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Economic growth may one day turn out to be a curse rather than a good, and under no conditions can it either lead into freedom or constitute a proof for its existence. Hannah Arendt
When our thousands of Chinese students abroad return home, you will see how China will transform itself. Deng Xiaoping
The more rapidly a civilization progresses, the sooner it dies for another to rise in its place. Havelock Ellis
The founders of a new colony, whatever Utopia of human virtue and happiness they might originally project, have invariably recognized it among their earliest practical necessities to allot a portion of the virgin soil as a cemetery, and another portion as the site of a prison. Nathaniel Hawthorne
I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy. My sons ought to study mathematics and philosophy, geography, natural history, naval architecture, navigation, commerce, and agriculture, in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, music, architecture, statuary, tapestry, and porcelain. John Adams
It is the duty of man to raise up man. Jose Marti
The medium is the message. Marshall McLuhan
If civilization has risen from the Stone Age, it can rise again from the Wastepaper Age. Jacques Barzun
Germany will either be a world power or will not be at all. Adolf Hitler
There is no greater impediment to progress in the sciences than the desire to see it take place too quickly. Georg C. Lichtenberg
The United States has to move very fast to even stand still. John F. Kennedy
Such is the audacity of man, that he hath learned to counterfeit Nature, yea, and is so bold as to challenge her in her work. Pliny the Elder
History has repeatedly shown that when a new method or material becomes available, new uses for it arise. Wilson Greatbatch
Modern technology has become a total phenomenon for civilization, the defining force of a new social order in which efficiency is no longer an option but a necessity imposed on all human activity. Jacques Ellul
There are no constraints on the human mind, no walls around the human spirit, no barriers to our progress except those we ourselves erect. Ronald Reagan
The Russians imitate French ways, but always at a distance of fifty years. Stendhal
God made the country, and man made the town. William Cowper
Our history is not our destiny. Alan Cohen
History is full of examples of poorer nations that become wealthy by exploiting their comparative advantage in cheap labor to become globally competitive in a range of manufacturing industries.... If robots are expected to take over many of the menial jobs currently performed by people, the concern should not be for the working class in wealthy countries but for the billions living in the developing world who will now have lost the only established ladder out of poverty. David Martin
Global poverty is falling faster today than at any time in human history. Steven Radelet
Development is a lot cheaper than soldiers. Robert M. Gates
People should give up the old concepts of 'you lose. I win', or zero-sum game, and establish a new concept of peaceful development and win-win cooperation. If China develops well, it will benefit the whole world and benefit the United States. If the United States develops well, it will also benefit the world and China. Xi Jinping
In only 37 years, our population will grow by a number equivalent to all the people in the world at the beginning of World War II. Al Gore
Never in history did a people enter a country as we entered our country. There are two reasons for this: We are returning to our homeland that has waited for us as a wasteland, and we are not entering a new country that is not ours; we are a people of ancient culture, and in the long years of our exile we have added to that culture the great values of a new civilization. All these riches we bring with us as a gift to our ancient land, and to the people who settled it while we were away, and to the other peoples of the surrounding Orient ... Moshe Smilansky
Our Dream Is A World Free Of Poverty. World Bank
It is through the European that civilization arrives ... precisely because of their superiority, the civilized people our responsible for an evolving world. Georges-Louis Leclerc de Buffon
These vast lands [Africa, South America, Asia]... need only assistance from us to be civilized. Marquis de Condorcet
We must embark on a bold new program for ... the improvement and growth of undeveloped areas. More than half the people of the world are living in conditions approaching misery .... For the first time in history, humanity possesses the knowledge and skill to relieve the suffering of these people. Harry S Truman
This country has been economically successful because of cheap energy and cheap labor and we are never going to have these again. Gore Vidal
Development donors ... put a positive spin on awful recipient governments by asserting that while things are bad, they are getting better. William Easterly
... even political opponents of evil governments show little gratitude for American invasion to modernize them.. William Easterly
America's industrial strength was built on burning coal. No politician wanted to mess with coal. Jeff Goodell
The ultimate unit, the taxpayer – whether home or colonial – looks for two groups of results as his reward. On the one hand, he hopes to see Christianity and civilization pro tanto extended; and, on the other, to see some compensating development of industry and trade. Unless he, or 'his servants the Government,' secure either or both these results, the question must be plainly asked, Has he the right, and is he right, to wage such wars? George Baden-Powell
We cannot cut our way to prosperity. Barack Obama
You cannot have viable economic development without democratization and vice versa. Berhanu Nega
Western–style redistributive programs-progressive taxation, social security, unemployment insurance-should be encouraged, but at least in the short run, they have limited potential. There simply is not enough to tax, and nearly no one can be trusted to transfer revenues. Amy L. Chua
Things of this World are in so constant a Flux, that nothing remains long in the same State. Thus People, Riches, Trade, Power, change their Stations; flourishing mighty Cities come to ruine, and prove in time neglected desolate Corners, whilst other unfrequented places grow into populous Countries, fill'd with Wealth and Inhabitants. John Locke
The mistake we make with many people is that we assume that we have the model. It is a type of condescension. Henry A. Kissinger
Russia right now is searching for its soul. It is trying to figure out what it is. Brent Scowcroft
All nations are not ready for this. George F. Kennan
For every effort we make to assist someone beyond our own borders, we take something away from our own George F. Kennan
Unity was the real key to the success of the United States. The constitution of 1787 was in many respects the imposition of a central national government upon the quarrelsome states... In a country so constituted, the weaknesses of one state were compensated for by the strengths of another. Robert Lambart Harvey
To have to claim that … workers were impoverished by globalization … you have to forget that those workers were even poorer before the new exporting jobs became available and ignore the fact that those who do not have access to the global markets are far worse than those who do. Paul Krugman
Man is complex—he makes deserts bloom and lakes die. Laurence J. Peter
Anyone who believes exponential growth can go on forever in a finite world is either a madman or an economist. Kenneth Ewart Boulding
Women in the Islamic world are the hope of the whole planet. Andrew Young
After all our experience we are sure that America is the only country able to help us. Kemal Ataturk
Today the Turkish nation is called on to defend its capacity for civilization, its right to life and independence – its entire future. Kemal Ataturk
We will acquire knowledge and science wherever they are to be found and we will stuff them into the head of every individual in the country. No limits, no conditions can be attached to knowledge and science. Kemal Ataturk
The future is in the sky. Kemal Ataturk
The civilized world is far ahead of us. We have no choice but to catch up. Kemal Ataturk
We seek to move from aid to trade. Francis Ricciardone
Speculation, in its broadest sense, is not an evil in itself, but the contrary, and relieves public distress far oftener than it creates it. Horace Greeley
Economic growth will not stop slavery, at least not anytime soon. Ethan Kapstein
We must encourage those who earn less than $200 per month and cannot afford to nurture and educate many children never to have more than two... We will regret the time lost if we do not now take the first tentative steps towards correcting a trend which can leave our society with a large number of the physically, intellectually and culturally anemic. Lee Kuan Yew
Demography, not democracy, will be the most critical factor for security and growth in the 21st century. Booming populations are a drag on developing countries, and low fertility rates are sapping growth in developed societies. Lee Kuan Yew
The view held by many English people about Mesopotamia is that the local inhabitants will welcome us because we have saved them from the Turks, and that the country only needs developing to repay a large expenditure of English lives and English money. Neither of these ideals will bear much examination... From the political point of view we are asking the Arab to exchange his pride and independence for a little Western civilization, the profits of which must be largely absorbed by the expenses of administration. London Times
An entire content of children growing up without any prospect but poverty. Bob Geldof
If the trend continues, Fiji will be left with a large pool of poorly educated, unskilled work force with disastrous consequences on our social and economic infrastructure and levels of investment. Mahendra Chaudhry
The pioneer spirit is still vigorous within this nation. Science offers a largely unexplored hinterland for the pioneer who has the tools for his task. The rewards of such exploration both for the Nation and the individual are great. Scientific progress is one essential key to our security as a nation, to our better health, to more jobs, to higher standard of living, and to our cultural progress. Vannevar Bush
Unless the poor of the world agitate for themselves to be heard, there will be no changes in their circumstances. Vandana Shiva
It is a callous age; we have seen so many marvels that we are ashamed to marvel more; the seven wonders of the world have become seven thousand wonders. L. Frank Baum
The perpetual tendency of the race of man to increase beyond the means of subsistence is one of the general laws of animated nature, which we can have no reason to expect to change. Thomas Malthus
This will be the century of America. Gustav III
The foreign companies have to be subordinate to the Bolivian people. We need them to be partners and not patrones [owners] of our natural resources. Evo Morales
We all stand before history. I am a man of peace, of ideas. Appalled by the denigrating poverty of my people who live on a richly endowed land, distressed by their political marginalization and economic strangulation, angered by the devastation of their land, their ultimate heritage, anxious to preserve their right to life and to a decent living, and determined to usher to this country as a whole a fair and just democratic system which protects everyone and every ethnic group and gives us all a valid claim to human civilization, I have devoted my intellectual and material resources, my very life, to a cause in which I have total belief and from which I cannot be blackmailed or intimidated. Ken Saro-Wiwa
India will, in the next two decades become a major power and if it fails to do that external pressures will break her up Subramanian Swamy
We can go into no mechanic shop, into no manufactory of any description, upon no farm or plantation, or travel a mile on our railroads or in our steamboats, without seeing evidence of our originality and witnessing the fruits of our ingenuity and enterprise. John Ruggles
Looking at what has already been accomplished, some find it difficult to conceive that this flood of discoveries and improvements is still to maintain its progress, and even exhibit a swelling tide . . . . These apprehensions, it is plain, are not to be fulfilled in our day. At no time have there been more decisive indications that every step that is taken in this field . . . does but open new scenes to explore and prepares the way for new triumphs. Silas H. Hodges
A country without a patent office and good patent laws was just a crab and couldn't travel anyway but sideways and backwards. Mark Twain
Our brother (many of the Jews of the Middle East) has gone to Europe and to the West [and] come back a Russified Jew, a Polish Jew, a German Jew, an English Jew. He has come back with a totally different conception of things. Western and not Eastern…, coming back with imperialistic ideas, with reactionary or revolutionary ideas… he is not the old cousin, and we do not extend to him a very good welcome Abdul Rahman Hassan Azzam
Sure, we could send in the troops, but the threat of communism wouldn’t diminish until the people’s standard of living was improved and the totalitarian countries of Latin America gave them more freedom. Ronald Reagan
We’ve spent trillions of dollars on these problems and we have damn near nothing to show for it. Paul O'Neill
In general the principle of the World Trade Organization … is that sovereignty and democratic rights have to be subordinated to the rights of investors Noam Chomsky
Man is a complex animal; he makes deserts bloom and lakes die. Gil Stern
Man will survive as a species for one reason: He can adapt to the destructive effects of our power-intoxicated technology and of our ungoverned population growth, to the dirt, pollution and noise of a New York or Tokyo. And that is the tragedy. It is not man the ecological crisis threatens to destroy but the quality of human life. Rene Dubos
You must not embark on programs to curb economic growth without placing a priority on maintaining income, so that the poorest people won’t simply be further depressed in their condition but will have a share, and be able to live decently. George Wiley
Economic advance is not the same thing as human progress. John H. Clapham
The Panama railroad had been built by Americans over a half century ago, with appalling loss of life Theodore Roosevelt
The bulldozer and not the atomic bomb may turn out to be the most destructive invention of the 20th century Philip Shabecoff
A black man is no more an undeveloped white man than a rabbit is an undeveloped hare. Mary Kingsley
The white race seems to me to blame in saying that all the reason for its interference in Africa is the improvement of the native African, and then to start on altering African institutions without in the least understanding them. It seems to me that the leading men among the European educated Africans have depended too much on the religious side of the question. Mary Kingsley
With many of the … Indian tribes, improvements in agriculture and household manufacture are advancing, and with all our peace and friendship are established on grounds much firmer than heretofore. The measure adopted of establishing trading houses among them and of furnishing them necessaries in exchange for their commodities at such moderate prices as leave no gain, but cover us from loss, has the most conciliatory and useful effect on them, and is that which will best secure their peace and good will. Thomas Jefferson
Agriculture, manufactures, commerce, and navigation, the 4 pillars of our prosperity … Thomas Jefferson
An economic policy which does not consider the well-being of all will not serve the purposes of peace and the growth of well-being among the people of all nations. Eleanor Roosevelt
Americans are overreachers; overreaching is the most admirable of the many American excesses. George Will
The state considers that its purpose is to enlighten, to develop, to enlarge, to strengthen, to spiritualize, and to sanctify the soul of the people. Alphonse de Lamartine
These tribal border areas between Pakistan and Afghanistan have never been tamed as it were. Khurshid Kasuri
No one can build his happiness at the expense of the misery of others Anwar Sadat; Mohamed Anwar El-Sedat
We have an industrial-age presidency, catering to a pre-industrial ideological base, in a post-industrial era. Thomas Friedman
Without political will, nothing moves forward. Peter Maguire
If Pakistan is to play its proper role in the world to which its size, manpower and resources entitle it; it must develop industrial potential side by side with its agriculture and give its economy an industrial bias. By industrializing our State, we shall decrease our dependence on the outside world for necessities of life; we will give more employment to our people and will also increase the resources of the State. Muhammad Ali Jinnah
I believe in the abolition of tax-exempt bonds. National Union of Social Justice; Charles E. Coughlin
Only through perils and upheavals can Nations be brought to further developments. May the present upheavals lead to a better world. Albert Einstein
We have now had a long period of very limited participation in the growth of our society…. If you are going to have broad based political support for economic policies, you have to have broad based participation in the benefits of those policies…. This is a change of historic proportions. Robert E. Rubin
The Arab leaders and tyrannical regimes have used Israel as a pretext. True, Israel has exhausted many Arab resources, but nevertheless, I say that the regimes have exhausted the resources of their own countries, have smuggled and stolen more than the war against Israel has cost us. Sa'd Al-Din Ibrahim
Israel was established in 1948. Then, the average income in Palestine was lower than in Egypt, for example. Today, 55 years after the establishment of Israel, the average income in Israel is 15 times higher than in Egypt. Israel fought all same wars as the Arabs and Egyptians. How come it continued to progress to the point it has become a technological force to be reckoned with? The reason is that it's a democracy. Sa'd Al-Din Ibrahim
The more developed a nation is, the more complete is the independence of the individual, and the safer the individual from encroachments by another. Dmitry I. Pisarev
Development involves methodically destroying the real world or the world of living things in order to substitute in its stead a totally different world; the surrogate world or world of human artifacts—that which most favors the maximization of GNP Edward Goldsmith
A serious and explicit purpose of our foreign policy is the encouragement of a hospitable climate for private investment in foreign nations. Dwight D. Eisenhower
This Time, Let's Build a New Venice and Not Another New Orleans William Irwin Thompson
Democracy has to deliver. It is not enough for people to vote. They must also eat. Madeleine Albright
I did not intend that Uncle Sam be held up while he was doing great work for himself and all mankind. Theodore Roosevelt
Advancing waves of other people’s progress sweep over the unchanging man and wash him out. Charles Kettering
The single greatest investment we can make in the economy is to make sure that each person has a good education. Chris Gregoire
We have killed off nature, that world entirely independent of us which was here before we arrived and which encircled and supported our human society Bill McKibben
Instead … of an augmentation of military force proportioned to our extension of frontier, I proposed a moderate enlargement of the capital employed in that commerce, as a more effectual, economical, and humane instrument for preserving peace and good neighborhood with them Thomas Jefferson
Towards the attainment of our two objects of peace and lands, it is essential that our agent acquire that sort of influence over the Indians which rests on confidence. Thomas Jefferson
The aboriginal inhabitants of these countries I have regarded with the commiseration their history inspires. Endowed with the faculties and the rights of men, breathing an ardent love of liberty and independence, and occupying a country which left them no desire but to be undisturbed, the stream of overflowing population from other regions directed itself on these shores. Without power to divert or habits to contend against, they have been overwhelmed by the current or driven before it. Now reduced within limits too narrow for the hunter's state, humanity enjoins us to teach them agriculture and the domestic arts, to encourage them to that industry which alone can enable them to maintain their place in existence and to prepare them in time for that state of society which to bodily comforts adds the improvement of the mind and morals. Thomas Jefferson
The Korean War was a gift from the Gods. Shigeru Yoshida
Steam and the telegraph and other machinery have required capital greater than any individual can furnish. Henry L. Stimson
A nation's strength ultimately consists in what it can do on its own, and not in what it can borrow from others. Indira Gandhi
We are sufficiently aware of the vast extent of the lands within Our Empire, We perceive, among other things, that a considerable number of regions are still uncultivated which could easily and advantageously be made available for productive use of population and settlement. Most of the lands hold hidden in their depth an inexhaustible wealth of all kinds of precious ores and metals, and because they are well provided with forests, rivers and lakes, and located close to the sea for purpose of trade …. We permit all foreigners to come into Our Empire, in order to settle in all the governments, just as each one may desire. Catherine II
Here the free spirit of mankind, at length, Throws its last fetters off; and who shall place A limit to the giant's unchained strength, Or curb his swiftness in the forward race? William Cullen Bryant
Establishment at public expense of rural depots for the most improved agricultural machinery, to be lent out to the agricultural population at a rent covering cost and management alone. James Connolly
One of our concerns was the relationship between military and civil aviation… Civil aviation was not helping the defense program at all. It was all the other way around, as has been apparent pretty much ever since. This defense aid was one of the excuses for the airline subsidy James H Rowe Jr
Foreign aid might be defined as a transfer from poor people in rich countries to rich people in poor countries Douglas Casey
Each nation has to find its own path and follow that path at its own speed. Colin Powell
All civilizations must go through four stages: The first stage is the emergence of a new civilization and society. The second stage covers a period of growth and prosperity. Stagnation and decadence characterize the third stage where wealth can no longer increase. This brings us to a fourth stage of decline leading to the ultimate collapse. Finally, a new civilization emerges from the ashes of the previous one and another cycle is born. The conditions of the world, and of the nations do not persist in one unchanging state but are transformed with the passage of time and move from one condition to another Ibn Khaldoun
Every innovation is misguidance, even if the people see it as something good. Abdullah ibn Umar
The shortage of land is due less to purchase by Jews than to the increase in the Arab population. The Arab claims that the Jews have obtained too large a proportion of good land cannot be maintained. Much of the land now carrying orange groves was sand dunes or swamps and uncultivated when it was bought. William Peel
Industrial contests take on all the attitudes and psychology of war, and both parties do many things that they should never dream of doing in times of peace…. all parties in interest must be judged from that standpoint. Clarence Darrow
States, like men, have their growth, their manhood, their decrepitude, their decay. Walter Savage Landor
Corruption may be one way of surmounting traditional laws or bureaucratic regulations which hamper economic expansion. Samuel P. Huntington
We cannot build a prosperous state without good schools. Donald L. Carcieri
Strong communities shape their own futures. Thomas Vilsack
Change is not always progress. Barrett Duke
Cities are immortal. Hugo de Grotius
Ideas should freely spread from one to another over the globe, for the moral and mutual instruction of man, and improvement of his condition. Thomas Jefferson
support … continued widespread innovation by resisting the wider application of patents Liberal Democratic Party of Great Britain
All over the globe the U.S. is fighting to protect and develop at least a minority who consume what the U.S. majority can afford. Ivan Illich
Bail Out Neighborhoods, Not Banks. Anonymous
Double your income. Anonymous
End the past. Open up the future. Anonymous
The people do not make the land. It is the land that makes the people. Anonymous
Union of Unemployed University Graduates Anonymous
Wisdom comes when a man plants a tree the shade under which he knows he will never sit. Anonymous
In another century all Europe will not be able to subdue us. The only way to keep us from setting up for ourselves is to disunite us. John Adams
He who does not advance, retreats. African Proverb
Laborers are wanted in Hawaii to work in the sugar fields and in Cuba for the iron mines. Good wages are offered and many are persuaded to emigrate. Charles Herbert Allen
The robber barons were a blessing to America. They got filthy rich but they took enormous risks and were entitled to get rich. Stephen Ambrose
Every race has fought for its own progress. John Albion Andrew
Japan’s future in the international community depends on how well we can raise powerful and vivid young people. Akito Arima
To the size of the state there is a limit, as there is to plants, animals and implements, for none of these retain their facility when they are too large. Aristotle
We are ready to carefully listen to your proposal to offer the people and capitalists of the United States an opportunity to loan the Mexican Republic the funds necessary to vindicate their rights and govern themselves. Hiram Barney
There is an economic revolution taking place throughout Latin America and we must be a part of it. Lloyd Bentsen
We have stopped making communities in which people want to live and are making communities where people drive through. Earl Blumenauer
The ethnic enclave’s warm embrace becomes an economic stranglehold. George J. Borjas
The developing world is poor. It needs capital. William W. Bradley
In differentiation, not uniformity, lies the path of progress. Louis D. Brandeis
Liberty is the great developer. Louis D. Brandeis
As nations continue to develop they will require more, not less, total energy; their industrialization and rapidly growing populations will depend on it. Gro Harlem Brundtland
Modernization is found in markets. George W. Bush
We're starting to realize the limitations of oil income, that you can't live the life of Riley forever. Antonio Casas
Unless combated and overcome by social and political action, the influence of the new industrial and technological order favors the concentration of wealth, power and decision-making in the hands of a small public or private controlling group. Catholic Church
I have for a very long time dreamed of an association, in which the members, instead of preying on one another and seeking to put one another down, after the fashion of this world, should live together as brotherhood, seeking one another's elevation and spiritual growth. But the materials of such a community I have not seen. William Ellery Channing
