefore, he should perform with care the duties connected with these offices. He is merely the principal servant of the State. Frederick II
Princes, sovereigns, and king have not been given supreme authority in order to live in luxurious self-indulgence and debauchery. They have not been elevated by their fellow-men to enable them to strut about and to insult with their pride the simple-mannered, the poor, and the suffering. They have not been placed at the head of the State to keep around themselves a crowd of idle loafers whose uselessness drives them towards vice. The bad administration which may be found in monarchies springs from many different causes, but their principal cause lies in the character of the sovereign Frederick II
If we just charged everyone one percent of the value of contracts they execute, that is all the money we would need for operating our government. Dave Hollist
The absolute subordination of the Civil Service from the highest to the lowest, their unquestioning obedience to the King, together with their absolute responsibility not only for then- own actions, but also for those of their colleagues and their inferiors, created among them an extremely strong sense of professional honour, solidarity, arid of' professional pride. The influence of the nobility and of Society diminished unceasingly. The service of the King required undivided attention Isaac Isaacsohn
I believe in markets before mandates. Mike Leavitt
This state shows every need for a constructive administration, devoted to the protection and expansion of labor and capital, industry, and agriculture, all working toward the efficiency of our courts, public schools, freedom in religious beliefs and reduction in taxation and burdens of government, and toward liberating our state and our institutions from the ever growing modern tendency of monopoly and concentration of power Huey P. Long
The deficit had become a symbol of our inability to control and manage the cost of government. Robert E. Rubin
All this activity is directed by the King in person, and only by him. Besides, he looks after the whole public administration in all its branches With such care and thoroughness that not a thaler [note: a monetary unit] is spent unless he has given his signature. Those who do not see it cannot believe that there is any man in the world, however intelligent and able he may be, who can settle so many things personally in a single day as Frederick William the First, who works from 3 o'clock in the morning till 10, and spends the rest of' the day in looking after and drilling his army.... Count Friedrich Heinrich von Seckendorf
Government is not the enemy. Government is simply a tool that can be used wisely or unwisely. Paul Simon
Most of the misery and poverty in the world is due to bad government. George Soros
Nothing had done more to prevent the restoration of political equilibrium of law and order, under a strong central authority, than the ascendancy in public affairs of the student class, and particularly that undisciplined section of it which combines crude ideas of Republicanism with a smattering of Western science. J. O. P. Bland
The Bakufu has shown great disregard of public opinion in concluding treaties without waiting for the opinion of the Court, and in disgracing princes so closely allied by blood to the Shogun. The Mikado's rest is disturbed by the spectacle of such misgovernment when the fierce barbarian is at our very door. Therefore, assist the Bakufu with your advice; expel the barbarians, content the mind of the people, and restore tranquility to His Majesty's bosom. Ii Kamon no Kami
we must not be bureaucratic in our methods of mobilizing the masses. Bureaucratic leadership cannot be tolerated in economic construction any more than in any other branch of our revolutionary work. The ugly evil of bureaucracy, which no comrade likes, must be thrown into the cesspit. Mao Zedong
The higher bodies must be familiar with the life of the masses and with the situation in the lower bodies so as to have an objective basis for correct guidance. Mao Zedong
in all cases and at all times the military ought to be under strict subordination to and governed by the civil power Delaware
All affairs which concern this state only are to be determined by our representatives coming from all parts of the state; all affairs which concern the Union at large are to be determined by representatives coming from all parts of the Union. Thus, then, the general government is to be taken care of, and the state governments to be preserved. James Iredell
I have never been a believer that serious government problems are solved by reorganization or shifting around bureaucracy. Theodore C. Sorensen
Abolish the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Central Intelligence Agency. Ronald E. Paul
Now we’re going to get big government. Ronald E. Paul
Most men, being the ruled, not the rulers, want good government. If, without constraint, they choose bad government, it is by mistake George W. Cable
No man known or suspected to be hostile to "the Compromise Measures, including the Fugitive Slave Law," is allowed to hope for any office under the present Administration. William Lloyd Garrison
There isn’t any doubt that in fighting the War on Terrorism you increase the power and scope of government, and it becomes more intrusive. Lee H. Hamilton
Only when the modern bureaucracy was highly developed could the complete abolition of the parish priests as a political institution be contemplated. Karl Kautsky
Had the investigation been left to the government, the current administration would have concealed its own mistakes and blamed its predecessors, That is not a criticism of the Bush White House. Any administration would do the same. Richard A. Posner
At age 13 I knew that communists were bad people and we had to get rid of them…Growing up before we were concerned about the role of government, or policy we had to get rid of the communists. Richard A. Viguerie
Our hope is that the dictatorship of the proletariat and the peasantry will maintain itself long enough to abolish itself when it has fulfilled its function and reached its goal. For whereas during the two opening periods of the revolution the path of the governments led from the fine ideal of democracy to the harsh and cruel reality of dictatorship, the path of the soviet dominion will lead from the harsh and cruel reality of dictatorship to the beautiful and realized dream of democracy. Clara Zetkin
