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Economic growth may one day turn out to be a curse rather than a good, and under no conditions can it either lead into freedom or constitute a proof for its existence. Hannah Arendt
Money is the seed of money, and the first guinea is sometimes more difficult to acquire than the second million. Jean-Jacques Rousseau
A recession is when a neighbor loses his job. A depression is when you lose yours. And recovery is when Jimmy Carter loses his. Ronald Reagan
The moral and constitutional obligations of our representatives in Washington are to protect our liberty, not coddle the world, precipitating no-win wars, while bringing bankruptcy and economic turmoil to our people. Ron Paul
When government disappears, it's not as if paradise will take its place. When governments are gone, other interests will take their place. Lawrence Lessig
Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce. James A. Garfield
People want economy and they will pay any price to get it. Lee Iacocca
Invention is the mother of necessity. Thorstein Veblen
Philanthropy is commendable, but it must not cause the philanthropist to overlook the circumstances of economic injustice which make philanthropy necessary. Martin Luther King Jr.
Freedom is the by-product of economic surplus. Aneurin Bevan
It's a recession when your neighbor loses his job; it's a depression when you lose yours. Harry S Truman
As long as the sun rises over Ontario and sets over the Pacific, I will dedicate myself to bringing the people of Oregon what they want and need most - an era of hope, change, and economic renewal. Ted Kulongoski
Not wishing to be disturbed over moral issues of the political economy, Americans cling to the notion that the government is a sort of automatic machine, regulated by the balancing of competing interests. C. Wright Mills
To be poor and independent is very nearly an impossibility. William Cobbett
In Hoover We Trusted Now We're Busted Anonymous
Our country is at peace, but the stakes are as high as if we were at war – a war waged not with battleships, guns and planes but with words and money. Its foot soldiers, in a sense, are the lines of the unemployed, the pensioners crowding outside banks; cars queuing at gas stations are a crippled cavalry; generals are the finance ministers who lob proposals at one another with the aggression of those who will not suffer the consequences. All are caught up in a five-year campaign in which Greece has struggled to meet the terms of the biggest bailout in history.... Nikos Konstandaras
We are enjoying the longest sustained growth period in recent history. But the capital controls are very damning for investment interest in Iceland but also very damaging to the real economy where we are losing opportunities. Bjarni Benedikisson Jr.
This is a wonderful year for raw truth. We don't have any money. Mario Cuomo
This country has been economically successful because of cheap energy and cheap labor and we are never going to have these again. Gore Vidal
... a better government: more complete security of property; moderate taxes; a more permanent ... tenure of land ... the introduction of foreign arts ... and the introduction of foreign capital, which renders the increase of production no longer exclusively on the thrift or providence of the inhabitants themselves. John Stuart Mill
I will tell you that I am going to be the greatest jobs president that God ever created. Donald Trump
The euro zone is only hurting itself by trying to keep Greece as a member. Jochen Bittner
We cannot cut our way to prosperity. Barack Obama
Maybe, just maybe, something is wrong when the greatest part of new money earned in our country goes to the top 1 percent.... There is something profoundly wrong then the millionaires and billionaires are running the politics of our country.... When billionaires are buying elections, that is not democracy. Bernie Sanders
Corporate greed, where they need more and more and more, regardless of how much they already have, is ruining the economy of this country. Bernie Sanders
Western–style redistributive programs-progressive taxation, social security, unemployment insurance-should be encouraged, but at least in the short run, they have limited potential. There simply is not enough to tax, and nearly no one can be trusted to transfer revenues. Amy L. Chua
Bad times for the Republic are great times for satire. Doug Marlett
In a great financial emergency nearly every country has, at one time or another, been tempted to confuse the monetary with the fiscal functions of the Treasury. To borrow by the issue of money seems to have a seductive charm hard to resist. J. Laurence Laughlin
I think the Right has made a serious mistake in adopting a moral-values strategy, because they’re winning in the short run. But in the long run, they’re going to lose this debate because they won’t be able to restrict it to two issues (abortion & gay marriage). Once you open that door to a values conversation, it’s going to undercut a right-wing economic agenda, which values wealth over work and favors the rich over the poor, or resorts to war as the first resort and not the last. Jim Wallis
We have about 50% of the world's wealth but only 6.3% of its population…. we cannot fail to be the object of envy and resentment … George F. Kennan
The idea of the World Bank loaning money to a nation that has a space program and is building nuclear submarines is just ridiculous. Kenneth S. Rogoff
Speak not of liberty — poverty is slavery. Peter Kropotkin
Never before in the history of civilization has there been a tax cut in time of war. Paul Krugman
The middle-class America of my youth was another country. Paul Krugman
Unfortunately, once an economy is geared to expansion, the means rapidly turn into an end and "the going becomes the goal. Lewis Mumford
There is no left or right in economic management today. Tony Blair
It is the peasant, the true producer, who is also the true owner and master of Turkey. Kemal Ataturk
People are worried about what’s going to happen to their jobs. There’s a lot of off-shoring and out-sourcing taking place. There’s a lot more mobility of labor and of people. Unless we explain what’s happening, people will resort to protectionism and xenophobia. Gordon Brown
In this day and age, a big economy – a modern economy – just cannot be managed from the top. George P. Shultz
Speculation, in its broadest sense, is not an evil in itself, but the contrary, and relieves public distress far oftener than it creates it. Horace Greeley
They will stop at nothing to enrich the power of Corporations Major Owens
We do not want financial convulsions. J. Pierpont Morgan
It is better to implement reforms in times of economic strength. Henry Paulson
I will keep all our young people from having to abandon their towns and families for the other side of the border Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador
War has had a beneficial consequence for our industry. Catherine II
Increasingly, the most talented and ambitious people need to live in a means metro in order to realize their full economic value. Richard Florida
The idea that America is the best place in the world to start out poor, so long as you are willing to work hard, no longer seems to be true. One way of proving that is to ask how accurately your family's income when you were growing up predicted what your own would be. If the American dream were alive, your family's income would not predict your own that well…. Well, on that measure, America is now less the land of opportunity than France, than Germany, than Sweden, Canada, Finland, Norway and Denmark. The only other rich economy that the U.S. outscores in this respect is — you guessed it — the UK. Abolish the estate tax and America will be a serious contender for the bottom of the opportunity league. Clive Crook
You can’t entrust your purse to Europe and the security to America Romano Prodi
Political reform need not go hand in hand with economic liberalization. I do not believe that if you are libertarian, full of diverse opinions, full of competing ideas in the market place, full of sound and fury, therefore you will succeed. Lee Kuan Yew
India has political freedom but it does not have economic freedom. Milton Friedman
The only place you have real monopolies is where government provides them. Milton Friedman
Most economic fallacies derive … from the tendency to assume that there is a fixed pie, that one party can gain only at the expense of another. Milton Friedman
Today fear, the most corroding of influences, is the moving cause ... Bernard Baruch
Last year we nationalized hydrocarbons. This year it will be mining. Evo Morales
We have an imbalance over how much we produce relative to how much we consume. Paul A. Volcker
People forget how difficult it is to stop inflation or get it under control… I worry about it all the time. Paul A. Volcker
No President has yet repealed the business cycle. Gordon Humphrey
The right to suffer is one of the joys of a free economy. Howard Pyle
The main peculiarity which distinguishes man from other animals, is the means of his support, is the power which he possesses of very greatly increasing these means. Thomas Malthus
It takes a full quarter for economic improvement to effect the electorate as they are skeptical. Robert Teeter
Offshoring is only the latest manifestation of the gains from trade that economists have talked about at least since Adam Smith… More things are tradable than were tradable in the past, and that’s a good thing. N. Gregory Mankiw
Countries trade with one another for the same reasons that individuals, businesses, and regions do: to exploit their comparative advantages. Alan S. Blinder
The economy is the creation of the personal initiative of private citizens….Public authorities also must play an active role in promoting increased productivity with a view to social progress and the welfare of all citizens. John XXIII
Government cannot substitute for a healthy private sector, and both need a strong civil society. Abdullah II
By God, the youths of God are preparing for you things that would fill your hearts with terror and target your economic lifeline until you stop your oppression and aggression. Osama bin Laden
Globalization has benefited middle-income less than either richer or poorer countries. Geoffrey Garrett
It turns out that we were all wrong Alan Greenspan
However overwhelming the victory of our navy, our commerce will suffer terribly. In war too, the first productive energies of the whole people have to be devoted to armaments. Cannon are a poor industrial exchange for cotton. We shall suffer a steady impoverishment as the character of our work exchanges. All this I felt so strongly that I cannot count the cause adequate which is to lead to this misery. So I have resigned. Charles Trevelyan
Agriculture, manufactures, commerce, and navigation, the 4 pillars of our prosperity … Thomas Jefferson
An economic policy which does not consider the well-being of all will not serve the purposes of peace and the growth of well-being among the people of all nations. Eleanor Roosevelt
If anyone will study the causes of retarded recuperation in Europe, he will find much of it due to stifling of private initiative on one hand, and overloading of the government with business on the other. Herbert Hoover
The people of this country have been erroneously encouraged to believe that they could keep on increasing the output of farm and factory indefinitely and that some magician would find ways and means for that increased output to be consumed with reasonable profit to the producer. Franklin D. Roosevelt
During the next half-century or more, my race must continue passing through the severe American crucible. We are to be tested in our patience, our forbearance, our perseverance, our power to endure wrong, to withstand temptations, to economize, to acquire and use skill; our ability to compete, to succeed in commerce, to disregard the superficial for the real, the appearance for the substance, to be great and yet small, learned and yet simple, high and yet the servant of all. This, this is the passport to all that is best in the life of our Republic, and the Negro must possess it, or be de barred. Booker T. Washington
We have an industrial-age presidency, catering to a pre-industrial ideological base, in a post-industrial era. Thomas Friedman
It is hard to redistribute wealth of there is no productive class producing it. Alvaro Vargas Llosa
In this country in colonial days the laws were very strict against combinations and contracts in restraint of trade. But here again there was a gradual amelioration of the laws, until co-operation was permitted along many lines, including division of territory, limitation of output, and even fixing of prices; provided always that, as a result of the co-operation, the combinations or contracts did not result in monopoly, were not general, were not immoral, and were not contrary to public policy. Charles R. Van Hise
I am well aware that the International Bankers who drive up to the door of the United States Treasury in their limousines, look down with scorn upon members of Congress because we work for so little, while they draw millions a year. The difference is that we earn, or try to earn, what we get- and they steal the greater part of their takings. Louis Thomas McFadden
Zionism. Economically, it means the concentration of the Jewish masses in Palestine; politically, the gaining of territorial autonomy; emotionally, the striving for a home. Dov Ber Borochov
We're here for the duration and we're not going to starve. We're going to keep ourselves a simon-pure veteran's organization. If the Bonus is paid it will relieve to a large extent the deplorable economic condition. Walter W. Waters
Prosperity or egalitarianism—you have to choose. I favor freedom—you never achieve real equality anyway: you simply sacrifice prosperity for an illusion. Mario Vargas Llosa
There were slaves in the North which were tolerated for some time, but the South was built upon slavery. Sheldon Hackney
If Pakistan is to play its proper role in the world to which its size, manpower and resources entitle it; it must develop industrial potential side by side with its agriculture and give its economy an industrial bias. By industrializing our State, we shall decrease our dependence on the outside world for necessities of life; we will give more employment to our people and will also increase the resources of the State. Muhammad Ali Jinnah
The market value of slaves in 1860 exceeded that of the entire nation’s railroads and factories put together … it was, relative to the gross national product in today’s economic values in excess of $9.6 Trillion. David Davis
Wind and fortune are not lasting. Portuguese Proverb
Less care for internationalism and more concern for national prosperity! Charles E. Coughlin
We cannot hope, merely by economic measures, to increase the birthrate. Certain things are necessary to be done in order to ease the burden on families, but they must be looked upon only as measures of justice to those who are prepared to face their responsibilities. We need maternity and nursing services; we need some kind of domestic help service; we need better houses. But those things cannot in themselves revive the falling birthrate We must look to the basic wage, which at present provides for the needs of three children for every man who receives it; Enid Muriel Lyons
Within the Russian system, everything depends on the character of those few who hold full power in their hands. The position of the individual within present-day Russia has been described as follows: far-reaching economic security by sacrificing personal liberty. Albert Einstein
The creation of a United States of Europe is a necessity if one considers the economic and technical situation. Albert Einstein
Ecological policy rejects exploitative forms of economy and the unscrupulous plundering of natural resources and raw materials, as well as the destructive interventions into nature's ability to renew itself. We believe that the exploitation of nature as well as human beings must be stopped if we are to master this acute threat to life on earth. Green Party
We have now had a long period of very limited participation in the growth of our society…. If you are going to have broad based political support for economic policies, you have to have broad based participation in the benefits of those policies…. This is a change of historic proportions. Robert E. Rubin
The United States is a bankrupt nation. It owes the world 14 trillion dollars, and it is truly able to finance itself and the war and the supply of arms to Israel, through the money that is lent to the United States by rich countries, some of which are Muslim countries. And if you stop using the U.S. dollar... Even if you want to sell oil, you can continue to sell oil, but insist on being paid in euros, or yen, or whatever... If you do that, then the U.S. dollar will not be half the value that it has today, and if it doesn't have the value that it has today, it cannot spend money producing arms Mohamad Mahathir
We define poverty as a shortage of material goods, which justifies the production of more and more material goods. It does not occur to us that it might be more realistic to regard it as an aberrant situation in which more material goods are required than can actually be produced, for then the solution would be to create those socio-economic conditions in which less goods rather than more were required. Edward Goldsmith
Whenever a Third World country accepts a structural adjustment loan and hence the imposition of a structural adjustment program, it has in effect delegated the task of running its economy to a foreign, non-elected body sitting in Washington DC. Edward Goldsmith
In this new market . . .billions can flow in or out of an economy in seconds. So powerful has this force of money become that some observers now see the hot-money set becoming a sort of shadow world government -- one that is irretrievably eroding the concept of the sovereign powers of a nation state. Business Week
The economy controls the politicians far more than the politicians control the economy. Mardy Grothe
I don’t care a damn about stocks and bonds, but I don’t want to see them go down the first day I am President. Theodore Roosevelt
Victory or defeat in interstate war depends on numerous factors, but what is ultimately decisive is the relative amount of economic resources at a government's disposal. Hans-Hermann Hoppe
The single greatest investment we can make in the economy is to make sure that each person has a good education. Chris Gregoire
The politician, himself oftentimes uninformed as to his country's history, frequently appeals to the ignorant and unthinking on the score of economy; . . . such demagogues are dangerous. John Joseph Pershing
Whoever owns the means of credit controls the industrial life of the nation. Frederic C. Howe
You have to change people’s minds to stop inflation. Fernando Henrique Cardoso
There is no more rapid growth in the history of capitalistic enterprise. David A. Vise
Never forget that there are rich people in poor countries and poor people in rich countries. Michael Harrington
It’s no surprise that a global economy creates a global class conflict…. All markets create classes and class conflicts. Jeff Faux
All systems of political administration or governmental machinery are but the reflex of the economic forms which underlie them James Connolly
