John Boehner

(John Andrew Boehner)

John Boehner
John Boehner
  • Born: November 17, 1949
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Politician









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A leader without followers is just a man taking a walk. Leaders & Leadership ;Politics, Politicians & Political Campaigning & Fund Raising
Are you willing to let any President choose what laws to enforce and what laws to change? Presidency, Vice Presidency & Prime Ministership
Everything comes at a price and I’m going to use the debt limit to extract things out of you that I would not otherwise get. Legislating & Legislative Process
I had an “anything but yes” faction in my caucus … knuckleheads Politics, Politicians & Political Campaigning & Fund Raising
I have been in Washington for 22 years and have seen us kick the can down the road. Well there is no more road to kick the can down. Civil Disorder, Riots, Protests & Demonstrations
I need this job [Speaker of the House] like a hole in the head. Detriments & Qualifications ;Public Office: Benefits
If you think that my job is to rob the Federal Treasury on your behalf, you have voted for the wrong man Patronage & Pork Barrel
Managing the House of Representatives is like herding cats. Politics, Politicians & Political Campaigning & Fund Raising
Public Service was never meant to be an easy living. Detriments & Qualifications ;Public Office: Benefits
The more we do to avoid risk and protect our members from tough votes, the more ineffective and polarized the institution becomes Politics, Politicians & Political Campaigning & Fund Raising
There is no stalemate in Congress. Politics, Politicians & Political Campaigning & Fund Raising
We are voting on this measure again so that the new members of the House can have their chance to vote against Obamacare. Politics, Politicians & Political Campaigning & Fund Raising
We need reform. We need more transparency between those who lobby us and ourselves in the Congress. Secrecy & Transparency ;Reform, Change, Transformation & Reformers
And that is why marriage and family law has emphasized the importance of marriage as the foundation of family, addressing the needs of children in the most positive way. Families, Children & Parenting
And we can celebrate when we have a government that has earned back the trust of the people it serves... when we have a government that honors our Constitution and stands up for the values that have made America, America: economic freedom, individual liberty, and personal responsibility. Trust ;Government ;Freedom & Liberty
Before the trip began we mapped out three primary goals: 1) to see and meet with our American troops, and thank them for their bravery and sacrifice; 2) to assess the security situation in Iraq; and 3) to give our support to Iraq's national unity government. Government
But make no mistake, the President will find in our new majority the voice of the American people as they've expressed it tonight: standing on principle, checking Washington's power and leading the drive for a smaller, less costly, and more accountable government. Power ;Government
During the 1990s, world leaders looked at the mounting threat of terrorism, looked up, looked away, and hoped the problem would go away.
Each and every day, Israel's very existence is at stake.
Earmarks have become a symbol of a Congress that has broken faith with the people. This earmark ban shows the American people we are listening and we are dead serious about ending business as usual in Washington. Religion & God ;Business, Commerce & Finance
Every family in America knows they have to do a budget. Every small business in America knows they have to do a budget. Every local government, every state, knows they have to do a budget. Government ;Business, Commerce & Finance ;Families, Children & Parenting
House and Senate Republicans are now united in adopting earmark bans. We hope President Obama will follow through on his support for an earmark ban by pressing Democratic leaders to join House and Senate Republicans in taking this critical step to restore public trust. Trust ;Hope
House Republicans want to pass a strong border security, illegal immigration bill. We want a bill. There is no ifs, ands or buts about it.
I am not for raising taxes on the American people in a soft economy.
I didn't need to be speaker because I needed a fancy title or a big office. I wanted to be speaker so I could lead an effort to deal with the serious issues that are facing our country.
I grew up in a big family. You have to learn to get along with each other... get things done as a family. Families, Children & Parenting
I like to play golf. I like to cut my own grass.
I started out mopping floors, waiting tables, and tending bar at my dad's tavern. I put myself through school working odd jobs and night shifts. I poured my heart and soul into a small business. And when I saw how out-of-touch Washington had become with the core values of this great nation, I put my name forward and ran for office. Business, Commerce & Finance ;Families, Children & Parenting
I talked to a lot of employers who just are, are fearful of what's coming next out of Washington. It's all the spending, it's all the debt. It's their national energy tax, they want to call it cap and trade - more mandates, higher costs, more taxes. Their healthcare bill - more mandates, higher costs, higher taxes.
I think the government should do everything they possibly can to, to bring this crisis to an end; and that means going after BP, enforcing the laws that are on the books, and restoring the gulf to its original condition. Government
I'm what you'd call a regular guy with a big job.
In all my years of public service, I’ve seen weird issues, but this is the weirdest. My own guys are not even with me on this.
It got to the point where I had to sneak into the White House Politics, Politicians & Political Campaigning & Fund Raising
It's easy to kick somebody when they're down. George W. Bush has dealt with more difficult issues than any president since Franklin Roosevelt. And I've told my colleagues it's time that we go stand up for the president. Time
