Lawrence David Freedman

Quote Topics Cited
… civilian casualties [with drone attacks] have proved formidable. Haphazard intelligence has often been to blame, as earn local tipsters have provided the United States with false information in order to take out innocent rivals. War & Peace
… minor incidents—the kind you can never really foresee—combine to lower the general level of performance, so that one always falls short of the intended goal. Management & Managing Government ;Foreign Policy, World & International Affairs
He [President Dwight D. Eisenhower] came under enormous pressure to authorize the purchase of expensive military systems, often from retired officers who had joined corporate boards. Lobbying & Special Interests
It’s hard to know whether drone strikes have provoked more anger than other forms of Western power. War & Peace
The hype that accompanied the promotion of successive strategic fashions exaggerated the importance of the enlightened manager and played down the importance of chance and circumstance in explaining success. Management & Managing Government
Women have long found themselves grieving for the dead and caring for the wounded during and after war, but … as more and more women become war fighters themselves, they too face danger and see horrors, often with the added burden if sexual harassment and worse at the hands of their fellow warriors—burdens aggravated by official indifference. Military & Veterans
Unmanned ariel vehicles have existed since the early days of airpower. The first was developed but not used in World War I for target practice. But it was the Israeli engineer Abraham who had been working on drones to confuse Arab air defenses in the 1970s, who realized that with new technologies drones could provide real time intelligence.