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Clever tyrants are never punished. Voltaire
When will our consciences grow so tender that we will act to prevent human misery rather than avenge it? Eleanor Roosevelt
Wherever they burn books they will also, in the end, burn human beings. Heinrich Heine
We are not angels. Nor are we the devils you have made us out to be. Slobodan Milosevic
It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets. Voltaire
When the English King [Richard I] saw that Saladin delayed in carrying out the terms of the treaty ... they brought up the Moslem prisoners ... more than 3 thousand men in chains. They fell on them as one man and slaughtered them in cold blood with sword and lance. Baha ad-Din ibn Shaddad
The Crusaders who slaughtered their way to Jerusalem in 1099 were as Christian as the Christians of the Renaissance and of today. Hisham Melhem
On the top of Solomon's Temple, to which they had climbed in fleeing, many were shot to death with arrows and cast down headlong from the roof. Within the temple about 10,000 were beheaded. If you had been there, your feet would have been stained up to the ankles with the blood of the slain. Not one of them was allowed to live. They did not spare the women or children. Fulcher of Chartres
The man is a tyrant and he killed lots of people . Mike Huckabee
The Army runs Fort A.P. Hill, named for a Confederate general whose men killed African American soldiers after they surrendered. James W. Loewe
Blood for Blood. Anonymous
The real picture that I now find is quite as bad, and something even worse than anything ... suggested .... There has been a definite attempt on the part of Hindu mobs to exterminate the Muslims. They have killed, indiscriminately, men, women and children en masse. Jawaharlal Nehru
We will do our best to keep the trouble out of the rural areas, but if we fail, widespread massacres are inevitable. Evan Meredith Jenkins
It was a horrible sight, The mobs had swept through the area like locusts. You could see corpses laid out in the fields just outside a village , like rabbits after a shoot.... As far as I could tell the massacres seemed to be almost entirely anti-Sikh. Frank Walter Messervy
If the British give Jinnah his own country, we won't leave a Moslem alive here [of the princely state of Patiala]. Nor in the districts around. Every Sikh will draw his kirpan and it will be "Death to all Moslems". Yadvinder Singh Mahendra Bahadur
I shall not lick the hand besmeared with the blood of my children, sisters, and brothers. Tara Singh
Here, in this same city, the blood of Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims mingled in the bloodbath ... I am grieved to think that things have come to such a pass that no Muslim can go about in Amritsar and no Hindu or Sikh can even think of living in Lahore. The butchery of innocent and defenseless men, women and children does not behoove brave men ... I am quite certain that India's interest lies in getting all her men and women across the border and sending out all Muslims from East Punjab. I have come to you with a specific appeal. Pledge the safety of Muslim refugees crossing the city. Any obstacles or hindrances will only worsen the plight of our refugees who are already performing prodigious feats of endurance. If we have to fight, we must fight clean. Such a fight must await an appropriate time and conditions and you must be watchful in choosing your ground. To fight against the refugees is no fight at all. No laws of humanity or war among honorable men permit the murder of people who have sought shelter and protection. Let there be truce for three months in which both sides can exchange their refugees. This sort of truce is permitted even by laws of war. Let us take the initiative in breaking this vicious circle of attacks and counter-attacks. Hold your hands for a week and see what happens. Make way for the refugees with your own force of volunteers and let them deliver the refugees safely at our frontier. Vallabhbhai Patel
[The new Congolese] security forces committed unlawful killings, torture, beatings, acts of rape, extortion and other abuses, largely with impunity. U. S. State Department
The Partition [of India] is the greatest blunder in the history of mankind. Altaf Hussain
Unless something drastic is done very soon, then bloodshed and violence are going to happen…almost inevitably… A people made desperate by despair and injustice and oppression will use desperate means. Desmond Tutu
I advocate firm action against those of His Majesty’s subjects who have exterminated whole tribes of blacks. Andries Stockenstrom
Use a proper degree of terror …kill evey man Kaffir…if possible the Chief should be destroyed. John Graham
The cruelties committed against the Hottentots exceed everything that is said about it in Cape Town or what can be imagined. William Janssens
…cold and rude slaves would hardly consider privation of life as a punishment, unless accompanied by such cruel circumstances as greatly aggravate their bodily suffering. South Africa
Attacking women and children was both wrong and counter—productive. Honoratus Maynier
You should stay here. This is your land. These are your houses. Your meadows and gardens. Your memories. You shouldn't abandon your land just because it's difficult to live, because you are pressured by injustice and degradation. It was never part of the Serbian and Montenegrin character to give up in the face of obstacles, to demobilize when it's time to fight . . . Slobodan Milosevic
I killed Muslims by every means possible. Yet it is sometimes a pity to waste bullets for this. The best way is to gather all of these dogs and throw them into wells and then fill the wells with big and heavy stones. as I did. I gathered all of the women, men and children, threw big stones down on top of them. They must never live on this earth. A. Lalayan
Yesterday afternoon 247 Spanish and Canary Island prisoners were decapitated. Today all the Spaniards and Canary Islanders who were sick in the hospital were decapitated, constituting the last of all those included in the order of Your Excellency. Palacio
My mind revolts and my soul cannot support the weight of so much evil: theft, rape, pillage, deaths, and murders, fires and devastation; the virgin violated, the cry of the widow and the orphan; the father armed against his son and each one looking for his brother to kill him; of those who have migrated; of the thousands who have fled; of the bodies stretched out in the public streets; of the bones which cover the fields and of so much blood shed on Venezuela’s soil. Narciso Coll y Pratt
Those that the Muslims killed were not really killed by them. It was Allah who did the killing. Muhammad
There is a systematic plan of destruction of Turkish villages and extinction of the Moslem population. Inter-Allied Commission of Enquiry
The malignity and inhumanity of the Greek military authorities are undisguised. Arnold J. Toynbee
I think that you are a war criminal, and I am going to do everything in my power to see that you will be tried as one. Joseph R. Biden Jr.
Institutions can eventually overcome all the legal barriers erected to shield perpetrators of crimes against humanity Justice was finally done where it needed to be done – in Argentina itself. Jose Miguel Vivanco
The norm was to kill everyone who was kidnapped. And anyone kidnapped was tortured … torture didn’t always work. It left people too destroyed …Torture is eternal. It has always existed and always will. It is an essential part of the human being …. Not one innocent person passed through my hands. Julian the Turk; Julio Hector Simon
If an atrocity has been committed in Germany and Europe why should the Palestinians be made to suffer? Jerusalem
In order to properly repent, he who has sinned against the public must make public reparation. Miguel Esteban Hesayne
Reconciliation does not mean covering history with a blanket. Reconciliation means truth, justice and love. Justice without love can degenerate into vengeance. We need to know the truth for medicinal reasons, so that what happened … will never happen again. Miguel Esteban Hesayne
My role is to bear witness and to bring back what people see and tell you. Paul Salopek
The security agencies are prosecuting the government’s war in Darfur. Paul Salopek
We will certainly not allow the Serbian people to be taken to the slaughterhouse again. If they don't comprehend this, we have no choice but to march on Zagreb and completely annihilate the Croats. Zeljko Raznatovic; Arkan
I'm not going to hide, I'm not going to surrender. Zeljko Raznatovic; Arkan
They have been waiting for eight years to tell me that I am a war criminal and now they do it. Zeljko Raznatovic; Arkan
I wanted to be part of the team. Melson J. Bacos
Muslims are like wild dogs. You can't deal with them, you can only kill them. Zeljko Raznatovic; Arkan
If NATO troops will come with ground forces, I will be the first volunteer in the Yugoslav army to defend my country, my family, my children. Zeljko Raznatovic; Arkan
During times of stress, despair and frustration, people become increasingly irrational, and they do things which they never think they are capable of. And so we see hideous brutality perpetrated by the most gentle people Mahathir Mohamad
There are deeds, crimes that may be forgiven. But this is not one of them. Walt Whitman
Having found the bomb we used it. We have used it against those who attacked us without warning at Pearl Harbor, against those who have starved and beaten and executed American prisoners of war, against those who have abandoned all pretense of obeying international laws of warfare. We have used it in order to shorten the agony of war, in order to save the lives of thousands of thousands of young Americans. Harry S Truman
Very well, then. Having been asked by you, Your Honour, to give a clear answer here, I must state that I consider this murder, this extermination of the Jews, to be one of the most heinous crimes in the history of mankind Adolf Eichmann
As one reads history, not in the expurgated editions written for schoolboys and passmen, but in the original authorities of each time, one is absolutely sickened, not by the crimes that the wicked have committed, but by the punishments that the good have inflicted; and a community is infinitely more brutalised by the habitual employment of punishment than it is by the occasional occurrence of crime. Oscar Wilde
After the war the Japanese leadership with the cooperation of the American authorities produced a whitewash of the role of the Emperor in the atrocities and war crimes. Carol Gluck
Any community's arm of force—military, police, security—needs people in it who can do necessary evil, and yet not be made evil by it. To do only the necessary and no more. To constantly question the assumptions, to stop the slide into atrocity. Lois McMaster Bujold
There are, however, cases in which, while our own interests are not greatly involved, strong appeal is made to our sympathies.... in extreme cases action may be justifiable and proper. What form the action shall take must depend upon the circumstances of the case; that is, upon the degree of the atrocity and upon our power to remedy it. Theodore Roosevelt
He heard a report of the approach of innumerable Frankish armies. Now he dreaded their arrival for he knew their irresistible manner of attack, their unstable and mobile character and all the peculiar natural and concomitant characteristics which the Frank retains throughout; and he also knew that they were always agape for money, and seemed to disregard their truces readily for any reason that cropped up…. The Latin race is always very fond of money, but more especially when it is bent on raiding a country ; it then loses its reason and gets beyond control. Anna Comnena
I volunteered at the al-Addan hospital. While I was there, I saw the Iraqi soldiers come into the hospital with guns, and go into the room where . . . babies were in incubators. They took the babies out of the incubators, took the incubators, and left the babies on the cold floor to die. Nayirah Al-Sabah
They should go a scalping with the whites—a barbarous method of war—introduced by the French, which we are obliged to follow in our own defense. Robert Dinwiddie