Sam Houston's republic was a struggling frontier community of less than forty thousand people; it was a series of plantations and farms carved out of the Southern forests along the river bottoms extending up from the Gulf, with an utterly colonial economy. Most Texans were subsistence farmers, with a little barter on the side. The planters exported their cotton against imported goods; the balance of trade was yet adverse. The largest towns were frontier outposts with mud streets and at most a few thousand assorted people. There was no money economy, nor any money. There were no banks or improved roads or organized schools. There was no industry — everything from pins to powder had to be imported from the United States. Over this sprawling community the government was only loosely organized T. R. Fehrenbach
One by one, trade and investment barriers will continue to be swept away by globalization, like leaves on an autumn day…The new challenge will be less to regulate relations among national economies, than to establish the rules and structures of a transnational economy. Renato Ruggiero
Foreign trade can no longer be dealt with apart from other domestic economic policies and concerns. Governments often employ trade policies less for commercial ends than to achieve other goals- economic, political, and social. Congressional Budget Office
Before the war the trade agreements program was an instrument for defense against the epidemic of destructive and demoralizing trade warfare. Today, with the end of the great holocaust finally within sight, this same instrument is transformed into a powerful device for shaping a better world. William L. Clayton
Most globalism opposition groups believe “that the foreign trade policy- making process was undemocratic and that it elevated global concerns over domestic ones.” Non-elected bureaucrats working largely behind closed doors were responsible for setting international trade rules that affected agriculture, services, trade-related investment measures, intellectual trade in goods; and over-saw a binding international dispute settlement process with little (if any) input from the domestic citizens and groups who would be affected by these economic rules and political mechanisms. Orin Krishner
The prosperity of the State can only reflect the prosperity of its subjects …. The greater the number the skilled subjects, the greater is the potential for prosperity for king and kingdom. Ibn Khaldoun
When the ruler abusively increases taxes, it discourages the crafts from applying their skills to the creation of new wealth Ibn Khaldoun
Lowering taxes without pain or costs were the ultimate Economic Utopia Pierre Andre Rinfret
If you read his … testimonies before Congress you will note that there is always something to be terribly, horribly and deeply worried about Pierre Andre Rinfret
Patrick Henry railed against taxation without representation. He should see it with representation. Saul Landau
Let the king fix the rates for the purchase and sale of all marketable goods, having duly considered whence they come, whither they go, how long they have been kept, the probable profit and the probable outlay. Once in five nights, or at the close of each fortnight, let the king publicly settle the prices for the merchants. Manu
Stipulated interest beyond the legal rate, being against the law, cannot be recovered; they call that a usurious way of lending; the lender is in no case entitled to more than five in the hundred.[5%] Manu
Every 8-hour day is a nail in Germany’s coffin! Bernhard Dernburg
Modern industry and the opening of the world market made the struggle universal and at the same time gave it unheard-of virulence. Advantages in natural or artificial conditions of production now decide the existence or non-existence of individual capitalists as well as of whole industries and countries. He that falls is remorselessly cast aside. Friedrich Engels
The need to colonize a country in the old fashioned way is gone. Even in Iraq they will pull out. But Iraq will have McDonald's, Iraq will have American interests in there, America will be able to do its business there. They don't necessarily need to send in troops - they send in men in suits and they colonize the place financially. It's a cultural and financial imperialism Benjamin Zephaniah
My goal for the Arab world is to change the status quo, which is horrible politically, religiously, economically, in every way. Faisal Al-Kasim
The best cure for poverty is a booming economy. George Will
Every time you exempt a portion of the economy from taxation you put pressure on the rest of the economy. John Linder
After 43 years and $568 billion in foreign aid to the continent, Africa remains trapped in economic stagnation. William Easterly
Ours is a capitalist society. It is therefore inevitable that, in part- and I repeat- in part- we must address this goal of deracialisation within the context of the property relations characteristics of a capitalist economy. Thabo Mbeki
The market economy does not automatically guarantee growth, social justice, or even economic efficiency; achieving those ends requires that government play an important role. Joseph Stiglitz
Some policies may promote growth in ways that will increase poverty; others may promote growth in ways that will reduce it. Some growth strategies may be good for the environment; others may not be. Joseph Stiglitz
Economic disputes are rarely the real cause of a strike. We do not have a strike because negotiations break down; negotiations break down because the situation is a strike situation. Peter Drucker
We are in a global competitive world. And in the future it will be even more, and more, and more global. Carlos M. Gutierrez
Science is inextricably linked to our economy. It has been for the last 50 years and it will be for the next 50 years. Samuel W. Bodman
Economic sectors which are essential for the country and which affect the life of the people, must be controlled by the state. Otherwise the control of production might fall in the hands of powerful individuals who could exploit the people. Hence, only enterprises which do not affect the life of the general population may be left to private individuals…. The land, the waters and the natural resources therein are basic assets for the people's prosperity and should, therefore, be controlled by the state and exploited to the greatest benefit of the people. Indonesia
The Internet is the dynamic engine that is driving our economy today and we must keep that open. William M. Daley
Gentlemen. There is no man nor group of men who can buy all the stocks that the American public can sell. Thomas William Lamont
It seems that there has been some disturbed selling in the market Thomas William Lamont
Every American has to go to bed on a mattress. Winston Churchill
It’s hard for the opposition party to break in when things are going well economically. Andrew Marr
In the rich countries the poor expect a quantity and quality of commodities beyond the dreams of Louis XIV, while many of the so-called developing countries enjoy much higher economic growth rates than those of industrialized countries at a similar stage of their own histories. Ivan Illich
Black Friday Anonymous
Black Tuesday Anonymous
Free prices are the price of freedom. Anonymous
It Is Glorious To Be Rich Anonymous
Our minds are on the left, but our pockets are on the right. Anonymous
Tory times are hard times. Anonymous
Union of Unemployed University Graduates Anonymous
Ireland’s greatest economic resource is its people. Bertie Ahern
We've raped our homelands to maintain our economies. Roderick Airwite
Look closely at what is dubbed the American model, and what do you see? Drugs, alcohol, drunken driving, sex on television, pornographic films . . . AIDS which is caused by the spread of homosexuality . . . women and men kissing in public, and growing poverty due to economic policies geared exclusively to serve the well off. . . . Their very technology is saturated with eroticism, and that is what they export to Egypt in the form of movies and television serials Abd Al-Aziz Dweik
Prosperity is a parent to peace. Madeleine Albright
The robber barons were a blessing to America. They got filthy rich but they took enormous risks and were entitled to get rich. Stephen Ambrose
How can modern life, with its overpowering proportion of industrial activity and its infinitesimal proportion of military, keep alive the instincts associated with war as against those developed by peace? Norman Angell
We have not been among the premier world savers and as a result we own less than we might. Wayne Angell
Your armed struggles for profit Have left collars of waste upon My shore,, Currents of debris upon my breast. Maya Angelou
The main threat to the successful New Economy is not in economics but in politics. Anders Aslund
In the long run the security of the United States is protected by economic strength. In the short run, military strength, in the long run economic. Leslie Aspin
To live well in the second half of the 1990s and into the 21st Century, Australians have to produce and trade better than we have in the past….to improve workers' living standards and generate more jobs, we need to make major changes in the way our companies are managed and our factories produce wealth Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union
It is contrary to political precedent for the voters to kick out an administration in time of prosperity. Eben Ayers
Whatever pain we go through now, our suffering will provide for the future of the next generations. Ibrahim Babangida
Government has a perfect right, indeed a duty, to intervene in the economy in the name of justice, ecology, strategic interests, full employment, or other public goods in which the market has and can have no interest. Benjamin R. Barber
Presidential elections are always pocketbook elections. Fred Barnes
Bend everything toward improving the standard of living of the people. Bernard Baruch
The important thing is the struggle everybody is engaged in to get better living conditions. Bernard Baruch
The measures have not yet been devised which can permanently protect men from their folly. Bernard Baruch
In the long term the economy and the environment are the same thing. If it is unenvironmental it is uneconomical. That is a rule of nature. Mollie Beattie
When you’re dealing with a commodity, high productivity means that nobody makes any money. Robert S. Bennett
Although globalization is inexorable, its benefits are not. Samuel R. Berger
Europeans do not see that American power, which they resent, maintains their ability to be weak, to have shrunken defense budgets, minimal military capability beyond the borders of the EU, a relatively stagnant economy, and a general attitude of indulgent but righteous lassitude. Conrad Black
We cannot with faithfulness to our constitutional system hold that the Commander in Chief ... has the ultimate power as such to take possession of private property in order to keep labor disputes from stopping production. This is a job for the Nation's lawmakers, not for its military authorities. Hugo Black
It is not our foreign trade that has caused the wonderful growth and expansion of the Republic. James G. Blaine
The older I get, the less respect I have for the signals emitted by our vaunted speculative markets. Alan S. Blinder
New York is the big apple. As it goes, so goes the country. Michael Bloomberg
The ethnic enclave’s warm embrace becomes an economic stranglehold. George J. Borjas
Depressions, and especially an economic depression of such a scope as that of 1929-33, do not create readiness for every sort of fight. The masses of unemployed, who determine, more and more, in such a situation the views and actions even of those how have remained at work, are little adapted to continual, methodical fights for determined aims. They waver between short, wild, desperate outbreaks and complete apathy.... They leave in millions their old organizations ... mostly because they feel that these organizations are powerless to help them. Here, then, is the point to where left-wing extremism of the type of 1929 meets admirable the mood of the workless. If the communist agitators tell the unemployed that the trade unions have betrayed him and are no good, he is ready to believe them. If they tell the worker who is still employed that the union – by betrayal, of course – cannot protect either his wage or his job, he feels that the communists are right – and leaves the union. Thus the turn of the Comintern to the left, which had originated in internal feuds rooted in its pervious history, found and unexpected response among the workers as a result of the crisis. Franz Borkenau
We have learned that the various schools of [economic] thought all have important elements of truth in them. But none of them is by itself a sufficient explanation of what goes on in the economy. Michael Boskin
Because there can be no real individual freedom in the presence of economic insecurity, liberalism carries a heavy responsibility in fighting continuously to expand our economy. Chester Bowles
Driven by globalization and technology our country and our economy is becoming different every day. William W. Bradley
The economic future of white America is going to be dependant on non-white America. William W. Bradley
It always looks dark at the bottom of a recovery. Nicholas Brady
Nor can one class appropriate the produce of the labour of another class, as the capitalists now appropriate and enjoy the wealth which the powers of the working man daily call into existence. It is inequality of exchanges which enables one class to live in luxury and idleness, and dooms another to incessant toil John Francis Bray
The enslavement of Africans [in America] built the world's strongest economy. Tony Brown
Sanctions are a very un-Christian weapon. Pat Buchanan
It is no longer a matter of serious controversy whether the government should play a positive role in helping to maintain a high level of economic activity. What we debate nowadays is not the need for controlling business cycles, but rather the nature of governmental action, its timing and its extent. Arthur Burns
Monetary policy and fiscal policy are inseparable. Arthur Burns
When the economy shows signs of faltering, prompt countermoves are required. Even mild measures on the part of government can be effective in the early stages of an economic decline. ... If action is withheld until a recession has gained momentum, strong and costly measures may prove insufficient. Arthur Burns
Modernization is found in markets. George W. Bush
Difficult economic conditions require us to face difficult economic choices. George W. Bush
Education is the first step on the ladder to economic empowerment. George W. Bush
I reappointed him and he disappointed me. George W. Bush
It's not our business for the United States to sort out the other fellow's economic problems. We've got enough of our own. George W. Bush
The economy is at the service of man, not the other way around. Pedro Calvo
[Referring to El Salvador:] The economy can't really grow without first resolving the [civil] war. But the war can't be resolved without first fixing the economy. Roberto de Oliveira Campos
Booms are great while they last but they don’t last forever. Thomas Carper
I don't have any influence over the Fed [Federal Reserve System], none at all. It's carefully isolated from any influence by the President or Congress. Jimmy Carter
I reject the advice of those who think the only way to fight inflation is to throw millions of people out of work .... I guarantee you that I will not fight inflation with your jobs. Jimmy Carter
It's the economy, stupid! James Carville
We should submit to careful examination and review a system which places such vast powers for evil in the hands of irresponsible individuals and which makes the possession of land not a trust but a means of extortion and exaction. Joseph Chamberlain
No man can always have riches. Geoffrey Chaucer
The government's duties are to support the people on the one hand and to protect them on the other ... plans for livelihood become plans for the national defense. Chiang Kai-shek
Of course the national government has to be strong, particularly on economic questions. But it must also be sensitive to the damage that neat theories can wreck upon a diverse country. Joe Clark
We cannot separate politics from economics. Joe Clark
Every time we try to do something to improve the environment someone predicts that it will ruin the economy. Bill Clinton
The forces of global integration are a great tide, inexorably wearing away the established order of things. Bill Clinton
If you really want to live like a Republican, vote Democratic because we give you a better economy. Bill Clinton
I'm going to focus on the economy like a laser. Bill Clinton
The best deficit reduction program is a growing economy. Bill Clinton
The globalization of the economy has lifted more people out of poverty than anything else in the history of the world. Bill Clinton
There is no way out of playing by the rules of the international economy if you wish to be a part of it. Bill Clinton
All God’s dangers ain’t White men. Ned Cobb
There can be no distress, there can be no hard times, when labor is well paid. The man who raises his hand against the progress of the workingman raises his hand against prosperity. William B. Cockran
No President is going to be satisfied with 3% growth in the economy even when you explain to him that over the long term things will be fine for everyone at 3% growth. He says: 'I'll go for 5% growth and let the next guy settle for 3%.' Philip E. Coldwell
The upward economic movement in America has undoubtedly reached its end – the crisis has come. Communist International; Comintern
The ruler over a country of a thousand chariots must give diligent attention to business; he must be sincere; he must be economical; he must love his people; and he must provide employment for them at the proper season. Confucius; Kung Fu-tse
The men and women of this country who toil are the ones who bear the cost of the Government. Every dollar that we carelessly waste means that their life will be so much the more meager. Every dollar that we prudently save means that their life will be so much the more abundant. Economy is idealism in its most practical form. Calvin Coolidge
No Congress ...has met with a more pleasing prospect than that which appears at the present time. Calvin Coolidge
There isn’t that much that Washington can do to effect the economy. Ann Coulter
The business community won’t like it if the Federal Reserve raises the interest rate. They never do. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t do it. William M. Daley
Bond traders now veto presidents. James Dale Davidson
When wage controls and other legal restrictions on Canadian workers of the government's only answer to that country's deepening economic problems, the labor movement's response has to be fundamentally political. Joe Davidson
Because the rights to possessions are not adequately documented, assets cannot readily be turned into capital, cannot be traded outside of narrow, local circles where people know and trust each other, cannot be used as collateral for a loan, and cannot be used as a share against an investment. Hernando de Soto
The hour of capitalism’s greatest triumph is its greatest danger. Hernando de Soto
The rich countries seem to need 5 or 6 percent unemployment to make the economy hum. Hernando de Soto
Africa has no time to lose. The global economy is fast leaving our continent behind. Rachel Gbenyon Diggs
Local and national politics have now become irretrievably global because their economies are locked into the global system. E. J. Dionne Jr.
