Lewis D. Eigen


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  • Born: September 6, 1936
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Polymath









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Lewis D. Eigen is the Senior Research Scientist & Chief Technology Officer at BEA Enterprises Inc. based in Potomac, Maryland, USA. He has worked as Mathematician, Psychologist, Technologist. Software Engineer, Government & Corporate Executive (Public & Private Corporations), Educator, Quotation Compiler & Editor. He is the author of 13 books, over 100 research articles and papers, over 500 multi-media training modules and more than a dozen computer products / systems. In government he has served as the First Associate Director of the U. S. Job Corps, the Director of the National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information, and as a member of the the Johnson Task Force for the War on Poverty, the MacNamara Commission on Military Transition to Civilian Life, and as a Senior Editor and Peer Reviewer for the National Institutes of Health

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A human clone is nothing but an identical twin that is born much later. Science, Mathematics, Engineering & Technology
As long as public opinion influences politicians, those who can influence public opinion will have great political weight Public Opinion & Polling
Be careful of hubris about ideas—especially your own. Remember always, that there is one commonality between all the good ideas that were ever created and all the bad ideas: The people you created them thought that they were good ideas. Philosophy
Both a societal infrastructure and the talent of ab individuals or individuals are necessary and dufficient conditions for success in a modern democracy. Leaders & Leadership ;Business, Commerce & Finance
Can you imagine the most valuable player on a Big Ten football team graduating, being offered NFL contracts by the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions, and choosing instead to go to law school? That is exactly what happened to Gerald Ford, 38th President of the United States. Focus on graduate and professional school should be your number one aim. Education, Learning, Knowledge & Training
Common sense is often common nonsense. There is much that we have learned from science that is counter-intuitive. Science, Mathematics, Engineering & Technology
Competition to the economist is predatory pricing to the business person. Business, Commerce & Finance ;Social Sciences
Cost effectiveness and effectiveness are not always the same thing in government. Policy & Policy Making
Democracy divides the population into two groups: those of us who complain about government and those of us who are complained about. Democracies & Republics
Democracy is not a serial autocracy with each new autocrat being selected by a free and fair election. Democracies & Republics
Do not speculate; get data and calculate. Business, Commerce & Finance ;Management & Managing Government
Don’t ask our customers what they want. Ask yourself what they would want if they knew what you know of what is possible for us to do for them. The burden is on us to understand the consumer’s needs sufficiently to answer that question. Science, Mathematics, Engineering & Technology
Don’t ignore planning for unlikely events. Over long periods of time the highly improbable gets more probable to occur at least once. Management & Managing Government
Evolution never stops or ends. Such a cessation would be cataclysmic catastrophe. Science, Mathematics, Engineering & Technology
For most of the West, democracy has tempered literal religion. For the Islamic world, literal religion has inhibited and obstructed democracy. Religion & God
Globalization: We get cheaper running shoes—You lose your job! Miscellaneous
Great men grow. Leaders & Leadership
Huge inequality gaps in a democratic society will tend to erode the respect for and security of doctrines of private property. The large majority must either own property or have reasonable prospects of attaining property if they are to support and maintain private property laws and traditions. Equality & Equal Opportunity ;Capitalism
Human Rights as we know them today have a serious internal logical flaw. We guarantee freedom of religion, but some of the world’s religions make it a holy duty to deny rights to others—typically the right to practice another religion or the right to equal treatment for women. Coming is the scientific right to know and inquire running up against the religious prohibition of playing God—creating new species, altering evolution, and creating life itself. Politics, Politicians & Political Campaigning & Fund Raising
I have found in my years of working in the government than when I face a choice of explanations of venality or incompetence in explaining some government activities, it is almost always incompetence that explains it. It often appears to be venality because we do not realize how incompetent government and large private organizations can be sometimes. Management & Managing Government
I was important enough to be taken seriously but unimportant enough to be sacrificed for the greater good. Most spear catcher roles are not quite so dramatic, but typically, your job will not be at risk; just your pride, ego and self‐respect. Business, Commerce & Finance ;Politics, Politicians & Political Campaigning & Fund Raising
If any applicant has 4 years of high school mathematics and 2 years of college mathematics, hire him. We can always train him for many things we need. Business, Commerce & Finance ;Science, Mathematics, Engineering & Technology
If any expert or scientist reaches a conclusion or espouses a view that departs from the ideologue’s world view, it is the expert that he examines carefully and not his ideology. Human Nature
If the upper classes, through their political representatives, pass legislation that diminishes the income of the middle class and reduces services to the poor and further enrich the affluent, this is not class warfare. But if the middle class and the poor, and their representatives, complain that this is unfair, that is class warfare. So say some of our politicians who oppose class warfare. Miscellaneous
