Tony Blair

(Anthony Charles Lynton Blair)

Tony Blair
Tony Blair
  • Born: May 6, 1953
  • Nationality: English
  • Profession: Statesman









Anthony Charles Lynton Blair is a British politician who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1997 to 2007 and Leader of the Labour Party from 1994 to 2007. He was Leader of the Opposition from 1994 to 1997. Blair remains the last British Labour Party leader to have won a general election.

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Tam Dalyell To plagiarize an out of date Ph.D. thesis and to present it as an official report of the latest British intelligence information, surely it reveals a lack of awareness of the disastrous consequences of such a deception. This is not a trivial leak. It is a document on which is the basis of whether or not this country goes to war and whether or not young servicemen and servicewomen are to put their own lives at risk and indeed thousands, tens of thousands of innocent civilians.
William Hague In the Prime Minister, we have a man who has forfeited the right to be believed or to be trusted.
George Galloway All the people you’ve killed—all the lies you’ve told have come back to haunt you. The best thing the Labour Party can do is to sack you.
George W. Bush The problem with the French is that they don't have a word for entrepreneur.
Walter Menzies Campbell Isn’t it clear that the British government has no policy of our own in Iraq and that we are totally dependent on the policy of the United States?
Abd Al-Bari Atwan I am very pleased to see Blair leaving 10 Downing Street. Really, this man caused the greatest humiliation to the Arabs and Muslims, besides George W. Bush – and maybe even more than him. He is the only one in the Western world who supported Bush's wars in the Arab region. It was Tony Blair who encouraged the Americans to invade Iraq, and to wage the current war in it. This man employed lies, deceit, and deception… How can you reward this man by appointing him envoy to the Middle East? It is like a criminal who returns to the scene of the crime. You are sending Blair back to the scene of his crime.
Hugo Chavez Don’t be shameless, Mr Blair. Don’t be immoral, Mr. Blair. You are one of those who have no morals. You are not one who has the right to criticize anyone about the rules of the international community. You are an imperialist pawn who attempts to curry favor with Danger Bush-Hitler, the number one mass murderer and assassin there is on the planet. Go straight to hell, Mr. Blair.
Boris Johnson … to rely on a train, in [Tony] Blair's Britain, is to engage in a crapshoot with the devil.
Mohamad Mahathir History should remember Blair and Bush as the killers of children or as the lying prime minister and president.
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A decent society is not based on rights. It is based on duty. Our duty to one another. To all should be given opportunity; from all responsibility demanded. Miscellaneous
A simple way to take measure of a country is to look at how many want in ... and how many want out. States. Nations & Nationhood
As so often before on the courage and determination of British men and women serving our country the fate of many nations rest. Terrorism
At all levels, but especially at the top, politics is about people. Politics, Politicians & Political Campaigning & Fund Raising
Clinton was the most formidable politician I have ever encountered. Politics, Politicians & Political Campaigning & Fund Raising
Democracies need political parties and political parties need money. Politics, Politicians & Political Campaigning & Fund Raising
Don’t apologize for your values. Tell the world why you are proud of America …. Being American means being free … Freedom & Liberty
Fairness and the Tories always seems to be an oxymoron. Compliments, Insults & Rebukes
His WMD program is active, detailed and growing ...Iraq has chemical and biological weapons ... Saddam has continued to produce them... War & Peace
How do you negotiate a two state solution with the Palestinians when they do not believe that one of the states has the right to exist? States. Nations & Nationhood
I ask you to accept one thing. Hand on heart, I did what I thought was right. I may have been wrong. That's your call Presidency, Vice Presidency & Prime Ministership
I can only go one way, I've not got a reverse gear. Management & Managing Government
I didn't come into politics to change the Labour Party. I came into politics to change the country. Politics, Politicians & Political Campaigning & Fund Raising
I do not seek unpopularity as a badge of honor. It is sometimes the price of leadership. Leaders & Leadership
I do not want a one-term Labor Government that dazzles for a moment and ends in disillusion. I want a Labor Government that governs for a generation and changes Britain for good. Political Parties & Machines
I lead my party. He [John Major] follows his. Compliments, Insults & Rebukes
I shall resist the temptation to say that that was a sound byte. Oratory, Discussion & Debate
If you treat people fairly, you can get the best out of them. Business, Commerce & Finance
I'm a British patriot. What matters is what is in Britain's national interest? Nationalism & Treason ;Citizenship & Patriotism
In the criminal justice system, the law-abiding citizen comes first. Law, Courts, Jails, Crime & Law Enforcement
It’s quite difficult to find the time for strategic thought. Presidency, Vice Presidency & Prime Ministership
Liberalization of trade barriers are essential for long-term global growth. Foreign Trade
One of the problems of being a prime minister is that you can't do what people want all at once. Presidency, Vice Presidency & Prime Ministership
