Mickey Hart

Mickey Hart
Mickey Hart
  • Born: September 11, 1943
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Musician









Mickey Hart is an American percussionist and musicologist. He is best known as one of the two drummers of the rock band Grateful Dead. He was a member of the Grateful Dead from September 1967 until the group disbanded in August 1995. He and fellow Dead drummer Bill Kreutzmann earned the nickname "the rhythm devils".

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Art in the classroom not only spurs creativity, it also inspires learning. Education, Learning, Knowledge & Training ;Arts, Culture, Entertainment & Lifestyle
Dreams sometimes foretell the future. Future
Egyptian drumming happens to be a favorite of mine. It's a really simple instrument, but it's really difficult to play. You can take it anywhere with you - you can play it in your room, in an airport. It's very quiet, so you explore the quiet side.
I hated science in high school. Technology? Engineering? Math? Why would I ever need this? Little did I realize that music was also about science, technology, engineering and mathematics, all rolled into one. Music, Chants & Rapps ;Science, Mathematics, Engineering & Technology
I thought the '60s was the most exciting time and the most vital music, and we were really together as one mind then. Then afterwards, the songs and the bad drugs, that took its toll. Time ;Music, Chants & Rapps
In the beginning, there was noise. Noise begat rhythm, and rhythm begat everything else.
Life is about rhythm. We vibrate, our hearts are pumping blood, we are a rhythm machine, that's what we are. Life
People will always try to find themselves and their place in the world.
The Grateful Dead were very kind. It was Santa Claus. It did good things. It allowed other people to benefit. The benefits that we played were enormous, and we played free. So you've got a band that loves to play free, and that was a wonderful thing.
The point is that the arts are important enough to have influenced the greatest minds and talents we know. Albert Einstein said that if he were not a physicist, he would probably be a musician.
There were many times during our career when he could've quit and done something else. But he knew that his power was with the Grateful Dead. He didn't want to go solo. Jerry was a groupist. He loved to group. Power
There's nothing like music to relieve the soul and uplift it. Music, Chants & Rapps
What is the best music is impossible to define. Just because it's played by a virtuoso player, doesn't mean it's great music. It might not reflect the soul of a people, which is really my criteria for great music. Music, Chants & Rapps
When I heard Grateful Dead music, I knew that it was the most powerful force on the planet. Music, Chants & Rapps
When the Grateful Dead needed a quality sound system to deliver our sonic payload, I learned electronics and speaker design.
Yeah, I miss the Grateful Dead. I miss that groove. I miss the brotherhood. Absolutely. There's no doubt about it.