We go from summit to summit, and our people go from abyss to abyss … the drama of terrible underdevelopment. Hugo Chavez Frias
Growth necessitates change and change facilitates growth. John A. Cherry
Deficits aren't always bad if you invest the money. Bill Clinton
… spread the benefits and shrink the burdens all across the globe. Bill Clinton
You can't just shut off the borders of a community. Janis Cohen
When you have stability, you have at least an opportunity to enjoy prosperity because investment flows. Business tends to follow the flag. When they find a secure environment, they will invest. William S. Cohen
… countries that are behind in their industrial and scientific development are tempted at times to steal those technologies from other countries. John Negroponte
The insecurity of property in Ireland, whether real or supposed … prevents the English or Scotch capitalist from transmitting materials to be manufactured in Ireland. George Cornwall Lewis
Good roads mean quicker and cheaper transportation, a saving of labor and the opening of new channels of employment, while being the avenues for wider and better social relations. John S. Cravens
The principle business of government is to further and promote human strivings. Wilbur Lucius Cross
Because the rights to possessions are not adequately documented, assets cannot readily be turned into capital, cannot be traded outside of narrow, local circles where people know and trust each other, cannot be used as collateral for a loan, and cannot be used as a share against an investment. Hernando de Soto
There is not a man here [in Congress] who does not feel four hundred percent bigger in 1900—bigger intellectually, bigger, hopefully, bigger patriotically that he as a citizen of a country that has become a world power. Chauncey Depew
Most of human history has consisted of unequal conflicts between the haves and have nots. Jared Diamond
The striking differences between the long-term histories of peoples of the different continents have been due not to innate differences in the people themselves but to differences in their environments. Jared Diamond
We saw … shrines in these cities that looked like gleaming white towers and castles: a marvelous sight. Bernal Diaz del Castillo
In a progressive country change is constant .... change is inevitable. Benjamin Disraeli
Education is the panacea for the regeneration of India …. Let us awake, arise, and rescue unhappy India from it’s present and impending horrors. Alexander Duff
Commerce is the weapon …., the all powerful arm with which we have entered in earnest, with every prospect of success, upon our conquest of Mexico. El Paso Bureau of Information
We have a few great engineers and mechanics, and a large body of clever workmen; but the Americans seem likely to become a whole nation of such people. Already, their rivers swarm with steamboats; their valleys are becoming crowded with factories; their towns, surpassing those of every state of Europe, except Belgium, Holland, and England, are the abodes of all the skill which now distinguishes a town population; and there is scarcely an art [occupation and craft] in Europe not carried on in America with equal or greater skill than in Europe, though it has been here cultivated and improved through ages. English Commissioner to the New York Exhibition
In today’s world, a government that controls a vast tract of territory may be less relevant than one that supports education and embraces a regulatory framework promoting innovation and investment. Juan Enriquez
The growing tendency to justify and base governance on the grounds of maintaining economic efficiency has opened the door to secessionists who can legitimately claim that they are not reaping the benefits of economic restructuring. Juan Enriquez
History is not was. It is. William Faulkner
An irresistible movement is bearing the great nations of Europe towards the conquest of fresh territories. It is like a huge steeplechase into the unknown … whole continents are being annexed … Jules Ferry
We don’t need to wait three generations for change. Francisco Gil Diaz
People must have water, affordable, necessary water. Mary Goldring
Changes take place, not independent of man's will, but on account of man's wills. Civilization has progressed by man's interference with material conditions. Gora; Shri Goparaju Ramachandra
All taxes have a negative effect on economic activity. Alan Greenspan
I don't think we should allow our growth to overwhelm the qualities that are bringing it here, and some of those qualities will be overwhelmed if we just allow it to happen haphazardly. Judd Gregg
The more we can open the border [with the US] the more we can develop. Vincente Fox
Necessity is the mother of invention. Richard Franck
Every country has a part that is undeveloped. Thomas Friedman
There is no better constraint on the leader of a developing country than telling him that he has to pay cash for his weapons. Thomas Friedman
Walking into a Kentucky Fried Chicken in the rural area of Malaysia is the cheapest trip to America many Malaysians will ever be able to take. Thomas Friedman
We need to give up the idea that economic growth alone can or will reach down to provide good jobs to the chronically unemployed .... Only a strong program of public employment has ever achieved that in the past ... James K. Galbraith
It being perhaps the only large tract of country and certainly the first which lying out of the boundaries of the Union will be settled by the people of the United States. Albert Gallatin
This world needs all our best efforts and earnest endeavors twenty-four hours every day…if our labors were needed in another world we should be in another world; so long as we are in this one I believe in making the best and the most of the materials we have on hand. Helen H. Gardener; Alice Chenoweth Day
The only progress which is really effective depends, not upon the bounty of nature, but upon the energy of man. Helen H. Gardener; Alice Chenoweth Day
Everybody can be somebody. Floyd Flake
A real liberty is found in the country, apart from all its political theory. The practical liberty of America is found in its great space and small population. George Flower
If the rest of the world aspires to our way of life ... we'll bury ourselves in waste. Joel Hirschhorn
As you move away from mass transit you become more dependent on the automobile, so you have to spread the housing out more to accommodate the cars. Sandy Hornick
If formerly restrictive regimes can be persuaded to see the free flow of information not as a threat to the power of sovereign states, but as the creator of a viable economic infrastructure and a population incentivised to take advantage of the new economy, the next century will be promising indeed. Lyric Hughes
We have to struggle to make California the Massachusetts of the West. Timothy Dwight Hunt
I was sitting by Dr. Franklin who perceived that I was not insensitive to these mutilations. Thomas Jefferson
Will Doctor Franklin be so good as to peruse it and suggest such alterations as his more enlarged view of the subject will dictate? Thomas Jefferson
Woe unto them that join house to house, that lay field to field, till there be no place. Book of Isaiah
Is a land born in one day? Is a nation brought forth at once? Book of Isaiah
North America is the country where reason and humanity will develop more rapidly than anywhere else. Isaak Iselin
His idea of open space was a K Mart parking lot. Patrick Jackson
Look what we have built ... low-income projects that became worse centers of delinquency, vandalism and general social hopelessness than the slums they were supposed to replace. Jane Jacobs
Germany needs a war of her own in order to feel her power; she needs a feud with Frenchdom to develop her national way of life in all its fullness. This occasion will not fail to come. Friedrich Ludwig Jahn
Change and growth seem to tower beyond the control and even the judgment of men. Lyndon B. Johnson
Unless we labor to help others achieve a reasonable stake in society, we may find ourselves losing the society in which we have too great a stake. Vernon Jordan
I will be greatly pleased if the venture capitalists you have referred to would come here and invest part of their wealth in industrial enterprise, extending by that means the bonds of fraternity between the two republics and linking their identities by means of the same democratic institutions. Benito Juarez
I would be quite willing personally to leave the whole country as a wilderness for the next half-century, but I fear that if Englishmen do not go there, Yankees will. John A. MacDonald
No nation owes more to the steel wheel on the steel rail though it is not always clear whether railways were built to unite Canada, or Canada was created to justify the rail building. Donald MacKay
They [Western Nations] enjoy freedom, prosperity, and peace. They live happily year after year. Their national life is millennial. Commerce, developed; military strong; industry and technology grew progressively. Political situation and scholarship are perfect. I am resentful that my country is by far more miserable than the Western nations. I am regretful that China, who had enjoyed a glorious past, has now become desperate. The nature of my people was originally not bad. Why could not they achieve higher accomplishments than the white people? Chiu Chin
Liberty... is the great parent of science Thomas Jefferson
Economic developments made modern democracy possible. Joyce Appleby
Inventions... cannot, in nature, be a subject of property. Society may give an exclusive right to the profits arising from them, as an encouragement to men to pursue ideas which may produce utility, but this may or may not be done, according to the will and convenience of the society, without claim or complaint from anybody... The exclusive right to invention is given not of natural right, but for the benefit of society Thomas Jefferson
The bourgeoisie, by the rapid improvement of all instruments of production, by the immensely facilitated means of communication, draw all, even the most barbarian of nations into civilization. Karl Marx
Welcome every talent, hail every invention, cherish every gem of art—foster every gleam of authorship, honor every acquirement and every natural gift, lift ourselves to the level of our destinies... D'Arcy McGee
Nations do not grow in strength … by the doing of easy things. William McKinley
Free enterprise is the only way for substantial growth. Fernando Collor de Mello
A State which dwarfs its men, in order that they may be more docile instruments in its hands even for beneficial purposes—will find that with small men, no great thing can really be accomplished. John Stuart Mill
At some period, however, of their history, almost every people, now civilized, have consisted, in majority, of slaves. A people in that condition require to raise them out of it a very different polity from a nation of savages. John Stuart Mill
Progress includes Order, but Order does not include Progress. John Stuart Mill
The Egyptian hierarchy, the paternal despotism of China, were very fit instruments for carrying those nations up to the point of civilization which they attained. But having reached that point, they were brought to a permanent halt for want of mental liberty and individuality. John Stuart Mill
Even if a country has money and technology, if it is retarded spiritually or morally, we cannot say it is advanced. Mahathir Mohamad
We can never beat England, can’t even remain long in a fight with her on her own terms. All we can do, and it should be enough, is to remain Irish in spite of her, and work out our destiny in the very many fields in which we are free to do so. Denis Patrick Moran
Critics never build anything. Robert Moses
People who call themselves [city] planners ... draw pretty pictures ... but they often don't get anything done. Robert Moses
God has permitted buying and selling and forbidden usury …. those who revert to usury are doomed to everlasting hellfire … Muhammad
Canada is open for business. Brian Mulroney
We started as a small newspaper company and grew by providing competition and innovation in stale, near monopolistic markets. Rupert Murdoch
One problem in Africa has been a small population. And the natural resources were large. So you could be as foolish as possible. But you didn’t die. You just remained there eating mangoes and bananas. Now the population in Africa is growing. So the idea that you can go on with idiotic policies is not sustainable. Because a big population needs answers. Yoweri Museveni
People always want change .... Government always raises expectations far beyond what is there. Jacob Mwanza
The land is excellent and agreeable, full of noble forest trees and grapevines, and nothing is wanted here but the labor and industry to render it one of the finest and most fruitful lands … Johannes de Laet
[Reporting on America:] It's progressive growth ... before the century has elapsed will have changed the ... colonial system of the universe and the relative position of all civilized society. Jules Alexandre de Lanautte
… pigmy economies Mirko Lauer
Concentrate our strength in agriculture and increase our potential. Le Thanh Tong
What is Communism? The Soviet Republic plus electrification. Vladimir Lenin
A completely industrialized society is of no consequence to me. Aldo Leopold
We face the question whether a still higher standard of living is worth its cost in things natural, wild, and free. Aldo Leopold
The question today is whether we should be creating millions of new jobs at present wages or fewer new jobs at better wages. Frank Levy
That some should be rich, shows that others may become rich, and hence is just encouragement to industry and enterprise. Abraham Lincoln
It is labour, then, which puts the greatest part of value upon land, without which it would scarcely be worth anything John Locke
To those people in the huts and villages of half the globe struggling to break the bonds of mass misery, we pledge our best efforts to help them help themselves, for whatever period is required John F. Kennedy
Do not stay in a country that lacks these five things: a strong rule, a just judge, a fixed market, a wise physician, and a flowing river Khosrow I
Railroads? Electric telegraphs? All honour to them in their place: but they are not progress; they are only the fruits of past progress. No outward and material thing is progress; no machinery causes progress; it merely spreads and makes popular the results of progress. Progress is inward, of the soul. Charles Kingsley
How easy it would be to govern this country and make it rich, but how uphill work it is to influence a native ruler pulled by all interested consuls and traders. This ought to be a British protectorate … John Kirk
Political leaders cannot survive as advocates of near-permanent austerity on the basis of directives imposed from abroad. Henry A. Kissinger
We keep making the same old mistake in our reconstruction planning. We assume that we can, in a few short weeks, relieve misery that goes back for years. Hans Koschnick
Without education we can’t achieve anything. Sheikha Mouza Nasser Al Misnad
The principal concern of Mexico’s political elite today is how to build governing majorities and achieve consensus. M. Delal Baer
So many voyages and discoveries without result, and attended with so much hardship and expense, have caused us French in late years to attempt a permanent settlement in those lands which we call New France, in the hope of thus realizing more easily this object Samuel de Champlain
Iron would soon become cheaper, and Linens and Woolens of our own [made in the colonies] make would grow more in use, as the Spinners and Weavers improved in making them, but there is no setting up such Works because there is no Money to Pay the Labourer John Colman
Water is one of the world’s great business opportunities. It promises to be to the 21st century what oil was to the 20th. Fortune Magazine
The miseries of the Indonesian people are sandwiched between two thick slabs of bread—one the bread of hope, the other the bread of patience Theodore Friend
Half the world’s people fail to receive the level of water services available in many of the cities of ancient Greece and Rome Peter Gleik
Neither the lawmaker nor the capitalist possesses any miraculous power of multiplying loaves and fishes; or of commanding, like the enchanters of old, broomsticks to do the work of men. They must have labourers, skilled labourers, and without them it is nonsense to talk of improving a country … Thomas Hodgskin
Our age, marked by restless activity in almost all departments of knowledge, and by struggles and aspirations before the unknown, is stamped by no characteristic more deeply than by a desire to establish or extend freedom in the political societies of mankind. Francis Lieber
Although a Kingdom may be enriched by gifts received, or by purchase taken from some other Nations, yet these are things uncertain and of small consideration when they happen. The ordinary means therefore to increase our wealth and treasure is by Foreign Trade Thomas Mun
No Man is richer for having his Estate all in Money, Plate, etc. lying by him, but on the contrary, he is for that reason the poorer. That man is richest, whose Estate is in a growing condition… Dudley North
The Trustees intend to relieve such unfortunate persons as cannot subsist here [England], and establish them in an orderly manner, so as to form a well regulated town…. By such a Colony, many families, who would otherwise starve, will be provided for, and made masters of houses and lands…. The Trustees for establishing the Colony of Georgia in America. … are impowered to collect benefactions; and lay them out in cloathing, arming, sending over, and supporting colonies of the poor, whether subjects on foreigners, in Georgia James Edward Oglethorpe
To one who turns the pages of your history and reflects upon the causes of what has been accomplished it is apparent that the triumphal progress of Divine religion has contributed in no small degree to the glory and prosperity which your country now enjoys. Pius XII; Eugenio Pacelli
As China works towards the rule of law, it is critical that it continues to develop and strengthen its legal system. However, it should be recognized that this system is only as strong as the professionals who work to uphold it. Michael Posner
Cities have made the transition from industrial to service economies. Edward Rendell
No one has developed a magic formula for how to make countries grow, though economic researchers have identified a number of poisons. Corruption, overweening government intervention, and mountains of debt are contraindicated for countries attempting to develop. Kenneth Rogoff
A kind of white people are found here, who live like savages. Hunting is their chief occupation. Leonhard Schnell; John Brandmuller
The mantle of the pioneers has fallen on our shoulders. Ian Smith
In all your passages you must have great care not to offend the naturals [natives], if you can eschew it; and imploy some few of your company to trade with them for corn and all other ... victuals if you have any; and this you must do before that they perceive you mean to plant among them; for not being sure how your own seed corn will prosper the first year, to avoid the danger of famine, use and endeavor to store yourselves of the country corn. Virginia Company
No community ever did or ever can emerge unassisted by external helps from a state of utter barbarism into anything that can be called civilization Richard Whately
Action must begin in the developing world itself. These countries do not lack financial resources. What they lack is political courage. We need to ask the leaders of the Third World, and ask them bluntly, why they insist on spending $130 billion each year on the military when even a quarter of this expenditure can finance their entire essential social agenda. And we must ask them why they insist on having six soldiers for every one doctor when their people are dying of ordinary diseases, from internal disintegration, not from external aggression, from many threats to human security, not any threats to territorial security. Mahbub ul-Haq
Superdevelopment leads to a throwaway society and to enormous waste. Excessive access to all kinds of things,—sometimes called consumerism—enslaves people and does not make them happy. John Paul II; Giovanni Battista Montini
How many more infants must die every day in Africa because resources are being swallowed up in debt repayment. John Paul II; Giovanni Battista Montini
Small business – the very fiber of our community life. Herbert Hoover
You cannot have prosperity without peace. Without peace, China cannot continue to develop itself. He Ya-Fei
The reason that America was a First World nation was that we had a First World population, and as we continue to be inundated with people from Third World nations, we are going to become a Third World nations….Desperate situations call for rash actions! James Edwards
The statesmen of Germany and of France are to-day confronted by the same social problem: the problem of increasing the population of their respective countries. But while the problem is the same in France as it is in Germany, it presents itself in each of these countries under a different aspect. In France the population remains stationary because of the paucity of births; in Germany it increases indeed, but not in the measure of the country’s necessities, because of the hugeness of emigration. In consequence, the expedients adopted to arrest the evil are different in each country. Daniel DeLeon
We are living in a time when the comforts of life, and all the material wealth needed to bring happiness to every human being, can be produced in abundance. There is no need whatever for one human being to go hungry, homeless or naked. Man’s inventive genius has developed the tool to that point, and guided the natural forces to that degree, that abundance is possible to all. Daniel DeLeon
In the history of the world, slavery has been and still is the normal condition of most men; all the great accumulations of property have been the result of slavery, and civilization was the result of property…. art, literature, science, architecture, beautiful women, and gentlemen of leisure all depend upon the forced labor of masses of ignorant men whom to make free would be a social crime. Thomas Roderick Dew
Slavery was forced upon us by the most extremist exigency of circumstances in a struggle for very existence. Without it, it is doubtful whether a white man would now be existing on this continent--certain that, if there were, they would be in a states of the utmost destitution, weakness, and misery. William Harper
There is not a respectable system of civilization known to history whose foundations were not laid in the institution of domestic slavery. Robert M. T. Hunter
Political activity means working for the future; the more we look into the future the more far-sighted will our policy be - so much the more clear and decided. The less far we try to see into the future, the more we content ourselves with the daily routine (Alltäglichkeit), the more weak and uncertain will be our policy of to-day. Every politician of note must, therefore endeavor out of the present to conclude what the future will be, and, if he wants to win the masses to his politics then he must attempt to make his expectations of the future plausible Karl Kautsky
America, which up to the arrival of the Europeans had but one cereal, maize, and but one domestic animal for labor, the llama, and we can rejoice that the Europeans imported with themselves and their tools the ox, the ass and the horse, corn, cotton, sugarcane, coffee and finally the vine and the orange tree, creating there a new world of that glorious society which produces merchandise and which with an extraordinary swiftness of movement has already traversed the two phases of the blackest slavery and the most democratic wage system. Antonio Labriola
No social order is ever destroyed before all the productive forces for which it is sufficient have been developed, and new superior relations of production never replace older ones before the material conditions for their existence have matured within the framework of the old society. Karl Marx
The modern civilized State has been developed by the antagonism between individual and social interests, which has transformed primitive Society into Civilization. William Morris
In such a colony, the highest capacities of mind and heart, which, as every unprejudiced observer will confess, can readily be discovered in a large number of individuals of our nation, would be sooner and more rapidly developed than our present social life admits of, where so many circumstances unite to stifle the most splendid, most promising natural abilities in the bud. Julius Stern
Shall we encourage our young men to be farmers and mechanics? Yes, a thousand times yes, encourage them to become producers as well as consumers, to be owners and tillers of the soil as well as cultivators and rentors; teach them that it is just as honorable to be an honest farmer as to be a lawyer, teacher or a preacher, and the royal road to success and happiness is built on honest labor, either of muscle or brain. Benjamin William Arnett
The world has changed a great deal, and our posture must change with it. George W. Bush
The land is very good, producing all the necessaries of life in abundance, but by reason of inactivity and idleness of the French inhabitants . . . they themselves are living little better than the Indians Jonathan Carver
From the quarrels and seditions which are often stirred up in a commonwealth, it never results that the citizens dissolve it, as often happens in the case of other associations; but only that they change its form into some other Baruch Spinoza
White men, seem to have difficulty in realizing that people who live differently from themselves still might be traveling the upward and progressive road of life. Standing Bear
I saw their fields under very respectable cultivation, and bearing good crops. They had exchanged their original rude wigwams for comfortable houses, with barns and offices attached to them, scarcely if at all inferior to those of the whites, and some of the houses have little plots or gardens in front kept in good order… All these marks of improvement surprised us; we did not expect to meet with a state of such high comparative civilization. John Tawse
New York was once laced by these trails from Albany to Buffalo, trails that my people had trod for centuries—worn so deep by the feet of the Iroquois that they became your own roads of travel, when my people no longer walked in them. Your highways still lie in those paths; Peter Wilson
I saw such personal wealth there that were I to describe it, the people of Persia would never believe it. I could discover no end or limit to their wealth, and I never saw such ease and comfort anywhere Nasir Khusaro
There were no less than twenty thousand shops in Cairo, all of which belong to the sultan (al-Mustansir). Many shops are rented for as much as ten dinars a month, and none for less than two. There is no end of caravanserais, bathhouses and other public buildings - all property of the sultan, for no one owns any property except houses and what he himself builds….In the midst of the houses in the city are gardens and orchards watered by wells. In the sultan's harem are the most beautiful gardens imaginable. Water-wheels have been constructed to irrigate these gardens. There are trees planted and pleasure parks built even on the roofs …. All the houses of Cairo are built separate one from another, so that no one's trees or outbuildings are against anyone else's walls. Cairo has four cathedral mosques where men pray on Fridays. Nasir Khusaro
