Olympe de Gouges

Olympe de Gouges
Olympe de Gouges
  • Born: May 7, 1748
  • Died: November 3, 1793
  • Nationality:
  • Profession: Activist, Abolitionist, Women's Rights Advocate, Playwright









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Olympe de Gouges, born Marie Gouze, was a French playwright and political activist whose writings on Women's rights and abolitionism reached a large audience.

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… the most powerful party must happily accept and hear the opinions of the weakest Political Parties & Machines
… the partisan spirit will lead astray decency, reason and justice; and these Estates-General for which we have yearned for so long will only be reunited to spread discord. Political Parties & Machines
… the unhappy Peasant cannot survive in his humble shelter; today pigswill is his only nourishment; what was once lavished on swine is now shared between man and beast. The People ask only for bread; they are even willing to pay for it with the sweat of their brows: at least let them eat it without watering it with tears. Nutrition, Food, Starvation, Farming & Agriculture
A tax on the vehicles of the fashionable ladies would do them no harm and they would be no less triumphant for it. I would like to see a useful tax on, for example, jewelry; likewise one on fashion that multiplies from morning to night and night to morning. Another tax, as wise as it is useful, could be imposed on servitude; the more valets a master keeps the more he will be taxed. A tax should be imposed on the number of horses kept, vehicles, monograms and coats of arms; a simple vehicle would symbolize a man who only keeps what is indispensable: monograms, luxury and coats of arms symbolize pride and thus should pay more than the modest and indispensable. An obvious tax, and one that has not yet been realized, is one that could be imposed on all the gambling in Paris, whether in Gaming Houses, private Residences or the Palaces of Lords and Princes. If another tax were required it would not be out of place to impose one on paintings and sculptures. Ordinary people do not have themselves painted or sculpted, nor do they decorate their apartments. A tax of this type cannot harm them nor can any of the others Taxes
Citizens! You can take my life but, despite yourselves, you will remember my predictions and my civic virtue. Rebellion, Revolution, Insurgency & Resistance
France is perilously close to its final moments. Rebellion, Revolution, Insurgency & Resistance
France is sunk in grief, the people are suffering and the Monarch cries out. Parliament is demanding the Estates-General and the Nation cannot come to an agreement. There is no consensus on electing these assemblies. All these altercations are hobbling the welfare that the State expects from these lights. Intergovernmental Relations
It is impossible for a Minister to please the many without displeasing the few Management & Managing Government
Men: What gives you sovereign empire to oppress my sex? Your strength? Your talents? Observe the Creator in his wisdom; survey in all her grandeur that nature with whom you seem to want to be in harmony, and give me, if you dare, an example of this tyrannical empire. Minorities & Women
Republican People, understand me more profoundly, I condemn all the excesses of misguided patriotism. Each one of us must be responsible for public security; none of us can permit ourselves acts of violence that would represent the fury of vengeance rather than love for the motherland. Law, Courts, Jails, Crime & Law Enforcement
The Ministers are like a flotilla broken up by a hurricane, the stricken ships run into each other, crash together and if they reach the port there is always a leader to blame, at least so it is believed. If a good Minister for one moment takes his eye off the tiller he is lost; envy clings on to his wreckage and the paid hacks try and sink him to the bottom. Leaders & Leadership
When the Constituent Assembly engaged men of letters to research the penal code in order to repeal the death penalty, even for the condemned, did they imagine that after four years of a revolution enlightened by philosophical ideals, the French would, without cease, kill their fellow citizens? Capital Punishment, Dealth Penalty & State Execution
Women have the right to mount the scaffold; they must have the right to mount the public platform. Capital Punishment, Dealth Penalty & State Execution
Yes, SIRE, you are being misled, the goodwill of princes is being abused; even the Nobility itself is in the wrong. Miscellaneous

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