Gerd von Rundstedt

(Karl Rudolf Gerd von Rundstedt)

Quote Topics Cited
It is madness to attempt to hold. In the first place the troops cannot do it and in the second place if they do not retreat they will be destroyed. I repeat that this order be rescinded or that you find someone else. War & Peace
Make peace, you fools! Negotiating & Negotiations
The vastness of Russia devours us. War & Peace
Three factors defeated us in the West where I was in command. First, the unheard-of superiority of your air force, which made all movement in daytime impossible. Second, the lack of motor fuel - oil and gas - so that the Panzers and even the Luftwaffe were unable to move. Third, the systematic destruction of all railway communications so that it was impossible to bring one single railroad train across the Rhine. Energy ;War & Peace
We are in no position to withstand a prolonged static war. Wherever the allies concentrate their forces they will break through. For us there can be no question of military victory or of winning the war. Our only hope is to hold on long enough to allow some development on the political front to save Germany from complete collapse. War & Peace
We should have known better after the first war. Expansionism, Colonialism & Imperialism
Another adverse factor was the way the Russians received continual reinforcements from their back areas, as they fell back. It seemed to us that as soon as one force was wiped out, the path was blocked by the arrival of a fresh force.
If was, increased by a lack of railways in Russia - for bringing up supplies to our advancing troops.
The German Air Force was not sufficient to protect the sea crossing on its own. While the leading part of the forces might have landed, there was the danger that they might be cut off from supplies and reinforcements.
The responsibility of commanding the invasion fell to me, and the task was assigned to my Army Group.