We have a great nation to help govern. We who are citizens of this great republic are favored children, yet we are all the time complaining; but that is one of the inalienable privileges of an American to complain about his neighbor and government-always crying for a change. But, with all of its faults, this is the best government for man on the face of the earth Benjamin William Arnett
Washington’s largest industry is inertia. James Jay Carafano
Each prince shall possess and exercise in peace according to the customs of the land the liberties, jurisdiction, and authority over counties Frederick II
The government of England is one of the wisest in Europe, because there is a body there that examines this government continually and that continually examines itself. Charles de Montesquieu
The War Office is a very slow office, an enormously expensive office, and one in which the Minister's intentions can be entirely negated by all his sub-departments, and those of each of the sub-departments by every other. Florence Nightingale
When in crisis did government get smaller? Peter G. Peterson
A dominion then, whose well-being depends on any man's good faith, and whose affairs cannot be properly administered, unless those who are engaged in them will act honestly, will be very unstable. On the contrary, to insure its permanence, its public affairs should be so ordered, that those who administer them, whether guided by reason or passion, cannot be led to act treacherously or basely. Baruch Spinoza
A republic is little better than a government of devils John Joachim Zubli
If I find you not attending cabinet meetings three times you are out of government. Idi Amin Dada
Everybody must be removed [from public office] who has the mentality of the capitalist. Idi Amin Dada
Don't Politicize Churches! Houses Of Worship Should Not Be Part Of A Political Machine Americans United for Separation of Church and State
The experience of the United States is a happy disproof of the error so long rooted in the unenlightened minds of well-meaning Christians, as well as in the corrupt hearts of persecuting usurpers, that without a legal incorporation of religious and civil polity, neither could be supported. A mutual independence is found most friendly to practical Religion, to social harmony, and to political prosperity James Madison
The civil Government, though bereft of everything like an associated hierarchy, possesses the requisite stability, and performs its functions with complete success, whilst the number, the industry, and the morality of the priesthood, and the devotion of the people, have been manifestly increased by the total separation of the church from the State James Madison
The secular law has as its task not to turn the world lying in evil into the Kingdom of God, but to prevent it from turning into hell. Russian Orthodox Church
The temporal power and the priesthood relate to each other as body and soul; they are necessary for state order just as body and soul are necessary in a living man. It is in their linkage and harmony that the well-being of a state lies Basil I
Them’s that got the gold makes the rules. Clarence Dickinson Long
The administrative process is, in essence, our generation’s answer to the inadequacy of the judicial and legislative processes. It represents our efforts to find an answer to those inadequacies by some other method than merely increasing executive power. James M. Landis
Government today no longer dares to rely for its administration upon the casual office-seeker. Into its services it now seeks to bring men of professional attainment in various fields and to make that service such that they will they will envision governance as a career. James M. Landis
Democracy is a relatively new form of government. Michael Mandelbaum
Good governance is an important precondition for success of government but it is not sufficient. Economic growth is necessary. Obiageli Ezekwesili
We sometimes miss the inner working of government….most people wander around, make mistakes, and put on their pants just the way we do…. It’s not all this big conspiracy. Tim Russert
The system of checks and balances has sometimes been misused by those who are antithetical to any progress. David Paterson
Religion has both bolstered and undermined stable self-government. It has advanced political reform and human rights, but also induced irrationality, extremism, and terrorism. Thomas F. Farr
Counter-corruption agencies cannot make a difference unless they are independent of the government actors they are supposed to monitor, restrain, and punish. Larry Diamond
The safest refuge when dealing with urgent, ticklish problems is sought in shirking responsibility, in gaining time by the formation of Committees, with the requisite Sub-Committees to tackle the problem. It is the well-known practice of Promise, Pause, Prepare, Postpone and end by letting things alone Peter de Noronha
When you run a surplus you save it for a rainy day. You don’t spend it. Michael Bloomberg
Too many conservatives in our country want to run up enormous deficits in the hope that someone else will pay for it. This is not conservativism; it is alchemy or lunacy. Michael Bloomberg
The great obstacle in the way of reform is neither American nor English, it is simply human. All that we know, by past experience, of the attempts of man to provide himself with a government, makes it most unlikely that an effort, repeated every four years, on the part of one hundred millions of people, to elect a single officer as the chief of state, should succeed. It seemed reasonable enough when the Constitution was framed for 3,000,000 people, leading a simple agricultural life. All democracies of which the world has had any experience, have been small … Our desire to create a ‘world Power’ out of the Federal machine is a fiasco, full of shame and disappointment. Edwin Lawrence Godkin
we are not legislating on this subject in response to our own judgment … but in response to some sort of judgment which has been expressed outside Preston B. Plumb
The great defect in the past custom is that executive patronage has come to be regarded as the property of the party in power. Ulysses S. Grant
Lincoln left the bulk of the nominations for presidential as well as for subordinate offices to his political friends and advisors. The military forces as well as the civilian establishment were exploited freely, and political generals were notoriously numerous. With more offices at his disposal than any president up to that time, … Lincoln appears to have used — or permitted the use of — the appointing power at his command as deliberately as they could have been used for practical, and usually partisan, political purposes. Paul P. Van Riper
