John Gokongwei

(John L. Gokongwei Jr.)

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  • Born: August 11, 1926
  • Nationality: Filipino
  • Profession: Businessman









Quote Topics Cited
Actually, we chose the name Sun Cellular because we believe the name 'Sun' is bright, forward-looking and optimistic. It is my sincere hope that the whole Philippines will share our positive outlook, optimism and faith in the country's future. Hope ;Religion & God
As a boy in school, I already had the drive to be No. 1. If I achieve my goals, OK, but if not, I always ask why and try to rectify myself.
Do what is right... do it with honesty and vigor. Be creative - that's important. Don't follow what other people are doing.
I don't rely on feng shui. I believe hard work brings us good luck and success. Success ;Work, Workers & The Labor Force
I don't usually make political comments, because I am a businessman, not a politician.
I knew I could make it in Cebu, but I never thought I could make it in Manila.
I only take vitamin B complex. Before World War II, I used to take ionized yeast, because in the pre-war era we never heard about vitamins. War & Peace
I played the piano as a boy for six years, from the time I was six to 12 years old. My piano lessons ended when my father died because our family had no more money. I used to have a mestiza teacher. She'd come once a week to teach me piano lessons, and she'd bribe me each time with an apple; otherwise, I wouldn't play. Education, Learning, Knowledge & Training ;Time ;Families, Children & Parenting
I spend all day in museums. I even eat my lunch in the museum, and I take a nap for one hour there.
It was during my first trip to America in 1953 - that's when I learned to visit museums. I was then 26 years old. When I travel, the first thing I do is to visit museums. When I go to New York City, I usually go to Broadway to see the shows. Travel
My great-great-grandfather lived to age 28, my immigrant great-grandfather Pedro Gotiaoco died at 66, my grandfather was 68, and my father died at 34.
Of course, the most important factor of all for long life is a good family. When a person goes home with the wife or the kids giving him endless headaches, then it's hard for that person to enjoy a long life. I am very fortunate, because my wife Elizabeth and my obedient children are very good; they have given me happiness. Life ;Happiness & Unhappiness ;Families, Children & Parenting
Sun Cellular is the biggest investment in my business career. Business, Commerce & Finance
The important thing to know is that life will always deal us a few bad cards, but we have to play those cards the best we can. And we can play to win. This was one lesson I picked up when I was a teenager. It has been my guiding principle ever since. When I wanted something, the best person to depend on was myself. Life
The most important factors for a long life, I think, are partly in the genes; number two is lifestyle, which includes healthy diet and regular exercise. I walk, run and swim every day. However, I think too much exercise is also unhealthy because of over-stress; sometimes people who exercise too many hours per day die early. Life
Throughout Philippine history, it's the immigrants who built fortunes and, in the process, helped build Philippine economy. History
We at Sun Cellular will definitely continue our consistent business policy of offering the best value for consumers' money. Yes, we shall offer the most affordable but reliable service. Business, Commerce & Finance ;Money, Coins & Minting