People who wouldn’t think of raising taxes think there’s nothing wrong with mortgaging the future of their state Alan Ehrenhalt
Washington doesn't understand interest rates and Wall Street doesn't understand Washington. Stuart Eizenstat
A creative economy is the fuel of magnificence. Ralph Waldo Emerson
Can anybody remember when the times were not hard and money not scarce? Ralph Waldo Emerson
A nation’s success in the global economy is not determined by the quantity of its natural resources, but by the quality of its human resources. Juan Enriquez
The more globalized the world becomes, the less traumatic it is for nationalists to split from their states. Juan Enriquez
Education ought not to be extended beyond 14, until ... the labour market has adjusted itself to the new conditions. Federation of British Industries
Science is the engine that drives the economy and drives national defense. Newt Gingrich
It’s very difficult to find out what’s going on in the economy even when its happening. James K. Glassman
Money has made it more difficult for Democrats to define an economic agenda that is different than the Republican agenda; we are taking from the same contributors. Dan Glickman
Taking into consideration that we are involved in Russia's orbit, any coughing there will produce painful economic and political convulsions here. Viktor Gonchar
We don’t have to send in troops; we can just call in loans. Juan Gonzales
We don’t like to call ourselves an empire but in the process of becoming the richest country the world has ever known we have dominated many other people. Juan Gonzales
The market is not an invention of capitalism …. It is an invention of civilization. Mikhail Gorbachev
The party cannot relinquish its leading role in the economy. Mikhail Gorbachev
History counsels caution. Alan Greenspan
Irrational exuberance Alan Greenspan
Like it or not, we are all in this together now, rich nations and poor alike … William Greider
Political reactions from Wall Street, whether they [are] right of wrong, could eventually influence the real economy. William Greider
Ruin for some [is] prosperity for others. William Greider
The American economy cannot be considered healthy when most of its workers and consumers are not. William Greider
It is so strong potentially in all resources necessary for War, and so self-contained financially and commercially, that its decisions in policy are beyond question of being influenced by outside pressure. Edward Grey; Viscount Fallodon
A strong economy is perfectly consistent with concern for equity and economic justice. Barney Frank
Our whole evolutionary thinking leads us to the conclusion that economic independence lies at the very foundation of social and moral well-being. Felix Frankfurter
The next President's National Security Advisor ought to be an economist, instead of the usual military officer or arms control expert. Thomas Friedman
It's very difficult to rally people to deal with an economic problem as opposed to a military threat. Leslie H. Gelb
There shall come seven years of great plenty … And there shall arrive after them seven years of famine, and all the plenty shall be forgotten. Book of Genesis
All down history, nine-tenths of mankind have been grinding corn for the remaining one-tenth, been paid with the husks, and bidden to thank God they had the husks. David Lloyd George
We cannot safely leave politics to politicians, or political economy to college professors. Henry George
Build a global economy that will lift up—and not drag down—our people and all the people of the world. Richard A. Gephardt
[Discussing economic trends:] You can find a study that says anything. Richard A. Gephardt
It is well enough that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system for, if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. Henry Ford
As long as we can outproduce the world, can control the sea and can strike inland with the atomic bomb, we can assume certain risks otherwise unacceptable in an effort to restore world trade, to restore the balance of power —military power—and to eliminate some of the conditions which breed war. James Forrestal
A job saved in one industry can too easily be a job lost in another. Michael Heseltine
If we think we're going to solve our economic problems by monetary policy alone, we are mistaken. History shows that we have to employ fiscal policy as well. Maurice Hinchey
The depression in the business world is reaching its height. Unemployment is increasing daily. The family is breaking up. Starving people fill the streets…. This is the responsibility of statesmen who govern under the auspices of the Emperor’s will. To ignore this situation is to ignore the Emperor’s will. Kiichiro Hiranuma
I'll see to it that prices remain stable. That's what I have my storm troopers for. Adolf Hitler
Free trade in energy with the Americans is like wife-swapping with a bachelor. Ramon Hnatyshyn
I can say emphatically that he (FDR assistant Rexford Tugwell) breathes with infamous politics devoid of every atom of patriotism. Herbert Hoover
No one in the country is actually starving. Herbert Hoover
Economy in government does not mean spending little ... It means spending what you have and spending it well. Hubert Horatio Humphery
There are a lot of spin doctors on the economic numbers, not just politicians. Lacy Hunt
The slower the economic growth, the more severe is women’s disadvantage. Swanee Hunt
Cutting necks is better than cutting the means of living. Saddam Hussein
Experience demands that man is the only animal which devours his own kind, for I can apply no milder term the general prey of the rich on the poor. Thomas Jefferson
There is on the globe one single spot, the possessor of which is our natural and habitual enemy. It is New Orleans through which the produce of three eighths of our territory must pass. Thomas Jefferson
All riches come from iniquity, and unless one has lost, another cannot gain. Saint Jerome; Hieronymus
The definition of superpower cannot mean only military might anymore. Barbara Jordan
You don't have to kill the economy to regulate it. Ronald Machtley
We now have the worst of both worlds – not just inflation on the one side or stagnation on the other side, but both of them together. We have sort of “stagflation” situation. Ian Macleod
Let’s be frank about it. Most of our people have never had it so good. Go around the country, go to the industrial towns, go to the farms, and you’ll see a state of prosperity such as we have never had in my lifetime – nor indeed ever in the history of this country. What is beginning to worry some of us is “is it too good to be true?” or perhaps I should say “is it too good to last?” For amidst all this prosperity, there is one problem that has troubled us, in one way or another, ever since the war. It is the problem of rising prices. Our constant concern is: Can prices be steadied while at the same time we maintain full employment in an expanding economy? Can we control inflation? Harold MacMillan
With the existence of the few rich Malays at least the poor can say that their fate is not entirely to serve rich non-Malays. From the point of view of racial ego, and this ego is still strong, the unseemly existence of Malay tycoons is essential. Mohamad Mahathir
The harsh truth is that if the policy isn’t hurting it isn’t working. I know there is a difficult period ahead but the important thing is that we cannot and must not fudge the determination to stop inflation in its tracks. John Major
The economic and technical capabilities of the established societies are sufficiently vast to allow for adjustments and concessions to the underdog. Herbert Marcuse
I was the father of Canada's social revolution; you will create the country's economic revolution. Paul Martin Sr.
Capital is dead labor, that vampire like, only lives by sucking living labor. Karl Marx
Capitalism will kill competition. Karl Marx
Ministers would have been hard put to alter the harvests or bring orders to industry. But they were ministers and they had to do something. Andre Maurois
The International Monetary Fund is the doctor to sick economies. Richard T. McCormack
Tell it to Sweeney—The Stuyvesants don’t care—much. Leo Edward McGivena
Business conditions are not the most promising. It will take time to restore the prosperity of former years. If we cannot promptly attain it, we can resolutely turn our faces in that direction and aid its return by friendly legislation. William McKinley
NAFTA has dramatically improved our economy and that of our neighbors as well. Mack McLarty
We must be careful that the people who make $5,000 a year are not pitted against those that make $25,000 a year by those who make $900,000. Barbara Mikulski
What is truly frightening is that, despite our knowledge, we continue to subsidize activities without regard to their environmental—and economic—impact. George Miller
The only way to manage our economy is to insulate us from currency and stock market speculators—and that is to take the foreign exchange from them. Mahathir Mohamad
We [Blacks] have to use our political muscle to develop economic muscle. Marc Morial
The future of a Nation will be shaped by its ability to produce planes, cars, electronics ... not by how slick its financial markets can shuffle paper assets around. Akio Morita
Great economic and social forces flow with a tidal sweep over communities that are only half conscious of them. Wise statesmen are those who foresee what time is thus bringing, and endeavor to shape institutions and to mold men's thought and purpose in accordance with the change that is silently surrounding them. John Morley
What you don't want to have is tax-driven economic activity. Daniel P. Moynihan
A rising economic tide not only raises all ships but prevents them from bumping into each other. Richard Lamm
… pigmy economies Mirko Lauer
Americans have spent their way to happiness. Stanley Lebergott
Ours is an economy that depends on the availability of credit at affordable interest rates. Irving R. Levine
It is impossible for us to proceed with reform and expand the economy amid social upheaval. Order leads to prosperity and chaos to decline. Li Peng
Markets are self-regulating only because some brave investors are prepared to bet against the market trend. Lawrence B. Lindsey
Most politicians want to be seen as leading the parade. Thus they act to make a good thing better, and when markets slip, they find ways to limit the economic freedom of others. Lawrence B. Lindsey
The Communist Party and the Republican Party and the Democratic Party are the same in some ways ... To stay in power you've got to give people a good life and improve the economy. Liu Shuji
If they [steel magnates] don't do well, I don't do well. John F. Kennedy
For the first time in history, a single worldwide economic system has come into being. Henry A. Kissinger
Political leaders cannot survive as advocates of near-permanent austerity on the basis of directives imposed from abroad. Henry A. Kissinger
There has been no country with a democratic political sphere, past or present, whose economy has not been dominated by private ownership and market coordination. Janos Kornai
People today expect a good economy the same way a they expect sunshine and good air. Charles Krauthammer
A nation is a superpower not just because of its military strength. Charles Krulack
There's no such thing as a painless cure for inflation. Lawrence Kudlow
National sovereignty should be supported by financial independence. The only power that will propel us to this goal is the economy. No matter how mighty they are, political and military victories cannot endure unless they are crowned by economic triumphs. Kemal Ataturk
Supply and demand don’t work on a legislative schedule. Jeffery Birnbaum
The Depression has caused an emergency more serious than war. Louis D. Brandeis
The surpluses of the [19]90s were the result of a growing economy. They were not the result of government policy. Andrew Card
When one is having good fortune, one's mind tends to be clear. When one is struck by a disaster, one's mind tends to be muddled. Chinese Proverb
When the fish price is too low, the fishermen starve. Chinese Proverb
The vast Number of Law Suits occasioned thereby, the Courts are open, and every Term, four or five hundred Writs (and perhaps more) given out against good honest Housekeepers, who are as willing to pay their Debts as their Creditors would be, and have wherewith to Pay, but can't Raise Money, unless they will Sell their Houses at half Value … Creditors will take nothing but Money; and so they are Squeezed and Oppress'd, to Maintain a few Lawyers, and other Officers of the Courts, who grow Rich on the Ruins of their Neighbours, while great part of the Town can hardly get Bread to satisfie Nature; John Colman
The Medium of Exchange, the only thing which gives life to Business, Employs the Poor, Feeds the Hungry, and Cloaths the Naked, is so Exhausted; that in a little time we shall not have wherewith to Buy our Daily Bread, much less to pay our Debts or Taxes John Colman
A general Clamour for a depreciating Paper Currency, is a certain Sign of the Country being generally in bad Circumstances William Douglass
In all Sovereignties in Europe where Paper-Money was introduced, great Inconveniencies happened; upon canceling this Paper Medium all those Inconveniencies did vanish William Douglass
In the four Colonies of New England, viz. New Hampshire, Massachusetts Bay, Rhode Island and Connecticut, their Currency being Paper, is promiscuously the same. …. particularly in our Paper Money Colonies, the Currencies have incredibly depreciated from Sterling, and from one another. William Douglass
Let’s export American products, not American jobs. John Edwards
National frontiers and governments can no more protect societies against economic storms than against meteorological dangers. Max Frankel
New markets shall not be allowed to interfere with the interests of former ones. Frederick II
The states where the number of new immigrants were highest tended to benefit from the decades economic upswing. William H. Frey
The Manufactures of the World may be reduced to two sorts; that is, the Necessary, which consist in all that is wrought for Man's Necessities or conveniences; and the Superfluous, which consist in all that is wrought, and serves to gratify his Vanity or Pleasures. Isaac Gervaise
No Nation can encourage or enlarge its Proportion of any private and natural Manufacture, without discouraging the rest; because whether an Allowance be given, either to the Manufacturer, or Transporter, that Allowance serves, and is employed to attract the Workmen from those other Manufactures, which have some likeness to the encouraged Manufacture: So that what is transported of the encouraged Manufacture, beyond nature, only balances the Diminution of the others. Isaac Gervaise
When a Nation exports more or less Labour, than is imported into it, that difference between Exports and Imports of Labour, is called Ballance of Trade Isaac Gervaise
When several Nations are at war together, it may happen, that other Nations may reap the benefit thereof: Because War disturbs and lessens the Labor of those Nations that are at war, by taking off their Poor from their usual Labor, and employing them in the Defense of the State; so that those Nations not furnished unto the World their Proportion of Labor, cannot retain their former Proportion of the grand Denominator of the World; and those Nations which are at peace, and keep at work their whole Proportion of Poor, draw from those that are at war, besides their own Proportion, such a part of the grand Denominator, as is proportioned to the number of Men employed in the War. Isaac Gervaise
Most places of the realm are pestered with purveyors, who take up eggs, butter, cheese, pigs, capons, hens, chickens, hogs, bacon, etc., in one market under pretence of their commissions, and suffer their wives to sell the same in another, or to poulterers of London. If these chapmen be absent but two or three market days then we may perfectly see these wares to be more reasonably sold, and thereunto the crosses sufficiently furnished of all things. In like sort, since the number of buttermen have so much increased, and since they travel in such wise that they come to men's houses for their butter faster than they can make it, it is almost incredible to see how the price of butter is augmented: whereas when the owners were enforced to bring it to the market towns, and fewer of these butter buyers were stirring, our butter was scarcely worth eighteen pence the gallon that now is worth three shillings fourpence and perhaps five shillings. Whereby also I gather that the maintenance of a superfluous number of dealers in most trades, tillage always excepted, is one of the greatest causes why the prices of things became excessive: for one of them do commonly use to outbid another. William Harrison
The history of economic growth is the history of people making more with less and shifting into new jobs that were unheard of in the previous generation. David R. Henderson
The loss of manufacturing jobs is a sign of economic health. David R. Henderson
There are those who say that climate change is a hoax, a concoction of radical environmentalists and a liberal media. That is simply hogwash.... To ignore and dismiss the threat of climate change to the economy and the environment is like insisting the earth is flat. Jim Jeffords
In the case of the economy, the perception is the reality. Robert L. Johnson
We want a market economy without any adjectives. Any compromises with that will only fuzzy up the problems we have. Vaclav Klaus
Domestick Trade depends on the Money. A greater Quantity employes more People than a lesser Quantity. A limited Sum can only set a number of People to Work proportion'd to it, and 'tis with little success Laws are made, for Employing the Poor or Idle in Countries where Money is scarce; good Laws many bring the Money to the full Circulation 'tis capable of, and force it to those Employments that are most profitable to the Country: But no Laws can make it go furder, nor can more People be set to Work, without more Money to circulate so, as to pay the Wages of a greater number. They may be brought to Work on Credit, and that is not practicable, unless the Credit have a Circulation, so as to supply the Workman with necessaries; If that's suppos'd, then that Credit is Money, and will have the same effects, on Home, and Forreign Trade. John Law
A Merchant may gain where the Nation loses. John Law
If Money were given to a People in greater Quantity than there was a Demand for, Money would fall in its value; but if only given equal to the Demand, it will not fall in value. John Law
If raising or allaying [revaluing or devaluing] the Money could add to its Value, or have any good Effect on Home or Foreign Trade; Then no Nation would want Money [from that nation.] John Law
Some Countries have rais'd Money in the Denomination, when others have lower'd it; …. Some have prohibited the Export of Money under the severest Penalties, when others have by Law allowed it to be exported; Some thinking to add to the Money, have obliged Traders to bring home Bullion, in proportion to the Goods they imported. Most Countries have try'd some or all of these Measures, and others of the same Nature, and have tryed contrary Measures at one time, from what they us'd immediatly before, … that since the Method used had not the effect design'd, a contrary would: Yet is has not been found, that any of them have preserv'd or increased Money; but on the contrair. John Law
Land will continue to rise in value, being yet capable of Improvement; And as the Demand increases, for the Quantity will be the same John Law
Nations finding the Export of Money or Bullion to pay the ballance due by Trade, a loss of so much Riches, and very hurtful to Trade, might have discharg'd the Import of such Goods as the People could best want; Or laid a Duty on them, such as might have lessen'd their Consumption: They might have given encouragement to Industry, whereby the Product would have been encreas'd and improv'd, or discourag'd extravagant Consumption, whereby the Overplus to Export would have been greater; Any one of these Methods would have brought Trade and Exchange equal John Law
We will need ploughshares and swords. Joseph I. Lieberman
Let us sell merchandise to the Spanish and obtain from them gold and silver. Louis XIV
For every other war the government put out propaganda posters. Our government tells us to go shopping and see Cats again. Bill Maher
No loss, in proportion to its amount, affects the interest of the nation so deeply, and vitally, and is so difficult to recover, as the loss of agricultural capital and produce Thomas Malthus
The general principles of political economy teach us to buy all our commodities where we can have them the cheapest; and perhaps there is no general rule in the whole compass of the science to which fewer justifiable exceptions can be found in practice Thomas Malthus
The quantity of industry therefore not only increases in every country with the increase of the stock or capital which sets it in motion; but, in consequence of this increase, the division of labour becomes extended, new and more powerful implements and machines are invented, and the same quantity of labour is thus made to produce an infinitely greater quantity of commodities. John Ramsay Mculloch
The labourer has neither raw materials nor tools. These are provided for him by the capitalist. For making this provision the capitalist of course expects a reward James Mill
The rich in their gilded coaches trample the common citizen into the dust. Justus Moser
People are dying because we in the West are unwilling to change and to actually live by the free market rhetoric we often spout. Johan Norberg
It is the enormity of existing economic disparities that convinces me that only through new partnerships and coalitions, which unite private, public and quasi-public institutions, can they be overcome. David J. O'Reilly
Economies that are open to trade grow faster. Arvind Panagariya
The countries that stand to benefit most from greater competition and openness are those nations that display the highest protection. Arvind Panagariya
… there is such a general scarcity of Cash that nothing We have will Command it & Real Estates of Every kind are falling at least one half in value. Debtors that were a year or two ago responsible for £1000 can not now Raise a fourth part of the sum & those who had putt out their money upon Land Security of double the value are unable to get the principal as there is an Entire Stop to all sales by the sheriff for want of Buyers and Men of the best Estates amongst us can Scarce Raise money enough to defray the Necessary Expenses of their family’s. Our Stores in the Country that used to furnish Every necessary for the inhabitants are all shut up James Parker
We will plant our flag on the hill of economic security. Nancy Pelosi
High Tech is not merely a technical matter. Shimon Peres
Waging war can benefit a leader in several ways: it can rally citizens around the flag, it can distract them from bleak economic times, and it can enrich a country’s elites. Samantha Power
In November, 1919, in Western Russia, the peasants would sell me nothing for money, whereas my neighbor in the train bought all he wanted in exchange for small quantities of salt. Arthur Ransome
Owing to the appalling condition of Russian transport, and owing to the fact that since 1914 Russia has been practically in a state of blockade, the towns have lost their power of supplying, either as middlemen or as producers, the simplest needs of the villages. Partly owing to this, partly again because of the condition of transport, the towns are not receiving the necessaries of life in sufficient quantities Arthur Ransome
No one has developed a magic formula for how to make countries grow, though economic researchers have identified a number of poisons. Corruption, overweening government intervention, and mountains of debt are contraindicated for countries attempting to develop. Kenneth Rogoff
Mr. President. We can’t be certain our recommended plan to assist Mexico will work, and if it doesn’t, it may cost you your Presidency. Robert E. Rubin
Let’s put some lipstick on this pig. Charles Schwab
The dysfunction of African-Americans is directly related to the fact that African-Americans as a racial group are no longer needed to bolster the economy as they were in slavery days. Warren H. Stewart Sr.
