Mimi Kennedy

(Mary Claire "Mimi" Kennedy)

Quote Topics Cited
Across the nation, the election protection movement attracts ordinary citizens who educate their neighbors about their voting systems and the private companies that built and run them.
All humans change. Development is our life. Transition, in labor, is the most painful time. Without change, there's no growth. Life ;Time
Allison Janney is amazing, and Anna Faris was a revelation to me.
Appearances are not truth. But every politician knows that his or her image, as well as his or her actions, can make the difference between failure and success. Truth ;Failure ;Success
Change is terrifying for people who feel immune to it by virtue of status, divine appointment, or imagined irreplaceability.
Democracy is not theater - it determines life and death! Life ;Death
Don Siegelman should be a star in the Democratic Party. Instead, he's a former elected official sentenced to prison by a right-wing judge in Alabama.
Election victories increasingly depend on factors other than who votes, or tries to vote, and for whom. In 2000, the presidency was awarded by the Supreme Court, pre-empting the count of thousands of Florida votes.
For many years, I didn't even like the idea of doing a one-person play. Public speaking got me past that. I've always been good at public speaking, but I never really enjoyed it. Then I started to really enjoy it, and that's made all the difference.
For-profit does not belong in a taxpayer-funded health system. For-profit means cutting medical services to patients, and payments to providers, to preserve profits. Health, Healthcare & Medicine
Friction is necessary for motion, labor necessary for birth.
From casting to counting, our votes must be better protected in all voting systems.
I believe in campaigning for health care, not warfare. Health, Healthcare & Medicine
I have no idea how things work in the life beyond what we know with our senses. Life ;Work, Workers & The Labor Force
I think especially older people, and I count myself one, in the business - people get to know who you really are. So there comes a time when you can't just go in and audition without everybody knowing exactly how you've brought up your kids, what you said at the meeting, what kind of food you cook. Time ;Business, Commerce & Finance ;Nutrition, Food, Starvation, Farming & Agriculture
I think you can laugh the hardest when you get closest to something real.
I'm old enough to remember when 'Law and Order' was once the Republican campaign slogan.
In El Salvador, when neighbors were disappeared, tortured or killed, people doubted their own knowledge of the victims, and worried there must have been some secret guilt involved to deserve such punishment! That's how political terror succeeds. Education, Learning, Knowledge & Training
I've always been a good ensemble player.
I've always loved New York City and the idea of a cultural exchange: the immigrants coming to America.
I've got allergy pills upstairs in my room, and it says 'For Cat Work' right on it. Work, Workers & The Labor Force
My passion stems from seeking world peace and finding how we can live together creatively rather than violently. War & Peace
Playing Ann Landers is like channeling my mother. That combination of love and the enjoyment of life is my mother. And you find that combination in Ann Landers' letters. Life ;Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex
Progressives make money and spend money on businesses that meet needs instead of kill people! The future is in meeting needs - unto the bourgeois business of cleaning the drapes! - not spewing death and destruction with kickbacks. Death ;Business, Commerce & Finance ;Money, Coins & Minting
Since the time of Richard Nixon, there has been a strange lack of will in the media to identify the real cause for Americans' anger at politicians who fall, publicly and spectacularly. Time
Some of us only meet in the most fleeting moments; some of us never meet, but still hear about one another and therefore cherish what we know from what we've heard, and mourn the loss, even though we're spared what the close-loved ones must endure - the ongoing pain of an empty place in the heart for the rest of life. Life
The more pain that's referenced or implied, the deeper the laugh can be because the laughter heals the pain. So you've got to have the pain, and then you have the laugh.
The Soviet Union was a one-party state. In such states, enemies of the party become enemies of the state, and the state can punish with full weight of prosecution.
The stories we can tell are those that happen to us; we meet, work, live, laugh, love, demonstrate, strive in community. Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex ;Work, Workers & The Labor Force
Though pundits and politicians, weary of the story, are happy to omit facts about voting systems and their private contractors running our public elections, such omissions impair voters and democracy itself.
We have this time to meet and do something, or just be together, and then we lose it and move to another kind of time, another kind of being, I guess. Those left behind must mourn, remember, and live on as we know. Time
You need someone in your life to give you advice without yelling at you. Life