When tax assessments and imposts upon the subjects are low, the latter have the energy and desire to do things. Cultural enterprises grow and increase, because the low taxes bring satisfaction. Ibn Khaldun
A large civilization yields large profits [earnings] because of' the large amount of [available] labor which is the cause of profit. Ibn Khaldun
In the modern era, the wealthiest and most successful countries have been democracies. Michael Mandelbaum
My America is called Europe. It is my place of dreams. . . . Today the United States isn’t a solution, it’s a danger! . . . Most of the things I like are in Europe. . . I hope Europe will show us a road to follow. Susan Sontag
There has been a failure of leadership all over post colonial Africa to unite the country’s people. Raila A. Odinga
Without legal and political institutions that control corruption, pro-growth policies will be ineffective. Larry Diamond
Listen, we’re making good progress in Iraq. Sometimes its hard to tell it when you listen to the filter. George W. Bush
We are on the cusp of this time where I can say, "I speak as a citizen of the world" without others saying, "God, what a nut. Lawrence Lessig
Only when the last tree has withered, and the last fish caught, and the last river been poisoned, will we realize we cannot eat money. Cree Tribe
Foreign policy is not philanthropy. Dinesh D'Souza
A fundamental part of the non-proliferation bargain is the commitment of the five nuclear States recognized under the non-proliferation treaty — Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States — to move toward disarmament. Mohamed El Baradei
I'm not happy exporting jobs but we must move ahead in technology and patents. I don't like losing any jobs but we'll see new opportunities created selling products there. We'll have a net increase in economic activity, just as we did with free trade. It's tempting to want to protect our markets and stay closed. But at some point it all comes crashing down and you're hopelessly left behind. Then you are Russia. Mitt Romney
The computer of today is really in its infancy. Bill Gates
We are not here in this world to find elegant solutions, pregnant with initiative, or to serve the ways and modes of profitable progress. No, we are here to provide for all those who are weaker and hungrier, more battered and crippled than ourselves. That is our only certain good and great purpose on earth, and if you ask me about those insoluble economic problems that may arise if the top is deprived of their initiative, I would answer 'To hell with them.' The top is greedy and mean and will always find a way to take care of themselves. They always do. Michael Foot
New ideas seem like frightening ghosts to people at the beginning; they run away from them for a long time. Mehmet Murat İldan
The mind God is looking for in man is a doubting, questioning mind, not a dogmatic mind; dogmatic reasoning is wrong reasoning. Dogmatic reason ties a huge rock to a man’s foot and stops him forever from advancing. Mehmet Murat İldan
Debt relief without the opening of markets will not relieve third world countries from their poverty. Alastair McKechnie
We wring our hands over the miscarriages of technology and take its benefactions for granted Peter Medawar
Today the world changes so quickly that in growing up we take leave not just of youth but of the world we were young in. I suppose we all realize the degree to which fear and resentment of what is new is really a lament for the memories of our childhood. Peter Medawar
Virginia was at the head of this United States confederacy and if her natural advantages had been improved, and if she had encouraged free labor ... she might still have held, if not the first, perhaps the second rank among states. And she will yet have to give way to other new states if her essay makers ... shall cause a perseverance in her present system of policies. The system is supported with something of the sort of feeling which leads a man to hold on to a bottle. Hezekiah Niles
The War of 1812 has given new direction to wealth and industry in the United States, and manufacturers grew up as if by magic. Hezekiah Niles
Government is not a mechanical but a living thing and must be interpreted in a Darwinian sense … Woodrow Wilson
The Chinese millions have given the world the greatest revolution of modern times in the most civilized manner known to history. We have emancipated ourselves from the imperial yoke, not by brute force, but by sheer reasoning and unparalleled toleration. Within the amazingly short period of 4 months, and without shedding over one hundredth part of the blood that has been shed in other similar revolutions, we have transformed our immense country from an empire of 4,000 years standing into a modern democracy. Ching Chun Wang
For too long it was assumed that you could completely separate out flows of money from responsibilities and accountabilities in service delivery. This flawed assumption is central to understanding many of the failures. Lant Prichett
We are increasingly dependent on these electronic infrastructures. As technology advances we are more vulnerable. Urmas Paet
The fragility and powerlessness of the state in large swathes of Africa, and the uncivil nature of the forces that emerge to fill the gaps, give cause for concern. In places such as Sierra Leone or Liberia, where there is mass illiteracy and up to three-quarters of the women have been raped, what are the prospects for civil peace and reducing widespread violence? Amina Mama
If by the statement that what the Constitution meant at the time of its adoption it means today, it is intended to say that the great clauses of the Constitution must be confined to the interpretation which the framers, with the conditions and outlook of their time would have placed upon them, the statement carries its own refutation. It was to guard against such a narrow conception that Chief Justice Marshall uttered a memorable warning— ‘We must never forget that it is a Constitution we are expounding . . . a constitution intended to endure for ages to come, and consequently to be adapted to the various crises of human affairs.’ Charles Evans Hughes
Whatever the framers … intended, there is no reason to believe that they possessed the best insights or ultimate wisdom as to the meaning of their words for subsequent generations . . . Words do not have fixed meanings. Leonard W. Levy
Congress commissioned the first telegraph line, the railroads, the Internet. The role of the government in developing new technology is often misunderstood. Daniel Gross
The secret of progress, the perpetual satisfying of wants followed by the springing up of new wants, is the secret of individual unrest and disappointment. Arnold J. Toynbee
When men unite in large societies, they cannot each take an active part in what concerns the common good. They are obliged to delegate their individual powers and rights to act, in things relating to it, to several, or to one. John Rae
We need no other proof . . . than what we have seen in our own country, where in a few years good discipline and a just encouragement given to those who did well, produced more examples of pure, complete, incorruptible, and invincible virtue than Rome or Greece could ever boast Algernon Sidney
If we can have a surge in Bagdad, why can’t we have a surge here at home. Mary Landrieu
It is one of the peculiarities of the warfare between reform and the status quo that it is thoughtlessly governed by a double standard. Whenever a reform measure is proposed it is often defeated when its opponents triumphantly discover a flaw in it. Garrett Hardin
No technical solution can rescue us from the misery of overpopulation. Freedom to breed will bring ruin to all. Garrett Hardin
Shall I refuse my dinner because I do not fully understand the process of digestion? Oliver Heaviside
When the tempers of men are softened as well as their knowledge improved, this humanity appears still more conspicuous, and is the chief characteristic which distinguishes a civilized age from times of barbarity and ignorance. Factions are then less inveterate, revolutions less tragical, authority less severe, and seditions less frequent. Hume
God gave the world to men in common; but since he gave it them for their benefit and the greatest conveniences of life they were capable to draw from it, it cannot be supposed that he meant it should always remain common and uncultivated. John Locke
More people in more countries, both developing and developed, have experienced larger increases in living standards than in any prior fifty year period. Alan H. Meltzer
How can one ignore the role of Islamic culture in European civilization? Edgar Morin
The employing the Beggars in England about mending the High-wayes, and making Rivers Navigable will make the Wool and Cattle of Ireland vend the better. William Petty
Tythes [tax revenues] increase within any territory as the labor of that country increases, and labor does, or ought to, increase as the people do. William Petty
In Pakistan, ideology actually forbids intellectual activity. For instance, there is one section in the penal code which says that if you criticize the ideology of Pakistan, you can be punished for it. Khaled Ahmed
The most dramatic effect of digital libraries will not be on us, the well-booked, but on the billions of people worldwide who are underserved by ordinary paper books. Bill McCoy
The Sherman Act was designed to be a comprehensive charter of economic liberty aimed at preserving free and unfettered competition as the rule of trade. It rests on the premise that the unrestrained interaction of competitive forces will yield the best allocation of our economic resources, the lowest prices, the highest quality and the greatest material progress, while at the same time providing an environment conducive to the preservation of our democratic political and social institutions. Hugo Black
My fear is that in general terms the evolution of the political process proceeds at the same pace as the evolution of the species and I do not myself believe that that is quite fast enough Alex Carlile
The public use of man's reason must always be free, and it alone can cause enlightenment. Immanuel Kant
In prosperity prepare for a change; in adversity hope for one. James Burgh
All the farmers in this area have electricity, even in their barns. There have been times where the writing of a book is just as important as the milking of a cow. Edna St. Vincent Millay
...industrialisation took centuries, rather than decades Christine MacLeod
Maximum Feasible Participation of the Poor Sargent Shriver
I don’t think our troops ought to be used for what’s called nation-building. I think our troops ought to be used to fight and win war. George W. Bush
The Palestinian population is relatively affluent in the Arab world. Poverty is not the root cause of the Palestinian problems. Hillel Fradkin
We will assist by money from our royal treasury all those who wish to reestablish old manufactures or to undertake new ones … all the merchants and traders by sea who purchase vessels, or who build new ones, for traffic or commerce shall receive from us subsidies for each ton of merchandise which they export or import on the said voyages Louis XIV
The birthday of a new world is at hand. Thomas Paine
… industry, commerce and security are the surest roads to the happiness and prosperity of people. Thomas Jefferson
Humanity has advanced, when it has advanced, not because it has been sober, responsible, and cautious, but because it has been playful, rebellious, and immature Tom Robbins
Humanity has advanced, when it has advanced, not because it has been sober, responsible, and cautious, but because it has been playful, rebellious, and immature Tom Robbins
A dynamic economy, with more citizens working and paying taxes, will be our strongest tool to bring down budget deficits Ronald Reagan
There are no limits to growth and human progress when men and women are free to follow their dreams. Ronald Reagan
Just as we respect the right of each nation to determine its own future, we also recognize the responsibility of each nation to secure its own future. Richard Nixon
No longer need capitalist and worker, farmer and clerk, city and countryside, struggle to divide our bounty. By working shoulder to shoulder, together we can increase the bounty of all. Lyndon B. Johnson
Among men of good will, science and democracy together offer an ever-richer life and ever-larger satisfaction to the individual. Franklin D. Roosevelt
It is hopeless for the occasional visitor to try to keep up with Chicago--she outgrows her prophecies faster than she can make them. She is always a novelty; for she is never the Chicago you saw when you passed through the last time. Mark Twain
The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials. Chinese Proverb
Create a great university and wait 200 years. Daniel P. Moynihan
The Bretton Woods agreement will enthrone a world dictatorship of private finance more complete and terrible than an Hitlerite dream. It offers no solution of world problems, but quite blatantly sets up controls which will reduce the smaller nations to vassal states and make every government the mouthpiece and tool of International Finance. It will undermine and destroy the democratic institutions. John Edward
The loss of global biological diversity is advancing at an unprecedented pace. Sigmar Gabriel
It is our wish that the Indian title should be extinguished, and the Indians removed from our territory Utah and that for the best of reasons, because they are doing no good here to themselves or anybody else… Is it desirable that the barren soil of the mountain valleys should be converted into fruitful fields? Let the Indians be removed. Is it desirable that the way should be opened for a rapid increase of population into our new State or Territory Brigham Young
Technological innovation is so miserable in the Middle East that, if you exclude Israel, the number of patents filed is less than one fifth the number from sub-Saharan Africa. Ghassan Salame
It is the fight for national existence which sets culture moving and opens to it the doors of creation. Later on it is the nation which will ensure the conditions and framework necessary to culture Frantz Fanon
No enemy is more harmful than ignorance. Abu Abdullah Muhammad Al-Harithi Al-Baghdadi Al-Mufid
The imperialists have also imposed on us an unjust economic order, and thereby divided our people into two groups: oppressors and oppressed. Hundreds of millions of Muslims are hungry and deprived of all form of health care and education. Ruhollah Khomeini
Oligarchic societies may be able to achieve high rates of growth for a period of time, but continuing inequities in distribution lead to political instability and populism. Francis Fukuyama
Out of this modern civilization, economic royalists carved new dynasties. New kingdoms were built upon concentration of control over material things. Through new uses of corporations, banks and securities, new machinery of industry and agriculture, of labor and capital - all undreamed of by the Fathers - the whole structure of modern life was impressed into this royal service. Franklin D. Roosevelt
As a young nation, pursuing industry in every channel, and adventuring commerce in every sea. It is highly important that we should not only have a pacific character, but that we should really deserve it. If we manifest an unwarrantable ambition, and a rage for conquest, we unite all the great powers of Europe against us. DeWitt Clinton
Great improvements must also take place which far surpass the momentum of power that a single nation can produce, but will with facility proceed from their united strength. The hand of art will change the face of the universe. Mountains, deserts, and oceans will feel its mighty force. It will not then be debated whether hills shall be prostrated, but whether the Alps and the Andes shall be leveled; nor whether sterile fields shall be fertilized, but whether the deserts of Africa shall feel the power of cultivation; nor whether rivers shall be joined, but whether the Caspian shall see the Mediterranean, and the waves of the Pacific lave the Atlantic. DeWitt Clinton
Just a fraction of what is expended so obscenely on defense budgets would make the difference in enabling God’s children to fill their stomachs, be educated, and be given a chance to lead fulfilled and happy lives. Desmond Tutu
The first requisite for the progress of a nation is the brotherhood and unity amongst sections of the society. Sayyid Ahmad Khan
Man's achievements rest upon the use of symbols Alfred Korzybski
What humans can't engineer, evolution can. Kevin Kelly
As the world of chips and glass fibers and wireless waves goes, so goes the rest of the world Kevin Kelly
The slogan that agriculture is the backbone of the nation still remains in theory and not in practice. Dominic Kambarage
India, China, and Latin America have a tremendous stake in the people's century. As their masses learn to read and write, and as they become productive mechanics, their standard of living will double and treble. Henry A. Wallace
in countries where the ability to read and write has been recently acquired or where the people have had no long experience in governing themselves on the basis of their own thinking, it is easy for demagogues to arise and prostitute the mind of the common man to their own base ends Henry A. Wallace
… there are no backward peoples which are lacking in mechanical sense. Russians, Chinese, and the Indians both of India and the Americas all learn to read and write and operate machines just as well as your children and my children Henry A. Wallace
The embargo created great suffering, but at the same time the embargo created the challenge of trying to resolve our own problems and we developed an industry capable of producing the very latest medicines. Manuel Raisis Castenera
Brazil was a capitalist society without capital. Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva
Existing great powers are always nervous when there is a new emerging power Paul Keating
China is a developing country and we regard subsistence as the fundamental human right. Zhou Wenzhong
There are only two ways of getting on in the world: by one's own industry, or by the stupidity of others. Jean de la Bruyere
In America, innovation does not just improve our lives. It is the way we make our living. Barack Obama
We can't talk about community values without being prepared to invest in those very same communities. Joseph I. Lieberman
We offer them Roman citizenship in order to make them more desirous of living in the city and to induce others to do so. Julius Caesar
Solar power will solve all our problems. How much money have we blown on that? This is the hippies' program from the seventies and they're still pushing this stuff. Trent Lott
The basis of anything is education, so that people not only become qualified, but essentially become able to create new knowledge Jose Leite Lopes
Law and technology produce, together, a kind of regulation of creativity we've not seen before. Lawrence Lessig
In most slums and cities in developing states, population growth is outpacing the ability of the growth in pollution and sewage. Such unmet expectations in over-crowded cities can be the catalyst for civil conflict. Jennifer Dabbs Sciubba
It is not the total number of people on the planet by itself that will determine prospects for prosperity and security in the near future. What matters is now they are distributed across age groups, their exposure and contribution to changing climate, and their opportunities for education, jobs, migration and health. Jack A. Goldstone
… compared to circumstances where the birth rate remains high—a decline in fertility from high to low levels allows a population to save and invest more, both in terms of human capital (ie education and training) and in terms of physical capital (eg roads, factories, machinery.) Tim Dyson
… a college near as large as Babel; sufficient to contain ten times the number of students who would ever enroll. Boston Gazette
Prosperity comes slowly. Barack Obama
Every new mine, furnace, and factory is an extension of the productive capacity of the State more real and valuable than added territory. Benjamin Harrison
The exchanges of commerce demand stated, reliable, and rapid means of communication. Benjamin Harrison
We have no longer States that are necessarily only planting States. None are excluded from achieving that diversification of pursuits among the people which brings wealth and contentment. Benjamin Harrison
During the last two or three generations the Jews have recreated in Palestine a community now numbering 80,000, of whom about one fourth are farmers or workers upon the land. This community has its own political organs; an elected assembly for the direction of its domestic concerns; elected councils in the towns; and an organization for the control of its schools …. It has its distinctive intellectual life and displays considerable economic activity. England
I am not afraid of new inventions or improvements, nor bigoted to the practices of our forefathers. It is that bigotry which keeps the Indians in a state of barbarism in the midst of the arts and would have kept us in the same state even now Thomas Jefferson
It will not do to say we are too poor to educate the people--we are too poor not to educate them Jabez Lamar Monroe Curry
Nothing is more important than the issue of bribery, corruption, and illicit payments. This plague puts a premium on illegal activity while ignoring price and quality. It is impossible to develop confidence in an international trading system when bribery and corruption are such prevalent aspects of many economies in the world. Mickey Kantor
If you are doing to dream, dream big. It’s free. Azzam Alwash
Any person who is the head of a family, or who has arrived at the age of twenty-one years, and is a citizen of the United States, or who shall have filed his declaration of intention to become such, as required by the naturalization laws of the United States, and who has never borne arms against the United States Government or given aid and comfort to its enemies, shall, from and after the first January, eighteen hundred and sixty-three, be entitled to enter one quarter section or a less quantity of unappropriated public lands, upon which said person may have filed a preemption claim United States Congress
The progress of a nation can alone prevent degeneration. There must be new life and purpose or there will be weakness and decay. There must be broadening of thought as well as broadening of trade. Territorial expansion is not alone and always necessary to national advancement. There must be a constant movement toward a higher and nobler civilization, a civilization that shall make its conquests without resort to war, and achieve its greatest victories pursuing the arts of peace. In our present situation, duty and duty alone should prescribe the boundary of our responsibilities and the scope of our undertakings. William McKinley
My countrymen, the currents of destiny flow through the hearts of the people. Who will check them ? Who will divert them? Who will stop them? William McKinley
Be not content with what you have or are. William McKinley
The inhabitants of Rhode Island, especially those of Newport, have had by far the greatest share of this traffic of all these United States. This trade in the human species has been the first wheel of commerce in Newport, on which every other movement in business has chiefly depended. That town has been built up, and flourished in times past, at the expense of the blood, the liberty, and the happiness of the poor Africans; and the inhabitants have lived on this, and by it have gotten most of their wealth and riches. Samuel Hopkins
Gentlemen. Build your telescope but just make sure that it is the biggest one in the world because I won’t pay for anything else. Charles Tyson Yerkes
The most pressing challenge that the Arabs have yet to confront is the reform of Islam. If the Arab world can’t or won’t accept the concept of the secular state as being consistent with Islam, then neither high-speed economic growth, nor liberal democracy have much chance in the Middle East. Steven Schlosstein
New and useful sciences are essential to our life in this age and are our defense against aggression and humiliation. Muhammad Abduh
The state does not possess trade or industry. Its wealth is the wealth of the people and the people’s wealth is not possible without the spread of these sciences amongst them so that they may know the ways for acquiring wealth. Muhammad Abduh
We have neglected industry and commerce just as we have neglected every other opportunity of progress. Muhammed Shah Aga Kahn III
The temptation to inculcate rather than to educate is understandably strong among long frustrated populations. In many such places, public emotions fluctuate between bitter impatience and indifferent skepticism - and neither impatience nor indifference are favorable atmospheres for encouraging reasoned thought. Aga Khan IV
Civic rationality and modern capitalism triumphed in the medieval northern European cities – but not in Chinese, Indian or Muslim cities Max Weber
The Middle East was once an economically advanced region of the world, as measured by standard of living, technology, agricultural productivity, literacy or institutiontopmeal creativity. Only China might have been even more developed. Subsequently, however, the Middle East failed to match the institutional transformation through which western Europe vastly increased its capacity to pool resources, coordinate productive activities and conduct exchanges. Timur Kuran
The doctrine of Islamic economics is simplistic, incoherent and largely irrelevant to present economic challenges…. The real purpose of Islamic economics has not been economic improvement but cultivation of a distinct Islamic identity to resist cultural globalization. Timur Kuran
As the true magnitude of the witch problem became more apparent, the Church enlisted the Inquisition, an applied institution specifically designed to address pressing social concerns. The Inquisition became the growth industry of the day, offering exciting work, rapid advancement, and wide recognition to its professional and technical workers. Its creative and energetic efforts to create a witch-free world unearthed dangers in the most unlikely places; the rates of witch identification, assessment and evaluation soared. William C. Clark
I’m not in the business of creating jobs. Sharron Angle
Government has always driven growth. Jeffrey R. Immelt
Everything in the Middle East is connected to everything else Lee H. Hamilton
For the first time since the 15th century, China is becoming a major economic power. Max Boot
It is impossible for any power to become eminent in commerce, without excelling in manufactures and navigation. America is capable of supporting and increasing both … Silas Deane
Give men opportunity and opportunity will give you men. George D. Herron
In Los Alamos we were motivated by the desire to develop the atomic bomb before the Germans could do it. That was our main motivation …. The Germans surrendered before the bomb was ready and so it was obvious to use it against our remaining enemy [Japan]. Hans Albrecht Bethe
Inventions then cannot, in nature, be a subject of property. Society may give an exclusive right to the profits arising from them, as an encouragement to men to pursue ideas which may produce utility, but this may or may not be done, according to the will and convenience of the society, without claim or complaint from any body. Thomas Jefferson
It is well known that Iraq has the greatest number of scientists, who are among the best in the Arab world. They are being assassinated systematically. We are not allowed to have minds and to progress. Bashir Assad
