Jerry Brown

(Edmund Gerald Brown Jr.)

Jerry Brown
Jerry Brown
  • Born: April 7, 1938
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Politician









Quote Topics Cited
I call upon President Trump and the Attorney General to act like the good Christian gentlemen that they claim to be. Compliments, Insults & Rebukes ;Politics, Politicians & Political Campaigning & Fund Raising
Look at all the guilty pleas and contradictions from there. The White House is full of liars. Compliments, Insults & Rebukes ;Morality, Ethics & Conflict of Interest ;Politics, Politicians & Political Campaigning & Fund Raising
Automation and technology would be a great boon if it were creative, if there were more leisure, more opportunity to engage in raising a family, providing guidance to the young, all the stuff we say we need. America will work if we're all in it together. It'll work when there's a shared sense of destiny. It can be done! Families, Children & Parenting ;Science, Mathematics, Engineering & Technology ;Work, Workers & The Labor Force
I like computers. I like the Internet. It's a tool that can be used. But don't be misled into thinking that these technologies are anything other than aspects of a degenerate economic system. Science, Mathematics, Engineering & Technology
In some cases, managers and employees have secured pensions beyond their original base salary. It is wrong, the people doing it know it's wrong, and we have to put an end to it.
Inaction may be the biggest form of action.
It looks to me to be obvious that the whole world cannot eat an American diet.
Jobs for every American is doomed to failure because of modern automation and production. We ought to recognize it and create an income-maintenance system so every single American has the dignity and the wherewithal for shelter, basic food, and medical care. I'm talking about welfare for all. Without it, you're going to have warfare for all. Health, Healthcare & Medicine ;Failure ;Nutrition, Food, Starvation, Farming & Agriculture
Multinational corporations do control. They control the politicians. They control the media. They control the pattern of consumption, entertainment, thinking. They're destroying the planet and laying the foundation for violent outbursts and racial division.
Pension reform can be hard to talk about. In the long run, reform now means fewer demands for layoffs and less draconian measures in the future. It's in the best interest of all Californians to fix this system now. Future
Prisons don't rehabilitate, they don't punish, they don't protect, so what the hell do they do?
Several unions have agreed to larger employee contributions for their members. Taxpayers are living with cuts and making sacrifices to deal with the reality of California's budget crisis, state workers are going to have to do the same.
The conventional viewpoint says we need a jobs program and we need to cut welfare. Just the opposite! We need more welfare and fewer jobs.
The government is becoming the family of last resort. Government ;Families, Children & Parenting
The reason that everybody likes planning is that nobody has to do anything.
Too often I find that the volume of paper expands to fill the available briefcases.
We have to be realistic about what the state can afford, and put an end to abuses of the system that cost millions.
We have to deal with where we are. We have to create cooperatives, we have to create intentional communities, we have to work for local cooperation where we are. Work, Workers & The Labor Force
We have to restore power to the family, to the neighborhood, and the community with a non-market principle, a principle of equality, of charity, of let's-take-care-of-one-another. That's the creative challenge. Power ;Equality & Equal Opportunity ;Families, Children & Parenting
When the farmer can sell directly to the consumer, it is a more active process. There's more contact. The consumer can know, who am I buying this from? What's their name? Do they have a face? Is the food they are selling coming out of Mexico with pesticides? Nutrition, Food, Starvation, Farming & Agriculture
Where there is a sufficient social movement of self-reliant communities, there can be political change. There must be political change.