James Warren Doyle

(James Warren Doyle, O.E.S.A.)

Quote Topics Cited
… in your opposition to this pest of agriculture and bane of religion [the Tithe], keep always before your eyes a salutary dread of those statutes which guard the tithe. Let no violence or combination to inspire dread be ever found in your proceedings. Justice has no need of such allies. In these countries, if you only obey the law and reverence the constitution, they both will furnish you with ample means whereby to overthrow all oppression, and will secure to you the full enjoyment of every social right. Riots ;Civil Disorder, Riots, Protests & Demonstrations
…all the teachers henceforth to be employed be provided from some Model School, with a certificate of their competency, that will aid us in a work of great difficulty, to wit, … placing youths under the direction of competent teachers, and of those only. Education, Learning, Knowledge & Training
Can Ireland, the poorest nation in Europe, support the most affluent and luxurious priesthood which does not profess the religion of the people, nor minister to the wants of the poor? Religion & God
I do not know of any measures that would prepare the way for a better feeling in Ireland, than uniting children at an early age and bringing them up in the same school, leading them to commune with one another and to form these little intimacies and friendships which often subsist through life. Education, Learning, Knowledge & Training
No man ought to be condemned for exhorting people to pursue justice in a certain line, though he may foresee that in the pursuit of that justice the opposition given to those who are proceeding in a just course may produce collision, and that collision lead to the commission of crime; but our duty, as I conceive, is to seek for the injustice, and there to impute the crime… It is to that injustice, and not to those who pursue a just course for the attainment of a right end, that the guilt is to be ascribed. Morality, Ethics & Conflict of Interest
The advocacy of truth will always excite hostility, and he who enforces justice will ever have to combat against the powers of this world. Justice & Injustice
The indomitable hatred of oppression is like a gem upon the front of our nation which no darkness can obscure. Freedom & Liberty
The ministers of the Church of Ireland are taking the blanket from the bed of sickness, the ragged apparel from the limbs of the pauper, and selling it by auction for the payment of tithe. Compliments, Insults & Rebukes
We, who are now embarked in this cause, have to renew our determination, and in proportion as power is exerted against us to oppose ourselves to it as a wall of brass. Let us receive but not return its shocks; for if we abide by the law and pursue truth and justice we may suffer loss for a moment, but as certainly as Providence presides over human affairs every arm lifted against us shall not prosper, and against every tongue that contendeth with us we will obtain our cause. Riots ;Civil Disorder, Riots, Protests & Demonstrations