Janina Gavankar

(Janina Zione Gavankar)

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I always feel like I'm so busy.
I believe artists deserve all the help they can get, so they can focus on being great artists.
I can't watch 'Glee' because I get so jealous that I'm not there with them doing it that I can't even watch.
I did all the musicals in my high school; I was in a pop group signed to Cash Money Records in college. Music has always been a really big part of my life. Life ;Music, Chants & Rapps ;Money, Coins & Minting
I don't really feel comfortable unless I'm slightly uncomfortable. I don't want to play myself all the time. Time
I feel like in Atlanta, if you were a female dancer, the more you can dance like the boys, the more respect you get. I was thrust into that kind of dance culture, and it was in my body. Respect
I grew up playing classical piano and percussion.
I identify more as a musician than as a singer, because I play piano and percussion, and I engineer and produce everything that I do.
I know that you have to be reserved about certain things in your life. Life
I love supernatural stuff. 'Battlestar Galactica' was my favorite show. Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex
I want to continue to play characters that are not like me at all, and transform.
I want to see what technology's going to be like in a few hundred years, if the human race hasn't completely obliterated itself by then. Science, Mathematics, Engineering & Technology
I was working in Chicago, in theater and in commercials and anything that anybody would let me do. When I moved to L.A., I had made a choice to be a character actor, meaning that I wanted to become somebody else. That's what attracted me to becoming an actor in the first place.
I'd rather be with Dracula than the Wolfman.
I'd rather control someone than be controlled.
I'm always drooling over great design, from fashion to furniture.
I'm straight. I. Love. Men. I love men. Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex
IMDb only lists specific projects. It doesn't list theater, commercial, and most non-union work. You also have to pay to upload your reel to most sites, and some places still make you walk your DVD into their physical location. Work, Workers & The Labor Force
It's ridiculous that people aren't allowed to love who they love, have families, and have the same life as straight people. It's infuriating. Life ;Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex
I've always done the safest thing, which is to assume that it's going to feel like that, to assume that you're going to feel like a freshman in a group of seniors - if you expect the worst, then it's never going to be that bad.
I've been really lucky. I think that you really get what you recognize is in the universe.
When I was in college in Chicago, I was doing a lot of commercials - that was my bread and butter.
When it comes down to it, I'm kind of a nerdy actor.
You're an actor first and foremost. No one is going to hire you because you tweet a lot.

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