Morris Dees

(Morris Seligman Dees Jr.)

Morris Dees
Morris Dees
  • Born: December 16, 1936
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Civil Political Rights, Social Justice Activist









Quote Topics Cited
The best way to deal with the neo-Nazi movements is not to overreact and curtail their free speech rights which would make you no better than they are. Freedom & Liberty
The government is just us. Democracies & Republics
We will take the Aryan Nation’s 20 Acre Hayden Lake [Idaho] compound … every desk, typewriter and computer for the victims. Miscellaneous
A lot has happened since Dr. King left us. He probably wouldn't recognize the landscape if he saw it, but I still believe he would still have the same spiritual faith and also faith in us as people - not only people in our nation, but people in the world. Religion & God
It's hard to think what should make your blood boil more - what happened to Billy Ray or what didn't happen to those who abused him. It's something we can't ignore.
Our supporters can send the message that it's wrong for politically connected corporations to make millions while people doing an honest day's work are being cheated out of an honest day's pay. Work, Workers & The Labor Force
Rarely in my 45 years as a civil rights lawyer have I been so angry about an injustice as I am about what happened to Billy Ray Johnson.
She was in a difficult position being the widow of a great American hero, a role that carried high expectations but she did a credible job of continuing Dr King's dream especially in the face of a changing and often hostile American public.
The focus of tolerance education is to deal with the concept of equality and fairness. We need to establish confidence with children that there is more goodness than horror in this world. Education, Learning, Knowledge & Training ;Equality & Equal Opportunity
What a privilege to be here on the planet to contribute your unique donation to humankind. Each face in the rainbow of colors that populate our world is precious and special.
Without public pressure from caring people, our lawsuits will not be enough to stop this widespread abuse.
You do stand alone sometimes. But my mother stood by me through all this.