Orlando Bloom

(Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom)

Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom
  • Born: January 13, 1977
  • Nationality: English
  • Profession: Actor, Film Producer, Ambassador









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A big part of what I wanted to do with this character was go from when I was a boy and try and develop into a man, really try and play him as a man who is on this search, on a journey of personal, spiritual, political, social discovery.
A friend told me that teenage girls are always looking for someone to pin their dreams on. That doesn't make it any less weird though.
Actors don't really get into their stride until they're in their late 30s and 40s.
Although it is a fantasy film, it's as real as it can be. You have to imagine that an audience will buy their ticket to a cinema and get on a first-class flight and journey to Middle Earth.
As a child, I had the opportunity to meet the captain onboard a British Airways flight. It was so exciting to see the cockpit and controls. I was in awe of the captain, and he stamped my log book, which I still have to this day.
As a child, I was always drawn to heroic characters. I decided I wanted to act when I realised that Superman and all those gangsters and Indians were just real people in costume.
As a young actor, I found myself in all these movies at once, with two big trilogies and a Cameron Crowe film and working with Ridley Scott a couple of times. Arts, Culture, Entertainment & Lifestyle
As an actor, you can't think about the end result or the fame; you just have to focus on the day you're in. You have no control over the finished product, what people will think of it, so all you have is the experience of making it, and you have to stay focused on that.
Attraction doesn't stop when a child is born. It's the opposite. Being a mum and dad makes you even sexier. Families, Children & Parenting
Be comfortable. I think if you're comfortable, you exude confidence, and that leads to good style.
Being a gentleman is a worthy goal.
Being referred to as a hunk or a heartthrob makes me nervous, but it's flattering. But I'm more interested in being an actor than a heartthrob.
Believing you're something that you're not excites the mind and the imagination. And it's hopeful.
Creativity is the key for any child with dyslexia - or for anyone, for that matter. Then you can think outside of the box. Teach them anything is attainable. Let them run with what you see is whatever they need to run with.
Drama class was one of the only areas at school I responded to.
Elves are cool, man.
Elves are like trees, grounded and focused from the trunk down but graceful and agile on top.
Elves have this superhuman strength, yet they're so graceful. Tolkien created them to be angelic spirits, but I also saw Legolas as something out of the Seven Samurai.
Elves live in harmony with the world, and I try to do that.
Every stylish man should have a copy of 'The Fountainhead' by Ayn Rand on his bookshelf.
Everybody thinks I'm very clean and sort of upright, don't they?
Failure is simply the non-presence of success. But a fiasco is a disaster of mythic proportions. Failure ;Success
Fear is not a friend of mine. But it's something to have a healthy awareness of.
For a kid in London, Hollywood seems like such a mythical place.
Having people jumping in front of you taking a photo can be unnerving.
How can you be in hell while you are in my heart?
I am a Buddhist.
I am a hopeless romantic and I love to spoil my girlfriends. Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex ;Romantic
I am very different to how people think I am. It's the characters I play that they are responding to.
I bungee-jump, skydive, surf and snowboard.
I came back out here from England and I was there for a while and it was beautiful and it is just great to see London going from Spring to Summer and Autumn.
I came out of drama school thinking I'd do some theatre, maybe some television, and maybe, someday, a film.
I crave working on those small independent movies because I love going to see those myself. Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex ;Arts, Culture, Entertainment & Lifestyle
I did send a girl a plane ticket asking her for a visit, I guess that's quite romantic. Romantic
I don't buy art to put away somewhere. I buy art to appreciate, enjoy, and live with. It's supposed to add to your life. Life ;Arts, Culture, Entertainment & Lifestyle
I don't do a film unless it has a sword in it. And if it doesn't have a sword in it, I insist that they have one in the same room to keep me comfortable.
I don't like to talk about girlfriend stuff. It's not necessary. I try to keep my relationships separate from everything else.
I don't want to be a pretty boy.
I don't want to do only blockbusters.
I feel real confidence in working on the stage.
I feel really privileged to be an actor, to be paid to do something I love. Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex
I found myself doing all these action-adventure movies, and it's been a fantastic experience, and I've learnt a lot. Arts, Culture, Entertainment & Lifestyle
I generally travel with my laptop, a couple of great books, and my iPod. Travel
I got to dress up in funny clothes and run around New Zealand with a bow and arrow for 18 months, how bad could that be? Humor
I got to work with one of my heroes, Johnny Depp, and to see how he goes about business, which was really inspiring for me at this stage in my career. Business, Commerce & Finance ;Work, Workers & The Labor Force
I had plenty of vices growing up.
I had studied theater for three years in London when someone suggested me for the role.
