Steve Jurvetson

(Stephen T. Jurvetson)

Steve Jurvetson
Steve Jurvetson
  • Born: March 1, 1967
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Founder Managing Director, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Co-founder Future Ventures









Quote Topics Cited
Flourishing is everyone's birthright. I'm trying to break this hold that being smiley and cheery has on what people think the good life is. Life
Go to the moon - that's my dream.
History has proven time and again that downturns are the best time to invest in new start-ups. You get good deals and find a better environment for start-ups to grow. Time ;History
I'd stay away from investments in a variety of sectors that are capital intensive. Anyone who says we need $100 million before we know if what we're doing makes sense and the customers want it - that's not going to work. Work, Workers & The Labor Force
If you thought financial crises came and went, just count on them - another economic collapse, it's almost going to be like not news any more. But for startups this is great, because it's a perpetual driver of disruption.
IT is now reaching out to fuels and chemicals, energy and clean tech, rockets, all kinds of bizarre industries that formerly didn't face much competition.
Putting seven people in orbit should not cost more than flying a commercial jet around Earth.
Something new will always be the source of growth in Silicon Valley.
The first generation of biotech physically cut and pasted from one organism to another. You learned that taxol helped cure cancer, then you found the source organism and extracted the genes to make your drug. Now physical science is becoming information science. Science, Mathematics, Engineering & Technology
The future will be less predictable, forecast rises will shrink, company lifetimes will shrink, new entrants will proliferate and it's going to just get more unpredictable. Future
There aren't many sources of money in San Diego, apart from local partnerships and local investors. It's pretty starkly polarized to Silicon Valley. Money, Coins & Minting
When a nanotech company matures and becomes a real business, it becomes something else. It becomes a biotech company or a cleantech company or a memory chip company. Nanotechnology has fueled the core innovations in electronics and energy. Business, Commerce & Finance
While, in general, life satisfaction goes up with wealth, beyond the safety net more and more wealth brings very radically diminishing returns on life satisfaction. Life