Imelda Marcos

(Imelda Romuáldez Marcos)

Imelda Marcos
Imelda Marcos
  • Born: July 2, 1929
  • Nationality: Filipino
  • Profession: Actress









Quote Topics Cited
I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes, I had one thousand and sixty. Humor ;Miscellaneous
I get so tired listening to complaints of one million dollars here, one million dollars there, it's so petty. Miscellaneous
Life is not a matter of place, things or comfort; rather, it concerns the basic human rights of family, country, justice and human dignity. Life ;Families, Children & Parenting ;Politics, Politicians & Political Campaigning & Fund Raising
When I dressed up for visiting Kings and Queens it would take me an hour. When I went to the provinces it would take me twice the time. They needed a standard…. I must be glamorous because I am representing the people Public Relations & Image
Continuous persecution of widows and orphans is a crime. Even the Bible says there is a specific place in hell for those who oppress widows.
Doesn't the fight for survival also justify swindle and theft? In self defence, anything goes.
Ferdinand was a gold trader. He was a lawyer for mining companies. When he entered politics in l949, he had tons and tons of gold. When Bill Gates was a college dropout, Ferdinand already possessed billions of dollars and tons of gold. It wasn't stolen. Politics, Politicians & Political Campaigning & Fund Raising
Filipinos don't wallow in what is miserable and ugly. They recycle the bad into things of beauty.
Filipinos want beauty. I have to look beautiful so that the poor Filipinos will have a star to look at from their slums.
God is love. I have loved. Therefore, I will go to heaven. Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex ;Religion & God
I always say you can never be extravagant with beauty. Beauty is God made real. Beauty is life. Life ;Religion & God
I am First Lady by accident. I was not elected by the people but here I am.
I beg Osama to stop warring. He is a Muslim, and Islam means peace. Nobody wins in a war... I wish I were tapped in the problem about Iraq. I knew Saddam enough that I could have talked him into surrendering. But it's too late. War & Peace
I get so tired listening to one million dollars here, one million dollars there, it's so petty.
I hardly can sleep. I feel that my target now is really to save Mother Earth for humanity. And it's doable.
I hate ugliness. You know I'm allergic to ugliness.
I have a different way of thinking. I think synergistically. I'm not linear in thinking, I'm not very logical.
I have never been a material girl. My father always told me never to love anything that cannot love you back. Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex ;Families, Children & Parenting
I love everybody. One of the great things about me is that I have a very positive attitude. Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex
I really had no great love for shoes. I was a working First Lady; I was always in canvas shoes. I did nurture the shoes industry of the Philippines, and so every time there was a shoe fair, I would receive a pair of shoes as a token of gratitude. Time ;Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex
I was no Marie Antoinette. I was not born to nobility, but I had a human right to nobility.
I will come up with a project that will wipe out poverty in the Philippines in two years. I want to remove the people from economic crisis by using the Marcos wealth. Long after I'm gone, people will remember me for building them homes and roads and hospitals and giving them food. Nutrition, Food, Starvation, Farming & Agriculture
If you know how much you've got, you probably haven't got much.
If you know how rich you are, you are not rich. But me, I am not aware of the extent of my wealth. That's how rich we are.
It is shallow people who think beauty is frivolous or excessive. If you are bringing beauty and god, you are enriching the country. Rice feeds the body, books feed the mind, beauty feeds the soul. It is one thing I can really be proud of and stand tall in the world. Religion & God
It's the rich you can terrorize. The poor have nothing to lose.
My dreams have become puny with the reality my life has become. Life
My dreams were always small and puny. All I ever needed was a little house with a little picket fence by the sea. Little did I know that I would live in Malacanang Palace for 20 years and visit all the major palaces of mankind. And then also meet ordinary citizens and the leaders of superpowers.
My husband does not like me to give interviews because I say too much. No talk, no trouble.
Never dress down for the poor. They won't respect you for it. They want their First Lady to look like a million dollars. Respect
People say I'm extravagant because I want to be surrounded by beauty. But tell me, who wants to be surrounded by garbage?
The Marcos era was the golden time for the Philippines. We had the lowest crime rate in the world in Manila and real development then. At last, people are starting to understand this. Time
The only rich person is a person who is rich in spirit. I have no money deposit. I have only beauty deposit. Money, Coins & Minting
The Philippines is a terrible name, coming from Spain. Phillip II was the father of the inquisition, who I believe died of syphilis. It is my great regret that we didn't change the name of our country.
The problem of the world today is the people talk on and on about democracy, freedom, justice. But I don't give a damn about democracy if I am worried about survival. Freedom & Liberty
The problems with First Ladies is that you have to set the standard. My role is to be both star and slave.
The Reagans were dear friends for many years, even when he was governor of California. Nancy appreciated a lot of Philippine-made things.
They call me corrupt, frivolous. I am not at all privileged. Maybe the only privileged thing is my face. And corrupt? God! I would not look like this if I am corrupt. Some ugliness would settle down on my system. Religion & God
They went into my closets looking for skeletons, but thank God, all they found were shoes, beautiful shoes. Religion & God
They've listed my name in the dictionary - 'Imeldific' is used to mean ostentatious extravagance... But the truth will prevail. Truth
We practically own everything in the Philippines.
When they see me holding fish, they can see that I am comfortable with kings as well as with paupers. Politics, Politicians & Political Campaigning & Fund Raising
Win or lose, we go shopping after the election.
You know, not even your British Queen is called just Elizabeth - she's Elizabeth the Second. There's only one Imelda.