We must achieve peace because it's the only way to build this nation Anwar Sadat
Reason and justice tell me there is more love for mankind in electricity and steam than there is in chastity and abstaining from meat. Anton Chekhov
Since the day that we first trod the soil of these valleys, have we received any assistance from our neighbors? No, we have not. We have built our homes, our cities, have made our farms, have dug our canals and water ditches, have subdued this barren country, have fed the stranger, have clothed the naked, have immigrated the poor from foreign lands, have placed them in a condition to make all comfortable and have made some rich. We have fed the Indians to the amount of thousands of dollars yearly, have clothed them in part, and have sustained several Indian wars, and now we have built thirty-seven miles of railroad. All this having been done, are our cities, our counties and the Territory in debt? No, not the first dollar. Brigham Young
If the Arab citizen will feel at home in our state … if the state will help him in a truthful and dedicated way to reach the economic, social, and cultural level of the Jewish community, then Arab distrust will accordingly subside and a bridge will be built to a Semitic, Jewish-Arab Alliance. David Ben-Gurion
Only when there is no trace whatsoever of foreign influence that remains on Arab soil, can there be any real progress in matching the economic pace set by other nations. Anonymous
Technology is often not a prime mover but a second-order consequence of food surpluses, urbanization, secularism, political stability ... and other conditions that create a fertile climate for innovation. Max Boot
Taking Mesopotamia... means spending millions in irrigation and development Edward Grey; Viscount Fallodon
History has proven that nations do not advance and develop without the continuous renewal of their ideas. This also applies to individuals and people Quaboos bin Said
Peace is the most effective way for nations to attain prosperity and happiness. Kemal Ataturk
America…could within twenty years bring us to a degree of development which Turks, left to themselves, would not be able to achieve in a century. It would make Turkey prosperous, rich and happy and turn Turks into a strong and civilized nation. Riza Nur
Disbelievers will not be successful. Muhammad
Protestantism, Judaism and Confucianism have been the religions more conducive to progress while Islam, Catholicism, and Orthodox Christianity have been the least conducive. Lawrence E. Harrison
Businessmen will not readily venture where governmental protection is doubtful. If they incur large risks they demand large profits, and if you promise these, you cannot easily advance or strengthen the nation you wish to develop or aid. Nahun Capen
Good God what a fine sight. I had no conception that there was such a scene in the world, and to find it in my own dominions. George IV
I welcome this new ship, not only for the good that it will bring to my own constituency, but for what I really believe it means to the shipbuilding and engineering industries of this country … as long as this ship lies like a skeleton in my constituency, so long will depression last in this country, because as it lies there … it shouts, “Failure! Failure!” To the whole of Britain. David Kirkwood
I know the Rich will oppose this; but the Richest Men are not always most beneficial to the Commonwealth, Men of Projecting Brains do most good to their Neighbours, for tho' they often hurt themselves by their Projects, yet others reap the benefit of them, and so the Publick is not hurt but helped by them, and I presume none will deny but that this Town hath been more advantaged by some Men now in it of mean Estates, then ever they were by the Richest Men in it John Colman
Where one nation has gotten the start of another in trade, it is very difficult for the latter to regain the ground it has lost; because of the superior industry and skill of the former, and the greater stocks, of which its merchants are possessed, and which enable them to trade on so much smaller profits. But these advantages are compensated, in some measure, by the low price of labour in every nation which has not an extensive commerce… David Hume
Corruption in Nigeria is blocking development even though they have all this oil wealth. Bill Gates
Dealing with Wyoming is like dealing with the Russians. You never get anywhere by trying to cooperate. Horace Albright
Dealing with Wyoming is like dealing with the Russians. You never get anywhere by trying to cooperate. Horace Albright
Mr. Ten Percent Asif Ali Zardari
A nation that derives its subsistence, principally from the forest, cannot live in the vicinity of one that relies upon the products of the field. The clearing of the country drives off the wild beasts; and when the game fails, the hunter must starve, change his occupation, or retire from the approach of cultivation. DeWitt Clinton
The northern and western companies of inland lock navigation, having, agreeably to law, produced authentic accounts of their expenditures, I have given the necessary certificate to entitle them to receive from the Treasury the sum of ten thousand pounds, as a free gift on the part of this State towards the prosecution of those interesting objects. Although the care of improving and opening these navigations be committed to private companies, they will require, and no doubt from time to time receive, from the Legislature, every fostering aid and patronage commensurate to the great public advantages which must result from the improvement of the means of intercourse DeWitt Clinton
With highly civilized nations, continued progress depends in a subordinate degree on natural selection; for such nations do not supplant and exterminate one another as do savage tribes. Nevertheless the more intelligent members within the same community will succeed better in the long run than the inferior, and leave a more numerous progeny, and this is a form of natural selection. Charles Darwin
England administered Palestine in a manner which enabled the Jews to flood it with immigrants and helped them to settle in the country, notwithstanding the fact that it was proved that the density of the population in Palestine had exceeded the economic capacity of the country to absorb additional immigrants. Arab League
The sciences which we feel in need of is thought of by some people to be technology and other means of mastering agriculture and trade. This is false, for if we look at what we complain of, we find something deeper than the mere lack of technology and similar disciplines...The science which will revive the souls is the science of disciplining the soul. Such a discipline exists only in religion, therefore what we lack is extensive knowledge of the ethics of religion and what we need in accordance with our feelings is to have a true understanding of religion. Muhammad Abduh
Except for a few oil-rich countries, no developing country has successfully modernized without slowing population growth. Lester R. Brown
Mobilize population and all partners—the public sector and the private sector. Development is everybody’s business. Marc Ravalomanana
Religious freedom in the American sense, incorporating the separation of church and state, has been the pivotal concept of the national development of the United States of America. Joseph L. Blau
The development of democracy is very much a matter of education and of progressing step by step. Zine El Abidine Ben Ali
The free flow of information is vital for economic development. Tariq A. Almoayed
patents are an arm in the hands of large enterprises which use them in order to block all inconvenient innovation or to restrict the development of free software. The American experience with software patents is particularly negative and merits reflexion Socialist Party of France
With 5% of the world’s population, the United States employs about a third of all the research and development workers in the world. Jack Marburger
Do not think, however, that our nation needs only men to serve it. Women should also take their part as women did in the early years of Islam. The valuable services rendered by women are recounted throughout history from which we learn that women were not created solely for pleasure and comfort. From their examples we learn that we must all contribute toward the development of our nation and that this can not be done without being equipped with knowledge… Soraya Tarzi Hanym
There is an increase in inequality in the early stages of development. Simon Kuznets
Capitalism in one century of growth has enormously increased its power, not only through expansion over the entire earth, but also through development into new forms Anton Pannekoek
We must be cognizant of the fact that the absence of economic rationality and perpetual political instability in our societies prevent us from fully benefiting from our resources as well as capabilities. In the extreme case, we find ourselves in devastating wars. Our conflict-ridden geography has substantially undercut our ability to develop economically. Natural wealth, including oil revenues has been wasted and the focus of attention has been other than human development Abdullah Gul
You needn't kill everyone to complete the job... We instituted Civil Affairs, which provides development for 70% of the population while we kill 30%.. Hector Alejandro Gramajo Morales
When any territory outside the present territorial limits of the United States becomes necessary for our defense or essential for our commercial development, we ought to lose no time in acquiring it . Orville Hitchcock Platt
Without creative personalities able to think and judge independently, the upward development of society is as unthinkable as the development of the individual personality without the nourishing soil of the community. Albert Einstein
Severely deprived, neglectful or abusive environments must have negative effects on a great many aspects of development, including intelligence. American Psychological Association
Where ever you have the historical development of Islamic societies, you have the introduction of slave soldiers. Reuel Marc Gerecht
We have not only made a nation, rough-hewn and popularly governed, the marvel of development among great nations; we have contributed to the uplift and elevated the standard of living; we have not only become leaders in finance and industry; we have not only become equals in education and rivals in art, but we are the inspiration and example of other republics, and ought to be, could be, influencing the idealization of the government of the earth. It justifies our pride in the past, explains the nation-wide turning to the party for the country’s restoration, and gives every assurance of glorious triumphs in the future. Judson Welliver
The modernizing elite in the technologically and economically poor nations responded to colonialism by seizing the power of the state and using it to change their societies, hoping to achieve justice at home and economic and cultural parity abroad. The politics of changing traditional social structures and processes by using state power did not always result in social progress and economic development, but it did lead to state supremacy and autocracy. In the more extreme cases autocratic regimes were transformed to either forward-looking or reactionary totalitarianism-of socialist-Marxist, fascist, or religious-fundamentalist types. These systems clearly failed or are failing. But at the time they were adopted, to many they represented hope and a promise of economic change, distributive justice, and a better future. Mahnaz Afkhami
it must be right to suggest that all countries should use their resources so as to advance the right to development for their people in an equitable manner and that all countries should cooperate for the mutual achievement of the right to development. The alternative to such a policy framework is a Darwinian world of market-oriented capitalism with no social or human rights safety nets. How can developing countries survive in such a world? Bertrand G. Ramcharan
The people in Asia are diligent, talented and persistent in self-development. Zhu Rongji
The primary task of developing countries is to develop the economy and eradicate poverty. Without economic growth, there would be no material basis for a better life or better environment for the people. But economic growth must not be achieved at the cost of environment or resources. In the absence of proper resource and environmental protection, there could be no sustainable economic development. Zhu Rongji
In most parts of our world, the rural community dominates. The numbers of people in rural communities in the Islamic world, plus the difficulty of addressing the problems of development in rural communities, is a central issue. Aga Khan IV
The precondition of all happiness…and particularly of economic and commercial development is tranquility, security and order beyond the reach of any violation. Kemal Ataturk
The raw fact is that every successful example of economic development this past century—every case of a poor nation that worked its way up to a more or less decent, or at least dramatically better, standard of living—has taken place via globalization; that is, by producing for the world market rather than trying for self-sufficiency. Paul Krugman
Corruption is a cancer on the body of development. James Wolfensohn
As to Korea, there is no longer any real hope of a genuinely peaceful and free democratic development in that country. Its political life in the coming period is bound to be dominated by political immaturity and violence. Where such conditions prevail, the communists are in their element. Therefore, we cannot count on native Korean forces to help us hold the line against Soviet expansion George F. Kennan
Culture affects development and development affects culture as well. Alexander Shakow
Without culture, development falls apart. Calvin Butts
Economic development must ... not be left to the sole judgment of a few men or groups, possessing excessive economic power, or of the political community alone, or of certain powerful nations Catholic Church
… people should not be hindered from attaining development in accordance with their own culture. Catholic Church
Governance is a universal phenomenon in any society, but it may not lead a society to human development. G. Shabbir Cheema
Education is economic development. Bill Clinton
Developers play one of us off the other, forcing us to reduce our taxes to attract their development. Everyone is being forced to reduce their tax level to a point where it's not economical. Rick Cohen
Cultural growth, like economic development rarely comes as a steady advance on all fronts at once. Tyler Cowen
The silly ancestors of the Americans called it "national development" when they imported millions of foreigners to take up the public lands and left nothing for their own children. Ignatius Donnelly
The Government must get out of the "protective" business and the "subsidy" business and the "improvement" and the "development" business. It must let trade, and commerce, and manufactures, and steamboats, and railroads and telegraphs alone. It cannot touch them without breeding corruption. Edwin Lawrence Godkin
We stayed in certain parts of these continents [Africa and Asia] because we can do certain things: efficient administration free from corruption, preservation of order, a development of the country, etc. better than these would be done without us. Edward Grey; Viscount Fallodon
This would be a good opportunity for dealing … with Uganda, the infamous conduct of whose King [Mwanga] has for years been prejudicial to the development from the development of the interior …. Were Uganda freed from this tyrant [there would be] a safe depot … for the retention of the upper Nile. Fredrick Holmwood
It is with nations as with nature which knows no pause in progress and development, and attaches her curse on all inaction. Wilhelm von Humboldt
According to some of the goo-goo's, we ought to negotiate with every individual until he's happy. Robert Moses
I think we have to accelerate our development. Slow development means hunger … Do Muoi
We perceive political stability to be the first necessity of economic development. N. M. Mwauhgulu
In the industrial age natural, history and cultural artifacts had more utilitarian functions such as the development of industry and the promotion of patriotism. Miriam R. Levin
No amount of arms and armies can help stabilize those governments which are unable or unwilling to achieve social and economic reform and development. Military pacts cannot help nations whose social injustice and economic chaos invite insurgency and penetration and subversion. John F. Kennedy
Civilization develops man, and if he is, according to his whole character and destiny, made for development, civilization is his truly natural state … Francis Lieber
We will focus on the Zambian people as both the end and the means of development Levy Patrick Mwanawasa
Unequal development in different countries in the promotion of health and control of disease, especially communicable disease, is a common danger. WHO; World Health Organization
Although the world has undergone many changes, both good and bad, in the past century, change need not imply the loss of traditional values. Nor is progress another word for moral decay. It is not development and progress which jeopardize values and morality but rather the absence of a strong and secure moral foundation developed first and foremost in the family. Surely, it is possible for one to enjoy the conveniences of modern life-airplanes and automobiles, computers and cell phones, microwaves and VCRs-without losing one's sense of values. When we love God, love our families, we can enjoy life without betraying the practices of decency, without abandoning the traditions of our cultures. Jehan Sedat
There is no peace without justice; There is no justice without fairness; There is no fairness without development; There is no development without democracy; There is no democracy without respect for the identity and the dignity of all cultures and peoples. Rigoberta Menchu Tum
If development is the new name for peace, war and preparations for war are the major enemy of the healthy development of peoples John Paul II; Giovanni Battista Montini
Energy is one of the worst bottlenecks in the development of industry and the national economy V. V. Kuibyshev
Every country has her own way of development. Wilhelm Liebknecht
Rapid Global population growth is an urgent and substantial threat to international stability and sustainable development. This Presidential Decision Directive articulates objectives for and guides the implementation of United States policy on population growth. National Security Council
If the ideas of any particular man are determined by his environment, then the ideas of humanity, in their historical development, are determined by the development of the social environment, by the history of social relationships. Georgi Valentinovich Plekhanov
The overriding purpose of foreign assistance must be genuine development, not the assuaging of Western guilt or the care and feeding of the massive network of career professionals, non-profit organizations and private sector companies that constitute the global aid industry. Larry Diamond
Progress and development of the Bahai community shall be blocked Ali Khamenei
While the overall goal of any society must be to educate all its members, at this stage in human history the greatest need is to educate women and girls. For over twenty years, studies have consistently documented that, of all possible investments, educating women and girls pays the highest overall dividends in terms of social development, the eradication of poverty and the advancement of community. Bahai Universal House of Justice
Migration is development. Lant Prichett
The key to economic development is less in government aid, but in having a climate that will attract private capital….Free market development is the key to economic prosperity in the world. Robert E. Rubin
Economic development has a reverse gear. Allan Little
Stem cell research has the greatest promise of any scientific development. Orrin Hatch
In spite of the unique democratic processes established during the period of the United States Constitutional development, it should be made clear that the constitution of 1789 was a seriously flawed document. While it provided a flexible pragmatic framework for growth and development, it locked out the majority of the population in the United States of America Leonard Jeffries
Individually, the independent states of Africa, some of them potentially rich, others poor, can do little for their people. Together, by mutual help, they can achieve much. But the economic development of the continent must be planned and pursued as a whole. A loose confederation designed only for economic co-operation would not provide the necessary unity of purpose. Only a strong political union can bring about full and effective development of our natural resources for the benefit of our people. Kwame Nkrumah
The economic development of industrial society tends inevitably to the ruin of small industries. Socialist Labor Party of Germany
Without development there is no profit, without profit no development. Joseph A. Schumpeter
The social goals are the most difficult to achieve in the development of any country. Ali Beban
Why did Allah create human beings different from one another? The development of the world, the enrichment of life, and the progress of Man and society can only take place when there is such diversity. Abd Al-Hamid Al-Ansari
The country that spends the most per GDP on research and development is Israel. George P. Shultz
Without justice, development is not possible. Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Most of the oil rich exporting countries were not really helped in the long run by their oil resources. Oil wealth distorted the development of the country. Corruption, the concept of something for nothing, the lack of development of a manufacturing or agricultural base, the resources to keep a dictator in power without depending on the people—all were problems. Martin Sabrow
Nothing has so retarded the rapid growth and development of our State as the absence of a well regulated system of public schools, so as to place within the reach of every child in the State, both rich and poor, the means of obtaining free of tuition fees, such instruction as will qualify him for the responsible duties of life…. You cannot expect skilled labor to enter our State, if by doing so their children are to be denied the means of a common school education. We must fight ignorance as we would fight malaria, for it is only by educating its people that a State can gain and maintain a proud position among the nations of the earth. John Knox
Mobilize people and resources to get results, Not small results but big results. Spend 80% of your time doing development work. Only 20% your time doing administrative work. Never be bureaucrats. Always be leaders. Marc Ravalomanana
The army did more to shape the pattern and direction of economic development than did any other federal agency, any state government, or any private agency. William D. Adler; Andrew J. Polsky
Education is the foundation of social progress and economic development. Diane Ravitch
One of the effects of civilization is to diminish the rigor of the application of the law of natural selection. It preserves weakly lives that would have perished in barbarous lands. Francis Galton
I have no patience with the hypothesis occasionally expressed, and often implied, especially in tales written to teach children to be good, that babies are born pretty much alike, and that the sole agencies in creating differences between boy and boy, and man and man, are steady application and moral effort. It is in the most unqualified manner that I object to pretensions of natural equality. The experiences of the nursery, the school, the University, and of professional careers, are a chain of proofs to the contrary. Francis Galton
There is room enough indoors in New York City for the whole 1963 world's population to enter, with room enough inside for all hands to dance the twist in average nightclub proximity. R. Buckminster Fuller
What is modernity? Is it defending foreign interests, or defending interests of our country? Itamar Augusto Cautiero Franco
Upon the progress of knowledge the whole progress of the human race is immediately dependent: he who retards that, hinders this also. Johann Gottlieb Fichte
I believe in limited government. I believe that government should be limited in many ways, …. No government has the right to decide on the truth of scientific principles, nor to prescribe in any way the character of the questions investigated. Neither may a government determine the aesthetic value of artistic creations, nor limit the forms of literacy or artistic expression. Nor should it pronounce on the validity of economic, historic, religious, or philosophical doctrines. Instead it has a duty to its citizens to maintain the freedom, to let those citizens contribute to the further adventure and the development of the human race Richard P. Feynman
A world in which we can fully experience the benefits that a connected society brings remains out of reach. Vested interests all too often feel threatened by the modern world, and they are holding Scotland back. We want to change that. Finlay Archibald
The Iranians are not part of the “axis of Evil”. They are part of the axis of Medieval. David Stockman
Without a consumer society there was no need for an industrial revolution. Niall Ferguson
How are we going to make the people of the United States realize that if they want peace in the future they must make the sacrifices that are required to bring about economic improvement in a great many countries? Eleanor Roosevelt
The South may well wish that there had never been a slave trade, that Yankee skippers had never brought people from Africa to this country. But they did, and the South prospered greatly from the work of these people. The colored,, built the prosperity of the South. And now, when everywhere in the world slavery is acknowledged to be wrong and full citizenship has been granted to all of our people, we should do it not only in words but in actual deeds and with our hearts. Eleanor Roosevelt
Upon the progress of knowledge the whole progress of the human race is immediately dependent: he who retards that, hinders this also. Johann Gottlieb Fichte
Wilderness is the raw material out of which man has hammered the artifact called civilization. Aldo Leopold
it’s no longer doing things to people. It’s not even doing things for people. It’s doing things with people. Judith Rodin
Civilization is not a spontaneous generation with any race or nation known to history, but the torch to be handed down from race to race from age to age. Kelly Miller
We not only need community development but we need equitable development. Angela Glover Blackwell
If our children do not see a future, the will not pay the price required in the present. George Fraser
We have young men with shoes which light up when they walk and a brain that seems dead when they talk. Joycelyn Elders
The one thing I do know is change is coming so quickly Bill Graham
All community development, and most economic development, happens locally Bill Graham
Not all rural communities have affordable and reliable access to telecommunication networks. Rural incomes still lag behind urban incomes. Job creation and retention is hampered because of infrastructure deficiencies Bill Graham
This association of poverty with progress is the great enigma of our times. Henry George