Can you explain to me the killing of a hundred thousand children, women and men in Algeria, using the most abominable killing methods? Can you explain to me the killing of 15,000 Syrian civilians? Can you explain to me the abominable crime in the military artillery school in Aleppo? Can you explain the crime in Al-Asbaqiya neighborhood of Damascus, Syria? Can you explain the attack of the terrorists on the peaceful village of Al-Kisheh in Upper Egypt, and the massacre of 21 Coptic peasants? Can you explain to me what is going on in Indonesia, Turkey, and Egypt, even though these are Islamic countries which opposed the American intervention in Iraq, and which don't have armies in Iraq, yet were not spared by the terrorists? Can you explain these phenomena, which took place in Arab countries? Was all this revenge on America or Israel? Or were they merely to satisfy bestial wild instincts aroused in them by religious teachings, which incite to rejection of the other, to the killing of the other, and to the denial of the other. Wafa Sultan
When Saddam Hussein buried 300,000 Shiites and Kurds alive, we did not hear a single Muslim protesting. Your silence served to acknowledge the legitimacy of these killings Wafa Sultan
54,000 Latin American soldiers graduated from the School of the Americas since 1986. These soldiers are known to commit atrocities and execute torture techniques Shirley Way
In the Wounded Knee fight, the troops under your command killed squaws and children as well as unarmed Indians. Theodore Roosevelt
If 200 or 300 thousand people will be killed, it will be worth it to restore Duklja’s kingdom. Slobodan Milosevic
Butcher of Zacapa Anonymous
The Great Assassin Anonymous
It is not something we order, but sometimes the excitement of the moment overcomes them. Anonymous
We have now the pleasure, Sir, to fatten our dogs with their carcasses and to display their scalps neatly ornamented on the top of our bastions. Anonymous
Year of the Blood Anonymous
The Indians are known to conduct their wars so entirely without faith and humanity that it would bring eternal infamy on the Ministry … if they should excite these savages to war … John Adams
Like the tailor who uses his needle to sew together pieces of cloth, so I use my sword to unite my divided provinces. Al-Hakam I
This whole country is a graveyard, and we are all constantly walking on the bones Juan Carlos Androver
What is it in our society that encourages us to periodically to turn on each other? What is it in our society that leads us to the cycle of violence. Kofi Annan
Politicians didn’t want to talk to their constituents about body bags that would be coming back. Kofi Annan
To look upon the massacre of our fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers, and if we speak we are called savages …. William Appis
Things are being done in Ireland which would disgrace the blackest annals of the lowest despotism in Europe. Herbert Henry Asquith
Mary Turner had made unwise remarks … and the people, in their indignant mood, took exception to her remarks, as well as her attitude. Associated Press
Never at any time was Hirohito forced by duress to give his written approval …. Is his crime not greater because he approved of something in which he did not believe? Australia
This will be a war of extermination and a momentous massacre which will be spoken of like the Mongolian massacres and the Crusades. Abdul Rahman Hassan Azzam
[These crimes] had a principle author who escaped all prosecution and of whom in any case the present Defendants could only be considered accomplices. Henri Bernard
Truth commissions also allow perpetrators to be reintegrated into society and not go back into the bush to pick up their guns again. Alex Boraine
If crimes have been committed it is necessary to investigate. They say that the number of victims have been exaggerated, but one case is enough. Cain slew Abel only once. Christ only once was crucified. Jorge Luis Borges
It is far from my inclination to join in a war of extermination, but you must be aware that the numerous body of Indians who have attached themselves [to the English forces] will be beyond my control the moment the contest commences. Isaac Brock
Christians … had come through razing the towns and carrying off half the men and all the women and boys. Alvar N. C. de Vaca
A nation creates itself not just with what it remembers, but with what it forgets. Oscar Camilion
Perhaps we cannot prevent this world from being a world in which children are tortured, but we can reduce the number of tortured children. Albert Camus
The number killed I cannot say. It was a perfect butchery. Kit Carson
[Spaniards] made bets as to who would slit a man in two, or cut off his head at one blow; or they opened up his bowels. They tore the babies from their mother’s breast by their feet, and dashed their heads against the rocks … They spitted the bodies of other babes, together with their mothers and all who were before them, on their swords. They hanged Indians by thirteens, in honor and reverence for our Redeemer and the Twelve Apostles …. They burned the Indians alive …. All this did my own eyes witness. Bartolome de las Casas
It is right and honorable to use any means to kill Indians that would kill [white] women and children … damn any man who is sympathy with Indians. John M. Chivington
There are times when looking away is simply not enough. Bill Clinton
We can’t prevent every conflict or stop every outrage Bill Clinton
Some of mankind's most terrible misdeeds have been committed under the spell of certain magic words or phrases. James Bryant Conant
Everywhere Bulgarians had passed, one sees only blood, dishonor and ruin …. It is a refinement of cruelty which the imagination refuses to comprehend. Constantine I
What the Serbs are doing is an international crime. What the world is not doing is also an international crime. Alphonse D'Amato
The Dirty War La Guerra Sucia Charles de Gaulle
We, as ministers, do not claim that by virtue of our ordination, we have become statesmen, especially competent to guide and direct the government in its public policy, or in the adoption of measures for carrying that policy out; but, as the accredited and appointed teachers of religion and morals in the community, we feel it to be our duty to let this community and the nation know, beyond all guesswork, that we present a united front against barbarity, cruelty, and atrocity committed by any man anywhere where the flag of the United States floats. E. Winchester Donald
These people are not kindly people. Alexander Downer
Jesus teaches us that nothing is unforgivable. John Foster Dulles
Somewhere, sometime, somehow, some way these people will have to answer for their acts. Lawrence Eagleburger
… so that in 50 years no one could claim that this did not happen. Dwight D. Eisenhower
My government believes that those who commit crimes against humanity should be brought to justice. Elizabeth II
What you have to deal with … is a determined attempt by Press agitation and abuse to exercise an unlawful influence on the decisions of the government authorities. Erich von Falkenhayn
To counter this situation it would be most convenient if the Japanese side could prove to us that the emperor is completely blameless. We think the forthcoming trials offer the best opportunity to do that. Tojo, in particular, should be made to bear all responsibility at his trial. In other words I want you to have Tojo say as follows: “… I had already decided to push for war even if his majesty the Emperor was against going to war with the United States.” Bonner F. Fellers
As I told [Admiral] Yonai … it is extremely disadvantageous to MacArthur’s standing in the United States to put on trial the very Emperor who is cooperating with him and facilitating the smooth administration of the occupation. This is the reason for my request … I wonder whether what I said to Admiral Yonai the other day {601309} has already been conveyed to Tojo? Bonner F. Fellers
Infamous Greek calumnies Ferdinand I
It doesn't take hours after human rights violations for the denials to begin, for the fabricators to begin their dirty work of covering up what happened. Richard J. Goldstone
The rights of human beings also constitute America's vital interests. Marvin Hier; Abraham Cooper
Who today remembers the extermination of the Armenians. Adolf Hitler
In general our officers are humane. But in some cases they have carried on your warfare with a mixture of American ingenuity and Castilian cruelty. George Frisbie Hoar
A letter arrived from Shanghai reporting in detail the atrocities of our army in Nanking. It describes a horrendous situation of pillage and rape. My God, is this how our Imperial Army behaves? Itaro Ishigari
Peace with justice is very difficult. My people need both, but we need peace more. Alua Izetbegovic
Compassionate killing Japan
Treat everyone found outside the walls [of the city] as anti-Japanese and destroy them…. Since it is convenient in conducting sweep operations to burn down houses, prepare materials. Japan
They [the English] have not, it is true, taken into their own hands the hatchet and the knife, devoted to indiscriminate massacre, but they have let loose the savages armed with these cruel instruments; have allured them into their service, and carried them to battle by their sides, eager to glut their savage thirst with the blood of the vanquished and to finish the work of torture and death on maimed and defenseless captives. James Madison
This is an fascist society. We have to change its authoritarian structure …. And in the process we have to let a lot of people get away with crimes. Jaime Malamud
I am responsible but not guilty! Emilio E. Massera
fueled above all by the resistance of the forces and ideas opposed to it. Arno J. Mayer
We do not want people like him in Switzerland. Ruth Metzler
It is a most abominable military blunder—a massacre of women and children. Nelson A. Miles
In order to endure death and horror one tends to kill ones own humanity, which is a much greater danger than not being able to bear it. Helmuth James von Moltke
What European nation which has undertaken the heavy responsibility of introducing the blessings and vices of civilization into the Dark Continent can claim immunity for its representatives E. D. Morel
… the blood flowing from those quivering black bodies as the hippopotamus-hide whip struck again and again; the savage soldiers rushing hither and thither, burning villages; the ghastly tally of severed hands. E. D. Morel
You are now under the protection of the United Nations …. I will never abandon you. Philippe Morillon
School for Tortures and Assassins Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo
A large capacity to tolerate atrocity does not imply an unlimited capacity. Daniel P. Moynihan
Such persons are windows through which one looks into terrible worlds. Iris Murdoch
By this flexible method a victorious nation may convict and execute any and all leaders of a vanquished foe, depending on the prevailing degree of vengeance and the absence of any objective judicial review. Frank Murphy
The march of history is accompanied by a steady flow of bodies into the abattoir of hate. Richard Leiby
Genocide Raphael Lemkin
… intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial, or religious groups as such. Raphael Lemkin
It is necessary to put down the horrible abuses. These abuses must end or I will retire from the Congo. I will not allow myself to be spattered with blood or mud; it is necessary that these villainies cease. Leopold II
The deeds of cruelty, massacre, violence, pillage, arson, imprisoning prelates, burning down monasteries, robbing and killing monks and nuns, and yet other outrages without number which he committed against our people, sparing neither age nor sex, religion nor rank, no one could describe nor fully imagine unless he had seen them with his own eyes. Bernard de Linton
Take this and go back. I am conquered. Lobengula
I come as a punishment from God. Genghis Khan; Temujin
Keeping you [alive] is no profit; losing you is no loss. Khmer Rouge
You don't give a carrot to a killer rabbit. Jeane Kirkpatrick
These are not concentration camps, but transient centers …. You are witnessing a great moment in the history of the Serbian nation. Milan Kovacevic
