Richard Madden

Richard Madden
Richard Madden
  • Born: June 18, 1986
  • Nationality: Scottish
  • Profession: Actor









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Bill Haskell was real.
Doing jobs that are completely different to the last thing I did pushes me as an actor to change as much as I can. It would be easy for me to stay in a similar vein of characters or jobs, but I'm drawn to challenging myself.
Doing Shakespeare on stage with Kenneth Branagh, I don't think it gets better than that.
'Game of Thrones' couldn't be a movie. There's too much in it. You couldn't do it justice.
Good people never survive on 'Game of Thrones.' That's the problem.
Google is the enemy. I would tell that to anyone who enjoys any TV show like 'Game of Thrones' to avoid it; it spoils so many storylines.
I always try to pick my parts to be as diverse as I can, and especially when you do 'Game of Thrones' for so many months of the year.
I believe in love at first sight and hindsight. Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex
I can see how child stars can be thrown off-kilter.
I don't find it hard to stay humble.
I hate all the red carpet stuff. It's weird, because it's part of what's expected of you now.
I have such pride in my job.
I have two sisters, so we watched all of the Disney films. I think I still know the lyrics to them all.
I just love to be able to actually build a character. Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex
I kind of started 'Game of Thrones' as a really young actor and not a lot on my CV.
I know people like Jon Snow a lot.
I like clothes and fashion. It's a hobby for me and I really enjoy being part of it, so it's nice when people say: 'He can dress quite well.'
I like to try to change things up a bit in the way that actors such as Philip Seymour Hoffman or Michael Fassbender did and do.
I love 'Doctor Who.' Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex
I love doing television; it's such a brilliant way to tell a story over six hours rather over the two hours of doing a movie. Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex
I love Jon Snow's character. Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex
I love Lady Stoneheart! Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex
I need to kind of get a job that's going to take me to, like, Hawaii or Rio or something, right? Maybe I need to make better decisions with that.
I only have an awareness of what I'm trying to achieve as an actor and what my job as the character is to service.
I played Romeo when I was younger, and I think I did a couple kind Romeo-like parts after that, and I kind of went, 'I mustn't do this again. I must always choose something that I don't know if I'm a good enough actor to play.'
I think I need to film something tropical on a beach in a bar.
I think I'd much rather have a wooden stick and metallic ball than a real dire wolf on set.
I think it's good for an actor to bounce between stuff on camera and stuff in theatre. If I could do half and half every year I would be a very, very happy man.
I think meeting someone like, meeting Sam Shepard, that was someone who was kind of important for me, because I'd read so much of his work and watched him as an actor since I was a kid, then being on set doing a scene with him and thinking, 'This is really surreal.' Work, Workers & The Labor Force
I think often I learn the most from other people's mistakes. If I'm in the audience watching an actor and thinking, 'I don't believe you,' I spend the rest of the play working out why I don't believe them.
I thought 'Game of Thrones' had this challenge in filming, and it's one of those things you think, 'It can't get worse than this,' because it's really cold, and you're in pain, and it's miserable.
I try to be outdoors as much as I can.
I try to live honestly in every aspect of my life, which can make things a bit more complicated, right? Life
I was a nervous kid, not great socially.
I was always a bit old for my age, then suddenly I'm on set, working alongside the adults, skipping school completely for two years.
I was at a rough high school where admitting you were an actor didn't go down well.
I went to drama school in Scotland.
I'd love to do something on Broadway. I'd love to spend some time in New York. Time ;Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex
If ever anyone comes up to me, it's usually like, 'You look really like that guy on that show.' And you're like, 'Really?' And they're like, 'Yeah. Cool. See you later.' And you're like, 'Cool, man.'
I'm a sci-fi guy. But I like fantasy too.
I'm an actor and my job is to interpret.
I'm dying to do something sci-fi! I would love to be on a spaceship and firing a laser gun! Something like that would be really awesome. Or something with dinosaurs. Or preferably both at once. Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex
I'm lucky to get jobs where I get these amazing film horses that make me look much better than I am.
It's nice to have recognition for doing a good job, but at the end of the day, I'm just an actor and I'm doing my job and I'm always trying to get better at doing that job.
I've watched 'Doctor Who' since I was a kid. I loved it, and I still love it. I can geek out about it, like when I go to set and see the TARDIS. Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex
No one in safe in 'Game of Thrones.'
Oh, I am not naturally gifted in dancing in any way! Stupidly, I didn't go to those classes in drama school. I was like, 'I don't need that; I'll never be dancing in anything.'
One of the most beautiful things about 'Game of Thrones' is it's told from so many different points of view, and these characters can convince you that what they're doing is right. But they're only showing you a bit of the picture, and when you see it from another character's point of view you may switch allegiances.
Robb Stark was a young man not expecting anything, thinking his life is going to be on one path, and then he's pushed. More weight and responsibility get put onto him; more demands are made of him. For me, as an actor, there are parallels to that. Life
The costume affects your posture, affects your walk, how you hold yourself, and how you breathe. The costumes make you deliver.
To be with Derek Jacobi and Stellan Skarsgard, it's a master class in acting every day.
Typically in 'Game of Thrones,' people who are honest and just and do things for the right reasons tend not to survive.
We don't really get to see gay characters who are completely open with their sexuality, but it doesn't define who they are.
When I was younger, I did a TV show in the U.K. for a couple years, and I learned a lot from that. It taught me a lot about being known amongst your peers and having to deal with a lot of derision from them.
When I was younger, I did a TV show in the U.K. for a couple years, and I learned a lot from that. It taught me a lot about being known amongst your peers and having to deal with a lot of derision from them. It's not easy being known as 'the kid from the TV show.' Not in school it's not.
When I'm not working, I like to be comfortable. I do like to dress smart, but comfort is important.
When you're not in studios, you don't have any luxuries; you can't control the elements, so you have to put up with those extremes.
You act at being a man, and before you know it, you are one.
You have to be delicate with how you can portray characters other people are having a worship over.
You learn something new on every film.

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