John Catsimatidis

(John A. Catsimatidis)

John Catsimatidis
John Catsimatidis
  • Born: September 7, 1948
  • Nationality: Greek
  • Profession: Businessman, Political Candidate









John A. Catsimatidis is an American billionaire businessman and radio talk show host. He is the owner, president, chairman, and CEO of Gristedes Foods, the largest grocery chain in Manhattan, and the Red Apple Group, a real estate and aviation company with about $2 billion in holdings in New York, Florida and Pennsylvania. He is also the chairman and CEO of the Red Apple Group subsidiary United Refining Company. He hosts a Sunday morning talk-radio show on a number of stations along the east coast and Florida, including Washington DC, and hosts a live radio program which airs Wednesdays during drive time in the New York City metro area. Catsimatidis was the runner-up to the Republican nomination for mayor of New York City in the 2013 election.

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All my life, I've been winning, ok? Life
Am I a Republican? Yes. Am I a Democrat? Yes. Am I a conservative? Yes. Am I a liberal? Yes.
America always recovers.
Americans like buying American vs. buying from Chavez or buying from the Middle East.
Anytime you cut food stamps, it naturally affects sales. People spend less. Nutrition, Food, Starvation, Farming & Agriculture
As mayor, I would support law enforcement, not knock it down.
Bill Clinton told me that when he was 14, he shook John Kennedy's hand, and that inspired him to be president.
Everyone - whether it's the Jews, the Greeks, the Catholics - everybody is entitled to religious beliefs and entitled to their traditions.
Grocery stores can't afford to pay $80 a square foot. At that rate, we are going out of business. Business, Commerce & Finance
I am a real New Yorker... I didn't go to Harvard, I didn't go to Yale... I rooted for the Yankees; I didn't root for the Boston Red Sox.
I believe business has to do well and that the surrounding communities do well. Business, Commerce & Finance
I believe that all people that are successful should pay back their cities, their states, their towns, our country.
I care about making New York better.
I could be like Joe Kennedy and say, 'My kids are going to run for president!'
I could have beat Obama.
I grew up on 135th Street. I grew up on the poor side of New York. I grew up in Harlem.
I have a love factor with the minorities. Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex
I just want to reflect the respect I have for animals. Respect
I love people. I enjoy people. Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex
I made a ton of money. Money, Coins & Minting
I promoted myself as a fusion ticket. I was running as a Republican liberal.
I put $5 million into the real-estate business when the world was coming to an end, and three years later, by 1980, I woke up and was worth a hundred. That's a lot of money back then. Business, Commerce & Finance ;Money, Coins & Minting
I respect John Kennedy for saying that he had a dream that we'd go to the moon before the end of the decade. Respect
I started in the supermarket business in the early '70s. And by '75, '76, I realized you don't have a business unless you own the real estate. Business, Commerce & Finance
I think New York is destined to have a Democratic mayor, and I want Freddy Ferrer to be that mayor.
I think the rich should pay more in taxes - I agree with that 100 percent - but everybody should feel the pain a little bit.
I want to inspire people.
I was a Clinton Democrat for twenty years.
I was a Mitt Romney Republican because he was pro-business.
I'm a Bill Clinton social Republican.
I'm a New York businessman.
I'm a visionary. I'm not a maintenance person.
I'm not a Johnny-come-lately Jew. I've been around. I watch out for the Jews; I watch out for the Catholics.
I'm not a Mike Bloomberg billionaire.
I'm not ashamed of being successful. You know, they criticized Romney for being ashamed of it. I think we've got to inspire our kids that we shouldn't be ashamed to be successful.
I'm the same businessman Donald Trump is.
I'm tough, but I have a heart.
It is tough that a lot of kids have single-family homes.
It seems everyone knows the value of a cantaloupe or a quart of milk.
It will be almost impossible for any other candidate to raise the money that the Clintons can raise. Money, Coins & Minting
Material things don't matter.
My father died in '97. But at least he lived until 93, so he saw my success. Success
My life would be better without Gristedes. Life
New York is for everybody; it's for the poor, it's for the middle-class, it's for the wealthy. We can't punish any one group and chase them away.
New York never felt the recession. New York never felt a depression.
Nobody destroys people - people destroy themselves, and it's very, very sad.
One mentor I had taught me that people do what you inspect, not necessarily what you expect. In other words, if nobody is watching, there will be some slack off.
People tell me, 'You better lose weight if you want to run for mayor.' I said, 'I got the Chris Christie look.'
Pizza is no longer on my diet.
The Fresh Direct model doesn't work. Work, Workers & The Labor Force
The media doesn't always reflect reality.
The reason I grew so fast in the supermarket business, without help of the banks in those days, was through my vendors. I convinced my vendors, the companies I was doing business with, if I did more business, they would do more business. Business, Commerce & Finance
There are two New Yorks - Manhattan and everything else. I'm a Manhattanite. I feel sorry for those people who aren't.
We are teaching kids to fail. We need to teach our kids to succeed.
We have to draw the line someplace with all the pesticides being used by the farmers.
What transpired at Semgroup was no less than a $500 billion fraud on the people of the world.
What's worse than getting divorced?
When the commodities go up and the cost of transportation is going up, and the value of the dollar is going down, it's all going to translate to an 8 to 10 percent rise in food prices. Nutrition, Food, Starvation, Farming & Agriculture
While in my late teens and in my 20s, I worked seven days a week, 20 hours a day. I worked my tail off.
You have to work at everything. You've got to make it work. Work, Workers & The Labor Force

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