Sell a country? why not sell the air, the clouds …. Tecumseh
It should be only the surplus of the crops of any Province, beyond what is needed for the supply of its own wants, that should be exported. Station persons in the harbors to see that foreign ships do not take away produce to foreign shores until the Public Providers have got all that they require. Theodoric; Cassiodorus
Individual households have become over-dependent on the appreciation of housing as a substitute for savings. George Soros
There are needs and common goods that cannot be satisfied by the market system. John Paul II; Giovanni Battista Montini
The economy cannot be run in an institutional, juridical, or political vacuum: the state has its role to play, guaranteeing personal freedom, a stable currency, and efficient public services John Paul II; Giovanni Battista Montini
Society and state need to afford protection against the nightmare of unemployment through economic policies that ensure balanced growth and full employment or through unemployment insurance and retraining programs. John Paul II; Giovanni Battista Montini
One must denounce the economic, financial, and social mechanisms and structures that are manipulated by the rich and powerful for their own benefit at the expense of the poor John Paul II; Giovanni Battista Montini
Another form of oppression is the denial of the right to economic initiative. John Paul II; Giovanni Battista Montini
Opening China to the world has dramatically affected the movement for democracy. The process of opening up is a process whereby the government loosens its control of the people. On the other hand, simply opening the economy is not enough. Very few people are actually able to enjoy the economic reforms. The privileged classes, or those who have connections with the privileged classes, enjoy more benefits from an open policy. Wei Jingsheng
… courts do not substitute their social and economic beliefs for the judgment of legislative bodies, who are elected to pass laws Hugo Black
In our tribal areas the literacy rate among women is 3%; among men, 17%; and there is no economy. Husain Haqqani
wise economy … is as far removed from parsimony as from corrupt and corrupting extravagance. Franklin Pierce
There should be a phased down-sizing to avoid dumping 1.4 million men into a shattered economy. Anonymous
If the United States assumes control of Iraq, it will therefore assume control of a badly battered economy Conrad C. Crane
We’d continue to pay them. Using army allows us not to demobilize it immediately and put a lot of unemployed people on the street. Jay Garner
The First Law of Petropolitics: The price of oil and the pace of freedom always move in opposite directions in states that are highly dependent on oil exports for their income and have weak institutions or outright authoritarian governments. Thomas Friedman
Half Dime United States Congress
Libertarians are my most intense enemies Ayn Rand
Health care is out of people’s reach because it is expensive. Robert Jones Portman
Only when the last tree has withered, and the last fish caught, and the last river been poisoned, will we realize we cannot eat money. Cree Tribe
Make the economy scream. Richard Nixon
We need to do a very professional and robust job of advising the Iraqi military. I mean robust with a complete staff to advise the Iraqi battalion as professionally as possible. Then I want to equip them very well---just like we are. Not with the second class equipment we give them…. And I would jump-start the economy … do what FDR did, employ the youth with a CCC type organization…. Then give each Iraqi citizen a portion of the oil revenue personally, just like we do in Alaska. Separate the regional government into 3 areas, Shiite, Sunni and Kurd… If we don’t do that we are finished. Jay Garner
It’s not the government’s job to bail out speculators. George W. Bush
At the end of Friday, March 3, 1933, thirty-two states had closed all their banks ... Six other states had closed almost all their banks. In the other ten states and in the District of Columbia withdrawals were limited to 5 percent of deposits and in Texas to ten dollars per day. The U.S. financial system had reached the last extremity before it would collapse completely, taking the life's savings of tens of millions of people and what was left of the international economic system with it. Conrad Black
Even though the Arab countries have both strategic and invaluable subterranean riches, most of them are poor. Mehmet Kamis
One proposes raising the value of specie when the King's debts are large, and lowering it when his revenues were to come in, that so he might both pay much with a little, and in a little receive a great deal: another proposes a pretence of a war, that money might be raised in order to carry it on, and that a peace be concluded as soon as that was done; and this with such appearances of religion as might work on the people, and make them impute it to the piety of their prince, and to his tenderness for the lives of his subjects. Thomas More
What Pakistan has not realized is that if you are an unstable country, and economically in a crisis, it doesn't really pay to have a nuclear device, because that device, too, becomes unstable Khaled Ahmed
Being a great power is very expensive. Robert D. Kaplan
When the economies of countries grow, their militaries generally do as well. Robert D. Kaplan
Remember 1932. You remember the closed banks and the breadlines and the starvation wages; the foreclosures of homes and farms, and the bankruptcies of business; the Hoovervilles: and the young men and women of the Nation facing a hopeless, jobless, future: the closed factories and mines and mills: the ruined and abandoned farms: the stalled railroads and the empty clocks; the blank despair of a whole Nation—and the utter impotence of the Federal Government. Franklin D. Roosevelt
The moment approaches when we shall no longer be able to pay cash for shipping and other supplies.... I believe that von will agree that it would be wrong in principle and mutually disadvantageous in effect, if at the height of this struggle, Great Britain were to be divested of all saleable assets so that after victory was won with our blood, civilization saved, and time gained for the United States to be fully armed against all eventualities, we should stand stripped to the bone. Such a course would not be in the moral or economic interests of either of our countries.... You may be assured that we shall prove ourselves ready to suffer and sacrifice to the utmost for the Cause, and that we glory in being its champion. The rest we leave to you and to your people, being sure that ways and means will be found which future generations on both sides of the Atlantic will approve and admire. Winston Churchill
A rising tide lifts all boats but if you can’t afford a boat, the tide goes up your nose. Barney Frank
The Sherman Act was designed to be a comprehensive charter of economic liberty aimed at preserving free and unfettered competition as the rule of trade. It rests on the premise that the unrestrained interaction of competitive forces will yield the best allocation of our economic resources, the lowest prices, the highest quality and the greatest material progress, while at the same time providing an environment conducive to the preservation of our democratic political and social institutions. Hugo Black
If you appoint me, I will raise interest rates and choke off the inflation, and that will have bad political repercussions for you. Paul A. Volcker
The entrepreneurial spirit is the hallmark of the American economic system Manmohan Singh
The nation that leads the clean energy economy will lead the global economy. Barack Obama
The native American, like the alien immigrant, conceives the better future which awaits himself and other men in America as fundamentally a future in which economic prosperity will be still more abundant and still more accessible than it has yet been either here or abroad. Herbert Croly
Unfettered free trade has been a disaster not only for Americans but for the working people of Mexico and Canada as well. Bernie Sanders
War challenges virtually every other institution of society-the justice and equity of its economy, the adequacy of its political systems, the energy of its productive plant, the bases, wisdom and purposes of its foreign policy Walter Millis
President George W. Bush inherited the strongest economy and the largest surplus ever in American history. He has blown both of them. I thought that one of the things he would be good at is inheriting but he wasn’t able to even do that well. Paul Begala
Hard times are with us; the country is distracted; very few things are marketable at a price above the cost of production; tens of thousands are out of employment; the jails, penitentiaries, workhouses and insane asylums are full; the gold reserve at Washington is sinking; the government is running … with a deficit in every department; a huge debt hangs like an appalling cloud over the country; … hungered and half-starved men are banding into armies marching toward Washington; the cry of distress is heard on every hand; business is paralyzed; commerce is at a standstill; riots and strikes prevail throughout the land; and Wall Street looks in vain for an excuse to account for the failure of prosperity to return since the repeal of the silver purchase act. . William Hope Coin Harvey
We will assist by money from our royal treasury all those who wish to reestablish old manufactures or to undertake new ones … all the merchants and traders by sea who purchase vessels, or who build new ones, for traffic or commerce shall receive from us subsidies for each ton of merchandise which they export or import on the said voyages Louis XIV
The collectivizations and socializations in the economy count for nothing when State power is in the hands of the bourgeoisie Nosotros Group
Amassing huge profits, sometimes at the deficit of human welfare, is the motivating factor of western capitalism. Kwaku Person-Lynn
Politicians haven't the capacity to lead whole societies anywhere. They are outclassed and outrun by trends in the world economy that are beyond the ability of the political class to control or direct. Lew Rockwell; Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr.
In the society of to-day the means of production are a monopoly of the capitalistic class; the dependence of the working classes which results from this is the cause of misery and of servitude in all its forms. Socialist Labor Party of Germany
The greatest question of all about American democracy is whether it is a cause or a consequence. It is popularly assumed to be a cause, and we ascribe to its beneficent action all the political vitality, all the easiness of social relations, all the industrial activity and enterprise which we experience and which we value and enjoy. I submit, however, that, on a more thorough examination of the matter, we shall find that democracy is a consequence. There are economic and sociological causes for our political vitality and vigor, for the ease and elasticity of our social relations, and for our industrial power and success. Those causes have also produced democracy, given it success, and have made its faults and errors innocuous William Graham Sumner
Demography drives the economy. Charles Wald
We have much more to fear from economic weakness in Europe than in economic strength in Europe. Lawrence Summers
Even if hostilities do not begin, the world is menaced by economic collapse. Mistrust and suspicion reign everywhere. Beneath our very eyes the camps are forming, armies are gathering and a fearful struggle is being prepared in Europe. Is our continent to commit suicide in a terrifying war at the end of which no nation could call itself victor or vanquished, but in which the spiritual and material values created by centuries of civilization would founder? Leopold III
Please let us [Arabs] have ownership of our own reform effort. We cannot ask the world not to interfere unless we are prepared to have our own vision for reform: Rights of women, educational reform, economic reform—all of them. Marwan al-Muasher
There never has been a time in our history when work was so abundant or when wages were as high,… Benjamin Harrison
The middle class is the engine of this economy. John Edwards
These men no longer see the enemy in the bourgeoisie, they see him in the communists. They are afraid of competition; instead of leaders they have become bankers of men in a monopoly situation, and the least hint of competition makes them crazy with terror and despair. Antonio Gramsci
The capitalist engine is first and last an engine of mass production which unavoidably means also production for the masses. Joseph A. Schumpeter
Rational as distinguished from vindictive regulation by public authority turns out to be an extremely delicate problem which not every government agency, particularly when in full cry against big business, can be trusted to solve. Joseph A. Schumpeter
A dynamic economy, with more citizens working and paying taxes, will be our strongest tool to bring down budget deficits Ronald Reagan
Our enemies have always made the same mistake. In my lifetime--in depression and in war--they have awaited our defeat. Each time, from the secret places of the American heart, came forth the faith they could not see or that they could not even imagine. It brought us victory. And it will again. Lyndon B. Johnson
Our international trade relations, though vastly important, are in point of time and necessity, secondary to the establishment of a sound national economy. I favor as a practical policy the putting of first things first. Franklin D. Roosevelt
Our greatest primary task is to put people to work. This is no unsolvable problem if we face it wisely and courageously. It can be accomplished in part by direct recruiting by the Government itself, treating the task as we would treat the emergency of a war, but at the same time, through this employment, accomplishing greatly needed projects to stimulate and reorganize the use of our natural resources. Franklin D. Roosevelt
We have been proud of our industrial achievements, but we have not hitherto stopped thoughtfully enough to count the human cost Woodrow Wilson
Whenever the economy is bad, the economy is the only issue. Mark Shields
The barbarous gold barons -- they did not find the gold, they did not mine the gold, they did not mill the gold, but by some weird alchemy all the gold belonged to them! William Dudley Haywood; Big Bill Haywood
Whilst the agitation of the Slave question in the North may be sport to us, it may become also prove death to them. It produces an uneasy & excited feeling among the Slaves & places in jeopardy the safety of all they hold most dear on earth. Devotedly attached to the union as they are, they (the Southerners) soberly declare that if the North should persist in applying the match to the magazine of gun powder in which they live, self preservation will compel them to separate from us. James Buchanan
The entrepreneurial spirit is the hallmark of the American economic system Manmohan Singh
The nation that leads the clean energy economy will lead the global economy. Barack Obama
You cannot have a strong, resilient economy unless you have a strong resilient middle class. Barack Obama
Socialism can also practice market economy. Wen Jiabao
The way to get elected was to keep the market economy humming while cushioning people against its inevitable risks through ever more lavish social programs. David Frum
Canada appears content to become a second-tier socialistic country, boasting ever more loudly about its economy and social services to mask its second-rate status, led by a second-world strongman appropriately suited for the task. Stephen Harper
Two months ago we were facing serious problems. The country was dying by inches. It was dying because trade and commerce had declined to dangerously low levels; prices for basic commodities were such as to destroy the value of the assets of national institutions such as banks, savings banks, insurance companies, and others. These institutions, because of their great needs, were foreclosing mortgages, calling loans, refusing credit. Thus there was actually in process of destruction the property of millions of people. Franklin D. Roosevelt
I don’t think that politicians should use words like ‘global economic crisis’ because some times when you do, you make a crisis where there was none before. Rudolph W. Giuliani
No criticism should be allowed to obscure the truth either at home or abroad that today America is the strongest nation militarily, economically, ideologically in the world. Richard Nixon
If we do not have the economic resources to be a leader, it’s going to affect our foreign policy. Peter G. Peterson
Nothing would assure a recession more than a significant drop in housing prices. Peter G. Peterson
You simply can’t run an economy as complicated as ours on ideology alone. Jared Bernstein
When you get inflation, you get massive distortions of the economy. Steve Forbes
The United States bonds are safe and free from reverses. They have been funded in such a sound manner and the prosperity of the country is growing so rapidly that there is no doubt of their solvency. Charles Maurice de Talleyrand
I do not think that you can spend yourself rich. George M. Humphrey
If we politicians cannot solve the problems of the economy, terrorism and the environment, then we shall have failed in our duty. Nicolas Sarkozy
In the United States you have socialism for the rich and free markets for the poor. Adrian Woolridge
The very existence the Federal Reserve System is a safeguard against anything like a calamity growing out of money rates …. We have the power to deal with such an emergency instantly by flooding the street with money. Benjamin Strong
... trade in derivatives poses a mega-catastrophic risk ... derivatives are financial weapons of mass destruction that could harm not only their buyers and sellers, but the whole economic system. Warren Buffett
There is one iron law of history. When a country’s economy starts to decline, if it continues to decline, it will lose its greatness. Richard Holbrooke
Our economy, in order to grow, needs people to spend. Ali Velshi
Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The Bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create deposits, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again. However, take it away from them, and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear, for this would be a happier and better world to live in. But, if you wish to remain the slaves of Bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create deposits Josiah Stamp
I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men Woodrow Wilson
Out of this modern civilization, economic royalists carved new dynasties. New kingdoms were built upon concentration of control over material things. Through new uses of corporations, banks and securities, new machinery of industry and agriculture, of labor and capital - all undreamed of by the Fathers - the whole structure of modern life was impressed into this royal service. Franklin D. Roosevelt
