Meles Zenawi

(Meles Zenawi Asres)

Meles Zenawi
Meles Zenawi
  • Born: May 9, 1955
  • Died: August 20, 2012
  • Nationality: Ethiopian
  • Profession: Statesman









Meles Zenawi Asres was an Ethiopian politician who was the 13th Prime Minister of Ethiopia from 1995 to his death in 2012. From 1989, he was the chairman of the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF), and the head of the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) since its formation in 1991. Before becoming Prime Minister in 1995, he served as President of the Transitional Government of Ethiopia from 1991 to 1995.

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After Nigeria, we are the second biggest black African nation. We are the headquarters of the African Union. We are the only African country that has never been colonized. This is perhaps the last surviving African civilization.
An oversupply of national sentiment is not the problem in Somalia. The problem is a lack of it. The problem is an oversupply of sub-sub-clannish attitude.
As a person, I have never been discourteous or nasty to anybody. I may have stood my ground a bit too directly, a bit too firmly, and I believe I have, over a number of years, learned to be a little less direct.
Democracy cannot be a plaything for the capital cities. It has to infiltrate every nook and cranny in the country, including the village.
Eritrea is hellbent on destabilising Ethiopia. It does not care who it sleeps with.
Famine has wreaked havoc in Ethiopia for so long , it would be stupid not to be sensitive to the risk of such things occurring. But there has not been a famine on our watch - emergencies, but no famines.
I am not worried that the Egyptians will suddenly invade Ethiopia. Nobody who has tried that has lived to tell the story.
I cannot separate my achievements from what can be considered as the achievements of the ruling party.
I know more now than I did in the past about the process of democratization. I know more about the pitfalls.
I think the Eritrean government is aware that any full-scale invasion of Ethiopia along the lines of 1998 could turn out to be suicidal... And we will not respond to any provocation short of all-out invasion. We are already engaged in a much more fruitful war - against poverty. Government ;War & Peace
I would love to be the African leader that steps down, that overthrows this idea of a Big Man ruler. I don't want to stay in office forever. Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex
Imagine a government which has delivered double-digit growth rates for over seven years losing an election anywhere on earth. It is unheard of for such a phenomenon to happen. Government
In the urban areas, we have focused on infrastructure roads, telecommunications, power. Power
It does surprise me that intelligent people in the 21st century could claim that if you respond to the terrorists with force, you spawn terrorism, but if you appease them, you somehow tame them. This argument, as I said, is very interesting, and very surprising.
It is illegal to be a member of an organization that is challenging the constitution by armed force.
Of course everybody's thinking evolves over time. Time
Of course everybody's thinking evolves over time. Only dead people cease learning, and I am not certified dead yet. So I am still learning. Education, Learning, Knowledge & Training ;Time
Our position is that we can sit down and talk to try to solve our problems through dialogue.
Over the years, I've come to recognize that democratization in Ethiopia is not just a matter of choice. It's a matter of national survival. I am deeply convinced that we either democratize and have a good chance of surviving, or if we fail to do so, we disintegrate.
Some people think African states cannot be trusted with the cookie jar. But there are absolutely good NGOs who have this feeling of human solidarity and who also recognize that their work can only be supplementary to the government. Government ;Work, Workers & The Labor Force
The most stupid mistake a counter-insurgency operation can make is alienating the population. If you alienate the population, you're finished.
The rule of law is the basis for any democracy. And without the rule of law in democracy, you have chaos.
The... provisional government unwaveringly believes that it can solve all the present problems together with the broad masses of Ethiopia. However, we can do this only if all the people come out in unison to implement our planned undertakings. Government
We believe democracy cannot be imposed from outside in any society. Democracy is the expression of a sovereign people. Society
We have built tens of thousands of schools, clinics and rural roads.
We have our own script. We have our own calendar. We represent the greatness of Africa's past. We also represent the worst of Africa's present, in terms of poverty. It is the best and the worst of African reality.
When push comes to shove, people vote alone.
When you have an emergency, there is the urge to do whatever it takes to see people get assistance.
While all democratic systems are works in progress, ours started rather late and therefore has a longer distance to cover. But democratic transformation for us is not mimicking some facets of Western governance. The focus has been on building institutions of democratic governance.