J. I. Packer

(James Innell Packer)

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  • Born: July 22, 1926
  • Nationality: British, Canadian
  • Profession: Professor Theology At Regent College









James Innell Packer, usually cited as J. I. Packer, is a British-born Canadian Christian theologian in the low-church Anglican and Calvinist traditions. He currently serves as the Board of Governors' Professor of Theology at Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is considered one of the most influential evangelicals in North America. He has been the theologian emeritus of the Anglican Church in North America since its inception in 2009.

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Christianity has stayed stable, as it must do. The doctrines don't change. The understanding of what it means to walk with God doesn't change. The reality of worship doesn't change, not at heart, anyway. So Christianity appears to be stuck. Religion & God
Evangelical churches are weaker than we realize because we don't teach the confessions and doctrine.
I must ask the Lord to direct the Holy Spirit within me to drain the life out of sin and in prayer. Life
I never get to the end of mortifying sin because sin in my heart, where it's still marauding even though it's no longer dominant, sin in my heart is constantly expressing itself in new disorderly desires.
I'm amazed at the amount of time people spend on the Internet. Time
I'm not against technology, but all tools should be used to their best advantage. We should be spending our time on things that have staying power, instead of on the latest thought of the latest blogger - and then moving on quickly to the next blogger. Time ;Science, Mathematics, Engineering & Technology
I'm saying that an editorial process that is preparing the material for publication counts as part of the inspiring process whereby God, in his sovereignty, gave every word. Religion & God
In some Old Testament books, it's very evident that an editor has been at work. That's quite all right. It's part of the process. Work, Workers & The Labor Force
My advice to a new husband is nothing more than 'husbands, love your wives.' And 'love your wife as Christ has loved the church.' Never forget that you are Christ's representative in serving your wife. Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex
The books of C.S. Lewis had a very profound, indirect effect on me.

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