Civilization cannot go back; civilization must not stand still. We have undertaken new methods. It is our task to perfect, to improve, to alter when necessary, but in all cases to go forward. To consolidate what we are doing, to make our economic and social structure capable of dealing with modern life, is the joint task of the legislative, the judicial, and the executive branches of the National Government. Franklin D. Roosevelt
We contend that for a nation to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle. Winston Churchill
Civilization never recedes; the law of necessity ever forces it onwards Jules Verne
If education is always to be conceived along the same antiquated lines of a mere transmission of knowledge, there is little to be hoped from it in the bettering of man’s future. For what is the use of transmitting knowledge if the individual’s total development lags behind? Maria Montessori
The proper limits of Government interference are relative to the nature of each particular state and the stage of its civilization. Arnold J. Toynbee
What most astonishes me in the United States, is not so much the marvelous grandeur of some undertakings, as the innumerable multitude of small ones. Alexis de Tocqueville
Americans of all ages, all stations of life, and all types of disposition are forever forming associations... In democratic countries knowledge of how to combine is the mother of all other forms of knowledge; on its progress depends that of all the others. Alexis de Tocqueville
Two things in America are astonishing: the changeableness of most human behavior and the strange stability of certain principles. Men are constantly on the move, but the spirit of humanity seems almost unmoved. Alexis de Tocqueville
it is easier … to stave off adversity than to preserve prosperity. Thucydides
Corruption is a problem in almost all developing countries. Robert M. Gates
Among other things the Russian experiment, no less than the experience of Socialist parties in Western Europe which have got some degree of power, shows clearly that not even the most cataclysmic revolution can create overnight those habits of mind and that social machinery necessary to the successful functioning of a new social order. Norman Thomas
… only today, or yesterday at the earliest, after the long millenniums of man's life on this planet, has he acquired the technical skill, the command over the forces of nature, the physical power to produce enough and more for all his children upon the face of the earth. Norman Thomas
India is not, as people keep calling it, an underdeveloped country, but rather, in the context of its history and cultural heritage, a highly developed one in an advanced state of decay. Shashi Tharoor
Humanity is not yet sufficiently advanced to be willingly led by the discoverer's keen searching sense. But who knows? Perhaps it is better in this present world of ours that a revolutionary idea or invention instead of being helped and patted, be hampered and ill-treated in its adolescence — by want of means, by selfish interest, pedantry, stupidity and ignorance; that it be attacked and stifled; that it pass through bitter trials and tribulations, through the heartless strife of commercial existence. So do we get our light. So all that was great in the past was ridiculed, condemned, combated, suppressed — only to emerge all the more powerfully, all the more triumphantly from the struggle. Nikola Tesla
Without deficit reduction, we cannot have sustained economic growth. Bill Clinton
Once Europe existed in a Dark Age and Islam carried the torch of learning. Now we Muslims live in a Dark age. Mahmud Tarzi
The first and most important advice that I can give to my successors and people to make Afghanistan into a great kingdom is to impress upon their minds the value of unity; unity, and unity alone, can make it into a great power. Abdur Rahman Khan
While modern changes were intrinsic to Western historical development, they were largely seen by Muslims as alien and enforced. Suha Taji-Farouki
Those who promise to spread the wealth around, only succeed in spreading poverty around. Mitt Romney
Of $350 billion that was used for good purposes let’s say that $50 billion was for improper purposes. I say, so what! Bandar Bin Sultan
Every generation of Muslims should be permitted to solve their own problems, guided but unhampered by the work of its predecessors. Muhammad Iqbal
The nations that are achieving something have no taste for poetry Muhammad Iqbal
As Islam came to the world at a time when the stage of slavery was coming to an end and that of feudalism just beginning, it brought with itself laws, creeds and a discipline of life all of which were in concord with the then prevalent circumstances of economic existence. That is why it approved of slavery as well as permitted feudalism, for Islam could not anticipate the next stage of economic development nor give any system to the world for which the economic circumstances were not ripe... Muhammad Qutb
Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new. Ralph Waldo Emerson
In a society of little economic development, universal inactivity accompanies universal poverty. You survive not by struggling against nature, . . . or by relentless labor; instead you survive by expending as little energy as possible. . . Ryszard Kapuscinski
If education is always to be conceived along the same antiquated lines of a mere transmission of knowledge, there is little to be hoped from it . . . . For what is the use of transmitting knowledge if the individual's total development lags behind? Maria Montessori
I have no doubt that it is possible to give a new direction to technological development, a direction that shall lead it back to the real needs of man, and that also means: to the actual size of man. Man is small, and, therefore, small is beautiful. Ernst Friedrich Schumacher
Human development is a form of chronological unfairness, since late-comers are able to profit by the labors of their predecessors without paying the same price. Alexander Herzen
Do you want my one-word secret of happiness -- It's growth -- mental, financial, you name it. Harold S. Geneen
Human progress is furthered, not by conformity, but by aberration. H. L. Mencken
Development was--and continues to be for the most part--a top-down, ethnocentric, and technocratic approach that treats people and cultures as abstract concepts, statistical figures to be moved up and down in the charts of 'progress.' . . . It comes as no surprise that development became a force so destructive to third world cultures, ironically in the name of people's interests Arturo Escobar
Although the market and opportunities for consumption seem to offer a counterbalance to the government's authoritarian powers, many Chinese are ambivalent about the forces of Westernization and marketization and the rapidly growing gap between rich and poor Amy Hanser
We are still waging Peloponnesian wars. Our control of the material world and our positive science have grown fantastically. But our very achievements turn against us, making politics more random and wars more bestial. George Steiner
The new American finds his challenge and his love in the traffic-choked streets, skies nested in smog, choking with the acids of industry, the screech of rubber and houses leashed in against one another while the townlets wither a time and die. This is not offered in criticism but only as observation. And I am sure that, as all pendulums reverse their swing, so eventually will the swollen cities rupture like dehiscent wombs and disperse their children back to the countryside. John Steinbeck
I wonder why progress looks so much like destruction. John Steinbeck
Everybody thinks that this civilization has lasted a very long time but it really does take very few grandfathers’ granddaughters to take us back to the dark ages. Gertrude Stein
I do not care who it is that has or does influence me as long as it is not myself. Pablo Picasso
We are fifty or a hundred years behind the advanced countries. We must make good this distance in ten years. Either we do it, or they will crush us. Joseph Stalin
Conflict states just need someone to give them a chance. Nobody wants to be a failure. Emilia Pires
Israel is a small piece of land. We are not even 1 percent of the Arab space, you know. We don't have water. We don't have oil. Our greatness, if one may say greatness, stems from the fact we had nothing to start with. So we turned to human talent because there weren't natural resources. The Arabs can do it too. Shimon Peres
Long, long ago the country bore the country-town and nourished it with her best blood. Now the giant city sucks the country dry, insatiably and incessantly demanding and devouring fresh streams of men, till it wearies and dies in the midst of an almost uninhabited waste of country. Oswald Spengler
There is no single sustainable model for national success. … the American model, which has indeed been successful, is not available to others, because our success depends greatly on our dominant position at the center of the global capitalist system, and we are not willing to yield it. George Soros
The great struggles of the twentieth century between liberty and totalitarianism ended with a decisive victory for the forces of freedom and a single sustainable model for national success: freedom, democracy, and free enterprise. National Security Council
It seldom happens, however, that a great proprietor is a great improver. Adam Smith
Progress toward a more abundant material life does not come like manna from heaven, however. My message certainly is not one of complacency. The ultimate resource is people — especially skilled, spirited, and hopeful young people endowed with liberty — who will exert their wills and imaginations for their own benefit and inevitably benefit the rest of us as well. Julian Lincoln Simon
This increase in the world's population represents humanity's victory against death. Julian Lincoln Simon
Food security is not only a matter of humanitarian assistance and agricultural development; it is a matter of national security, peace and stability. Josette Sheeran
No nation is formed within a night, one generation's era of even two. A nation can be described as the continuous string of many generations that time, this pitiless, thoughtless sword of nature, separates their physical connections along the course of their history. Ali Shariati
The slave system is one of constant danger, distrust, suspicion, and watchfulness. It debases those whose toil alone can produce wealth and resources for defense, to the lowest degree of which human nature is capable, to guard against mutiny and insurrection, and thus wastes energies which otherwise might be employed in national development and aggrandizement. William H. Seward
What kind of development is it when the people lead shorter lives than before? They catch HIV/AIDS. Our children are beaten in school and won't go. Some become prostitutes. They are not allowed to hunt. They fight because they are bored and get drunk. They are starting to commit suicide. We never saw that before. Is this "development Roy Sesana
Borrowing to build factories is not the economic equivalent of borrowing to buy television sets, and it’s amazing just how few modern economists can see the difference...Borrowing to produce is the way poor countries become rich. Borrowing to consume is the way rich countries become poor. Peter Schiff
When your country is number one, others watch and emulate you. You do not study and emulate others. Edward Luce
All travelers agree that Protestant are both richer and more populous than Catholic countries; and the reason is, because the habits of the former are more conducive to production. Jean-Baptiste Say
Opulent, civilized, and industrious nations, are greater consumers than poor ones, because they are infinitely greater producers. Jean-Baptiste Say
Still how unenlightened and ignorant are the very nations we term civilized! Jean-Baptiste Say
What can we expect from nations still less advanced in civilization than the [Ancient] Greeks? Jean-Baptiste Say
We cannot develop unless we enjoy both internal and external freedom: even the freedom of thinking about freedom. Tigran Sargsyan
A new generation of leaders is emerging in Africa who does not want to approach the world with a begging bowl. Leaders who want to engage the world as partners; leaders who are prepared to take responsibilities for the problems of their countries and continent; leaders who recognize the enormous opportunities that abound in the world and are eager to connect Africa to the centers of those opportunities; leaders who want to harness the huge resources of Africa to play on the global stage; leaders who are not content to ask, ‘what can the rest of the world do for us', but rather ‘what can we do with the rest of the world.' Abubakar Bukola Saraki
The problem is … that many African states lack the capacity to establish the crucial conditions for capital accumulation and, additionally, act in economically irrational ways. This non-developmental or even anti-developmental thrust is manifest in the mismanagement, inefficiency, and pervasive corruption of the public sector as well as political instability and the inability to prevent widespread evasion of laws and regulations. John Richard Sandbrook
Capitalist development requires, as a precondition, that the state foster a general sociopolitical and legal framework conducive to market relationships. An environment of security of property and predictability is basic to encourage investment; in turn, this requires political stability and a minimum degree of social harmony. John Richard Sandbrook
We cannot bank our hopes on possibilities. We must put our trust in ourselves, in our capabilities and efforts and strength and preparations not only for our success but even to avoid our own defeat. Aung San
Give me the map of any country, its configuration, its climate, its waters, its winds, and the whole of its physical geography; give me its natural productions, its flora, its zoology, &c., and I pledge myself to tell you, a priori, what will be the quality of man in history:—not accidentally, but necessarily; not at any particular epoch, but in all; Victor Cousin
While the law [of competition] may be sometimes hard for the individual, it is best for the race, because it insures the survival of the fittest in every department. We accept and welcome, therefore, as conditions to which we must accommodate ourselves, great inequality of environment, the concentration of business, industrial and commercial, in the hands of a few, and the law of competition between these, as being not only beneficial, but essential for the future progress of the race. Andrew Carnegie
The advancement and perfection of mathematics are intimately connected with the prosperity of the State. Napoleon Bonaparte
… human population growth within the ecosystem was closely analogous to the growth of malignant tumor cells within an organism: that man was acting like a cancer on the biosphere. The multiplication of human numbers certainly seems wild and uncontrolled... Four million a month - the equivalent of the population of Chicago... We seem to be doing all right at the moment; but if you could ask cancer cells, I suspect they would think they were doing fine. But when the organism dies, so do they; and for our own, selfish, practical, utilitarian reasons, I think we should be careful about how we influence the rest of the ecosystem. Marston Bates
If Russia is to be a great power, it will be, not because of its nuclear potential, faith in God or its president, or Western investment, but thanks to the labor of the nation, faith in knowledge and science and the maintenance and development of scientific potential and education. Zhores Ivanovich Alferov
We have 28,000 drug patents held by American universities that are not being developed. Birch Bayh
Socialism proposes no adequate substitute for the motive of enlightened selfishness that to-day is at the basis of all human labor and effort, enterprise and new activity. William Howard Taft
I wish I could bring Stonehenge to Nyasaland to show there was a time when Britain had a savage culture. Hastings Kamuzu Banda
Science requires much more than money and projects. Science requires freedom: freedom to enquire, to challenge, to think, and to envision the unimagined. We must be able to question convention and arbitrate our disputes by the rules of evidence. It is the content of scientific work that matters, not the persons who produced it, regardless of the color of their skin, the god they choose to worship, the ethnic group they were born into, or their gender. These are the values of science, but even more, they are societal values worth defending, not just to promote the pursuit of science but to have a better and more humane society. Ismail Serageldin
Enough is enough. Our intention is to have a line where the pavement ends and the open space and the hills begin. Susan Hammer
There is no instant step from disorder to order. Warren G. Harding
Any business whose sole purpose is making money is not worth doing. Business must serve a larger purpose. Mukesh Ambani
The true test of civilization is, not the census, nor the size of cities, nor the crops,—no, but the kind of man the country turns out. Ralph Waldo Emerson
Each nation grows after its own genius, and has a civilization of its own. Ralph Waldo Emerson
A certain degree of progress from the rudest state in which man is found,—a dweller in caves, or on trees, like an ape, a cannibal, an eater of pounded snails, worms, and offal,—a certain degree of progress from this extreme is called Civilization. Ralph Waldo Emerson
Charleston has much intelligence, and considerable genuine culture; but go twenty miles away, and you are in the land of the barbarians. So, Raleigh is a city in which there is love of beauty, and interest in education; but the common people of the county are at least forty years behind the same class of people in Vermont. Moreover, in Macon are many very fine residences, and the city may boast of its gentility and its respect for the nourishing elegancies of life; but a dozen miles out are large neighborhoods not yet half-civilized. The contrast between the inhabitants of the cities and those of the country is hardly less striking than that between the various classes constituting the body of the common people. Going from one county into another is frequently going into a foreign country. Travel continually brings novelty, but with that always came pain. Till all these hateful walls of caste are thrown down, we can have neither intelligent love of liberty, decent respect for justice, nor enlightened devotion to the idea of national unity. Sidney Andrews
Every ten years we hear this story: “America is in decline.” Don’t you believe it. Stephen Hadley
As the first generation of Chinese Communism passes, we are baffled by its unexpected successes Leland Hazard
Our development as a people has for many years been overshadowed in our own eyes and in the eyes of the world by the remarkable growth, and achievements of the American Union. John F. Conway
America was not discovered. America was built. History Channel
We are accustomed to think that some degree of stability is necessary to all real progress, all great development. But Japan has given proof irrefutable that enormous development is possible without any stability at all. Lafcadio Hearn
Free lands and the consciousness of working out their social destiny did more than turn the Westerner to material interests and devote him to a restless existence. They promoted equality among the Western settlers, and reacted as a check on the aristocratic influences of the East. Frederick Jackson Turner
In some portions of the country there was, and is, an aggregation of property, and vested rights are in the foreground. Frederick Jackson Turner
The West, at bottom, is a form of society rather than an area. It is the term applied to the region whose social conditions result from the application of older institutions and ideas to the transforming influences of free land. By this application, a new environment is suddenly entered, freedom of opportunity is opened, the cake of custom is broken, and new activities, new lines of growth, new institutions and new ideals, are brought into existence. Frederick Jackson Turner
Our overbuilt cities with their congestion, their trend to high office buildings and apartments, their complete indifference to the most elementary principles of civilian defense, their slums representing past neglect and greed, can to a considerable extent be rebuilt on better principles if we are smart enough to look the facts in the eye and brush off the Babbitts who hold that wherever the dirt flies there is progress. On the other hand, cities can not be revolutionized and turned into garden villages or green belts. In the suburbs and near-by country, however, we still have a chance to do the right thing without stultifying compromises.... Robert Moses
If, instead of hiring half-baked revolutionary planners to fill our college undergraduates with ingenious schemes to disperse populations, split up big cities into little ones, go underground or into distant places to escape bombs and congestion, abandon large urban areas in favor of roadside villages, we were to publish reliable, simply written, common-sense information to control the building boom, what a country this would be! Robert Moses
Hemingway has expressed with genius the terrors of the modern man at the danger of losing control of his world Edmund Wilson
This kingdom [Colombia] … does not enjoy an active commerce. It’s subsistence consists of gold taken from its mines, without trade, export of its agriculture and manufactures…. The local officials everywhere are indifferent and careless as to their duty; the people are steeped in poverty; trade is almost extinct; capital is lacking, and there are no opportunities for its investment; the only source of support is the cultivation of small patches of ground. Every one seeks to subsist on the government by procuring some little office. Francisco Antonio Moreno y Escandon
It is no wonder that the Spanish dependencies languished, in spite of their infinite potentialities of wealth and prosperity. The narrow and selfish policy of the mother country deprived the colonists of all incentives to exertion; the officials sent from Spain enriched themselves, the tax- gatherers seized all superfluous earnings; there were no accumulation of capital and no advancement. Henry Charles Lea
Spanish colonial policy has been a failure. All the defects of character and administration which produced such disastrous results at home had naturally fuller scope for development in the colonies. The discoveries of Columbus did not open up a new continent to be settled by industrious immigrants coming to found states and develop their resources in peaceful industry. The marvelous exploits of the Conquistadors were performed in the craziest thirst for gold, and those who succeeded them came in the hope of speedy enrichment and return, to accomplish which they exploited to the utmost the unhappy natives, and when these were no longer available replaced them with African slaves. Henry Charles Lea
There was nothing left for us to do but to take them [the Philippine Islands] all, and to educate the Filipinos, and uplift and Christianize them. William McKinley
We have restored order and established domestic tranquility. We have fed the starving, clothed the naked, and ministered to the sick. We have improved the sanitary condition of the island. We have stimulated industry, introduced public education, taken a full and comprehensive enumeration of the inhabitants William McKinley
No man has the right to fix the boundary to the march of a nation. Charles Stewart Parnell
The growth of New England was a result of the aggregate efforts of a busy multitude, each in his narrow circle toiling for himself, to gather competence or wealth. The expansion of New France was the achievement of a gigantic ambition striving to grasp a continent. It was a vain attempt. Francis Parkman
The world has grown rich and refined, but chiefly by the efforts of those who themselves continue poor and ignorant. Theodore Parker
In May 1961 when I took over power as the leader of the revolutionary group, I honestly felt as if I had been given a pilfered household or bankrupt firm to manage. Around me I could find little hope of encouragement. The outlook was bleak. But i had to rise above this pessimism to rehabilitate the household. I had to destroy, once and for all, the vicious circle of poverty and economic stagnation. Only by reforming the economic structure would we lay a foundation for decent living standards. Park Chung-hee
Usually, so far as improvement in the people's economic conditions is concerned, humanitarians simply play the role of the busybody. Vilfredo Pareto
America was not discovered. It was built. History Channel
Children raised in families at the high end of the socioeconomic scale are more likely to be exposed to a stimulating environment and set upon an advantageous path in life with respect to health, cognitive development and social skills. If the brain does not receive the requisite environmental stimulation at certain critical periods, the window of opportunity closes and development fails to occur. Miles Corak
I want the standard of living in Iran in ten years' time to be exactly on a level with that in Europe today. In twenty years' time we shall be ahead of the United States. Mohammed Reza Pahlavi
Iran is not ready for Western-style democracy. Mohammed Reza Pahlavi
How can you hope to build up a nation by fragmenting its politics into opposing camps? Whatever one group builds, the other will endeavour to destroy.. Mohammed Reza Pahlavi
To be first in the Middle East is not enough. We must raise ourselves to the level of a great world power.. Mohammed Reza Pahlavi
Why should we put up with the present evils in our society? As opposed to the society we are visualizing, the present one can be described as a diseased one. …. Of course, the disease did not appear like a bolt from the blue, either yesterday, or last year. It is the result of factors that have deep roots and long lives. These consist of privations, discriminations oppressions, bigotries, hatreds, and hostilities; poverty, ignorance, hunger, and illiteracy. Each and all of these have been left to us as an evil heritage from the past. The fundamental difference between our situation today and that of our forefathers is that now knowledge has enabled us to realize that these evils are neither natural nor inevitable in the same way as we have found that cholera or the bubonic plague are not necessary calamities. Mohammed Reza Pahlavi
My final aim is to bring Iran, within twenty years, to the same level of civilization and progress as will be enjoyed by the most highly developed countries. During the last ten years the degree of our backwardness has been halved, but it is this remaining backwardness which will be the most difficult to combat. Mohammed Reza Pahlavi
Cities are spreading like a cancer of the planet. Parag Khanna
If China can succeed in the next few years, it will transform that country, Asia and the world in ways that will serve our long term interests. Samuel R. Berger
Around the world, elites are making money. There are rich people everywhere! And they don’t contribute much to the development of their own countries. Hillary Clinton
Over the past 65 years changes in the top tax rate do not appear correlated with economic growth. David Leonhardt
The best way to revitalize the economy is war, and the U.S. has grown stronger [economically] with war. Richard Nixon
… a future where we promote the private sector and not the privileged sector. Joseph R. Biden Jr.