I had the training at drama school where I studied Shakespeare and Brecht and Chekov and all these period historical playwrights and I think that I responded to the material.
I have a personal little routine that I do in my dressing room just to kind of get myself mentally prepared to go on stage, and part of that is a poem that I read to myself.
I have always found myself playing the hero, but I love villains. Villains have more fun. Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex
I have flown with British Airways since I was a very little child, so it feels quite special to have gone from family holidays flying around Europe to become a gold card holder and be spoiled enough to travel more than not in first class. Travel ;Families, Children & Parenting
I have good spacial awareness, and I'm pretty comfortable with a sword.
I have played a boxer, a cowboy, a knight, a prince, an elf and a pirate. I am so glad to have done all of that already.
I just want to have a nice, happy life. Life
I know you can be up one minute and drop the next, so I'm trying to maintain a steady course so I can have some longevity.
I look forward to working with UNICEF as they continue to make the world a better place for children.
I love traditions. I mean, cultural ones. Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex
I missed my home - like the physicality of my home, I missed my friends and my family mostly and just hanging out and being in your home country - culturally it feels right and that is what I miss. Families, Children & Parenting
I never responded to teaching.
I pinch myself daily at the good fortune of my life, you know, in many ways. Life
I remember one time that I was filming a scene in whych my character rides through Troy on a chariot. I just looked around at this incredible set thinking 'This is the life'. Life ;Time
I still like to walk around and take photographs, but it's hard to do that if a lot of people are looking at you.
I suppose being quite young and being thrust quite dramatically into a large public arena skewered my vision of what it means to live and be a part of something.
I think a film set is a quite controlled environment and you feel like you can trust them and it is going to be a safe place to work, but I really don't think about it. Trust ;Work, Workers & The Labor Force
I think it's important if you are an actor, if you are portraying human life, you have to connect with what is human. It's not easy if you spend a lot of time in L.A. and get sucked into the hedonism of the industry. Life ;Time
I think it's sort of a rite of passage for a British actor to try and get the American accent and have a good crack at doing that.
I think that its easy to think of the environment as all doom and gloom and that, 'What can we do, it's too late. And the polar bears are gone, and everything is gone.' But really, just the little steps that we can make as individuals make a big difference.
I try to take the time to appreciate and I certainly do appreciate and I do feel proud but that is probably one of the things I need to work on, building a bit of time for myself. Time ;Work, Workers & The Labor Force
I used to ride motorbikes and drive cars like everything was a racetrack; it was ridiculous. It wasn't because I thought it was cool; it was just because I loved living on the edge. But I've chilled.
I want to do things that terrify me, unless they're going to kill me.
I want to do work that has a message and casts a light over an area that's dark. But I'm fun and jovial, too. Work, Workers & The Labor Force
I want to have an impact on my son.
I want to play James Bond - are you kidding me? I'm putting my name in the ring!
I was an angry, angry child at times.
I was quite fearless as a kid. But I've had to realize I'm not invincible. That's what breaking your back does. It makes you grow up and reassess life. Life
I went to Antarctica on a science research boat just to sort of clear my head. Science, Mathematics, Engineering & Technology
I wish I could just be in the movies and still enjoy everything else like a normal person. Arts, Culture, Entertainment & Lifestyle
I wondered how they would top the Pirates and skeletons and moonlight, because that's a pretty cool concept.
I would love to have played Gollum. Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex
I'd love to return to theater. Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex
If life isn't about human beings and living in harmony, then I don't know what it's about. Life
If you think of the ice caps as the fridge of our planet, if your fridge at home died, the food you eat would go rotten, and you'd starve. Nutrition, Food, Starvation, Farming & Agriculture
If you were to ask everyone what 'Hamlet' was about, they might say, "It's about a prince, and he says, 'To be or not to be.'"
I'm always amazed at anyone's interest in what I have to say.
I'm amazed that things have panned out the way they have. I always say I'm so lucky, though my mum always says, 'You make your own luck.'
I'm completely in love with the idea of love. Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex
I'm going to start a new career as a singer, I think. I'm going to go the way of Russell Crowe.
I'm looking at doing things that challenge me.
I'm not interested in celebrity.
I'm old-school English, so I suppose I'm quite protective - especially of time. Now that I'm a father, every moment is precious. Time
I'm quite sensitive to women. I saw how my sister got treated by boyfriends. I read this thing that said when you are in a relationship with a woman, imagine how you would feel if you were her father. That's been my approach, for the most part. Women
I'm so happy to have been a part of that process and I would go straight back into the desert in a ton of chain mail for Ridley any day of the week. He's an amazing director and I can't wait to see the long version.