If you are a pregnant teenage poor girl, you will not likely ever get out of poverty. Nor will your children. Birth control can be the most cost effective anti-poverty possibility that we have. Privacy, Abortion & Family Planning
If you don’t use a technology, you will never understand it. Science, Mathematics, Engineering & Technology
If you succeed at most of your activities, your goals are set much too low. Management & Managing Government
In politics if the people give you popularity, the other politicians observe and give you power. Power
In the cloning debate to come, the political lines will not be drawn cleanly. And those who we presuppose would be the most fearful of the concept of human cloning, may themselves be split into those who would want clones to be born if a woman were pregnant with the clone and those who would see a clone as an Anti-Christ or other evil that must be destroyed. Privacy, Abortion & Family Planning
In the information age, when tradition, propriety, formality or culture clash with informational ease and utility, the traditional forms must … yield. Science, Mathematics, Engineering & Technology
It is easy to protect the rights to responsible citizens; only a democracy will protect the rights of those who are deemed irresponsible. Democracies & Republics
It is only in the freest of nations that people can not only criticize the government, fairly or unfairly, but in extraordinarily few—only the greatest—do the negative criticisms get very wide distribution. Look for the nation where their media are full of criticisms, and there you will find a nation sufficiently free and confident to consider possible improvement from any and all sources. Freedom & Liberty
Most companies in a capitalistic system compete mightily to obtain monopolistic positions so they can avoid capitalistic competition thereafter. Whenever a business person must compete for price, he tends to describe that derisively as a “commodity business” and tries to remedy the situation. Business, Commerce & Finance ;Capitalism
Most governments and people want reform. It’s the prospect of change that makes reform rare. Reform, Change, Transformation & Reformers
Most people think of the invention of the atomic bomb as the most destructive and the cigarette has been the most destructive human invention ever. Tragedy that strikes a multitude at once seems to cause more focus for humans than single tragedies no matter how many millions of times they are repeated. Health, Healthcare & Medicine
Never trust anyone without a vested interest. Human Nature
On most significant issues and public debates, politicians have some friends, allies and supporters with whom they wish they had never been involved. These are the friends who do the work of your enemies. As you evolve your positions, many of your friends and enemies change places. Policy & Policy Making
One of the major differences between gender discrimination and Racial or Religious Discrimination is that the with the latter the perpetrators fundamentally recognized that it was based on power offered moral challenges. However, men—the perpetrators of discrimination against women have mostly not even considered the moral aspect of it and perceived it as natural. Equality & Equal Opportunity ;Human & Civil Rights
Our magnificent cadre of military officers have the kind of performance at military procurement as our magnificent cadre of business executives would have if they did the fighting—terrible! Military & Veterans
People at the political extremes have an advantage over the rest of us. Only they seem to know exactly who and what is wrong with America and precisely what policies and programs should be adopted to fix it. Policy & Policy Making
Polls are contradictory when the public opinion is such. Public Opinion & Polling
Precedents establish expectations of what is fair. Does fairness require the perpetuation of unfair, unwise, or even dangerous past precedents? Reform, Change, Transformation & Reformers
Sex and money always prowl in the penumbra of power. Power
Successful and unsuccessful political policies have one commonalty. The people who created the policies thought they would be successful. Policy & Policy Making
Tax fairness is very difficult to achieve. Each individual says, ‘Tax codes which make others pay more is fair to me. If I have to pay more, the code is unfair’. Taxes
Technology can progress to an entire new generation in the time it takes one legislative committee to issue a report. Regulation of technology confronts us with two radically different time scales. Science, Mathematics, Engineering & Technology
That’s one difficulty about a democracy. Nothing ever gets decided—even after its been decided. Democracies & Republics
The American greatness in the world should not be perceived as a race where there is one winner and all contestants fall into rank below. America’s place in the world should be viewed as the Decathlon. The winner is rarely the winner in each and every different event. However, when all are put together there is one overall winner who has the highest average performance in all the things that matter. In that sense, the United States is far ahead of all, even though it is not number 1 at everything. Power
The currently ill are paid for by the termporarily well. That is the way any health insurance scheme works. Be it public or private, there can be no other way. Health, Healthcare & Medicine
The issue of American world cultural dominance is moot. All the international debates on the issue seem to be held in English. Miscellaneous
The more ideological, the politician, the greater his need for illusion Politics, Politicians & Political Campaigning & Fund Raising
The more internal criticism and dissatisfaction publicly communicable within a society, the better and freer the society. Freedom & Liberty
The natural tendency is to appoint people whose views and outlook are consonant with yours. Resist that tendency. If you appoint someone who holds your views and outlook, then it is possible that one of you is superfluous.