By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens. John Maynard Keynes
Civilization both in the East and the West was visited by a destructive plague which devastated nations and caused populations to vanish. It swallowed up many of the good things of civilization and wiped them out. It overtook the dynasties at the time of their senility, when they had reached the limit of their duration. It lessened their power and curtailed their influence. It weakened their authority. Their situation approached the point of annihilation and dissolution. Civilization decreased with the decrease of mankind. Cities and buildings were laid waste, roads and way signs were obliterated, settlements and mansions became empty, dynasties and tribes grew weak. The entire inhabited world changed Ibn Khaldun
Every sector of our economy depends on affordable energy… The state of American energy must be good in order for our economy to thrive. Jack Gerard
The outstanding faults of the economic society in which we live are its failure to provide for full employment and its arbitrary and inequitable distribution of wealth and incomes. John Maynard Keynes
As the world of chips and glass fibers and wireless waves goes, so goes the rest of the world Kevin Kelly
Were the Soviet Union to sink tomorrow under the waters of the ocean, the American military-industrial establishment would have to go on, substantially unchanged, until some other adversary could be invented. Anything else would be an unacceptable shock to the American economy. George F. Kennan
The slogan that agriculture is the backbone of the nation still remains in theory and not in practice. Dominic Kambarage
Politicians always seek a pain-free solution to economic problems, and the economists keep reminding us that there is no such thing. Evan Bayh
I think that this is the most significant financial crisis in the post-War period for the United States, and it has in fact a global reach. . . . I think it is extraordinarily important to understand that, as we have seen in many previous examples of different countries and different times, choking up of credit is like taking the lifeblood away from the economy. Ben Bernanke
The skills and productivity of American Workers, .... are the greatest economic resource our country has. Joseph Lane Kirkland
We live in an interdependent world. We depend on one another for prosperity. Zhou Wenzhong
Fashion is to France what the Gold Mines of Peru are to Spain. Jean Baptiste Colbert; Marquis de Seignelay
There is only so much that you can kick the can down the road. Ben Bernanke
Labor is marching toward the goal of industrial democracy and contributing constructively toward a more rational arrangement of our domestic economy. John L. Lewis
Wars cost money. Richard Brookhiser
Having a little inflation is like being a little bit pregnant. Leon Henderson
It is God’s will that the United States not be a nation of followers. Mitt Romney
The distribution of wealth is just as important as its creation. William Randolph Hearst
We can either have a hard decade or a bad century. Thomas Friedman
We are not able to sacrifice our short term interests for the sake of the long term. Michael Lewis
The economy itself is of such social importance that its major resources and means of production should be open to democratic participation and subject to democratic social regulation. Tom Hayden; Students for a Democratic Society
Government has much wider dimensions than merely managing an economy. Charles Haughey
I started off with the quality of life, with peotic allusions, with a great deal of philosophical background, and I changed my pitch to what the arts do for the economy. Kitty Carlisle Hart
Prosperity comes slowly. Barack Obama
Taxes are not something that lends to experimentation. You want to go slow, you could knock the whole economy into a cocked hat with experimentation. Seymour Halpern
The largest annual U.S. trade deficits since 1980 have been accompanied by the largest annual job-creation numbers in recent memory. The reason is simple: stronger economies tend to have stronger currencies, and the increased economic activities in these stronger economies and exchange-rate differentials lead inevitably to trade deficits Mickey Kantor
Separate an individual from society, and give him an island or a continent to possess, and he cannot acquire personal property. He cannot be rich. So inseparably are the means connected with the end, in all cases, that where the former do not exist the latter cannot be obtained. All accumulation, therefore, of personal property, beyond what a man's own hands produce, is derived to him by living in society; and he owes on every principle of justice, of gratitude, and of civilization, a part of that accumulation back again to society from whence the whole came. Thomas Paine
This society cannot go forward, the way we have been going forward, where the gap between the rich and the poor keeps growing. Michael Bloomberg
Tis surprising to see how rapidly a panic will sometimes run through a country. All nations and ages have been subject to them Thomas Paine
The historical American purpose of the economy in a republican nation is to produce republican citizens. Richard White
This great country cannot be permanently kept in a state of relapse. I believe we will reoccupy the field temporarily lost to us, and go out to the peaceful conquest of new and greater fields of trade and commerce. The recovery will come slowly, perhaps, but it will come, and when it does we will be steadier and will better know how to avoid exposure hereafter. William McKinley
Economy is demanded in every branch of the government at all times, but especially in periods like the present, of depression in business and distress among the people. The severest economy must be observed in all public expenditures, and extravagance stopped wherever it is found, and prevented wherever in the future it may be developed. If the revenues are to remain as now, the only relief that can come must be from decreased expenditures. But the present must not become the permanent condition of the government. William McKinley
We now live not in an economic order or a political order, but in a political economy that is closely linked with military institutions and decisions. C. Wright Mills
In a thriving economy, birth need not be destiny. Mary Louisa Toynbee
It is a fallacy to think that politicians and bureaucrats are smart enough to manage the economy. Ronald E. Paul
I’m not in the business of creating jobs. Sharron Angle
Meat is expensive. And who said you have to eat meat every single day! Eat eggplant! Rafael Mejía Domínguez
There are certain domains which are so vital to the well-being of citizens that they must be kept out of the private sector and the law of supply and demand. Marine Le Pen
I would love to see more certainty on tax policy and regulations, but in a sense that is a crutch….We need more certainty of demand. Jeffrey R. Immelt
In the political, the social, the economic, even the cultural sphere, the revolutions of our time have been revolutions "against" rather than revolutions "for"... On the whole throughout this period the man--or party--that stood for doing the positive has usually cut a pathetic figure; well meaning but ineffectual, civilized but unrealistic, he was suspect alike to (by both) the ultras of destruction and the ultras of preservation and restoration. Peter Drucker
A complex web of cultural, social, economic and political factors, some ambiguous in nature, keeps Arab women in thrall. United Nations
None of my Governments seem to know what to do about them Elizabeth II
Empires can only decline when other nations decline and make way for them. Niall Ferguson
I don’t like monopolies when I see them. Rupert Murdoch
You can’t beat this prosperity thing. Will Rogers
I have never yet seen the time in which our affairs, in my opinion, were at so low an ebb as at the present. George Washington
Socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor. Richard Brodsky
Tell me how poor Ireland, exhausted and drained of her life-blood at every pore, with a population almost wholly agricultural and unused to mechanical pursuits, is to establish new factories, and where she is to find the customers to keep them going. She cannot create new markets. This world is only limited after all, and the nations of Europe are pushing their way into its remote corners so rapidly that in a few years time, at most, the entire world will have been exhausted as a market ... James Connolly
We must be cognizant of the fact that the absence of economic rationality and perpetual political instability in our societies prevent us from fully benefiting from our resources as well as capabilities. In the extreme case, we find ourselves in devastating wars. Our conflict-ridden geography has substantially undercut our ability to develop economically. Natural wealth, including oil revenues has been wasted and the focus of attention has been other than human development Abdullah Gul
Many advantages … may be gained through the establishment of trade commissions, national and state. At first, we should be conservative in giving additional powers to these commissions. The powers given should be based upon the same principles that have been applied in the pure-food laws, and in the control of the public utilities. The American people always move slowly in these matters, and step by step. I should not expect that these trade commissions, if created, would at once be granted all the powers which they would finally exercise. In this matter I should expect the same slow development to take place that has occurred regarding the commissions which control the public utilities. Charles R. Van Hise
You don’t produce development through aid; you produce it through private investment which creates jobs. Andrew Natsios
However much America may attempt to hold herself free in Europe she will very deeply feel the effects, both material and moral, of upheavals like that which is now shaking the old Continent; that even though there be no aggressive action against her, the militarization of Europe will force upon America also a militarist development; and that she can best avoid these dangers and secure her own safety and free development by taking the lead in a new world policy which is briefly this: To use her position to initiate and guide a grouping of all the civilized powers having as its object the protection of any one of its members that is the victim of aggression. The aid to be given for such an object should not be, in the case of the United States, military but economic, by means of the definite organization of non-intercourse against the recalcitrant power. America's position of geographical and historical remoteness from European quarrels places her in a particularly favorable position to direct this world organization, and the fact of undertaking it would give her in some sense the moral leadership of the western world, and make her the centre of the World State of the future. Norman Angell
The corporate welfare state derived from an approach to economic development which worships at the shrine of the gross national product. David Lewis
The economic development of industrial society tends inevitably to the ruin of small industries. Socialist Labor Party of Germany
Corporations are neither physical nor metaphysical phenomena. They are socioeconomic ploys — legally enacted game-playing — agreed upon only between overwhelmingly powerful socioeconomic individuals and by them imposed upon human society and its all unwitting members. R. Buckminster Fuller
Apparently, there is no bad economic turn a conservative cannot do unto his buddy in the working class, as long as cultural solidarity has been cemented over a beer. Thomas Frank
The United States economy is like a poker game where the chips have become concentrated in fewer and fewer hands, and where the other fellows can stay in the game only by borrowing. When their credit runs out the game will stop. Marriner Eccles
The inescapable fact is that when we build a society based on greed, selfishness, and ruthless competition, the fruits we can expect to reap are economic insecurity at home and international discord abroad. Thomas Clement Douglas
In relations with other nations, there is neither right nor wrong; there is only strength and weakness. Roman Dmowski
The use of riches is better than their possession. Fernando de Rojas
The real problems of our economy began when the very smart people of our society went to Wall Street. Lionel Trilling
The example which Massachusetts and New England offer in the retention of longstanding custom should be given very careful consideration before ruthlessly permitting it to be sacrificed for mercenary considerations. Allen Towner Treadway
With globalization we do not have as much control over our economy as we used to. Charles A. Kupchan
If by carelessness in controlling inflation and imposing controls on our general economy we are unable to meet these temporary but vital calls upon us, we will be courting real disaster. Eleanor Roosevelt
No one single thing that we do will control inflation Eleanor Roosevelt
If only we can avoid a repetition of the depression that culminated in Mr. Hoover's Administration, we will be very fortunate. This depression, of course, had nothing to do with President Hoover's policies, but was the result of after-war activities by certain groups in this country which, I fear, may be duplicated again unless the people and the Congress are very wary. Eleanor Roosevelt
You cannot be the arsenal of democracy if you don’t have an arsenal. We must build up our manufacturing base. Newt Gingrich
Social Security works better than any other program in the world. Why dismantle it now? Marie Smith
Oppressive and intolerable as was the regime of the great consolidations of capital, even its victims, while they cursed it, were forced to admit the prodigious increase of efficiency which had been imparted to the national industries, the vast economies effected by concentration of management and unity of organization Edward Bellamy
The revenue derived from a graduated income tax should be applied to the reduction of the burden of taxation now levied upon the domestic industries of this country. Ignatius Donnelly
We have … a clear mandate from the people, that Americans must forswear that conception of the acquisition of wealth which, through excessive profits, creates undue private power over private affairs and, to our misfortune, over public affairs as well. Franklin D. Roosevelt
Everything we hope to do, depends on an expanding economic pie. And only a vibrant, competitive, thriving private sector can create that. Government is a necessary partner, but it is the junior partner. Only the private sector can produce the revenues for the social programs that we Democrats care so much about. The financing of those programs through ever more public debt violates our generation responsibility. Paul Tsongas
Everybody is friends when things are bad enough. Ernest Hemingway
From time to time, capitalism has a tendency to implode. Bill Clinton
In American politics if you are perceived as not doing well on the economy, you get fired. Mike Murphy
… war is a matter not so much of arms as of money Thucydides
Those services which the community will most readily pay for it is most disagreeable to render. You are paid for being something less than a man. Henry David Thoreau
The county will fail if we enact this budget. David L. Boren
…well-ordered republics have to keep the public rich and their citizens poor… Niccolo Machiavelli
…in a crisis of confidence and credit, psychology is the big factor. Henry L. Stimson
Those who promise to spread the wealth around, only succeed in spreading poverty around. Mitt Romney
The United States must take into its own hands the control of the gold value of the dollar. Franklin D. Roosevelt
There is no resting place for an enterprise in a competitive economy. Alfred P. Sloan
There are two things that can disrupt the American economy. One is a war. The other is a meeting of The Federal Reserve Board. Will Rogers
A free-enterprise economy depends only on markets, and according to the most advanced mathematical macroeconomic theory, markets depend only on moods: specifically, the mood of the men in the pinstripes, also known as the Boys on the Street. Barbara Ehrenreich
Debt has become a part of who we are… Normal is broke in America. Dave Ramsey
Although the market and opportunities for consumption seem to offer a counterbalance to the government's authoritarian powers, many Chinese are ambivalent about the forces of Westernization and marketization and the rapidly growing gap between rich and poor Amy Hanser
The patent system was established to encourage inventors to disclose the details of their inventions. Its purpose was to help society rather than to help inventors. At the time, the life span of 17 years for a patent was short compared with the rate of advance of the state of the art. Since patents are an issue only among manufacturers, for whom the cost and effort of a license agreement are small compared with setting up production, the patents often do not do much harm. They do not obstruct most individuals who use patented products. Richard Stallman
Everyone has an interest in the economy: in how it functions, how well it functions, and in whose interests it functions. Jim Stanford
We had the highest standard of health and education and housing for our black people than any other country on the African continent. That was what Rhodesians did. I wonder if we shouldn't be given credit for doing that. Ian Smith
Every individual is continually exerting himself to find out the most advantageous employment for whatever capital he can command. It is his own advantage, indeed, and not that of the society, which he has in his view. But the study of his own advantage naturally, or rather necessarily leads him to prefer that employment which is most advantageous to the society. Adam Smith
I will improve the economy. At least, I think I can. Chen Shui-bian
One of the worst things in the world is to be the victim of a process over which you have no control. Sergio Marchionne
The occupation of the stock-jobber yields no new or useful product; consequently having no product of his own to give in exchange, he has no revenue to subsist upon, but what he contrives to make out of the unskillfulness or ill-fortune of gamesters like himself. Jean-Baptiste Say
The difficulty lies, not in finding a producer, but in finding a consumer. Jean-Baptiste Say
The government has, in all countries, a vast influence, in determining the character of the national consumption; not only because it absolutely directs the consumption of the state itself, but because a great proportion of the consumption of individuals is gained by its will and example. Jean-Baptiste Say
These days malls are the cathedrals of the modern world, and old buildings that had character are gone to allow for econo-worship and peso-pilgrimages. Bruce Curran
