Mo Yan

(Guan Moye)

Mo Yan
Mo Yan
  • Born: February 17, 1955
  • Nationality: Chinese
  • Profession: Novelist









Guan Moye, better known by the pen name Mo Yan (/moʊ jɛn/, Chinese: 莫言; pinyin: Mò Yán), is a Chinese novelist and short story writer. Donald Morrison of U.S. news magazine TIME referred to him as "one of the most famous, oft-banned and widely pirated of all Chinese writers", and Jim Leach called him the Chinese answer to Franz Kafka or Joseph Heller.

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A writer should bury his thoughts deep and convey them through the characters in his novel.
A writer should express criticism and indignation at the dark side of society and the ugliness of human nature, but we should not use one uniform expression. Society ;Nature
For a country boy, poor as I was, whose constant worry was to be able to have enough to eat, the Army guaranteed one's survival.
I am also well aware that literature only has a minimal influence on political disputes or economic crises in the world, but its significance to human beings is ancient.
I have always been independent.
I heard so many stories from Gaomi's peasants that I had an irrepressible urge to write them down. Today, Gaomi's peasants know that they have become famous around the world through my writings, but I think they are a little puzzled by this. Fame
I know what real courage is, and I understand true compassion.
I think that China has many outstanding authors, and their great works should also be recognised by the world.
I think writers write for their consciences, they write for their own true audiences, for their souls.
I write about my region, the countryside in which I grew up.
I'll continue on the path I've been taking, feet on the ground, describing people's lives, describing people's emotions, writing from the standpoint of the ordinary people.
Loneliness and hunger were my fortunes of creation.
My works are Chinese literature, which is part of world literature. They show the life of Chinese people as well as the country's unique culture and folk customs. Life
No person writes to win awards.
One of the biggest problems in literature is the lack of subtlety.
Possibly because I've lived so much of my life in difficult circumstances, I think I have a more profound understanding of life. Life
When literature exists, perhaps we do not notice how important it is, but when it does not exist, our lives become coarsened and brutal. For this reason, I am proud of my profession, but also aware of its importance.
When someone forces me to do something I don't do it.

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