Harmon Killebrew

(Harmon Clayton Killebrew, Jr.)

Harmon Killebrew
Harmon Killebrew
  • Born: June 29, 1936
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Athlete









Harmon Clayton Killebrew, Jr., nicknamed "The Killer" and "Hammerin' Harmon", was an American professional baseball first baseman, third baseman, and left fielder. During his 22-year career in Major League Baseball (MLB), primarily with the Minnesota Twins, Killebrew was a prolific power hitter who, at the time of his retirement, was fourth all-time and second only to Babe Ruth in American League (AL) home runs and was the AL career leader in home runs by a right-handed batter . He was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1984.

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At Tiger Stadium, the dugouts are so low that you walk in and hit your head on the ceiling. People would say, 'Don't feel bad. Ty Cobb did the same thing.'
Hitting .400 is something you can do by yourself. But you have to rely on guys getting on base at the right time to drive in that many runs. Time
Hospice is such a tremendous thing. Patients seem to reach an inner peace. War & Peace
I always tried to watch the pitcher and his complete windup from the moment he had the ball in his glove all the way through his motion, and tried to follow it all the way out of his hand, all the way to home plate.
I didn't have evil intentions, but I guess I did have power. Power
I didn't think much about batting average when I was playing.
I do everything in a straightforward manner.
I found out early in life that I could hit a baseball farther than most players, and that's what I tried to do. Life
I like happy endings.
I speak very highly of Jim Thome. Not only is he a great player, but he's a great individual.
I want to say that maybe I've made some wrong decisions, but I'm still an honorable person, and I intend to take care of all of my obligations.
I was set to go to Oregon to play college baseball and football.
I'm not a quitter. All my career, I went through a lot of physical adversity, injuries. It's in my nature to be a battler. Nature
In baseball, you pack your uniform in the clubhouse after a ball game, and you see it hanging up in your locker when you get to your next city.
It must be nice for today's hitters when you don't have to worry about being thrown at. It's a whole different deal. When I played, getting knocked down was an accepted part of the game.
It takes a lot of dedication to quit smoking, and whether you give up for good on your first try or have to give it a couple of tries - just keep swinging at it and you will succeed.
Joe Mauer's the real deal. He is absolutely wonderful. Not only is he a great player, but he's a great human being. He's the kind of guy you'd like to see... be your son.
Life is precious and time is a key element. Let's make every moment count and help those who have a greater need than our own. Life ;Time
My father used to play with my brother and me in the yard. Mother would come out and say, 'You're tearing up the grass'; 'We're not raising grass,' Dad would reply. 'We're raising boys.' Families, Children & Parenting
No matter what, I've always been an optimistic person.
Pitchers are smart. They know they are much better off if they mix things up and keep you off-balance.
Society doesn't like to deal with death, but it is a natural part of living. Society ;Death
The Mayo Clinic is one of the largest and most experienced medical centers treating esophageal cancer in the world. Health, Healthcare & Medicine
The people in the Upper Midwest were the same kind of people I grew up around in Idaho.
There was a time when rival teams used a shift against me. They would put the second baseman on the shortstop's side of the bag, move the shortstop into the hole to his right, and have the third baseman hug the foul line. The idea was to build an infield wall against a known right-handed pull hitter. Time
When I was 14, and for the next four years, I was lifting and hauling 10-gallon milk cans full of milk. That will put muscles on you even if you're not trying.