The welfare of the farmer is vital to that of the whole country. William Howard Taft
The people weren't quite ready for a socialist production system. Gus Hall
This matter of prices was frequently made a subject for jesting in private, but for the most part it was carefully avoided in the newspapers. It was too ominous of evil to be a fit topic of editorial discussion on ordinary occasions. As with the accounts of battles in which our arms were not successful, necessary references to the condition of the finances were crowded into a corner, as far out of sight as possible. George Cary Eggleston
The worst kind of decline is a slow decline—slow enough not to notice that you are in decline. Thomas Friedman
What is really at stake here is the survival of the kind of economy under which this country has grown great, the free-enterprise system J. Cullen Ganey
We happen to be living in an era when, in consequence of human gullibility and fallibility, the world has been overtaken by panic and distress such as private initiative alone cannot cope with. To an extent that could previously never have been expected the cities, the states, and the central government have been compelled to undertake to provide relief where voluntary agencies have been unequal to the task. Abraham Flexner
Can we prevent an almost complete collapse of the financial structure of modern capitalism? With no financial leadership left in the world and profound intellectual error as to causes and cures prevailing in the responsible seats of power, one begins to wonder and to doubt.... The financial and political authorities of the world have lacked the courage or the conviction at each stage of the decline to apply the available remedies in sufficiently drastic doses; and by now they have allowed the collapse to reach a point where the whole system may have lost its resiliency and its capacity for a rebound. John Maynard Keynes
Every economic downturn suffered by this country over the past century can be traced to Federal Reserve policy. The Fed has followed a consistent policy of flooding the economy with easy money, leading to a misallocation of resources and an artificial 'boom' followed by a recession or depression when the Fed-created bubble bursts. Ronald E. Paul
Usually, so far as improvement in the people's economic conditions is concerned, humanitarians simply play the role of the busybody. Vilfredo Pareto
I am biased against stupid members of Congress who would put your economy at risk. Ali Velshi
What our children become, so becomes our nation. It is plain common sense to give our children the best education possible so that they can develop into productive responsible citizens contributing economically, socially and politically to our democratic society. M. Frank Phillips
We are borrowing cheaply because we are the best looking horse in the glue factory. Gene Sperling
Middle class prosperity—economics—depended on middle class power—politics. Hedrick Smith
I don’t know what the President is thinking … his angry words at Wall Street, at their recklessness, and their dangerous incentives in compensation, about how they do their business in ways utterly divorced from what’s actually good for the economy—that he can’t just say that sort of thing, and then dump money into their laps and be credible. Elizabfinaneth Warren
The wealthiest in this country have never had it so good. They want more, and more, and more, and more, and they don’t care how many children they have to step on to get it.. Bernie Sanders
The best way to revitalize the economy is war, and the U.S. has grown stronger [economically] with war. Richard Nixon
The United States is like a gigantic boiler. Once the fire is lighted under it, there is no limit to the power it may generate. Viscount Fallodon; Edward
Let Detroit go Bankrupt Mitt Romney
We must … show that peace and prosperity can exist side by side. George McGovern
We should be humble about our ability to stimulate the economy with monetary policy. Jeffery M. Lacker
Young man, there is America -- which at this day serves for little more than to amuse you with stories of savage men, and uncouth manners; yet shall, before you taste of death, show itself equal to the whole of that commerce which now attracts the envy of the world. Edmund Burke
The total exports of the entire Arab world, not counting oil and gas, amount to less than Finland, one tiny European country… their economies depend entirely on oil…. Sooner or later, oil and gas either be exhausted or superseded as the modern world turns to other sources of energy. When that happens, they will have nothing left. One possibility is that they will develop other forms of economic activity. Another, more likely, is that the region will lapse into insignificance. Bernard Lewis
The economy must provide justice as well as prosperity. Mark Shields
… every economic downturn suffered by this country over the past century can be traced to Federal Reserve policy. The Fed has followed a consistent policy of flooding the economy with easy money, leading to a misallocation of resources and an artificial 'boom' followed by a recession or depression when the Fed-created bubble bursts. Ronald E. Paul
The natural tendency of the state is inflation. Murray Rothbard
Every government interference in the economy consists of giving an unearned benefit, extorted by force, to some men at the expense of others. Ayn Rand
The Communists, following Hegel, speak of humanity and its future as of some monolithic individuality. I was attacking this illusion. Simone de Beauvoir
We are suffering just now from a bad attack of economic pessimism …. The economic problem may be solved, or at least be in sight of a solution, within a hundred years. John Maynard Keynes
Land has lost its original strategic value; military forces are no longer employed primarily to conquer land, but to ensure stable economic, energy and information flows, which constitute the true resources, along with the natural resources. Corrado Maria Daclon
The big question is how do you allow new powers like India and China to emerge without destabilizing the world order? Kishore Mahbubani
Democracy and economic reform go together. Condoleeza Rice
A striking feature of financial service activities during the past few decades is that the financial transactions essential to the operation of the 'real' economy has become increasingly dwarfed by speculative activity. Peter Dicken
Reformers will better rectify any inadequacies they detect in the market by reaping the profits available from that inadequacy than by denouncing the very system which makes meaningful reform possible. Jim Cox
The productivity of social cooperation surpasses in every respect the sum total of the production of isolated individuals. Ludwig von Mises
The monopoly problem mankind has to face today is not an outgrowth of the operation of the market economy. It is a product of purposive action on the part of governments. It is not one of the evils inherent in capitalism as the demagogues trumpet. . Ludwig von Mises
The most serious dangers for American freedom and the American way of life do not come from without. Ludwig von Mises
In the capitalist society there is a place and bread for all. Its ability to expand provides sustenance for every worker. Permanent unemployment is not a feature of free capitalism. Ludwig von Mises
Capitalism and democracy are intertwined into our way of life so intricately that serious problems with the economy (again, particularly as they affect the typical family) represent a threat to almost everything we believe in. Rich Turner
The economy will bump along, with most of us struggling to make ends meet, while the same people who nearly wrecked the economy altogether will be making more money than they can count. Rich Turner
It was not until I got down to Latin America that I began to get a political education. Whatever my ideas when I went down there, I saw things around me every day that influenced me. I saw the terrible economic and social conditions, and the injustices that could not be ignored. Philip Agee
If you remove the English army to-morrow and hoist the green flag over Dublin Castle, unless you set about the organization of the Socialist Republic your efforts would be in vain. England would still rule you. She would rule you through her capitalists, through her landlords, through her financiers, through the whole array of commercial and individualist institutions she has planted in this country and watered with the tears of our mothers and the blood of our martyrs. James Connolly
Reality must be faced. The main problem facing your country is not one of private ownership, freedom and economy; your problem is the absence of true faith in God. Ruhollah Khomeini
We have three people in the State Legislature facing trial. Four of the last seven governors have gone to jail. And we’re a fiscal train wreck. Andy Shaw
Sorry your job prospects are so grim, but we are still not ready to admit that Reganomics failed., You’ll never be able to retire, but that’s probably for the best., Even in your darkest moments someone will be there for you … probably a creditor coming after your student loan debts. You can achieve anything if you work hard … That’s just a joke I tell my unpaid interns., You lazy millenials will work twice as much for half the pay my generation enjoyed. My stock portfolio really appreciates it. Brian McFadden
The boom is getting boomier. Bertie Ahern
If the United States does well [economically], then the whole world does well. Juan Manuel Santos
Historically, a Democrat without business experience has been extraordinarily better for the economy and the stock market than a Republican who had a career in business. In the past 84 years, GDP has grown 7 percent per year under Democrats without business experience (FDR, JFK, LBJ, Clinton and Obama) and fallen by .2 percent under Republicans with business experience (Hoover and the 2 Bushes). The Dow has risen an average of 16.8 percent under Democrats without business experience and has fallen 3.7 percent per year under Republicans with business experience. Robert S. McElvaine
When the economy gets wobbly, people pay attention to the leadership failures. Marcus Brauchil
We feel that fundamentally Wall Street is sound, and that for people who can afford to pay for them outright, good stocks are cheap at these prices Goodbody and Company
The Wall Street crash doesn't mean that there will be any general or serious business depression... For six years American business has been diverting a substantial part of its attention, its energies and its resources on the speculative game... Now that irrelevant, alien and hazardous adventure is over. Business has come home again, back to its job, providentially unscathed, sound in wind and limb, financially stronger than ever before. Harvard Economic Society
This crash is not going to have much effect on business. Arthur Reynolds
I cannot help but raise a dissenting voice to statements that we are living in a fool's paradise, and that prosperity in this country must necessarily diminish and recede in the near future Edward H. Harriman Simmons
Our entire economy is based on waste. We produce stuff we don’t need… How far is this going to go? I have a 5 word answer for you: Zero waste equals zero commerce. Stephen Joseph
Attempting to control inflation or protect the dollar by throwing legions of people out of work and shutting down shifts in our factories and mines is a hopeless policy. Robert Byrd
Like Samson in the temple of the Philistines, a collapsing U.S. economy would inflict enormous, unacceptable damage on the rest of the world. Walter Russell Mead
When the economy is bad, the party in power is blamed. When the economy is good, people look at other issues. Jack Germond
The first answer to having a healthy middle class is having a healthy economy Newt Gingrich
Some people just don’t have high enough IQs to compete. Boris Johnson
It is right to intervene when markets are not working and people are getting hurt. David Cameron
Why is it not newsworthy when an elderly homeless person dies in the street when it is newsworthy when the Stock Market loses 2 points? Pope Francis I
I set out to understand how we got it so wrong and what can we learn from the fact that we did. Alan Greenspan
There were no bubbles before there were media. Eugene Fama
But if there were no other reason why we should never have war, would any sane nation make war on cotton? Without firing a gun, without drawing a sword, should they make war on us we could bring the whole world to our feet. James Henry Hammond
And now my countrymen and women, if you have anything to spare for the soldier, in his name I appeal to you for it. Do not let the speculator have it, though he may offer you enormous prices; spurn him from your door and say to him, that our brave defenders have need for it and shall have it without passing through his greedy fingers. . . . When they tempt you with higher prices than the State offers, just think for a moment of the soldier and what he is doing for you. Zebulon Baird Vance
Blankets, that used to sell for $6, are now $25 per pair; and sheets are selling for $15 per pair, which might have been had a year ago for $4 …. Wood is selling at $16 per cord, and coal at $9 per load. How can we live here, unless our salaries are increased? The matter is under consideration by Congress, and we hope for favorable action. - John B. Jones
Unless you’re at the very top, you need a more equitable economy. Greg Kaufmann
Just look at the last 237 years …. Who wants to bet against America. Just look at the record…. We haven’t come close to tapping our human potential. This country’s best days lie ahead of us. Warren Buffett
The issue is not growth verses fiscal responsibility. We need both! Barack Obama
Economies are about momentum. Gene Sperling
I think that it is morally wrong to be an economic determinist. Robert Reich
Being a very young democracy, we are going to have a fair amount of grumbling that will emerge from our economy… Pravin Gordhan
War never fails to leave depleted storehouses, always impairs the efficiency of production. Warren G. Harding
… the world economy will only develop if it allows a dignified way of life for all human beings, from the eldest to the unborn child, not just for citizens of the G20 member states but for every inhabitant of the earth, even those in extreme social situations or in the remotest places. Pope Francis I
Confidence is the greatest economic stimulus there is. Lawrence Summers
… real prosperity can only come when everybody prospers. Eleanor Roosevelt
What is under our [the government’s] control is the signals we send and the way we organize ourselves. Gene Sperling
The United States’ economic preeminence is its own to lose. Arvind Subramanian
Predictions of America’s decline are as old as the republic. But they perform a critical function in driving the kind of renewal that is required of each generation of Americans….as long as we’re worried about the future, the future will be better. Lawrence Summers
Countries that are rich in petroleum have less democracy, less economic stability, and more frequent civil wars. Michael L. Ross
If our economy is strong, that means the military will be strong. If our economy is weak, that weakens our military. Barack Obama
Financial institutions risk becoming socially useless unless they focus on the real economy and help businesses invest and create jobs. Mark Carney
Companies … have a broader mandate than apparently the reformers want to give them in the political sphere. It is not only maximizing profits. It is advancing the economic interests of the corporation in many different ways. James Bopp Jr.
Our true test is not between tax reduction on the one hand and the avoidance of Federal deficits on the other. It is increasingly clear that no matter what party is in power, so long as our national security needs keep rising, an economy hampered by restrictive tax rates will never produce enough revenues to balance our budget—just as it never will produce enough jobs or enough profits. John F. Kennedy
Russia is the first instance of socialist economy in action. And it works. Harry Dexter White
[Pay no heed to] the old fetishes of so-called international bankers…. The sound internal economic system of a nation is a greater factor in its well-being than the price of its currency in changing terms of the currencies of other nations. Franklin D. Roosevelt
When Americans, who are serving in your country at great cost–in terms of lives and treasure–hear themselves compared with occupiers, told that they are only here to advance their own interest, and likened to the brutal enemies of the Afghan people… they are filled with confusion and grow weary of our effort here. At the point your leaders believe that we are doing more harm than good, when we reach a point that we feel our soldiers and civilians are being asked to sacrifice without a just cause, and our generous aid programs dismissed as totally ineffective and the source of all corruption… especially at a time our economy is suffering and our needs are not being met, the American people will ask for our forces to come home. Karl Eikenberry
For most of history, the prime source of human insecurity was nature. Capitalist societies have been oriented toward innovation and dynamism, to the creation of new knowledge, new products, and new modes of production and distribution. All this has shifted the locus of insecurity from nature to the economy. Jerry Z. Muller
Contemporary capitalist polities need to accept that inequality and insecurity will continue to be the inevitable results of market operations and find ways to shield citizens from their consequences—while somehow still preserving the dynamism that produces capitalism’s vast economic and cultural benefits in the first place. Jerry Z. Muller
Throughout history households had consumed most of the things that they produced and produced most of what they consumed. Jerry Z. Muller
When wealth concentrates at the very top, it can inflate unstable bubbles that threaten the economy. Barack Obama
For social movements seeking to shape the governance of the world economy, all roads still lead to the state. G. John Ikenberry
Democracy spreads through the workings of the market when people apply the habits and procedures they are already carrying out in one sector of the social life (the economy) to another one (the political arena). The market is to democracy what a grain of sand is to an oyster’s pearl: the core around which it forms. Michael Mandelbaum
This country is very good at creating wealth, but not very good at distributing it. Lloyd Blankfein
The current crisis is not simply a market failure in which prices are not functioning properly, but a profound loss of faith in money’s capacity to tell the truth. William Davies
The reason I know it [our economy] is strong is that it has survived Congress. If the economy can survive Congress, I am confident that it will thrive eventually. Al Green
Ideas are what power our economy. Barack Obama
No one’s ever made money betting against America. Joseph R. Biden Jr.