Partnership implies that the individual has responsibilities as well as rights. Citizenship & Patriotism
Providing the vision is easy. Getting policy right is hard. The hard thing about the modern world is doing it. The world is changing so fast. Policy & Policy Making
Reducing poverty is in our own interest. Poverty
Retreat might give us a moment of respite but years of repentance at our weakness would, I believe, follow. Terrorism
Scandal is an absolute nightmare in politics. Scandals
Slowly but surely the old establishment is being replaced by a new, larger, more meritocratic middle class—a middle class that will include millions of people who traditionally may see themselves as working class but whose ambitions are far broader than their parents and grandparents. Equality & Equal Opportunity
So much shared history. So much shared pain. And now the shared hope of a new beginning. Miscellaneous
Sometimes the only way you conquer the pull of power is to set it down. Power
Sports can bring people together in a way that politics cannot. Parks & Recreation
The basic fact is that we won and he lost. War & Peace
The difference between a democracy and other forms of government is not that in a democracy bad things do not happen. The difference is that in a democracy something will be done about it and someone will be held to account. Democracies & Republics
The dilemma of modern progressive politics is that you are always fighting on two fronts: The conservatives on the right, and the conservatives on the left. Liberals & Conservatives
The electorate will forgive you even for decisions that they do not agree with, but they will not forgive you for not deciding. Policy & Policy Making
The essence of leadership involves a clear sense of what you want to achieve, the ability to do what may be unpopular … and a willingness to step up Leaders & Leadership
The fact that you can't do everything doesn't mean that you shouldn't do what you can do. Management & Managing Government
The fanatics should know that we hold our beliefs just as deeply as they hold theirs. Terrorism
The fear of missing out … causes media, more than ever before, [to] hunt in a pack. In these modes it is like a feral beast, just tearing people and reputations to bits. But no-one dares miss out. Media, Journalism & The Press
The Freedom of Information Act isn’t used, for the most part, by the people. It’s used by Journalists … The information is not sought to bestow knowledge upon the people. It is used as a weapon. Secrecy & Transparency
The people’s priorities are our priorities. The people’s concerns are our concerns. Public Opinion & Polling
The problem for a politician of listening to the people, is that they don’t always agree. Politics, Politicians & Political Campaigning & Fund Raising
The science of genetics will complicate immensely national health insurance. Health, Healthcare & Medicine
There is a dismal record of failure in Africa on the part of the developed world that shocks and shames our civilization. Foreign Aid
There is a liquid more precious than oil – water! Environment & Environmentalism
There is a myth that though we love freedom, others don’t---that our attachment to freedom is a product of our culture---that freedom, democracy, human rights, the rule of law are American values or Western values. Member of Congress, they are not Western values. They are universal values of the human spirit. Freedom & Liberty
There is danger in this action. But there is greater danger in inaction. Foreign Policy, World & International Affairs
There is no left or right in economic management today. Economics, The Economy & Fiscal Affairs
This government, unlike the last government, is actually governing. Compliments, Insults & Rebukes
This is the first war we fought in terms of our values, not for our interests. War & Peace
Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime. Slogans & Mottoes
True bipartisanship isn’t talking about it. It’s delivering it. Political Parties & Machines
Ultimately all the options are ugly… These decisions are very, very difficult Energy ;Chemical & Biological Weapons & Energy ;Nuclear, Chemical & Biological Weapons & Energy ;Foreign Policy, World & International Affairs
We have got over our imperial past, and the withdrawal symptoms. Expansionism, Colonialism & Imperialism
We must give everyone a stake in the World’s environment. United Nations
We need not be prisoners of our history. History
We not only need religious friendly democracy, but also democracy friendly religion. Democracies & Republics
We’re not fighting for Christianity but against human fanaticism of all kinds. Terrorism
We’ve taken care not to penalize the wealthy but we have to redistribute some income …It is through reform that we can obtain fairness in the modern world…A reformed welfare state is the only way to obtain social justice. Equality & Equal Opportunity
Weak! Weak! Weak! Compliments, Insults & Rebukes
What the electorate gives, the electorate can take away Voters, Voting & Elections
You do not have people with placards out in the street on North Korea. I mean, that is a disgusting regime. The people are kept in a form of slavery, 23 million of them, and no one protests! Labor Unions, Labor Relations & Strikes ;Slaves, Slavery & The Slave Trade
Your either accused of being dictatorial or of being weak—occasionally both at the same time. You just have to take your pick. Media, Journalism & The Press
Your time is up. Go now. Don't wait until there has been more death and destruction Compliments, Insults & Rebukes
And just as the terrorist seeks to divide humanity in hate, so we have to unify it around an idea. And that idea is liberty.