Poverty, discrimination and ignorance decrease growth. Bill Clinton
The stronger we make our country the more she will give back Martin Joseph O'Malley
With highly civilised nations continued progress depends in a subordinate degree on natural selection; for such nations do not supplant and exterminate one another as do savage tribes. Nevertheless the more intelligent members within the same community will succeed better in the long run than the inferior, and leave a more numerous progeny, and this is a form of natural selection. Charles Darwin
What is the use of living, if it be not to strive for noble causes and to make this muddled world a better place for those who will live in it after we are gone? Winston Churchill
How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many countries. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live. A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property, either as a child, a wife, or a concubine, must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men. Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities, … but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Winston Churchill
What we must learn to do is to create unbreakable bonds between the sciences and the humanities. We cannot procrastinate. The world of the future is in our making. Tomorrow is now. Eleanor Roosevelt
I wish there were forces available for use in the United Nations today so that aggression might be impossible for any nation and peace could be enforced in lands which sorely need it, but I hope that negotiations will soon reach a point where between the Arab people and the Jews peace may be brought about. There is plenty of work for all to do and land to be developed which needs the work of many hands. Eleanor Roosevelt
Person after person has said to me in these last few days that this new world we face terrifies them. I can understand how that feeling would arise unless one believes that men are capable of greatness beyond their past achievements. . . . The time now calls for mankind as a whole to rise to great heights. We must have faith or we die. Eleanor Roosevelt
Every great invention takes a livelihood away from 50,000 men--& within ten years creates a livelihood for half a million. Mark Twain
What is the most rigorous law of our being? Growth. Mark Twain
Civilization has been a permanent dialogue between human beings and water. Paolo Lugari
We must treat water as if it were the most precious thing in the world, the most valuable natural resource. Be economical with water! Don't waste it! We still have time to do something about this problem before it is too late…. The shortage of fresh water is the major ecological problem of this moment. Mikhail Gorbachev
I have never believed we had to choose between either a clean and safe environment or a growing economy. Protecting the health and safety of all Americans doesn’t have to come at the expense of our economy’s bottom line. And creating thriving companies and new jobs doesn’t have to come at the expense of the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, or the natural landscape in which we live. We can, and indeed must, have both. Bill Clinton
How is your religion going to put food on the table? Ann Kirkpatrick
… there is a notion of exchanging Hong Kong for a more healthy colony. Queen Victoria
A gold mine is a hole in the ground with a liar at the bottom. Mark Twain
Young man, there is America -- which at this day serves for little more than to amuse you with stories of savage men, and uncouth manners; yet shall, before you taste of death, show itself equal to the whole of that commerce which now attracts the envy of the world. Edmund Burke
I wonder why progress looks so much like destruction. John Steinbeck
If progress is to be steady we must have long term guides extending far ahead. Dwight D. Eisenhower
The total exports of the entire Arab world, not counting oil and gas, amount to less than Finland, one tiny European country… their economies depend entirely on oil…. Sooner or later, oil and gas either be exhausted or superseded as the modern world turns to other sources of energy. When that happens, they will have nothing left. One possibility is that they will develop other forms of economic activity. Another, more likely, is that the region will lapse into insignificance. Bernard Lewis
The dynasty of Cotton is based on the monopoly of the cotton-culture in the Cotton States of the Union; its whole policy is directed to the two ends of making the most of and retaining that monopoly; and economically it reduces everything to subserviency to the question of cotton-supply; — thus Cotton is King. The result necessarily is, that the Cotton States have turned all their energies to that one branch of industry. All other branches they abandon or allow to languish. They have no commerce of their own, few manufactories, fewer arts; and in their abandonment of self in their devotion to their King, they do not even raise their own hay or corn, dig their own coal, or fell their own timber;. Charles Francis Adams II
The agreement of the owners to build no structure less than ten feet from the street was probably the first instance in Boston of a restriction upon real estate that had in view the symmetry and general appearance of a street lined with buildings Fred Emory Haynes
Error is the price we pay for progress. Alfred North Whitehead
Moslem fundamentalist leaders are not mistaken in seeing in Western civilization the greatest challenge to the way of life that they wish to retain or restore for their people Bernard Lewis
Let the Anglo- Saxon ask himself where he would have been if these races had not come? Let those who feel the inferiority of the non- Anglo-Saxon immigrant contemplate that region of the States which has remained the most distinctively 'American,' the South. Let him ask himself whether he would really like to see the foreign hordes Americanized into such an Americanization. Let him ask himself how superior this native civilization is to the great 'alien' states of Wisconsin and Minnesota, where Scandinavians, Poles, and Germans have self- consciously labored to preserve their traditional culture, while being outwardly and satisfactorily American. Let him ask himself how much wis more wisdom, intelligence, industry and social leadership has come out of these alien states than out of all the truly American ones. The South, in fact, while this vast Northern development has gone on, still remains an English colony, stagnant and complacent, having progressed culturally scarcely beyond the early Victorian era. It is culturally sterile because it has had no advantage of cross-fertilization like the Northern states. Randolph Bourne
Tibet is sparsely populated. The two million Tibetans are not enough to handle the task of developing such a huge region. There is no harm in sending Han into Tibet to help.... The key issues are what is best for Tibetans and how can Tibet develop at a fast pace, and move ahead … Deng Xiaoping
Admirers of America on the contrary—and of these there are as many in Europe as there are detractors—will tell you that the New World is giving to the old a unique example of energy, activity, intelligence, and daring. Guglielmo Ferrero
Thus in the Old World also the production of wealth must be increased, but this enterprise is far more difficult in Europe than in America. The population of Europe is much more dense than in the New World: a portion of its lands is exhausted: the great number of political subdivisions, and the multiplicity of tongues, increase enormously the difficulties in the way of business on a great scale. Traditions handed down from the time when men toiled to produce slowly and in small quantities things shaped toward a far distant ideal of perfection are still strong among its people. Guglielmo Ferrero
We should be obliged to admit that Europe is Americanizing herself with disconcerting rapidity. Guglielmo Ferrero
… the keenest observer of William the Conqueror's Norman robbers and Saxon swineherds would have failed to foretell the great dominant race which has come from them by free growth and good culture. Andrew Dickson White
I cannot escape from the conclusion that the great ages of progress have depended upon a small number of individuals of transcendent ability. Bertrand Russell
The American war is over; but this far from being the case with the American revolution. On the contrary, nothing but the first act of the drama is closed. It remains yet to establish and perfect our new forms of government, and to prepare the principles, morals, and manners of our citizens for these forms of government after they are established and brought to perfection. Benjamin Rush
The British Empire is the greatest secular agency for good now known to mankind. Archibald Philip Primrose Rosebery
Taxes must produce ample revenues without discouraging enterprise; and if it is to be just it must distribute the burden of taxes equitably. Franklin D. Roosevelt
This country has gotten where it is in spite of politics, not by the aid of it. That we have carried as much political bunk as we have and still survived shows we are a super nation. Will Rogers
Today, the grandeur of a country is measured by the extent to which it defends and extends its citizens' rights through its impulse towards total equality, by its capacity to create energy that contributes towards cultural, social and economic growth. That is how a country becomes strong, by making its citizens more powerful. Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero
The deeper we trace the political influences in history, the more are we convinced that the "will to power" has up to now been one of the strongest motives in the development of human social forms. Rudolph Rocker
Whoever claims that economic competition represents "survival of the fittest" in the sense of the law of the jungle, provides the clearest possible evidence of his lack of knowledge of economics…. The truth is that economic competition is the very opposite of competition in the animal kingdom. It is not a competition in the grabbing off of scarce nature-given supplies, as it is in the animal kingdom. Rather, it is a competition in the positive creation of new and additional wealth. George Reisman
This age of globalization is marked by the adoption of universal principles governing such matters as democracy, human rights, trade and development. Laisenia Qarase
My government's aim for Fiji is not to return to where we once were but to journey forward together to a place we have not yet been Laisenia Qarase
… without the steel helmet and gun barrel, we shall not be able to plant a tree or build a house. . . . Let us not be afraid to see the hatred that accompanies and consumes the lives of hundreds of thousands of Arabs who sit all around us and wait for the moment when their hands will be able to reach our blood. Moshe Dayan
We stand then for freedom, because we claim the right to develop our own individuality and evolve our own destiny along our own lines, unembarrassed by what Western civilization has to teach us and unhampered by the institutions which the West has imposed. Chittaranjan Das
All it takes is an understanding that humans, not buildings come first when designing a city. January Gehl
Can You Fight Poverty With A Five-Star Hotel? Foreign Policy Magazine
The big question is how do you allow new powers like India and China to emerge without destabilizing the world order? Kishore Mahbubani
The greatness of the Erie Canal is the American equal only of its equality and liberty. Marquis de Lafayette; Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier
The best industrial policy is competition. Feng Xingyuan
Throughout history, rich nations have gotten to the future first. Their companies can afford to equip their tinkerers and visionaries with the most advanced materials, instruments and knowledge. Eamonn Fingleton
In the first phase of economic development you have rising inequality. Kishore Mahbubani
Innovation - the heart of technological change - is fundamentally a learning process. Peter Dicken
In a progressive country change is constant;… change … is inevitable Benjamin Disraeli
Geography determines social development …. But geography may be losing much of its meaning. Ian Morris
Development has to rise if population is going to increase, Otherwise people will starve and all kinds of other problems. Ian Morris
Government spending cannot create additional jobs. If the government provides the funds required by taxing the citizens or by borrowing from the public, it abolishes on the one hand as many jobs as it creates on the other Ludwig von Mises
The peoples of the economically backward countries are poorer than the Americans because their countries lack a sufficient number of successful capitalists and entrepreneurs. Ludwig von Mises
The market economy itself was not a product of violent action—of revolutions—but of a series of gradual peaceful changes. The implications of the term “industrial revolution” are utterly misleading. Ludwig von Mises
The stock of materials by which any nation is rendered flourishing and prosperous are its industry, its knowledge or skill, its morals, its execution of justice, its courage, and the national union in directing these powers to one point and making them all center in the public benefit. Edmund Burke
The move to modernity has its risks but the greater risk is not moving at all. John Kerry
A developed country is not a place where the poor have cars. It's where the rich use public transportation. Gustavo Petro
It is wrong to blame the problems of today's Africa entirely on colonialism. Much of history consists of peoples conquering or colonizing each other. Yet, from Ireland to South Korea, countries that were once ruthlessly colonized have nonetheless managed to build reasonably just and democratic societies. Adam Hochschild
There is no serious statistical evidence in support of the view that tax rates at current levels have a major disincentive effect on economic growth. Lawrence Summers
As middle income countries become more affluent, they add meat to their diet Meat puts a double strain on because feeding animals with feed grains to eat the meat adds an extra burden. It takes 10-15 kilograms of feed grain to produce 1 kilogram of beef, so beef in the diet adds an incredible multiplier effect for grains. Jeffrey Sachs
The promise of our country is that the rules are fair. Geraldine Ferraro
If the United States does well [economically], then the whole world does well. Juan Manuel Santos
Americans have historically been more willing than Europeans to tolerate high inequality levels if accompanied by strong economic growth and a healthy middle class. Hedrick Smith
We are not a democratic country, but we are progressive on various issues, on women and on what I would call tolerance. The government emphasizes prosperity over political development. We think 20 percent politics/80 percent development, and I think that is healthy. Anwar Gargash
The U.S. government has at least 15 official definitions of the word "rural”. All these definitions matter; they’re used by various agencies to parcel out $37 Billion-Plus in federal money for “rural development”. And each one of them is different. David A. Fahrenhold
The ancient city Aqpu, where kings who had preceded me had built, had deteriorated and turned into ruined hills. I rebuilt the city completely, decorated it and made it bigger than it was before. I then built my palace. Adad Nirari II
That no attack should reach the walls of Babylon, I did what no earlier king had done … I caused mighty wall to be built on the East side of Babylon. I dug out a moat … I made the city of Babylon a fortress. Nebuchadnezzar II
Inter-caste marriages in India are on the rise but still tend to be the province of the liberal few. For much of the country, with its penchant for arranged marriages and close family ties, caste is still a primary determinant in choosing a spouse. Politics is where caste has gotten a surprising new lease on life. After money and education, democracy is, of course, the third powerful force transforming Indian society. But Indians, it turns out, are passionate about the caste of their politicians. Nearly half of the voting population of even a highly educated city like Bangalore considers caste to be the No. 1 reason to vote for a candidate. Lavanya Sankaran
We are not calling for war, but we will never permit our water security ... to be threatened. Mohammed Morsi
We do not ride upon the railroad. It rides upon us. Henry David Thoreau
The United States was born in the country and has moved to the city. Richard Hofstadter
When great wealth collects the way it has in the last two decades, it develops an arrogance…. You see it in the development of a survival of the fittest philosophy, one that says markets are more important than democracy. Kevin Phillips
Modernity and moderation is what we need in Egypt. Mohamed El Baradei
Modernity and moderation is what we need in Egypt. Mohamed El Baradei
Our problem number 1, 2 and 3 is economic development. Mohamed El Baradei
Africa, Asia and the Middle East—the lands of the rising people. John F. Kennedy
The government playing entrepreneur is not a good role for the government. Ricardo Salinas Pliego
I hope also that we will continue to be able to look upon art and artists as one of the factors which can be used to draw nations together. Art should have no nationality and between artists we should be able to develop complete reciprocity. We need emotional outlets in this country and the more artistic people we develop the better it will be for us as a nation. Eleanor Roosevelt
Yesterday afternoon the Egyptian Minister came to bring me a gift from the first factory which had been opened in Egypt. They have always imported their linen and cotton material and for the first time they are actually making cotton and linen articles. It seemed almost incredible to me when one realizes how much cotton is grown there and that they had had no factory before for its manufacture into articles of everyday use. Eleanor Roosevelt
… the world economy will only develop if it allows a dignified way of life for all human beings, from the eldest to the unborn child, not just for citizens of the G20 member states but for every inhabitant of the earth, even those in extreme social situations or in the remotest places. Pope Francis I
… as a nation we haven't expected our government to show foresight in the development of the land. We have allowed individuals to do as they thought best and they could hardly be expected to have an altruistic attitude on the future. Now we are faced with lands that must be returned to buffalo grass or trees in order to prevent the suffering which many of our people are enduring today. All of us will gladly help in the emergency but I hope we will do more than that, and set ourselves to studying the things which have caused these conditions and never rest until our government remedies them. Eleanor Roosevelt
I found on my desk today was a report of the New Mexico malaria control project, which is under direction of the State Board of Public Health, and carried out in cooperation with the WPA and the United States Public Health Service…. The project, it seems to me, is not only meeting with great success from the point of view of controlling the disease, but is doing a great deal to give employment as a by-product in reclaiming land, improving highways, conserving water, not to speak of the educational value it gives to the people employed on it. Eleanor Roosevelt
… when so many people seem to be beset by fears of socialism and communism, it seems particularly important that the workers of our country should have an opportunity to study the labor movement and the economic problem of the day. Only through understanding can they be expected to look at questions in a comprehensive way. Our great difficulty in the past has always been that individual groups only see their own point of view and could not understand the situation as a whole.… Those who are interested in the future development of this country must be interested in the education of the workers. Eleanor Roosevelt
… industrial progress has frequently consolidated industry in the larger centers, leaving the people in small towns without a method of obtaining a cash income. Eleanor Roosevelt
New York seems to be an El Dorado for keyboard instruments. I soon found employment with a piano manufacturer. It’s a pretty well-paying job. The growth of wealth in the United States promises great opportunities for piano manufacturers. You will hardly believe it, but in nearly every household there is a piano. Family music is a part of daily life here. Henry E. Steinway
We’re going to use the Internet to keep up with our friends and let them know what we are doing. They’re going to use it to decide what kind of government they’re going to have. Mark Zuckerberg
In doing their work, they [NGOs -- Non-governmental organizations] often end up undermining the government. They hire away its best people, and more fundamentally, their prominence teaches citizens to look to them for service rather than to pressure the government to provide them. This tension between wanting to replace an ineffective state and trying not to undermine it further is a common one faced by outside actors… Paul Farmer
In order to sustain such large number and such immense cities as Cahokia and Tiahuanaco, the original Americans had to do more than pick berries, they had to transform their environment. Jeremy Adelman
Gentrification is what brings in all the money to the cities, but it also pushes some people out. Leigh Gallagher
The shift to fascism was applauded by many both within Italy and without who believed that dictatorship offered a better chance of providing stability and development that the country so desperately needed. Sheri Berman
Normally, as a country grows richer, students stay in school longer. But in Brazil, they remain in school for an average of just 7 years. The lowest rate of any middle-income country. Ruchir Sharma
The current challenge facing the environmental authorities is how to properly deal with the environmental problems caused by economic development. Zhou Shengxian
China is the world’s second largest economy, but the enormous costs of its growth are becoming apparent. Residents of its boom cities and a growing number of rural regions question the safety of the air they breathe, the water they drink and the food they eat. It is as if they were living in the Chinese equivalent of the Chernobyl or Fukushima nuclear disaster areas. The environmental hazards here are legion, and the consequences might not manifest themselves for years or even decades. Edward Wong
The Secretary General has endorsed a propaganda exercise for international finance institutions whose policies are widely held to be at the root of many of the most grave social problems facing the poor all over the world. Konrad Raiser
In the history of warfare, it has generally been the case that military superiority lies with the wealthiest states and those with the most developed administrations. Hugh Kennedy
History teaches that the rise of new great powers often triggers major global conflict. Kevin Rudd
Inequality is an inevitable product of capitalist activity, and expanding equality of opportunity only increases it—because some individuals and communities are simply better able than others to exploit the opportunities for development and advancement that capitalism affords. Jerry Z. Muller
The speed, scale and reach of China’s rise are without precedent in modern history. Within just 30 years, China’s economy has gone from smaller than the Netherlands to larger than those of all other countries except the United States. Kevin Rudd
For income growth to occur in a society, a large fraction of people must experience changes in the possible lives they imagine for themselves and their children, and these new visions of possible futures must have enough force to lead them to change the way they behave. Robert Emerson Lucas Jr.
