Jean Jacques Rousseau

(Jean-Jacques Rousseau)

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…luxury is the result of wealth, or it makes wealth necessary. It corrupts both rich and poor, the one by possessing, the other by coveting. It sells out the fatherland to indolence and vanity; it deprives the State of all its Citizens by enslaving some of them to others and all of them to opinion. Money, Coins & Minting
A little bit of agitation gives motivation to the soul, and what really makes the species prosper is not peace so much as freedom. Civil Disorder, Riots, Protests & Demonstrations
A true democracy has never existed, and never will exist. It is against natural order that the great number should govern and that the few should be governed. Democracies & Republics
Accent [emphasis] is the soul of speech; it gives it feeling and truth. Oratory, Discussion & Debate
Civilized men do nothing but boast incessantly of the peace and repose they enjoy in their chains.... Freedom & Liberty ;Dictators, Despots, Autocrats, Autocracies & Dictatorships
Give civilized man time to gather all his machines about him, and he will no doubt easily beat the savage; but if you would see a still more unequal contest, set them together naked and unarmed, and you will soon see the advantage of having all our forces constantly at our disposal, of being always prepared for every event Science, Mathematics, Engineering & Technology
Good laws lead to the making of better ones; bad ones bring about worse. Legislating & Legislative Process
He who would dare to undertake to establish a nation would have to feel himself capable of altering, so to speak, human nature, to transform each individual, who by his very nature is a unique and perfect whole, into a mere part of a greater whole, from which this individual would in a sense receive his life and his being. Human Nature
I do not want to give you artificial and systematic laws, invented by man; only to bring you back under the unique laws of nature and order, which command to the heart and do not tyrannize the free will. Law, Courts, Jails, Crime & Law Enforcement
In the name of Almighty God and on the Holy Gospels, by this irrevocable and sacred oath I unite myself in body, in goods, in will and in my whole potential to the Corsican Nation, in such a way that I myself and everything that belongs to me shall belong to it without redemption. I swear to live and to die for it, to observe all its laws and to obey its legitimate leaders and magistrates in everything that is in conformity with the law. Rebellion, Revolution, Insurgency & Resistance
In the strict sense of the term, a true democracy has never existed, and never will exist. Democracies & Republics
It is by doing good that we become good. Morality, Ethics & Conflict of Interest
It is important that there be a uniform, equal citizenry, evenly distributed over the various provinces of the island, and free from extremes in wealth and poverty. His intention, as he phrases it, is “not completely to destroy private property, since this is impossible, but to enclose it within more narrow boundaries, to give it a measure, a rule, a bridle which restrains it, which directs it, which subdues it, and always keeps it subordinate to the public good. Equality & Equal Opportunity
Man is born free, yet he is everywhere in chains. Freedom & Liberty
O man, of whatever country you are, and whatever your opinions may be, behold your history, such as I have thought to read it, not in books written by your fellow creatures, who are liars, but in nature, which never lies History
Property, once recognized, gave rise to the first rules of justice; for, to secure each man his own, it had to be possible for each to have something. Besides, as men began to look forward to the future, and all had something to lose, every one had reason to apprehend that reprisals would follow any injury he might do to another. Justice & Injustice
The deputies of the people should not and cannot be the people's representatives, they can only be its servants.... The moment that people give power to their representatives, they abdicate their liberty. Politics, Politicians & Political Campaigning & Fund Raising
The fruits belong to all and that the land belongs to none. Miscellaneous
The invention of the other arts must therefore have been necessary to compel mankind to apply themselves to agriculture. No sooner were artificers wanted to smelt and forge iron, than others were required to maintain them; the more hands that were employed in manufactures, the fewer were left to provide for the common subsistence, though the number of mouths to be furnished with food remained the same.
The laws of Solon, of Numa of Lycurgus are dead while the even older laws of Moses still live. Athens, Sparta, Rome have perished and have left no children on earth. Zion, while destroyed did not lose its children;;; They no longer have leaders and yet they are a people, they no longer have a country and yet they are citizens. Minorities & Women
The philosophers, who have inquired into the foundations of society, have all felt the necessity of going back to a state of nature; but not one of them has got there. Miscellaneous
The right of conquest has no foundation other than the right of the strongest. If war does not give the conqueror the right to massacre the conquered peoples, the right to enslave them cannot be based upon a right which does not exist. Expansionism, Colonialism & Imperialism ;Slaves, Slavery & The Slave Trade
The strongest is never strong enough to always be the master unless he transforms strength into right… Power
The very right to vote imposes on me the duty to instruct myself in public affair, however little influence my voice may have in them. Voters, Voting & Elections
The very right to vote imposes on me the duty to instruct myself in public affairs, however little influence my voice may have in them. Voters, Voting & Elections
There is another very specific quality which distinguishes them [man from animals], and which will admit of no dispute. This is the faculty of self-improvement, which, by the help of circumstances, gradually develops all the rest of our faculties, and is inherent in the species as in the individual: whereas a brute is, at the end of a few months, all he will ever be during his whole life, and his species, at the end of a thousand years, exactly what it was the first year of that thousand. Humor ;Human Nature ;Animals
There is no subjugation so perfect as that which keeps the appearance of freedom, for in that way one captures volition itself. Freedom & Liberty
Where is the man who owes nothing to the land in which he lives? Loyalty & Loyalty Oaths