Anywhere, anytime ordinary people are given the chance to choose, the choice is the same: freedom, not tyranny; democracy, not dictatorship; the rule of law, not the rule of the secret police. Freedom & Liberty
Be a doer and not a critic.
But as I always say to people I'm essentially a public service person.
But I am an optimist about Britain; and the difference between an optimist and a pessimist is not that the optimist believes the world is wonderful and the pessimist believes it's beset by challenges; the difference is the pessimist believes we will be defeated by them; the optimist thinks the challenges can be overcome.
But in terms of how people live together, how we minimize the prospects of conflict and maximize the prospects of peace, the place of religion in our society today is essential. Society ;Religion & God ;War & Peace
But the world is ever more interdependent. Stock markets and economies rise and fall together. Confidence is the key to prosperity. Insecurity spreads like contagion. So people crave stability and order.
Choice dependent on wealth; those are the Tory words.
Conflict is not inevitable, but disarmament is... everyone now accepts that if there is a default by Saddam the international community must act to enforce its will.
Education is the best economic policy there is. Education, Learning, Knowledge & Training
Every so often, I feel I should graduate to classical music, properly. But the truth is, I'm more likely to listen to rock music. Truth ;Music, Chants & Rapps
Genetic modification has many different areas, for example in medicine, and Britain is at the leading edge of this new technology. I don't know, but people tell me, it could indeed by the leading science of the 21st century. All I say to people is: 'Just keep an open mind and let us proceed according to genuine scientific evidence.' Science, Mathematics, Engineering & Technology
However much I dislike the idea of abortion, you should not criminalize a woman who, in very difficult circumstances, makes that choice.
Human progress has never been shaped by commentators, complainers or cynics.
I believe Mrs. Thatcher's emphasis on enterprise was right.
I can only go one way. I've not got a reverse gear.
I cannot think of any circumstances in which a government can go to war without the support of parliament. Government ;War & Peace
I feel like everyone else in this country today. I am utterly devastated.
I happen to think it's the politics that makes you electable, but the reason for that is politicians sometimes talk about electability as if it's just a matter of conning the public. Actually, it's a matter of persuading the public, and in my experience, usually, the public gets it right. Politics, Politicians & Political Campaigning & Fund Raising
I have long believed this interdependence defines the new world we live in.
I learnt a lot in government, and I've learnt a lot since leaving government. The kind of journey of being in government is that you start at your most popular and least capable, and you end at your most capable and least popular. Government
I may find Saddam Hussein's regime abhorrent - any normal person would - but the survival of it is in his hands.
I mean, I went to a church school when I was younger and imbibed a certain amount of religion then but it was really in university that I got interested in religion and politics at the same time. I don't think as if it were one moment of conversion but my spiritual journey really began then. Time ;Religion & God ;Politics, Politicians & Political Campaigning & Fund Raising
I say to the Taliban: surrender the terrorists; or surrender power. It's your choice. Power
I think the journey for a politician goes from wanting to please all the people all the time, to a political leader that realises in the end his responsibility is to decide. And when he decides, he divides. Time
I would've loved to have been in a band, but sadly I just wasn't good enough.
If you are trying to take a difficult decision and you're weighing up the pros and cons, you have frank conversations. Everybody knows this in their walk of life. Life
In April 1991, after the Gulf war, Iraq was given 15 days to provide a full and final declaration of all its WMD. War & Peace
In Downing Street they called me 'Boss'. Civil servants would always call me 'Prime Minister'.
