Theodore G. Bilbo

(Theodore Gilmore Bilbo)

Theodore G. Bilbo
Theodore G. Bilbo
  • Born: October 13, 1877
  • Died: August 21, 1947
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession:









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[Describing his opponent:] ... a cross between a hyena and a mongrel ... begotten in a graveyard at midnight, suckled by a sow and educated by a fool. Politics, Politicians & Political Campaigning & Fund Raising
… one drop of Negro blood placed in the veins of the purest Caucasian destroys the inventive genius of his mind and strikes palsied his creative faculty. Discrimination & Prejudice
A. Philip Randolph is the type who believes in force and who has bragged about the technique of force which he used in the threatened march on Washington in 1941. This was the time when he intimidated the President of the United States with the threat of riotous conditions in the Nation's Capital at a moment when the whole Nation was preparing for World War II. Using this method, he and his collaborators secured the President's signature to the famous Executive Order No. 8802, which was the birth of the un-American bastard known as the Fair Employment Practice Committee. The word "reason" is not in his vocabulary. He does not know how to plead or ask for anything that he wants for the Negro people. Using the communistic pattern, he vociferously and obstreperously DEMANDS. Labor Unions, Labor Relations & Strikes
Although the race problem may seem to lie dormant at times, it continually exists, lives on and on and sometimes rages with all the fury of a jungle beast. It gnaws at the very vitals of our existence, in time it will sap our strength and destroy the greatness of our American way of life unless solved properly and permanently. Discrimination & Prejudice
Anything done [in politics] is all right unless you get caught. Morality, Ethics & Conflict of Interest
Dear Nigger-lover: Minorities & Women
Hereafter, in any State, Territory, possession, or the District of Columbia, the marriage of a white person and a Negro or mulatto or a person who shall have one-sixteenth or more of Negro blood, or with a Mongolian or with a person who shall have one-sixteenth or more of Mongolian blood, shall be unlawful, and such marriage shall be void. Any person who is a party to any such marriage, or who knowingly performs a marriage ceremony to which such persons are a party, shall, upon conviction thereof, be punished by a fine of not to exceed $10,000 and by imprisonment of not to exceed ten years. Discrimination & Prejudice
If social equality should be granted and intermarriage should become a matter of individual taste, then the pride of race and the sense of blood superiority which has heretofore protected the Southern whites would be destroyed. Families, Children & Parenting
In eighteen states in this white man's country and also in the District of Columbia, where the Nation's Capitol is located, intermarriage of the races is permitted by law. This fact is a national shame, or should I say crime, against the white race of America, and I pray God that these states and the Congress of the United States … will do something about this situation before it is too late Discrimination & Prejudice
Mrs. Roosevelt has gone so far in aiding the campaign for complete social equality that she has, in effect, endorsed intermarriage. She thinks marriage between whites and Negroes is an individual matter since it is a very personal problem . The unanimous condemnation of the Southland came down upon her. Compliments, Insults & Rebukes
No crisis has proved too great for American ability, ingenuity, and courage. Discrimination & Prejudice
Right here in Mississippi some people are about ready to lead a mob … In fact, I’m getting a little pink myself. Civil Disorder, Riots, Protests & Demonstrations
Take Your Choice: Separation or Mongrelization Discrimination & Prejudice
The United States Office of Education has likewise been guilty of spreading racial equality propaganda. In a report to the press, Dr. John W. Studebaker, head of the Office of Education, and his Negro assistant, Dr. Ambrose Caliver, who is racial adviser in the office of Education, called upon the colleges and universities of the South to open their doors to Negro students Education, Learning, Knowledge & Training
The white civilizers of India gave the world a great civilization …. The Hindoos used caste, supported by law and religion, to keep their blood pure. They used every remedial measure known to man except physical separation of the races in order to maintain racial integrity, but all their efforts failed and the result may be written in one word - amalgamation or mongrelization. Men who call themselves Hindoos still exist but in name only Ethnic Groups
There is no middle ground on the question of interracial marriage. A person either favors or condemns such unions. The Negroes and negrophiles in the United States today who are waging the campaign for complete racial equality must be assumed to favor the amalgamation of the races unless they have openly stated their opposition. Discrimination & Prejudice
This problem, which exists because of the presence of … Negroes in this country, can be permanently solved only by the physical separation of the races or by resigning ourselves to total mongrelization resulting in the destruction of both the white and black races Discrimination & Prejudice