Some of our men cut off the heads of their enemies … others tortured them longer by casting them into flames. Piles of heads, hands, and feet were to be seen in the streets of the city …. In the Temple and Porch of Solomon, men rode in blood up to the knees and bridle reigns. Raymond d'Aguiliers
A fellow who squats down on his knees to clean your boots at a café or in the street is bound to be a communist, so why not shoot him right away and be done with it. There is no need for a trial. His guilt is self evident. Gonzalo de Aguilera
When the Lord your God delivers them before you and you defeat them, then you shall utterly destroy them. You shall make no covenant with them and show no favor to them. Book of Deuteronomy
Everybody created his own justice and administered it for himself…. It was justice administered directly by the people in the complete absence of regular judicial bodies. Juan Garcia Oliver
Women shall be treated with all the regard due to their sex and shall in all cases benefit by treatment as favourable as that granted to men Geneva Convention
Either you were opposed to the growth of Fascism and went out to fight against it, or you acquiesced in its crimes and permitted its growth. Jason Gurney
As a Catholic priest, I state that no worse outrage could be inflicted on religion than the Te Deum to be sung to the glory of [Spanish Dictator] Franco in the church at Guernica … Alberto Onaindia
… the most barbarous stroke in human annals. Armand Jean du Plessis; Cardinal Richelieu
No military tactic is unreasonable if it can further destroy enemy morale and quickly. Wolfram von Richthofen
I can not dismiss the subject of Indian affairs without again recommending to your consideration the expediency of more adequate provision for giving energy to the laws throughout our interior frontier and for restraining the commission of outrages upon the Indians, without which all pacific plans must prove nugatory. To enable, by competent rewards, the employment of qualified and trusty persons to reside among them as agents would also contribute to the preservation of peace and good neighborhood George Washington
He is, at this Time, transporting large Armies of foreign Mercenaries to complete the Works of Death, Desolation, and Tyranny already begun with circumstances of Cruelty and Perfidy, scarcely paralleled in the most barbarous Ages, and totally unworthy the Head of a civilized Nation Thomas Jefferson
You think you can work a reformation as you call it, in the manners of the blacks; but you ought to consider the disproportion between the magnitude of the two countries; and then you will soon be convinced of the difficulties that must be surmounted, to change the system of such a vast country as this. We know you are a brave people, and that you might bring over a great many of the blacks to your opinions, by points of your bayonets; but to effect this, a great many must be put to death and numerous cruelties must be committed, which we do not find to have been the practice of the whites; besides, that this would militate against the very principle which is professed by those who wish to bring about a reformation. Adahoonzou II
Torture is not a thing we can tolerate. Theodore Roosevelt
Saddam is a war criminal and there are no two people who can argue over this Muqtada Al-Sader
Work Makes You Free Arbeit Macht Frei Anonymous
And in the general hardening of outlook that set in ... practices which had been long abandoned - imprisonment without trial, the use of war prisoners as slaves, public executions, torture to extract confessions ... and the deportation of whole populations -- not only became common again, but were tolerated and even defended by people who considered themselves enlightened and progressive George Orwell Blair
Statesmen are judged by history beyond contemporary debates. Henry A. Kissinger
I am concerned about the area bombing in Japan for two reasons: First, because I do not want to have the United States get the reputation for outdoing Hitler in atrocities; and second, I was a little fearful that before we could get ready, the Air Force might have Japan so thoroughly bombed out that the new weapon (the atom bomb) would not have a fair background to show its strength. Henry L. Stimson
I favor extermination of the Japanese in toto. Paul V. McNutt
The fire bombing of the cities of Japan have been one of the most ruthless and barbaric killings of non-combatants in all history. Bonner F. Fellers
When sinking ships there shall be complete destruction of the crews of the enemy's ships. Japan
The entire Japanese population is a proper military target…. "For us, there are no civilians in Japan United States Army
No more Munichs! Anthony Eden
The greatest and the most horrible crime that has ever been committed in the history of the whole world. Winston Churchill
Heads of great governments in this hour are literally responsible for the fate of humanity in the coming years. They cannot fail to hear the prayers of their peoples to be protected from the foreseeable chaos of war. History will hold them accountable for the lives and the happiness of all--even unto the least. Franklin D. Roosevelt
Meanwhile “our” troops during the past month, have been again at their congenial occupation of slaughtering native children and burning villages E. Belfort Bax
It’s hard to absorb the horrors of the world on a daily basis. David Brancaccio
God forbid that these beautiful countries become, as did St. Domingue, a theatre of blood and of crime under the pretext of establishing liberty, let them rather remain if necessary one century more under the barbarous and imbecile oppression of Spain. Francisco de Miranda
Protestants are heretics, and ought not to be suffered to live any longer among us; it is no more sin to kill an Englishman than to kill a dog. Anonymous
The count of Gilles with the remaining Franks, made an attack upon them [the Saracens] and killed an innumerable multitude. All the others fled in confusion. Our men moreover, returning in victory and bearing many heads fixed upon pikes and spears, furnished a joyful spectacle for the people of God. Anselme of Ribemont
Let him go! I see God has decreed his death Charles IX
Sire, I have received an order, under your majesty's seal, to put to death all the Protestants in my province. I have too much respect for your majesty, not to believe the letter a forgery; but if (which God forbid) the order should be genuine, I have too much respect for your majesty to obey it. Montmorrin (Governer of Auvergne)
Let blood!. Let blood! I consider it as a meritorious action, that will wash away all my sins. Gaspard de Saulx (Sieur de Tavannes)
I was ordered to go in there and destroy the enemy. That was my job that day. That was the mission I was given. I did not sit down and think in terms of men, women and children. They were all classified as the same, and that's the classification that we dealt with over there, just as the enemy. I felt then and I still do that I acted as I was directed, and I carried out the order that I was given and I do not feel wrong in doing so. William Calley
Remember the atrocities they have committed. Take your revenge, but it is my orders that no women or children be killed. Jeffery Amhurst
You will be well advised to infect the Indians with sheets upon which smallpox patients have been lying, or by any other means which may serve to exterminate this accursed race. Jeffery Amhurst
The question is not what the Germans did to the Jews, but what the Jews did to the Germans. Abdel Aziz Rantisi
It is difficult to resist the conclusion that the twentieth-century statesman whom the Thomas Jefferson of 1793 would have admired most is Pol Pot. Conor Cruise O'Brien
The Confederates (The Iroquois Indian Confederacy) were as celebrated for their eloquence, as for their military skill and political wisdom. Popular, or free governments have, in all ages, been the congenial soil of oratory. And it is, indeed, all important in institutions merely advisory; where persuasion must supply the place of coercion; where there is no magistrate to execute, no military to compel; and where the only sanction of law is the controlling power of public opinion. DeWitt Clinton
I have sent my Death’s Head units to the East with the order to kill without mercy men, women and children of the Polish race or language. Only in such a way will we win the Lebensraum that we need. Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians? Adolf Hitler
There is no use for you to argue. We have already disposed of three quarters of the Armenians. There are none at all left in Bitlis, Van, and Erzerum. The hatred between the Turks and the Armenians is now so intense that we have got to finish with them. If we don’t, they will plan their revenge. Talaat Bey; Mehmet Talaat Pasha
Honest men may differ as to practically every point … but in the case of Armenia, it is impossible to admit that there can be honest differences of opinion about the termination of the insane regime of Turkish brutality. New Republic
The Armenian massacre was the greatest crime of the war, and failure to act against Turkey is to condone it. Theodore Roosevelt
Seen from the beginning of the 21st century, the reportage of the Armenian Genocide remains a seminal event. It was the first time Americans were confronted with unfathomable numbers of the murder of innocent, unarmed civilians. Peter Balakian
The events in Smyrna have undoubtedly cheapened every Christian life in Turkey James G. Harbord
I cannot do what you have asked me to do. Hasan Mazhar
The deportations of the Armenians took place in complete contradiction of humanity, civilization, and the Government’s honor. The massacres and the extermination of the Armenians, and the sacking and looting of their properties are the results of decisions taken by the Central Committee …. The atrocities were committed according to a scheme conceived of in advance and were organized absolutely intentionally. Ferik Vehip Pasha
From today onwards, all tyranny, injustice, atrocities, deportations and massacres are banished from this country. Damad Ferid Pasha
In the war, nearly the whole civilized world was shocked by the crimes alleged to have been committed by the Turks. It is far from my thoughts to cast a veil over these misdeeds, which are such as to make the conscience of mankind shudder with horror forever; still less will I endeavor to minimize the guilt of the actors in this great drama. The aim which I have set myself is that of showing to the world with proofs in my hand, who are the truly responsible authors of these terrible crimes. Damad Ferid Pasha
I admit that we deported Armenians from our eastern provinces, and we acted in this matter upon a previously prepared scheme. The responsibility of these acts falls upon the deported people themselves. Russia ... had armed and equipped the Armenian inhabitants of this district [Van] ..., and had organized strong Armenian bandit forces. ... When we entered the Great War, these bandits began their destructive activities in the rear of the Turkish army on the Caucasus front, blowing up the bridges and killing the innocent Mohammedan inhabitants regardless of age and sex... All these Armenian bandits were helped by the native Armenians Mehmet Talaat Pasha; Talaat Bey
The Armenians are a race like the Jews: they have little or no national spirit and have poor moral character. Armenians and Greeks have many flaws and deficiencies of character that do not fit them for self government. Mark Lambert Bristol
I’ve been kept busy trying to ward off congressional resolutions of sympathy for these groups. Allen Welsh Dulles
The Department of State has become a concession hunting agency for the Standard Oil Company Vardan Cardashian
The official Turkish documents … prove beyond question that Talaat Pasha and other officials have ordered the wholesale extermination of the Armenians. New York Times
It has previously communicated to you that the Government, by order of the Jemiet (the Young Turk Committee that was the executive of the Turkish Government) has decided to destroy completely all the indicated persons (Armenians) living in Turkey. Those who oppose this order and decision cannot remain on the official staff of the Empire. An end should be put to their existence, however tragic the measures taken must be, and no regard should be paid to either age or sex, or to conscientious scruples. Talaat Bey; Mehmet Talaat Pasha
