Ivica Dacic

(Ivica Dačić)

Ivica Dacic
Ivica Dacic
  • Born: January 1, 1966
  • Nationality: Serbian
  • Profession: Politician









Ivica Dačić is a Serbian politician who has been the Minister of Foreign Affairs since April 2014. He is the leader of the Socialist Party of Serbia.

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A final and long-lasting solution to the Kosovo issue cannot be achieved without an agreement with Serbia, especially in regard to the U.N.
An international presence in Serbia's Kosovo province is not a problem. But only a civilian and unarmed mission under U.N. auspices, with Russia's participation, would be acceptable.
As prime minister, I will never make a decision that will be an injustice to Serbia and its citizens.
Discussing economic reforms in Serbia is futile.
For 10 years, Kosovo was taboo. No one could officially tell the truth. Truth
Had someone from Serbia flown a 'Greater Serbia' flag in Tirana or Pristina, it would become an issue for the U.N. Security Council.
How can a country that is impoverished, humiliated and beaten defend its national interests?
I have no private life, as I am constantly under police surveillance. Life
I invite you to leverage Serbia because we have talented young professionals who are multilingual, highly educated, and willing to work for competitive wages. Work, Workers & The Labor Force
I tried to go to Kosovo to establish a statue to commemorate those who died during the wars, and to discuss moving on, so we could move into a new era. But I was banned from there.
I was part of a government that tried to resolve the question of Kosovo by war. Perhaps there is some justice that today I should be the person most responsible for finding a peaceful solution. Government ;War & Peace
If Nord Stream was built in Europe, I see no reason why South Stream cannot be built as well.
Milosevic did not die in The Hague - he was killed in The Hague. But, he had managed to defend the national and state interests of Serbia and the Serb people, and everybody should be grateful to him for that.
No one can undermine national unity.
No one has the right to detract the attention of the nation from the defence of the country.
Serbia has become a pariah nation, untouchable like a leper.
Serbia has shown enough patience, but it has also sent a clear and strong message that the law must be respected and that no one is stronger than the state. Patience
Serbia is blamed in advance for everything.
Serbia is open for business. Business, Commerce & Finance
Serbia stands firmly on the EU path.
Serbia will neither allow a revision of history, nor will it forget who are the main culprits in World War I. History ;War & Peace
Serbs can only leave Kosovo.
The Serbian people certainly will never be an obstacle for the Montenegrins to have their own country.
The time of Milosevic has long passed. Time
There can be no unified southeastern Europe without Yugoslavia, and everything else is a continuation of political blackmail with which the Serb people and Yugoslavia were faced all these years.
There has been enough blood in the Balkans. Serbia is offering its hand. Let us turn to the future and not deal with the past. Future
We would like Serbia to become a member of the European Union as quickly as possible.

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