In government you carry each hope; each disillusion. And in politics it's always about the next challenge. Hope ;Government ;Politics, Politicians & Political Campaigning & Fund Raising
In no relationship at the top of any walk of life is it always easy, least of all in politics which matters so much and which is conducted in such a piercing spotlight. Life ;Politics, Politicians & Political Campaigning & Fund Raising
In retrospect, the Millennium marked only a moment in time. It was the events of September 11 that marked a turning point in history, where we confront the dangers of the future and assess the choices facing humankind. Time ;Future ;History
It is not an arrogant government that chooses priorities, it's an irresponsible government that fails to choose. Government
Labour is the party of law and order in Britain today. Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime.
Leaders lead but in the end it's the people who deliver.
Look, I am very competitive.
Mine is the first generation able to contemplate the possibility that we may live our entire lives without going to war or sending our children to war. War & Peace
My dad was a militant atheist, or is a militant atheist. My mum was sort of bought up in a religious family because she was a Protestant from Ireland but wasn't especially religious. Families, Children & Parenting
My faith foundation works to bring about a greater respect and understanding between different faiths. We basically work with six popular religions in the world which are the three Abrahamic religions, Hinduism and Buddhism and Sikhism. Respect ;Religion & God ;Work, Workers & The Labor Force
My office is on Twitter. I don't tweet myself - at least, not intentionally, but I probably should do.
My view is that you still, in order to win from the Labour perspective, have to have a strong alliance with business as well as the unions. You have got to be very much in the centre ground on things like public sector reform. Business, Commerce & Finance
Once his wife goes to sleep it takes a minor nuclear explosion to wake her.
Our new world rests on order. The danger is disorder. And in today's world, it can now spread like contagion.
People know where I stand in the Labour party and what I believe in.
Power without principle is barren, but principle without power is futile. This is a party of government, and I will lead it as a party of government. Power ;Government
So actually I only got a mobile phone the day after I left being Prime Minister.
Sometimes it is better to lose and do the right thing than to win and do the wrong thing.
The art of leadership is saying no, not saying yes. It is very easy to say yes. Leaders & Leadership ;Arts, Culture, Entertainment & Lifestyle
The great advantage of the Lib Dems is precisely that no-one knows what they stand for.
The public think the politicians don't know or care about their lives; and the politicians feel misunderstood.
The purpose of terrorism lies not just in the violent act itself. It is in producing terror. It sets out to inflame, to divide, to produce consequences which they then use to justify further terror.
The spread of freedom is the best security for the free. Freedom & Liberty
The threat from Saddam Hussein and weapons of mass destruction - chemical, biological, potentially nuclear weapons capability - that threat is real.
The threat today is not that of the 1930s. It's not big powers going to war with each other. The ravages which fundamentalist political ideology inflicted on the 20th century are memories. The Cold war is over. Europe is at peace, if not always diplomatically. War & Peace
There is no meeting of minds, no point of understanding with such terror. Just a choice: Defeat it or be defeated by it. And defeat it we must.
There is no way you're going to have an event like 9/11 and expect things to remain the same. They killed 3,000 people in New York on that day, and if they could have they would've killed 300,000.
This is not a battle between the United States of America and terrorism, but between the free and democratic world and terrorism.
Those who wish to cause religious conflict are small in number but often manage to dominate the headline.
Values unrelated to modern reality are not just electorally hopeless, the values themselves become devalued. They have no purchase on the real world.
We, therefore, here in Britain stand shoulder to shoulder with our American friends in this hour of tragedy, and we, like them, will not rest until this evil is driven from our world. History
What people should understand is that I adore the Labour party.
Whatever the dangers of the action we take, the dangers of inaction are far, far greater.
When Europe and America stand together the world is a better and more prosperous place.
Yes, I feel I've got something to say. If people want to listen, that's great, and if they don't, that's their choice.
You know, one of the things I've learnt since coming out of office is how much easier it is to give the advice than take the decision. I mean, you know, it's tough.
You know, the media and politicians are always gonna be in a bit of tension with one another and probably most of the time that's healthy and indeed even creative. But it's where - it's really when news organisations are used as kind of instruments of politics that it gets tricky. Time ;Politics, Politicians & Political Campaigning & Fund Raising
You only require two things in life: your sanity and your wife. Life