Najib Razak

(Mohammad Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak)

Najib Razak
Najib Razak
  • Born: July 23, 1953
  • Nationality: Malaysian
  • Profession: Politician









Quote Topics Cited
In our national discourse and in pursuing our national agenda, we must never leave anyone behind. We must reach out to the many who may have been disaffected and left confused by political games, deceit and showmanship. Equality & Equal Opportunity
You cannot bomb extremism into submission Terrorism
After choosing monetary union, further political union and workable governance in Europe was always going to be necessary.
Agreeing to share prosperity, rather than let it divide us, is infinitely preferable to the alternative.
Anyone who wants to be part of the political process should adopt values that are compatible with democracy.
Anything to do with any new form of tax, like consumption tax in Japan, carbon tax in Australia, these are big issues that cannot be easily decided.
As a leader of a majority-Muslim nation, I believe Islamic countries must better understand what young people aspire to.
As the leader of Southeast Asia's oldest democracy, I am always keen to share our experiences. In the half-century since independence, we have found that steady reform is the best way to secure lasting stability. It is a process that continues in Malaysia to this day.
As you know with the Arab Spring, there were no dividends.
Detention without trial is history in Malaysia. History
Don't gamble the future of your children and Malaysia; think and contemplate because your vote will determine not only the future of the country but also your grandchildren. Future
Economic progress and better education have directly resulted in the birth of a class of voters who are better informed, very demanding and highly critical. Education, Learning, Knowledge & Training
For many decades, Myanmar was on the receiving end of very public diplomatic scoldings, often backed up by sanctions.
For many years, Myanmar's leadership was largely shut out from the world of international diplomacy. Leaders & Leadership
Giving subsidies is a two-edged sword. Once you give it, it's very hard to take away subsidies. There's a political cost to taking away subsidies.
Homosexuality is acceptable in the West.
I am concerned if 25 percent of Americans think that President Obama is a Muslim. I mean, it's obviously a lack of knowledge. But also, it's for the Muslims as well, you know, because a small numbers of Muslims have really painted a very negative image of Islam. Education, Learning, Knowledge & Training
I keep on saying, being moderate is fundamental to Islam.
I speak for all Malaysians in expressing my admiration for the Queen and the grace, poise and selflessness with which she has carried out her duties during her long reign. She represents the very best of British traits: dignity, resilience and hard work. Work, Workers & The Labor Force
I think the rise of China is inevitable, because China has moved from a low-cost producer, at low levels of technology, to higher levels of technology, and because it's very competitive, even in some high-tech products they offer at very competitive rates - much lower than their competitors. Science, Mathematics, Engineering & Technology
I would argue that Asean has been instrumental in driving both economic growth and political development, and that there can be no clearer example than its relations with Myanmar.
If we can increase the share of Islamic finance for the world, countries can benefit - and certainly, Malaysia can benefit from that. Business, Commerce & Finance
If you say something that undermines the stability of the country, then you have to be held accountable.
I'm quite an advocate of free trade.
In any society, there will be the whole spectrum of views. You will get the extremists on the far right and also the far left. Society
In spite of the huge diversity in Malaysia in terms of religion, culture, race, ethnicity and so forth, we've really gone very far in developing this country. Religion & God
In the space of one lifetime, the Internet has opened up opportunities that were previously inconceivable.
Instead of passing on choppy waters to the next generation, we should endeavor to leave them a calmer sea.
It so happens, in Malaysia, the people who are in a way not doing as well constitute the majority of the people - the Bumiputeras.
It's very alarming to see what's happening in the Muslim world. And it's about time we come to our senses and realize that moderation is the only path that will ensure peace and stability for the Muslim world, and for the wider world. Time ;War & Peace
I've made Umno more democratic, more inclusive. Of course, by doing that, I'm putting myself at risk.
Many young Muslims see no opportunities for themselves and do not feel they have control over their lives or a stake in their nation's future. Such pessimism leads to disengagement. We risk losing a generation of young Muslims to apathy and extremism. Future
Moderate doesn't mean that you're a wimp - far from it. It means that you've chosen a path because you believe that's the only way for global harmony and peace. War & Peace
More than 13,000 Malaysians travel to the U.K. to study in British universities every year. Travel
My heart reaches out to those whose loved ones were lost on MH17.
My priority is to ensure peace and harmony in Malaysia. That is uppermost in my mind. War & Peace
Over the past months and years, divisions have opened up in Malaysian society. Now it is time for all of us, in government and beyond, to put the bitterness behind us. Society ;Time ;Government
People willy-nilly borrow for consumption. Civil servants willy-nilly borrow for consumption and then wonder why they don't have enough money at the end of the month. Money, Coins & Minting
Prostitution and corruption are two things that mankind has had to live with for so long.
The Arab awakening was driven by youth, organized by technology, and fired by a hunger for political change. Science, Mathematics, Engineering & Technology
The disappearance of MH370 has tested our collective resolve.
The E.U.'s 500 million citizens enjoy the right to live and work in any of the Union's 27 member states. Work, Workers & The Labor Force
The stabilising power of economic union was one of the reasons the E.U. was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Power ;War & Peace
The vast majority of Malaysians are sensible people; they're moderates, they want peace, they want harmonious race relations at home. They look for national unity. War & Peace
The word 'change' has been abused so many times.
The world is changing quickly and we must be ready to change with it or risk being left behind.
The world is shifting from a hegemonic era, where the United States dominated alone, to a multipolar system.
There's good economic progress in Malaysia. People have a lot to look forward to.
This mandate that I seek is about continuity and sustainability against disruption and stagnation, about moving forward versus regressing. We have to safeguard what we have already achieved. We cannot put at risk what we have; we cannot gamble away our future. Future
Together we will act to bring about national reconciliation, secure Malaysia's economic future, and build a stronger, more harmonious society. Society ;Future
We can transform the government and the economy, as well as democracy, in Malaysia. Government
We have lost a lot of ground to the extremists in the Middle East.
What I'm trying to do is get a change in the mindset so people move from a level of mere tolerance to total acceptance and eventually to celebrate diversity. If you feel comfortable with one another, it doesn't matter whether we live in which neighbourhood but we can interact with one another freely. It's a mindset.
You must make sure that the majority of the people are not marginalized.
You should allow professors to become really outstanding academicians, recognised worldwide, and you should reward them.