Justin Chatwin

Justin Chatwin
Justin Chatwin
  • Born: October 31, 1982
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Profession: Actor









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I didn't go to acting school.
I just want to do shows because you get to see, over all the seasons, the person grow, and you get to grow with the character. That transformation, for me, is what I love about my job. I get to learn about myself and challenge myself and grow with the character. For me, it's a whole process of learning and growing. Education, Learning, Knowledge & Training ;Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex
I really like 'Shameless' because it brings up important issues, but we get to talk and laugh and look at something that's really important that's a problem, like alcoholism and bad parenting. It's done in a funny, smart way. Humor ;Families, Children & Parenting
I think I went through my phase of feeling sort of invisible when I left my small hometown in Canada and moved to the big city of Vancouver. I kind of had to decide right there in that moment what I was going to do with the rest of my life and make a thousand decisions after finishing high school. Fortunately, I chose acting. Life
I trust you: That's huge. That's truth. That's real love. Everyone uses 'I love you' so loosely. Truth ;Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex ;Trust
I was completely open to learning about different aspects of Scientology... and I believe in a lot of it. Education, Learning, Knowledge & Training
'Shameless' is going to shake up television. Any drama is good drama. Bring it.
You don't need to come from poverty to say growing up is tough. You can have everything in the world going for you and still feel the same loneliness and the same problems that a lot of kids have.

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