Regardless of how principled and ideological a political party may be, an essential point of party politics is to find jobs for the faithful of the winning party. If jobs cannot be found, the party system withers and dies, leaving only a self-perpetuating bureaucratic oligarchy behind. A system of minimal government can provide jobs for the winning party by throwing out the jobholders of the losing faction. But if civil service law freezes jobholders in place, the function of providing jobs for the winners can only occur by expanding the number of jobs: that is, at the expense of the taxpayers and of the productive, private sector. The "spoils system" allows all the costs to be imposed upon the losing party, and not at all on the body of the taxpayers. Surely a just and admirable system: who better to bear the costs of political defeat than the losing party? Murray Rothbard
By its nature, government is not subject to the profit-and-loss test, to the domination by the consumers, of the free market …. it need serve no one except itself. The only limit on government is the enormously wide one of people rising up to refuse to obey its orders (including taxes); short of such revolution, however, there is little to limit government or to check the entrenchment or burgeoning of its elite. Murray Rothbard
Whoever reviews the operations of government in this country since the Revolution, will find few, even of the most questionable measures of administration, about which the best instructed judgment might not have doubted at the time, but of which he may affirm, with certainty, that they were indifferent to the greatest part of those who concurred in them. William Paley
A Popular Assembly without a Senate cannot be wise. A Senate without a Popular Assembly will not be honest. James Harrington
It was a republic, but unlike any other republic that had ever existed. There were neither taxes nor police, nor an army, nor an administrative officer, nor a foreign policy, nor indeed any joint means of coercion; only the heads of the scattered settlements—settlements divided one from another by snow mountains and lava fields and belts of black volcanic sand and pebbles — met together once a year in a common assembly and agreed to obey and enforce a common law. Herbert A. L. Fisher
If the people are not getting what the people need, you shouldn’t be paying for it. Beverly Watts Davis
There is no one who is not convinced of the importance of good order in the state and who does not sincerely wish to see that state well ordered in which he has to live. ;, .d. justice;, .d. order;, .d. managing government;, .d. State;, .d. progress;, There is no one who is not convinced of the importance of good order in the state and who does not sincerely wish to see that state well ordered in which he has to live. Jean Domat
A bureau that benefits a well organized interest group will fare better in getting the sinews for administration than a bureau whose benefits are diffused over unorganized consumers or whose function is to restrain rather than to confer benefits. James W. Fessler II
The federal government does not give us the worth of our money …. The government illustrates nearly every evil of taxation, and dispenses a minimum return. It has ceased to be a government of the people, by the people, and for the people Atlanta Constitution
The United States must create a permanent nation-building agency. Francis Fukuyama
I recommend to you the subdivision of our territorial area into counties, suited to the wants and convenience of the people, with provision for the more minute subdivisions of townships, districts and precincts for municipal government and police. These subdivisions ought to be as small as the density of population may render possible. It is in these complete little republics where the sovereign power of the people is always in exercise, where self government has perpetual vitality and independent freedom is practiced and enjoyed. William Gilpin
Between the people and their enemies there can be nothing in common but the sword; we must govern by iron those who cannot be governed by justice; we must oppress the tyrant... Louis Saint-Just
Government doesn’t always work the way its supposed to. Sometimes you have to use brute force, bring people together … Jamie Gorelick
We wanted to make it quite clear and beyond any possibility of doubt or question that the British Government and the British people desire the Indian peoples to have full self-government Richard Stafford Cripps
Armed with purity of intentions and firmness of purpose, I may reasonably entertain the hope of being able to clear the administrative agency of all corruption and incompetency, and impart to it the maximum of honesty and efficiency. I now warn my officials of all ranks that I have fully made up my mind to put down corruption and intrigue wherever they may be found. Partap Singh
We are convinced that the institution of monarchy is incompatible with the spirit and needs of modern times which demand an egalitarian relationship between one citizen and another Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah
Public authorities should not simply wait until they are asked for information. They should develop policies that take essential information to the people before they ask for it. Such positive actions can be much more cost-effective, and of greater practical utility, than is the case when departments wait passively for the submission of inquiries. Jeremy Pope
In order to govern you have to feed the news cycle Dee Dee Myers
How can you govern if you always have to feed the news cycle? Sander Vanocur
the career bureaucracy can project greater political power on its own, resist more successfully the politician's attempts to assert effective control. What is lost in administrative efficiency through spoils may be gained in political development, especially if party patronage can also be used as a lever to gain control over administration. Fred W. Riggs
For too long we have let history outrun our government’s ability to keep up with it. John McCain
It was my idea to keep the [Justice] Department purely a law office and not have it engage in the administration of legislation. This was based on my view that the best quality in a lawyer’s advice is disinterestedness. Robert Houghwout Jackson
The central organizing principle of governments everywhere must be the environment. Al Gore
Security today is important, but 90 percent of security involves other co functions of government. Ashraf Ghani
Nobody knew that healthcare could be so complicated. Donald Trump

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