We hear that certain orphanages … received also the children of the Armenians. Whether this is done through ignorance of our real purpose or through contempt of it, the Government the feeding of such children or any attempt to prolong their lives as an act entirely opposed to its purpose, since it regards the survival of these children as detrimental. Talaat Bey; Mehmet Talaat Pasha
We are faced with the practical extermination of the Armenians. Herbert Hoover
800,000 Armenians Destroyed London Times
The Turkish make no secret of the fact that their main object is the extermination of the whole Armenian race…. The Vali (Governor) admitted quite frankly, ‘We are determined to get rid, once and for all, of the cancer in our country. Anonymous
Destruction of the Armenian race in Turkey is progressing rapidly. Henry I. Morgenthau
In World War II, neither side reported its own atrocities… both sides emphasized atrocities committed by the enemy Phillip Knightley
The high aptitude of the Jews and their outstanding role in the progress of mankind considering men like Jesus, Spinoza, Marx has to be kindly acknowledged without hesitation... All this Anti-Semitism is a flop which will vanish slowly in the light of scientific knowledge and a humane democracy. Alfred Ploetz
Christians kill Moslems and they both blame the Jews. Anonymous
It is time to remind Sharon that the star of David belongs to all Jews, not to his repulsive Government. His actions are staining the star of David with blood. The Jewish people, whose gifts to civilized discourse include Einstein and Epstein, Mendelssohn and Mahler, Sergei Eisenstein and Billy Wilder, are now symbolized throughout the world by the blustering bully Ariel Sharon, a war criminal implicated in the murder of Palestinians at the Sabra and Shatila camps and now involved in killing Palestinians once again. Gerald Bernard Kaufman
Please report to RF SS and to the Fuehrer that all arrangements against Jews, political and concentration camp internees in the Protectorate have been taken care of by me personally today. Ernst Kaltenbrunner
We know the unthinkable is thinkable. What do we do with that knowledge? Sara J. Bloomfield
Not counting the 26.5 million Russians who died in WWII, 20 million Russians were killed by the Stalinist regimes….the Stalinist regeme is still an open wound that the country can’t close. Stephen Cohen
Quantrill crossed the Arkansas river near the Creek Agency and killed eight men (Creeks). One of them shot a little boy and killed him. Some of the Creeks who were along returned today and brought this news. I have always been opposed to killing women and children although our enemies have done it, yet I shall always protest against any acts of that kind. Stand Watie
This fight has nothing to do with soldierly gallantry or principles of the Geneva Convention. If the fight against the partisans in the East, as well as in the Balkans, is not waged with the most brutal means, we will shortly reach the point where the available forces are insufficient to control the area. It is therefore not only justified, but it is the duty of the troops to use all means without restriction, even against women and children, so long as it ensures success. Wilhelm Keitel
I ordered the [Indian] prisoners to be tomahawked in front of the garrison. George Rogers Clark
The measure was also allowable on principle, for that it was perfectly justifiable to use all the means that God and nature had put into their hands Henry Howard
… a disgrace to the human race. Arthur Henderson
The criticisms ... were protests against acts of cruelty committed by some American soldiers.... The events which gave rise to these protests might naturally arouse the indignation of all true Americans, jealous of their country's good name; but they were merely side issues in the great struggle against imperialism. Indeed to an anti-imperialist, as such, they have no special importance, except as illustrations of the impossibility of carrying out the experiment of colonialism without working grievous wrong to the subjugated people, and to our American ideals. David G. Haskins Jr.
We go out on a hike, catch a negro and ask him if he has a gun; he will give us a polite bow and say 'No sabby,' and then we take hold of him and give him the 'water cure,' after which he can get us two or three guns. Now, this is the way we give them the water cure: lay them on their backs, a man standing on each hand and each foot, then put a round stick in the mouth and pour a pail of water in the mouth and nose, and if they don't give up, pour in another pail. They swell up like toads. I'll tell you it is a terrible torture. A. F. Miller
The Pilgrims landed, worthy men, And saved from wreck on raging seas;, They fell upon their knees, and then Upon the aborigines. Arthur Guiterman
The Butcher Anonymous
We make everyone get into his house by seven p.m., and we only tell a man once. If he refuses, we shoot him. We killed over 300 natives the first night. They tried to set the town on fire. If they fire a shot from the house we burn the house down and every house near it, and shoot the natives, so they are pretty quiet in town now. Sam Gillis
I want no prisoners. I wish you to kill and burn, the more you kill and burn the better it will please me. I want all persons killed who are capable of bearing arms in actual hostilities against the United States. Jacob Hurd Smith
I never saw such execution in my life, and hope never to see such sights as met me on all sides as our little corps passed over the field, dressing wounded—legs and arms nearly demolished, total decapitation, horrible wounds in chests and abdomens, showing the determination of our soldiers to kill every native in sight. F. A. Blake
The Negro is not permitted to testify because he might tell of the enormities practiced upon him. Daniel Clark
No one will be harmed. You have nothing to fear. You will all be evacuated. Ratko Mladic
It's an unknown, it's a disappeared. It has no identity, it's neither alive nor's disappeared Jorge Rafael Videla
Usually, terrible things that are done with the excuse that progress requires them are not really progress at all, but just terrible things Russell Baker
It takes a certain political initiative to make people kill one another. Niall Ferguson
You needn't kill everyone to complete the job... We instituted Civil Affairs, which provides development for 70% of the population while we kill 30%.. Hector Alejandro Gramajo Morales
… government mass murder, what I call democide Rudolph Joseph Rummel
Genocide, massacre, and human slaughter; pillage, rape, and torture have been much more common than war and revolution. But historians do not dwell on such events. And even if they do, they very rarely attach numbers to them. They prefer the glamour of war, of diplomacy, of the clash of nations and personalities. Rudolph Joseph Rummel
The Aztecs conducted sacrifices as a matter of course and often accumulated the skulls of their victims on racks outside their cities. One Conquistador wrote of a rack outside of Tenochtitlan with about 136,000 skulls. Rudolph Joseph Rummel
… seated on a golden throne, receive the homage of the viziers and the beys; massacre of 2,000 prisoners; the rain falls in torrents. Suleiman the Magnificent
Make the Tanguts vanish—the women, children and grandchildren! Genghis Khan
I am guilty of one thing - that I should have cleared out and not had anything to do with these criminals in the first place. Later it was too late. I was in up to my neck. But as for the atrocities, I had not a thing to do with them… Walther Funk
A thousand years will pass and still this guilt of Germany will not have been erased. Hans Frank
This war would be only a partial success if the whole lot of Jewry survived it, while we shed our best blood to save Europe. My attitude toward the Jews will therefore be based solely on the expectation that they must disappear. They must be done away with. Gentlemen, I must ask you to rid yourself of all feeling of pity. We must annihilate the Jews wherever we find them and wherever it is possible. Hans Frank
Our sole aim was, by virtue of this war, to rid ourselves of the lot of them, however many international decisions there were. Each one represented a blow to our...independence. Ahmed Djemal
You are the strongest and the others keep their distance. It is no longer necessary to win victories over them. Taisen Deshimaru
Death is meaningless unless it happens to someone you know. Bradley Denton
With respect to the terrible things done by Western empires, there were also all sorts of terrible things being done in the rest of the world when the West showed up. Niall Ferguson
If we do not help the Libyan rebels, their blood will flow and it will be a stain on the French Flag. Bernard-Henri Levy
Our mission is to report these horrors of war with accuracy and without prejudice Marie Colvin
Get The Babies Back! Anonymous
The leaders must be tortured fiercely in order that we may obtain a complete understanding of their organization. Saloth Sar
Most readers will be shocked by the clear record of history linking Adolf Hitler and the Roman Catholic Church in a conspiracy to exterminate the Jews. John Hagee
Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities Voltaire; Francois-Marie
The Syrian security regime should know ... that despotic regimes and tyrants who committed massacres against humanity were pursued, prosecuted and collapsed. Gebran Tueni
I realize the tragic significance of the atomic bomb. Its production and its use were not lightly undertaken by this Government. But we knew that our enemies were on the search for it. We know now how close they were to finding it. And we knew the disaster which would come to this Nation, and to all peace-loving nations, to all civilization, if they had found it first. That is why we felt compelled to undertake the long and uncertain and costly labor of discovery and production. We won the race of discovery against the Germans. Harry S Truman
Justice has nothing to do with victor nations and vanquished nations, but must be a moral standard that all the world's peoples can agree to. Hideki Tojo
The [Catholic] bishops play the hero and say they are ready to fight, even if it costs them their lives. They fight against whom? Against the people's government, of course, against our new democratic Yugoslavia ... But how is it that the bishops did not issue this kind of pastoral letter, to be read in all the churches, in the days of Pavelić and the Germans, against those terrible massacres of Serbs in Croatia in which hundreds of thousands of women, children and menfolk lost their lives? Josip Broz Tito
The greatest gain of this conflict between Democracy and Fascism lies in the fact that it has drawn together everything that was good in humanity. The unity of the United States, the Soviet Union and Great Britain is the best guarantee to the peoples of the world that Nazi horrors will never again be repeated. Josip Broz Tito
Flags were given to my people, and they were told they were now the children of the Americans. We were told, if any white people mean to harm you, hold up these flags and you will then be safe from all danger. We did this in good faith. But what happened? Our beloved chief Moluntha stood with the American flag in front of him and that very peace treaty in his hand, but his head was chopped by a American officer, and that American officer was never punished. Brother, after such bitter events, can you blame me for placing little confidence in the promises of Americans? Tecumseh
I have accomplished more toward solving the Armenian problem in three months than Abdul Hamid accomplished in thirty years! Mehmed Talat
What on earth do you want? The question is settled. There are no more Armenians. Mehmed Talat
Turkey is taking advantage of the war in order to thoroughly liquidate its internal foes--the indigenous Christians--without being thereby disturbed by foreign intervention. Mehmed Talat
No one will ever understand Auschwitz. William Styron
There exist no provisions in our law that perfectly and precisely describe the form of criminality that shall be judged here. Julio Carlos Strassera
There has never been an atrocity or a genocide without propaganda behind it. Clay Johnson