I'm still at the beginning of my career. It's all a little new, and I'm still learning as I go. Education, Learning, Knowledge & Training
I'm sure I was a great disappointment to many women because I wasn't Errol Flynn. But I'm me. I think that's got some merit. Women
I'm trying to mix the cool, independent stuff with the big stuff, but it's been difficult finding the right roles. It's been an interesting ride as far as my career pendulum is concerned.
It takes obstacles to learn, grow, be better.
It's mad because as a woman, you carry the baby for nine months, so you're very conscious that you have a little one inside you. But for a guy, it's suddenly, there's a baby there.
I've done all these historical epics and chivalrous roles, but there's an odder, quirkier side to me that nobody knows about.
I've done movies with a sword before. But I haven't really been given the full responsibility of something like a Ridley Scott film. Arts, Culture, Entertainment & Lifestyle
I've lived a very nomadic life, which I enjoy. Life
I've never been a great one for technology. Science, Mathematics, Engineering & Technology
Legolas in 'Lord Of The Rings' was sent as a bridge from his people into the world of dwarves and humans and wizards and everything else.
Legolas is fantastic to dress up in - of course he is - and I've had the best time playing him. Time
Legolas is that kind of action elf who pouts a bit, stares off to the distance, and has a couple hero moments, killing with a lethal bow and arrow along the way.
Life is about balance, and we all have to make the effort in areas that we can to enable us to make a difference. Life
Life is going to unfold as it should because life always does. Life
Life sometimes doesn't work out exactly as we plan or hope for. Life ;Hope ;Work, Workers & The Labor Force
London is one of the most exciting cities in the world, with a melting pot of cultures and diversity.
Lord of the Rings was my first experience making movies and at the time, I had no ideas how movies were done. I thought that's the way they're done, so in a way, I had nothing to compare it to. Time ;Arts, Culture, Entertainment & Lifestyle
Love is what we aspire to most in our lives. Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex
Low budget movies make lots of money. Money, Coins & Minting ;Arts, Culture, Entertainment & Lifestyle
Mark Ruffalo is just an amazing guy and an amazing director.
Maybe our generation is more about sex, but it feels like romance is dying out.
Men treat men differently than they would a woman.
Movies like that aren't about the visual effects and explosions. They're human stories about family, about life, about death. Life ;Death ;Families, Children & Parenting
My baby is amazing; even his head smells amazing. His breath, the whole thing, you could eat him! He's a big, beautiful boy. He's great.
My childhood was kind of complicated. I have an older sister, but my father, my mother's husband, died when I was four years old. So I only had my mum and sister, really.
My cousin once told me, 'You're tall, you're handsome - and you're gonna have to apologize for it the rest of your life.' He imparted that information to me. Life
My first priority is trying to protect my family. Families, Children & Parenting
My mom used to tell me, 'If you read 50 books, I'll get you a motorbike.'
My mother's husband Harry Bloom was a writer, a novelist, a reporter, and an anti-apartheid activist.
My whole career has been fulfilling my childhood fantasies, playing characters that are larger than life, getting to play a knight, an elf, a prince, and a soldier. Life
Now my favourite pastime is to take a bath with my son.
Obviously I always wanted to do a contemporary piece.
Obviously, I'm not a singer. I don't consider myself a singer.
People come into your life and people leave it... you just have to trust that life has a road mapped out for you. Life ;Trust
People think getting a new partner is like getting a new car.
Pilates is great.
Shakespeare is a wonderful language to speak, but it's also a world to get your mind into thematically.
Since I've had a son, I want to be around to see him grow up.
Sofia Coppola is wonderful, and I'd love to work with her. Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex ;Work, Workers & The Labor Force
Someone tried to save my soul in a gas station.
Steve McQueen is my style hero. He's just cool, isn't he?
Success can allow you to try for greatness, can give you an opportunity to take a chance on something. I'm very blessed to have the success that I've had, and that's given me so many opportunities to work on being great. Success ;Work, Workers & The Labor Force
Take time to enjoy the flight - read a good book, watch a film, catch up on emails and sleep. Time
Talk about your problems. There's no need to feel shy. It's always good to talk about issues that concern you.
The best way to look stylish on a budget is to try second-hand, bargain hunting, and vintage.
The philosophy of Buddhism is connected to everything. So it probably does have some connection with acting, yes.
The process of making a movie is what I love. I thrive on that. It's an exciting miracle, a mad adventure. I love being part of it. Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex
The role of an actor is to make every character believable.
The truth is - I found myself doing these huge action-adventure movies, and um, and which are cool man. And I really love doing them. And thankfully I haven't had too much dialogue, because if I had I would have really made a mess of it. You know what I mean? Truth ;Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex
The world produces enough food for everyone. Why are one billion people going hungry? Nutrition, Food, Starvation, Farming & Agriculture
The world throws you out of your body, especially the cyberworld.
