Tommy Davidson

(Thomas Davidson)

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Blacks don't square dance. If you see a black person square dancing, it is definitely the seventh sign.
I can personally feel the relief myself in my audiences when I bring up Obama because there was a lot of anti-Obama sentiment out there before the capture of bin Laden.
I do so many roles, I can't be typecast.
I used to want to be a singer and a musician for years, from 6 years old to today. I'm not really good, but in time I could be. I'm more of a singer than anything. Time
I'd like to continue doing movies, clubs, concert halls and television. I like something about each one. Arts, Culture, Entertainment & Lifestyle
I'm a creature of adaptation. I take advantage of the second and the moment. My comedy breathes; it's not really that predictable. I do have a linear style, but other than that, there's a lot of abstract. I just go off on what I'm thinking. I'm not that topical. I like to talk about me and my experiences.
'New Jack City' and 'Boyz 'N the Hood' are realities, but movies like 'Strictly Business' are realities, too. Business, Commerce & Finance ;Arts, Culture, Entertainment & Lifestyle
Stand-up keeps you alive. It is definitely the most specialized field in comedy because you need to stay sharp and well-tuned every night.
'Strictly Business' is about a young black man who is learning about himself, and that applies to a lot of young black men, those who are trying to find jobs. This film gives them a good look at that situation. Education, Learning, Knowledge & Training ;Business, Commerce & Finance