…against the simple act of violence, words, moral indignation and world opinion are not enough. Elting E. Morrison
We are still waging Peloponnesian wars. Our control of the material world and our positive science have grown fantastically. But our very achievements turn against us, making politics more random and wars more bestial. George Steiner
The state should look into this, as other nations do: see to it that nobles do not take the lives of their subjects at will, or burden them with unjust toil - as if they were dumb cattle! Szymon Starowolski
One murder made a villain, Millions a hero. Princes were privileged To kill, and numbers sanctified the crime.. Beilby Porteus
In relation to the Dagestani and other bands which obstruct the movements of trains from the North Caucasus, you must be absolutely merciless. A number of their villages should be set on fire and burned to the ground so as to teach them not to make raids on trains. Joseph Stalin
Is it not proven beyond all dispute that there is no limit to the enormities which men will commit when they are once persuaded that they are keepers of other men's consciences? To spread religion by any means, and to crush heresy by all means is the practical inference from the doctrine that one man may control another's religion. Given the duty of a state to foster some one form of faith, and by the sure inductions of our nature slowly but certainly persecution will occur. To prevent for ever the possibility of Papists roasting Protestants, Anglicans hanging Romish priests, and Puritans flogging Quakers, let every form of state-churchism be utterly abolished, and the remembrance of the long curse which it has cast upon the world be blotted out for ever. Charles Spurgeon
People do these things to other people. Not just in Nazi concentration camps and in Abu Ghraib when it was run by Saddam Hussein. Americans, too, do them when they have permission. When they are told or made to feel that those over whom they have absolute power deserve to be mistreated, humiliated, tormented. They do them when they are led to believe that the people they are torturing belong to an inferior, despicable race or religion. For the meaning of these pictures is not just that these acts were performed, but that their perpetrators had no sense that there was anything wrong in what the pictures show. Susan Sontag
The principal instances of mass violence in the world today are those committed by governments within their own legally recognized borders. Susan Sontag
Please don't intervene. Please leave us alone. It is my job and we can cope with this matter. We are trying to explain this to foreigners. But if they do not understand or ignore our explanation, I don't care because we are not begging them for food. Thaksin Shinawatra
There are some who died because they were fasting, and they were crammed in tight. Thaksin Shinawatra
Help Us! The Nazis are killing us all. Anonymous
I was brought up to believe that a person must be rescued when drowning, regardless of religion and nationality. Irena Sendler
I still carry the marks on my body of what those "German supermen" did to me then. I was sentenced to death. Irena Sendler
It is my duty to inform the Governments assembled in Geneva, responsible as they are for the lives of millions of men, women and children, of the deadly peril which threatens them, by describing to them the fate which has been suffered by Ethiopia. It is not only upon warriors that the Italian Government has made war. It has above all attacked populations far removed from hostilities, in order to terrorize and exterminate them. Haile Selassie
Though I had an idea of what was going on - I purposely didn't see it. Walter Friedrich Schellenberg
Whenever a massacre of Armenians is reported from Asia Minor, everyone assumes that it has been carried out "under orders" from somewhere or another; no one seems to think that there are people who might like to kill their neighbors now and then. Hector Hugh Munro
Once killing starts, it is difficult to draw the line. Cornelius Tacitus
We are appealing to the ears of the whole civilized world. We want you, Armenian citizens, and Armenians all over the world, to know and feel that from our heart of hearts we sympathize with them tonight in the deep wrong, in the terrible crimes, that have been committed in the name of government. Samuel J. Barrows
We are appealing to the ears of the whole civilized world. We want you, Armenian citizens, and Armenians all over the world, to know and feel that from our heart of hearts we sympathize with them tonight in the deep wrong, in the terrible crimes, that have been committed in the name of government. Samuel J. Barrows
When you start off with them being the bad guys and you being the good guys, once you've made that one decision, you don't have to think anymore, if you're in the military. From that point on, anything goes. From that point on, you're capable of anything, even atrocities. Because you've made a decision a long time ago that you're on the right side. You don't keep questioning, questioning, questioning Howard Zinn
Tragedies ensure in wars. And we’ve seen it in every war. That’s why those who have known war hate it the most. John McCain
We may pretend that we're basically moral people who make mistakes, but the whole of history proves otherwise. Terry Hands
… we should set fire to their [Jews] synagogues and schools, and what cannot be burnt should be covered over with earth, that no man may ever discover a stone or brick of it; we are to do this for the glory of our Lord and Christianity. Martin Luther
I don’t know how many foreign fighters we captured who had come to fight because of Abu Gharib. Stanley A. McChrystal
The Spanish Inquisition sought to avoid direct responsibility for the burning of heretics by handing them over to the secular arm; to burn them itself, it piously explained, would be wholly inconsistent with its Christian principles. Few of us would allow the Inquisition thus easily to wipe its hands clean of bloodshed; it knew quite well what would happen. Equally, where the technological application of scientific discoveries is clear and obvious — as when a scientist works on nerve gases — he cannot properly claim that such applications are "none of his business," merely on the ground that it is the military forces, not scientists, who use the gases to disable or kill. John Passmore
The Syrian people deserve much more than complicit silence, or timid criticism from those who have failed to refer the regime to the International Criminal Court despite acknowledgement if its crimes. Razan Zaitouneh
We will implement what we want. What we do not want, no one can impose on us Omar Hassan Ahmed Bashir
We must all turn our backs upon the horrors of the past. We must look to the future. We cannot afford to drag forward cross the years that are to come the hatreds and revenges which have sprung from the injuries of the past. Winston Churchill
We do resolve that it is the sentiment of this council that the Six Nations of Indians [The Iroquois] declare that a state of war exists between our Confederacy of Six Nations on the one part and Germany, Italy, Japan and their allies against whom the United States has declared war, on the other part. The atrocities of the axis nations is violently repulsive to all sense of righteousness of our people, and that this merciless slaughter of mankind upon the part of these enemies of free peoples can be no longer tolerated. Jesse Lyons
… the war which began on August 1st, 1914, was the greatest crime against humanity and the freedom of peoples that any nation, calling itself civilized, has ever consciously committed. For many years the rulers of Germany, true to the Prussian tradition, strove for a position of dominance in Europe. They were not satisfied with that growing prosperity and influence to which Germany was entitled, and which all other nations were willing to accord her, in the society of free and equal peoples. They required that they should be able to dictate and tyrannize to a subservient Europe, as they dictated and tyrannised over a subservient Germany. Germany's responsibility, however, is not confined to having planned and started the war. She is no less responsible for the savage and inhuman manner in which it was conducted. The Germans they deliberately carried out a series of promiscuous shootings and burnings with the sole object of terrifying the inhabitants into submission by the very frightfulness of their action. They were the first to use poisonous gas, notwithstanding the appalling suffering it entailed. They began the bombing and long distance shelling of towns for no military object, but solely for the purpose of reducing the morale of their opponents by striking at their women and children. They commenced the submarine campaign with its piratical challenge to international law, and its destruction of great numbers of innocent passengers and sailors, in mid ocean, far from succour, at the mercy of the winds and the waves, and the yet more ruthless submarine crews. They drove thousands of men and women and children with brutal savagery into slavery in foreign lands. They allowed barbarities to be practiced against their prisoners of war from which the most uncivilized people would have recoiled. Georges Clemenceau
The Northern Haynau Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard
The people of this country are remarkable for their hospitable reception of foreigners, and for their forgetfulness of past animosities. Napoleon Bonaparte, the greatest enemy that England ever had, was treated while at Plymouth with respect, and with commiseration while at St Helena. Marshal Soult, who had fought in many battles against the English, was received with generous acclamation when he came here as Special Ambassador. The King of the French, Mons. Guizot, and Prince Metternich, though all of them great antagonists of English policy and English interests, were treated in this country with courtesy and kindness. But General Haynau was looked upon as a great moral criminal; …. But Viscount Palmerston can assure your Majesty that those feelings of just and honorable indignation have not been confined to England, for he had good reason to know that General Haynau's ferocious and unmanly treatment of the unfortunate inhabitants of Brescia and of other towns and places in Italy, his savage proclamations to the people of Pesth, and his barbarous acts in Hungary excited almost as much disgust in Austria as in England, and that the nickname of "General Hyæna" was given to him at Vienna long before it was applied to him in London. Henry John Temple
The atrocities committed on our wounded and prisoners by the "chivalry" of the South may excite not only horror, hut a wild fury of revenge. But our cause should not be stained with cruelty and crime, even in the name of vengeance. Charles Eliot Norton
We found some of our boys—boys that we knew—with their heads lopped off stuck on a stick along the trail where we would see it. It infuriated us, That didn’t scare us. Just infuriated us. We’ll did them one better. I’ll tell you, we carved them up… the rivers ran red with blood. William Francis Barlow
Blaming the UN for Rwanda is like blaming Madison Square Garden when the Knicks play badly. Richard Holbrooke
When the victims had travelled a few hours from their starting place, the Kurds would sweep down from their mountain homes. Rushing up to the young girls, they would lift their veils and carry the pretty ones off to the hills. They would steal such children as pleased their fancy and mercilessly rob all the rest of the throng. If the exiles had started with any money or food, their assailants would appropriate it, thus leaving them a hopeless prey to starvation. They would steal their clothing, and sometimes even leave both men and women in a state of complete nudity. All the time that they were committing these depredations the Kurds would freely massacre, and the screams of women and old men would add to the general horror. Henry I. Morgenthau
The sinking of the Lusitania and the execution of Edith Cavell, as well as the murder of Captain Fryatt for the "horrible crime" (to German thinking) of attempting to sink a submarine, convinced even the most obstinate minds in the United States that the German was the enemy of civilization. Woodrow Wilson; Roland G.
