Ibn Khaldoun

(Ibn Khaldun)

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All civilizations must go through four stages: The first stage is the emergence of a new civilization and society. The second stage covers a period of growth and prosperity. Stagnation and decadence characterize the third stage where wealth can no longer increase. This brings us to a fourth stage of decline leading to the ultimate collapse. Finally, a new civilization emerges from the ashes of the previous one and another cycle is born. The conditions of the world, and of the nations do not persist in one unchanging state but are transformed with the passage of time and move from one condition to another History ;Social Sciences
Hoarding money is not like hoarding grain or food supplies. Moses' advice to the Pharaoh was the right advice for the dark years of Egypt. The Pharaoh had to store up in the seven good years to tide one over for the seven bad years. Egypt needed huge stocks of grain and staples to help its people pull through a severe drought. The ultimate reserve fund for a king is a healthy, vibrant and skilled population Work, Workers & The Labor Force ;Social Sciences
Science of Society Miscellaneous ;Social Sciences
Such forms of wealth as gold, silver, precious stones are only minerals and products having an exchange value. It is social effort, the search for profit and the use of tools that cause the increase or decrease of the quantity of precious metals in circulation and hence, the real wealth of a King Work, Workers & The Labor Force ;Social Sciences
The Abbaside Khalifa [Caliphate] collapsed because some ignorant advisors convinced successive Caliphs to impose dramatic increases in taxes to pay for mercenaries and purchase luxury imports. This stupidity killed industry and forced the most prominent and highly skilled craftsmen and traders to flee to India, and even to China Taxes
The prosperity of the State can only reflect the prosperity of its subjects …. The greater the number the skilled subjects, the greater is the potential for prosperity for king and kingdom. Work, Workers & The Labor Force
When the ruler abusively increases taxes, it discourages the crafts from applying their skills to the creation of new wealth Taxes

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