The notion of Zero was so mysterious and freightening to the early Christians that they got the year of Christ's birth wrong and it has been so ever since. Conside the fact that Jesus bith year has always assumed to be 1 AD. And the year before his birth has been 1 BC. But what happened to zero. You can't go from -1 (1 BC) tp +1 (1 AD) without goeing through Zero, So our calendar has been wrong by 1 year ever since. When we celbrated the the Second Millinium, it was really only 1999 after Christ was born. And note that we did not go from 1999 to 2991, The ear 2000 was in between. History ;Religion & God ;Science, Mathematics, Engineering & Technology
The only danger of knowing and thinking a lot about history, is that you will trip on something behind you. Be sure you also look ahead. History
The progeny of the immigrants of yesterday have always feared the immigrants of today would usurp their jobs and lower their standard of living. All Americans have been the progeny of immigrants except for those who were immigrants themselves. Immigration & Emigration
The scientist insists on verification; the religious theologian does not; the philosopher sometimes does and sometimes does not Miscellaneous
The signs and banners of protesters are the zoom lenses by which we can focus on the difficult issues of a society. Civil Disorder, Riots, Protests & Demonstrations
The workers and professionals of the world will soon be divided into two distinct groups. Those who will control computers and those who will be controlled by computers. It would be best for you to be in the former group. Work, Workers & The Labor Force
There are no modern successful societies that do not deal with the issues raised by Populists and Fabianists but also avoid going to one of these extremes. The modern battle for power in democartic socities is between Populism and Fabianism. Politics, Politicians & Political Campaigning & Fund Raising ;Philosophy
Those business successes who do not think that the Government had a critical part in their success should imagine the cessation of all government services. They could not clear a check. There would be no courts to enforce their contracts and protect their intellectual property. No one would protect their assets at home or abroad or on the high seas. Most of the American R&D would stop producing new innovations for their use. They would have no economic statistics with which to plan. Their workforce will not have the education and training provided by government schools or government aid to private schools and students. No government; No Business! Business, Commerce & Finance
To the scientist, failure to flip-flop in the face of contradictory evidence is irrational and dangerous behavior. And scientists will often flip-flop at almost light speed. Often it takes only a single observation to flip-flop thousands of scientifically learned people. Politics, Politicians & Political Campaigning & Fund Raising ;Science, Mathematics, Engineering & Technology ;Reform, Change, Transformation & Reformers
We can write, debug, and perfect quantum programs that not only cannot be run today, but might not be able to be run for a decade or more. The fact that Microsoft has invested substantial resources in a new language, and many programmers will actually write programs in that language that cannot now be run, is an indication of the enormous theoretical potential of quantum computing and the faith that someone soon will find a way to construct a large scale quantum computer. This is the future of computing, and Microsoft has given new meaning to the phrase "getting ahead of the curve."
When a government faces an evil that might be avoided, the usual pattern is to first debate whether or not the evil is real or imagined; then determine how evil it really is; then is it an appropriate function of government to avoid it? Then what are the alternative ways to avoid it? Then what are the costs to avoid it? And finally, is the benefit of avoiding the evil worth the cost? In those cases where it is, it is by this time too late to avoid the evil and discussions shift to ameliorating the evil. Policy & Policy Making
When men gossip, they call it exchanging anecdotes or sharing information. Human Nature
Where you stand depends on where you work. Human Nature
While most of the world's information is beginning to be stored electronically, most of the world's expertise still resides in books. Science, Mathematics, Engineering & Technology
With science, technology and globalization, man is changing the world faster than his evolution can keep up with the new dangers. Science, Mathematics, Engineering & Technology
With the copyright now extended to the life of the creator plus 100 years, for the first time in history no person henceforth will ever be able to freely use any work created in his lifetime. Copyrights, Patents & Intellectual Property
If You Do Not Write It, You Never Said It Oratory, Discussion & Debate ;Literature, Writers & Writing
It is generally better to have public officials resented because they earn more money than the average for the society, than it is for those officials to be resented for their corrupt practices in order to better their income. Corruption ;Politics, Politicians & Political Campaigning & Fund Raising
The mission should be unattainable and the goals should reflect doing everything possible to move forward attaining the impossible mission. Management & Managing Government