it is better to mistakenly kill an innocent person then to mistakenly spare an enemy. Pol Pot
If the result of so many sacrifices was that the capitalists remain in control, what was the point of the revolution? Pol Pot
To keep you is no benefit, to destroy you is no loss Pol Pot
Bullets are not to be wasted. Pol Pot
I was not . . As regards myself, I never had any control over the prisoners except those that were captured on the field of battle. Those it was my business to send to Richmond to the provost marshal. In regard to their disposition afterwards I had no control. I never gave an order about it. Robert E. Lee
War not only teaches what man can be, but it teaches also what he must not be. Oliver Wendell Holmes
The right of conquest has no foundation other than the right of the strongest. If war does not give the conqueror the right to massacre the conquered peoples, the right to enslave them cannot be based upon a right which does not exist. Jean Jacques Rousseau
Sometimes great injustices may be inflicted on the minority when the majority is in the pursuit of a great and just cause. Paul Robeson
In the Middle East, Iraq, Sudan, the former Yugoslavia and Northern Ireland, and many other places in the world, religion has been so divisive that people have killed one another, believing they were doing the work of God. John C. Danforth
The best return on our investment in military aid probably comes from the training of selected army officers …. They are the leaders of the future … I don’t need to dwell on the value of having people in positions of power who have a first hand knowledge of how we think and act here in the United States. Robert McNamara
Do not spare any that were in arms in the town Oliver Cromwell
Sir, having brought the army of the Parliament of England before this place, to reduce it to obedience, I thought fit to summon you to deliver the same into my hands to their use. If this be refused, you will have no cause to blame me. I expect your answer and remain your servant… Oliver Cromwell
No chapter of history is steeped further in blood than the history of colonialism. Blood was shed uselessly and senselessly. Flourishing lands were laid waste; whole peoples destroyed and exterminated. All this can in no way be extenuated or justified. Ludwig von Mises
The first accounts we have of mankind are but so many accounts of their butcheries. All empires have been cemented in blood; and, in those early periods, when the race of mankind began first to form themselves into parties and combinations, the first effect of the combination, and indeed the end for which it seems purposely formed, and best calculated, was their mutual destruction. Edmund Burke
Boko Haram Translation: Western education is sinful Mohammed Yusuf
Hit the Poles so hard that they despair of their life; I have full sympathy with their condition, but if we want to survive, we can only exterminate them; the wolf, too, cannot help having been created by God as he is, but people shoot him for it if they can. Prince Otto von Bismarck-Schoenhausen
Every Spaniard who does not conspire with the most active and effective means possible against the tyranny in favour of our just cause will be held as an enemy and a traitor to the fatherland; and in consequence will be inexorably put to the knife. On the other hand, an absolute and general indulgence will be granted to those who pass to our army with or without their arms...Spaniards who render conspicuous service to the State will be treated as Americans...Spaniards and men of the Canary Islands, if you are lukewarm and do not work actively for America’s freedom, you may be certain of death. Americans, even if you have done wrong, you may be certain of life. Simon Bolivar
Our vengeance shall rival Spanish ferocity. Our goodwill is at last exhausted; and, since our oppressors compel us to mortal warfare, they shall disappear from America and our land shall be purged of the monsters that infest it. Our hate shall be inexorable and our war shall be to the death. Simon Bolivar
It was a sane, humane, and politic treaty which put an end to that horrible butchery of slaying the conquered, of giving no quarter to prisoners of war – Spanish barbarism that the patriots were forced to adopt themselves in reprisal, that had pushed back civilization, made the soil of Columbia an abode of cannibals and soaked it with innocent blood until all humanity shuddered, It was an advantage to us, fatal to the Spaniards. Their forces could only diminish; mine, augment and organize. Simon Bolivar
Subjecting a sovereign head of state to a warrant of arrest is undermining African solidarity and African peace and security. Joyce Banda
Until now, when powerful men committed crimes against humanity, they knew that as long as they remained powerful, no earthly court could judge them. Kofi Annan
Without delay and without exception, you will put to the sword every Spaniard in dungeon or hospital … Simon Bolivar
Suharto, the genocidal kleptocrat who was one of the 20th Century’s worst mass murderers and whose 1960s’ slaughter of anywhere up to a million “Communists” was actively aided and abetted by the US Central Intelligence Agency Murray Horton
Military brothels were necessary to maintain discipline and order during WWII Toru Hashimoto
Human beings can do some God-awful things to other human beings Donald Rumsfeld
We are watching the Germans closely; we are not forgetting what they did to us during the war. Anastas Ivanovich Mikoyan
God is my judge. We were justified under the circumstances. John Brown
All Indian men of that tribe are to be killed whenever and wherever you can find them…. If the Indians send in a flag of truce say to the bearer ... that you have been sent to punish them for their treachery and their crimes. That you have no power to make peace, that you are there to kill them wherever you can find them. James H. Carleton
As Minister of Economics, Funk accelerated the pace of rearmament and as Reichsbank president banked for the SS the gold teeth fillings of concentration camp victims, probably the most ghoulish collateral in banking history. Robert Houghwout Jackson
War is inevitable, and this time, it will be truly world wide. It will unravel everywhere and there will be no limit to its battlefields. The condemnations of Nuremberg will be one of the main reasons, which will cause this war to be a conflict whose horror will be unparalleled. These condemnations gave birth, in fact, to a new conception which makes the victor a hero and the vanquished an odious criminal. By this fact, each leader will wage war like a demon in order not to be the loser and become, consequently, a criminal. Otto Skorzeny
For every one of my Black soldiers who may be murdered by their captors, two Rebel soldiers shall hang. Benjamin Franklin
Prosecute? I am not interested in prosecuting. I am interested in building a nation. Nelson Mandela
… a party of our men lying in wait for the Turks, fought a successful battle with them and killed sixty horsemen, whose heads they brought to the army. Stephen II
It is with the deepest mortification the general commanding finds it necessary to reiterate his orders for the preservation of the property of the inhabitants of the district occupied by the troops under his command.” “The troops must behave themselves with as much forbearance and propriety as if they were at their own homes. Irvin McDowell
A reckless and unprincipled tyrant has invaded your soil. Abraham Lincoln, regardless of all moral, legal, and constitutional restraints, has thrown his abolition hosts among you, who are murdering and imprisoning your citizens, confiscating and destroying your property, and committing other acts of violence and outrage too shocking and revolting to humanity to be enumerated. All rules of civilized warfare are abandoned. . . Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard
If we allow the passions of our men to get full command then indeed will this war become a reproach to the names of liberty and civilization. William Tecumseh Sherman
In a rational world, the Turks’ systemic and large-scale violence against and suppression of Kurds’ legitimate rights and national aspirations, not to mention the Turks’ genocide of the Armenians, and mass killings of Greeks and others, not to mention their invasion, dismembering and occupation of half a sovereign country, Cyprus, in 1974, . . . might have brought upon Turkey the world’s condemnation and generated in international organizations, including the United Nations, a preoccupation with its predations and the production of intensively negative beliefs and passions, including prejudice . . . similar to and perhaps far exceeding that against Jews. But it has not — not even 1 percent as much. Daniel Jonah Goldhagen
Satan himself could not devise a revenge appropriate for those who deliberately slaughter infants. Haim Nahman Bialik
I cannot think of any moral definition of anti-war that includes simply ignoring the slaughter of civilians. Sebastian Junger
If we do not act now, we will become spectators to slaughter. John Kerry
Everything you have said about chemical warfare in the last two and a half years has been swatted away be the facts…How do you sleep at night representing a government that has caused so much bloodshed and that has … crossed the line from any kind of civil war into weapons of mass destruction, into one of the highest crimes of international law. Christiane Amanpour
The United Nations inspectors cannot tell us anything that we do not already know nor can they galvanize the world to the action that should be taken. John Kerry
The chemical massacre of Damascus, should not, and shall not go unpunished. Francois Hollande
Caravan of Death Anonymous
To the Muslims in America…: How can your conscience allow you to live in peaceful coexistence with a nation that is responsible for the tyranny and crimes committed against your own brothers and sisters? I eventually came to the conclusion that jihad [holy war] against America is binding upon myself just as it is binding upon every other able Muslim. Anwar al-Awlaki
I enjoyed killing Communists. I liked to kill Communists any way I could get them Allen Lawrence Pope
I have no room for prisoners. John Fremont
As for these extremists, here’s what those who would cowardly attack our civilians don’t get. The United States is never going to retreat from the world. We don't get terrorized. We’re going to keep standing up for our interests. We're going to keep standing up for the security of our citizens. We're going to keep standing up for human rights and dignity for people wherever they live. We’re going to keep working with our allies and our partners. We're going to keep offering a future of hope and progress -- in stark contrast to terrorists who only know how to kill and destroy and maim. And like generations before us, the United States of America is going to remain the greatest force for freedom that the world has ever known. Barack Obama
[The Seljuk Moslems are] an accursed race, a race utterly alienated from God…. Exterminate this race from our lands. Urban II
On the Northwest frontier of India (today’s Pakistan), Pashtun warriors would usually castrate and behead captives, whereas the British took few prisoners and very few indeed if there was no Political Agent about. John Masters
The prohibitions of international law are largely toothless, especially when the abusive governments remain in power. The international community has established criminal tribunals to try abusers, but those who remain in power are ordinarily shielded from prosecution by their governments and its protection. Pierre Laval
We ourselves allowed Constantinople, the capital of the East, to be conquered by the Turks. And while we sit at home in ease and idleness, the arms of those barbarians are advancing to the Danube …. In the Eastern imperial city they have massacred the successor of Constantine, along with his people, desecrated the temples of the Lord, sullied the noble edifice of Justinian with their hideous cult of Muhammad. Pius II
people with fascist backgrounds trying to save their careers by becoming useful to the Americans. [The non-Russians] hated the Russians violently…. Their main goal was to convince the U. S. Government of their importance and their ability to help the U. S. Government so they would get support in one way or another Stephen Barrett Tanner
