Gamal Abdel Nasser

(Gamal Abdel Nasser Hussein)

Gamal Abdel Nasser
Gamal Abdel Nasser
  • Born: January 15, 1918
  • Died: September 28, 1970
  • Nationality: Egyptian
  • Profession: Leader









Gamal Abdel Nasser Hussein was the second President of Egypt, serving from 1954 until his death in 1970. Nasser led the 1952 overthrow of the monarchy and introduced far-reaching land reforms the following year. Following a 1954 attempt on his life by a Muslim Brotherhood member, he cracked down on the organization, put President Mohamed Naguib under house arrest and assumed executive office. He was formally elected president in June 1956.

Quote Topics Cited
I have decided to resign totally and finally all official positions. I shall return to private life. War & Peace
If the refugees return to Israel, Israel will cease to exist. Citizenship & Patriotism
If the Western Powers disavow our rights and ridicule and despise us, we Arabs must teach them to respect us and take us seriously. Politics, Politicians & Political Campaigning & Fund Raising
Israel’s development of nuclear capability would be a cause for war, no matter how suicidal it would be for us. Energy ;Nuclear, Chemical & Biological Weapons & Energy
The genius of you Americans is that you never made clear-cut stupid moves, only complicated stupid moves. Compliments, Insults & Rebukes ;Foreign Policy, World & International Affairs
Which one of you will avenge your father's death by killing Jews? Terrorism
Women must enjoy equal rights with men. The remaining shackles that hamper their freedom must be removed so that they can participate constructively and profoundly in shaping the life of the country. Equality & Equal Opportunity
You wouldn’t sell me arms. I had to buy them where I could. Intergovernmental Relations ;Foreign Policy, World & International Affairs
You wouldn’t sell me arms. I had to buy where I could. Foreign Trade
Events are not a matter of chance.
He who can not support himself, can not take his own decision.
I have been a conspirator for so long that I mistrust all around me.
People do not want words - they want the sound of battle - the battle of destiny.
The genius of you Americans is that you never make clear-cut stupid moves, only complicated stupid moves which make the rest of us wonder at the possibility that we might be missing something.
There is no longer a way out of our present situation except by forging a road toward our objective, violently and by force, over a sea of blood and under a horizon blazing with fire.
They defended the grains of sand in the desert to the last drop of their blood.
What was taken by force, can only be restored by force.