Risa Lavizzo-Mourey

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Dr. Risa Lavizzo-Mourey is the President and CEO of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, One of America's largest philanthropic organizations devoted to health and health care. She is the first woman and the first African-American to head the Foundation, which has an endowment of about $8 billion and distributes more than $400 million a year.

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American healthcare faces a crisis in quality. There is a dangerous divide between the potential for the high level of quality care that our health system promises and the uneven quality that it actually delivers. Health, Healthcare & Medicine
Electronic medical records are, in a lot of ways, I think the aspect of technology that is going to revolutionize the way we deliver care. And it's not just that we will be able to collect information, it's that everyone involved in the healthcare enterprise will be able to use that information more effectively. Health, Healthcare & Medicine ;Science, Mathematics, Engineering & Technology
Higher costs naturally translate into fewer employers offering insurance coverage, and fewer employees accepting it, even when it is offered.
I always knew I wanted to be a doctor, but I also knew that being a doctor meant more than treating just the patient in front of you.
I had an interest in health policy and a realization that, as an academic physician, one of the things you're always looking to do is to have your clinical interests and your scholarly interests overlap and reinforce one another. Health, Healthcare & Medicine
I start my day by trying to be healthy and exercising and thinking about and reading about the challenges. I live the mission that way.
I tell every young woman who asks me, be very careful about your choice of spouse. If you don't have a supportive spouse, it will be difficult to take on so many things.
I think one key part of doing more with less is to be more strategic, to realize what the objectives you're truly trying to accomplish are and then to drive with greater focus towards those objectives.
I wanted to go from seeing the individual patient to seeing the plural - the whole population as a market. You want to see the larger population, yet at the same time you need to understand the impact of decisions on individuals. Time
Increasingly we know that we're going to have multiple medical conditions, and the person who's got the greatest incentive to manage those conditions is the patient him or herself. Health, Healthcare & Medicine
It isn't unusual to see children climb into a car every morning to be ferried to the front door of a school that's just a few blocks away. Morning
I've been described as impatient.
My mother was a pediatrician, and she kept busy hours. I learned from her you could pack a lot into the day. Every minute had to count, and multitasking was a given.
Once I started working with older people, I realized how much I enjoyed the intellectual challenge of taking care of patients who have multiple, complex medical problems. Health, Healthcare & Medicine
Progress among the youngest children is especially important because we know that preventing obesity at an early age helps young people maintain a healthy weight into adulthood.
Safe Routes to School is one with great potential to get children walking and biking to school again. The program uses federal grants to make road and sidewalk repairs aimed at getting kids to school safely on foot or bicycle. The money also supports efforts to get the community, school officials and others involved. Money, Coins & Minting
The causes of obesity are varied and complex, but the lack of daily physical activity is an important factor.
The people that you work with, the organizations that are committed to the same objectives. If they know that you're in it together, and you're working towards the same objectives, and you agree on how to do more with less, you can actually have a greater impact. Work, Workers & The Labor Force
The things that are going to actually help you or me stay healthy are not necessarily the things that happen inside a doctor's office. They're the things that allow us to choose healthy lifestyles on a day-by-day basis.
This is our bottom line: The ways we give should and will evolve to enable us to achieve greater impact to improve the health and health care of all Americans. Health, Healthcare & Medicine
Traditional nursing facilities are sterile institutions rather than homes - which is why many Americans do not want to live in one or want this as their only option for themselves or their family members. Families, Children & Parenting
Understand the ways in which your hard work is going to be necessary to achieve the goals that you want. Work, Workers & The Labor Force
Unlike traditional nursing homes, Green House homes provide elders with a high quality of life and quality of care in a setting that feels like a real home. By altering the facility size, interior design, staffing patterns and service-delivery method, the Green House model provides residents better, safer and more personalized care. Life
We all have to learn how to reengineer healthy living back into our lives.
What happened to the tradition of walking to school? The simple answer is change. Change in traffic patterns and street planning that have made school routes less pedestrian-friendly.
What is Medicaid all about? It's staying true to the mission: to care for people historically left behind.