Evil or atrocity often explodes from a furnace built from the steady accretion of small, unchallenged wrong. Neil Shea
I will let loose the dogs of hell, Ten thousand Indians, who shall yell And foam and tear, and grin and roar, And drench their moccasins in gore: To these I’ll give full scope and play From Ticonderoga to Florida John Burgoyne
When you think of the long and gloomy history of man, you will find that far more, and far more hideous, crimes have been committed in the name of obedience than have ever been committed in the name of rebellion. Charles Percy Snow
Since I know that about a million people have been killed by the government of Iraq, I do not need much those weapons of mass destruction. Martti Ahtisaari
I have always had one answer for Communists--kill them all. Ma Hongkui
The greatest gain of this conflict between democracy and fascism lies in the fact that it has drawn together everything that was good in humanity. The unity of the United States, the Soviet Union and Great Britain is the best guarantee to the peoples of the world that Nazi horrors will never again be repeated. Josip Broz Tito
We join a mass movement to escape individual responsibility, or, in the words of the ardent young Nazi, "to be free from freedom." It was not sheer hypocrisy when the rank-and-file Nazis declared themselves not guilty of all the enormities they had committed. They considered themselves cheated and maligned when made to shoulder responsibility for obeying orders. Had they not joined the Nazi movement in order to be free from responsibility? Eric Hoffer
Both sides are slaughtering each other as they scream ‘Allahu akbar …. I say let Allah sort it out. Sarah Palin
There is an inherent tension between the role of amnesties … and the goal of accountability .... Amnesties encourage ex-combatants to disarm and demobilize, advancing the goal of peace in the short term while doing the least possible harm to the goals of truth, justice, reparation and reform – transitional justice values that are contribute to durable peace in the long term. Some view amnesties as sources of impunity that compromise transitional justice by removing the possibility of criminal accountability. Amnesties covering the most serious crimes may also be seen as undermining victim's rights. In such instances, amnesties can damage public confidence in the rule of law. David L. Phillips
The role of German women in Hitler’s war can no longer be understood as their mobilization and victimization on the home front. Hitler’s Germany produced another kind of female character at war, an expression if female activism and patriotism of the most violent and perverse kind. Wendy Lower
The Nazi’s radical anti-Semitism was an attempt to guarantee the complicity of the broadest possible swath of the populace in Nazi crimes. With their hands dripping with blood, most Germans would likely see no real choice but to fight to the death against the allies. William E. Scheuerman
The Nazi Party should be banned and its leaders tried and imprisoned. Should the jails prove already full, the Nazis could be temporarily housed in their own … concentration camps…. Rid the bureaucracy of all authoritarian influences. Otto Kirchheimer
If all the collaborators were removed from their posts in bureaucracies, industries and utilities, the machinery of society would grind to a halt. Punishment of the guilty had to be balanced by other interests. Too much zeal would have made the rebuilding of societies impossible. Max Hastings
Justice must be seen to be done. Ian Buruma
The men under General [Zachery] Taylor’s command committed crimes that would make Heaven weep. Winfield Scott
The cave was full of volunteers yelling like fiends, while on the rocky floor lay … Mexicans, dead and dying in pools of blood, while women and children were clinging to the knees of the murderers and shrieking for mercy …. Nearly 30 Mexicans lay butchered on the floor, most of them scalped. Anonymous
Let me be clear. The indiscriminate slaughter of civilians, the killing of women and children and innocent bystanders by chemical weapons, is a moral obscenity. John Kerry
I don’t care about risk, honestly. The riskiest thing to do is not to act. I would far rather try and fail than fail not trying. John Kerry
It’s not only time to It is time not to take force off the table… It is time to put force on the table and use it Joe Biden
I think we would up that estimate to perhaps close to 500,000 people. Of course nobody know. We merely judge it by whole villages that have been depopulated. Marshall Green
He may be a son of a bitch but he is our son of a bitch. Franklin D. Roosevelt
There were 40,000—45,000 people killed. They were no less important than I am. I want to bring Habre to justice. I can name names and clear up many things. I am ready to face justice as well for what I have done …. During the night, prisoners were executed discretely …. I knew that everyone I arrested would be tortured. Bandjim Bandoum
There is an urgent necessity that our system of international law not allow heads of state to violate the fundamental rights of their citizens or their neighbor with impunity. But a consistently amoral U. S. foreign policy has made this necessity all the more difficult to address. David Rothkopf
The responsibility for all these acts falls first of all on the deported people. Mehmet Talaat Pasha; Tallat Bey
There remains the criticism that America has deserted the minorities. We could have insisted on an independent Armenia only if we had been willing to send an army and navy to Anatolia to fight for it and to support it after the war, but no American is so blind as to believe that this would have been possible. Theodore E. Burton
Those who are innocent today may be guilty tomorrow. Talaat Bey; Mehmet
Everywhere the Bulgarians have passed, one sees only blood, dishonor and ruin. It is a refinement of cruelty which the imagination refuses to comprehend. Constantinne I
Sometimes great injustices may be inflicted on the minority when the majority is in the pursuit of a great and just cause. Paul Robeson
No actual tyrant known to history has ever been guilty of one-hundredth of the crimes, massacres, and other atrocities attributed to the Deity in the Bible. Steve Allen
History should remember Blair and Bush as the killers of children or as the lying prime minister and president. Mohamad Mahathir
For Crimes Against Humanity, Never Brought to Justice Anonymous
For a time I gave the appearance of defending Stalin. I didn't defend what he had done; the fact is, nobody could defend the things that Khrushchev revealed. Tim Buck
God always punishes the tormentors of his Chosen People, the Jews …. No Roman Catholic approves of the persecutions of Jews in Germany Michael von Faulhaber
...among no people of the pre-Christian era do we find so great a number of intellectually prominent men who, by their words and by their whole personality, have devoted themselves to the religious guidance of their nation, as among the people of the early Bible [the Jews]... our Germanists would do well to notice... the science of religions is able to make the comparison; and to the people of Israel it will award this certificate : You have excelled them all by the sublimity of your religion... Michael von Faulhaber
We will burn the old grass and the new will grow. Pol Pot
Exterminate the 50 million Vietnamese... and purify the masses of the [Cambodian] people. Pol Pot
I came to join the revolution, not to kill the Cambodian people. Look at me now. Am I a violent person? No. So, as far as my conscience and my mission were concerned, there was no problem. Pol Pot
Everything I did, I did for my country Pol Pot
It was assumed that the splinters of the Armenian nation that had managed to miraculously escape the Genocide would not be able to recover from the blow, would disappear in the whirlpools on five continents, lose their national identity, and aptitude to be a political factor. But we, as a nation and as a state, were able to reappear at the international arena to affirm that we continue our eternal journey and that we are determined not to allow for such a crime to ever happen again. Serzh Sargsyan
What did the Ottoman Empire bring to the peoples under its yoke other than massacres, oppression, and tyranny? Serzh Sargsyan
While many of us feel a strong emotional attachment to our homeland, we should not allow emotions to deter us from speaking of things the way they really are. It should be remembered that this very surrender to emotion has led to insane and counterproductive atrocities on the scale of the Ankara and Istanbul suicide assaults, as well as the Orly bombing and the Lisbon disaster. By surrendering to emotions we enable the A.R.F. and slogans like "Hagop Hagopian" to lead thousands of well-intentioned patriots down a path which does not lead to Armenia, and to sacrifice the lives of young fighters in campaigns which directly contradict the interests of the Armenian people. If we are to achieve even the minimum requirements for Armenian national self-determination, we must approach problems in a serious and sober manner. Monte Melkonian
The German episcopacy is concerned with questions about Catholic schools, organizations and sterilization which are more important for the Church in Germany than the Jews -- the Jews can help themselves -- why should the Jews expect help from the Church? Michael von Faulhaber
Unless the rebels lay down their arms and release their prisoners I will proceed to set fire to and totally destroy the towns of Killinchy, Killyleagh, Ballynahinch, Saintfield and every farmhouse and cottage in the vicinity of those places, carry off the stock and cattle and out everyone to the sword who may be found in arms. George Nugent
For the first time in the history of relations between people, a precedent has been created by which a great State [Germany], as a result of moral pressure alone, takes it upon itself to pay compensation to the victims [the Jews] of the government that preceded it [Nazi Germany]. David Ben-Gurion
Who could desire to see better sport Than Peelers groaning among the rocks Their skulls all fractured, their eyeballs broken, Their fine long noses and ears cut off. Anonymous
Hearken unto me, ye men if Ireland, and hear my voice! … Your eyes shall have no pity on the breed of Luther…. Behold, the day of the Lord cometh…. Their children also shall ye dash to pieces. Before your eyes their houses shall be spoiled, and their wives ravished…. You see misery upon misery is come upon us …. We have nothing left but to die or starve…. Lament and morn, ye heretics, for the day of your destruction is come. Anonymous
In rushed a Body of Hellhounds—not content with cutting him and stabbing him in several places, they drew a cord round his neck until his Tongue was forced out—It they cut off and three fingers of his right hand—Then they cut out his wife’s tongue and … with a case knife cut off her thumb and four of her fingers one after another. She I fear cannot recover. There was in the house a brother of hers about 14 years old … his tongue, those merciless Villains cut out and cut the calf of his leg with a sword. Edward Hudson
The slaughter was continued all that day and the next, which extraordinary severity, I presume, was used to discourage others from making opposition. And truly I believe that this bitterness will save much effusion of blood. I am persuaded that this is a righteous judgment of God upon those barbarous wretches, who have imbrued their hands in so much innocent blood, and that it will tend to prevent the effusion of blood for the future which are the satisfactory grounds for such actions.] Edmund Ludlow
You, unprovoked, put the English to the most unheard of and most barbarous massacre without respect of sex or age, that ever the sun beheld, and at a time when Ireland was in perfect peace. Oliver Cromwell
A great number of poor Protestants, especially of women and children, they pricked and stabbed with their skeans, pitchforks and swords, and would slash, mangle and cut them in their heads, breasts, faces, arms and other parts of their bodies, but not kill them outright, but leave them wallowing in their blood to languish, starve and pine to death Elizabeth Price
