Samuel R. Berger

(Samuel Richard "Sandy" Berger)

Samuel R. Berger
Samuel R. Berger
  • Born: October 28, 1945
  • Died: December 2, 2015
  • Nationality:
  • Profession:









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Although globalization is inexorable, its benefits are not. Economics, The Economy & Fiscal Affairs
Globalization has raised the strategic cost of indifference to local conflict …. Today we can choose not to act, but we can no longer choose not to know. War & Peace
I have come to learn that preliminary judgments are not judgments. Miscellaneous
If China can succeed in the next few years, it will transform that country, Asia and the world in ways that will serve our long term interests. Religion & God
Local conflicts can have global consequences. War & Peace
More than one billion people in the world live on a dollar a day or less. Nothing keeps them poor more than barriers and subsidies in wealthy countries, which cost the developing world much more than it gets in aid. Foreign Aid
Not every time there's a disagreement is somebody lying. Human Nature
Our success is now so apparent to others that one of our biggest challenges now is to manage the resentment it sometimes generates. Miscellaneous
Peace and security for the United States depend on building principled, constructive, clear-eyed relations with our former great-power adversaries. Diplomacy & Diplomats
That is where American foreign policy begins—with the interest, the aspirations, and the values of the American people. Foreign Policy, World & International Affairs
We cannot turn back the tides of globalization any more than King Knute [995-1035] could turn back the tides. Foreign Trade
We have a growing interest in Africa’s success. Foreign Policy, World & International Affairs
We want to resolve this peacefully but if we can’t, there are some things worth fighting for. War & Peace

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