Capitalism is not healthy for children and other living things. Anonymous
Our prosperity provides a foundation for our power. It pays for our military. It underwrites our diplomacy. Barack Obama
We will no longer be kowtowing to despotic rulers and feudal monarchs whose oil supply lines are crucial to other aspects of foreign policy. Edward Lewis Morse
You had the Crash [Meltdown] of 2008, where the financial system actually collapsed and had to be put on life support, which consisted of substituting sovereign credit for the financial credit that was no longer credible. George Soros
Once upon a time, the U. S. economy grew in tandem with the productivity of American workers, leading to the creation of jobs and wealth across society. During the [21st] century’s first decade, however, this relationship no longer applied. GDP grew and productivity climbed, while job creation slowed to a crawl, median incomes fell—and the rich get richer. David Rothkopf
The economy of tomorrow is unlikely to look much like that of yesterday. David Rothkopf
Our rockets can find Halley's comet, and fly to Venus with amazing accuracy, but side by side with these scientific and technical triumphs is an obvious lack of efficiency in using scientific achievements for economic needs, and many Soviet household appliances are of poor quality. Mikhail Gorbachev
You Can’t Eat Sharia Mohamed El Baradei
Whip Inflation Now Gerald R. Ford
We must recognize that the safety and welfare of our people are the real national security issues. William Colby
Maine is competing with the rest of the country for jobs and for economic development and we're going to be on the front edge of that competition. And technology is one of the ways to do it. Angus King
What is called sound economics is very often what mirrors the needs of the respectably affluent. John Kenneth Galbraith
Without slavery, North America, the most progressive nation, would be transformed into a patriarchal country. Only wipe North America off the map and you will get anarchy, the complete decay of trade and modern civilization. But to do away with slavery would be to wipe America off the map. Karl Marx
To estimate the value of Newton's discoveries, or the delight communicated by Shakespeare and Milton, by the price at which their works have sold, would be but a poor measure of the degree in which they have elevated and enchanted their country; nor would it be less groveling and incongruous to estimate the benefit which the country has derived from the Revolution of 1688, by the pay of the soldiers, and all other payments concerned in effecting it. Thomas Malthus
One capitalist always kills many. Karl Marx
He [Karl Marx] forgot that man always remains man. He forgot man and he forgot man's freedom. He forgot that freedom always remains also freedom for evil. He thought that once the economy had been put right, everything would automatically be put right. His real error is materialism: man, in fact, is not merely the product of economic conditions, and it is not possible to redeem him purely from the outside by creating a favorable economic environment. Benedict XVI
Democratically elected leaders, forced to accommodate the real forces that shape their nation-state’s future—capital and the economic and military interests of more-powerful states—do so only to face the ire of their own citizens, who see themselves (perhaps rightly) as the losers of these compromises.] Johan N. Neem
It has taken us centuries of thought and mockery to shake the medieval system. -- With this in view I have taken as impulses, instincts, or needs certain driving forces in the human species as we know it at present, and argued for such social and economic changes as will give them new, free, and varied expression. To take even this first step towards a happy society is a herculean task. After it has been accomplished, generations to come will see what the creature [us] will do next. We none of us know; and we should be thoroughly on our guard against all those who pretend that they do Dora Russell
… the woman whose husband makes twelve hundred dollars a year may have a couple of hours a day which she could sell in return for some service which she wishes to buy. There ought to be a reciprocity exchange in every town of any size where these exchanges could be arranged for. Nothing more than an extension of the old community way of living when everybody got together for barn raisings, and husking bees and each individual's special talent was called upon and everyone earned in one way or another what they got. Eleanor Roosevelt
I don’t think that the Fed [Federal Reserve] ever can be or should be a prisoner of the markets. Janet Yellen
Imposing economic sanctions is declaring economic warfare on the people of South Africa. Ronald Reagan
The economy is not something the state creates. It is business. It is competitiveness. It is productivity that does that. But the state has a fundamental role: to secure an environment conducive to business. Macky Sall
They want to bring the revolution down. One of the important means they have employed has been these economic sanctions. They say that the sanctions are not targeting the Iranian people, but they are lying! The sanctions are meant to cripple the Iranian nation…. They want to sever the ties between the people and the Islamic Republican system. Ali Khamenei
South Korea’s research and development output has increased from half the size of the Arab world to 20 times as large, and Israel’s research output on a per capita basis is 26 times as large as the Arab world’s. John Waterbury
The great network of social insurance programs established by President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal, President Harry Truman’s Fair Deal, President John F. Kennedy’s Great Society, and President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society and defended by President Bill Clinton, sharply limits the amount of poverty a downturn [in the economy] can cause. J. Bradford DeLong
The financial solvency and economic soundness of the United States constitute the first requisite of collective security in the free world. That comes before everything else. Dwight D. Eisenhower
Financial firms believed that if a crisis developed, the insatiable demand for exotic [financial] products would dissipate only slowly. They were mistaken. Alan Greenspan
The war against slavery was a war against the Southern economy. Andrew J. Polsky
The story of the next century is the transition from an industrial, resourced-based economy to a knowledge economy. Mark Zuckerberg
We were appreciating as early as 1978 that the Soviet economy was in serious trouble. We didn’t make the leap that we should have made – I could have made, that the economic trouble would lead to political trouble. We thought that they would tighten their belt under a Stalin-like regime and continue marching on. Stansfield Turner
Ownership of the means of production was an obsession to be abandoned. What mattered was the state’s control over the economy. Marcel Deat
We should not work to destroy the capitalist system of production without establishing at the same time a socialist organization that can produce goods at least as efficiently. Otto Bauer
In a mixed economy the public sector remains constrained by the overarching requirement of maintaining an efficient and profitable private sector. Donald Sassoon
Our whole economy has become a waste economy, in which things must be almost as quickly devoured and discarded as they have appeared in the world, if the process itself is not to come to a sudden catastrophic end.. Hannah Arendt
Now for the first time … we had… reached the situation where a newly-elected Government with a mandate from the people was being told, not so much by the Governor of the Bank of England, but by the international speculators that the policies on which we fought the election could not be implemented, that the Government was to be forced into the adoption of Tory policies to which it was fundamentally opposed. He had to admit that was what his argument meant, because of the sheer compulsion of the economic dictation of those who exercised decisive economic power. Harold Wilson
The private sector is recognized as the creator of social wealth. Jean-Pierre Chevenement
People have to cooperate. Many people and traders here try to evade tax. They don’t want to pay tax so they smuggle goods and services into this country to make more money—as much as possible. The also manipulate the foreign currency market. Ghanbar Naderi
… work [jobs] and the environment should not be played off against each other. Johannes Rau
The ongoing internationalization of the economy is confronting the labor movement Swedish Social Democratic Party
We socialists live to some extent in symbiosis with capitalism. Olof Palme
Controlling capitalism has proved far more difficult than controlling anything else, because capitalism is based on the control of the many by the few—the reverse of the conventional definition of political democracy. Donald Sassoon
… governments must serve capitalism by establishing and maintain a framework which enables capitalism to develop. It can induce it to grow, but cannot command it to do so. Donald Sassoon
Under the guise of fighting inflation, COLA actually creates it. Lee Iacocca
It is past time to acknowledge that economic growth … is good, and that what the world needs is more of it. Bjorn Lomborg
Regulators, who could in principle consider both economic growth and larger social needs, do not receive the necessary political mandates from short sighted voters who want low taxes and cheap prices. Jorgen Randers
United States immigration reform would be a fair recognition of those [Mexicans] who live in the United States and are part of the dynamic U. S. economy. Enrique Pena Nieto
… bad times make for good policies, and good times make for bad policies. Muhammad Chatib Basri
Mexican exports worldwide benefit the U.S. economy because of their high percentage of U. S. content. Carla Hills
Banks are employing risky derivatives strategies to goose up returns….the interbank market could freeze up, and one could well have a full blown financial crisis. Raghuram Rajan
I have 13 bankers in my office, and they say that if you go forward with this you will cause the worst financial crisis since World War II. Lawrence Summers
The concern that you have raised is one that I frankly share. And I'm not talking about HSBC now, because that may not be appropriate. But I am concerned that the size of some of these institutions becomes so large that it does become difficult for us to prosecute them when we are hit with indications that if you do prosecute, if you do bring a criminal charge, it will have a negative impact on the national economy, perhaps even the world economy. And I think that is a function of the fact that some of these institutions have become too large. Eric Holder
A tale of two Americas is emerging: one weighed down by debt and facing de minimus economic growth and another brimming with opportunity and nimble to invest in the future Meredith Whitney
We must never allow America to become the second strongest nation I the world. Richard Nixon
Engaging the foreign state in trade agreements and concessions with the intent of enhancing moderate social elements will concomitantly strengthen the economic and military power of the challenger. Steven E. Lobell
When Americans—or citizens of any country—are faced with significant economic forces beyond their control, they struggle for answers, and often act out of frustration. The result is more turbulent politics, more strident cultural nationalism, and violence, as people seek ways to improve their economic situation … when the pie is shrinking. Johann N. Neem
In Rome … insomuch as the citizen possessed land enough for [300 to farm], [citizens] were confined by Stolo’s Law to 500 acres per citizen. Petrus Cunaeus
… we feel also and revere the wisdom of God in the appointment of a Jubilee, as an essential article in the [ancient] Jewish policy. This, it is probable, was the great palladium of liberty to that people. A similar institution perhaps may be the only method in which liberty can be perpetuated among selfish, degenerate beings in every government under heaven. Perez Fobes
They go together, a strong environment and a strong economy. In Florida the environment is the economy. Al Gore
I will rejoin the national debate …. America’s economic house is no longer in order. Al Gore
The Persian Government more than a year ago sought the aid of American experts in the reorganization of their finances. While this Government could not assume any responsibility in this matter, it was glad that the services of competent American citizens could be secured, and a financial mission accordingly proceeded to Persia and for the past year has been rendering important expert aid. Charles Evans Hughes
The German people mistrust the Anglo-Saxons in the belief that they begrudge Germany her legitimate economic expansion…. Between Germany and France the gulf of mistrust is much deeper… the historical controversy between the two neighbors appears in French eyes as merely the result of permanent Teutonic aggression throughout the centuries. Hugo Lerchenfeld
No single number has become more central to society in the past 50 years” than gross domestic product. Zachary Karabell
American economic history does not support the idea that a strong economy depends on chronic federal borrowing. Bill White (Texas politician)
The kingdom of Bhutan replaced standard economic measures with measures of happiness as long ago as 1972. Yet Bhutan’s G.D.P. per head is still one of the lowest in the world, life expectancy is relatively low and infant mortality high, so it is easy to see why the king would not want anyone to mention the economy. Zachary Karabell
The so-called leading [economic] indicators no longer answer the most important questions people are raising about how they live. Diane Coyle
Global banking’s current structure generates an unjust distribution of risks, where losses are socialized. Felix Martin
I have not been selling. In fact, it might prove beneficial by making it possible to get cheaper labor and cheaper money.. Edward H. Harriman
That decision will in history be written as the biggest mistake that American administration ever made, because Lehmans was a world investment bank. They had testicles everywhere. Bertie Ahern
If you believe in free markets, why do we have to have the Federal Reserve set interest rates? Jon Stewart
There can be no equality of opportunity, the first essential of justice in the body politic, if men and women and children be not shielded in their lives, their very vitality, from the consequences of great industrial and social processes which they cannot alter, control, or singly cope with. Woodrow Wilson
There is no one in this country who got rich on his own Elizabeth Warren
In America, we debate everything except capitalism. If there is an institution in your society that is above criticism, you’re giving it a free pass. Richard D. Wolff
… a pin lies in wait for every bubble. And when the two eventually meet, a new wave of investors learns some very old lessons.. Warren Buffett
Every government interference in the economy consists of giving an unearned benefit, extorted by force, to some men at the expense of others. Ayn Rand
It is one of the dangerous self-deceptions of our society to pretend that mechanisms of control do not really exist, and to maintain, without qualification, that we are an economically "free" people. Robert Heilbroner
The sacrifices of our people were very great. Out of a population of one million, 28,000 were killed, 12,600 wounded, 10,000 were made political prisoners in Italy and Germany, and 35,000 made to do forced labor… all the communications, all the ports, mines and electric power installations were destroyed, our agriculture and livestock were plundered, and our entire national economy was wrecked. Enver Hoxha
… significant spending decisions — expanding a business, buying a house or choosing how much to spend on consumer goods over the year — depend on expectations of income, employment and other economic conditions over the longer term, as well as longer-term interest rates. Janet Yellen
The economic difficulty of the modern world is not shortage of materials but the organization of their exchange and distribution; distress arises, not from scarcity but from dislocation and maladjustment. Norman Angell
Freedom of economic determination is inseparably linked up with civic rights and with the possibility of influencing and determining the social and political life of the commonwealth. Vladimir Mikhailovich Zenzinov
More than purely economic measures are required [for the Russian peasant]. He must be granted the freedom of individual and personal initiative and the opportunity to intensify his productivity by hiring labor. He must have the right of free, unhampered cooperative association, with a voluntary--not as heretofore obligatory--membership, the right of free election to the administrative machinery --not appointment from above, as has been the practice all these years. Vladimir Mikhailovich Zenzinov
The former apostles of class hatred now begin to preach one of the commonplaces of classic political economy: the quicker capital is developed the more profitable it will be for labor, for it will be so much the easier for the labor that is for hire to find employment. Vladimir Mikhailovich Zenzinov
In view of the desirability of strengthening the productivity of the peasantry, we must in every way facilitate the hiring of laborers in the interests of the poor. Pravda
We Italians would speak to the world as representatives of an age-old civilization of which we had inherited countless works of artists and thinkers --a civilization that entitled us to a place among the foremost Powers in Europe--and all the while we were speaking in the name of a very young state, still administratively incomplete, still divided by the remains of a feudal structure, and lacking economic and military independence. Roberto Cantalupo
So far, the United States knows nothing of the difficulties of over-population; and historic realities of a nature to hamper the free play of economic forces exist only in a very limited degree. Quite the reverse is true in Europe. Hans Luther
[Foreign] Trade is necessary to modern comfort and prosperity. Elihu Root
A vicious circle of increasing emigration resulting in a smaller domestic market depleted of initiative and skill, and a reduced incentive … to undertake and organize the productive enterprises which alone can provide increased employment opportunities and higher living standards…. Protectionism, both in agriculture and industry would have to give way to active participation in a free-trading world. Thomas Kenneth Whitaker
As a community we have been living beyond our means…. We have been living at a rate which is simply not justified by the amounts of goods and services we are producing. Charles Haughey
Europe needs to make its first, second and third economic priorities economic development. Lawrence Summers
We did save the economy, but we lost the country doing it. Tim Geithner
We have faster growth rates for low wage industries than for high wage industries Samuel Coffin
Any government intrusion into the economy deters the alleged beneficiaries from voicing their views or participating in civic life. Ralph Nader
Special interests and their allies in Congress will claim that these guidelines will crush the economy and kill jobs. Let’s face it. That’s what they always say. Barack Obama
I have a lot of sympathy for every ailing economy …. The question is not whether you have sympathy. The question is what would be the right measure to help alleviate the situation. Christoph Schmidt
European economists and populations talk too much about redistribution within the member states and across the member states and are talking too little about how to create value in the future—to fortify our position in order to be successful in the future world. Christoph Schmidt
A scene of misery and gloomy despair of a community of people who have been plunged abruptly from prosperity to a complete want of the most essential things of life. Louis Napoleon
Other things being equal, whether we have large or reduced armaments, the nation which is the strongest industrially is the best equipped for war, because the machine shop and the laboratory are becoming the two most important elements of military preparation. Tasker H. Bliss
We have at last awakened to the realization that foreign and domestic trade are not in separate water-tight compartments--that they flow through the same pipes and seek a common level. We cannot live by ourselves, shut off from the balance of the world, without working harm to our economic system that would require many years for repair. Oscar Wilder Underwood
This generation and the one to come will not see the end in fact of the Great War, so far as our economic and social problems are concerned…. the Great War broke all business conditions away from their past moorings and left the world's affairs adrift in a stormy sea without compass or rudder. Oscar Wilder Underwood
… the idea of nationality, has caused more damage to the economic system of Europe, however extraordinary that may seem, than the idea of plunder… The stumbling block is the difficulty of separating racial groups in Europe. Apart from the large countries where war, often prolonged for centuries, has cemented the nations, the races which fought for the possession of the continent--Latin, Teuton and Slav--have remained in conflict. They are still encamped upon the ground, always in a state of hostility, yet subject to interpenetration. Joseph Caillaux