For centuries past a race of a reckless prolificacy, which was deliberately encouraged by the clerics as a means to an end, had been kept within numerical bounds by intertribal raids, massacres, burnings and artificially produced famines. Ernest William Hamilton
The governor … and considerable officers were there, our men getting up to them were ordered by me to put all to the sword; and indeed being in the heat of the action, I forbade them to spare any … Oliver Cromwell
The prisoners were driven into the water and there instantly and most barbarously drowned the most of them. And those … that came to the shore, the knocked on the head, and so after drowned them, or else shot them to death in the water. Elizabeth Price
The soldiers, being moved and much stirred with the loss of their fellows that were slain, and desirous of revenge, made request, or rather pressed to have the killing of them, which they did all …. There were slain that came out of the castle … 200… They be occupied still in killing, and have slain that they have found hidden in the caves and in the cliffs of the sea to the number of 300 to 400 more. Walter Devereux; First Earl of
There is no kind oppression visited on any minority in Europe which the six-county Nationalists have not endured. Irish Press
When we approached the target at half-past two, we stared silently into a sea of flames such as none of us had ever seen before …. In Belfast, there was not a large number of conflagrations, but just one enormous conflagration … Ernst von Kuhren
The Serb kingdom, after varying fortunes culminating in the magnificence of Tsar Stephen Dushan, crowned in 1346 as "Emperor of the Serbs and Greeks" with territories stretching from the Danube to Thessaly and from the Adriatic well into what is today Bulgaria, went down at last before the Turkish invasion; the fatal blow was received on the Field of the Blackbirds on the 15th of June, 1389, a day remembered by the Serbs each year through five centuries as a day of mourning--now the national holiday. Hamilton Fish Armstrong
A distinct and regular method appears to have been followed in the destruction of villages, group by group, for the last two months ... there is a systematic plan of destruction of Turkish villages and extinction of the Muslim population. This plan is being carried out by Greek and Armenian bands, which appear to operate under Greek instructions and sometimes even with the assistance of detachments of regular troops. Inter-Allied Commission on the Greek-Turkish Conflict
Cossacks, I must tell you that you are the butchers of the Russian workers. Will you continue to be so in the future, or will you acknowledge your own wickedness and join the ranks of the oppressed? Up to now you have shown no respect for the poor workers. For one of the Czar's rubles or a glass of wine, you have nailed them living to the cross. Marusya
We turned our Hotchkiss on the prisoners and made and end to them. Thomas Edward Lawrence; of Arabia
The cruelty of the Japanese army in China is one of the blackest pages in history. Barbarian invasions of ancient days furnish no parallel. Readers Digest
We may use or release terrorist groups to seek revenge. Mohamed Atta al-Moula Abbas
We will not sacrifice our relations with the Islamists and Iran for a relationship with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. Yehya Mohammed Kheir
Gordon’s men can defeat the bandits [rebels] but will not kill as many as possible, so my army has to be around to assist them. Li Hongzhang
Belgium’s deplorable record of inhumanity as a colonial power in the Congo was surpassed only by that of Germany in South-West Africa. Max Hastings
It seems to be universally the case that, if one’s enemy does not commit atrocities, one has to invent them for him in order to hate him as he requires to be hated. New Statesman
The population of Belgium ... behaved in a diabolical not to say, bestial manner… They tormented the wounded, beat them to death, killed doctors and medical orderlies, fired secretly … on men harmlessly standing in the street… The King of Belgium has to be notified at once that since his people have placed themselves outside all observance of European custom … They will be treated accordingly Wilhelm II
Unauthorized misdeeds are committed by every army in every war, but in this case the German hierarchy formally endorsed the legitimacy of its soldier’s conduct.. Max Hastings
The German policy – and policy it was – of seizing large numbers of hostages and murdering them wholesale in response to resistance largely or wholly imagined, was unmatched in scale in Western Europe. Max Hastings
The Russians we captured at Tannenberg should be herded into the Courland Peninsula on the Baltic and starved to death. Wilhelm II
Russia has never recognized the crime of the Soviet regime. The crimes of the Stalin regime and the millions who died—There was no repentance. Lev Ponomarev
Syria: It’s a messy civil war and we should not be involved in it. Rand Paul
Both the Irgun and the Lehi focused their attention on British military and governmental targets. Civilians were killed, but they were not generally targeted. The Jewish underground also often called in warnings before attacking targets ... Palestinian terrorism, on the other hand, has been often indiscriminate and frequently directed specifically at civilians. David I. Kurtzer
Since the foolish part of mankind will make wars, from time to time, with each other, not having sense enough otherwise to settle their differences, it certainly becomes the wiser part, who cannot prevent these wars, to alleviate as much as possible the calamities attending them. Benjamin Franklin
Crimes against human rights, never confessed and never publicly denounced, are a poison which destroys the possibility of a friendship between nations. Czeslaw Milosz
He’s [Bashar al-Assad, Syrian President] a different kind of bloodthirsty dictator, the kind who shops on line on his iPad. He’s sort of Arab Dictator 2.0 Nadim Houry
Just when we think it cannot get any worse, the bar of [Syrian] depravity sinks lower. Ban Ki-moon
We have taken down almost every one of the ISIS people who killed, him. processed him or detained him. And we will get the rest even if it takes us another 50 years. Abdullah II
In the course of these contests [the Seminole Wars] the rights of Indian and Negro alike were ruthlessly disregarded. There was redress for neither before the courts, and at the end in dealing with them every honorable principle of men and nations was violated. Benjamin Griffith Brawley
The Armenian movement was the deadliest of all threats. From the conquered lands of the Serbs, Bulgars, Albanians, and Greeks, they could, however reluctantly, withdraw, abandoning distant provinces and bringing the imperial frontier nearer home. But the Armenians, stretching across turkey-in-Asia from the Caucasian frontier to the Mediterranean coast, lay in the very heart of the turkish homeland—and to renounce these lands would have meant not the truncation, but the dissolution of the turkish state. turkish and Armenian villages, inextricably mixed, had for centuries lived in neighborly association. now a desperate struggle between them began—a struggle between two nations for the possession of a single homeland, that ended with the terrible holocaust of 1915, when a million and a half Armenians perished. Bernard Lewis
There may be no escape from the political aspects of setting the record straight on any genocide, and the Armenian Genocide more than most other mass killings has been the victim of deliberate, sustained falsication. Historians are embedded in those politics no matter how faithfully they attend to the obligations of their craft. Ronald Grigor Suny
I'm just a headline: The bad President, the bad guy who is killing the good guys. Bashir Assad
Societies organized for the interplay of individual self-interest can collapse into manic tribalism, if not nihilistic violence. Pankaj Mishra
There is no more Vendée, citizens. It has just perished under our free sword along with its women and children. I have just buried it in the marshes and mud of Savenay. Following the orders you gave me, I have crushed children under the feet of horses and massacred women who at least will give birth to no more brigands. I have no prisoners with which to reproach myself. Anonymous
The Nazi gas chambers are but a detail of history Jean-Marie Le Pen
Terrour...made short warres Thomas Dale
Wholesale Murder on the High Seas New York Herald
Any German Lieutenant could perpetrate some outrage that would bring us into this war. Woodrow Wilson
Over the next decade, the market-driven explosion of surveillance sensors and data analytics will bring an unprecedented level of transparency to global affairs. Commercial satellites will capture daily images of the entire globe, offering inexpensive and automated reports on everything from crop yields to military activity. Journalists, NGOs, and bloggers will increasingly use crowdsourced data to uncover wartime atrocities and expose government hypocrisy. Private security companies will discover the sources of cyberattacks and data theft. Biometric systems will expose the identities of clandestine operatives, and government agencies will struggle to contain leakers and whistleblowers. Sean P. Larkin
Why haven't you killed them yet? William Calley
It is completely unacceptable that there be UN forces committing human rights violations such as rape and sexual violence. All of us together— [member] states and UN—must do our utmost to ensure that any kind of action of this type is severely punished, Antonio Guterres
Though a breach was made in the wall by means of engines, nevertheless the capture of the place did not immediately follow even then. On the contrary, the defenders killed great numbers [of Romans] who tried to crowd through the opening and they also set fire to some of the buildings nearby, hoping thus to check the further progress of the Romans. Nevertheless, the soldiers, because of their superstition, did not immediately rush in but at last, under compulsion from Titus, they made their way inside. Then the Jews defended themselves much more vigorously than before, as if they had discovered a piece of rare good fortune in being able to fight near the Temple and fall in its defense.” The populace was stationed below in the court and the elders on the steps and the priests in the Sanctuary itself. And though they were but a handful fighting against a far superior force, they were not conquered until part of the Temple was set on fire. Then they met their death willingly, some throwing themselves on the swords of the Romans, some slaying one another, others taking their own lives and still others leaping into the flames. And it seemed to everybody and especially to them that so far from being destruction, it was victory and salvation and happiness to them that they perished along with the Temple. While the holy house (The Temple) was on fire, everything was plundered that came to hand, and ten thousand of those that were caught were slain; nor was there a commiseration of any age…but children and old men…and priests, were all slain in the same manner….The flame was also carried a long way, and made an echo, together with the groans of those who were slain…one would have thought the whole city would have been on fire. Nor can one imagine anything greater and more terrible than this noise. Cassius Dio
Indifference to Reality. All nationalists have the power of not seeing resemblances between similar sets of facts. A British Tory will defend self-determination in Europe and oppose it in India with no feeling of inconsistency. Actions are held to be good or bad, not on their own merits, but according to who does them, and there is almost no kind of outrage — torture, the use of hostages, forced labour, mass deportations, imprisonment without trial, forgery, assassination, the bombing of civilians — which does not change its moral colour when it is committed by ‘our’ side. George Orwell
The Newspaper wants me to by neutral with respect to Germany, as if anyone could be neutral in this war. Richard Harding Davis

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