There are complications in relationships between men and women. There always will be. Women
There's a difference between a failure and a fiasco... a fiasco is a disaster of mythic proportions. Failure
There's a whole element of human interaction and character interaction that I really enjoy doing.
Think about finding out when you're 13 that your dad is not your dad. It's like, okay, take it on the chin and keep going. No choice, really. Families, Children & Parenting
Unfortunately, I'm very accident-prone.
Until this movie I have played a boxer, a cowboy, a knight, a prince, an elf and a pirate. I am so glad to have done all of that already, and am ready for this phase of my career.
Vig used to call me 'Elf boy', and I'd call him 'filthy human'. As an Elf, I never got a scratch on me, never got dirty. And Vig would come out with blood and sweat all over him. And he'd say to me, 'Oh, go manicure your nails.'
Viggo Mortensen had the biggest impact on me in terms of approach, dedication, intention, and artistic outlook, and I'm nowhere close to how good he is as an artist, and I wouldn't even put myself in the same category as an actor.
Wanting to be a rock star, I get it. I'm like, 'Oh, my God, dude! The freedom!' Religion & God ;Freedom & Liberty
Watch how you communicate with a woman. Because you're always communicating, even when you're not talking - with your body language, your facial expressions, your eyes.
Wear comfortable clothes when you fly; my preference is T-shirt and jeans.
Whatever happens in life is fine - just trust in that. Life ;Trust
What's weird is having your mother fly in on an aeroplane with your face on the side of it.
When everyone around you is doing all this incredible pirate acting and you're having to sort of play the straight guy and move the story forward, you kind of want to be doing some of that pirate ripping it up stuff, but in truth, to be a part of that project is what I love. Truth ;Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex
When I arrive at my destination, I like to hit the gym, as I find exercise helps combat jet lag.
When I finished the trilogy of 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movies, I had a gear shift and thought, 'I need to take a moment to smell the roses.' Arts, Culture, Entertainment & Lifestyle
When I realized that if I was an actor, I could be any character I wanted instead of just one particular, I was like, 'Wow, that's cool.'
When I saw the first I couldn't believe I was in another great movie that would be made into a trilogy. This movie is quite visible and I think it will stand the test of time. I think kids and parents will love this movie for a long time. Time ;Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex
When I was filming, I imagined that Legolas was a meditative character who was very thoughtful and had a certain amount of depth to him. I started working on trying to find this focus that Legolas has, which wasn't really like me.
When I was nine, I had this girlfriend and we used to have running races in the park. I wanted to be like Superman and fly in and rescue her.
When I was prepping for my Broadway debut as Romeo, it really hit me that I had never done that. I had trained at drama school for three years in my late teens to early 20s, and I'd studied Shakespeare, of course, but I hadn't actually performed it. So to do something like Romeo for my first Broadway role was a challenge.
When I'm in the U.K. - and I'm here more than people would think - I tend to keep a very low profile.
When it comes to meals, there's always a fantastic choice on British Airways.
When you start falling for somebody and you can't stop thinking about when you're going to see them again, I love that. Women are beautiful. They deserve to be cherished and respected. Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex ;Women ;Relationships
When you start to live your dream, it's not quite what you thought it was because there is a lot of overwhelming stuff that comes on top of it, and you have to figure it all out.
When you work in such a surreal environment as movies, just listening to some tunes or hanging out with friends is what you crave. Even time alone. Time ;Work, Workers & The Labor Force
When you're young and you're in love and it doesn't work out - it hurts. Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex ;Work, Workers & The Labor Force
Would I like to direct? Maybe one day.
Yeah, I mean the material, directors, the other cast, and if you think you can do something with the character then you do it and go from there. I am looking forward to doing some smaller movies. Arts, Culture, Entertainment & Lifestyle
Yeah, I'm kind of fit. And I'm quite careful about my diet.
You can drive an SUV, but there's a balance. If you do that, maybe use energy-efficient light bulbs at home or just be conscious of switching off lights. If you can afford to drive an SUV, maybe you can afford to make a donation to a wind farm or plant some trees. It's all about balance.
You can't date if you're famous. That's how it seems to me. Fame
You don't improvise with a Cameron Crowe script.
You see movie stars advertising all sorts of things today for whatever reason. And it may be that it affords them the luxury to do smaller movies or to go and do a play. Because, otherwise, you have to keep doing movies where you get paid millions and millions of dollars to maintain a certain lifestyle. Arts, Culture, Entertainment & Lifestyle