The biggest drag on global growth in the coming decade will be climate change and the failure to adequately deal with the consequences of poverty. Daniel Bradlow
The biggest drag on global growth in the coming decade will be war, corruption, and imperfect institutions. Dean S. Karlan
It takes time to develop a system of law and order …. In 1960, when the Congo got its independence, we had less than ten college graduates. Bene Mpoko
No one knows who will live in this cage in the future, or whether at the end of this tremendous development, entirely new prophets will arise, or there will be a great rebirth of old ideas and ideals, or, if neither, mechanized petrification, embellished with a sort of convulsive self-importance. Max Weber
We can’t be a great country unless we have great cities. Mark Shields
Our conservation laws are based on static ideas about nature—not landscapes that are rapidly changing because of something humans did. Alejandro Camacho
We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community...Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own Cesar Chavez
No country now in transition will be able to accommodate demands for either economic security or social justice anytime soon. Robin Wright
Gifts [concessions] to rising powers are rarely reciprocated. Mostly, they are just pocketed. Michael Fullilove
Deer are as plentiful as chickens on a farm. William Clark
Let me assure you that the ANC [African National Congress] is not an enemy of private enterprise …. We are aware that the investor will not invest unless the security of that investment is assured. The rates of economic growth that we seek cannot be achieved without important inflows of foreign capital. We are determined to create the necessary climate that the foreign investor will find attractive. Nelson Mandela
We are all the beneficiaries of those who have gone before us. David McCullough
Progress in a globally interdependent society relies more than ever on the unimpeded flow of information. Lee C. Bollinger
Contraceptives unlock one of the most dormant but potentially powerful assets in development: women as decision makers. Melinda Gates
I want to help put women at the center of global health and development work, and better contraceptives are one of their top priorities. Listening to women shouldn’t be a revolutionary idea in 2012, but it is. Melinda Gates
Countries that have tremendous financial resources built fabulous buildings which are half-empty, and streets which have no one on them. Viktor Vekselberg
Was the rise of democracy the main driving force behind the development of contemporary liberal Western societies, or were long gestating developments in Western societies that fixed concepts of liberties and individual rights instead the drivers of democracy? Vladislav Inozemtsev
The democratic political institutions of Western countries arose and matured as industrial capitalism matured. It was a time of historically unprecedented economic growth and the concomitant development of new social groupings and relationships. They arose in elite political cultures that were in the main ethnically homogeneous, even if, notably in the American case, the society at large was considerably less so. Vladislav Inozemtsev
Masonry has erected her temples, as well as in the most frontier settlements, as in the most populous villages and cities. DeWitt Clinton
Foreign investors producing food in a country full of hungry people face another political is how to get the grain out. Will villagers permit trucks laden with grain headed for cities to proceed when they themselves are on the verge of starvation. Lester R. Brown
You Can’t Eat Sharia Mohamed El Baradei
Economic development is a great pacifying force. John Kenneth Galbraith
The technical progress of the last half-century has transformed our country in countless ways. But, fortunately, we have continued to keep our own customs and culture. It is up to us now, more than ever, in shaping our new country, to achieve a consolidation, in which neither the rapid progress of recent years, nor the age-old customs of our forefathers, are lost or diminished, but rather fused into a new national characteristic in which the best is preserved, while the worst may be thrown away. Milton Obote
During the next 10 years about 1.2 billion young 15-to-30-year-olds will be entering the [worldwide] job market and with the means now at our disposal about 300 million will get a job. What will we offer these young, about a billion of them? — or will we leave them to be recruited by criminal leagues and terrorists? ... I think this is one of the greatest challenges if we want to achieve peaceful development and hope for these young.. Martti Ahtisaari
To make a contented slave it is necessary to make a thoughtless one. It is necessary to darken the moral and mental vision and, as far as possible, to annihilate the power of reason. Frederick Douglass
Our only crime consisted of decreeing our own laws and applying them to all without exception. Our crime is having enacted an agrarian reform which effected the interests of the United Fruit Company. Our crime is wanting to have our own route to the Atlantic, our own electric power and our own docks and ports. Our crime is our patriotic wish to advance, to progress, to win economic independence to match our political independence. We are condemned because we have given our peasant population land and rights. Jacobo Arbenz Guzman
America [Latin America] shall not lag a century behind Europe: it will stride as an equal first, and lead later; it will, in the end, be the most illuminated by the sciences… Jose Cecilio Diaz del Valle
I wish that every Chinese citizen can live a life of satisfaction, every peasant child can go to school and every person reaching a working age can have a job. I wish people wouldn't have to worry about medical care if they are sick, particularly those in rural areas. I believe that this is the dream of every Chinese person. Wen Jiabao
It was the greatest contribution towards the whole of human race, made by China, is to prevent its 1.3 billion people from hunger Xi Jinping
A rising economic power that violates human rights is a threat to peace. Fang Lizhi
The Chinese and the Americans are great peoples. The Americans are optimistic, full of enterprising drive, down to earth, and innovative. In just over 200 years, they have turned the United States into the most developed country in the world, and made phenomenal achievements in economic development and science and technology. Hu Jintao
Pollution Prevention, Not Polluter Protection Not blind opposition to progress, but opposition to blind progress. Sierra Club
Future comes by itself, progress does not. Poul Henningsen
If we approach the war on terrorism with the fervor of a Christian jihad against Islam, our battle is already lost, for we have become what we opposed and we are now the fundamentalists…. My comfort and liberty must not be won by the sacrifices of a new and foreign poor now paying the price for our moral failings of diplomacy. economy and statesmanship, turning our Republic into an Empire. Joshua Casteel
Everything changes. . . . Social life changes, and with it the "national question" changes, too. At different periods different classes enter the arena, and each class has its own view of the "national question." Consequently, in different periods the "national question" serves different interests and assumes different shades, according to which class raises it, and when. Joseph Stalin
We are fifty or a hundred years behind the advanced countries. We must make good this distance in ten years. Either we do it, or they will crush us. Joseph Stalin
Comrade Stalin showed us how to build socialism in a backward country: it's painful to begin with, but afterwards everything turns out just fine. Hafizullah Amin
The time has come when we Korean people have to unite our strength to build a new, democratic Korea. People from all strata should display patriotic enthusiasm and turn out to build a new Korea. To contribute positively to the work of building the state, let those with strength give strength, let those with knowledge give knowledge, let those with money give money, and let all people who truly love their country, their nation and democracy unite closely and build an independent and sovereign democratic state. Kim Il-sung
Be not a shoemaker nor yet a shaft maker save for thyself alone: let the shoe be misshapen, or crooked the shaft, and a curse on thy head will be called. Viking Proverb
The most remarkable aspect of the transition we are living through is not so much the passage from want to affluence as the passage from labor to leisure. Henri Lefebvre
Certainly none of the advances made in civilization has been due to counterrevolutionaries and advocates of the status quo. Bill Mauldin
The British Empire is the greatest secular agency for good now known to mankind. Archibald Philip Primrose Rosebery
These [rich peoples] movements sell their efforts not as benefitting the rich alone—that would be too … tacky. Instead they claim to protect freedom, promote growth, safeguard the Constitution or fend off the ever-more-intrusive government. Carlos Lozada
His Majesty’s possessions in North America are so many times more extensive than the Islands of Great Britain, that if they were equally well inhabited, Great Britain could no longer maintain her dominion over them. It is therefore evidently her Policy to set bounds to the increment of People, and to the extent of the settlement of that Country. John Stuart, 3rd Earl of Bute
The number of shipping far surpassed all I have seen in Boston. About 350 [ships] still lay off the town. Josiah Quincy II
… terrorism is a plague in our countries. It compounds our development problems. Macky Sall
South Korea’s research and development output has increased from half the size of the Arab world to 20 times as large, and Israel’s research output on a per capita basis is 26 times as large as the Arab world’s. John Waterbury
China still faces mountains of problems. Some are historical legacies. Others might be the byproducts of our rapid development…. We still have a long way to go. Maybe it’s even good for individuals or nations to have a certain sense of insecurity. This can turn into motivation to work hard. Cui Tiankai
Religious beliefs and the fear of losing traditional livelihood shape the political resistance of many Indians in rural areas to aggressive government projects and profit-driven corporate initiatives. Pankaj Mishra
Ireland, once an impoverished backwater from which generations fled, conjured an economic miracle…. After 2007, the party ended in a morass of insolvent banks, bad mortgages, and unpaid public debt, ultimately sending the proudly independent country begging to the International Monetary Fund. Andrew Moravcsik
The willingness of local elites to cope with the uncertainty of fully competitive politics will thus be the ultimate factor in determining whether competitive authoritarianism proves a way station for democratic development or a safe house for autocrats. . Michael H. Bernhard
Understanding the spirit of our institutions to aim at the elevation of men, I am opposed to whatever tends to degrade them. Abraham Lincoln
It is enlightened selfishness to build up the ability of other nations to a higher standard of living. We thus produce wider markets for ourselves as well as the rest of the world Eleanor Roosevelt
Israel is beginning to look as the Biblical descriptions of the country describe it. That had not come about in all the years that the British had a mandate there or that the Arabs controlled the land. Eleanor Roosevelt
I’m William Colby and I was the head of the CIA. The job of intelligence is to warn us of dangers to our military. Now the Cold War is over, and the military threat is far less. Now it’s time to cut our military spending by 50 percent and invest the money in our schools, health care, and our economy. William Colby
We need companies to create jobs. Francois Hollande
We are facing the rise of a Japanese-American technological condominium. Those who are unable to use the new technologies in order to achieve productivity gains will be forced into backwardness and decadence. If we become dependent on foreigners our democracy will be in danger! The Republic will be a mere word. Jean-Pierre Chevenement
… growth is necessary to meet the requirements of social and national progress Georges Marchais
The reduction of working hours is a decisive means of creating a sufficient number of jobs. Johannes Rau
In 1955, Cuba had a life expectancy of 59.5 years, shorter than Paraguay, Argentina, and Uruguay… In 1985 the average Cuban could expect to live until the age of 75, longer than anyone else in Latin America and just short of the average American (75.9 years). Cuba’s children were the best fed and the level of literacy was the highest [in Latin America]. Donald Sassoon
… governments must serve capitalism by establishing and maintain a framework which enables capitalism to develop. It can induce it to grow, but cannot command it to do so. Donald Sassoon
It is past time to acknowledge that economic growth … is good, and that what the world needs is more of it. Bjorn Lomborg
Regulators, who could in principle consider both economic growth and larger social needs, do not receive the necessary political mandates from short sighted voters who want low taxes and cheap prices. Jorgen Randers
… authors generally neglect that growth has lifted billions of people out of grinding poverty and that others may remain poor because of the developed world’s environmental concerns … Bjorn Lomborg
Over the last three decades, Mexico has made the transition from a commodity and agricultural-based economy to one dominated by manufacturing and services. Shannon K. O'Neil
Simple projects such as paving roads, can do more to boost a poor economy than a premature push to develop cutting-edge technologies, but soon the benefits of basic infrastructure run their course. Ruchiir Sharma
China’s rulers … have come to see their purpose less as generating enormous change and more as maintaining the system and enhancing their performance. David Lampton
The Pentagon cannot acquire any equipment or technology without adequate funding. And the current budget process does not allow for the development and deployment of solutions to urgent problems on the battlefield. Ashton B. Carter
The United States believes that the greatest contribution we can make to world prosperity is the continued advocacy of the magic of the market place. Ronald Reagan
Engaging the foreign state in trade agreements and concessions with the intent of enhancing moderate social elements will concomitantly strengthen the economic and military power of the challenger. Steven E. Lobell
In Rome … insomuch as the citizen possessed land enough for [300 to farm], [citizens] were confined by Stolo’s Law to 500 acres per citizen. Petrus Cunaeus
The remarkable economic development of their country under Japanese auspices has not, however, escaped the bitter criticism of the Formosan Chinese. Japan's policy, they believe, is simply that of vicious exploitation. In the early days of the occupation they were robbed of the richest lands in the island by terror and chicanery. The Japanese Government has monopolized the production and sale of camphor, tobacco, salt, opium, sake, and other spirits, the most profitable Formosan industries. The Formosans claim that their resources and labor are exploited by Japanese capitalists, and that the tariff laws give Japan a monopoly of the market and compel them to pay monopoly prices. In a word, it is their belief that the Japanese and a few rich Formosans whose political support they have purchased are the only ones who profit by the development of the country.. Ralston Hayden
To the harsh doctrines justifying the dominion of France over inferior races there at first succeeded a naïve idealism, which saw in all the subjects of France men of equal value ready to be transformed into true Frenchmen. Experience and contact with the various populations of the French Empire have modified this exaggerated view and have taught France the complexity of her colonial problems. She knows now that her task is not to assimilate white, black, and yellow populations, each of them with its own traditions, but to help each, in its own interest as well as in the interest of all, to develop along the lines of its own individual civilization Henri Hauser
We denounce the mercenary system of foreign policy under recent administrations in the interest of financial imperialists, oil monopolists, and international bankers, which has at times degraded our State Department from its high service as a strong and kindly intermediary of defenseless governments to a trading outpost of those interest and concession seekers engaged in the exploitation of weaker nations, as contrary to the will of the American people, destructive of domestic development and provocative of war. Progressive Party
If it is held to be morally wrong and anti-social for one man to possess huge estates, which he may develop or not as he chooses, while hundreds of others nearby are relegated to landlessness, why should one people acquire, by similar accident of birth or achievement, a claim to an inordinate share of the good things of life and a right to exclude from them other less fortunate peoples, white, black, or yellow? Archibald Cary Coolidge
We encounter the big stumbling block in any of our calculations in regard to the folks over in Europe. The racial feuds, fanned through generations of strife, are not helpful in working out methods which are economically sound. Arthur Capper
While the United States of today is not the United States of yesterday there are unmistakable indications that she is also not the United States of tomorrow. Edward Mandell House
I believe with unshakable faith that science and peace will yet triumph over ignorance and war, and that the peoples of the world will seek knowledge, not to destroy but to create. Tasker H. Bliss
The leading factor in the building of business America has been the ready means of communication between the states of the Union, unhampered, for one hundred and fifty years, by artificial barriers to trade. This has enabled us to build up the greatest home market the world has ever known. Oscar Wilder Underwood
Every individual necessarily labors to render the annual revenue of the society as great as he can. He generally, indeed, neither intends to promote the public interest, nor knows how much he is promoting it.... He intends only his own gain, and he is in this, as in many other cases, led by an invisible hand to promote an end which was no part of his intention. Adam Smith
Growth can also involve producing services instead of goods. In particular, a major expansion of public and caring services (like child care, education, elder care, and other life-affirming programs) would generate huge increases in GDP and incomes, with virtually no impact on the environment. Jim Stanford
The world we want to transform has already been worked on by history and is largely hollow. We must nevertheless be inventive enough to change it and build a new world. Rafael Sebastian Guillen Vicente; Subcomandante
An emerging market is a country where politics matters at least as much as economics to the market Ian Bremmer
You cannot rub off the effect of that conference from modern Africa today Kenneth Kaunda
… economic systems ... have never arranged themselves by themselves. It is men who do the ordering according to their attitudes, desires and understanding of things. Changes take place, not independent of man's will, but on account of man's wills. Civilization has progressed by man's interference with material conditions. Goparaju Ramachandra Rao
We live in a quickly changing world, therefore we must foretell developments, and reforms should respond to these changes Tigran Sargsyan
The secret of success lies in investing into education, as the wealthy countries do. This means not in technology and machines first. That would come later, with educated and qualified individuals. Considering that we are lagging behind reforms, the only way to make up for such gap is to have a non-linear development by making leaps, all of which would be have an education as a base. Education, training, knowledge, are the major driving forces of progress. Zoran Dindic
What does labor want? We want more schoolhouses and less jails; more books and less arsenals; more learning and less vice; more leisure and less greed; more justice and less revenge; in fact, more of the opportunities to cultivate our better natures. Samuel Gompers
To-day is the parent of to-morrow. The present casts its shadow far into the future. That is the law of life, individual and social .... The means used to prepare the future become its cornerstone. Emma Goldman
Any woman who stays with her abuser beyond the first incident is complicitous with him. Camille Paglia; Camile
Today, our country has ushered into an era of technological advancements, when current achievements oblige us to mobilize all our forces and work with a maximum effectiveness and goal-orientation. Therefore, our goal is a single one, namely: to rally around our values, to be proud of our achievements and to be confident with the future. This is the way in which Armenia can move ahead. Armenia should improve more than the previous day. All of us should constantly remember this. All of us should remember the logic of a better Armenia, a safer Armenia, a prosperous Armenia, and a powerful Armenia... Let there be an atmosphere of kindness and tolerance throughout all our undertakings. Serzh Sargsyan
It was assumed that the splinters of the Armenian nation that had managed to miraculously escape the Genocide would not be able to recover from the blow, would disappear in the whirlpools on five continents, lose their national identity, and aptitude to be a political factor. But we, as a nation and as a state, were able to reappear at the international arena to affirm that we continue our eternal journey and that we are determined not to allow for such a crime to ever happen again. Serzh Sargsyan
The relationship of a people to their homeland is crucial. A people will naturally have a difficult time maintaining a common cultural identity without a collective presence in their homeland. Only in its homeland can a people develop economically, culturally and socially as a homogeneous entity. In fact, this is the crux of why some of us consider it necessary to struggle to live in our homeland. Monte Melkonian
Two Million Wild Horses Wenatchee World Newspaper
It is likely that America will be more important during the next century or two, but after that it may well be the turn of China. Bertrand Russell
The Chinese are a great nation, incapable of permanent suppression by foreigners. They will not consent to adopt our vices in order to acquire military strength; but they are willing to adopt our virtues in order to advance in wisdom. I think they are the only people in the world who quite genuinely believe that wisdom is more precious than rubies. That is why the West regards them as uncivilized. Bertrand Russell
In the course of waging that war, the people of Canada had shown that it was possible for them to maintain nearly a million men in uniform and at the same time expand all the facilities for production within Canada at an unprecedented speed, including building industries which had never existed in Canada before... and by and large the cost of production in Canada compared favorable with the cost of production anywhere else among the Allies... All of this was accomplished without any foreign investment, without and foreign loans... We were quite capable of self-development. Tim Buck
Along with independence of India from the British Colonial rule, physical and mental development of masses is necessary for rebuilding the nation Bidhan Chandra Roy
We are going to see with our own eyes electricity made so cheap that it would become a standard article for use, not only for manufacturing but for every home…. I know that this empty desert country is going to be filled with men, women and children, making an honest livelihood… Franklin D. Roosevelt
Most civilizational advancements occurred under empires. Robert D. Kaplan
Fair England. She has more people than she can well sustain. Goodly Ulster for want of people [has] unmaneured, her pleasant fields and rich grounds, they remain, if not desolate, worse …. Make speed, get thee to Ulster, serve God, be sober. Thomas Blennerhasset
Places where violence is widespread and government ceases to function, the pace of development falls dramatically … Asia Foundation
