Isaac Jan Alexander Gogel

Quote Topics Cited
… a people which desires freedom but knows no order … a people which on one day elects its rulers, on the next begins to mistrust them and on the third condemns them; a people devoid of any spirit of fraternity or concession; a people among whom may be discovered a hundred different factions and engaged in abusing without the spirit of moderation … Rebellion, Revolution, Insurgency & Resistance
By an equal obligation … every citizen with the same means would pay the same contributions [taxes]; the common man would not be more heavily imposed upon. Taxes
I do not know which is the more preferable, a government composed of several members but sovereign in the country, or a government of a single man with several inferior administrations all having the attributes of constitutional power…. The present government succeeds in combining the worst of both systems by having a infinity of governments all endowed with constitutional laws and separate powers, so that departmental (provincial) councils dispute with the government and the towns and the communes. Power
I have always been for absolute equality of privileges and obligations. Equality & Equal Opportunity
I have always found that men are happiest where governments interfere least with their actions; effectively, I believe that government should occupy itself only with what the general interest requires and what is necessary for the repression of crime and the safety of morals. Liberals & Conservatives
In unforeseen or exceptional circumstances, the exceptional burdens placed on the national treasury can be better served by general taxes … than though new forced loans, levies, or as yet undiscovered resources, is surely incontrovertible. Taxes
It is necessary, Sire, to levy a tax which weighs equally on all those that are liable. Here. Sire, is the touchstone which the grand proprietors would like to evade … which is why their protests double the more we succeed in touching the heart of the matter. Their appeal to the people is a mask behind which they conceal their designs; they are infuriated because the [tax] law admits no distinctions and seeks equality. Taxes
Nothing is easier for us than to talk of revolution. But we do not want a revolution if we cannot protect our fellow citizens from pillage and murder in reprisal … We rest on your promises given to us a month ago. We await your help and will answer with our heads for the success of the invasion. Rebellion, Revolution, Insurgency & Resistance
Rich men, and above all proprietors of tenanted estates and holders of stock who practice no other profession than what the price of their money can raise, are incomparably less worthy citizens than a trading or working man … Human Nature
The Dutch public has always been accustomed to being treated according to the letter of the law. Law, Courts, Jails, Crime & Law Enforcement
The entire well-being of Amsterdam is threatened by the machinations of a small band of anarchists, dispersed throughout the country but whose headquarters lie within this city. They may be found in the Constituent Assembly and in the provincial administrations …. For some time now they have worked steadily to create disorder and to win office for themselves … States. Nations & Nationhood
The return to collegiate management of finance would bring with it the continued domination of a minority over the majority, with no possibility of setting matters aright without recourse to revolutions provoked by feebleness, feuds, factions, hatreds, and vindictiveness… Budgets & Budgeting
When a government finds itself in the calamitous circumstances where it … must tax its people heavily, it behooves it, so far as possible, to see that all those who are liable pay according to their means, and that a proper assessment is made of them. In this way, the middle class is not taxed in order to spare the rich, nor the poor so much more burdened that they no longer have any possibility of improving their condition. Labor is encouraged and industry not deterred. Trade remains free and restricted as little as possible, and so far as possible taxes are levied on objects which go beyond necessity, coming under the category of luxuries, and are therefore conditioned on the choice of the people . Liberals & Conservatives
Your Minister of Finance must confess to Your Majesty that he is frozen with terror on examining the budget for the War, and must also that he knows of no means by which such expenses can possibly be met…. Budgets & Budgeting