It was the unemployment that was the hardest to bear. The jobless millions were like an embolism in the nation's vital circulation; and while their indisputable existence argued more forcibly than any text that something was wrong with the system, the economists wrung their hands and racked their brains and called upon the spirit of Adam Smith, but could offer neither diagnosis or remedy. Robert Heilbroner
Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon in the sense that it is and can be produced only by a more rapid increase in the quantity of money than in output. ... A steady rate of monetary growth at a moderate level can provide a framework under which a country can have little inflation and much growth. It will not produce perfect stability; it will not produce heaven on earth; but it can make an important contribution to a stable economic society. Milton Friedman
No country whatsoever, big or small, can build socialism by taking credits and aid from the bourgeoisie and the revisionists or by integrating its economy into the world system of capitalist economies. Any such linking of the economy of a socialist country with the economy of bourgeois or revisionist countries opens the doors to the actions of the economic laws of capitalism and the degeneration of the socialist order. This is the road of betrayal and the restoration of capitalism, which the revisionist cliques have pursued and are pursuing. Enver Hoxha
The economic impacts of global warming and climate change are every bit as real as the environmental impact.. Henry Paulson
If you wait until you have all the facts, then it will be too late.. Henry Paulson
The Nation trembled on the brink. Events moved with such speed that it was necessary to decide to act on the instant, as each successive crisis arose. Theodore Roosevelt
A country’s Internet infrastructure, just like it’s physical infrastructure, is essential to its economic competition and growth. Marvin Ammori
My concern is that all these people never want to come back to France…. These people are the gold mine of our economy and for our society for the future. Fleur Pellerin
Colonization is urged on all hands, and all unite in the effort to force emigration in the direction needed to raise up “colonies of customers.” Henry Charles Carey
Labour is held to be a mere “commodity,” and if the labourer cannot sell it, he has no “right” but to starve—himself, his wife, and his children... Such are the doctrines of the free-trade school … Henry Charles Carey
The object sought to be accomplished is the improvement of the condition of man. The mode by which it is to be accomplished is that of increasing his productive power. The more food a man can raise, the more and better food may he consume, and the larger will be the surplus that can be appropriated to the purchase of clothing, to the education of his family, to the enlargement of his house, or to the improvement of his machinery, and the greater will be the amount of leisure that can be appropriated to the improvement of his modes of thought. Henry Charles Carey
The object of protection is that of diminishing the distance and the waste between the producer and the consumer Henry Charles Carey
The whole legislation of Great Britain, on this subject, has been directed to the one great object of preventing the people of her colonies, and those of independent nations, from obtaining the machinery necessary to enable them to combine their exertions for the purpose of obtaining cloth or iron, and thus compelling them to bring to her their raw materials, that she might convert them into the forms that fitted them for consumption, and then return to the producers a portion of them, burdened with great cost for transportation, and heavy charges for the work of conversion. Henry Charles Carey
There can be no freedom of trade where there is no freedom of man, for the first of all commodities to be exchanged is labour, and the freedom of man consists only in the exercise of the right to determine for himself in what manner his labour shall be employed, and how he will dispose of its products.... Henry Charles Carey
We are buying on credit the cloth and iron we should be making, while the labour and capital that should be employed in their production seek in vain for employment. Henry Charles Carey
With every step of our progress in that direction, social inequality tends to increase. The skillful speculator realizes a fortune by the same operation that ruins hundreds around him, and adds to his fortune by buying their property under the hammer of the sheriff. The wealthy manufacturer is unmoved by revulsions in the British market which sweep away his competitors, and, when the storm blows over, he is enabled to double, treble, or quadruple, his already overgrown fortune... The system tends to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Henry Charles Carey
Economic growth is based partly on reality and partly on perception. Fareed Zakaria
From 1891 to 1972, U. S. productivity grew at an average rate of 2.33 percent, which is high, but then it dropped substantially so that from 1972-1996 it averaged only 1.38 percent. In other words, the Reagan tax cuts and deregulation did not spur productivity growth, even allowing for a long time. Fareed Zakaria
Washington is a perfect realization of the upper-bracket dream of a white-collar universe, where economies run on the information juggling of the ‘creative class’ and where manufacturing is something done by filthy brutes in far-off lands. Thomas Frank
We used to be lenders; now we're borrowers. We used to be sellers; now we're buyers. You can't win that way. Mario Cuomo
You have to have free enterprise for the many. Mario Cuomo
A national government has to be able to spend money in a recession to make up for the private money that is not being spent. Bill Clinton
The agricultural interest of our country is so essentially connected with every other and so superior in importance to them all that it is scarcely necessary to invite to it your particular attention. Andrew Jackson
The benefits of trade diffuse across the economy, but the cost of trade are concentrated. Daniel W. Drezner
I’ll be damned if I will accept another package of economic policies perpetuate the same crisis. This is not what I was elected for. Yanis Varoufakis
The nation of which [Warren G.] Harding became President was not happy, and forces were underway seemed likely, unless arrested, to bring more serious unhappiness. Mark Sullivan
Development is the foundation of resolving Tibet’s problem. Hu Jintao
From the end of WWI to today, American economic might would be the decisive factor in the shaping of the world order. Adam Tooze
There is nothing really solid at the center of our economic lives. There are only the stories we tell one another, the promises we make, the shared views about the future. Adam Davidson
Once American land, African labor, and European capital were bonded together on the cotton plantation, a new source of cotton could finally outmuscle the peasant household on the Indian Subcontinent. Jeremy Adelman
The Federal Reserve is playing a mind game—but with enormous real-world consequences. Adam Davidson
The burning issue of our time is the growing inequality in income and wealth in our country. Tom Harkin
Make China Strong. Make China String is the only way to ensure that foreign countries will not tart a conflict against us. Cixi
When you have millions of small companies using your site and billions of dollars in transactions every day, the government cares….They care that I can unstabalize the country. Jack Ma
I never got one cent from the government or from China so I am very independent. Jack Ma
Every time you go for more competition, some people don’t like it, but that’s the way it is. We believe it is better for the people. Enrique Pena Nieto
Particularly important in buoying spending are the very low levels of mortgage interest rates, which encourage households to purchase homes, refinance debt and lower debt service burdens, and extract equity from homes to finance expenditures. Fixed mortgage rates remain at historically low levels and thus should continue to fuel reasonably strong housing demand and, through equity extraction, to support consumer spending as well. Alan Greenspan
Rulers of rentier states do not financially depend on taxation; therefore, the people cannot use taxation as leverage to make rulers accountable. In contrast, people in rentier states are dependent on governmental allocation of rentier revenue, which creates a patron–client relationship as well as a lack of independent political, economic, and civil society. Ahmet T. Kuru
When the times were good, many leaders neglected to keep pushing reforms and to invest profits wisely. As a consequence, their nations are now struggling to sustain growth. Ruchir Sharma
30 years after China embarked on its fitful embrace of the free market, it has no single unifying doctrine—no ‘central melody’—and there is nothing predestined about what kind of country it is becoming. Evan Osnos
Looking at the stock market to understand the economy is like studying a manic depressive in order to understand human nature. Jared Bernstein
Most of our [economic] problems are of our own making. Douglas Holtz-Eakin
People expect central banks to be their saviors. Martin Wolff
No water—no jobs. Shini Somara
American economic greatness has never trickled down from the top. Barack Obama
We were operating outside the boundaries of established precedent. Tim Geithner
Roosevelt is a leader whose particular genius is to try to run other people’s business. Henry Ford
The Depression is a good thing generally. Let them fail. Let everybody fail! I made my fortune when I had nothing to start with, by myself ns my own ideas. Let other people do the same. Henry Ford
Our nation’s political spectrum is not left to right, but top to bottom. People can locate themselves on this rich-to-poor pole for this is not a theoretical positioning: It’s based on our actual experience with money and power. Jim Hightower
Abortion is part of being a mother and of caring for children, because part of caring for children is knowing when it is not a good idea to bring them into the world. Katha Politt
Your friends, through economic mismanagement (see Greece), can harm you faster than your enemies. And your rivals falling (see Russia and China) can be more dangerous than your rivals rising. If Russia, an economy spanning nine time zones, goes into recession and cannot pay foreign lenders with its lower oil revenues — and all this leads to political turmoil and defaults to Western banks — that crash will be felt globally Thomas Friedman
We live in a dynamic time, where the rate of change and the rate of innovation are very high. It’s not equal in all segments or sectors of the economy, but we are seeing a lot of innovation in certain sectors, and I expect that to continue. Jeff Bezos
In the U.S., we are doing ourselves tremendous damage by having such bad immigration policies. We have built the best educational institutions on the planet, and we educate the brightest minds from all countries, and then we kick them out when they want to stay here. I think well-planned and well-executed immigration reforms, especially for students, would be one of the biggest drivers of entrepreneurship and innovation—something as simple as allowing the bright minds we’ve educated to stay and contribute to the American economy. Marcelo Claure
… the brilliance of Coca-Cola capitalism:. By not owning its many distributors and by relying on native intermediaries in foreign nations, Coke could claim that it was a critical component of the local economy. . . . Once embedded in host communities, Coca-Cola became very difficult to dislodge, even in places where it caused serious environmental problems, because killing Coke meant killing jobs. In impoverished communities, . . . the argument of dollars and cents won the day. Bartow J. Elmore
There’s been an economic war going on in this country and the middle class and the poor have been losing.. Al Hunt
I believe our economic life based on a profit motive is the most effective economy known to assure the well being of all. Harry Hopkins
The sun of liberty is set; you must light up the candle of industry and economy. Benjamin Franklin
If you want to know the value of money, try and borrow some. Benjamin Franklin
The only consolation under the evil is, that the public debt is proportionately diminished by the depreciation; and this by a kind of imperceptible tax, every one having paid a part of it in the fall of value that took place between the receiving and paying such sums as passed through his hands… This effect of paper currency is not understood this side the water (Europe). And indeed the whole is a mystery even to the politicians, how we have been able to continue a war four years without money, and how we could pay with paper, that had no previously fixed fund appropriated specially to redeem it. This currency, as we manage it, is a wonderful machine. It performs its office when we issue it; it pays and clothes troops, and provides victuals and ammunition. Benjamin Franklin
The stock market is not a good arbitrator of success over the long term. Carly Fiorina
… what these people feel an enormous urge to do is not just to collect more money for themselves, but they feel impelled to destroy Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and the programs that working people and the poor survive on…. These people are addicted to greed and money and it is a sickness that is destroying the economy of America. Bernie Sanders
America's economic illness has a name: financialization. It's an academic term for the trend by which Wall Street and its methods have come to reign supreme in America, permeating not just the financial industry but also much of American business. Rana Foroohar
The American economy must be altered to put business back in the driver's seat. The correct role for finance is to support job creation. Rana Foroohar
The single biggest unexplained reason for long term lower growth is that the financial system has stopped serving the real economy and now serves mainly itself. Rana Foroohar
Our system of market capitalism wasn't handed down, in perfect form, on stone tablets. We wrote the rules. We broke them. And we can fix them. Rana Foroohar
... idolatry of money and the dictatorship of an impersonal economy in which man is reduced to one of his needs alone: consumption. Pope Francis I
Tunisia's democratic development depends on removing the obstacles that women fact in all fields. Rached Ghannouchi
While this rebellion has emancipated a great many negroes, it has emancipated still more white men. Andrew Johnson
The old ideas won’t do. Zhao Ziyang
The South presents right now the Nation’s No. 1 economic problem. Franklin D. Roosevelt
Can a nation call itself free if it finds itself periodically on the verge of bankruptcy and starvation in the face of the fact that it possesses all the materials of the good life? John Corbin
[It] is exactly what politicians want. They want you to feel and behave like children while they pretend to be the all-knowing benevolent father. While they rile you up about how immigrants are stealing your jobs, they distract you from enlightening facts, including the assessment of some experts that the influx of Latino immigrant workers of the past 25 years has had less effect on employment patterns than factories that moved abroad, the decline of labor unions and the recurring recessions. So while we’re told to focus on building a massive wall to keep out immigrants, the real causes of job loss and economic instability continue unabated. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Government Enviornmental poisitions are tradeoffs. In that process, Democrats tend to worry more about the harm done to the enviornment and the health of the people; Republicans tend to worry more about harm to business and the economy. David Brooks
Influence in the globalized world is increasingly determined by economic strength. Fyodor Lukyanov
True, our economy is better than the economies of the otehr conties of the world. However ... that is like saying that we are the healthiest horse in the glue factory. Paul Ryan
Clear rules for global relations create opportunities and incentives to innovate, invest and work--the critical drivers of economicv progress, History shows that the absense of a durable framework not only squanders untapped potential during good times, but also creates grave risks during turbulant times. Jacob Lew
After thirty years of a collapsing middle class,” he writes, “after thirty years of an economy designed to stack the deck in favor of the big guys; after thirty years of a political and constitutional system increasingly rigged to work for economic elites — after all this, the people revolted. Ganesh Sitaraman
The system seems to most people as rigged, and it is. Mark Halpern
Russia's resources are for more limited than those of the United States: its struggling economy is nowhere near the size of the U. S. economy, and its aging population is less than half as large as the U. S, The Russian Defense Industry having barely survived two decades of neglect and decay faces a shrinking workforce... Dmitri Trenin
Economic downturns in the United States generally occur when the Federal Reserve raises interest rates to keep inflation in check When the Fed's Open Market Committee believes that it has brought inflation under control, it can start to lower rates and reverse the downturn. But the recession that began in 2007 [The Great Recession] was unusual: since the Fed did not casuse that downturn by tightening monetary policy, it could not reverse it by lowering short term interest rates. The downturn was the result of market mispricing assets, including financial assets such as equities and mortgage-backed securities and real assets such as housing. Martin Feldstein
Banks and other financial institutions found that it was often impossible to obtain market prices for mortgage-backed securities and other risky assets. Not knowing the value of their own portfolios, they could not judge the solvency and liquidity of other financial institutions either. As a result, they were unwilling to lend to them, and the financial system ground to a halt. Martin Feldstein
Although the Fed has subjected banks’ portfolios to stress tests to measure the effect of rising interest rates and investment losses, the results might not have shown the whole picture: U.S. banks, particularly small and medium-sized ones, may not have enough capital to maintain solvency and liquidity should their risky loans and investments fail in large numbers. The same is true of the stress tests that the ECB has performed in Europe, Martin Feldstein
There are long lags between the start of a downturn and the potential launch of an effective fiscal stimulus. Martin Feldstein
The American economy is like a huge aircraft carrier. It doen't turn fast. That's why you can't judge a new president by what happens in his early months. Steven Rattner
American and world history show that if you want minimal government, you can have it—but only if you want almost everyone in your society also to be a dirt-poor, subsistence farmer. If you want a prosperous, growing modern economy, you need high specialization and a huge, complex, interdependent network of individuals, businesses, research centers and education. And only government has the authority or money to regulate that network and to regularly pump in the targeted funds needed to sustain and grow it. William Berkson
The only reason the stock market is doing so well is because of me. I've always been very good with money. Donald Trump
Capitalism should not be thought of as an ideology, but instead should be thought of as an operating system. Think of your iPhone. Your iPhone merges hardware with software. Apps and hardware. Now think about all the hardware as the physical reality all around you, and think of the apps as entrepreneurial activity, creative energy. And in-between, you have an operating system. As you have advances in hardware, you have advances in software. And the operating system needs to keep up. It needs to be patched, it needs to be updated, new releases have to happen. And all of these things have to happen symbiotically. The operating system needs to keep getting more and more advanced to keep up with innovation. Bhu Srinivasan III
We have two borders--one with Mexico and the other with Canada, I've done a lot of looking, but I have never seen an illegal Canadian .... Canada has a sound, stable economy, and that's what you need to solve the border problem. That that's why a wall by itself will never work. Lindsey Graham
By 2005, it will become clear that the Internet’s impact on the economy has been no greater than the fax machine’s. Paul Krugman
Russia ... suffers the dubious distinction of being the most corrupt developed country in the world, and its resource-extracting, rent-seeking economic system has reached a dead end. Stephen Kotkin
All across America, through the promotion of the arts, neighborhoods create job growth and development. Karen Finley

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