It's hard running for office when people can't say your name.
It's pretty clear that over the last three months the economy has paused. And it's also pretty clear the American people are still demanding and asking the question, 'Where are the jobs?' And the reason we don't have new jobs is because of the job-killing agenda pursued by President Obama and his allies in the Congress.
I've got 11 brothers and sisters.
Listen, I think what's best for the economy and to create jobs is to extend all of the current tax rates - for all Americans. It - it begins to reduce the uncertainty. And for small businesspeople, they can look up and begin to plan.
Listen, you only tease the ones you love. Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex
Make no mistake, a 'yes' vote on the Democrats' health care bill is a vote for taxpayer-funded abortions. Health, Healthcare & Medicine
Mitt Romney comes from a family of builders. Families, Children & Parenting
Most recently, terrorist forces have captured Israeli soldiers and fired rockets into Israeli cities - both unprovoked. These acts of aggression deserve the rapid and decisive response they received.
Mr. President, the buzz saw that your healthcare bill ran into wasn't lobbyists and special interests it was tens of millions of American's who were saying, 'Stop!'
My dad and my uncles owned a bar outside of Cincinnati. I worked there growing up, mopping floors, waiting tables. Families, Children & Parenting
No, let's make sure that people understand that this is a very important war that is helping to protect us here at home. And that we have no choice but to win it. As difficult as it is. War & Peace
Our freedoms were born in the ideals of the Enlightenment and the musket fires of an historic revolution.
Our manifesto, whatever it will be called, will come from the people who are really in charge of this country, and that's the American people.
Protecting the institution of marriage safeguards, I believe, the American family. Families, Children & Parenting
Since its first day as a nation, Israel has lived under a cloud of aggression from militant extremists and hostile neighboring governments.
Spending time with America's soldiers is always inspiring. Time
Stem cell research must be carried out in an ethical manner in a way that respects the sanctity of human life. Life
Studies show that children best flourish when one mom and one dad are there to raise them. Families, Children & Parenting
The aggressive, unprovoked acts of violence against Israel by Hezbollah and Hamas are revealing. It is clear they don't want peace, but rather seek the ultimate destruction of Israel. War & Peace
The American people are screaming at the top of their lungs to Washington, 'Stop! Stop the spending, stop the job-killing policies.' And yet, Democrats in Washington refuse to listen to the American people.
The American people think the government in Washington is too big. That it spends too much. And - and that it's totally out of control. They want something done about it. Government
The job of training an Iraqi police force is one of the most important tasks being undertaken in Operation Iraqi Freedom. It is also one of the most difficult. Freedom & Liberty
The United States and Israel have a unique relationship based on our mutual commitment to democracy, freedom, and peace. Therefore, just as our commitment to these principles must be steadfast, so must our support for Israel. Freedom & Liberty ;War & Peace
The United States did not choose to fight Islamic extremists. These terrorists chose to fight our way of life. They chose to challenge our existence. Life
The value of the majority lies not in the opportunity to wield great power, but in the chance to use power to do great things. Power
They have called Operation Iraqi Freedom a war of choice that isn't part of the real war on terror. Someone should tell that to al Qaeda. Freedom & Liberty ;War & Peace
They know the importance of their mission and of America's commitment to combating and defeating terrorism abroad, and they know that they are making a real difference in bringing freedom to a part of the world that has known only tyranny. Freedom & Liberty
This resolution simply says Israel has the right to defend itself. This includes conducting operations both inside its borders and in the territory of nations that threaten it, which is in accordance with international law.
We can continue to make significant strides in the scientific community by exploring new stem cell research methods that do not include destroying human embryos.
We have no stronger ally anywhere in the world than Israel.
We have to deal with two issues. Spending and taxes.
We hope President Obama will now respect the will of the people, change course, and commit to making the changes they are demanding. To the extent he is willing to do this, we are ready to work with him. Hope ;Work, Workers & The Labor Force
Well, any good comeback needs some true believers.
Well, as a former small businessperson - I understand what's going on, I think in the business community. And businesspeople around the country are looking at all the spending and all the debt. They're looking at all the policies coming out of this Congress and this administration the last two years, and they - it's created all this uncertainty. Business, Commerce & Finance
When I met Paul Ryan 22 years ago, he was a student at Miami of Ohio volunteering on my campaign.
While 45 of the 50 States have either a State constitutional amendment or a statute that preserves the current definition of marriage, left-wing activist judges and officials at the local levels have struck down State laws protecting marriage. Families, Children & Parenting
Why don't we stop the stimulus spending? There's still about $400 billion or $500 billion of the stimulus plan that has not been spent. Why don't we stop it? It's not working.
Will we fight or will we retreat? That is the question that is posed to us. Some of my friends on the other side of the aisle often refer to Iraq as a distraction.
Working Americans who believe in our country and who believe in our Constitution are saying, 'Enough is enough!'