Lewis F. Powell Jr.

(Lewis Franklin Powell Jr.)

Lewis F. Powell Jr.
Lewis F. Powell Jr.
  • Born: September 19, 1907
  • Died: August 25, 1998
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Judge









Quote Topics Cited
As a matter of history, schoolchildren can and should properly be informed of all aspects of this Nation's religious heritage. I would see no constitutional problem if schoolchildren were taught the nature of the Founding Father's religious beliefs and how these beliefs affected the attitudes of the times and the structure of our government History
Business must learn the lesson. Political power is necessary, that such political power must be assiduously cultivated; and that when necessary, it must be used aggressively and with determination. Politics, Politicians & Political Campaigning & Fund Raising
Duty, recognizing an individual's subordination to community welfare, is as important as rights . . . Citizenship & Patriotism
It must be recognized that businessmen have not been trained or equipped to conduct guerilla warfare with those who propagandize against the system. Propaganda & Disinformation ;Capitalism
Ralph Nader is the single most effective antagonist of American business. Compliments, Insults & Rebukes
The average member of the public thinks of 'business' as an impersonal corporate entity, owned by the very rich and managed by over-paid executives. Public Opinion & Polling
The courts may be the most important instrument for social, economic, and political change. Policy & Policy Making
The guarantee of equal protection cannot mean one thing when applied to one individual and something else when applied to a person of another color. If both are not accorded the same protection, then it is not equal. Equality & Equal Opportunity
Effort should be made to see that the forum-type programs (the 'Today Show,' 'Meet the Press,' etc.) afford at least as much opportunity for supporters of the American system to participate as these programs do for those who attack it.
I am primarily a lawyer. I would rather play in the game than be the umpire.
I do not enjoy being away from Richmond, my friends of a lifetime, and my home... I do not enjoy working 6 days a week and almost every night at a time when I had planned to be tapering off. There are compensations which appeal to any lawyer who is proud of his profession. The Supreme Court is an awesome place. Time
I don't believe I've ever met a homosexual.
Perhaps the single most effective antagonist of American business is Ralph Nader, who - thanks largely to the media - has become a legend in his own time and an idol of millions of Americans. Time ;Business, Commerce & Finance
The average member of the public thinks of 'business' as an impersonal corporate entity owned by the very rich and managed by overpaid executives. There is an almost total failure to appreciate that 'business' actually embraces - in one way or another - most Americans. Failure ;Business, Commerce & Finance
We have seen the civil rights movement insist on re-writing many of the textbooks in our universities and schools. The labor unions likewise insist that textbooks be fair to the viewpoints of organized labor. Other interested citizens groups have not hesitated to review, analyze and criticize textbooks and teaching materials.