I resolve not to build but at one place; namely, at Belfast. Walter Devereux; First Earl of
The differences of opinion between the Catholic and Protestant Cantons [States] obliged Switzerland to remain aloof from European conflicts and, as a result, she remained in an untroubled state of peace throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. This was of great benefit to her economic development. Hugh Simons Gibson
The economic difficulty of the modern world is not shortage of materials but the organization of their exchange and distribution; distress arises, not from scarcity but from dislocation and maladjustment. Norman Angell
The prosperity of a people depends upon such facts as the natural wealth of the country in which they live, their social discipline and industrial character, the result of generations, of centuries, it may be, of tradition. Norman Angell
More than purely economic measures are required [for the Russian peasant]. He must be granted the freedom of individual and personal initiative and the opportunity to intensify his productivity by hiring labor. He must have the right of free, unhampered cooperative association, with a voluntary--not as heretofore obligatory--membership, the right of free election to the administrative machinery --not appointment from above, as has been the practice all these years. Vladimir Mikhailovich Zenzinov
The former apostles of class hatred now begin to preach one of the commonplaces of classic political economy: the quicker capital is developed the more profitable it will be for labor, for it will be so much the easier for the labor that is for hire to find employment. Vladimir Mikhailovich Zenzinov
Take immediate and decisive steps to better the condition of the peasant. Abandon the system of war-time Communism by which we practically took from the peasant all his surplus, and sometimes what was not his surplus but part of his necessary subsistence. Vladimir Lenin; Nikolai
Socialism is that policy or theory which aims at securing by the action of the central democratic authority a better distribution, and in due subordination thereunto a better production, of wealth than now prevails. Encyclopedia Britannica
… the field of action is not the field of intellect, it is the field of character; and change or development of character is always slow work. Elihu Root
There must of course always be separate interests of different nations which their governments are bound to maintain, but there are also common interests in which all civilized nations share. These common interests arise from the interdependence of civilized peoples and they are a product of developing civilization. Elihu Root
Our intellectual development in the field of science has outstripped our human development in the field of character. Lawrence Pearsall Jacks
It is eminently proper that we also grant them opportunities of education not inferior to those available to our own children; that we encourage them to develop; that we foster men of genius in all walks of life, thereby increasing the resources of our country. And it is with this in view that I have made it possible for Formosans qualified in the Japanese language to enter schools for Japanese children. Excellent results have already been obtained, with incalculably good effect upon our policy of assimilation. Kenjiro Den
Confronting the disillusionment of the peasant at this time, when the sowing period is approaching, it is imperative for us to 'link' manufactured goods and grain at any cost. Above everything we have to show the peasant that he did not till and sow in vain. Pravda
Europe needs to make its first, second and third economic priorities economic development. Lawrence Summers
Invest in arts, culture and people, and the big name companies will follow and bring with them well-paying jobs. William Peduto
Those business successes who do not think that the Government had a critical part in their success should imagine the cessation of all government services. They could not clear a check. There would be no courts to enforce their contracts and protect their intellectual property. No one would protect their assets at home or abroad or on the high seas. Most of the American R&D would stop producing new innovations for their use. They would have no economic statistics with which to plan. Their workforce will not have the education and training provided by government schools or government aid to private schools and students. No government; No Business! Lewis D. Eigen
European economists and populations talk too much about redistribution within the member states and across the member states and are talking too little about how to create value in the future—to fortify our position in order to be successful in the future world. Christoph Schmidt
We plow new fields, we open new mines, we found new cities, we girdle the land with iron roads and lace the air with telegraph wires. We add knowledge to knowledge and utilize invention after invention. Yet it becomes no easier for the masses of our people to make a living. On the contrary, it is becoming harder. Henry George
With industrialization the gulf between the employed and the employer is growing wider; social contrasts are becoming sharper—as liveried carriages appear, so do barefoot children. Henry George
To make a people great it is necessary to send them to battle even if you have to kick them in the ass. Benito Mussolini
Other things being equal, whether we have large or reduced armaments, the nation which is the strongest industrially is the best equipped for war, because the machine shop and the laboratory are becoming the two most important elements of military preparation. Tasker H. Bliss
The only remedy for Mexico's poverty which has appealed to our politicians has been to contract foreign loans, which have never been paid, and to invite foreign capital to invest in Mexico. Toribio Esquivel Obregon
In the early colonial period the commerce of Mexico was monopolized by Spain, and this has been the explanation given by most writers for the backwardness of Mexico. They do not seem to know that England monopolized the commerce of her American colonies more strictly than ever Spain did hers. The problem, therefore, is to explain why, as soon as the English colonies were independent, they began sending their ships all over the world, while Mexico could not find any better use for her independence than closing the country to foreign trade by a prohibitive tariff. Toribio Esquivel Obregon
Only an understanding with the peasant can save the social revolution until the revolution is ready to break out in other countries. . . . The situation is now this: either we must satisfy economically the peasant of the middle group, or it will be impossible to maintain the power of the proletariat in Russia. Vladimir Lenin; Nikolai
With a view to assuring our national and economic development, and giving the country a more regular and more modern administration, the signatories of the present pact consider the possession of complete independence and liberty as the sine qua non of our national existence. In consequence, we oppose all juridical or financial restrictions of any nature which would arrest our national development. The conditions of settlement of our proved debts shall likewise not be contrary to these principles. Kemal Ataturk
The secret to economic growth lay in the fact that that each generation attacked Nature not only with its own energies and resources, but with the heritage of equipment accumulated by its forebears. Robert Heilbroner
We are not the same people that we have been, either in our social characteristics, in our patriotic sentiments, or in the tone of our moral and religious feelings. Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 3rd Marquess Salisbury
Our sweat and our blood have fallen on this land to make other men rich. The pilgrimage is a witness to the suffering we have seen for generations Cesar Chavez
The world has grown rich and refined, but chiefly by the efforts of those who themselves continue poor and ignorant. Theodore Parker
… ideas are structures built over time, each part added by a new generation. Daniel Hulsebosch
Men think that self-sacrifice is the most charming of all the cardinal virtues for women, and in order to keep it in healthy working order, they make opportunities for its illustration as often as possible. I would fain teach women that self-development is a higher duty than self-sacrifice. Elizabeth Cady Stanton
We are, as a sex, infinitely superior to men, and if we were free and developed, healthy in body and mind, as we should be under natural conditions, our motherhood would be our glory. That function gives women such wisdom and power as no male can possess. Elizabeth Cady Stanton
The reward in heaven is the perpetual bait, a bait that has caught man in an iron net, a strait-jacket which does not let him expand or grow. Emma Goldman
Women played no part in Athenian high culture. They could not vote, attend the theatre, or walk in the stoa talking philosophy. But the male orientation of Greek culture was inseparable of its genius. Athens became great not despite but because of its misogyny. Camille Paglia
If civilization had been left in female hands, we would still be living in grass huts. Camille Paglia
Thousands of interests that have known no Federal regulation and control will be welded to the Government hereafter, and can only grow and develop under the hands of Congress and the President. William Allan White
If facts are changing, law cannot be static. Felix Frankfurter
Civilization is a limitless multiplication of unnecessary necessaries. Mark Twain
I will take the best from each system and introduce it in Russia.. Boris Yeltsin
We are so in fear of failure that often we prefer not to try.. Fleur Pellerin
We support U.S. jobs, especially when those jobs are facing off against foreign competition. Fred P. Hochberg
No government has the right to decide on the truth of scientific principles, nor to prescribe in any way the character of the questions investigated…. it has a duty to its citizens to maintain the freedom, to let those citizens contribute to the further adventure and the development of the human race Richard P. Feynman
In every developing country, even developed ones, vested interests prevent sectors from being reformed. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala
Since the mid-1970s, people have been consuming more resources than the planet’s natural capital can replenish. Jon Hoekstra
The more we examine the actual course of affairs, the more we are amazed at the unnecessary suffering that has been inflicted upon the people. No generalities about natural law or inevitable development can blind us to the fact, that the progress in which we believe has been won at the expense of much injustice and wrong, which was not inevitable. Arnold J. Toynbee
The historical method is often deemed conservative, because it traces the gradual and stately growth of our venerable institutions; but it may exercise a precisely opposite influence by showing the gross injustice which was blindly perpetrated during this growth. Arnold J. Toynbee
The agricultural interest of our country is so essentially connected with every other and so superior in importance to them all that it is scarcely necessary to invite to it your particular attention. Andrew Jackson
We cannot rebuild the American Dream here at home by catering to the voices of the privileged and powerful. Martin Joseph O'Malley
These Republican governors who say that government can’t create jobs---well government certainly created their jobs.. Lawrence F. O'Donnell
We must keep decision-making in our own hands when we employ foreign personnel. Don’t let foreigners control everything and make crucial decisions for us. Cixi
To her own people … she was kind and merciful, and to foreigners she was just… The Empress Dowager has been the first of her race to apprehend the problem of the relation of China to the outside world and to make use of this relation to strengthen her dynasty and promote material progress… She is universally esteemed by foreigners and revered by her own people and was regarded as being one of the greatest characters in history. Charles Denby
We have worked nearly 30 years, but the lives of the Tibetans have not improved. Hu-Yaobang
Development is the foundation of resolving Tibet’s problem. Hu Jintao
Every technology is used before it is completely understood. We are living in that lag, and it is a right time to keep our head. Leon Wietseltier
The Empress Dowager enjoins her people that only by adopting what is superior about the foreign countries can we rectify what is wanting in China. Cixi
Making these changes is a matter of life and death for our country, and it will give our people a chance to lead a better life. Cixi
Unlike 30 years ago, people now admire the wealth of the West and lament the poverty of China; they stare awestruck at the power of the Western armies and scorn the cowardice of the Imperial troops; they enjoy the fairness and ease of the Customs and detest the fault-finding of China’s own tax collectors; they praise the orderly governance of the Western-Administered cities, and resent the harassment of our officials, big and small. Zhang Zhidong
The Playground of Foreign Aid Experimentation: From 2006 to 2011, development aid from countries and multilateral organizations amounted to more than $30 billion, with limited results, much of the funds fueling mismanagement and corruption. Jenny Nordberg
… of the world’s nearly 200 economies, only 35 have reached developed status and stayed there. The rest are still emerging, and many have been emerging forever. Ruchir Sharma
Development is the only hard truth. Deng Xiaoping
[Developing country] sweatshops, where the conditions are admittedly appalling by Western standards, represent an improvement -- often a significant improvement -- over the alternatives available to their workers. To boycott them or impose other significant additional costs on them makes life worse for many poor people by depriving them of relatively good jobs. This is especially true for women in the developing world, for whom rural life is often far worse than industrial labor in cities. Richard N. Cooper
Britain’s efforts to restrict immigration have become “a very large obstacle” to hiring the best scientists. John O'Keefe
When you stifle human potential, when you don’t invest in new ideas, it doesn’t just cut off the people who are affected. It hurts us all. Bill Clinton
It is deeply to be deplored that the people should continue to stream into the over-crowded cities, and should thus further deplete the country districts. Ebenezer Howard
The slowness of one section of the world about adopting the valuable ideas of another section of it is a curious thing and unaccountable. This form of stupidity is confined to no community, to no nation; it is universal. The fat is the human race is not only slow about borrowing valuable ideas—but sometimes persists in not borrowing them at all. Mark Twain
I think the state’s role in the evolution of technology is best aimed at fueling adventures of the mind into the impossible reaches. That is very long range, and it’s the sort of thing that almost no companies have the wherewithal to contemplate. Michael Moritz
I have never been able to procure sufficient slaves to cultivate my lands and that of any guilt that attached to this trade we [planters] were at most but partners with the Parliament which tolerated it, and the country which profited so much from it. Joseph Foster Barham
Contrary to the myth of untrammeled free enterprise, this expanding industry was fueled at every stage by government intervention.. Adam Hochschild
States and nations do not build wealth by storing cash in a bank vault. They build wealth by expanding human solutions to human problems in order that more and more of her people — living and yet to be born — are able to enjoy a higher quality of life. Robert Kennedy
You look at Egypt with American eyes. Democracy in your country has evolved over 200 years. Just give us a chance to develop. If we rush things, countries like ours will collapse. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi
In transforming a backward agricultural China into an advanced industrialized country, we are confronted with arduous tasks and our experience is far from adequate. So we must be good at learning. Mao Zedong
… what can be more honorable than gladly to acquiesce in the prosperity of all men?... Constantine I
You cannot be pro business unless you are pro education. Julian Castro
There is a certain proportionate Quantity of Money requisite to carry on the Trade of a Country freely and currently; More than which would be of no Advantage in Trade, and Less, if much less, exceedingly detrimental to it…. Want of Money in a Country discourages Laboring and Handicrafts Men (which are the chief Strength and Support of a People) from coming to settle in it, and induces many that were settled to leave the Country Benjamin Franklin
We hold these truths to be self-evident … Benjamin Franklin
Britain without us you can grow no stronger. We can grow tenfold without her. Benjamin Franklin
Young people in the third world can participate in global security if they also can participate in global prosperity. Ashraf Ghani
Part of our struggle is to make the international community understand that we are a poor country not because there is an insufficiency of resources and investment, but because we are deprived of the basic institutions and practices that make for good government. Aung San Suu Kyi
The quintessential revolution is that of the spirit, born of an intellectual conviction of the need for change in those mental attitudes and values which shape the course of a nation's development. A revolution which aims merely at changing official policies and institutions with a view to an improvement in material conditions has little chance of genuine success. Aung San Suu Kyi
The American economy must be altered to put business back in the driver's seat. The correct role for finance is to support job creation. Rana Foroohar
Creating a culture of entrepreneurship is particularly critical for Tunisia's success. Rached Ghannouchi
Tunisia's democratic development depends on removing the obstacles that women fact in all fields. Rached Ghannouchi
The genuine separation of mosque and state and the effective governance of religious institutions will facilitate better religious education and reintroduce moderate Islamic thinking... Rached Ghannouchi
Women and girls transform societies. Melinda Gates
The negro achieves his greatest perfection, physical and moral, and also greatest longevity, in a state of slavery Josiah C. Nott
I attended a funeral once in Pickens county in my State. This funeral was peculiarly sad. It was a poor “one gallus” fellow, whose breeches struck him under the armpits and hit him at the other end about the knee—he didn’t believe in decollete clothes. They buried him in the midst of a marble quarry: they cut through solid marble to make his grave; and yet a little tombstone they put above him was from Vermont. They buried him in the heart of a pine forest, and yet the pine coffin was imported from Cincinnati. They buried him within touch of an iron mine, and yet the nails in his coffin and the iron in the shovel that dug his grave were imported from Pittsburg. They buried him by the side of the best sheep-grazing country on the earth, and yet the wool in the coffin bands and the coffin bands themselves were brought from the North. The South didn’t furnish a thing on earth for that funeral but the corpse and the hole in the ground. There they put him away and the clods rattled down on his coffin, and they buried him in a New York coat and a Boston pair of shoes and a pair of breeches from Chicago and a shirt from Cincinnati, leaving him nothing to carry into the next world with him to remind him of the country in which he lived, and for which he fought for four years, Henry W. Grady
China’s rulers wanted row country to get rich, but not at the cost of control. Julian Baird Gerwitz
Throughout its history, Russia has been haunted by its relative backwardness. Stephen Kotkin
Many internal improvements of primary magnitude might be promoted by an authority operating throughout the Union which cannot be effected as well, if at all, by the authority confirmed within the limits of a single state. Alexander Hamilton
Refugees left Gambia as they could not live in a country bereft of investment or security. We will create jpbs with responsible governance. It's now one Gambia, one nation, and one people ... and with that I think things will change. Adama Barrow
Global elites need to recognize that the masses that they spit on, as they try to change their worlds, are immune to their consultations Gideon Rose
The final goal of all human endeavor is the development of the human soul. Walther Rathenau
In any country,,, only a small portion of the income eenws in any year is a result of individual work effort, ingenuioty and risk taking. Teh rest is explained by the natural resources with which that country is endowed, the physicalk infrastructure, the collective know-how of fellow citizens , the quality of public and private institutions and teh degree of trust that greases the wheels of commerve, politics and every day life. Stephen Pearlstein
Both a societal infrastructure and the talent of ab individuals or individuals are necessary and dufficient conditions for success in a modern democracy. Lewis D. Eigen
I saw exhausted soil, old and decaying towns, wretchedly-neglected roads, and, in every respect, an absence of enterprise and improvement, distinguish the region through which we have come, in contrast to that in which we live. Such has been the effect of slavery. William H. Seward
To the New England mind, roads, schools, clothes, and a clean face were connected as part of the law of order or divine system. Bad roads meant bad morals. The moral of this Virginia road was clear, and the boy fully learned it. Slavery was wicked, and slavery was the cause of this road’s badness which amounted to [a] social crime. Henry Adams
Go ask Virginia— go ask even noble Maryland . . . to show you her people, canals, railroads, universities, schools, charities, commerce cities, and cultivated areas. William H. Seward
In general ... I tell people not to bang their heads against the wall and to find a compromise. Shlomo Hasson
Instead of eliminating class distinctions, suburbs were turned into class-conscious fortresses. Zoning ordinances set lot sizes and restricted the construction of apartment buildings, emphasizing single-dwelling homes to keep out undesirable lower-class families. Nancy Isenberg
Suburban subdivisions encouraged buyers to live with their “own kind,” constantly sorting people by religion, ethnicity, race, and class. Nancy Isenberg
With most Americans living on farms or in very small towns, and even ­city ­dwellers residing in ­close-­knit neighborhoods, everyone knew who belonged to which party and, even more important, who could deliver the goods. Party officials were true community leaders, not strangers with fancy titles. And these leaders ­made good—­to reformers’ eternal frustration. The infamous “Boss” William Marcy Tweed of New York was typical. In the 1870s, Tweed busily lined his and his buddies’ pockets while also passing out constituent services personally and spectacularly, ranging from Christmas turkeys for the needy to roads, buildings, and parks to transform Manhattan. Gil Troy
The Negro family, battered and harassed by discrimination, injustice, and uprooting, is in the deepest trouble. While many young Negroes are moving ahead to unprecedented levels of achievement, many more are falling further and further behind. Daniel Patrick Moynihan
We are going to strangle ourselves in our own growth. John Hickenlooper
Nobody in this section of the country believes the threadbare old lie that Negro men rape white women. Lynching is an excuse to get rid of Negroes who were acquiring wealth and property and thus keep the race terrorized and ‘the nigger down,’ ” she wrote in a journal. Ida B. Wells
You should be cautious when criticizing the liberalization of economic theory. Zhao Ziyang
The abolition of the Ottoman Caliphate by Kamal Ataturk after World War I was an affront to God’s rule. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi
A healthy national infrastructure requires not just competent engineers but also a government—and a public—willing to pay for it. Henry Petroski
All across America, through the promotion of the arts, neighborhoods create job growth and development. Karen Finley

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